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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C6: Mathematical Methods; Programming Models; Mathematical and Simulation Modeling
/ / / C65: Miscellaneous Mathematical Tools
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2606 The Qualitative Expectations Hypothesis: Model Ambiguity, Consistent Representations of Market Forecasts, and Sentiment
    by Roman Frydman & Søren Johansen & Anders Rahbek & Morten Nyboe Tabor

  • 2017 Hyperbolic grids and discrete random graphs
    by Eryk Kopczyński & Dorota Celińska

  • 2017 Behavioural types in public goods games: A re-analysis by hierarchical clutering
    by Francesco Fallucchi & R. Andrew Luccasen & Theodore L. Turocy

  • 2017 Sender-Receiver Games with Cooperation
    by Forges, Françoise & Horst, Ulrich

  • 2017 Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization, Volume I: Theory. An Introduction
    by Corchon, Luis & Marini, Marco A.

  • 2017 On the predictability of economic structural change by the Poincaré-Bendixson theory
    by Stijepic, Denis

  • 2017 Point-in-Time PD Term Structure Models with Loan Credit Quality as a Component
    by Yang, Bill Huajian

  • 2017 Approaches and Techniques to Validate Internal Model Results
    by Dacorogna, Michel M

  • 2017 The grant element method of measuring the concessionality of loans and debt relief
    by Simon Scott

  • 2017 The Qualitative Expectations Hypothesis: Model Ambiguity, Consistent Representations Of Market Forecasts, And Sentiment
    by Roman Frydman & Søren Johansen & Anders Rahbek & Morten Nyboe

  • 2017 Global Dynamics in a Search and Matching Model of the Labor Market
    by Lazaryan, Nika & Lubik, Thomas A.

  • 2017 Kernel-Based Inference In Time-Varying Coefficient Cointegrating Regression
    by Degui Li & Peter C.B. Phillips & Jiti Gao

  • 2017 Boundary Limit Theory for Functional Local to Unity Regression
    by Anna Bykhovskaya & Peter C. B. Phillips

  • 2017 Point Optimal Testing with Roots That Are Functionally Local to Unity
    by Anna Bykhovskaya & Peter C. B. Phillips

  • 2017 Differential equations connecting VaR and CVaR
    by Balbás, Alejandro & Balbás, Raquel & Balbás, Beatriz

  • 2017 Cartagena libre de pobreza extrema en el 2033
    by Jhorland Ayala García & Adolfo Meisel Roca

  • 2017 The Network View: applications to international trade and bank exposures
    by Luis Fernandez & Gonzalo De Cadenas Santiago

  • 2017 An Immune System Inspired Theory for Crime and Violence in Cities
    by Soumya Banerjee

  • 2017 Equilibria in symmetric games: theory and applications
    by Hefti, Andreas

  • 2017 The miracle of peer review and development in science: an agent-based model
    by Simone Righi & Károly Takács

  • 2017 Infinite supermodularity and preferences
    by Alain Chateauneuf & Vassili Vergopoulos & Jianbo Zhang

  • 2017 Positivistic models of long-run labor allocation dynamics
    by Denis Stijepic

  • 2017 A direct solution method for pricing options involving the maximum process
    by Masahiko Egami & Tadao Oryu

  • 2017 Alpha-CIR model with branching processes in sovereign interest rate modeling
    by Ying Jiao & Chunhua Ma & Simone Scotti

  • 2017 Implementation Of Model For Management And Selection Of Organizational Strategy In Times Of Crisis For Companies Manufacturing Elevators In Bulgaria

  • 2017 Optimal Resource Allocation at the Blue Economy Type of Firms
    by Katalin Hartung

  • 2017 Comparing forecasts for tourism dynamics in Medellín, Colombia
    by Marisol Valencia Cárdenas & Juan Gabriel Vanegas López & Juan Carlos Correa Morales & Jorge Aníbal Restrepo Morales

  • 2017 Application of differential equations in projecting growth trajectories
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2017 Crafting consensus
    by Jan Zápal

  • 2017 A Lattice Framework with Smooth Convergence for Pricing Real Estate Derivatives with Stochastic Interest Rate
    by Dong Zou & Pu Gong

  • 2017 Quadratic minimization with portfolio and intertemporal wealth constraints
    by Dian Zhu & Andrew J. Heunis

  • 2017 Risk, ambiguity, and the exercise of employee stock options
    by Izhakian, Yehuda & Yermack, David

  • 2017 Longevity, age-structure, and optimal schooling
    by Bonneuil, Noël & Boucekkine, Raouf

  • 2017 Cumulative Prospect Theory for piecewise continuous distributions
    by Gürtler, Marc & Stolpe, Julia

  • 2017 Discontinuous payoff option pricing by Mellin transform: A probabilistic approach
    by Gzyl, H. & Milev, M. & Tagliani, A.

