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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ G: Financial Economics
/ / G1: General Financial Markets
/ / / G19: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 Gauging financial conditions in South Africa
    by Nicolaas van der Wath

  • 2016 Does gender diversity in the boardroom influence Tobin’s Q of Croatian listed firms?
    by Tomislava Pavic Kramaric & Toni Milun & Ivan Pavic

  • 2016 Comparative Analysis of Corporate Distress Prediction Models: A Dynamic Performance Evaluation Framework
    by Mohammad Mahdi Mousavi & Jamal Ouenniche

  • 2016 Particularitǎţi ale evoluţiei variabilelor financiare
    by Stefanescu, Razvan & Dumitriu, Ramona

  • 2016 Forecast in Capital Markets
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2016 Statistica descriptivă a seriilor de timp financiare
    by Stefanescu, Răzvan & Dumitriu, Ramona

  • 2016 Social Media and Capital Markets – an Overview
    by Jaroslav Bukovina

  • 2016 Algorithmic and High-Frequency Trading Strategies: A Literature Review
    by Alexandru Mandes

  • 2016 Measuring and profiling financial literacy in South Africa
    by Elizabeth Lwanga Nanziri & Murray Leibbrandt

  • 2016 Funding Liquidity Risk and the Cross-section of MBS Returns
    by Yuriy Kitsul & Marcelo Ochoa

  • 2016 To Share or Not to Share? Uncovered Losses in a Derivatives Clearinghouse
    by Radoslav Raykov

  • 2016 The Evaluation of Working Capital in Airline Companies Which Proceed in Bist
    by Selcuk Kendirli & Aslıhan KAYA

  • 2016 When Financial Derivatives can be Applied to the Real Economy – The Case of Exotic Options in Corporate Finance
    by Jian Wu

  • 2016 How to set listing criteria for small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary?
    by Ádám Banai & Szilárd Erhart & Nikolett Vágó & Péter Varga

  • 2016 Decimalization, IPO aftermath, and liquidity
    by Charlie Charoenwong & David K. Ding & Tiong Yang Thong

  • 2016 Abnormal real operations, real earnings management, and subsequent crashes in stock prices
    by Bill Francis & Iftekhar Hasan & Lingxiang Li

  • 2016 REITs and market friction
    by Benjamin Blau & Jared F. Egginton & Matthew Hill

  • 2016 Assessment of Real Estate Units as Mortgage Subjects in Agricultural Sector of the Economy
    by Olena Zharikova & Oksana Pashchenko

  • 2016 Liquidity Stress Testing with Second-Round Effects: Application to the Czech Banking Sector
    by Adam Gersl & Zlatuse Komarkova & Lubos Komarek

  • 2016 Growing pains: The evolution of new stock index futures in emerging markets
    by Sila Alan, Nazli & Karagozoglu, Ahmet K. & Korkmaz, Sibel

  • 2016 Sin stock returns and investor sentiment
    by Liston, Daniel Perez

  • 2016 Shorting at close range: A tale of two types
    by Comerton-Forde, Carole & Jones, Charles M. & Putniņš, Tālis J.

  • 2016 Pricing and hedging basket options with exact moment matching
    by Leccadito, Arturo & Paletta, Tommaso & Tunaru, Radu

  • 2016 Trading activities of short-sellers around index deletions: Evidence from the Nikkei 225
    by Takahashi, Hidetomo & Xu, Peng

  • 2016 Weekday variation in the leverage effect: A puzzle
    by Smith, Geoffrey Peter

  • 2016 Overseas market shocks and VKOSPI dynamics: A Markov-switching approach
    by Song, Wonho & Ryu, Doojin & Webb, Robert I.

