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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q2: Renewable Resources and Conservation
/ / / Q21: Demand and Supply; Prices
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 A comprehensive evaluation of the EU's biofuel policy: From biofuels to agrofuels
    by Murnaghan, Kitty

  • 2017 Decoding Restricted Participation in Sequential Electricity Markets
    by Knaut, Andreas & Paschmann, Martin

  • 2017 Price Volatility in Commodity Markets with Restricted Participation
    by Knaut, Andreas & Paschmann, Martin

  • 2017 Does renewable energy consumption drive economic growth: Evidence from Granger-causality technique
    by Khobai, Hlalefang & Le Roux, Pierre

  • 2017 Demand for Narcotics in Thailand, with Policy Implications
    by Sukharomana, Renu & Chang, Chia-Lin

  • 2017 Economic and investment models for future grids: Final Report Project 3
    by Foster, John & Wagner, Liam & Liebman, Ariel

  • 2017 To Toss a Coin or Shake a Hand: An Overview of Renewable Energy Interventions and Procurement in selected African Countries
    by Ackah, Ishmael & A. Opoku, Freda & Suleman, Shafic

  • 2017 Analysis OF Energy Efficiency Practices of SMEs in Ghana: An application of Product Generational Dematerialisation
    by Ackah, Ishmael

  • 2017 More Landings for Higher Profit? Inverse Demand Analysis of the Bluefin Tuna Auction Price in Japan and Economic Incentives in Global Bluefin Tuna Fisheries Management
    by Chin-Hwa Jenny Sun & Fu-Sung Chiang & Dale Squires

  • 2017 Willingness to Pay for Low Water Footprint Food Choices During Drought
    by Hannah Krovetz & Rebecca Taylor & Sofia Villas-Boas

  • 2017 The Influence of Renewable Energy Sources on the Czech Electricity Transmission System
    by Karel Janda & Jan Malek & Lukas Recka

  • 2017 Influence of Renewable Energy Sources on Electricity Transmission Networks in Central Europe
    by Karel Janda & Jan Malek & Lukas Recka

  • 2017 Investment in Energy Efficiency, Adoption of Renewable Energy and Household Behaviour: Evidence from OECD countries
    by Prudence Dato

  • 2017 Impact of German Energiewende on transmission lines in the Central European region
    by Jan Málek & Lukáš Recka & Karel Janda

  • 2017 On the viability of energy communities
    by Abada, I. & Ehrenmann, A. & Lambin, X.

  • 2017 On the viability of energy communities
    by Abada, I. & Ehrenmann, A. & Lambin, X. &

  • 2017 Two-Stage Estimation to Control for Unobservables in a Recreation Demand Model with Unvisited Sites
    by Richard T. Melstrom & Deshamithra H. W. Jayasekera

  • 2017 Vliv obnovitelných zdrojů na českou soustavu přenosu elektřiny
    by Karel Janda & Jan Málek & Lukáš Rečka

  • 2017 Will the alphabet soup of design criteria affect discrete choice experiment results?
    by Søren Bøye Olsen & Jürgen Meyerhoff

  • 2017 The Value of Heterogeneous Property Rights and the Costs of Water Volatility
    by Daniel A. Brent

  • 2017 Demand for Narcotics in Thailand, with Policy Implications
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Renu Sukharomana

  • 2017 Optimal Active Energy Loss with Feeder Routing and Renewable Energy for Smart Grid Distribution
    by Narongdech Keeratipranon & Phatcharasak Phawanaphinyo

  • 2017 Mitigating Hypothetical Bias: Evidence on the Effects of Correctives from a Large Field Study
    by Mark A. Andor & Manuel Frondel & Colin Vance

  • 2017 Residential green power demand in the United States
    by Dagher, Leila & Bird, Lori & Heeter, Jenny

  • 2017 Information provision and consumer behavior: A natural experiment in billing frequency
    by Wichman, Casey J.