  • 2017 Strategic real option and flexibility analysis for nuclear power plants considering uncertainty in electricity demand and public acceptance
    by Cardin, Michel-Alexandre & Zhang, Sizhe & Nuttall, William J.

  • 2017 Derivatives of the nodal prices in market power screening
    by Pałka, Piotr

  • 2017 An analytical approach to new Keynesian models under the fiscal theory
    by Tan, Fei

  • 2017 Pricing Vulnerable Options with Constant Elasticity of Variance versus Stochastic Elasticity of Variance
    by Min-Ku LEE & Sung-Jin YANG, PhD & Jeong-Hoon KIM

  • 2017 Economics of the input-output relations
    by Garabed Minassian

  • 2016 On the limits of unsolvability of the "free rider problem"
    by A. Yudanov & O. Pyrkina & E. Bekker.

  • 2016 A Formalization Of The Theory Of Expertons. Theoretical Foundations, Properties And Development Of Software For Its Calculation
    by J.C. Ferrer Comalat & S. Linares Mustarós & D. Corominas Coll

  • 2016 Distributional comparative statics with heterogeneous agents
    by Andreas Hefti

  • 2016 The algebraic approach to some ranking problems
    by Alberto Peretti

  • 2016 Is there any link between level of instruction and financial choices? A study on a Generation Y-based survey
    by Iuliana Bitca & Andrea Ellero & Paola Ferretti

  • 2016 a GAMS-like Modeling System based on Python and SAGE
    by Roberto Roson

  • 2016 The linear systems approach to linear rational expectations models
    by Majid M. Al-Sadoon

  • 2016 Empirical evidence on the topological properties of structural paths and some notes on its theoretical explanation
    by Stijepic, Denis

  • 2016 Blyth’s paradox «of three pies»: setwise vs. pairwise event preferences
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 The bet on a bald
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 Triangle room paradox of negative probabilities of events
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 The theory of dual co~event means
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 Postulating the theory of experience and chance as a theory of co~events (co~beings)
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 An element-set labelling a Cartesian product by measurable binary relations which leads to postulates of the theory of experience and chance as a theory of co~events
    by Vorobyev, Oleg Yu.

  • 2016 A historical walkthrough with L’Hospital, from indeterminates to applied problems in mathematics
    by Abueg, Luisito

  • 2016 Positivistic models of long-run labor allocation dynamics
    by Stijepic, Denis

  • 2016 A topological approach to structural change analysis and an application to long-run labor allocation dynamics
    by Stijepic, Denis

  • 2016 A Standardized Treatment of Binary Similarity Measures with an Introduction to k-Vector Percentage Normalized Similarity
    by Stacey, Brian

  • 2016 Assessing classical input output structures with trade networks: A graph theory approach
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki

  • 2016 Methodological Aspects of Qualitative-Quantitative Analysis of Decision-Making Processes
    by Gawlik, Remigiusz

  • 2016 The role of networks in firms’ multi-characteristics competition and market-share inequality
    by Lapatinas, Athanasios & Garas, Antonios

  • 2016 Automated Economic Reasoning with Quantifier Elimination
    by Casey B. Mulligan

  • 2016 Ambiguity and the Tradeoff Theory of Capital Structure
    by Yehuda Izhakian & David Yermack & Jaime F. Zender

  • 2016 Ingratiation and Favoritism in Organizations
    by Agnieszka Rusinowska & Vassili Vergopoulos

  • 2016 A model of monopoly with lags in the planning and production activity
    by Fausto, Cavalli

  • 2016 Spatial spillover effects in determining China's regional CO2 emission growth : 2007-2010
    by Meng, Bo & Xue, Jinjun

  • 2016 Compilation of a regionally-extended inter-country input-output table and its application to global value chain analysis
    by Meng, Bo & Yamano, Norihiko & Inomata, Satoshi & Xiao, Hao & Wang, Jianguo

  • 2016 A unified framework of trade in value added : physical, monetary, exchange rates, and GHG emissions
    by Ando, Asao & Meng, Bo

