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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C0: General
/ / / C02: Mathematical Economics
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Linear-time accurate lattice algorithms for tail conditional expectation
    by Chen, Bryant & Hsu, William W.Y. & Ho, Jan-Ming & Kao, Ming-Yang
  • 2014 The topology of macro financial flows: An application of stochastic flow diagrams
    by Calkin, Neil J. Calkin & López de Prado, Marcos
  • 2014 Stochastic flow diagrams
    by Calkin, Neil J. & López de Prado, Marcos
  • 2014 Comparing «Realized volatility» models in the VaR calculation for the Russian equity market
    by Shcherba, Alexandr
  • 2014 Messung des Marktrisikos mit generalisierter autoregressiver bedingter heteroskedastischer Modellierung der Volatilität: Ein Vergleich univariater und multivariater Konzepte
    by Krasnosselski, Nikolai & Cremers, Heinz & Sanddorf, Walter
  • 2014 Economic modeling approaches: optimization versus equilibrium
    by Olga Kiuila & Thomas F. Rutherford
  • 2014 Risk Measurement and risk modelling using applications of Vine Copulas
    by David E. Allen & Michael McAleer & Abhay K. Singh
  • 2014 How Variability in Individual Patterns of Behavior Changes the Structural Properties of Networks
    by Somayeh Koohborfardhaghighi & Jorn Altmann
  • 2014 A Network Formation Model for Social Object Networks
    by Somayeh Koohborfardhaghighi & Jorn Altmann
  • 2014 How Structural Changes in Complex Networks Impact Organizational Learning Performance
    by Somayeh Koohborfardhaghighi & Jorn Altmann
  • 2014 How Placing Limitations on the Size of Personal Networks Changes the Structural Properties of Complex Networks
    by Somayeh Koohborfardhaghighi & Jorn Altmann
  • 2014 On the winning virtuous strategies for ultra high frequency electronic trading in foreign currencies exchange markets
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.
  • 2014 On Market Economies: How Controllable Constructs Become Complex
    by Dominique, C-Rene
  • 2014 Multivariate bubbles and antibubbles
    by Fry, John
  • 2014 Generating Functions for X(n) and Y(n)
    by Das, Sabuj & Mohajan, Haradhan
  • 2014 On the architecture of the rings of Saturn: An “identity” theory of the distribution of gaps within rings
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2014 Editorial for the Special Issue on 'Computational Methods for Russian Economic and Financial Modelling'
    by Fantazzini, Dean
  • 2014 Hesitant fuzzy sets: The Hurwicz approach to the analysis of project evaluation problems
    by Alcantud, José Carlos R. & de Andrés Calle, Rocío
  • 2014 Towards an economic architecture of the rings of Saturn: On the Political Economy Wave, Kaluza’s fifth dimension and an alternative derivation of the Roche Limit
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2014 Government Expenditure Determination on the Basis of Macroeconomics
    by durongkaveroj, wannaphong
  • 2014 Analytic Approximation of Finite-Maturity Timer Option Prices
    by Li, Minqiang
  • 2014 Derivatives Pricing on Integrated Diffusion Processes: A General Perturbation Approach
    by Li, Minqiang
  • 2014 Optimal Use of Put Options in a Stock Portfolio
    by Peter N, Bell
  • 2014 Does Anti-dumping Enforcement Generate Threat?
    by Bagchi, Sagnik & Bhattacharyya, Surajit & Narayanan, Krishnan
  • 2014 The Typical Spectral Shape of an Economic Variable: A Visual Guide with 100 Examples
    by Medel, Carlos A.
  • 2014 Topological spaces for which every closed and semi-closed preorder respectively admits a continuous multi-utility representation
    by Bosi, Gianni & Herden, Gerhard
  • 2014 Analysis of Monetary Policy Responses After Financial Market Crises in a Continuous Time New Keynesian Model
    by Bernd Hayo & Britta Niehof
  • 2014 Finding The Nearest Valid Covariance Matrix: A Fx Market Case
    by Aleksei Minabutdinov & Ilia Manaev & Maxim Bouev
  • 2014 World welfare is rising: estimation using nonparametric bounds on welfare measures
    by Pinkovskiy, Maxim L.