  • 2017 Do nonrenewable-energy prices affect renewable-energy volatility? The case of wood pellets
    by Xian, Hui & Colson, Gregory & Karali, Berna & Wetzstein, Michael

  • 2017 Influence of renewable energy sources on transmission networks in Central Europe
    by Janda, Karel & Málek, Jan & Rečka, Lukáš

  • 2017 Food-energy-environment trilemma: Policy impacts on farmland use and biofuel industry development
    by Wang, Xin & Lim, Michael K. & Ouyang, Yanfeng

  • 2017 Exploring the price dynamics of CO2 emissions allowances in China's emissions trading scheme pilots
    by Chang, Kai & Pei, Ping & Zhang, Chao & Wu, Xin

  • 2017 An improved global wind resource estimate for integrated assessment models
    by Eurek, Kelly & Sullivan, Patrick & Gleason, Michael & Hettinger, Dylan & Heimiller, Donna & Lopez, Anthony

  • 2017 Demystifying RINs: A partial equilibrium model of U.S. biofuel markets
    by Korting, Christina & Just, David R.

  • 2017 What are Households Willing to Pay for Improved Water Access? Results from a Meta-Analysis
    by Van Houtven, George L. & Pattanayak, Subhrendu K. & Usmani, Faraz & Yang, Jui-Chen

  • 2017 The Renewable Energy Policy Convergence in the European Union: A Comparison on Germany and Turkey’s Incentives for the Wind and Solar Energy Resources
    by Nilgun Serim & Filiz Coban Oran

  • 2017 Energieeffizienz: Regulierung für Wohngebäude wirkt
    by Claus Michelsen & Nolan Ritter

  • 2017 Wärmemonitor 2016: die "zweite Miete" sinkt trotz gestiegenem Heizenergiebedarf
    by Claus Michelsen & Nolan Ritter

  • 2017 2016 Heat Monitor: "Second Rent" Lower Despite Higher Heating Energy Consumption
    by Claus Michelsen & Nolan Ritter

  • 2017 Identifying the Main Emitters of Carbon Dioxide in Mexico: A Multi-Sectoral Study
    by Joana Chapa & Araceli Ortega

  • 2017 Price Reductions-an Effective Method of Attracting Customers and Improve the Level of Sales
    by Gabriela OPREA & Alina Gabriela BREZOI

  • 2017 Hot Tub Cabin Rentals and Forest Tourism in Hocking County, Ohio
    by Darla K. Munroe & Caleb Gallemore & Derek Van Berkel

  • 2016 Efficient diffusion of renewable energies: A roller-coaster ride
    by Helm, Carsten & Mier, Mathias

  • 2016 Germany’s Energiewende: A Tale of Increasing Costs and Decreasing Willingness-To-Pay
    by Andor, Mark A. & Frondel, Manuel & Vance, Colin

  • 2016 Heterogeneous rebound effects: Comparing estimates from discrete-continuous models
    by Frondel, Manuel & Martinez Flores, Fernanda & Vance, Colin

  • 2016 Zahlungsbereitschaft für grünen Strom: Zunehmende Kluft zwischen Wunsch und Wirklichkeit
    by Andor, Mark Andreas & Frondel, Manuel & Guseva, Maja & Sommer, Stephan

  • 2016 Studie über die Erzeugungs- und Vermarktungsstruktur des Bienenzuchtsektors in Deutschland
    by Efken, Josef & Bernhardt, Angelina

  • 2016 The Market for Wastewater Sludge (Biosolids)
    by Villy Søgaard

  • 2016 When are consumers responding to electricity prices? An hourly pattern of demand elasticity
    by Knaut, Andreas & Paulus, Simon

  • 2016 How to Sell Renewable Electricity - Interactions of the Intraday and Day-ahead Market under Uncertainty
    by Knaut, Andreas & Obermüller, Frank

  • 2016 Information Provision and Consumer Behavior: A Natural Experiment in Billing Frequency
    by Wichman, Casey J.

