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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q1: Agriculture
/ / / Q16: R&D; Agricultural Technology; Biofuels; Agricultural Extension Services
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  • 2014 Potenziale einer biobasierten Wirtschaft
    by Junker, Franziska Julia & Haß, Marlen & Hubold, Gerd & Kreins, Peter & Salamon, Petra & Seintsch, Björn
  • 2014 Mögliche Auswirkungen einer Ausweitung der Gentechnik-Kennzeichnungspflicht auf Lebensmittel tierischen Ursprungs
    by Peter, Günter & Krug, Oliver & Bendiek, Joachim & Stolz, Andrea
  • 2014 The Role of Market Structure and Federal Renewable Fuel Standards in the Growth of the Cellulosic Biofuel Sector
    by Tristan Skolrud & Gregmar Galinato & Suzette Galinato & Richard Shumway & Jonathan Yoder
  • 2014 The South African Bio ethanol blend mandate and its implications on regional agricultural markets and welfare
    by Sukati, Mphumuzi
  • 2014 Fodder Production Scenario and Strategies for Revitalizing Fodder Production Technologies
    by Meena, M.S & Singh, K.M.
  • 2014 Social Learning and Communication
    by Ariel BenYishay & A. Mushfiq Mobarak
  • 2014 What is driving the ‘African Growth Miracle’?
    by Margaret S. McMillan & Kenneth Harttgen
  • 2014 DART-BIO: Modelling the interplay of food, feed and fuels in a global CGE model
    by Alvaro Calzadilla & Ruth Delzeit & Gernot Klepper
  • 2014 Plant-based Bioeconomy in Central Germany - Mapping of Actors, Industries and Places
    by Wilfried Ehrenfeld & Frieder Kropfhäußer
  • 2014 Proceedings of a Workshop on "Nanotechnology for the agricultural sector: from research to the field"
    by Claudia Parisi & Mauro Vigani & Emilio Rodríguez Cerezo
  • 2014 Workshop on public-private partnerships in plant breeding
    by Maria Lusser
  • 2014 Microalgae-based products for the food and feed sector: an outlook for Europe
    by Christien Enzing & Matthias Ploeg & Maria Barbosa & Lolke Sijtsma
  • 2014 The Perspectives for Genetically Modified Cellulosic Ethanol in the Czech Republic
    by Pavla Blahova & Karel Janda & Ladislav Kristoufek
  • 2014 Innovation on the seed market: the role of IPRs and commercialisation rules
    by Marc Baudry & Adrien Hervouet
  • 2014 The Renewable Fuel Standard: Issues for 2014 and Beyond
    by Congressional Budget Office
  • 2014 An employment guarantee as risk insurance? Assessing the effects of the NREGS on agricultural production decisions
    by Esther Gehrke
  • 2014 Utility maximising supply response: the case of perennial biomass plantations in Poland
    by P. Mathiou & Stelios Rozakis & Rafal Pudelko & A. Faber & A. Petsakos
  • 2014 A spatially explicit model to analyse the regional supply of ligno-cellulosic biomass
    by Laure Bamière
  • 2014 Modeling Interconnections within Food, Biofuel, and Fossil Fuel Markets
    by Štěpán Chrz & Karel Janda & Ladislav Krištoufek
  • 2014 Methodological Basis For Calculating The Optimal Sizes Of Agricultural Organizations
    by Alexey SHAMIN & Anatoly SHAMIN
  • 2014 Hydrothermal Carbonization of Spent Osmotic Solution (SOS) Generated from Osmotic Dehydration of Blueberries
    by Kaushlendra Singh & Litha Sivanandan