  • 2016 A note on the relationship between high-frequency trading and latency arbitrage
    by Manahov, Viktor

  • 2016 Analyzing hedging strategies for fixed income portfolios: A Bayesian approach for model selection
    by Bessler, Wolfgang & Leonhardt, Alexander & Wolff, Dominik

  • 2016 A consistent two-factor model for pricing temperature derivatives
    by Groll, Andreas & López-Cabrera, Brenda & Meyer-Brandis, Thilo

  • 2016 Risk spillovers across the energy and carbon markets and hedging strategies for carbon risk
    by Balcılar, Mehmet & Demirer, Rıza & Hammoudeh, Shawkat & Nguyen, Duc Khuong

  • 2016 Futures trading with information asymmetry and OTC predominance: Another look at the volume/volatility relations in the European carbon markets
    by Rannou, Yves & Barneto, Pascal

  • 2016 Liquidation discount—a novel application of ARFIMA–GARCH
    by Singh, Ranjodh B. & Gould, John & Chan, Felix & Yang, Joey Wenling

  • 2016 Considering all microstructure effects: The extension of a trade indicator model
    by Ryu, Doojin

  • 2016 Herding among local individual investors: Evidence from online and offline trading
    by Choi, Sujung

  • 2016 Pricing of foreign exchange risk and market segmentation: Evidence from Pakistan's equity market
    by Azher, Sara & Iqbal, Javed

  • 2016 An Examination of the Month-of-the-year Effect at Damascus Securities Exchange
    by Sulaiman Mouselli & Hazem Al-Samman

  • 2016 Exploring the Relationship between Liquidity Ratios and Indicators of Financial Performance: An Analytical Study on Food Industrial Companies Listed in Amman Bursa
    by Omar Durrah & Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman & Syed Ahsan Jamil & Nour Aldeen Ghafeer

  • 2016 Is the Exchange Rate a Factor of Bank Liquidity Changes? Study of the Czech Republic
    by Vlasta Kašparovská & Jana Laštůvková & Luboš Střelec

  • 2016(XXVI) Stock exchanges’ development in selected Danube Region EU member states: The way ahead
    by Julia STEFANOVA

  • 2015 Predicting US bank failures with internet search volume data
    by Florian Schaffner

  • 2015 Personal bankruptcy and wage garnishment
    by Exler, Florian

  • 2015 Estimating Quality Adjusted Commercial Property Price Indexes Using Japanese REIT Data
    by Chihiro Shimizu & W. Erwin Diewert & Kiyohiko G. Nishimura & Tsutomu Watanabe

  • 2015 Estimating Quality Adjusted Commercial Property Price Indexes Using Japanese REIT Data
    by Diewert, W. Erwin & Nishimura , Kiyohiko G. & Shimizu, Chihiro & Watanabe, Tsutomu

  • 2015 Tail Mutual Exclusivity and Tail-Var Lower Bounds
    by Ka Chun Cheung & Michel Denuit & Jan Dhaene

  • 2015 Comonotonic Approximations of Risk Measures for Variable Annuity Guaranteed Benefits with Dynamic Policyholder Behavior
    by Runhuan Feng & Xiaochen Jing & Jan Dhaene

  • 2015 Does the Fisher Hypothesis Hold in Sweden? An Analysis of Long-Term Interest Rates under the Regime of Inflation Targeting 
    by Takayasu Ito

  • 2015 Trust, happiness, and households’ financial decisions
    by Delis, Manthos & Mylonidis, Nikolaos

  • 2015 The relation between sovereign credit default swap premium and banking sector risk in Poland
    by Å ukasz GÄ…tarek & Marcin Wojtowicz

  • 2015 Strategy Change and Wealth Accumulation: An Analysis of S&P 500 Data
    by Weihong HUANG & Yu ZHANG

  • 2015 Sentiment of a society and large-cap stock liquidity
    by Jaroslav Bukovina

  • 2015 Sentiment and blue-chip returns. Firm level evidence from a dynamic threshold model
    by Jaroslav Bukovina

  • 2015 Assessing financial distress dependencies in OTC markets: a new approach by Trade Repositories data
    by Michele Bonollo & Irene Crimaldi & Andrea Flori & Laura Gianfagna & Fabio Pammolli

