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/ H: Public Economics
/ / H8: Miscellaneous Issues
/ / / H83: Public Administration
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Kamu-Özel İşbirliklerinin Devlet Muhasebe Sistemindeki Yeri ve Önemi
    by Uğur EMEK
  • 2014 Creative accounting practices and measurement methods: Evidence from Turkey
    by Ozkaya, Ata
  • 2014 Zu neueren Entwicklungen bei der Einbeziehung privater Akteure in Prozesse der öffentlichen Verwaltung: Einige Bemerkungen
    by Kirchgässner, Gebhard
  • 2014 The Experience of Private Investment in the South African Water Sector: The Mbombela Concession
    by Sugen Chetty and John M. Luiz
  • 2014 What drives small municipalities to cooperate? Evidence from Hessian municipalities
    by Frederic Blaeschke
  • 2014 Are Public Sector Workers Different? Cross-European Evidence from Elderly Workers and Retirees
    by Tonin, Mirco & Vlassopoulos, Michael
  • 2014 The Public Procurement System: A Business Sector Perspective
    by Jelena Budak & Edo Rajh
  • 2014 Boundary work et production de l’espace : le cas du théâtre subventionné français
    by Parigot, Julia
  • 2014 Crime in Colombia: More law enforcement or more justice?
    by Catalina Gómez & Hermilson Velásquez & Andrés Julián Rendón & Santiago Bohórquez
  • 2014 More than You Can Handle Decentralization and Spending Ability of Peruvian Municipalities
    by Norman V. Loayza & Jamele Rigolini & Oscar Calvo-Gonzlez
  • 2014 How close is your government to its people? Worldwide indicators on localization and decentralization
    by Ivanyna, Maksym & Shah, Anwar
  • 2014 Some unpleasant fiscal-adjustment arithmetic
    by Grigoli, Francesco & Ley, Eduardo
  • 2014 Changes Produced By Projects Implemented In The Operational Programme Administrative Capacity Development On Public Administration From Arges County
    by Cristina VOICU-OLTEANU & Iuliana TALMACIU
  • 2014 Se il PSI va al governo. Un documento serio
    by Paolo Sylos Labini
  • 2014 Impact Of The Activity Of Court Of Accounts Of The Republic Of Moldova On The Efficiency Of The Public Finance Management
    by Iulia CAPRIAN & Maria COJOCARU & Lilia ROTARU
  • 2014 Logistics Management In The Contemporary Economy
    by Ion SARBU
  • 2014 Are Government Workers really more Public-Spirited than those in the Private Sector?
    by Mirco Tonin & Michael Vlassopoulos
  • 2014 Compliance costs caused by agency action? Empirical evidence and implications for tax compliance
    by Eichfelder, Sebastian & Kegels, Chantal
  • 2014 National representation in supranational institutions: The case of the European Central Bank
    by Badinger, Harald & Nitsch, Volker
  • 2014 Excessive public employment and rent-seeking traps
    by Jaimovich, Esteban & Rud, Juan Pablo
  • 2014 Les déterminants de l’adoption et de la mise en œuvre d’un management par la performance : application aux collectivités locales françaises
    by David Carassus & Christophe Favoreu & Damien Gardey & Christophe Maurel
  • 2014 Accountability y gestión pública. El papel del control y la rendición de cuentas en la gestión de lo público
    by Javier Duque Daza
  • 2014 Governmental Financial Reports: Between Variety And Integration
    by Andrei R. CRIŞAN
  • 2014 Evaluating Public-Sector Pensions: Are Federal Public Servants Overpaid?
    by Malcolm P. Hamilton
  • 2014 Evaluating Public-Sector Pensions: How Much Do They Really Cost?