  • 2014 Intervention to Improve Biosecurity System of Poultry Production Clusters (PPCs) in Thailand
    by Worapol Aengwanich & Thongchai Boonsorn & Prayat Srikot
  • 2014 The Next Generation Feedstock of Biofuel: Jatropha or Chlorella as Assessed by Their Life-Cycle Inventories
    by Pu Peng & Wenguang Zhou
  • 2014 Evaluation of Spring Wheat (20 Varieties) Adaptation to Soil Drought during Seedlings Growth Stage
    by Jolanta Biesaga-Kościelniak & Agnieszka Ostrowska & Maria Filek & Michał Dziurka & Piotr Waligórski & Magdalena Mirek & Janusz Kościelniak
  • 2014 Advanced Multi-Color Fluorescence Imaging System for Detection of Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in Leaves
    by Stefanie Konanz & László Kocsányi & Claus Buschmann
  • 2014 Fluorescence Indices for the Proximal Sensing of Powdery Mildew, Nitrogen Supply and Water Deficit in Sugar Beet Leaves
    by Georg Leufen & Georg Noga & Mauricio Hunsche
  • 2014 Rapid Development of Microsatellite Markers for Plantago ovata Forsk.: Using Next Generation Sequencing and Their Cross-Species Transferability
    by Ranbir Singh Fougat & Chaitanya Joshi & Kalyani Kulkarni & Sushil Kumar & Anand Patel & Amar Sakure & Jigar Mistry
  • 2014 Olive Cultivation, its Impact on Soil Erosion and its Progression into Yield Impacts in Southern Spain in the Past as a Key to a Future of Increasing Climate Uncertainty
    by José A. Gómez & Juan Infante-Amate & Manuel González de Molina & Tom Vanwalleghem & Encarnación V. Taguas & Ignacio Lorite
  • 2014 Field Observations with Laser-Induced Fluorescence Transient (LIFT) Method in Barley and Sugar Beet
    by Anna R. Raesch & Onno Muller & Roland Pieruschka & Uwe Rascher
  • 2014 Non-Invasive Spectral Phenotyping Methods can Improve and Accelerate Cercospora Disease Scoring in Sugar Beet Breeding
    by Marcus Jansen & Sergej Bergsträsser & Simone Schmittgen & Mark Müller-Linow & Uwe Rascher
  • 2014 Salinity-Induced Changes of Multiparametric Fluorescence Indices of Tomato Leaves
    by Burkard Kautz & Mauricio Hunsche & Georg Noga
  • 2014 Crop Dominance Mapping with IRS-P6 and MODIS 250-m Time Series Data
    by Murali Krishna Gumma & Kesava Rao Pyla & Prasad S. Thenkabail & Venkataramana Murthy Reddi & Gundapaka Naresh & Irshad A. Mohammed & Ismail M. D. Rafi
  • 2014 Hyperspectral and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging for Early Detection of Plant Diseases, with Special Reference to Fusarium spec. Infections on Wheat
    by Elke Bauriegel & Werner B. Herppich
  • 2014 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Agriculture in 2013
    by Agriculture Editorial Office
  • 2014 Microbiological Safety of Chicken Litter or Chicken Litter-Based Organic Fertilizers: A Review
    by Zhao Chen & Xiuping Jiang
  • 2014 Российский Зерновой Рынок: Рекорды 2013/2014 Мг И Перспективы Нового Сезона
    by Наталья Карлова
  • 2014 Do oil prices drive food prices? The tale of a structural break
    by Avalos, Fernando
  • 2014 The roles of risk and ambiguity in technology adoption
    by Barham, Bradford L. & Chavas, Jean-Paul & Fitz, Dylan & Salas, Vanessa Ríos & Schechter, Laura
  • 2014 Woody biomass potential for energy feedstock in United States
    by He, Lixia & English, Burton C. & De La Torre Ugarte, Daniel G. & Hodges, Donald G.
