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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q3: Nonrenewable Resources and Conservation
/ / / Q30: General
/ / / Q31: Demand and Supply; Prices
/ / / Q32: Exhaustible Resources and Economic Development
/ / / Q33: Resource Booms (Dutch Disease)
/ / / Q34: Natural Resources and Domestic and International Conflicts
/ / / Q35: Hydrocarbon Resources
/ / / Q37: Issues in International Trade
/ / / Q38: Government Policy (includes OPEC Policy)
/ / / Q39: Other

This JEL code is mentioned in the follow RePEc Biblio entries:
  1. > Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
  2. > Environmental and Natural Resource Economics > Resource Economics

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Natural Capital as an Economic Concept, History and Contemporary Issues
    by Missemer, Antoine

  • 2017 From Val d’Orbieu to InVivo Wine: the emergence of new ways of strategic partnership and governance in French wine industry
    by Saïsset, L.A.

  • 2017 From Fossil Fuels to Renewables: The Role of Electricity Storage
    by Itziar Lazkano & Linda Nøstbakken & Martino Pelli

  • 2017 Sustainability level of Bulgarian agriculture
    by Bachev, Hrabrin & Ivanov, Bodjidar & Toteva, Desislava & Sokolova, Emilia

  • 2017 Inflation dynamics in pre and post deregulation era in Ghana: Do petroleum prices have any influence?
    by Addae, Edna & Ackah, Ishmael

  • 2017 Middle Class in Iran: Oil Rents, Modernization, and Political Development
    by Mohammad Reza Farzanegan & Pooya Alaedini & Khayyam Azizimehr

  • 2017 Up in Smoke: The Influence of Household Behavior on the Long-Run Impact of Improved Cooking Stoves
    by Esther Duflo & Michael Greenstone & Rema Hanna

  • 2017 Who Benefits From an Oil Boom? Evidence From a Unique Alaskan Data Set
    by Mouhcine Guettabi & Alexander James

  • 2017 Sustainability of the domestic consumption of construction materials in Colombia, 1990-2013
    by Juan Pablo Ríos Ocampo & Yris Olaya Morales

  • 2017 Towards a circular economy: insights based on the development of the global ENGAGE-materials model and evidence for the iron and steel industry
    by Matthew Winning & Alvaro Calzadilla & Raimund Bleischwitz & Victor Nechifor

  • 2017 Bio economy’s institutional and policy framework for the sustainable development of nature´s ecosystems
    by José G. Vargas-Hernández & Karina Pallagst & Patricia Hammer

  • 2017 Shipment Consolidation Policy under Uncertainty of Customer Order for Sustainable Supply Chain Management
    by Kyunghoon Kang & Ki-sung Hong & Ki Hong Kim & Chulung Lee

  • 2017 LEED, Its Efficacy and Fallacy in a Regional Context—An Urban Heat Island Case in California
    by Min Ho Shin & Hwan Yong Kim & Donghwan Gu & Hyoungsub Kim

  • 2017 Capturing Tourists’ Preferences for the Management of Community-Based Ecotourism in a Forest Park
    by Cheng Zong & Kun Cheng & Chun-Hung Lee & Nai-Lun Hsu

  • 2017 Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services from Small-Scale Agricultural Management Interventions in Burkina Faso: A Discrete Choice Experiment Approach
    by Prosper Houessionon & William M. Fonta & Aymar Y. Bossa & Safiétou Sanfo & Noel Thiombiano & Pam Zahonogo & Thomas B. Yameogo & Bedru Balana

  • 2017 Identifying Emerging Trends of Financial Business Method Patents
    by Won Sang Lee & So Young Sohn

  • 2017 Optimal Capacitor Placement in Wind Farms by Considering Harmonics Using Discrete Lightning Search Algorithm
    by Reza Sirjani

  • 2017 Collaborative Landscape Planning: Co-Design of Ecosystem-Based Land Management Scenarios
    by Leena Karrasch & Martin Maier & Michael Kleyer & Thomas Klenke

  • 2017 Sustainable Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Business Strategic Approach for Sustainable Development
    by Ana Criado-Gomis & Amparo Cervera-Taulet & Maria-Angeles Iniesta-Bonillo

  • 2017 Cashew as a High Agricultural Commodity in West Africa: Insights towards Sustainable Production in Guinea-Bissau
    by Filipa Monteiro & Luís Catarino & Dora Batista & Bucar Indjai & Maria Cristina Duarte & Maria M. Romeiras

  • 2017 Water-Thermal Energy Production System: A Case Study from Norway
    by Johannes Idsø & Torbjørn Årethun

