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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C8: Data Collection and Data Estimation Methodology; Computer Programs
/ / / C88: Other Computer Software
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Automatic regrouping of strata in the chi-square test
    by Juan Manuel Pérez-Salamero González & Marta Regúlez-Castillo & Manuel Ventura-Marco & Carlos Vidal-Meliá

  • 2017 The K-Y Paradox: Problems in Creating a Centralised Sovereign Backed Cryptocurrency on a Decentralised Platform
    by Hegadekatti, Kartik

  • 2017 The performance of four possible rules for selecting the Prime Minister after the Dutch Parliamentary elections of March 2017
    by Colignatus, Thomas

  • 2017 Computational analysis of source receptor air pollution problems
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki

  • 2017 Strategie, pubbliche e private, in azione per ri-costruire meglio. Analisi dei testi di quattro interviste
    by Pasquale Pavone & Margherita Russo

  • 2017 Strategie, pubbliche e private, in azione per ri-costruire meglio. Analisi dei testi di quattro interviste
    by Pasquale Pavone & Margherita Russo

  • 2017 Energy, Economics & Replication
    by Jeffrey Racine

  • 2017 Dimensions of Quality of Life in Germany: Measured by Plain Text Responses in a Representative Survey (SOEP)
    by Wagner, Gert G. & Bruemmer, Martin & Glemser, Axel & Rohrer, Julia & Schupp, Jürgen

  • 2017 Conducting Interactive Experiments Online
    by Arechar, Antonio A. & Gächter, Simon & Molleman, Lucas

  • 2017 GitHub API based QuantNet Mining infrastructure in R
    by Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Lukas Borke

  • 2017 On the gains of using high frequency data and higher moments in Portfolio Selection
    by Rui Pedro Brito & Hélder Sebastião & Pedro Godinho

  • 2017 Obeying vs. resisting unfair laws. A structural analysis of the internalization of collective preferences on redistribution using classification trees and random forests
    by Sophie Harnay & Elisabeth Tovar

  • 2017 Dimensions of Quality of Life in Germany: Measured by Plain Text Responses in a Representative Survey (SOEP)
    by Gert G. Wagner & Martin Bruemmer & Axel Glemser & Julia Rohrer & Jürgen Schupp

  • 2017 Modelling a small open economy using a wavelet-based control model
    by Hudgins, David & Crowley, Patrick M.

  • 2017 Microeconomic Simulator of Firm Behavior under Monopolistic Competition
    by Angelov, Aleks & Vasilev, Aleksandar

  • 2017 Architecture of Web-Based System for Usability Evaluation of Mobile Applications
    by Radka Valerieva Nacheva

  • 2017 Energy balancing accross cities: Virtual Power Plant prototype and iURBAN case studies
    by Michael Oates & Aidan Melia & Valeria Ferrando

  • 2017 Energy efficiency facets: innovative district cooling systems
    by Francesco Passerini & Raymond Sterling & Markus Keane & Krzysztof Klobut & Andrea Costa

  • 2017 Portfolio choice with high frequency data: CRRA preferences and the liquidity effect
    by R. P. Brito & H. Sebastião & P. Godinho

  • 2017 A computer-based approach for analyzing consumer demands in electronic word-of-mouth
    by Chung-Yi Lin & Shu-Yi Liaw & Chao-Chun Chen & Mao-Yuan Pai & Yuh-Min Chen

  • 2017 R Spatial and GIS Interoperability for Ethnic, Linguistic and Religious Diversity Analysis in Romania
    by Claudiu VINTE & Titus Felix FURTUNA & Marian DARDALA

  • 2017 rTempo – an R package to access the TEMPO-Online database
    by Ana-Maria TIRU & Iulia Elena TOMA & Marian NECULA

  • 2017 Methods library of embedded R functions at Statistics Norway
    by Oyvind Langsrud

  • 2017 The Impact Of Internet-Of-Things In Higher Education
    by Logica BANICA & Emil BURTESCU & Florentina ENESCU