  • 2014 Using real option analysis to quantify ethanol policy impact on the firm's entry into and optimal operation of corn ethanol facilities
    by Maxwell, Christian & Davison, Matt
  • 2014 Recursos naturales y desarrollo local: el complejo oleaginoso argentino y la producción de biodiesel
    by Eliana Scialabba & Mariano Carpineti
  • 2014 Dienstleistungen in der Agrarwirtschaft
    by Manfred Schöpe
  • 2014 Agricultural Biotechnology: The Promise and Prospects of Genetically Modified Crops
    by Geoffrey Barrows & Steven Sexton & David Zilberman
  • 2014 Global Biofuels: Key to the Puzzle of Grain Market Behavior
    by Brian Wright
  • 2014 Wells, Water, and Welfare: The Impact of Access to Groundwater on Rural Poverty and Conflict
    by Sheetal Sekhri
  • 2013 Modelling R&D and Innovation Support Systems – Analysis of Regional Cluster Structures in Innovation in Portugal
    by Teresa de Noronha Vaz & Purificación Vicente Galindo & Peter Nijkamp
  • 2013 Sustainability accounting in agriculture: in the quest for a strong approach
    by Altukhova, Yulia
  • 2013 Analyse der Wirtschaftlichkeit der Kleingruppen- und Volierenhaltung bei Legehennen
    by Thobe, Petra & Haxsen, Gerhard
  • 2013 Determinants of the Adoption of System of Rice Intesification in Tasikmalaya District, West Java Indonesia
    by Satya Laksana & Arie Damayanti
  • 2013 Beyond technological catch-up: An empirical investigation of further innovative capability accumulation outcomes in latecomer firms with evidence from Brazil
    by Figueiredo, Paulo N.
  • 2013 Techological capability building in MNE-related social businesses of less developed countries: The experience of Grameen-Danone Foods in Bangladesh
    by Peerally, Jahan A. & Figueiredo, Paulo N.
  • 2013 Pesticide safety risk, food chain organization, and the adoption of sustainable farming practices. The case of Moroccan early tomatoes
    by Aubert, M. & Bouhsina, Z. & Codron, J.M. & Rousset, S.
  • 2013 Wartime Violence and Post-Conflict Development Policy: The Case of Agricultural Concessions in Mozambique
    by McDougal, Topher & Caruso, Raul
  • 2013 Wood Bioenergy and Land Use: A Challenge to the Searchinger Hypothesis
    by Sedjo, Roger A. & Sohngen, Brent & Riddle, Anne
  • 2013 How to unblock the financing of small and medium size farms in Romania? Financial instruments proposal for RDP 2014-2020
    by Mihai, Cornelia & Toderita, Alexandra
  • 2013 Regional development based on clusters in agri-food sector. Case of association „Cluster agro-food-ind Napoca”
    by Arion, Felix
  • 2013 Contribution of agriculture to national economic development
    by Iacob, Oana Camelia & Volintiru, Ana-Maria & Marin, Aurel
  • 2013 Региональная Диагностика Эффективности Отраслевых Производств (На Примере Сельского Хозяйства)
    by Zaytsev, Alexander
  • 2013 Оценка Перспективных Направлений Заимствования Технологий (На Примере Отрасли Выращивания Зерновых Культур)
    by Zaytsev, Alexander
  • 2013 SRI Cultivation in Andhra Pradesh : Achievements, Problems and Implications for GHGs and Work
    by Duvvuru, Narasimha Reddy & Motkuri, Venkatanarayana
  • 2013 A Socio-Economic Study on Adoption of Modern Agricultural Technologies in Bihar, India
    by Singh, K.M. & Singh, R.K.P. & Kumar, Abhay
  • 2013 Development of Potato in Bihar:Issues and Strategies
    by Singh, K.M. & Kumar, Abhay
  • 2013 The influence of information sources on inter- and intra-firm diffusion: evidence from UK farming
    by Waters, James
  • 2013 Impact of self help groups on attitudes of members
    by Meena, M.S. & Singh, K.M.
  • 2013 Male Worker Migration and Women Empowerment: The case of Bihar, India
    by Singh, K.M. & Singh, R.K.P. & Kumar, Anjani
  • 2013 Economics of Conservation Agriculture: An Overview
    by Singh, K.M. & Meena, M.S.
  • 2013 Environmental Bio Economic Impact in Nicaragua
    by Blanco Orozco, Napoleón Vicente & Zuniga Gonzalez, Carlos Alberto
  • 2013 Role of State Agricultural Universities and Directorates of Extension Education in Agricultural Extension in India
    by Singh, K.M. & Meena, M.S. & Swanson, B.E.