  • 2017 The Total-Factor Energy Efficiency of Regions in China: Based on Three-Stage SBM Model
    by Haifeng Huang & Tao Wang

  • 2017 Building Corporate Reputation through Sustainable Entrepreneurship: The Mediating Effect of Ethical Behavior
    by Mª del Mar Ramos-González & Mercedes Rubio-Andrés & Miguel Ángel Sastre-Castillo

  • 2017 Differences of Cycling Experiences and Perceptions between E-Bike and Bicycle Users in the United States
    by Ziwen Ling & Christopher R. Cherry & John H. MacArthur & Jonathan X. Weinert

  • 2017 Perception of Space among Children Studying Their Local Grasslands: Examining Attitudes and Behavioural Intentions
    by Efrat Eilam & Georgia E. Garrard

  • 2017 China’s Tree Residue Sources and Quantity Estimation
    by Yiwei Guo & Erli Dan & Xiaoyan Liu & Zhuo Kong & Feng Shi & Changliang Jie

  • 2017 Factors Influencing Consumers’ Intention to Return the End of Life Electronic Products through Reverse Supply Chain Management for Reuse, Repair and Recycling
    by Kamyar Kianpour & Ahmad Jusoh & Abbas Mardani & Dalia Streimikiene & Fausto Cavallaro & Khalil Md. Nor & Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas

  • 2017 Influence of the Ground Greening Configuration on the Outdoor Thermal Environment in Residential Areas under Different Underground Space Overburden Thicknesses
    by Xiaochao Su & Hao Cai & Zhilong Chen & Qilin Feng

  • 2017 Operating Strategy for Local-Area Energy Systems Integration Considering Uncertainty of Supply-Side and Demand-Side under Conditional Value-At-Risk Assessment
    by Jiaqi Shi & Yingrui Wang & Ruibin Fu & Jianhua Zhang

  • 2017 The Development of Building Energy Conservation in China: A Review and Critical Assessment from the Perspective of Policy and Institutional System
    by Xueliang Yuan & Xiaoyu Zhang & Jiaxin Liang & Qingsong Wang & Jian Zuo

  • 2017 Assessing Structural Connectivity of Urban Green Spaces in Metropolitan Hong Kong
    by Yuhong Tian & Yiqing Liu & C. Y. Jim & Hanzhang Song

  • 2017 The Reduction of CO 2 Emissions by Application of High-Strength Reinforcing Bars to Three Different Structural Systems in South Korea
    by Seungho Cho & Seunguk Na

  • 2017 Exploring Flood Resilience Thinking in the Retail Sector under Climate Change: A Case Study of an Estuarine Region of Taipei City
    by Yi-Chang Chiang & Tzen-Ying Ling

  • 2017 The Sustainable Personality in Entrepreneurship: The Relationship between Big Six Personality, Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy, and Entrepreneurial Intention in the Chinese Context
    by Hu Mei & Zicheng Ma & Shiwen Jiao & Xiaoyu Chen & Xinyue Lv & Zehui Zhan

  • 2017 The Impact of Climatic Change Adaptation on Agricultural Productivity in Central Chile: A Stochastic Production Frontier Approach
    by Lisandro Roco & Boris Bravo-Ureta & Alejandra Engler & Roberto Jara-Rojas

  • 2017 Special Issue: “Maintaining Ecosystem Services to Support Urban Needs”
    by Karsten Grunewald & Olaf Bastian .

  • 2017 Core Elements for Organizational Sustainability in Global Markets: Korean Public Relations Practitioners’ Perceptions of Their Job Roles
    by JiYeon Jeong & Nohil Park

  • 2017 The Effect of Off-Farm Employment on Forestland Transfers in China: A Simultaneous-Equation Tobit Model Estimation
    by Han Zhang & Jari Kuuluvainen & Hongqiang Yang & Yi Xie & Can Liu

  • 2017 Regional Difference and Evolution and Convergence of Innovation Capability in China: Research on Space and Factorial Levels
    by Zelei Xiao & Xinya Du & Chuanqing Wu

  • 2017 Seeing the Immaterial: A New Instrument for Evaluating Integrated Management Systems’ Maturity
    by Mihai Dragomir & Sorin Popescu & Călin Neamțu & Diana Dragomir & Ștefan Bodi

  • 2017 Identifying the Potential for Climate Compatible Development Efforts and the Missing Links
    by Scott E. Kalafatis