  • 2016 (In)Equality and (In)Justice
    by Jasso, Guillermina

  • 2016 Looking Backward and Looking Forward
    by GAO, Zhengyuan & HAFNER, Christian M,

  • 2016 La exclusión en los tiempos del auge: el caso de Cartagena
    by Jhorland Ayala-García & Adolfo Meisel-Roca

  • 2016 Aggregate Loss Distribution And Dependence: Composite Models, Copula Functions And Fast Fourier Transform For The Danish Re Insurance Data
    by Rocco Roberto Cerchiara & Francesco Acri

  • 2016 Markov Cubature Rules for Polynomial Processes
    by Damir Filipović & Martin Larsson & Sergio Pulido

  • 2016 A Large-Scale Optimization Model for Replicating Portfolios in the Life Insurance Industry

  • 2016 Policies for decarbonizing a liberalized power sector
    by David Newbery

  • 2016 On the Stock-Yogo Tables
    by Christopher L. Skeels & Frank Windmeijer

  • 2016 The Linear Systems Approach to Linear Rational Expectations Models
    by Majid M. Al-Sadoon

  • 2016 Trust model for social network using singular value decomposition
    by Davis Bundi Ntwiga & Patrick Weke & Michael Kiura Kirumbu

  • 2016 Sufficient conditions for the existence of Nash equilibria in bimatrix games in terms of forbidden $$2 \times 2$$ 2 × 2 subgames
    by Endre Boros & Khaled Elbassioni & Vladimir Gurvich & Kazuhisa Makino & Vladimir Oudalov

  • 2016 Projections and functions of Nash equilibria
    by Yehuda John Levy

  • 2016 Majorized correspondences and equilibrium existence in discontinuous games
    by Pavlo Prokopovych

  • 2016 Another look at the integral of exponential Brownian motion and the pricing of Asian options
    by Andrew Lyasoff

  • 2016 Separation of several convex sets
    by Farhad Hüsseinov

  • 2016 A representation of risk measures
    by Massimiliano Amarante

  • 2016 Evaluation of urban scenarios using bid-rents of spatial interaction models as hedonic price estimators: an application to the Terceira Island, Azores
    by João O. Borba & Tomaz Ponce Dentinho

  • 2016 Metodología para elaborar leyes de posibilidad de retirada del cliente: una aplicación al sector del vestido || A Methodology to Elaborate Laws of Possibilities in the Retreat of a Client: An Application to the Dress Sector
    by Ortigosa Hernández, Mauricio & Gil Lafuente, Anna María

  • 2016 Reverse-engineering the business cycle with Petri nets
    by Johnnie B. Linn III

  • 2016 How Different Are the Existing Ratings of Russian Economic Journals and How to Unify Them?
    by Subochev, A.

  • 2016 Pricing of average value options versus European options with stochastic interest rate
    by Ambrosio Ortiz Ramírez & María Teresa Martínez Palacios

  • 2016 An Analysis of Job Change Decision Using a Hybrid Mcdm Method: A Comparative Analysis
    by V. Alpagut Yavuz

  • 2016 The Suitability of the Selected Ways of Determining the Degree of Technical Wear in the Valuation of Real Estate
    by Małgorzata Krajewska

  • 2016 Functional diversity from network response dynamics
    by Arnaud Z. Dragicevic

  • 2016 Notes on a ‘Constructive Proof of the Existence of a Collateral Equilibrium’
    by Venkatachalam Ragupathy & K. Vela Velupillai

  • 2016 Intragroup transfers, intragroup diversification and their risk assessment
    by Andreas Haier & Ilya Molchanov & Michael Schmutz

  • 2016 Discrete convex analysis: A tool for economics and game theory
    by Kazuo Murota

  • 2016 A Mathematical Approach to Neuromarketing: A Weapon – Target Assignment Model
    by Onur Onay

  • 2016 State of the art in portfolio theory: the individual analysis of actions to the multiobjective optimization. Estado del arte en teoría de portafolios: del análisis individual de acciones a la optimización multiobjetivo
    by Natalie Ramírez Carmona & Oswaldo García Salgado

  • 2016 Una red económica norteamericana
    by Fidel Aroche Reyes & Marco Antonio Marquez Mendoza

  • 2016 Dynamics of financial markets and transaction costs: A graph-based study
    by Lillo, Felipe & Valdés, Rodrigo

  • 2016 Exact and asymptotic tests on a factor model in low and large dimensions with applications
    by Bodnar, Taras & Reiß, Markus

  • 2016 The impact of competition on prices with numerous firms
    by Gabaix, Xavier & Laibson, David & Li, Deyuan & Li, Hongyi & Resnick, Sidney & de Vries, Casper G.