  • 2017 Computer Graphics Design and the Means of Education in Maritime Safety Domain
    by Manole IonuÈ›-Constantin & Dragomir Cristina & Utureanu Simona

  • 2017 Software for Business Process Management and the Potential for Implementation in Bulgarian Universities
    by Ivan Belev

  • 2017 Creative and Learning Processes using Game-Based Activities
    by Waraporn Jirapanthong

  • 2017 Computer Technology to Improve Medical Information in Bangkok, Thailand
    by Waraporn Jirapanthong

  • 2017 Applicability of open-source web mapping libraries for building massive Web GIS clients
    by Gábor Farkas

  • 2017 A Toolkit for Value Function Iteration
    by Robert Kirkby

  • 2017 simSALUD: Design and Implementation of an Open-source Wizard based Spatial Microsimulation Framework
    by Melanie N Tomintz & Bernhard Kosar & Victor M García-Barrios

  • 2017 JAS-mine: A new platform for microsimulation and agent-based modelling
    by Matteo Richiardi & Ross E. Richardson

  • 2017 Virtual Immersion Applications For Improving The Educational System
    by Anca MARINICA (STAN) & Mihalache GHINEA

  • 2017 Best Practices For Validation For An Upgrade Or New Erp System
    by Mitch Kramer

  • 2017 Wavelet-based monetary and fiscal policy in the Euro area
    by Crowley, Patrick M. & Hudgins, David

  • 2017 Computational analysis of perfect-information position auctions
    by Thompson, David R.M. & Leyton-Brown, Kevin

  • 2017 Evaluating a continent-wise situation for capital data
    by Halkos, George & Managi, Shunsuke & Tsilika, Kyriaki

  • 2017 Climate change effects and their interactions: An analysis aiming at policy implications
    by Halkos, George E. & Tsilika, Kyriaki D.

  • 2017 Cloud Based Solid Waste Transportation Optimisation for Energy Conversion
    by Palanichamy Naveen & Wong Kiing Ing & Michael Kobina Danquah & A. Abu-Siada & Amandeep S. Sidhu

  • 2017 A Hybrid Model for Portfolio Optimization Based on Stock Clustering and Different Investment Strategies
    by Siamak Goudarzi & Mohammad Javad Jafari & Amir Afsar

  • 2017 Методи И Средства За Повишаване На Информационната Сигурност На Облачните Изчисления В Практиката На Малките И Средните Предприятия
    by Ангелин Лалев

  • 2017 Methods And Instruments For Enhancing Cloud Computing Security In Small And Medium Sized Enterprises

  • 2017 Modelling a Reliable Distributed System Based on the Management of Replication Processes
    by Cezar TOADER & Diana Cezara TOADER

  • 2017 The Informatic Application Smart Personnel Evaluation
    by Cezar TOADER & Rita TOADER

  • 2017 Cost Analysis of Poor Quality Using a Software Simulation
    by Jana Fabianová & Jaroslava Janeková & Daniela Onofrejová

  • 2016 Classroom Games: Trading in a Pit Market 2.0
    by Markwardt, Gunther & Seidel, André & Thum, Marcel

  • 2016 Design and Implementation of a Software Application for Secure Web-Based Communication for People with Speech Disorders
    by Ayse Tuna & Resul Da? & Gurkan Tuna

  • 2016 Secure Web-Based Communication Framework For Smart Home Systems Designed For The Elderly And Disabled
    by Gurkan Tuna & Resul Da?