  • 2014 Impatient in Experiments, but Patient in Simulations: A Challenge to a Neoclassical Model
    by Emin Gahramanov & Xueli Tang
  • 2014 Career Interruptions: A Neglected Aspect of a Neoclassical Model
    by Emin Gahramanov & Xueli Tang
  • 2014 Risk Measurement and Risk Modelling using Applications of Vine Copulas
    by David E. Allen & Michael McAleer & Abhay K. Singh
  • 2014 Optimal Individual Choice of Contribution to Second Pillar Pension System in Lithuania
    by T. Gudaitis & A. Fiori Maccioni
  • 2014 Hospital Treatment Rates and Spillover Effects: Does Ownership Matter?
    by Badi H. Baltagi & Yin-Fang Yen
  • 2014 Risk Measurement and Risk Modelling Using Applications of Vine Copulas
    by David E. Allen & Michael McAleer & Abhay K. Singh
  • 2014 On the Optimal Boundary of a Three-Dimensional Singular Stochastic Control Problem Arising in Irreversible Investment
    by Tiziano De Angelis & Salvatore Federico & Giorgio Ferrari
  • 2014 A Non Convex Singular Stochastic Control Problem and its Related Optimal Stopping Boundaries
    by Tiziano De Angelis & Giorgio Ferrari & John Moriarty
  • 2014 Are the log-returns of Italian open-end mutual funds normally distributed? A risk assessment perspective
    by Michele Leonardo Bianchi
  • 2014 Calibrating the Italian smile with time-varying volatility and heavy-tailed models
    by Michele Leonardo Bianchi & Frank J. Fabozzi & Svetlozar T. Rachev
  • 2014 A simple and effective misspecification test for the double-hurdle model
    by Riccardo LUCCHETTI & Claudia PIGINI
  • 2014 Does Anti-dumping Enforcement Generate Threat?
    by Sagnik Bagchi & Surajit Bhattacharyya & K. Narayanan
  • 2014 Methodological considerations on the size of Coefficient of Intensity of Structural Changes (CISC)
    by Florin Marius Pavelescu
  • 2014 Are Multi-criteria Decision Making Techniques Useful for Solving Corporate Finance Problems? A Bibliometric Analysis || ¿Son adecuadas las técnicas de decisión multicriterio para resolver los problemas financieros corporativos? Un análisis bibliométrico
    by Guerrero-Baena, M. Dolores & Gómez-Limón, José A. & Fruet Cardozo, J. Vicente
  • 2014 Movilidad endógena y variaciones demográficas: una aplicación para Ecuador
    by Luis Antamba & Paúl Medina
  • 2014 Real Term Structure and Inflation Compensation in the Euro Area
    by Marcello Pericoli
  • 2014 The Application of Fourier Residual Grey Verhulst and Grey Markov Model in Analyzing the Global ICT Development
    by Shaghayegh Kordnoori & Hamidreza Mostafaei & Shirin Kordnoori
  • 2014 Social networks, social interaction and macroeconomic dynamics: How much could Ernst Ising help DSGE?
    by Chen, Shu-Heng & Chang, Chia-Ling & Tseng, Yi-Heng
  • 2014 A benchmark approach to risk-minimization under partial information
    by Ceci, Claudia & Colaneri, Katia & Cretarola, Alessandra
  • 2014 Woody biomass potential for energy feedstock in United States
    by He, Lixia & English, Burton C. & De La Torre Ugarte, Daniel G. & Hodges, Donald G.