  • 2016 The impact of (co-) ownership of renewable energy production facilities on demand flexibility
    by Roth, Lucas & Lowitzsch, Jens & Yildiz, Özgür & Hashani, Alban

  • 2016 Potentials and Constraints of Cambodian Rice Export
    by Thath, Rido

  • 2016 Solar Australia
    by Paunić, Alida

  • 2016 The Water Abstraction License Regime in Italy: A Case for Reform?
    by Silvia Santato & Jaroslav Mysiak & Carlos Dionisio Pérez-Blanco

  • 2016 Influence of renewable energy sources on transmission networks in Central Europe
    by Karel Janda & Jan Malek & Lukas Recka

  • 2016 How does renewables competition affect forward contracting in electricity markets?
    by Robert A. Ritz

  • 2016 Entrepreneurship, sustainability, and solar distributed generation
    by Wadim Strielkowski

  • 2016 Urban Water Demand Forecasting and Comparative Analysis by Artificial Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines and Box-Jenkins Methods
    by Akdağ, Recep

  • 2016 Socio-Economic Analysis of Household Energy Security: Evidence from 3D Energy Losses Surface Maps (ELSMs)of a Town Using Conjuncture of Factors Matrix, Digital and Mathematical Analysis
    by Ejaz Gul & Imran Sharif Chaudhry

  • 2016 Oil demand and price elasticity of energy consumption in the GCC countries: A panel cointegration analysis
    by Md Qaiser Alam & Md Shabbir Alam & Syed Ahsan Jamil

  • 2016 Achieving Efficiency in Gas Pipeline Connection: Evidence from Ghana
    by Anthony Kudjo Gborgenu & Frank B. K. Twenefour & Mathias Gyamfi

  • 2016 Informing Water Policies with a Residential Water Demand Function: The Case of Serbia
    by Arnaud Reynaud & Denis Lanzanova & Miodrag B. Milovanovic & Ad de Roo

  • 2016 Responses to Changes in Domestic Water Tariff Structures: A Latent Class Analysis on Household-Level Data from Granada, Spain
    by María Pérez-Urdiales & María A. García-Valiñas & Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira

  • 2016 Renewable Energy CSOPs: An updated Analysis for Wind Power Applications
    by Carsten Croonenbroeck

  • 2016 On the emissions–inequality and emissions–welfare trade-offs in energy taxation: Evidence on the German car fuels tax
    by Nikodinoska, Dragana & Schröder, Carsten

  • 2016 Steel scrap and equity market in Japan
    by Omura, Akihiro & Todorova, Neda & Li, Bin & Chung, Richard

  • 2016 The impacts of meeting a tight CO2 performance standard on the electric power sector
    by Hanson, Donald & Schmalzer, David & Nichols, Christopher & Balash, Peter

  • 2016 Electricity price forecasting using sale and purchase curves: The X-Model
    by Ziel, Florian & Steinert, Rick

  • 2016 The effect of ethanol policies on the vertical price transmission in corn and food markets
    by Drabik, Dušan & Ciaian, Pavel & Pokrivčák, Ján

  • 2016 The impact of renewable energy consumption to economic growth: A panel data application
    by Inglesi-Lotz, Roula

  • 2016 How does renewables competition affect forward contracting in electricity markets?
    by Ritz, Robert A.

  • 2016 The Management of Drinking Water and Long-term Perspective: Tunisia Case
    by Ali Bouchrika & Wajdi Bardi

  • 2016 Wärmemonitor 2015: mit der Erfahrung kommt der Sanierungserfolg
    by Claus Michelsen

  • 2016 Алтернативни Инвестиции В Зелена Енергия
    by Иван Иванов

  • 2016 Conservación de la naturaleza en propiedad privada: las Reservas Naturales de la Sociedad Civil en el Valle del Cauca
    by Melissa Quintero López & Fabio Alberto Arias Arbeláez

  • 2016 Un cadre d’analyse pour la gouvernance des ressources naturelles. Le cas des eaux souterraines
    by Stéphanie Leyronas & Dominique Rojat & Frédéric Maurel & Gaël Giraud