  • 2016 Climate change impacts: Understanding the synergetic interactions using graph computing
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki

  • 2016 Online Labour Index: Measuring the Online Gig Economy for Policy and Research
    by Kässi, Otto & Lehdonvirta, Vili

  • 2016 Feature Selection with the R Package MXM: Discovering Statistically-Equivalent Feature Subsets
    by Lagani, Vincenzo & Athineou, Giorgos & Farcomeni, Alessio & Tsagris, Michail & Tsamardinos, Ioannis

  • 2016 Assessing classical input output structures with trade networks: A graph theory approach
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki

  • 2016 Agent-Based Model for River-Side Land-living: Portrait of Bandung Indonesian Cikapundung Park Case Study
    by Situngkir, Hokky

  • 2016 Measures of correlation and computer algebra
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki

  • 2016 The Formalization of a Generic Trading Company Model Using Software Agents as Active Elements
    by Dominik Vymetal & Sohei Ito

  • 2016 Documentare e comunicare l'attività di trasferimento tecnologico.Analisi testuale della comunicazione dei poli di innovazione
    by Pasquale Pavone & Valentina Fiordelmondo & Margherita Russo

  • 2016 Documentare e comunicare l'attività di trasferimento tecnologico. Analisi testuale della comunicazione dei poli di innovazione
    by Pasquale Pavone & Valentina Fiordelmondo & Margherita Russo

  • 2016 Q3-D3-Lsa
    by Lukas Borke & Wolfgang K. Härdle &

  • 2016 Improving the Validity of Microsimulation Results: Lessons from Slovakia
    by Zuzana Siebertova & Norbert Svarda & Jana Valachyova

  • 2016 Creating HTML or Markdown documents from within Stata using webdoc
    by Ben Jann

  • 2016 On the Stock-Yogo Tables
    by Christopher L. Skeels & Frank Windmeijer

  • 2016 Analysis of the balance between U.S. monetary and fiscal policy using simulated wavelet-based optimal tracking control
    by Crowley, Patrick M. & Hudgins, David

  • 2016 The Organizational Culture Dimensions – The Case of an Independent Private University in Macedonia
    by Zeqiri Jusuf & Alija Shpresa

  • 2016 A Conceptual Model Of A Web Based System Designed For Data Mining Web Resource
    by Iva Vladimirova Makedonska

  • 2016 An Approach For Automatic Analysis Of Online Store Product And Services Reviews
    by Snezhana Dineva Sulova

  • 2016 Developing An Algorithm For Generating Computerized Test Combinations
    by Ivan Kuyumdzhiev

  • 2016 Why can’t we settle again? Analysis of factors that influence agreement prospects in the post-settlement phase
    by Johannes Gettinger & Michael Filzmoser & Sabine T. Koeszegi

  • 2016 Structural analysis of value creation in software service platforms
    by Netsanet Haile & Jörn Altmann

  • 2016 Likelihood Estimation of the Systemic Poison-Induced Morbidity in an Adult North Eastern Romanian Population
    by Catalina Lionte & Victorita Sorodoc & Cristina Tuchilus & Elisabeta Jaba

  • 2016 Two Decades of Research Collaboration: A Keyword Scopus Evaluation
    by Alexandru Amarioarei & Mihaela Paun

  • 2016 Statistical Data Processing with R – Metadata Driven Approach
    by Rudi SELJAK & Jerneja PIKELJ

  • 2016 Estimation of Household Waste in the Republic of Serbia using R software
    by Melinda Tokai

  • 2016 Integrating R and Java for Enhancing Interactivity of Algorithmic Data Analysis Software Solutions
    by Titus Felix FURTUNA & Claudiu VINTE

  • 2016 A Variance Estimation R-package for Repeated Surveys – Useful for Estimates of Changes in Quarterly and Annual Averages
    by Oyvind Langsrud

  • 2016 An R implementation of a Recurrent Neural Network Trained by Extended Kalman Filter
    by Bogdan Oancea & Tudorel Andrei & Raluca Mariana Dragoescu

  • 2016 Use Of R in Statistics Lithuania
    by Tomas Rudys

  • 2016 Data Editing for Complex Surveys in Presence Of Administrative Data: An Application to Fss 2013 Livestock Survey Data Based on The Joint Sequential Use Of Different R Packages
    by Elena Catanese