    by Malcolm P. Hamilton
  • 2014 Baffling Budgets: The Sorry State of Municipal Fiscal Accountability in Canada
    by Benjamin Dachis & William B.P. Robson
  • 2014 Excise In Tax Practice In The European Union
    by Nicoleta Mihaela Florea & Stelian Selisteanu
  • 2014 Isolated Capital Cities, Accountability, and Corruption: Evidence from US States
    by Filipe R. Campante & Quoc-Anh Do
  • 2014 The Role of Local Officials in New Democracies: Evidence from Indonesia
    by Monica Martinez-Bravo
  • 2013 Le développement durable : un vecteur de sens pour les acteurs des projets d’action publique territoriale
    by Garreau, Lionel & Hardy, Cédric
  • 2013 Bringing Public Organization and Organizing Back In
    by Arrellano-Gault, David & Demortain, David & Rouillard, Christian & Thoenig, Jean-Claude
  • 2013 Sustainable Procurement in Practice: Explaining the Degree of Sustainable Procurement from an Organisational Perspective
    by Jolien Grandia & Sandra Groeneveld & Ben Kuipers & Bram Steijn
  • 2013 How close is your government to its people? Worldwide indicators on localization and decentralization
    by Ivanyna, Maksym & Shah, Anwar
  • 2013 Empirical Evidence On Tax Information Sharing Among Sub-Central Administrations
    by Luca Salvadori & José María Durán-Cabré & Alejandro Esteller-Moré
  • 2013 How Governments Retrench In Crisis: The Case of Ireland
    by Niamh Hardiman & Muiris MacCarthaigh
  • 2013 Internetnutzer und Korruptionswahrnehmung – Eine ökonometrische Untersuchung
    by Gerrits, Carsten
  • 2013 Lo que vale el trabajo en el sector público: estudio exploratorio del significado de los valores organizacionales en el sector público en Perú
    by Gustavo Yamada & Rachel Gabel-Shemueli & Simon Dolan
  • 2013 The Costs and Challenges of Implementing Trade Facilitation Measures
    by Evdokia Moïsé
  • 2013 Trade Facilitation Indicators: The Potential Impact of Trade Facilitation on Developing Countries' Trade
    by Evdokia Moïsé & Silvia Sorescu
  • 2013 Policy Implementation in Italy: Legislation, Public Administration and the Rule of Law
    by Paul O'Brien
  • 2013 Assessing the Efficiency of Welfare Spending in Slovenia with Data Envelopment Analysis
    by Matevz Hribernik & Rafal Kierzenkowski
  • 2013 Improving the Fiscal Framework to Enhance Growth in an Era of Fiscal Consolidation in Slovakia
    by Caroline Klein & Robert W.R. Price & Andreas Wörgötter
  • 2013 Improving Public Financial Management in India: Opportunities to Move Forward
    by Jena, Pratap Ranjan
  • 2013 Coordination Incentives, Performance Measurement and Resource Allocation in Public Sector Organizations
    by Dietrichson, Jens
  • 2013 More Open – Better Governed? Evidence from High- and Low-income Countries
    by Bergh, Andreas & Mirkina, Irina & Nilsson, Therese
  • 2013 Civil servants’ education and the representativeness of the bureaucracy in environmental policy-making
    by Jussila Hammes, Johanna
  • 2013 The “social choice” of privatising urban water services: a case study of Madrid in Spain
    by Alberto Ruiz-Villaverde & Andrés J. Picazo-Tadeo & Francisco González-Gómez
  • 2013 Voting against the separation of powers between legislature and administration
    by David Stadelmann & Reiner Eichenberger & Marco Portmann