  • 2014 Valuation of quanto options in a Markovian regime-switching market: A Markov-modulated Gaussian HJM model
    by Chen, Son-Nan & Chiang, Mi-Hsiu & Hsu, Pao-Peng & Li, Chang-Yi
  • 2014 Estimation accuracy of high–low spread estimator
    by Lin, Chien-Chih
  • 2014 When to invest in carbon capture and storage technology: A mathematical model
    by Walsh, D.M. & O'Sullivan, K. & Lee, W.T. & Devine, M.T.
  • 2014 A simple and effective misspecification test for the double-hurdle model
    by Lucchetti, Riccardo & Pigini, Claudia
  • 2014 Combining an improved multi-delivery policy into a single-producer multi-retailer integrated inventory system with scrap in production
    by Chiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter & Chen, Yung-Chung & Lin, Hong-Dar & Chang, Huei-Hsin
  • 2014 The phenomenon of equifinality in innovative development of the monetary private ownership economy —An axiomatic set-up
    by Ciałowicz, Beata
  • 2014 Optimal run time for EPQ model with scrap, rework and stochastic breakdowns: A note
    by Chiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter & Chang, Huei-Hsin
  • 2014 Solving a vendor–buyer integrated problem with rework and a specific multi-delivery policy by a two-phase algebraic approach
    by Tseng, Chao-Tang & Wu, Mei-Fang & Lin, Hong-Dar & Chiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter
  • 2014 Quadratic hedging schemes for non-Gaussian GARCH models
    by Badescu, Alexandru & Elliott, Robert J. & Ortega, Juan-Pablo
  • 2014 An empirical study of the Mexican banking system’s network and its implications for systemic risk
    by Martinez-Jaramillo, Serafin & Alexandrova-Kabadjova, Biliana & Bravo-Benitez, Bernardo & Solórzano-Margain, Juan Pablo
  • 2014 Endogenous specialization of heterogeneous innovative activities of firms under the technological spillovers
    by Bondarev, Anton
  • 2013 Metodología de estimación del número de clientes del sistema bancario en México
    by Balmaseda, Beatriz Irene. & Necoechea, Lizbeth.
  • 2013 Arrovian aggregation of MBA preferences: An impossibility result
    by Herzberg, Frederik
  • 2013 The Attractiveness Of The European South As Described By A Cusp And A Butterfly Catastrophe Model
  • 2013 Nonparametric Multiple Change Point Analysis of the Global Financial Crisis
    by David E. Allen & Michael McAleer & Robert J. Powell & Abhay K. Singh
  • 2013 Financial Dependence Analysis: Applications of Vine Copulae
    by David Allen & Mohammad.A. Ashraf & Michael McAleer & Robert J. Powell & Abhay K. Singh
  • 2013 Estimating Long-Run PD, Asset Correlation, and Portfolio Level PD by Vasicek Models
    by Yang, Bill Huajian
  • 2013 Space-Time Singularities and Raychaudhuri Equations
    by Mohajan, Haradhan
  • 2013 Fuzzy sets from the ethics of social preferences
    by Alcantud, José Carlos R.
  • 2013 Scope of Raychaudhuri equation in cosmological gravitational focusing and space-time singularities
    by Mohajan, Haradhan
  • 2013 Dynamic conditions for smooth convergence in the Ricardo–Mill model under commitment of trade and continuum of goods
    by Espinosa, Alexandra M.