  • 2015 Financialisation of the built environment in Stockholm and Copenhagen
    by Anders Lund Hansen & Henrik Gutzon Larsen & Adam Grydehoj & Eric Clark

  • 2015 Financialisation of built environments:A literature review
    by Eric Clark & Henrik Gutzon Larsen & Anders Lund Hansen

  • 2015 Performance appraisal of Croatian mandatory pension funds
    by Pierre Matek & Marko Lukač & Vedrana Repač

  • 2015 Do news improve liquidity through improved information or visibility? Evidence from Emerging Markets
    by Diego A. Agudelo & Lina M. Cortes & Mateo Vasco

  • 2015 Modelos e indicadores de la situación de estabilidad financiera. Metodología y aplicación
    by María Victoria Landaberry

  • 2015 Polish macroeconomic indicators correlated-prediction with indicators of selected countries
    by Monika Hadas-Dyduch

  • 2015 Model Risk in Financial Markets:From Financial Engineering to Risk Management
    by Radu Tunaru

  • 2015 Global Derivative Debacles:From Theory to Malpractice
    by Laurent L Jacque

  • 2015 The Diagnosis of the Insider Trading During the Conflict of Shareholders of “VimpelCom” in 2005-2013
    by Chirkova, Elena & Petrov, Vladislav

  • 2015 Comparison of Consumption Based Capital Asset Pricing (CCAPM) and Housing CCAPM (HCCAPM) Model in Explaining Stock Returns in Iran
    by Mohammadzadeh, Azam & Nabi Shahikitash, Mohammad & Roshan , Reza

  • 2015 Informational Content of Open-to-Close Stock Returns
    by Andrey Kudryavtsev

  • 2015 A Comparative Returns Performance Review of Islamic Equity Funds with Socially Responsible Equity Funds and the Broader Market Indices
    by Syed Kalim Hyder Bukhari & Mohammed Azam

  • 2015 Is active management of mandatory pension funds in Croatia creating value for second pillar fund members?
    by Petar-Pierre Matek & Masa Radakovic

  • 2015 Risk analysis of the proxy life-cycle investments in the second pillar pension scheme in Croatia
    by Renata Kovacevic & Mladen Latkovic

  • 2015 Is there Asymmetric Information About Systematic Factors? Evidence from Commonality in Liquidity
    by Rahul Ravi

  • 2015 Performance appraisal of Croatian mandatory pension funds
    by Pierre Matek & Marko Lukaè & Vedrana Repac

  • 2015 Does PIN measure information? Informed trading effects on returns and liquidity in six emerging markets
    by Agudelo, Diego A. & Giraldo, Santiago & Villarraga, Edwin

  • 2015 Can a path-dependent strategy outperform a path-independent strategy?
    by Lee, Huai-I & Hsieh, Tsung-Yu & Kuo, Wen-Hsiu & Hsu, Hsinan

  • 2015 Empirical tests on the liquidity-adjusted capital asset pricing model
    by Vu, Van & Chai, Daniel & Do, Viet

  • 2015 Social learning and corporate peer effects
    by Kaustia, Markku & Rantala, Ville

  • 2015 Trading strategies with implied forward credit default swap spreads
    by Leccadito, Arturo & Tunaru, Radu S. & Urga, Giovanni

  • 2015 The price of liquidity: CD rates charged by money market funds
    by Whitledge, Matthew D. & Winters, Drew B.

  • 2015 Modelling default risk with occupation times
    by Makarov, R. & Metzler, A. & Ni, Z.

  • 2015 Player absence and betting lines in the NBA
    by Dare, William H. & Dennis, Steven A. & Paul, Rodney J.