  • 2017 Moral Education for Sustainable Development: Exploring Morally Challenging Business Situations within the Global Supply Chain Context
    by Jung Ha-Brookshire & Laura McAndrews & Jooyoun Kim & Charles Freeman & Byoungho Jin & Pamela Norum & Melody L. A. LeHew & Elena Karpova & Lesya Hassall & Sara Marcketti

  • 2017 Stakeholders’ Expectations in Urban Renewal Projects in China: A Key Step towards Sustainability
    by Taozhi Zhuang & Queena K. Qian & Henk J. Visscher & Marja G. Elsinga

  • 2017 Deconstructing Attitudes towards Immigrant Workers among Hungarian Employees and Higher Education Students
    by Krisztina Dajnoki & Domician Máté & Veronika Fenyves & András István Kun

  • 2017 Economic and Environmental Cost Analysis of Incineration and Recovery Alternatives for Flammable Industrial Waste: The Case of South Korea
    by Jihyun Kim & Sukjae Jeong

  • 2017 County-Rural Transformation Development from Viewpoint of “Population-Land-Industry” in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region under the Background of Rapid Urbanization
    by Jintao Li & Yuanyuan Yang & Ning Jiang

  • 2017 Key Factors Affecting the Price of Airbnb Listings: A Geographically Weighted Approach
    by Zhihua Zhang & Rachel J. C. Chen & Lee D. Han & Lu Yang

  • 2017 Tourism Eco-Efficiency Measurement, Characteristics, and Its Influence Factors in China
    by Xiaoping Qiu & Yiping Fang & Xueting Yang & Fubiao Zhu

  • 2017 Comparative Analysis of Nature-Related Transactions and Governance Structures in Pasture Use and Irrigation Water in Central Asia
    by Ulan Kasymov & Ahmad Hamidov

  • 2017 Corporate Concentration and Technological Change in the Global Seed Industry
    by Sylvie Bonny

  • 2017 Perceptions of Future Employees toward CSR Environmental Practices in Tourism
    by Diana Corina Gligor-Cimpoieru & Valentin Partenie Munteanu & Renata Dana Nițu-Antonie & Andreia Schneider & Gheorghe Preda

  • 2017 Manufacturing Process Innovation-Oriented Knowledge Evaluation Using MCDM and Fuzzy Linguistic Computing in an Open Innovation Environment
    by Gangfeng Wang & Xitian Tian & Yongbiao Hu & Richard David Evans & Mingrui Tian & Rong Wang

  • 2017 Efficiency Analysis of Retail Chain Stores in Korea
    by Kyungwan Ko & Meehyang Chang & Eun-Song Bae & Daecheol Kim

  • 2017 Aesthetic and Spiritual Ecosystem Services Provided by Urban Sacred Sites
    by Peter De Lacy & Charlie Shackleton

  • 2017 Long-Term Effects of Payments for Environmental Services: Combining Insights from Communication and Economics
    by John M. Kerr & Maria K. Lapinski & Rain Wuyu Liu & Jinhua Zhao

  • 2017 Long-Term Educational Sustainability: Educational Innovation in Social Vulnerability Contexts
    by Ana Tur-Porcar & Alicia Mas-Tur & Elisabeth Malonda Vidal

  • 2017 LaVegMod v2: Modeling Coastal Vegetation Dynamics in Response to Proposed Coastal Restoration and Protection Projects in Louisiana, USA
    by Jenneke M. Visser & Scott M. Duke-Sylvester

  • 2017 Rural Destination Development Based on Olive Oil Tourism: The Impact of Residents’ Community Attachment and Quality of Life on Their Support for Tourism Development
    by Ana María Campón-Cerro & José Antonio Folgado-Fernández & José Manuel Hernández-Mogollón

  • 2017 Comparison and Screening of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Options in View of Sustainable Performance and Waste Management
    by Aleksandra Schwenk-Ferrero & Andrei Andrianov

  • 2017 Financial Performance of Socially Responsible Firms: The Short- and Long-Term Impact
    by Maria J. Charlo & Ismael Moya & Ana M. Muñoz

  • 2017 Integrated Methodologies (SWOT, TOWS, LCA) for Improving Production Chains and Environmental Sustainability of Kiwifruit and Baby Kiwi in Italy
    by Claudio Baudino & Nicole Roberta Giuggioli & Rossella Briano & Stefano Massaglia & Cristiana Peano

  • 2017 Towards a Conceptual Framework of Sustainable Business Model Innovation in the Agri-Food Sector: A Systematic Literature Review
    by Henrik Barth & Per-Ola Ulvenblad & Pia Ulvenblad