  • 2016 Tail asymptotics of generalized deflated risks with insurance applications
    by Ling, Chengxiu & Peng, Zuoxiang

  • 2016 On the closed-graph property of the Nash equilibrium correspondence in a large game: A complete characterization
    by Qiao, Lei & Yu, Haomiao & Zhang, Zhixiang

  • 2016 Dynamic efficiency of stock markets and exchange rates
    by Sensoy, Ahmet & Tabak, Benjamin M.

  • 2016 On representation of temporal variability in electricity capacity planning models
    by Merrick, James H.

  • 2016 La exclusión en los tiempos del auge: El caso de Cartagena
    by Jhorland Ayala García & Adolfo Meisel Roca

  • 2016 Comparación de pronósticos para la dinámica del turismo en Medellín, Colombia
    by Valencia Cárdenas, Marisol & Vanegas López, Juan Gabriel & Correa Morales, Juan Carlos & Restrepo Morales, Jorge Aníbal

  • 2015 Fuzzy Similarity And Counterfactuals In The Assessment Of Default Risk: The Eurozone Crisis And The Argentinean Solution
    by Pazzi, Jorge & Tohmé, Fernando

  • 2015 Using support vector machines for measuring democracy
    by Gründler, Klaus & Krieger, Tommy

  • 2015 Analiza svojstava konveksnosti obveznica bez primjene diferencijalnog računa
    by Vedran Kojić

  • 2015 Textual Analysis in Real Estate
    by Adam Nowak & Patrick Smith

  • 2015 Some notes on divisibility rules
    by Alberto Peretti

  • 2015 Multifractality in Finance: A deep understanding and review of Mandelbrot's MMAR
    by Federico Maglione

  • 2015 Driving Forces of CO2 Emissions in Emerging Countries: LMDI Decomposition Analysis on China and India’s Residential Sector
    by Yeongjun Yeo & Dongnyok Shim & Jeong-Dong Lee & Jorn Altmann

  • 2015 System Design Of Recycle Management Using Ahp And Topsis In Buyukcekmece Municipality
    by Volkan Cakir & Ahmet Pirlanta

  • 2015 Newton´s Laws of Motion and Price Theory
    by Tomá? R. Zeithamer

  • 2015 Effects of Long Cycles in Cash Flows on Present Value
    by Bell, Peter N

  • 2015 Simultaneous optimization: sectorization and congolese air traffic assignment by the method of preferential reference of dominance

  • 2015 A decomposition for the space of games with externalities
    by Sanchez-Perez, Joss

  • 2015 How Market Economies Come to Live and Grow on the Edge of Chaos
    by Dominique, C-Rene

  • 2015 Looking into the future of complex dynamic systems
    by Baggio, Rodolfo

  • 2015 Existence of SPE in Discounted Stochastic Games; Revisited and Simplified
    by Yehuda Levy

  • 2015 Path Dependency
    by Mark Setterfield

  • 2015 Network Price Identity
    by Arnaud Dragicevic & Ahmed Barkaoui

  • 2015 On Strategic Complementarities in Discontinuous Games with Totally Ordered Strategies
    by Pavlo Prokopovych & Nicholas C. Yannelis

  • 2015 Infinite Supermodularity and Preferences
    by Alain Chateauneuf & Vassili Vergopoulos & Jianbo Zhang

  • 2015 Production sharing, demand spillovers and CO2 emissions : the case of Chinese regions in GVCs
    by Pei, Jiansuo & Meng, Bo & Wang, Fei & Xue, Jinjun

  • 2015 An Improvement to Jensen's Inequality and its Application to Mating Market Clearing when Paternity is Uncertain
    by Dirk Bethmann

  • 2015 Multiproduct Model Decomposition of Components of Russian GDP
    by Nikolay P. Pilnik & Igor Pospelov & Ivan P. Stankevich

  • 2015 Searching for Information
    by Han, Jungsuk & Sangiorgi, Francesco

  • 2015 Transboundary Capital and Pollution Flows and the Emergence of Regional Inequalities
    by Simon Levin & A. Xepapadeas