  • 2013 Innovation and government payments in the Italian digital agenda
    by Carlo Maria Arpaia & Raffaele Doronzo & Pasquale Ferro
  • 2013 Social Contract, Public Choice And Fiscal Repercussions In The Athenian Democracy
    by Nicholas KYRIAZIS & Emmanouil Marios L. ECONOMOU
  • 2013 When Australian defence procurement goes wrong: Improving outcomes in a troubled contractual environment
    by Jenny Stewart & Tony Ablong
  • 2013 A performance model to evaluate intellectual capital
    by Luminita-Maria Gogan & Anca Draghici
  • 2013 A Public Administration Based on Project Management
    by Christine MIHÃESCU (DEMETER) & Ana-Claudia ÞAPARDEL
  • 2013 Empirische Forschung zum Personalmanagement in Kulturbetrieben: Ein Literaturueberblick (Empirical Research on Human Resource Management in Arts Organizations: a Review)
    by Hausmann, Andrea
  • 2013 Introduction
    by Alessandro Roncaglia
  • 2013 Professional Chambers as Forms of Civil Society
    by Libuše Müllerová & Karel B. Müller
  • 2013 Career Analysis in the Public Administration System
    by Morariu Alunica
  • 2013 The Deconcentration of Public Services in Romania
    by Bilouseac Irina
  • 2013 Ensuring the Profitability, as an Essential Objective of Public Organization in Management
    by Anastase (Bãdulescu)Ileana
  • 2013 Electronic Public Procurement - A New Reality On Public Administration
    by Dogaru Dorin-Mãdãlin & Pãu?u Sorina Crina & Mustea Lavinia Teodora
  • 2013 The Politics of Budgetary Expenses - Essential Element within the Macroeconomic Politics
    by Cibotariu Irina-ªtefana, & Iancu Eugenia,
  • 2013 Concepts and Principles of Performance Audit
    by Caloian Florin & Sahlian Daniela & Ponorica Andreea
  • 2013 Public Management And Organizational Values In Public Administration Of Eastern Slavonia
    by Ruza Brcic & Ivan Malbasic
  • 2013 Strategic Landmarks In Obesity Prevention In Romanian Children And Adolescents
    by Popescu-Spineni Dana & Popescu-Spineni Sabina & Manuc Daniela
  • 2013 The reconciliation of primary accounting data for government entities and balances according to statistical measures: The case of the European Excessive Deficit Procedure Table 2
    by Giovanna Dabbicco
  • 2013 Budgeting for fiscal space and government performance beyond the great recession
    by Mario Marcel
  • 2013 Budgeting in Albania
    by Knut Klepsvik & Richard Emery & Brian Finn & Regina Bernhard
  • 2013 The Globalization Of The World Economy And Its Impact On The Development Of Accounting Reports In Ukraine
    by Mihail PRODANCIUK
  • 2013 Іnstitutional Support In Optimization Of Resource Potential From The Country And Its Region
    by Valerii BONDARENKO
  • 2013 Tax Methods Of Property Management As An Instrument Of Property Relations In Agriculture Of Ukraine
    by Galina ZAPSHA
  • 2013 Estudo do Endividamento da Administração Local Portuguesa: Evidência Empírica USando Modelos de Análise de Dados em Painel
    by Nuno Ribeiro & Susana Jorge & Mercedes Cervera
  • 2013 The economic efficiency of rehabilitative management in young offender institutions in England and Wales
    by Hall, Maximilian J.B. & Liu, Wenbin B. & Simper, Richard & Zhou, Zhongbao
  • 2013 Accounting restatements, governance and municipal debt financing
    by Baber, William R. & Gore, Angela K. & Rich, Kevin T. & Zhang, Jean X.