  • 2016 Perspectives On Energy And Climate In European Union
    by Maria, POPESCU

  • 2016 From Today's City to Tomorrow's City: An Empirical Investigation of Urban Land Assembly
    by Leah Brooks & Byron Lutz

  • 2015 The Burden of Germany's Energy Transition – An Empirical Analysis of Distributional Effects
    by Frondel, Manuel & Sommer, Stephan & Vance, Colin

  • 2015 On the emissions-inequality trade-off in energy taxation: Evidence on the German car fuel tax
    by Nikodinoska, Dragana & Schröder, Carsten

  • 2015 Convenience yields and risk premiums in the EU-ETS - Evidence from the Kyoto commitment period
    by Stefan Trück & Rafal Weron

  • 2015 Analysis of the Potential of New Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Measures on the Buildings for Green City
    by Jimin Kim & Taehoon Hong & Kwangbok Jeong & Choongwan Koo

  • 2015 Enhancing Agricultural Productivity of CLMV Countries: Challenges and Agenda for Reforms
    by Rillo, Aladdin D. & Sombilla, Mercedita A.

  • 2015 Information Provision and Consumer Behavior: A Natural Experiment in Billing Frequency
    by Wichman, Casey J.

  • 2015 La spada di Damocle malthusiana
    by De Pin, Antonio

  • 2015 Органическое Земледелие На Малопригодных Почвах - Ресурс Для Внутренней Продовольственной Помощи Населению
    by Stukach, Victor

  • 2015 Development and Land Acquisition in the View of Law and Economics
    by Dinda, Soumyananda

  • 2015 To pay or not to pay? Water bill and delay in payment in Bejaia (Algeria): A duration analysis
    by Kertous, Mourad & Zerzour, Sahad

  • 2015 What Factors Drive Energy Consumption in Ghana?
    by Ackah, Ishmael & Appiah-Adu, Kwaku & Ahunu, Linda

  • 2015 Oil – The Earth’s blood, a paper on how to recover its critical declining prices by using a hedge vaccine through a leading core of countries termed as VIRUS
    by Cazotto, Gabriel

  • 2015 Investing in the cheapest form of energy: efficiency practices of SMEs in rural Ghana
    by Ackah, Ishmael

  • 2015 Modelling Renewable Energy Economy in Ghana with Autometrics
    by Ackah, Ishmael & Asomani, Mcomari

  • 2015 Trade-off between water loss and water infrastructure quality: A cost minimization approach
    by Elissa Cousin & Emmanuelle Taugourdeau

  • 2015 When Low Market Values Are No Bad News: On the Coordination of Renewable Support and Real-Time Pricing
    by Michael Pahle & Wolf-Peter Schill & Christian Gambardella & Oliver Tietjen

  • 2015 The environmental setting, farming activities and rural accommodation prices
    by Bilbao-Terol , Celia & Valdés , Luis

  • 2015 Assessing sport brand value through use of the contingent valuation method
    by J. Lucy Lee & Jeffrey D. James

  • 2015 Governance and Images: Representations of Certified Southern Producers in High-Quality Design Markets
    by Anja Nygren

  • 2015 The effects of renewables in space and time: A regime switching model of the Italian power price
    by Sapio, Alessandro

  • 2015 Impact of policies and subsidies in agribusiness: The case of oil palm and biofuels in Colombia
    by Castiblanco, Carmenza & Moreno, Alvaro & Etter, Andrés

  • 2015 The cost of solar-centric renewable portfolio standards and reducing coal power generation using Arizona as a case study
    by Considine, Timothy J. & Manderson, Edward J.M.

  • 2015 Multi-objective regulations on transportation fuels: Comparing renewable fuel mandates and emission standards
    by Rajagopal, D. & Plevin, R. & Hochman, G. & Zilberman, D.