  • 2015 Weakening the Gain–Loss-Ratio measure to make it stronger
    by Voelzke, Jan

  • 2015 Common risk factors of infrastructure investments
    by Ben Ammar, Semir & Eling, Martin

  • 2015 Adverse selection and the presence of informed trading
    by Chang, Sanders S. & Wang, F. Albert

  • 2015 Impact of changes in the CSI 300 Index constituents
    by Wang, Chuan & Murgulov, Zoltan & Haman, Janto

  • 2015 Are the KOSPI 200 implied volatilities useful in value-at-risk models?
    by Kim, Jun Sik & Ryu, Doojin

  • 2015 Study Regarding The Analysis Of The Financial Situation Of The Societies From The Pharmaceutical Industry In Terms Of The Correlation Between The Liquidity And The Profitability
    by MINCULETE (PIKO) Georgiana Daniela & BALTES Nicolae & DRAGOE Alexandra-Gabriela-Maria

  • 2015 Bucharest Stock Exchange Development Between 1995 And 2015

  • 2014 The analysis of volatility transmission mechanism among carry trade currencies
    by Ekin TOKAT & Atılım MURAT & Hakkı Arda TOKAT

  • 2014 Automated Liquidity Provision
    by Austin Gerig & David Michayluk

  • 2014 The Determinants of CDS Bid-ask Spreads
    by Marcin Wojtowicz

  • 2014 Capital Structure Arbitrage revisited
    by Marcin Wojtowicz

  • 2014 A Tutorial on Bonds, Yield Curves and Duration
    by E. Tylor Claggett

  • 2014 Trying to Predict Opening Stock Returns
    by Andrey Kudryavtsev

  • 2014 Determinants of Currency Depreciation in Pakistan
    by Malik, Saif Ullah

  • 2014 The Bitcoin Question: Currency versus Trust-less Transfer Technology
    by Adrian Blundell-Wignall

  • 2014 A Survey of Systemic Risk Measures: Methodology and Application to the Japanese Market
    by Akio Hattori & Kentaro Kikuchi & Fuminori Niwa & Yoshihiko Uchida

  • 2014 Forecasting Generalized Quantiles of Electricity Demand: A Functional Data Approach
    by Brenda Lopez Cabrera & Franziska Schulz & &

  • 2014 A consistent two-factor model for pricing temperature derivatives
    by Andreas Groll & Brenda López-Cabrera & Thilo Meyer-Brandis &

  • 2014 How Are Property Investment Returns Determined? : Estimating the Micro-Structure of Asset Prices, Property Income, and Discount Rates
    by Shimizu, Chihiro

  • 2014 Money management with optimal stopping of losses for maximizing the returns of futures trading
    by Lundström, Christian

  • 2014 Predicting Stock Price Volatility by Analyzing Semantic Content in Media
    by Asgharian, Hossein & Sikström, Sverker

  • 2014 Counterparty risk in material supply contracts
    by Boyarchenko, Nina & Costello, Anna M.

  • 2014 The scarcity value of Treasury collateral: Repo market effects of security-specific supply and demand factors
    by D'Amico, Stefania & Fan, Roger & Kitsul, Yuriy

  • 2014 Bank-based versus market-based financial systems: a critique of the dichotomy
    by Malcolm Sawyer

  • 2014 Financial Autonomy Of Local Government And Its Survival In Modern Constitutional System
    by Dragoje Andriæ, Tamara Stijoviæ, Ðuro Ðuroviæ

  • 2014 Risk Spillovers across the Energy and Carbon Markets and Hedging Strategies for Carbon Risk
    by Mehmet Balcilar & Riza Demirer & Shawkat Hammoudeh & Duc Khuong Nguyen

  • 2014 Análisis departamental de las captaciones bancarias en el sistema financiero colombiano
    by Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutiérrez & Sebastián Macías Rojas

  • 2014 Análisis Departamental de las Captaciones en el Sistema Financiero Colombiano
    by Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutiérrez & Sebastián Macías Rojas

  • 2014 Market quality and structural changes in the trading system: The case of X-Stream on the Colombian stock exchange
    by Diego A. Agudelo & Ángelo Gutiérrez & Nazly J. Múnera

  • 2014 Optimal Margining and Margin Relief in Centrally Cleared Derivatives Markets
    by Radoslav Raykov

  • 2014 The market for structured products in the context of inflation
    by Monika Hadas-Dyduch