  • 2013 Optimal Output for the Regret-Averse Competitive Firm Under Price Uncertainty
    by Broll, Udo & Ergozue, Martin & Welzel, Peter & Wong, Wing-Keung
  • 2013 An analysis of portfolio selection with multiplicative background risk
    by Guo, Xu & Wong, Wing-Keung & Zhu, Lixing
  • 2013 Schwarzschild Geometry from Exact Solution of Einstein Equation
    by Mohajan, Haradhan
  • 2013 Szpilrajn-type extensions of fuzzy quasiorderings
    by Alcantud, José Carlos R. & Díaz, Susana
  • 2013 Modelling Biased Judgement with Weighted Updating
    by Zinn, Jesse
  • 2013 Resource Exchange Seller Alliances
    by Chun, So Yeon & Kleywegt, Anton & Shapiro, Alexander
  • 2013 Third Generation University Strategic Planning Model Development
    by Skribans, Valerijs & Lektauers, Arnis & Merkuryev, Yuri
  • 2013 Evaluating Business Intelligence Initiatives With Respect To BI Governance
    by Muntean, Mihaela & Muntean, Cornelia & Cabau, Liviu Gabriel
  • 2013 Natural implementation with partially honest agents in economic environments
    by Lombardi, Michele & Yoshihara, Naoki
  • 2013 Does economic prosperity bring about a happier society? Mathematical remarks on the Easterlin Paradox debate
    by Beja Jr, Edsel
  • 2013 Periodic strategies and rationalizability in perfect information 2-Player strategic form games
    by Oikonomou, V.K. & Jost, J
  • 2013 Applicable eventology of safety: inconclusive totals
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.
  • 2013 In search of a primary source: remaking the paper (1975) where at the first time a definition of lattice (Vorob’ev) expectation of a random set was given
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.
  • 2013 Estimation D’Une Ligne D’Affluence : Cas Du Cameroun
    by BILOA ESSIMI, Jean Aristide & CHAMENI NEMBUA, Celestin
  • 2013 Uncertainty in optimal pollution levels: Modeling the benefit area
    by Halkos, George
  • 2013 Introduction to Risk Parity and Budgeting
    by Roncalli, Thierry
  • 2013 Overnight Index Rate: Model, Calibration, and Simulation
    by Yashkir, Yuriy & Yashkir, Olga
  • 2013 A non-zero dispersion leads to the non-zero bias of mean
    by Harin, Alexander
  • 2013 Closed-Form Approximation of Timer Option Prices under General Stochastic Volatility Models
    by Li, Minqiang & Mercurio, Fabio
  • 2013 Isomorphic Strategy Spaces in Game Theory
    by Gagen, Michael
  • 2013 Software uncertainty in integrated environmental modelling: the role of semantics and open science
    by de Rigo, Daniele
  • 2013 Space and Time
    by O'Sullivan, John Linus
  • 2013 On the pricing and hedging of options for highly volatile periods
    by El-Khatib, Youssef & Hatemi-J, Abdulnasser
  • 2013 Does “Okun’s Law” state a Pi:1 ratio? Toward a harmonic interpretation of why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.
  • 2013 Of Jane Austen and the secret life of econometric quantities, or as otherwise entitled on Okun's Law and the 'multiplicative inverse surprise'
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 On apparent irrational behaviors : interacting structures and the mind
    by Gosselin, Pierre & Lotz, Aileen & Wambst, Marc
  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Metaphysical
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Theoretical
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 A Note on Almost Stochastic Dominance
    by Guo, Xu & Zhu, Xuehu & Wong, Wing-Keung & Zhu, Lixing
  • 2013 Software uncertainty in integrated environmental modelling: the role of semantics and open science
    by de Rigo, Daniele
  • 2013 Toward open science at the European scale: geospatial semantic array programming for integrated environmental modelling