  • 2013 Impacto del Sistema de Alta Dirección Pública ( SADP) en la gestión hospitalaria: un análisis empírico
    by Lira, Loreto
  • 2013 Diagnóstico del sistema profesional de carrera y certificación de competencias gerenciales de los servidores públicos en México
    by Luis Arturo Rivas Tovar & Mara Trujillo Flores & Fernando Lámbary Vilchis & Adela Chávez, José Antonio Chávez
  • 2013 Aspects Of Decentralization In The Context Of Public Administration Reform
    by Florina POPA
  • 2013 The Symphony Of Tulips In The Post-Accession Strategy Of The City Of Pitesti
    by Mihaela, ASANDEI & ; Andreea-Daniela, GANGONE
  • 2013 Different Successful Patterns for Implementing Holding Model in Public Sector
    by Ivan Todorović & Stefan Komazec & Mladen Čudanov
  • 2013 Different Successful Patterns for Implementing Holding Model in Public Sector
    by Ivan Todorović & Stefan Komazec & Mladen Čudanov
  • 2013 Personal charisma or the economy?: Macroeconomic indicators of presidential approval ratings in Brazil
    by Alex Luiz Ferreira & Sérgio Naruhiko Sakurai
  • 2013 Regionalism and its shelters. The probes of the cold war era and the post cold war era
    by Ioana-Bianca Berna & Daniela-Anamaria Radu
  • 2013 Rural marketing to the aid of local development. Case study - Jilava commune, Ilfov county, Romania
    by Ph.D. Dragos Dinca & Ph.D. Catalin Dumitrica
  • 2013 Quality culture in romanian public administration
    by Madalina Tomescu
  • 2013 Indonesia now. Between Pancasila and crisis of democracy in Indonesia
    by Hendro Muhaimin & S.Fil & M.A.
  • 2013 Southeast asian regionalism: theoretical systemic obligingness in disarray
    by Ioana Bianca Berna
  • 2013 Dissemination Of Financial Information Into The Publicsector - An Approach From The View Of The Central Public Administration Entities From Romania
    by Aurelia Stefanescu & Eugeniu Turlea
  • 2013 Three paradigms of governance and administration: Chinese, Western and Islamic
    by Wolfgang Drechsler
  • 2013 Regional Type Of Increased Absorption Of Eu Funds
    by Mihaela Triculescu & Sabau Bene Mihaela & Bene Gheorghe Florin & Marius Herbei & Florea Costache
  • 2013 Regional Development Policy In Romania
    by Sabau Bene Mihaela & Mihaela Triculescu & Marius Herbei
  • 2013 Investment Decisions – Areas And Priorities Set For Romanian Crisis
    by Laura Vasilescu & Ana Popa
  • 2013 Business Education For Sustainable Development: The Case of Romanian Universities
    by Razvan V. Mustata & Carmen Giorgiana Bonaci & Cristina Hintea & Bogdana Neamtu
  • 2013 Corruption Dynamics: The Golden Goose Effect
    by Paul Niehaus & Sandip Sukhtankar
  • 2012 New public management and professionals in the public sector. What new patterns beyond opposition?
    by Evetts, Julia & Pierru, Frédéric & Benamouzig, Daniel & Normand, Romuald & Paradeise, Catherine & Demazière, Didier & Bezes, Philippe & Le Bianic, Thomas
  • 2012 Le management au secours de services publics ? Modernisation de l’État et régimes de domination à l’heure de la Révision générale des politiques publiques (RGPP) – 2007-2012
    by Gélédan, Fabien
  • 2012 Right to Contestation, Patron-Client Networks, and Corruption
    by P. Orekhovsky.
  • 2012 Improving efficiency through consolidation of jurisdictions? Evidence from the cantons of Switzerland
    by Philippe K. Widmer & George Elias & Peter Zweifel
  • 2012 An overview of existing literature on public e-services
    by Davide Arduini & Antonello Zanfei
  • 2012 Nuove competenze manageriali per i musei italiani nello scenario delle riforme del settore pubblico e dell'universita'
    by Francesco Badia & Anna Maria Visser Travagli
  • 2012 An Ethnographer among Street-Level Bureaucrats and New Public Management
    by Jean-Marc Weller
  • 2012 Optimal tax threshold: the consequences on efficiency of official vs. effective enforcement
    by Jonathan Goyette
  • 2012 The Objectivity of National Research Foundation Peer Review Based Ratings in South Africa
    by Johannes Fedderke
  • 2012 Unabhängige staatliche Institutionen: Funktionalität und demokratische Legitimation
    by Kruse, Jörn
  • 2012 Structural Reform And Efficiency In Public Administration: Measuring The "Productvity Gap"
    by Paolo Cosseddu & Maria Cozzolino & Ernesto Lorenzo Felli
  • 2012 Compliance Audit of Anti-Corruption Regulations: A Case Study from Carpatistan Customs
    by Michael, Bryane & Gubin, Alexey
  • 2012 Profits:The Economic or Auditors' Assessment?