  • 2015 A Theorem on Aggregating Classifications
    by Mongin, Philippe & Maniquet, Francois

  • 2015 La mixtura de conjuntos difusos y sus aplicaciones en la administración
    by Javier Perez Capdevilla

  • 2015 Basic Analysis of The Hex Game
    by Mike Woodcock & Fernando Uscategui & David Corrales

  • 2015 A Result on Integral Functionals with Infinitely Many Constraints
    by Tahir CHOULLI & Martin SCHWEIZER

  • 2015 Advantages of an Ellipse when Modeling Leisure Utility
    by Richard W. Evans & Kerk L. Phillips

  • 2015 Transition to clean technology
    by Acemoglu, Daron & Akcigit, Ufuk & Hanley, Douglas & Kerr, William R.

  • 2015 Transboundary Capital and Pollution Flows and the Emergence of Regional Inequalities
    by Simon Levin & Anastasios Xepapadeas

  • 2015 A Theory for Complex Systems Social Change: An Application of a General 'Criticality' Model
    by Ichiro Shimada & Tomio Koyama

  • 2015 Strategic uncertainty and the ex-post Nash property in large games
    by Yu, Haomiao & Khan, M. Ali & Rath, Kali P. & Sun, Yeneng

  • 2015 A remark on the continuity of the Walras correspondence in pure exchange economies
    by Ram Sewak Dubey & Francesco Ruscitti

  • 2015 The Multi-faceted Character of Risk in Maritime Freight Markets (Panamax) 1996-2012
    by Alexandros M. Goulielmos

  • 2015 Dynamics of Cluster Structures in Stock Market Networks
    by Kocheturov, A. & Batsyn, M. & Pardalos, P.

  • 2015 The Insecure Future of the World Economic Growth
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2015 Mathematics of Predicting Growth
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2015 Approximating Innovation Potential With Neurofuzzy Robust Model / Aproximación Al Potencial Innovador Con Un Modelo Robusto De Neuro-Fuzzy
    by Kasa, Richard

  • 2015 Macroeconomic benefits of farmer-pastoralist peace in Nigeria’s Middle Belt: An input-output analysis approach
    by Topher L. McDougal & Talia Hagerty & Lisa Inks & Caitriona Dowd & Stone Conroy

  • 2015 A geometrical approach to structural change modelling
    by Stijepic, Denis

  • 2015 Transport user benefits calculation with the “Rule of a Half” for travel demand models with constraints
    by Winkler, Christian

  • 2015 Limits to rational learning
    by Levy, Yehuda John

  • 2015 Can we neutralize social preference in experimental games?
    by Krawczyk, Michal & Le Lec, Fabrice

  • 2015 Counterparty risk for CDS: Default clustering effects
    by Bo, Lijun & Capponi, Agostino

  • 2015 Fine structure of the price–demand relationship in the electricity market: Multi-scale correlation analysis
    by Afanasyev, Dmitriy O. & Fedorova, Elena A. & Popov, Viktor U.

  • 2015 Predictability dynamics of Islamic and conventional equity markets
    by Sensoy, Ahmet & Aras, Guler & Hacihasanoglu, Erk

  • 2015 Solving generalized multivariate linear rational expectations models
    by Tan, Fei & Walker, Todd B.

  • 2015 The Laffer Effect in a Product's Market in the Case of a Specific Tax
    by Ahmet Ozcam

  • 2014 Strategic Analysis Of Forest Investments Using Real Option: The Fuzzy Pay-Off Model (Fpom)
    by Milanesi, Gastón S. & Broz, Diego & Tohmé, Fernando & Rossit, Daniel

  • 2014 Confidence Bands for Impulse Responses: Bonferroni versus Wald
    by Winker, Peter & Helmut, Lütkepohl & Staszewska-Bystrova, Anna

  • 2014 Last Success Problem: Decision Rule and Application
    by Kohn, Wolfgang

  • 2014 Stop Waiting Problem: Decision Rule with Ψ function and Application with Share Prices
    by Kohn, Wolfgang

  • 2014 Solving the production cost minimization problem with the Cobb – Douglas production function without the use of derivatives
    by Vedran Kojić & Zrinka Lukač

  • 2014 Identifying Clusters of Regions in the European South, based on their Economic, Social and Environmental Characteristics
    by Vasileios Angelis & Athanasios Angelis-Dimakis & Katerina Dimaki

  • 2014 The role of fund size in the performance of mutual funds assessed with DEA models
    by Antonella Basso & Stefania Funari