  • 2016 An Analysis Of The Legal, Economic And Technical Aspects Of Carpooling Systems
    by Zdzislaw POLKOWSKI & Jakub DYSARZ

  • 2016 Big Data Applications In Smes
    by Zdzislaw POLKOWSKI & Malgorzata NYCZ

  • 2016 Odhad parametrů rozšířeného Kaldorova modelu a analýza stability stacionárního řešení
    by Jan Kodera & Quang Van Tran

  • 2016 Specific Requirements for the Accounting Software in Budget Organizations
    by Mitko Radoev

  • 2016 Version Control Systems to Facilitate Research Collaboration in Economics
    by Rodrigues Bruno

  • 2016 Analysis of Correlation Based Networks Representing DAX 30 Stock Price Returns
    by Jenna Birch & Athanasios A. Pantelous & Kimmo Soramäki

  • 2016 New experiences in the production of business statistics: the construction of the “Frame SBS” and SBS - data warehouse
    by Francesco Altarocca & Diego Bellisai & Antonio Laureti Palma & Roberto Sanzo

  • 2016 Improving the Validity of Microsimulation Results: Lessons from Slovakia
    by Zuzana Siebertova & Norbert Svarda & Jana Valachyova

  • 2016 Introducing MOZLEAP: An integrated long-run scenario model of the emerging energy sector of Mozambique
    by Mahumane, Gilberto & Mulder, Peter

  • 2016 Climate policy scenarios in Brazil: A multi-model comparison for energy
    by Lucena, André F.P. & Clarke, Leon & Schaeffer, Roberto & Szklo, Alexandre & Rochedo, Pedro R.R. & Nogueira, Larissa P.P. & Daenzer, Kathryn & Gurgel, Angelo & Kitous, Alban & Kober, Tom

  • 2016 oTree—An open-source platform for laboratory, online, and field experiments
    by Chen, Daniel L. & Schonger, Martin & Wickens, Chris

  • 2016 The specifics of supply chain of medical kits product group in the context of using Enterprise Resource Planning class systems
    by Sylwester Bejger

  • 2016 Analysis of Volvo IT's Closed Problem Management Processes By Using Process Mining Software ProM and Disco
    by Ufuk Çelik & Eyüp Akçetin & Abdulkadir Yaldır

  • 2016 Risk Management In The Electronic Business
    by Georgeta Soava & Mircea Raduteanu

  • 2015 Aktuelle Forschung in der Gartenbauökonomie: Tagungsband zum 1. Symposium für Ökonomie im Gartenbau am 27. November 2013 in der Paulinerkirche Göttingen
    by Dirksmeyer, Walter (Ed.) & Theuvsen, Ludwig (Ed.) & Kayser, Maike (Ed.)

  • 2015 Research Ideas for the Journal of Informatics and Data Mining: Opinion
    by Michael McAleer

  • 2015 Unpacking Big Systems - Natural Language Processing meets Network Analysis. A Study of Smart Grid Development in Denmark
    by Roman Jurowetzki

  • 2015 SiSOB Data Extraction and Codification: A Tool to Analyse Scientific Careers
    by Aldo Geuna & Rodrigo Kataishi & Manuel Toselli & Eduardo Guzmán & Cornelia Lawson & Ana Fernandez-Zubieta & Beatriz Barros

  • 2015 Structural Analysis of Value Creation in Software Service Platforms
    by Netsanet Haile & Jorn Altmann

  • 2015 Challenges Emerging from Future Cloud Application Scenarios
    by Keith Jeferry & George Kousiouris & Dimosthenis Kyriazis & Jörn Altmann & Augusto Ciuffoletti & Ilias Maglogiannis & Paolo Nesi & Bojan Suzic & Zhiming Zhao

  • 2015 An analysis of mobile banking customers for a bank strategy and policy planning
    by Behrooz Noori

  • 2015 Data Mining And Erp: An Application In Retail Sector

  • 2015 The financial consequences of the ’Women & Men 40’ pension scheme concept in pay-as-you-go pension systems
    by Mihalyi, Peter & Vincze, Laszlo

  • 2015 A Portrait of Diversity In Indonesian Traditional Cuisine
    by Situngkir, Hokky & Maulana, Ardian & M. Dahlan, Rolan

  • 2015 Smets-Wouters '03 model revisited - an implementation in gEcon
    by Klima, Grzegorz & Podemski, Karol & Retkiewicz-Wijtiwiak, Kaja & Sowińska, Anna E.