    by De KONING, Kees
  • 2012 The role of Supreme Audit Institutions in fight against the consequences of financial and economic crisis: A theoretical approach
    by Nagy, Sándor
  • 2012 External audit and relation between internal auditors, supervisory body and external auditors of the banking sector in the Republic of Macedonia
    by Josheski, Dushko & Jovanova, Blagica
  • 2012 Public procurement: a case study of the Indian Railways
    by Nag, Bodhibrata
  • 2012 An Overview of Australia's System of Income and Employment Assistance for the Unemployed
    by Peter Davidson & Peter Whiteford
  • 2012 Measuring Public Entrepreneurship Of Quangos
    by Peter Friedrich & Kadri Ukrainski
  • 2012 Health Care Expenditures, Public Administration and the Business Cycle
    by François Béland & Co-director Solidage
  • 2012 Using Real-Time Data to Test for Political Budget Cycles
    by Jakob de Haan & Richard Jong-A-Pin & Jan-Egbert Sturm
  • 2012 Corruption Survey in Croatia: Survey Confidentiality and Trust in Institutions
    by Jelena Budak & Edo Rajh
  • 2012 Empirical evidence on horizontal competition in tax enforcement
    by José María Durán-Cabré & Alejandro Esteller-Moré & Luca Salvadori
  • 2012 Towards reason: political disputes, public attention and the use of expert knowledge in policymaking
    by Lundin, Martin & Öberg, PerOla
  • 2012 Ventanas de oportunidad: el caso de la reforma del Servicio Civil
    by Nuria Esparch
  • 2012 Decentralized Deterrence, with an Application to Labor Tax Auditing
    by Di Porto, Edoardo & Persico, Nicola & Sahuguet, Nicolas
  • 2012 Bases para el análisis de la eficiencia y la efectividad de la inversión pública en Colombia
    by Alejandro Arregoces Castillo & Andrés Fernando JOLA SANCHEZ & Diana Margarita QUINTERO CUELLO & Lady Didiana VELASQUEZ HENAO
  • 2012 Using Real-Time Data to Test for Political Budget Cycles
    by Richard Jong-A-Pin & Jan-Egbert Sturm & Jakob de Haan
  • 2012 The Interrelationship between Formal and Informal Delcentralization and its Impact on Sub-Central Governance Performance: The Case of Vietnam
    by Thanh Thuy Vu & Messaoud Zouikri & Bruno Deffains
  • 2012 Compliance costs caused by agency action? Empirical evidence and implications for tax compliance
    by Sebastian Eichfelder & Chantal Kegels
  • 2012 Audit Risk and Rent Extraction: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Brazil
    by Stephan Litschig & Yves Zamboni
  • 2012 Distributive effects of the 2010 tax reform in Mexico: A microsimulation analysis
    by Absalón, Carlos & Urzúa, Carlos M.