  • 2015 Exploring the drivers' side of the “blend wall”: U.S. consumer preferences for ethanol blend fuels
    by Aguilar, Francisco X. & Cai, Zhen & Mohebalian, Phillip & Thompson, Wyatt

  • 2015 Short-term uncertainty in long-term energy system models — A case study of wind power in Denmark
    by Seljom, Pernille & Tomasgard, Asgeir

  • 2015 Endogenous growth and property rights over renewable resources
    by Suphaphiphat, Nujin & Peretto, Pietro F. & Valente, Simone

  • 2015 Wärmemonitor Deutschland 2014: rückläufiger Energiebedarf und lange Sanierungszyklen
    by Claus Michelsen

  • 2015 Gestión y valor económico del recurso hídrico
    by William Gilberto Delgado Munevar

  • 2015 An Alternative Paradigm for Food Production, Distribution, and Consumption: A Noneconomist’s Perspective
    by Gordon Rausser & David Zilberman & Gabriel Kahn

  • 2015 Do African Countries Get Health from Health Aid?
    by Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong

  • 2015 A Panel Co-integration Analysis and Dynamic Causality Test of Agricultural Supply Response to Prices: The Case of Rice in West Africa
    by Kolawole Ogundari

  • 2014 Are there Multiple Bubbles in the Ethanol-Gasoline Price Ratio of Brazil?
    by Ghassen El Montasser & Rangan Gupta & Andre Luis Martins & Peter Wanke

  • 2014 Mitigating Hypothetical Bias – Evidence on the Effects of Correctives from a Large Field Study
    by Andor, Mark A. & Frondel, Manuel & Vance, Colin

  • 2014 Energiekostenbelastung privater Haushalte: Das EEG als sozialpolitische Zeitbombe?
    by Frondel, Manuel & Sommer, Stephan

  • 2014 Zahlungsbereitschaft für grünen Strom: Die Kluft zwischen Wunsch und Wirklichkeit
    by Andor, Mark A. & Frondel, Manuel & Vance, Colin

  • 2014 An unexpected discovery: Johann Heinrich von Thuenen and the tragedy of the commons
    by Nellinger, Ludwig

  • 2014 New trade in renewable resources and consumer preferences for diversity
    by Quaas, Martin F. & Stöven, Max T.

  • 2014 Pro-environmental Behaviors, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development in Russia
    by Svetlana Ratner

  • 2014 The Organic Food Premium: A Canterbury Tale
    by Adelina Gschwandtner

  • 2014 Niche Markets for Agrobiodiversity Conservation: Preference and Scale Heterogeneity Effects on Nepalese Consumers’ WTP for Finger Millet Products
    by Giacomo Pallante & Adam Drucker

  • 2014 Mesures de compensation écologique : risques ou opportunités pour le foncier agricole ?
    by Claire Etrillard & Michel Pech

  • 2014 The Value of Heterogeneous Property Rights and the Costs of Water Volatility
    by Daniel A. Brent

  • 2014 Water, Food, Energy: Searching for the Economic Nexus
    by Massimo PERI & Daniela VANDONE & Lucia BALDI

  • 2014 Land allocation in subsistence economies and intra-familial time-use decisions
    by Nadege Miclanche Azebaze & Thomas Falk & Evelyn Korn

  • 2014 Biofuels and Vertical Price Transmission: The Case of the U.S. Corn, Ethanol, and Food Markets
    by Dusan Drabik & Pavel Ciaian & Jan Pokrivcak

  • 2014 The Curse of Low-valued Recycling
    by Hiroaki Ino & Norimichi Matsueda

  • 2014 Determinants of willingness-to-pay for renewable energy: does the age of nuclear power plant reactors matter?
    by Mahieu, Pierre-Alexandre & Donfouet, Hermann Pythagore Pierre & Kriström, Bengt

  • 2014 En elmarknad i förändring - Är kundernas flexibilitet till salu eller ens verklig?
    by Broberg, Thomas & Brännlund, Runar & Kazukauskas, Andrius & Persson, Lars & Vesterberg, Mattias