  • 2014 Towards contemporary issues in the financial system

  • 2014 Stock Exchanges Development: The Case Of Bulgaria And Romania
    by STEFANOVA, Julia

  • 2014 Differential Effects Of Target Price Releases On Stock Prices: Psychological Aspects

  • 2014 Differential Effects Of Target Price Releases On Stock Prices: Psychological Aspects

  • 2014 The Effect of Regulation Fair Disclosure on Market Integration
    by Surya Chelikani & Frank P. D'Souza

  • 2014 Case studies on disruptions during the crisis
    by Yorulmazer, Tanju

  • 2014 On the characteristics of dynamic correlations between asset pairs
    by Jacobs, Michael & Karagozoglu, Ahmet K.

  • 2014 Opaque financial reports and R2: Revisited
    by Datta, Sudip & Iskandar-Datta, Mai & Singh, Vivek

  • 2014 Measuring liquidity in emerging markets
    by Kang, Wenjin & Zhang, Huiping

  • 2014 A dynamic limit order market with fast and slow traders
    by Hoffmann, Peter

  • 2014 Religious holidays, investor distraction, and earnings announcement effects
    by Pantzalis, Christos & Ucar, Erdem

  • 2014 Impact of macroeconomic announcements on implied volatility slope of SPX options and VIX
    by Onan, Mustafa & Salih, Aslihan & Yasar, Burze

  • 2014 Forecasting option smile dynamics
    by Le, Van & Zurbruegg, Ralf

  • 2014 A microstructure analysis of the carbon finance market
    by Bredin, Don & Hyde, Stuart & Muckley, Cal

  • 2014 Forward–futures price differences in the UK commercial property market: Arbitrage and marking-to-model explanations
    by Stanescu, Silvia & Tunaru, Radu & Candradewi, Made Reina

  • 2014 A dynamic intraday measure of the probability of informed trading and firm-specific return variation
    by Chang, Sanders S. & Chang, Lenisa V. & Wang, F. Albert

  • 2014 Risk-free rate effects on conditional variances and conditional correlations of stock returns
    by Palandri, Alessandro

  • 2014 Firm opacity and financial market information asymmetry
    by Ravi, Rahul & Hong, Youna

  • 2014 Explaining the Czech interbank market risk premium
    by Geršl, Adam & Lešanovská, Jitka

  • 2014 Do markets anticipate capital structure decisions? — Feedback effects in equity liquidity
    by Andres, Christian & Cumming, Douglas & Karabiber, Timur & Schweizer, Denis

  • 2014 How much informal credit lending responded to monetary policy in China? The case of Wenzhou
    by Qin, Duo & Xu, Zhong & Zhang, Xuechun

  • 2014 Individual Fund Manager Sentiment, Fund Performance and Performance Persistence
    by Ying-Fen Fu

  • 2014 The EURPLN, DAX and WIG20: the Granger causality tests before and during the crisis
    by Ewa M. Syczewska

  • 2014 Risk Measures Theory: a comprehensive survey
    by Marcelo Brutti Righi & Paulo Sergio Ceretta

  • 2014 The Brazilian Stock Market in the Pre-Ibovespa Era
    by Antonio Zoratto Sanvicente

  • 2014 The adviser-investor relationship after the crisis
    by Vincenzo Pacelli

  • 2014 The Analysis Of The Correlation Between Financialautonomy And Financial Equilibrium Of Thepharmaceutical Companies Listed On The Buchareststock Exchange
    by Georgiana Daniela Minculete (Piko) & Nicolae Baltes & Maria Daciana Rodean (Cozma)

  • 2013 The failure of financial econometrics: confirmation and publication biases
    by Moosa, Imad

  • 2013 Common Risk Factors of Infrastructure Firms
    by Ben Ammar, Semir & Eling, Martin

  • 2013 How Much Has Private Credit Lending Reacted to Monetary Policy in China? The Case of Wenzhou
    by Duo Qin & Zhong Xu & Xue-Chun Zhang