  • 2013 Extension in India by Public Sector Institutions: An Overview
    by Singh, K.M. & Meena, M.S. & Swanson, B.E.
  • 2013 Changing behaviour of self help group members: Pathway for sustainable rural livelihoods in Eastern India
    by Meena, M.S. & Singh, K.M.
  • 2013 Reforming India’s Pluralistic Extension System: Some Policy Issues
    by Singh, K.M. & Swanson, B.E. & Meena, M.S.
  • 2013 Impact of Improved Maize Adoption on Welfare of Farm Households in Malawi: A Panel Data Analysis
    by Bezu, Sosina & Kassie, Girma & Shiferaw, Bekele & Ricker-Gilbert, Jacob
  • 2013 Pluralistic Agricultural Extension System in India: Innovations and Constraints
    by Meena, M.S. & Singh, K.M. & Swanson, B.E.
  • 2013 Market Oriented Advisory Services through Women Advisory Service Providers in Punjab, India: The Case of value addition through food processing
    by Meena, M.S. & Singh, K.M.
  • 2013 Provazanost trhu potravin, biopaliv a fosilnich paliv
    by Chrz, Stepan & Hruby, Zdenek & Janda, Karel & Kristoufek, Ladislav
  • 2013 The Agri-food Situation and Policies in Switzerland
    by Peter Jarrett & Charlotte Moeser
  • 2013 Impacts of Ethanol Policy on Corn Prices: A Review and Meta-Analysis of Recent Evidence
    by Nicole Condon & Heather Klemick & Ann Wolverton
  • 2013 Biofuels, Binding Constraints and Agricultural Commodity Price Volatility
    by Philip Abbott
  • 2013 Luxe, innovations et socialisme. Le cas des cigares cubains
    by Rémy Herrera
  • 2013 EU Biofuel Policies in Practise - A Carbon Map for the Llanos Orientales in Colombia
    by Mareike Lange & César Freddy Suarez
  • 2013 EU Biofuel Policies In Practise - A Carbon Map for Kalimantan and Sumatra
    by Mareike Lange
  • 2013 Cellulosic Biofuel Supply with Heterogeneous Biomass Suppliers: An Application to Switchgrass-based Ethanol
    by Rosburg, Alicia & Miranowski, John & Jacobs, Keri
  • 2013 Cellulosic Biofuel Potential Under Land Constraints: Locations, Plant Sizes and Feedstock Supply Costs
    by Rosburg, Alicia & Miranowski, John & Jacobs, Keri
  • 2013 Proceedings of a workshop on "Wheat productivity in the EU: determinants and challenges for food security and for climate change"
    by Mauro Vigani & Koen Dillen & Emilio Rodriguez Cerezo
  • 2013 Contribution to the economic impact assessment of policy options to regulate animal cloning for food production with an economic simulation model
    by Koen Dillen & Emanuele Ferrari & Pascal Tillie & George Philippidis & Sophie Helaine
  • 2013 International workshop on socio-economic impacts of genetically modified crops co-organised by JRC-IPTS and FAO
    by Maria Lusser & Terri Raney & Pascal Tillie & Koen Dillen & Emilio Rodríguez Cerezo
  • 2013 Comparative regulatory approaches for new plant breeding techniques - Workshop Proceedings
    by Maria Lusser & Emilio Rodríguez Cerezo
  • 2013 Multi-scale bio-economic modeling for the generation of innovative cropping system mosaics increasing food self-sufficiency
    by Pierre Chopin & Jean-Marc Blazy & Loic Guinde & Thierry Doré
  • 2013 Conception d’un système pilote de type polyculture élevage et test d’innovations au lycée agricole (EPLEFPA) de Guadeloupe
    by Audrey Fanchone & Fabien Stark & J.L. Kelemen & Gisèle Alexandre & Jean-Louis Diman & Jean-Luc Gourdine & Harry Ozier-Lafontaine & Jorge Sierra & Régis Tournebize & Harry Archimède
  • 2013 The Informational and signaling impacts of labels: Experimental evidence from India on GM foods
    by Bharat Ramaswami & Sangeeta Bansal & Sujoy Chakravarty
  • 2013 Balasaheb, Deokate Tai
    by Quantification of yield gaps in different planting types of sugarcane in Maharashtra
  • 2013 The impact of extension services on farming households in Western Kenya: A propensity score approach
    by Deschamps-Laporte, Jean-Philippe
  • 2013 Input subsidies and demand for improved maize: Relative prices and household heterogeneity matter!