  • 2014 Inefficiencies in residential use of energy - A critical overview of literature and energy efficiency policies in EU and Sweden
    by Broberg, Thomas & Kazukauskas, Andrius

  • 2014 Energy Storage and Renewable Energy
    by Durmaz, Tunc

  • 2014 Consumption of Wood Products and Dependence on Imports
    by Jayita Bit & Sarmila Banerjee

  • 2014 Impactos socioeconómicos y ambientales de compensaciones por la reducción de emisiones de deforestación en Bolivia: resultados del modelo OSIRIS-Bolivia
    by Andersen, Lykke & Busch, Jonah & Curran, Elizabeth & Ledezma, Juan Carlos & Mayorga, Joaquín & Ruiz, Pablo

  • 2014 Determinants of the Forest property management in Poland
    by Robert Zygmunt & Micha³ G³uszak

  • 2014 The Trends and Long-Term Scenarios in EU and the Member States Concerning Renewable Energy
    by Alina Ligia Dumitrescu

  • 2014 Oilseeds, Vegetable Oils and Protein Meals World Markets
    by Maria Cartas

  • 2014 Segmenting And Profiling The Cultural Tourism Market For An Island Destination
    by Sean M. Hennessey & Dongkoo Yun & Roberta MacDonald

  • 2014 The Role Of Small Farms In Romanian Rural Areas
    by Cecilia ALEXANDRI

  • 2014 L’accettabilità delle innovazioni nella filiera lattiero casearia: un’analisi tramite la metodologia Q sort
    by Simona Naspetti & Serena Mandolesi & Raffaele Zanoli

  • 2014 Estimating the value of additional wind and transmission capacity in the rocky mountain west
    by Godby, Robert & Torell, Gregory L. & Coupal, Roger

  • 2014 Global impacts of Russian log export restrictions and the Canada–U.S. lumber dispute: Modeling trade in logs and lumber
    by van Kooten, G. Cornelis & Johnston, Craig

  • 2014 Efficiency assessment of hydroelectric power plants in Canada: A multi criteria decision making approach
    by Wang, Bing & Nistor, Ioan & Murty, Tad & Wei, Yi-Ming

  • 2014 Renewable and non-renewable energy consumption and economic activities: Further evidence from OECD countries
    by Salim, Ruhul A. & Hassan, Kamrul & Shafiei, Sahar

  • 2014 Biomass feedstock contracts: Role of land quality and yield variability in near term feasibility
    by Okwo, Adaora & Thomas, Valerie M.

  • 2014 Urbanization and renewable and non-renewable energy consumption in OECD countries: An empirical analysis
    by Salim, Ruhul A. & Shafiei, Sahar

  • 2014 Wärmemonitor Deutschland 2013: gesunkener Heizenergiebedarf, gestiegene Kosten
    by Claus Michelsen & Karsten Neuhoff & Anne Schopp

  • 2014 The Ethics of Efficient Markets and Commons Tragedies: A Review of John Broome's Climate Matters: Ethics in a Warming World
    by William Nordhaus

  • 2014 The Dynamic Efficiency Costs of Common-Pool Resource Exploitation
    by Ling Huang & Martin D. Smith

  • 2013 International Trade of Bio-Energy Products – Economic Potentials for Austria
    by Olivia Koland & Martin Schönhart & Erwin Schmid

  • 2013 Off-Grid Renewable Energy As A Chance For Sustainable Development Of The South Of Russia
    by Svetlana Ratner

  • 2013 Modeling Forest Trade in Logs and Lumber: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
    by G. Cornelis van Kooten

  • 2013 Modified RPS Calculator: Inputs, Updating Procedure, and Outputs
    by Omid, M. Rouhani

  • 2013 Responses to changes in domestic water tariff structures: An analysis on household-level data from Granada, Spain
    by Pérez, María & García-Valiñas, María A. & Martínez-Espiñeira, Roberto