    by de Rigo, Daniele & Corti, Paolo & Caudullo, Giovanni & McInerney, Daniel & Di Leo, Margherita & San-Miguel-Ayanz, Jesús
  • 2013 On multi-particle Brownian survivals and the spherical Laplacian
    by B S, Balakrishna
  • 2013 Studying International Spillovers in a New Keynesian Continuous Time Framework with Financial Markets
    by Bernd Hayo & Britta Niehof
  • 2013 Exact and heuristic linear-inflation policies for an inventory model with random yield and arbitrary lead times
    by Karl Inderfurth & Gudrun Kiesmüller
  • 2013 Life Quantity, Life Quality and Longevity : an Intertemporal Social Evaluation framework
    by Jean-Yves Duclos & Bouba Housseini
  • 2013 A Numerical Scheme for Multisignal Weight Constrained Conditioned Portfolio Optimisation Problems
    by Jang Schiltz & Marc Boissaux
  • 2013 A Numerical Scheme for Multisignal Weight Constrained Conditioned Portfolio Optimisation Problems
    by Jang Schiltz & Marc Boissaux
  • 2013 Nonparametric Multiple Change Point Analysis of the Global Financial Crisis
    by David E Allen & Michael McAleer & Robert J Powell & Abhay K Singh
  • 2013 Financial Dependence Analysis: Applications of Vine Copulae
    by David E Allen & Mohammad.A. Ashraf & Michael McAleer & Robert J Powell & Abhay K Singh
  • 2013 A Goodness-of-Fit Approach to Estimating Equivalence Scales
    by Biewen, Martin & Juhasz, Andos
  • 2013 Reference Dependent Preferences and the EPK Puzzle
    by Maria Grith & Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Volker Krätschmer &
  • 2013 Simple and Complex Dynamics: A Hidden Parameter
    by Alfredo Medio
  • 2013 Robust Multidimensional Welfare Comparisons: One Vector of Weights, One Vote
    by Stergios Athanassoglou
  • 2013 Life quantity, life quality and longevity: An intertemporal social evaluation framework
    by Jean-Yves DUCLOS & Bouba HOUSSEINI
  • 2013 Life quantity, life quality and longevity: An intertemporal social evaluation framework
    by Jean-Yves DUCLOS & Bouba HOUSSEINI
  • 2013 Finding the Nearest Valid Covariance Matrix: an FX Market Case
    by Maxim Bouev & Ilia Manaev & Aleksei Minabutdinov
  • 2013 Emergence of Cooperation in Heterogeneous Population: A Discrete-Time Replicator Dynamics Analysis
    by Escobedo Martínez, Ramón & Laruelle, Annick
  • 2013 Solving for the Retirement Age in a Continuous-time Model with Endogenous Labor Supply
    by Emin Gahramanov & Xueli Tang
  • 2013 Nonparametric Multiple Change Point Analysis of the Global Financial Crisis
    by David E. Allen & Michael McAleer & Robert J. Powell & Abhay K. Singh
  • 2013 Financial Dependence Analysis: Applications of Vine Copulae
    by David E. Allen & Mohammad A. Ashraf & Michael McAleer & Robert J. Powell & Abhay K. Singh
  • 2013 A Numerical Algorithm to find All Scalar Feedback Nash Equilibria
    by Engwerda, J.C.
  • 2013 A Numerical Scheme for Multisignal Weight Constrained Conditioned Portfolio Optimisation Problems
    by Jang Schiltz & Marc Boissaux
  • 2013 An algorithmic approach for simulating realistic irregular lattices
    by Juan C. Duque & Alejandro Betancourt & Freddy Marin
  • 2013 Lithuanian pension system’s reforms following demographic and social transitions
    by A. Bitinas & A. Fiori Maccioni
  • 2013 Market Segmentation using Bagged Fuzzy C–Means (BFCM): Destination Image of Western Europe among Chinese Travellers
    by Pierpaolo D'Urso & Girish Prayag & Marta Disegna & Riccardo Massari
  • 2013 On moment indeterminacy of the Benini income distribution
    by Christian Kleiber
  • 2013 Aggregation of Monotonic Bernoullian Archimedean preferences: Arrovian impossibility results
    by Frederik Herzberg
  • 2013 Continuous-Time Public Good Contribution under Uncertainty