  • 2015 Автоматизация Деятельности Страховой Компании
    by Meshcherjakova, Natalya & Lisizina, Uliya & Lichachenko, Victoriya

  • 2015 Fanning-Out or Fanning-In? Continuous or Discontinuous? Estimating Indifference Curves Inside the Marschak-Machina Triangle using Certainty Equivalents
    by Kontek, Krzysztof

  • 2015 oTree - An Open-Source Platform for Laboratory, Online, and Field Experiments
    by Chen, Daniel Li & Schonger, Martin & Wickens, Chris

  • 2015 Impact of a Financial Transaction Tax on a Financial Market
    by Roman Šperka & Irena Szarowská

  • 2015 Promozione del sistema dei poli di innovazione nello spazio web: analisi dei contenuti e delle reti di relazioni virtuali
    by Matteo Di Cristofaro & Valentina Fiordelmondo & Stefano Ghinoi & Margherita Russo

  • 2015 Analisi lessico testuale delle ordinanze del Commissario Delegato alla ricostruzione in Emilia-Romagna: un contributo alla legge nazionale su emergenza e ricostruzione
    by Pasquale Pavone & Margherita Russo

  • 2015 Analisi lessico testuale delle ordinanze del Commissario Delegato alla ricostruzione in Emilia-Romagna: un contributo alla legge nazionale su emergenza e ricostruzione
    by Pasquale Pavone & Margherita Russo

  • 2015 The Challenge of Measuring Hunger through Survey
    by Joachim De Weerdt & Kathleen Beegle & Jed Friedman & John Gibson

  • 2015 Portfolio Management With Higher Moments: The Cardinality Impact
    by Rui Pedro Brito & Hélder Sebastião & Pedro Godinho

  • 2015 Efficient Skewness/Semivariance Portfolios
    by Rui Pedro Brito & Hélder Sebastião & Pedro Godinho

  • 2015 Is Economics Research Replicable? Sixty Published Papers from Thirteen Journals Say "Usually Not"
    by Chang, Andrew C. & Li, Phillip

  • 2015 Subjective Truths
    by Baillon, A.

  • 2015 Research Ideas for the Journal of Informatics and Data Mining: Opinion
    by McAleer, M.J.

  • 2015 Creating LaTeX documents from within Stata using texdoc
    by Ben Jann

  • 2015 Euro area monetary and fiscal policy tracking design in the time-frequency domain
    by Crowley, Patrick M. & Hudgins, David

  • 2015 Sound Auction Specification and Implementation
    by Marco B Caminati & Manfred Kerber & Christoph Lange & Colin Rowat

  • 2015 Identifying Inliers
    by Michael Greenacre & H. Öztaş Ayhan

  • 2015 Assessment Of Approaches To Building An Analytical Crm System
    by Yanka Aleksandrova

  • 2015 Ontology Construction for the Website Quality Evaluation (Budowa ontologii na potrzeby oceny jakosci serwisow internetowych)
    by Pawe³ Ziemba & Ryszard Budzinski

  • 2015 Analyzing Social Networks From The Perspective Of Marketing Decisions
    by Logica BANICA & Victoria-Mihaela BRINZEA & Magdalena RADULESCU

  • 2015 Big Data In Business Environment
    by Logica BANICA & Alina HAGIU

  • 2015 Study Design Requirements To Realize A Software For Document Archives (Gad)
    by Ioan RUS &