  • 2013 Month-of-the-year effects on Romanian capital market before and after the adhesion to European Union
    by Stefanescu, Razvan & Dumitriu, Ramona

  • 2013 MOY effects in returns and in volatilities of the Romanian capital market
    by Stefanescu, Razvan & Dumitriu, Ramona

  • 2013 Efecte Gone Fishin’ la Bursa de Valori din Bucureşti
    by Dumitriu, Ramona & Stefanescu, Razvan

  • 2013 Price, Return and Volatility Linkages of Base Metal Futures traded in India
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Mathur, Kritika

  • 2013 Impact of the foreign exchange rates fluctuations on returns and volatility of the Bucharest Stock Exchange
    by Stefanescu, Razvan & Dumitriu, Ramona

  • 2013 Loss Given Default Modelling: Comparative Analysis
    by Yashkir, Olga & Yashkir, Yuriy

  • 2013 The Degree of the Polish and Slovak equity market integration with the euro area equity market
    by Slawomir Ireneusz Bukowski

  • 2013 Volatility linkages between energy and agricultural commodity prices
    by Brenda López Cabrera, & Franziska Schulz, & &

  • 2013 State Price Densities implied from weather derivatives
    by Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Brenda López-Cabrera & Huei-Wen Teng &

  • 2013 Pricing Rainfall Derivatives at the CME
    by Brenda López Cabrera & Martin Odening & Matthias Ritter &

  • 2013 Predicting Stock Price Volatility by Analyzing Semantic Content in Media
    by Asgharian, Hossein & Sikström, Sverker

  • 2013 The Scarcity Value of Treasury Collateral: Repo Market Effects of Security-Specific Supply and Demand Factors
    by D'Amico, Stefania & Fan, Roger & Kitzul, Yuriy

  • 2013 Explaining the Czech Interbank Market Risk Premium
    by Adam Gersl & Jitka Lesanovska

  • 2013 Event Studies in thinly-traded markets: An improvement to the market model
    by Warwick Anderson

  • 2013 Stress indicator construction for internal money market
    by Isakov , Alexander

  • 2013 Think About Tomorrow Morning: Opening Stock Returns May Show Reversals
    by Andrey Kudryavtsev

  • 2013 Gone Fishin’ Effects on the Bucharest Stock Exchange
    by Ramona Dumitriu & Razvan Stefanescu

  • 2013 The Comparative Risk And Performance Analysis Of Hungarian And Romanian Exchange Indices
    by Tarnaczi Tibor & Kulcsar Edina

  • 2013 The Portuguese stock market cycle: Chronology and duration dependence
    by Vitor Castro

  • 2013 Interbank Market Structure and Accurate Estimation of an Aggregate Liquidity Shock
    by Isakov, A.

  • 2013 Regulation and self-regulation in banking: in search of optimum
    by Monika Marcinkowska

  • 2013 CEO Compensation System in Large Canadian Financial Institutions
    by Yusuf Mohammed Nulla & Dimitris Nikolaou Koumparoulis

  • 2013 EMBI+México y su relación dinámica con otros factores de riesgo sistemático: 1997-2011
    by Francisco López Herrera & Francisco Venegas Martínez & César Gurrola Ríos

  • 2013 Hedging performance of Chinese stock index futures: An empirical analysis using wavelet analysis and flexible bivariate GARCH approaches
    by Hou, Yang & Li, Steven

  • 2013 Can cross-country portfolio rebalancing give rise to forward bias in FX markets?
    by Chang, Sanders S.

  • 2013 Word power: A new approach for content analysis
    by Jegadeesh, Narasimhan & Wu, Di

  • 2013 Connecting two markets: An equilibrium framework for shorts, longs, and stock loans
    by Blocher, Jesse & Reed, Adam V. & Van Wesep, Edward D.