    by Holden, Stein
  • 2013 Amazing maize in Malawi: Input subsidies, factor productivity and land use intensification
    by Holden, Stein
  • 2013 Competitive Pressure and Technology Adoption: Evidence from a Policy Reform in Western Canada
    by Ferguson, Shon & Olfert, Rose
  • 2013 Do Safety Nets Promote Technology Adoption? Panel data evidence from rural Ethiopia
    by Alem, Yonas & Broussard, Nzinga H.
  • 2013 Innovation and IPRs in the Agricultural Seed Sector
    by Derek Eaton
  • 2013 Russian Agriculture and Agricultural Policies in 2012
    by Natalia Karlova & Natalia Shagaida & Vasily Uzun & Renata Yanbykh
  • 2013 Jatropha Potential on Marginal Land in Ethiopia: Reality or Myth?
    by Mengistu Assefa Wendimu
  • 2013 Forecasting the potential of Danish biogas production: spatial representation of Markov chains
    by Mikkel Bojesen & Hans Skov-Petersen & Morten Gylling
  • 2013 Non-linear price transmission between biofuels, fuels and food commodities
    by Ladislav Kristoufek & Karel Janda & David Zilberman
  • 2013 Türkiye’de Biyo-Etanol Kullanım Hedeflerinin Sektörel ve Bölüşüm Etkileri
    by Celal Taşdoğan & Selim Çağatay & Reyhan Özeş
  • 2013 Communicating with Farmers through Social Networks
    by Ariel BenYishay & A. Mushfiq Mobarak
  • 2013 Communicating with Farmers through Social Networks
    by Ariel BenYishay & A. Mushfiq Mobarak
  • 2013 Time-Frequency Dynamics of Biofuels-Fuels-Food System
    by Lukas Vacha & Karel Janda & Ladislav Kristoufek & David Zilbermand
  • 2013 Modelling R&D and Innovation Support Systems – Analysis of Regional Cluster Structures in Innovation in Portugal
    by Teresa de Noronha Vaz & Purificación Vicente Galindo & Peter Nijkamp
  • 2013 Switching to biomass co-firing in European coal power plants: Estimating the biomass and CO 2 breakeven prices
    by Bertrand, Vincent
  • 2013 Technological Innovations in Agricultural Tractors: Adopters’ behaviour towards new technological trajectories and future directions
    by Ester Ferrari & Luigi Bollani & Mario Coccia & Eugenio Cavallo
  • 2013 Neighbours and Extension Agents in Ethiopia: Who matters more for technology diffusion?
    by Krishnan, Pramila & Patnam, Manasa
  • 2013 Non-linear Price Transmission between Biofuels, Fuels and Food Commodities
    by Ladislav Kristoufek & Karel Janda & David Zilberman
  • 2013 Agricultural Productivity and Structural Transformation. Evidence from Brazil
    by Paula Bustos & Bruno Caprettini & Jacopo Ponticelli
  • 2013 Stochastic viability of second generation biofuel chains: Micro-economic spatial modeling in France
    by Laure Bamière & Vincent Martinet & Christophe Gouel
  • 2013 The Policy Context of Biofuels: A Case of Non-Governance at the Global Level?