    by Giorgio Ferrari & Jan-Henrik Steg & Frank Riedel
  • 2013 A Stochastic Reversible Investment Problem on a Finite-Time Horizon: Free Boundary Analysis
    by Tiziano De Angelis & Giorgio Ferrari
  • 2013 Macroeconomic and monetary policy surprises and the term structure of interest rates
    by Marcello Pericoli
  • 2013 Forward-looking robust portfolio selection
    by Sara Cecchetti & Laura Sigalotti
  • 2013 Tempered stable Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes: a practical view
    by Michele Leonardo Bianchi & Svetlozar T. Rachev & Frank J. Fabozzi
  • 2013 Cobweb theorems with production lags and price forecasting
    by Dufrfesne, Daniel & Vázquez-Abad, Felisa
  • 2013 Public Debt Stock Sustainability in Selected OECD Countries
    by Ata Ozkaya
  • 2013 Study of Competitiveness for the Representative Companies in the National Domestic Dairy
    by Elena Nisipeanu & Isabella Sima
  • 2013 The Leslie model and population stability: an application
    by Angrisani Massimo & Di Palo Cinzia & Fantaccione Roberto & Palazzo Anna Maria
  • 2013 Multiple Points Regression
    by Mateescu, George Daniel
  • 2013 Sensitivity Analysis of Herfindahl-Hirschman Index on the Slovak Banking Sector
    by Ivan Brezina & Juraj Pekár
  • 2013 Development of Economic and Social Dependency and Population Ageing
    by Tomáš Fiala & Jitka Langhamrová
  • 2013 The Estimates of the Czech Gross Domestic Product for the Years 1970–1989 Based on ESA 1995
    by Jakub Fischer & Jaroslav Sixta & Stanislava Hronová & Richard Hindls & Kristýna Vltavská
  • 2013 Export-led growth in Tunisia: A wavelet filtering based analysis
    by Hamrita Mohamed Essaied
  • 2013 Ecuaciones diferenciales y en diferencias aplicadas a los conceptos económicos y financieros || Differential and Difference Equations Applied to Economic and Financial Concepts
    by Tenorio Villalón, Ángel F. & Martín Caraballo, Ana M. & Paralera Morales, Concepción & Contreras Rubio, Ignacio
  • 2013 An Application of the Kalman Filter for Market Studies
    by Buºu Mihail & Cioacã Sorin
  • 2013 Stress Test Robustness: Recent Advances and Open Problems
    by Thomas Breuer & Martin Summer
  • 2013 Simulación estocástica de esquemas piramidales tipo Ponzi
    by Lilia Quituisaca-Samaniego & Juan Mayorga-Zambrano & Paúl Medina
  • 2013 Forecasting Financial Indices: The Baltic Dry Indices
    by Eleftherios I. Thalassinos & Mike P. Hanias & Panayiotis G. Curtis & John E. Thalassinos
  • 2013 Personel Secimi icin Gri Sistem Teori Tabanli Butunlesik Bir Yaklasim
    by Erkan KOSE & Hakan Soner APLAK & Mehmet KABAK
  • 2013 Bulanik VIKOR Yontemine Dayali Personel Secim Sureci
    by Ayse YILDIZ & Muhammed DEVECI
  • 2013 Pricing discrete path-dependent options under a double exponential jump–diffusion model
    by Fuh, Cheng-Der & Luo, Sheng-Feng & Yen, Ju-Fang
  • 2013 Estimating non-linear serial and cross-interdependence between financial assets
    by Righi, Marcelo Brutti & Ceretta, Paulo Sergio
  • 2013 Valuation and risk assessment of disability insurance using a discrete time trivariate Markov renewal reward process
    by Maegebier, Alexander
  • 2013 Valuing equity-linked death benefits in jump diffusion models
    by Gerber, Hans U. & Shiu, Elias S.W. & Yang, Hailiang
  • 2013 A note on the family of extremality stochastic orders
    by López-Díaz, María Concepción & López-Díaz, Miguel
  • 2013 Lifetime dependence modelling using a truncated multivariate gamma distribution
    by Alai, Daniel H. & Landsman, Zinoviy & Sherris, Michael
  • 2013 Pricing inflation products with stochastic volatility and stochastic interest rates
    by Singor, Stefan N. & Grzelak, Lech A. & van Bragt, David D.B. & Oosterlee, Cornelis W.