  • 2013 Style investing, comovement and return predictability
    by Wahal, Sunil & Yavuz, M. Deniz

  • 2013 Long-term asset tail risks in developed and emerging markets
    by Straetmans, Stefan & Candelon, Bertrand

  • 2013 Margining in derivatives markets and the stability of the banking sector
    by Gibson, Rajna & Murawski, Carsten

  • 2013 On the role of the estimation error in prediction of expected shortfall
    by Lönnbark, Carl

  • 2013 Competition, signaling and non-walking through the book: Effects on order choice
    by Valenzuela, Marcela & Zer, Ilknur

  • 2013 Pricing rainfall futures at the CME
    by López Cabrera, Brenda & Odening, Martin & Ritter, Matthias

  • 2013 Is the Distance to Default a good measure in predicting bank failures? A case study of Japanese major banks
    by Harada, Kimie & Ito, Takatoshi & Takahashi, Shuhei

  • 2013 Flexible price limits: The case of Tokyo Stock Exchange
    by Deb, Saikat Sovan & Kalev, Petko S. & Marisetty, Vijaya B.

  • 2013 Stock price response to S&P 500 index inclusions: Do options listings and options trading volume matter?
    by Chen, Yangyang & Koutsantony, Constantine & Truong, Cameron & Veeraraghavan, Madhu

  • 2013 A network analysis of global banking: 1978–2010
    by Minoiu, Camelia & Reyes, Javier A.

  • 2013 Stock price synchronicity and liquidity
    by Chan, Kalok & Hameed, Allaudeen & Kang, Wenjin

  • 2013 Do mutual fund managers time market liquidity?
    by Cao, Charles & Simin, Timothy T. & Wang, Ying

  • 2013 Short sale restrictions, differences of opinion, and single-country, closed-end fund discount
    by Sanning, Lee W. & Skiba, Alexandre & Skiba, Hilla

  • 2013 Stock price reversals following end-of-the-day price moves
    by Kudryavtsev, Andrey

  • 2013 The determinants of liquidity with G-RJMCMC-VS model: Evidence from China
    by Chen, Langnan & Luo, Jiawen & Liu, Hao

  • 2013 Portfolio selection in a data-rich environment
    by Bouaddi, Mohammed & Taamouti, Abderrahim

  • 2013 The effect on price, liquidity and risk when stocks are added to and deleted from a sustainability index: Evidence from the Asia Pacific context
    by Cheung, Adrian (Wai Kong) & Roca, Eduardo

  • 2013 The Development of Stock Markets: In Search of a Theory
    by Kamal A. El-Wassal

  • 2013 Macroeconomic risks, idiosyncratic risks and momentum profits Patterns in Neighboring Areas
    by Sirajum Munira Sarwar & Gulnur Muradoglu

  • 2013 The Presence Of Smes At Bucharest Stock Exchange

  • 2013 The sensitivity to market index and non-systematic risk measurement of sector indices ın Borsa İstanbul
    by Yusuf Kaderli & Ali Petek & Mustafa Doganer & Gokce Babayigit

  • 2013 The sensitivity to market index and non-systematic risk measurement of sector indices ın Borsa İstanbul
    by Yusuf Kaderli & Ali Petek & Mustafa Doganer & Gokce Babayigit

  • 2013 Mechanism Of Autocorrelations Of Individual Stocks' Opening Returns
    by Andrey KUDRYAVTSEV

  • 2012 Estimating Quality Adjusted Commercial Property Price Indexes Using Japanese REIT Data
    by Chihiro Shimizu & Walter Erwin Diewert & Kiyohiko G. Nishimura & Tsutomu Watanabe

  • 2012 Effective Trade Execution
    by Riccardo Cesari & Massimiliano Marzo & Paolo Zagaglia

  • 2012 Prolonged holiday effects on Romanian capital market before and after the adhesion to EU
    by Stefanescu, Razvan & Dumitriu, Ramona & Nistor, Costel

  • 2012 Volatility Impact of Stock Index Futures Trading - A Revised Analysis
    by Wagner, Helmut & Matanovic, Eva

  • 2012 A dynamic limit order market with fast and slow traders
    by Hoffmann, Peter

  • 2012 A dynamic limit order market with fast and slow traders
    by Hoffmann, Peter

  • 2012 Effective Trade Execution
    by Cesari, Riccardo & Marzo, Massimiliano & Zagaglia, Paolo

  • 2012 An automatic procedure for the estimation of the tail index
    by Gimeno, Ricardo & Gonzalez, Clara I.