    by Mairon G. Bastos Lima & Joyeeta Gupta
  • 2013 Management of Coffee Leaf Rust Disease in India: Evidence for Socio-economic and Locational Determinants
    by Muttur Ranganathan Narayana
  • 2013 Limits on Use of Diesel in Brazil: Measurement of Increase of Biodiesel in Mitigation of GHG/Límites en el uso de diésel en Brasil: La medición de aumento de biodiesel en la mitigación de GEI
  • 2013 Effect of Different Feed Structures and Bedding on the Horizontal Spread of Campylobacter jejuni within Broiler Flocks
    by Beate Skånseng & Birger Svihus & Knut Rudi & Pål Trosvik & Birgitte Moen
  • 2013 Temporal Variation of SOC Enrichment from Interrill Erosion over Prolonged Rainfall Simulations
    by Yaxian Hu & Wolfgang Fister & Nikolaus J. Kuhn
  • 2013 Practicality of Biochar Additions to Enhance Soil and Crop Productivity
    by David M. Filiberto & John L. Gaunt
  • 2013 Risk Priority Number: A Measuring Instrument for Hygienic Management on Broiler Farms, Reflecting Their Campylobacter Status
    by Monika Matt & Hans Peter Stüger & Peter Pless
  • 2013 Managing Soil Erosion in Northern Ireland: A Review of Past and Present Approaches
    by Donal Mullan
  • 2013 Soil Erosion from Agriculture and Mining: A Threat to Tropical Stream Ecosystems
    by Karl M. Wantzen & Jan H. Mol
  • 2013 Role of Arthropods in Maintaining Soil Fertility
    by Thomas W. Culliney
  • 2013 Casting a Wider Net: Understanding the “Root” Causes of Human-Induced Soil Erosion
    by Michele A. Whitecraft & Bruce E. Huggins Jr.
  • 2013 Evaluation of CO 2 Application Requirements for On-Farm Mass Depopulation of Swine in a Disease Emergency
    by Larry Stikeleather & William Morrow & Robert Meyer & Craig Baird & Burt Halbert
  • 2013 Correction: Jacobo-Velázquez, D.A and Cisneros-Zevallos, L. An Alternative Use of Horticultural Crops: Stressed Plants as Biofactories of Bioactive Phenolic Compounds. Agriculture 2012, 2 , 259-271
    by Daniel A. Jacobo-Velázquez & Luis Cisneros-Zevallos
  • 2013 Identification of Multiple Subtypes of Campylobacter jejuni in Chicken Meat and the Impact on Source Attribution
    by Megan L. Devane & Brent J. Gilpin & Beth Robson & John D. Klena & Marion G. Savill & John A. Hudson
  • 2013 Silencing of Mg -pat-10 and Mg -unc-87 in the Plant Parasitic Nematode Meloidogyne graminicola Using siRNAs
    by Joseph Nsengimana & Lander Bauters & Annelies Haegeman & Godelieve Gheysen
  • 2013 Uncovering the Footprints of Erosion by On-Farm Maize Cultivation in a Hilly Tropical Landscape
    by Chaminda Egodawatta & Peter Stamp & Ravi Sangakkara
  • 2013 Advances in Ileitis Control, Diagnosis, Epidemiology and the Economic Impacts of Disease in Commercial Pig Herds
    by Alison M. Collins
  • 2013 Integration of Epidemiological Evidence in a Decision Support Model for the Control of Campylobacter in Poultry Production
    by Ana B. Garcia & Anders L. Madsen & Håkan Vigre
  • 2013 Productive Efficiency of Potato and Melon Growing Farms in Uzbekistan: A Two Stage Double Bootstrap Data Envelopment Analysis
    by Aziz Karimov
  • 2013 Global Change and Helminth Infections in Grazing Ruminants in Europe: Impacts, Trends and Sustainable Solutions
    by Eric R. Morgan & Johannes Charlier & Guy Hendrickx & Annibale Biggeri & Dolores Catalan & Georg von Samson-Himmelstjerna & Janina Demeler & Elizabeth Müller & Jan van Dijk & Fiona Kenyon & Philip Skuce & Johan Höglund & Padraig O'Kiely & Bonny van Ranst & Theo de Waal & Laura Rinaldi & Giuseppe Cringoli & Hubertus Hertzberg & Paul Torgerson & Adrian Wolstenholme & Jozef Vercruysse