  • 2013 Endogenous Growth and Property Rights Over Renewable Resources
    by Simone Valente & Nujin Suphaphiphat & Pietro F. Peretto

  • 2013 Open Access to the Resource of Antibiotic Treatment Efficacy Subject to Bacterial Resistance
    by Bruno Nkuiya & Markus Herrmann

  • 2013 Time for Fishing: Bargaining Power in the Baltic Swedish Cod Fishery
    by Blomquist, Johan & Hammarlund, Cecilia & Waldo, Staffan

  • 2013 Forecasting the potential of Danish biogas production: spatial representation of Markov chains
    by Mikkel Bojesen & Hans Skov-Petersen & Morten Gylling

  • 2013 Co-integration of Oil and Commodity Prices: A Comprehensive ApproachAbstract
    by Mohcine Bakhat & Klaas WŸrzburg

  • 2013 Endogenous Growth and Property Rights over Renewable Resources
    by Nujin Suphaphiphat & Pietro F. Peretto & Simone Valente

  • 2013 Análisis de la distribución espacial de la reducción en la demanda de agua potable como efecto de políticas de ahorro en su consumo en el Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá
    by Juan C. Duque & Diana C. Gutiérrez & Alejandro Betancourt & Jorge Patiño

  • 2013 An assessment of energy resources for global decarbonisation
    by Jean-Francois Mercure & Pablo Salas

  • 2013 Social Effects in the Diffusion of solar Photovoltaic Technology in the UK
    by Laura-Lucia Richter

  • 2013 Fossil Fuels, Alternative Energy and Economic Growth
    by Raul Barreto

  • 2013 The Demand for Spatially Complementary National Parks
    by Kevin E. Henrickson & Erica H. Johnson

  • 2013 Using Nonpecuniary Strategies to Influence Behavior: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment
    by Paul J. Ferraro & Michael K. Price

  • 2013 Ukraine: The Market Of Domestic Bovine And Beef
    by Natalia DOBRYANSKAYA & Vasilie POPOVICI

  • 2013 Factores explicativos de la demanda municipal de agua y efectos en el bienestar de la política tarifaria. Una aplicación a la cuenca del Segura/Explicative Factors of Municipal Water Demand and Effects of Tariff Policy on Welfare. The Case of Segura Basin

  • 2013 Evaluating The Impact Of Future Common Agricultural Policy Options On Farm Incomes And Agricultural Supply
    by Alexandri, Cecilia

  • 2013 Consumer Purchase Behaviour for Green Products
    by Vinod Sharma & J. Sonwalkar & Maohar Kapse

  • 2013 Effective support for community resource management
    by Ansink, Erik & Bouma, Jetske

  • 2013 On the economics of renewable energy sources
    by Edenhofer, Ottmar & Hirth, Lion & Knopf, Brigitte & Pahle, Michael & Schlömer, Steffen & Schmid, Eva & Ueckerdt, Falko

  • 2013 Fuel demand in Brazil in a dynamic panel data approach
    by Santos, Gervásio F.

  • 2013 Competition and environmental policies in an electricity sector
    by Chaton, Corinne & Guillerminet, Marie-Laure

  • 2013 Modeling a clean energy standard for electricity: Policy design implications for emissions, supply, prices, and regions
    by Paul, Anthony & Palmer, Karen & Woerman, Matt

  • 2013 The Tourist Acommodation Capacity In Vâlcea County And The Main Tourist Indicators Between 2006-2010
    by Maria-Roxana, DOROBANTU

  • 2013 Renewable energy sources in households in Bulgaria: reality and opportunities
    by Ìaria Kotseva–Tikova

  • 2013 Buyer behaviour in the context of sustainable consumption policy pursued in Poland
    by Jaroslaw Korpysa

  • 2012 Privatizing renewable resources: Who gains, who loses?
    by Stoeven, Max T. & Quaas, Martin F.