  • 2012 The Social Perception of Actors on the New Local Public Management and Its Reform. A Survey at Timisoara City Hall
    by Ariana Lavinia MOŞ & Nicolae BIBU
  • 2012 Public-Private Partnership as an Institutionalized Means for Effective Political Agency: The Case of Pemudah, Malaysia
    by HongLim Oei
  • 2012 Traveling Agents: Political Change and Bureaucratic Turnover in India
    by Lakshmi Iyer & Anandi Mani
  • 2012 Financial side analysis of local autonomy in Romania
    by Cristinel ICHIM
  • 2012 City, sustainable development engine
    by Camelia MARIN & Isabella SIMA & Alina VOICULET & Mihaela RUXANDA
  • 2012 The role of technical consumption calculation models on accounting information systems of public utilities services operators
    by Gheorghe Claudiu FEIES & Dorel MATES & Nicolae VIRAG
  • 2012 Critical Analysis Of Management Accounting And Cost Calculation System From The Food Industry Of Manufacturing Dairy Products And Ways Of Improving It
  • 2012 Recent Approaches in International Public Management and the Need to Apply Them on Romanian Public Administration
    by Marius POPARA
  • 2012 Leadership Style in the Romanian Public Institutions – the Case of City Halls
    by Nicolae BIBU & Ariana Lavinia MOS
  • 2012 Leadership Style in the Romanian Public Institutions – the Case of City Halls
    by Nicolae BIBU & Ariana Lavinia MOS
  • 2012 The Optimization of the Local Public Policies’ Development Process Through Modeling And Simulation
    by Minodora URS?CESCU & Cleopatra ?ENDROIU & Ioan RADU
  • 2012 European regional policy: Analysis of the management reports of structural funds 2000-2006
    by Moreno Enguix , María del Rocío & Antón Renart , Marcos & Vidal Hernández-Mora, José Antonio
  • 2012 Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Czech Republic
    by Leoš Vítek
  • 2012 Which Way Now? A Theoretical Programme for the Transition to Accrual-Based Accounting
    by Ferenc Bathó
  • 2012 A Comprehensive Review of the Financial Reporting System of Higher Education and a Recommendation
    by Mihály Ormos & Attila Veress
  • 2012 Local Government Indebtedness and Debt Management in Switzerland. Causes and Consequences
    by Christian Melly
  • 2012 Operating Risks and the Increasing Indebtedness of Hungarian Local Governments. Audit Experiences of the State Audit Office of Hungary
    by László Domokos
  • 2012 The Question Marks of Public Audits – Regularities and Irregularities in Public Administration
    by Marianna Nagy
  • 2012 Legal Issues and Aspects Related to the Human Resources Management Regarding the Selection of Civil Servants
    by Melinda Cenuşe & Adrian David
  • 2012 Accountability and sustainability of Estonian local governments: An analysis of legal acts
    by Lea Roostalu
  • 2012 Guidelines on the Implementation of the Decentralization Principle in Local Public Administration Management
    by Bilouseac Irina & Zaharia Petronela
  • 2012 Financing the Administrative Capacity through European funds Case Study: Romania and Bulgaria
    by Jaliu Dumitru Dragos
  • 2012 Factors Affecting Performance Evaluation in Public Organizations
    by Cioclea Alexandra Ema
  • 2012 Financial Performance - an Approach from the Public Sector Perspective
    by Pãcurari Doina
  • 2012 Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Financial Control in Local Public Administration
    by Ciurlãu Loredana
  • 2012 Accounting Information - A Basis For Achieving The Decision For The Realization Of Public Investment Project
    by Sarac Ionut Pavel
    by Moraru Marilena Ortansa
  • 2012 Mission • Money • Merit: Using the Portfolio Approach to Drive Nonprofit Performance
    by Krug, Kersti & Weinberg, Charles B.
  • 2012 Public Administration Reform in Romania from a Leadership and Managerial Perspective (English version)
    by Cristina MORA & Tudor TICLAU
  • 2012 Transformational leadership in the public sector. A pilot study using MLQ to evaluate leadership style in Cluj county local authorities (English version)
    by Cristina MORA & Tudor TICLAU
  • 2012 The 18th Constitutional Amendment: Glue or Solvent for Nation Building and Citizenship in Pakistan?