  • 2013 Nationality and risk attitude: Testing differences and similarities of investors' behavior in selected financial markets
    by Apartsin, Yevgenia & Maymon, Yafit & Cohen, Yuval & Singer, Gonen
  • 2013 Superconvergence of the finite element solutions of the Black–Scholes equation
    by Golbabai, A. & Ballestra, L.V. & Ahmadian, D.
  • 2013 Economic analysis of alternatives for optimizing energy use in manufacturing companies
    by Méndez-Piñero, Mayra Ivelisse & Colón-Vázquez, Melitza
  • 2013 Alternative approach to determine the common cycle time for a multi-item production system with discontinuous deliveries and failure in rework
    by Chiu, Singa Wang & Pai, Fan-Yun & Wu, Wen Kuei
  • 2013 Optimizing replenishment policy in an EPQ-based inventory model with nonconforming items and breakdown
    by Chiu, Singa Wang & Chou, Chung-Li & Wu, Wen-Kuei
  • 2013 Joint determination of rotation cycle time and number of shipments for a multi-item EPQ model with random defective rate
    by Chiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter & Huang, Chao-Chih & Wu, Mei-Fang & Chang, Huei-Hsin
  • 2013 Determining production–shipment policy for a vendor–buyer integrated system with rework and an amending multi-delivery schedule
    by Chiu, Singa Wang & Lin, Li-Wen & Chen, Kuang-Ku & Chou, Chung-Li
  • 2013 Applying the Model Order Reduction method to a European option pricing model
    by Lin, Shao-Bin & Chen, Chun-Da
  • 2013 Economic complexity: Conceptual grounding of a new metrics for global competitiveness
    by Tacchella, A. & Cristelli, M. & Caldarelli, G. & Gabrielli, A. & Pietronero, L.
  • 2013 Pricing Parisian and Parasian options analytically
    by Zhu, Song-Ping & Chen, Wen-Ting
  • 2013 The bull and bear market model of Huang and Day: Some extensions and new results
    by Tramontana, Fabio & Westerhoff, Frank & Gardini, Laura
  • 2013 Analysis of Overnight ROBOR Interbank Interest Rate Recorded in October 2008 Using a Correlational Mathematical Model
    by Ramona Mariana CALINICA
  • 2013 The Possibilities of Difference Analysis Utilisation in Profit Rate Assessment
    by Marie Vejsadová Dryjová
  • 2013 Decision Importance For Customers Management
    by BURTEA Elena & HURLOIU Iulian & MERUŢĂ Alexandrina
  • 2013 A Simple Discrete Approximation for the Renewal Function
    by Alenka Brezavšček
  • 2012 Optimal Use Of Cellphone Frequencies With Robust Graph Coloring
    by Lara-Velázquez, P. & Gallardo-López, L. & de-los-Cobos-Silva, S.G. & Gutiérrez-Andrade, M.Á. & Rincón-García, E.A.