  • 2013 Alternative Land Management Strategies and Their Impact on Soil Conservation
    by Tiziano Gomiero
  • 2013 Soil Erosion Threatens Food Production
    by David Pimentel & Michael Burgess
  • 2013 Soil Erosion in Britain: Updating the Record
    by John Boardman
  • 2013 The Potential Impact of Climate Change on Soil Properties and Processes and Corresponding Influence on Food Security
    by Eric C. Brevik
  • 2013 Development of Recombinant Flagellar Antigens for Serological Detection of Salmonella enterica Serotypes Enteritidis, Hadar, Heidelberg, and Typhimurium in Poultry
    by Joseph Minicozzi & Susan Sanchez & Margie D. Lee & Peter S. Holt & Charles L. Hofacre & John J. Maurer
  • 2013 Evaluating Alternative Methods of Soil Erodibility Mapping in the Mediterranean Island of Crete
    by Christos G. Karydas & Marinos Petriolis & Ioannis Manakos
  • 2013 Salmonella Prevalence in Turkey Flocks before and after Implementation of the Control Program in Germany
    by Annemarie Käsbohrer & Andreas Schroeter & Reiner Helmuth & Bernd-Alois Tenhagen
  • 2013 Assessing the Potential for Ion Selective Electrodes and Dual Wavelength UV Spectroscopy as a Rapid on-Farm Measurement of Soil Nitrate Concentration
    by Rory Shaw & A. Prysor Williams & Anthony Miller & Davey L. Jones
  • 2013 Evaluation of Surveillance for Documentation of Freedom from Bovine Tuberculosis
    by Francisco Fernando Calvo-Artavia & Lis Alban & Liza R. Nielsen
  • 2013 Using to Detect Emerging Trends in Aquatic Animal Health
    by Aidan Lyon & Allan Mooney & Geoff Grossel
  • 2013 Italian Wild Rocket [ Diplotaxis Tenuifolia (L.) DC.]: Influence of Agricultural Practices on Antioxidant Molecules and on Cytotoxicity and Antiproliferative Effects
    by Alessandra Durazzo & Elena Azzini & Maria Claudia Lazzè & Anna Raguzzini & Roberto Pizzala & Giuseppe Maiani
  • 2013 Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with Worm Control in Lambs
    by Fiona Kenyon & Jan M. Dick & Ron I. Smith & Drew G. Coulter & David McBean & Philip J. Skuce
  • 2013 Continuity of Business Plans for Animal Disease Outbreaks: Using a Logic Model Approach to Protect Animal Health, Public Health, and Our Food Supply
    by Kiana Moore & Heather Allen
  • 2013 Studies on Mitigating Lipid Oxidation Reactions in a Value-Added Dairy Product Using a Standardized Cranberry Extract
    by David D. Kitts & Stephen Tomiuk
  • 2013 Current Limitations in the Control and Spread of Ticks that Affect Livestock: A Review
    by Agustín Estrada-Peña & Mo Salman
  • 2013 Sample Size Requirements for Assessing Statistical Moments of Simulated Crop Yield Distributions
    by Niklaus Lehmann & Robert Finger & Tommy Klein & Pierluigi Calanca
  • 2013 Pinto Beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris L.) as a Functional Food: Implications on Human Health
    by Cristiane R. S. Câmara & Carlos A. Urrea & Vicki Schlegel
  • 2013 Crop and Soil Responses to Using Corn Stover as a Bioenergy Feedstock: Observations from the Northern US Corn Belt
    by Jane M. F. Johnson & Veronica Acosta-Martinez & Cynthia A. Cambardella & Nancy W. Barbour
  • 2013 Biofuel-Food Market Interactions: A Review of Modeling Approaches and Findings
    by Gbadebo Oladosu & Siwa Msangi
  • 2013 Elicitors: A Tool for Improving Fruit Phenolic Content