    by Anwar Shah
  • 2012 Public Service and Rules: Implications for Institutional Administration in Nigeria
    by A.C. Nwokocha & Sebastian Ofumbia Uremadu
  • 2012 Local Authority Public Accounts Committee in Botswana. An appraisal
    by Emmanuel Botlhale
  • 2012 Modern Management Tools Adaptable Within Boundary Crisis Of The Public Sector
    by COSERIN, Florinel & COSERIN, Ioana  Daniela & CRUCERU, Victor
  • 2012 The Change Management In Public Institutions In Romania Within The Knowledge Based Economy Context
    by Marius POPARA & Sînziana CIOFU
  • 2012 Public funding in the Italian transport sector. A roadmap for policy-makers
    by Paolo Beria & Marco Ponti
  • 2012 Evaluación y gestión pública innovadora
    by Osvaldo Néstor Feinstein
  • 2012 Designing Public-Private Partnerships; a Practitioner’s Guide to Innovation
    by Les Metcalfe
  • 2012 Orientaciones para la innovación en el diseño de partenariados público-privados
    by Les Metcalfe
  • 2012 ¿Qué democracia y qué Administración para la nueva época? Internet y la gestión pública
    by Joan Subirats
  • 2012 Innovación en gobernanza: entornos colaborativos y liderazgos relacionales
    by Francisco Longo
  • 2012 Innovaciones de raíz democrática en la Administración: ¿recuperando legitimidad ante la crisis?
    by Álvaro Ramírez-Alujas & Manuel Villoria
  • 2012 An Interactive e-Participation Model for the Public Administration System in Turkey: SIBIYO
    by Naci KARKIN & Huseyin Serhan CALHAN
  • 2012 Learning about compliance under asymmetric information
    by Arguedas, Carmen & Rousseau, Sandra
  • 2012 Independent auditors, bias, and political agency
    by Warren, Patrick L.
  • 2012 La crisis institucional de las localidades de Bogotá
    by Sergio René Cortés Rincón
  • 2012 Entrepreneurship in a Finnish public institution
    by Marin Burcea
  • 2012 Democratic Governance and Participatory Budgeting: A Theoretical Discourse of the Nigerian Experience
    by Sunday Tunde Akindele & Yakibi Ayodele Afolabi & Oluwadare Ojo Ayeni
  • 2012 Financial transactions traceability in the public sector: new regulation and practice
    by Carla Ottanelli
  • 2012 Levers supporting program evaluation culture and capacity in Romanian public administration: The role of leadership
    by Cristina Mora & Raluca Antonie
  • 2011 Do Public Authorities Learn from Business? New Public Management, Risk Allocation and Knowledge Networks in French Public-Private Partnerships
    by Lazega, Emmanuel & Cazavan-Jeny, Anne & Penalva, Elise & Richard, Chrystelle
  • 2011 Territorial Administration and Political Control : Decentralization in France
    by Thoenig, Jean-Claude
  • 2011 Economic Transition and Accounting System Reform in Vietnam
    by Phuong, Nguyen Cong & Richard, Jacques
  • 2011 Faut-il inscrire le retour à l'équilibre des finances publiques dans la Constitution ?
    by Mathieu, Catherine & Sterdyniak, Henri
  • 2011 Referencias
    by Gustavo Yamada & Ricardo Montero
  • 2011 Conclusiones
    by Gustavo Yamada & Ricardo Montero
  • 2011 Análisis estadístico
    by Gustavo Yamada & Ricardo Montero
  • 2011 Acceso, corrupción y burocracia en los servicios públicos en el Perú
    by Gustavo Yamada & Ricardo Montero
  • 2011 Metodología y bases de datos empleadas
    by Gustavo Yamada & Ricardo Montero
  • 2011 Marco teórico
    by Gustavo Yamada & Ricardo Montero
  • 2011 Revisión bibliográfica
    by Gustavo Yamada & Ricardo Montero
  • 2011 Introducción
    by Gustavo Yamada & Ricardo Montero
  • 2011 Corrupción e inequidad en los servicios públicos en el Perú
  • 2011 Assessor Incentives and Property Assessment
    by Justin M. Ross
  • 2011 Il ruolo del parlamento nella decisione di bilancio
    by Chiara Goretti & Luca Rizzuto
  • 2011 Rankings games
    by Bruno S. Frey & Margit Osterloh
  • 2011 Political drivers of and barriers to Public-Private Partnerships: The role of political involvement
    by Gawel, Erik
  • 2011 Government cloud computing and the policies of data sovereignty
    by Irion, Kristina
  • 2011 The hidden burden of the income tax: Compliance costs of German individuals
    by Blaufus, Kay & Eichfelder, Sebastian & Hundsdoerfer, Jochen
  • 2011 What do we know from the literature on public e-services?