  • 2015 Form Controls in Microsoft Excel
    by Cosma Emil

  • 2015 ActiveX Controls in Microsoft Excel
    by Cosma Emil

  • 2015 Theoretical Approaches For The Analysis Of Innovation Capacity As A Factor That Affects The Competitiveness Of Software Industry Of Jalisco
    by Jose Guadalupe Vargas Hernandez

  • 2015 The Use of Payment Cards and the Prevention of Payment Card Fraud in Europe and Bulgaria
    by Silvia Parusheva

  • 2015 Intelligent Tagging and Search as a Fully Automated System
    by Maria Marzovanova

  • 2015 Guyana: A Half a Century of Struggles with Planning, Growth, and Development
    by Lall B. RAMRATTAN

  • 2015 Business Intelligence in Insurance Brokerage Companies – a Tool for Decision-Makers
    by Manole Alexandru

  • 2015 Some Considerations Regarding the Design and Implementation of Data Warehouse in Insurance Broker Management
    by Alexandru Manole

  • 2015 Accessibility of internet services for visually impaired persons by means of Text-To-Speech technology. Benefits-costs perspective
    by Popescu Florin Gabriel

  • 2015 Three-Point Volatility Smile Classification: Evidence From The Warsow Stock Exchange During Volatile Summer 2011 / Clasificación De Las Sonrisas De Volatilidad Según Tres Puntos De Monetización: Evidencia Empírica Para La Bolsa De Varsovia Durante El Volátil Verano De 2011
    by García-Machado, Juan J. & Rybczynski, Jaroslaw

  • 2015 Big Data Management: Relational Framework
    by Peter Géczy

  • 2015 SiSOB data extraction and codification: A tool to analyze scientific careers
    by Geuna, Aldo & Kataishi, Rodrigo & Toselli, Manuel & Guzmán, Eduardo & Lawson, Cornelia & Fernandez-Zubieta, Ana & Barros, Beatriz

  • 2015 Forecasting the COMEX copper spot price by means of neural networks and ARIMA models
    by Sánchez Lasheras, Fernando & de Cos Juez, Francisco Javier & Suárez Sánchez, Ana & Krzemień, Alicja & Riesgo Fernández, Pedro

  • 2015 What drives gold returns? A decision tree analysis
    by Malliaris, A.G. & Malliaris, Mary

  • 2015 Optimization of the Colombian biodiesel supply chain from oil palm crop based on techno-economical and environmental criteria
    by Rincón, Luis E. & Valencia, Monica J. & Hernández, Valentina & Matallana, Luis G. & Cardona, Carlos A.

  • 2015 On the uniqueness of solutions to rational expectations models
    by Heiberger, Christopher & Klarl, Torben & Maußner, Alfred

  • 2015 Fiscal policy tracking design in the time–frequency domain using wavelet analysis
    by Crowley, Patrick M. & Hudgins, David

  • 2015 GIMS—Software for asset market experiments
    by Palan, Stefan

  • 2015 Text Mining as a Supporting Process for VoC Clarification
    by Aysun Kapucugil İkiz & Güzin Özdağoğlu

  • 2015 Study On The Impact Of Quality Of Service On The Quality Of Experience In Multimedia Environments
    by Catalina Felicia Mancas

  • 2015 Developing an online collaborative system within the domain of financial auditing
    by Pavel Nastase & Lucian Cristian Eni

  • 2015(XXV) Producing small area estimation using R in the Romanian official statistics
    by Ana Maria DOBRE & Nicoleta CARAGEA

  • 2014 Standardisation in the Retail Banking Sector Designing Functions for an Individualised Asset Allocation Advisory
    by Marcus Kaiser & Hans Ulrich Buhl & Stefan Volkert & Veronica Winkler

  • 2014 Comparative analysis of regional development: Exploratory space-time data analysis and open source implementation
    by Ye, Xinyue & Yue, Wenze