  • 2012 Statistical Modelling of Temperature Risk
    by Zografia Anastasiadou & BrendaLópez-Cabrera &

  • 2012 Forecast based Pricing of Weather Derivatives
    by Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Brenda López-Cabrera & Matthias Ritter

  • 2012 On the role of the estimation error in prediction of expected shortfall
    by Lönnbark, Carl

  • 2012 Information acquisition and financial intermediation
    by Boyarchenko, Nina

  • 2012 The Choice of Trading Venue and Relative Price Impact of Institutional Trading: ADRs versus the Underlying Securities in their Local Markets
    by Sugato Chakravarty & Chiraphol N. Chiyachantana & Christine Jiang

  • 2012 Asimetría en la información y su efecto en los rendimientos en los mercados accionarios latinoamericanos
    by Diego Alonso Agudelo Rueda & Edwin Villarraga & Santiago Giraldo

  • 2012 Effective Trade Execution
    by R. Cesari & M. Marzo & P. Zagaglia

  • 2012 What role, if any, can market discipline play in supporting macroprudential policy?
    by María J. Nieto

  • 2012 Social Security's Investment Shortfall: $8 Trillion Plus — and The Way Forward:Plus How the US Government's Financial Deficit Reporting = 64 Madoffs
    by Nils H Hakansson

  • 2012 Financial Hacking:Evaluate Risks, Price Derivatives, Structure Trades, and Build Your Intuition Quickly and Easily
    by Philip Maymin

  • 2012 L'Efficience informationnelle du marché des paris sportifs : un parallèle avec les marchés boursiers
    by Barraud, Christophe

  • 2012 Venture capital funds – necessary instrument for the development of Bulgarian economy
    by Yordan Yordanov & Svetoslav Stamenov

  • 2012 The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on a European Frontier Market: The Case of Bucharest Stock Exchange
    by Cornelia Pop & Iustin Pop

  • 2012 Short-Term Stock Price Reversals May Be Reversed
    by Andrey Kudryavtsev

  • 2012 Overnight Stock Price Reversals
    by Andrey KUDRYAVTSEV

  • 2012 Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of the Financial System of the Enterprise
    by Spineanu – Georgescu Luciana

  • 2012 The Comparative Analysis Of Romanian And Hungarian Stock Market Indices And Exchange Rates
    by Kulcsár Edina & Tarnóczi Tibor

  • 2012 The Comparative Analysis Of Romanian And Hungarian Stock Market Indices And Exchange Rates
    by Kulcsar Edina & Tarnoczi Tibor

  • 2012 The Impact of Capital Structure and Liquidity on Corporate Returns in Nigeria: Evidence from Manufacturing Firms
    by Sebastian Ofumbia Uremadu & Rapuluchukwu Uchenna Efobi

  • 2012 Bank Capital Structure, Liquidity and Profitability Evidence from the Nigerian Banking System
    by Sebastian Ofumbia Uremadu

  • 2012 Are Market Center Trading Cost Measures Reliable?
    by Ryan GARVEY & Fei WU

  • 2012 Financial Globalization and Financial Development in Transition Countries
    by Edgar Demetrio Tovar García.

  • 2012 Momentum trading strategy and investment horizon: an experimental study
    by Yuri Khoroshilov

  • 2012 Corporate philanthropy: Insights from the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in China
    by Gao, Fox & Faff, Robert & Navissi, Farshid

  • 2012 Strong Evidence for Gender Differences in Risk Taking
    by Charness, Gary & Gneezy, Uri

  • 2012 Financial crises and regime-dependent dynamics
    by Huang, Weihong & Zheng, Huanhuan

  • 2012 Informed or speculative: Short selling analyst recommendations
    by Blau, Benjamin M. & Wade, Chip

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