    by Davide Arduini & Antonello Zanfei
  • 2011 European Regions Financing Public e-Services: the Case of EU Structural Funds
    by Luigi Reggi & Sergio Scicchitano
  • 2011 Benefit Payment Costs of Unemployment Insurance Modernization: Estimates Based on Kentucky Administrative Data
    by Christopher J. O'Leary
  • 2011 Audit risk and rent extraction: Evidence from a randomized evaluation in Brazil
    by Stephan Litschig & Yves Zamboni
  • 2011 The elusive quest for the golden standard: Concepts, policies and practices of accountability in development cooperation
    by Speijcken, Renée & Bakker, Wieger
  • 2011 Strengthening the roles of political parties in Public Accountability - A case study of a new approach in political party assistance
    by Speijcken, Renée
  • 2011 Performance Measurement Systems in Theatres: The Case of the Municipal Theatre of Ferrara
    by Francesco Badia & Elena Borin
  • 2011 Improving the quality of governance in Poland through performance based budgeting
    by Hardt, Lukasz & de Jong, Maarten
  • 2011 Assessing the Mumbai metropolitan region: a governance perspective
    by Pethe, Abhay & Gandhi, Sahil & Tandel, Vaidehi
  • 2011 Imperfect Detection of Tax Evasion in a Corrupt Tax Administration
    by Escobari, Diego
  • 2011 Soft budget constraint and the parastatal sector
    by Vahabi, Mehrdad
  • 2011 The politicians’ wage gap: insights from German members of parliament
    by Peichl, Andreas & Pestel, Nico & Siegloch, Sebastian
  • 2011 “Better Safe than Sorry” - Individual Risk-free Pension Schemes in the European Union - Macroeconomic Benefits, the Mobile Working Citizen’s Perspective and Why Nots
    by Peeters, Marga
  • 2011 Redistribution and Reelection under Proportional Representation: The Postwar Italian Chamber of Deputies
    by Golden, Miriam & Picci, Lucio
  • 2011 Assessment at the centre of strategies of [accountant] learning in groups, substantiated with qualitative reflections in student assessments
    by Dixon, Keith
  • 2011 Fonduri Structurale - valoare adăugată şi costuri
    by Berica, Corina
  • 2011 Trade Facilitation Indicators: The Impact on Trade Costs
    by Evdokia Moïsé & Thomas Orliac & Peter Minor
  • 2011 Transparency Mechanisms and Non-Tariff Measures: Case Studies
    by Evdokia Moïsé
  • 2011 Russia: Progress in Structural Reform and Framework Conditions
    by Yana Vaziakova & Geoff Barnard & Tatiana Lysenko
  • 2011 Fiscal Prospects and Reforms in India
    by Richard Herd & Sam Hill & Vincent Koen
  • 2011 Funding in Public Sector Pension Plans: International Evidence
    by Eduard Ponds & Clara Severinson & Juan Yermo
  • 2011 Corruption in Developing Countries
    by Benjamin A. Olken & Rohini Pande
  • 2011 Funding in Public Sector Pension Plans - International Evidence
    by Eduard Ponds & Clara Severinson & Juan Yermo
  • 2011 The Politicians' Wage Gap: Insights from German Members of Parliament
    by Peichl, Andreas & Pestel, Nico & Siegloch, Sebastian
  • 2011 The Politicians' Wage Gap: Insights from German Members of Parliament
    by Peichl, Andreas & Pestel, Nico & Siegloch, Sebastian
  • 2011 La efectividad de las redes de protección social: El rol de los sistemas integrados de información social en Costa Rica
    by Roxana Viquez
  • 2011 La efectividad de las redes de protección social: El rol de los sistemas integrados de información social en Mexico
    by Rogelio Gomez Hermosillo
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