  • 2014 Software For Energy Audit Of Households
    by Pavel Ratner

  • 2014 Measurement error in occupational coding:an analysis on SHARE data
    by Michele Belloni & Agar Brugiavini & Elena Maschi & Kea Tijdens

  • 2014 Size and shape in the measurement of multivariate proximity
    by Michael Greenacre

  • 2014 "Mathematics and Archaeology" rediscovered
    by Michael Greenacre

  • 2014 Identifying inliers
    by Michael Greenacre & H. Öztas Ayhan

  • 2014 MATLAB for Economics and Econometrics A Beginners Guide
    by John C Frain &

  • 2014 Bias-corrected inference for multivariate nonparametric regression: model selection and oracle property
    by Francesco Giordano & Maria Lucia Parrella

  • 2014 GRID for model structure discovering in high dimensional regression
    by Francesco Giordano & Soumendra Nath Lahiri & Maria Lucia Parrella

  • 2014 Parallel Computing in Economics - An Overview of the Software Frameworks
    by Oancea, Bogdan

  • 2014 Perspectives on integrating a computer algebra system into advanced calculus curricula
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki

  • 2014 Использование Средств Информатизации Образования При Обучении Математике В Экономическом Вузе
    by Бурмистрова, Наталия & Мещерякова, Наталия

  • 2014 Computer system for farms (SITEFA) - an opportunity for performant agricultural management
    by Cofas, Elena

  • 2014 Nonlinear time series analysis of annual temperatures concerning the global Earth climate
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki

  • 2014 Analyzing and visualizing the synergistic impact mechanisms of climate change related costs
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki

  • 2014 Demand function and its role in a business simulator
    by Vymetal, Dominik & Ježek, Filip

  • 2014 Fiscal policy tracking design in the time frequency domain using wavelet analysis
    by Crowley, Patrick M. & Hudgins, David

  • 2014 A Formal Proof of Vickrey's Theorem by Blast, Simp, and Rule
    by Manfred Kerber & Christoph Lange & Colin Rowat

  • 2014 Predictive Inference on Finite Populations Segmented in Planned and Unplanned Domains
    by Juan Carlos Martínez-Ovando & Sergio I. Olivares-Guzmán & Adriana Roldán-Rodríguez

  • 2014 Sources of Growth and Instability in Agricultural Production in Western Odisha, India
    by Mrutyunjay Swain

  • 2014 Integrating R and Hadoop for Big Data Analysis
    by Bogdan Oancea & Raluca Mariana Dragoescu

  • 2014 R – a Global Sensation in Data Science
    by Nicoleta Caragea & Antoniade-Ciprian Alexandru & Ana Maria Dobre

  • 2014 The Progress of R in Romanian Official Statistics
    by Ana Maria Dobre & Cecilia Roxana Adam

  • 2014 Statistical Data Analysis via R and PHP: A Case Study Of the Relationship Between GDP and Foreign Direct Investments for the Republic Of Moldova
    by Stefan Cristian Ciucu

  • 2014 Integrated Computer Systems. Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp)
    by TRANĂ, Dan Mircea

  • 2014 Acceso a Recursos de Cómputo de Alto Rendimiento Mediante Correo Electrónico (An email-based platform for accessing High Performance Computing resources)
    by Suilan Estévez Velarde & Amanda Miotto & Andrew Lewis & Antonio Bolufé-Röhler & Stephen Chen

  • 2014 Model For Designing An Information System With High Reliability
    by Ioan RUS

  • 2014 A Decision Support System for Business Location Based on Open GIS Technology and Data
    by Cornel Ghita

  • 2014 A Scoring Tool for Websites – A Case of Sustainable Organizations
    by GOMAA Ahmed & PAUKETT Rachel & DATTEL Andrew R.