  • 2017 Amenity/Lifestyle Migration in the Chilean Andes: Understanding the Views of “The Other” and Its Effects on Integrated Community Development
    by David Matarrita-Cascante & Hugo Zunino & Johanna Sagner-Tapia

  • 2017 Unlocking Value Creation Using an Agritourism Business Model
    by Laura Broccardo & Francesca Culasso & Elisa Truant

  • 2017 What about Sustainability? An Empirical Analysis of Consumers’ Purchasing Behavior in Fashion Context
    by Maria Vincenza Ciasullo & Gennaro Maione & Carlo Torre & Orlando Troisi

  • 2017 Control Measures and Health Effects of Air Pollution: A Survey among Public Transportation Commuters in Malaysia
    by Li Ping Wong & Haridah Alias & Nasrin Aghamohammadi & Azadeh Ghadimi & Nik Meriam Nik Sulaiman

  • 2017 Economic, Environmental, and Animal Welfare Performance on Livestock Farms: Conceptual Model and Application to Some Case Studies in Italy
    by Francesco Galioto & Chiara Paffarini & Massimo Chiorri & Biancamaria Torquati & Lucio Cecchini

  • 2017 Demand-Oriented Design Strategies for Low Environmental Impact Housing in the Tropics
    by Heng Zhang & Wann-Ming Wey & Syuan-Jhang Chen

  • 2017 Thermal Ceramic Panels and Passive Systems in Mediterranean Housing: Energy Savings and Environmental Impacts
    by Víctor Echarri

  • 2017 Farmers’ Awareness of Ecosystem Services and the Associated Policy Implications
    by Fangfang Xun & Yecui Hu & Ling Lv & Jinhui Tong

  • 2017 A Research on Electricity Generation from Wind Corridors of Pakistan (Two Provinces): A Technical Proposal for Remote Zones
    by Mazhar H. Baloch & Safdar A. Abro & Ghulam Sarwar Kaloi & Nayyar H. Mirjat & Sohaib Tahir & M. Haroon Nadeem & Mehr Gul & Zubair A. Memon & Mahendar Kumar

  • 2017 Power-to-Gas Implementation for a Polygeneration System in Southwestern Ontario
    by Jonathan Ranisau & Mohammed Barbouti & Aaron Trainor & Nidhi Juthani & Yaser K. Salkuyeh & Azadeh Maroufmashat & Michael Fowler

  • 2017 Identification of Stakeholders of Public Interest Organisations
    by Liliana Hawrysz & Jolanta Maj

  • 2017 Effect of Uncertainties in Estimated Carbon Reduction from Deforestation and Forest Degradation on Required Incentive Payments in Developing Countries
    by Jichuan Sheng

  • 2017 Credit Optimization Algorithm for Calculating LEED Costs
    by Jae-Yong Park & Sul-Geon Choi & Da-Kyung Kim & Min-Chul Jeong & Jung-Sik Kong

  • 2017 Cell Membrane Stability and Association Mapping for Drought and Heat Tolerance in a Worldwide Wheat Collection
    by Ibrahim ElBasyoni & Mohamed Saadalla & Stephen Baenziger & Harold Bockelman & Sabah Morsy

  • 2017 Life Cycle Impact Assessment in the Arctic: Challenges and Research Needs
    by Johan Berg Pettersen & Xingqiang Song

  • 2017 Sulfate Radical Technologies as Tertiary Treatment for the Removal of Emerging Contaminants from Wastewater
    by Monica Brienza & Ioannis A. Katsoyiannis

  • 2017 Resource Recovery from Waste: Restoring the Balance between Resource Scarcity and Waste Overload
    by Anne P. M. Velenturf & Phil Purnell

  • 2017 Supply Chain Configurations in the Circular Economy: A Systematic Literature Review
    by Donato Masi & Steven Day & Janet Godsell

  • 2017 Impact of Firms’ Cooperative Innovation Strategy on Technological Convergence Performance: The Case of Korea’s ICT Industry
    by Kyunam Kim

  • 2017 Inequality, Bi-Polarization and Mobility of Urban Infrastructure Investment in China’s Urban System
    by Lie Ma & Dandan Li & Xiaobo Tao & Haifeng Dong & Bei He & Xiaosu Ye

  • 2017 Numerical Simulation of a Dual-Chamber Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Converter
    by Dezhi Ning & Rongquan Wang & Chongwei Zhang

  • 2017 Human Mobility Analysis for Extracting Local Interactions under Rapid Socio-Economic Transformation in Dawei, Myanmar
    by Satomi Kimijima & Masahiko Nagai