  • 2012 Volkswirtschaftliche Bedeutung der biobasierten Wirtschaft in Deutschland
    by Efken, Josef & Banse, Martin & Rothe, Andrea & Dieter, Matthias & Dirksmeyer, Walter & Ebeling, Michael & Fluck, Katrin & Hansen, Heiko & Kreins, Peter & Seintsch, Björn & Schweinle, Jörg & Strohm, Kathrin & Weimar, Holger

  • 2012 Sushi or fish fingers? Seafood diversity, collapsing fish stocks, and multi-species fishery management
    by Quaas, Martin F. & Requate, Till

  • 2012 Lifestyle Choices and Societal Behavior Changes as Local Climate Strategy
    by Mohanty, Brahmanand & Scherfler, Martin & Devatha, Vikram

  • 2012 Coping with Fuelwood Scarcity: Household Responses in Rural Ethiopia
    by Damte, Abebe & Koch, Steven F. & Mekonnen, Alemu

  • 2012 Introducción a la Huella Ecológica. Aplicación al análisis de Sistemas agroganaderos
    by David Pérez Neira & Marta Soler Montiel

  • 2012 Welfare Effects of Water Pricing in Germany
    by Müller, Christopher

  • 2012 The Principle of Population for the 21st Century: The Never Coming Stationary State
    by Martin Machay

  • 2012 Compilation, application and challenge of IDE-JETRO's International Input-Output tables
    by Meng, Bo & Zhang, Yaxiong & Inomata, Satoshi

  • 2012 China's inter-regional spillover of carbon emissions and domestic supply chains
    by Meng, Bo & Xue, Jinjun & Feng, Kuishuang & Guan, Dabao

  • 2012 Survey of Models on Demand, Customer Base-Line and Demand Response and Their Relationships in the Power Market
    by Heshmati, Almas

  • 2012 Population and Environment: Case of human pressure on the periurban forest of Gonsé in Burkina Faso. (In French)
    by Boukary OUEDRAOGO (Université Ouaga II - Burkina Faso)

  • 2012 What Social Cost of Carbon? A Mapping of the Climate Debate
    by Baptiste Perrissin Fabert & Patrice Dumas & Jean-Charles Hourcade

  • 2012 Lifestyle Choices and Societal Behavior Changes as Local Climate Strategy
    by Brahmanand Mohanty & Martin Scherfler & Vikram Devatha

  • 2012 Lifestyle Choices and Societal Behavior Changes as Local Climate Strategy
    by Brahmanand Mohanty & Martin Scherfler & Vikram Devatha

  • 2012 Assessing the impact of formal and informal regulations on environmental and economic performance of Brazilian manufacturing firms
    by Arnaud Reynaud

  • 2012 Estimating Population Dynamics without Population Data
    by Robert G. Chambers & Vangelis Tzouvelekas

  • 2012 Impactos socio-económicos y ambientales de compensaciones por la reducción de emisiones de deforestación en Bolivia: Resultados del modelo OSIRIS-Bolivia
    by Lykke Andersen & Jonah Busch & Elizabeth Curran & Juan Carlos Ledezma & Joaquín Mayorga & Pablo Ruiz

  • 2012 Environmental and socio-economic consequences of forest carbon payments in Bolivia: Results of the OSIRIS-Bolivia model
    by Lykke Andersen & Jonah Busch & Elizabeth Curran & Juan Carlos Ledezma & Joaquín Mayorga & Mélissa Bellier

  • 2012 Estimating Consumer Willingness to Supply and Willingness to Pay for Curbside Recycling
    by Brandon C. Koford & Glenn C. Blomquist & David M. Hardesty & Kenneth R. Troske

  • 2012 Water Externalities: Tragedy of the Common Canal
    by Charles A. Holt & Cathleen A. Johnson & Courtney A. Mallow & Sean P. Sullivan

  • 2012 Investments For A Sustainable Energy Future
    by Corina PIRLOGEA

  • 2012 Investments For A Sustainable Energy Future
    by Corina PIRLOGEA

  • 2012 The European Union Energy Policy Analysis
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