  • 2014 Managing census complexity through highly integrated web systems
    by Federico Benassi & Mauro Bruno & Maura Giacummo & Marco Silipo & Giulia Vaste & Donatella Zindato

  • 2014 Metodi di Forward Search per la ricerca di outlier: un’applicazione ai dati Istat sui matrimoni nel 2011
    by Simona Toti & Romina Filippini & Francesco Amato & Claudia Iaccarino

  • 2014 A Geospatial Dynamic Microsimulation Model for Household Population Projections
    by Susan M. Rogers & James Rineer & Matthew D. Scruggs & William D. Wheaton & Phillip C. Cooley & Douglas J. Roberts & Diane K. Wagener

  • 2014 Teaching the multiplier: The value of a quantitative approach
    by Turner, Paul & Wood, Justine A.

  • 2014 Web Technology Convergente With Expert Systems
    by Diana-Aderina MOISUC & Mihai-Constantin AVORNICULUI

  • 2014 Software Solutions Adopted By Smes: Case Study Regarding Romanian Smes

  • 2014 Financial Analysis Management of Companies in a Region of Mexico: the Need of a Financial Ratios Annual Directory
    by Deyanira Bernal Dom¨ªnguez & Mar¨ªa Luisa Saavedra Garc¨ªa & Lydia Mar¨ªa L¨®pez Barraza

  • 2014 New Issues Of Organizational Processes Security In Romanian Commercial Banks
    by Laurentiu BARCAN Ph. D

  • 2013 Weighted Euclidean biplots
    by Michael Greenacre & Patrick J. F. Groenen

  • 2013 Estimating the Value Obtained from Using a Software Service Platform
    by Netsanet Haile & Jorn Altmann

  • 2013 Maximizing Liquidity in Cloud Markets through Standardization of Computational Resources
    by Ivan Breskovic & Ivona Brandic & Jorn Altmann

  • 2013 On the role of research data centres in the management of publication-related research data - Results of a survey among scientific infrastructure service providers
    by Sven Vlaeminck & Gert G. Wagner

  • 2013 Zur Rolle von Forschungsdatenzentren beim Management von publikationsbezogenen Forschungsdaten - Ergebnisse einer Befragung von wissenschaftlichen Infrastrukturdienstleistern
    by Sven Vlaeminck & Gert G. Wagner

  • 2013 Medidas de concentración y estabilidad de mercado. Una aplicación para Excel
    by Lis-Gutiérrez, Jenny-Paola

  • 2013 Evaluating Case-based Decision Theory: Predicting Empirical Patterns of Human Classification Learning (Extensions)
    by Pape, Andreas & Kurtz, Kenneth

  • 2013 The performance of four possible rules for selecting the Prime Minister after the Dutch Parliamentary elections of September 2012
    by Colignatus, Thomas

  • 2013 A technical note on the precise timing of behavioral events in economic experiments
    by Pandelis Perakakis & José Vicente Guinot & Alfonso Conde & Tarek Jaber-López & Aurora García-Gallego & Nikolaos Georgantzis

  • 2013 A data mining approach for bank telemarketing using the rminer package and r tool
    by Sérgio Moro & Paulo Cortez & Raul M. S. Laureano

  • 2013 Somewhere over the Rainbow: How to Make Effective Use of Colors in Meteorological Visualizations
    by Reto Stauffer & Georg J. Mayr & Markus Dabernig & Achim Zeileis

  • 2013 Medidas de concentración y estabilidad de mercado. Una aplicación para Excel
    by Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutiérrez

  • 2013 JAS 2: a new Java platform for AB modeling and dynamic microsimulation
    by Matteo G. Richiardi & Michele Sonnessa

  • 2013 Plotting regression coefficients and other estimates in Stata
    by Ben Jann

  • 2013 Weighted Euclidean Biplots
    by Michael Greenacre & Patrick J.F. Groenen

  • 2013 Conceptual architecture of business process management systems
    by Nadezhda Filipova

  • 2013 Some Issues Of The UML Presentation Of Data Exchange Mechanisms With Web Services
    by Filcho Filipov

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