  • 2014 The importance of Perron-Frobenius Theorem in ranking problems
    by Alberto Peretti

  • 2014 On the mathematical background of Google PageRank algorithm
    by Alberto Peretti & Alberto Roveda

  • 2014 A mapping associated to a quadratic optimization problem with linear constraints
    by Alberto Peretti

  • 2014 A Proof Without Words and a Maximum without Calculus
    by Eloisa Campioni & Luca Panaccione

  • 2014 Alternative versions of the global competitive industrial performance ranking constructed by methods from social choice theory
    by Subochev, Andrey & Zakhlebin, Igor

  • 2014 Mean-median compromise method as an innovating voting rule in social choice theory
    by Ngoie, Ruffin-Benoît M. & Ulungu, Berthold E.-L.

  • 2014 Analyzing the Effect of Real Exchange Rate on Petrochemicals Exporting
    by Delavari, Majid & Baranpour, Naghmeh & Abdeshahi, Abbas

  • 2014 Fine structure of the price-demand relationship in the electricity market: multi-scale correlation analysis
    by Afanasyev, Dmitriy & Fedorova, Elena & Popov, Viktor

  • 2014 Assessing Impact of Large-Scale Distributed Residential HVAC Control Optimization on Electricity Grid Operation and Renewable Energy Integration
    by Corbin, Charles

  • 2014 On Infinite Dimensional Linear-Quadratic Problem with Fixed Endpoints. Continuity Question
    by Przyłuski, K. Maciej

  • 2014 A Comparison Between Direct and Indirect Seasonal Adjustment of the Chilean GDP 1986-2009 with X-12-ARIMA
    by Medel, Carlos A.

  • 2014 Non-Associativity of Lorentz Transformation and Associative Reciprocal Symmetric Transformation
    by Ahmad, Mushfiq & Alam, Muhammad Shah

  • 2014 On the Use of Palynological Data in Economic History: New Methods and an Application to Agricultural Output in Central Europe, 0–2000 AD
    by Izdebski, Adam & Koloch, Grzegorz & Słoczyński, Tymon & Tycner-Wolicka, Marta

  • 2014 Transition to Clean Technology
    by Daron Acemoglu & Ufuk Akcigit & Douglas Hanley & William Kerr

  • 2014 Limits to Rational Learning
    by Yehuda Levy

  • 2014 Transition to Clean Technology
    by Daron Acemoglu & Ufuk Akcigit & Douglas Hanley & William Kerr

  • 2014 Mathematical Definition, Mapping, and Detection of (Anti)Fragility
    by Nassim Nicholas Taleb & Raphaël Douady

  • 2014 Risk Appetite in Practice: Vulgaris Mathematica
    by Bertrand K Hassani

  • 2014 On Kronecker Products, Tensor Products And Matrix Differential Calculus
    by Stephen Pollock

  • 2014 Majorized correspondences and equilibrium existence in discontinuous games
    by Pavlo Prokopovych

  • 2014 Finding The Nearest Valid Covariance Matrix: A Fx Market Case
    by Aleksei Minabutdinov & Ilia Manaev & Maxim Bouev

  • 2014 Transition to Clean Technology
    by Daron Acemoglu & Ufuk Akcigit & Douglas Hanley & William R. Kerr

  • 2014 Postal financial services, development and inclusion: Building on the past and looking to the future
    by d'Alcantara, Gonzales & Dembinski, Paul H. & Pilley, Odile

  • 2014 Three-Valued Modal Logic for Qualitative Comparative Policy Analysis with Crisp-Set QCA
    by Mueller, Georg P.

  • 2014 Judgment Aggregation Theory Can Entail New Social Choice Results
    by Mongin , Philippe & Maniquet , Francois

  • 2014 Weak Convergence to Stochastic Integrals for Econometric Applications
    by Hanying Liang & Peter C.B. Phillips & Hanchao Wang & Qiying Wang

  • 2014 Securely solving classical network flow problems
    by Van Vyve, Mathieu & Aly, Abdelrahaman

  • 2014 Single-period cutting planes for inventory routing problems
    by AVELLA, Pasquale & BOCCIA, Maurizio & WOLSEY, Laurence A.