    by Yolanda Ruiz-García & Encarna Gómez-Plaza
  • 2013 Enhanced Accumulation of Vitamins, Nutraceuticals and Minerals in Lettuces Associated with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF): A Question of Interest for Both Vegetables and Humans
    by Marouane Baslam & Idoia Garmendia & Nieves Goicoechea
  • 2013 Potential Nutritional Benefits of Current Citrus Consumption
    by Tami Turner & Betty J. Burri
  • 2013 Fatty Acid, Flavonol, and Mineral Composition Variability among Seven Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc. Accessions
    by John Bradley Morris & Ming Li Wang & Michael A. Grusak & Brandon Tonnis
  • 2013 The Importance of Groves for Cattle in Semi-Open Pastures
    by Almut Popp & Klaus-Manfred Scheibe
  • 2013 Antioxidants in Different Potato Genotypes: Effect of Drought and Wounding Stress
    by Christina B. Wegener & Gisela Jansen
  • 2013 Pyrolysis Kinetics of Physical Components of Wood and Wood-Polymers Using Isoconversion Method
    by Wenjia Jin & Kaushlendra Singh & John Zondlo
  • 2013 Protein Hydrolysates from Agricultural Crops—Bioactivity and Potential for Functional Food Development
    by Aoife L. McCarthy & Yvonne C. O'Callaghan & Nora M. O'Brien
  • 2013 Crop and Tillage Effects on Water Productivity of Dryland Agriculture in Argentina
    by Elke Noellemeyer & Romina Fernández & Alberto Quiroga
  • 2013 Факторы Снижения Цен На Свинину И Падения Рентабельности В Свиноводстве
    by Наталья Карлова
  • 2013 Factors Contributing To The Decrease Of Prices For Pork And The Decline Of Pig Production Profitability
    by Natalia Karlova
  • 2013 Sustainability in organic and conventional farm ing: toward s a multicriteria model based on simulated farm indicators
    by Maurizio Canavari & Nicola Cantore & Sergio Albertazzi & Chiara Marco Della & Giuliano Vitali & Claudio Signorotti & Guido Baldoni & Concetta Cardillo & Antonella Trisorio & Guido Maria Bazzani & Roberta Spadoni & Domenico Regazzi
  • 2013 Tools and models to support wa ter management in agriculture under policy and climate change. The Trebbia irrigation district experience
    by Guido Maria Bazzani
  • 2013 Innovation in plant health extension services: the case of Plant Clinics in Nepal
    by Raj K. Adhikari & Punya P. Regmi & Eric Boa & G.C. Yubak Dhoj & Resham B. Thapa
  • 2013 Türkiye’nin Yakıt Tüketiminde Biyo-dizel Kullanım Hedeflerinin Etki Analizi
    by Selim ÇAĞATAY & Celal TAŞDOĞAN & Reyhan ÖZEŞ
  • 2013 Determinants of expansion of area under jatropha plantation in North East India: A Tobit analysis
    by Choudhury, Hari K. & Goswami, Kishor
  • 2013 Economic feasibility of biodiesel production from Macauba in Brazil
    by Lopes, Daniela de Carvalho & Steidle Neto, Antonio José & Mendes, Adriano Aguiar & Pereira, Débora Tamires Vítor
  • 2013 Time–frequency dynamics of biofuel–fuel–food system
    by Vacha, Lukas & Janda, Karel & Kristoufek, Ladislav & Zilberman, David
  • 2013 Impact of alternative information requirements on the coexistence of genetically modified (GM) and non-GM oilseed rape in the EU
    by Breustedt, Gunnar & Latacz-Lohmann, Uwe & Müller-Scheeßel, Jörg
  • 2013 Understanding the uptake of organic farming: Accounting for heterogeneities among Irish farmers
    by Läpple, Doris & Kelley, Hugh
  • 2013 Social learning and parameter uncertainty in irreversible investments: Evidence from greenhouse adoption in northern China
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