  • 2012 Cobweb theorems with production lags and price forecasting
    by Dufresne, Daniel & Vázquez-Abad, Felisa
  • 2012 Validierung von Konzepten zur Messung des Marktrisikos: Insbesondere des Value at Risk und des Expected Shortfall
    by Mehmke, Fabian & Cremers, Heinz & Packham, Natalie
  • 2012 Thermoeconomics, A Thermodynamic Approach to Economics, Third Edition, Chapter 9 Thermoeconomics and Sustainability
    by John Bryant
  • 2012 Thermoeconomics, A Thermodynamic Approach to Economics, Third Edition, Chapter 8 Energy Resources and the Economy
    by John Bryant
  • 2012 Thermoeconomics, A Thermodynamic Approach to Economics, Third Edition, Chapter 7 Investment and Economic Entropy
    by John Bryant
  • 2012 Thermoeconomics, A Thermodynamic Approach to Economics, Third Edition, Chapter 6 Labour and Unemployment
    by John Bryant
  • 2012 Thermoeconomics, A Thermodynamic Approach to Economics, Third Edition, Chapter 5 Money
    by John Bryant
  • 2012 Thermoeconomics, A Thermodynamic Approach to Economics, Third Edition, Chapter 4 Production and Entropy Processes
    by John Bryant
  • 2012 Thermoeconomics, A Thermodynamic Approach to Economics, Third Edition, Chapter 3 Thermodynamic Principles
    by John Bryant
  • 2012 Thermoeconomics, A Thermodynamic Approach to Economics, Third Edition, Chapter 2 Stock and Flow Processes
    by John Bryant
  • 2012 Thermoeconomics, A Thermodynamic Approach to Economics, Third Edition, Chapter 1 Introduction
    by John Bryant
  • 2012 Financial Contagion in Industrial Clusters: A Dynamical Analysis and Network Simulation
    by Andrea Giovannetti
  • 2012 Back to the future: economic rationality and maximum entropy prediction
    by Sylvain Barde
  • 2012 Bourbaki's Destructive Influence on the Mathematization of Economics
    by K. Vela Velupillai
  • 2012 Examining Relationships between Culture, Creativity and Business Stage in an Emerging Market: A Categorical Data Analysis of Vietnam’s Data Set
    by Quan Hoang Vuong & Nancy K. Napier & Tri Dung Tran
  • 2012 Dynamic Scenarios of Trust Establishment in the Public Cloud Service Market
    by Soyoung Kim & Junseok Hwang & Jorn Altmann
  • 2012 European Union Economy System Dynamic Model Development
    by Skribans, Valerijs
  • 2012 Evaluating A Business Intelligence Solution. Feasibility Analysis Based On Monte Carlo Method
    by Muntean, Mihaela & Muntean, Cornelia
  • 2012 Constructing a Generator of Matrices with Pattern
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki
  • 2012 Diffusion and Spatial Equilibrium of a Social Norm: Voting Participation in the United States, 1920-2008
    by Coleman, Stephen
  • 2012 Суб-Интервальный Анализ И Возможности Его Применения
    by Harin, Alexander
  • 2012 Predicting crises: Five essays on the mathematic prediction of economic and social crises
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2012 Sub-interval analysis and possibilities of its use
    by Harin, Alexander
  • 2012 Исследование Возможностей И Диапазонов Применения Методологии Экономико-Математического Моделирования На Основе Тензорного Анализа Денежного Поля: Теоретические И Методологические Вопросы Взаимодействия Финансового И Реального Сектора Экономики
    by Maslov, Alexander
  • 2012 On the Third Order Stochastic Dominance for Risk-Averse and Risk-Seeking Investors
    by Chan, Raymond H. & Clark, Ephraim & Wong, Wing-Keung
  • 2012 A generalized directional distance function in data envelopment analysis and its application to a cross-country measurement of health efficiency
    by Cheng, Gang & Zervopoulos, Panagiotis
  • 2012 A proxy approach to dealing with the infeasibility problem in super-efficiency data envelopment analysis
    by Cheng, Gang & Zervopoulos, Panagiotis
  • 2012 A universal solution for units-invariance in data envelopment analysis
    by Xu, Jin & Zervopoulos, Panagiotis & Qian, Zhenhua & Cheng, Gang
  • 2012 Stability analysis in economic dynamics: A computational approach
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki
  • 2012 О Содержании Книги "Введение В Суб-Интервальный Анализ …"
    by Harin, Alexander
  • 2012 A Simple Model of Bertrand Duopoly with Noisy Prices
    by Kaminski, Bogumil & Latek, Maciej
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