  • 2014 Judgment aggregation theory can entail new social choice results
    by MANIQUET, François & MONGIN, Philippe

  • 2014 Ecuaciones Diferenciales Estocásticas con Condición Final y Soluciones de Viscosidad de EDPS Semilineales de Segundo Orden
    by Rafael Serrano

  • 2014 Reducción del ruido y predicción de series temporales de alta frecuencia mediante sistemas dinámicos no lineales y técnicas neurales
    by Diego G. Fernández

  • 2014 Generating structured music using quality metrics based on Markov models
    by HERREMANS, Dorien & WEISSER, Stéphanie & SÖRENSEN, Kenneth & CONKLIN, Darrell

  • 2014 Elementos microeconómicos para gravar el consumo de la marihuana en México
    by José Manuel Pérez Romero & María de la Luz Martín Carbajal & Arturo García Campos

  • 2014 Predicted Number of the Rural Population by 2020 by Planning Regions
    by Minka Anastasova – Chopeva

  • 2014 Soving Problems of Linear Algebra and Linear Programming Using MS Excel
    by Miroslava Ivanova

  • 2014 Un estudio exploratorio sobre el crecimiento de la industria mexicana y el comercio exterior, periodo 2004–2012
    by Gutiérrez-Lagunes, Mario

  • 2014 Movilidad endógena y variaciones demográficas: una aplicación para Ecuador
    by Luis Antamba & Paúl Medina

  • 2014 La cópula GED bivariada. Una aplicación en entornos de crisis
    by Mendoza, Alfonso. & Galvanovskis, Evalds.

  • 2014 Time scales and mechanisms of economic cycles: a review of theories of long waves
    by Lucas Bernard & Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan & Thomas I. Palley & Willi Semmler

  • 2014 Destabilizing a stable crisis: Employment persistence and government intervention in macroeconomics
    by Costa Lima, B. & Grasselli, M.R. & Wang, X.-S. & Wu, J.

  • 2014 On the space of players in idealized limit games
    by Qiao, Lei & Yu, Haomiao

  • 2014 Self-organization of hexagonal agglomeration patterns in new economic geography models
    by Ikeda, Kiyohiro & Murota, Kazuo & Akamatsu, Takashi & Kono, Tatsuhito & Takayama, Yuki

  • 2014 Diversification and systemic risk
    by Raffestin, Louis

  • 2014 The international syndicated loan market network: An “unholy trinity”?
    by Champagne, Claudia

  • 2014 Credit risk assessment of fixed income portfolios using explicit expressions
    by Pagnoncelli, Bernardo K. & Cifuentes, Arturo

  • 2014 Time-varying long range dependence in energy futures markets
    by Sensoy, Ahmet & Hacihasanoglu, Erk

  • 2014 A Fuzzy Goal Programming model for solving aggregate production-planning problems under uncertainty: A case study in a Brazilian sugar mill
    by da Silva, Aneirson Francisco & Marins, Fernando Augusto Silva

  • 2014 On the relation between regular variation and the asymptotic elasticity of substitution
    by Alcalá, Luis A.

  • 2014 Controlling portfolio skewness and kurtosis without directly optimizing third and fourth moments
    by Kim, Woo Chang & Fabozzi, Frank J. & Cheridito, Patrick & Fox, Charles

  • 2014 The state's role and position in international trade: A complex network perspective
    by Fan, Ying & Ren, Suting & Cai, Hongbo & Cui, Xuefeng

  • 2014 Validating an agent-based model of the Zipf׳s Law: A discrete Markov-chain approach
    by Gaujal, Bruno & Gulyas, Laszlo & Mansury, Yuri & Thierry, Eric

  • 2014 Recovering default risk from CDS spreads with a nonlinear filter
    by Guarin, Alexander & Liu, Xiaoquan & Ng, Wing Lon

  • 2014 Escape dynamics: A continuous-time approximation
    by Kolyuzhnov, Dmitri & Bogomolova, Anna & Slobodyan, Sergey

  • 2014 Viable Ramsey economies
    by Noël Bonneuil & Raouf Boucekkine

  • 2014-12 Utilización de la lógica borrosa en la selección de personas e ideas para la participación en programas públicos de ayuda a la creación de empresas
    by Cearra Mendialdua, Jokin & Orizaola Iniesta, Pedro María & Jiménez López, Mariano

  • 2013 Particle Swarm Optimization: An Alternative For Parameter Estimation In Regression
    by S.G. de-los-Cobos-Silva & A. Terceño-Gómez & M.A. Gutiérrez-Andrade & E.A. Rincón-García & P. Lara-Velázquez & M. Aguilar-Cornejo

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