  • 2017 Integrated Proactive Control Model for Energy Efficiency Processes in Facilities Management: Applying Dynamic Exponential Smoothing Optimization
    by Shunling Ruan & Haiyan Xie & Song Jiang

  • 2017 Assessing Tourists’ Preferences for Recreational Trips in National and Natural Parks as a Premise for Long-Term Sustainable Management Plans
    by Diana E. Dumitras & Iulia C. Muresan & Ionel M. Jitea & Valentin C. Mihai & Simona E. Balazs & Tiberiu Iancu

  • 2017 Modeling the Impact of Short-Term and Long-Term Determinants of European Health Systems’ Performance: A Panel Data Approach
    by Ion Popa & Simona Cătălina Ștefan

  • 2017 5 Key Challenges and Solutions for Governing Complex Adaptive (Food) Systems
    by Mollie Chapman & Susanna Klassen & Maayan Kreitzman & Adrian Semmelink & Kelly Sharp & Gerald Singh & Kai M. A. Chan

  • 2017 Does Social Media Use Influence Entrepreneurial Opportunity? A Review of its Moderating Role
    by Joo Y. Park & Chang Soo Sung & Il Im

  • 2017 Sustainability Issues in Textile and Apparel Supply Chains
    by Bin Shen & Qingying Li & Ciwei Dong & Patsy Perry

  • 2017 Assessing the Effect of Eco-City Practices on Urban Sustainability Using an Extended Ecological Footprint Model: A Case Study in Xi’an, China
    by Fuyuan Wang & Kaiyong Wang

  • 2017 A Methodology for Analysing Sustainability in Energy Scenarios
    by Elisa Peñalvo-López & Francisco Javier Cárcel-Carrasco & Carlos Devece & Ana Isolda Morcillo

  • 2017 Effect of Inspection Policies and Residual Value of Collected Used Products: A Mathematical Model and Genetic Algorithm for a Closed-Loop Green Manufacturing System
    by Byung Duk Song & Young Dae Ko

  • 2017 A Credit Scoring Model for SMEs Based on Accounting Ethics
    by Bo Kyeong Lee & So Young Sohn

  • 2017 Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the EU, US, China, and India up to 2060 in Comparison with Their Pledges under the Paris Agreement
    by Yang Liu & Fang Wang & Jingyun Zheng

  • 2017 Images of Stakeholder Groups Based on Their Environmental Sustainability Linked CSR Projects: A Meta-Analytic Review of Korean Sport Literature
    by Hyun-Duck Kim

  • 2017 Reusing Desulfurization Slag in Cement Clinker Production and the Influence on the Formation of Clinker Phases
    by Ying-Liang Chen & Juu-En Chang & Ming-Sheng Ko

  • 2017 Exclude Me Not: The Untold Story of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Sweden
    by Arash Kordestani & Setayesh Sattari & Kaveh Peighambari & Pejvak Oghazi

  • 2017 A Decomposition Analysis of Embodied Energy Consumption in China’s Construction Industry
    by Luhang Lin & Yinzi Fan & Meilian Xu & Chuanwang Sun

  • 2017 Situational Assessments Based on Uncertainty-Risk Awareness in Complex Traffic Scenarios
    by Guotao Xie & Xinyu Zhang & Hongbo Gao & Lijun Qian & Jianqiang Wang & Umit Ozguner

  • 2017 The Gigantism of Public Works in China in the Twenty-First Century
    by Mario Martín-Antón & Vicente Negro & José María del Campo & José-Santos López-Gutiérrez & M. Dolores Esteban

  • 2017 Mapping Entrepreneurs’ Orientation towards Sustainability in Interaction versus Network Marketing Practices
    by Elena-Mădălina Vătămănescu & Patrizia Gazzola & Violeta Mihaela Dincă & Roberta Pezzetti

  • 2017 How Smog Awareness Influences Public Acceptance of Congestion Charge Policies
    by Lingyi Zhou & Yixin Dai

  • 2017 Gap Analysis Based Decision Support Methodology to Improve Level of Service of Water Services
    by Sangjong Han & Dan Daehyun Koo & Youngkyung Kim & Seonghoon Kim & Joonhong Park

  • 2017 Uncertainties of Two Methods in Selecting Priority Areas for Protecting Soil Conservation Service at Regional Scale
    by Liwei Zhang & Yihe Lü & Bojie Fu & Yuan Zeng

  • 2017 An Integrated Efficiency–Risk Approach in Sustainable Project Control
    by Mohammadreza Sharifi Ghazvini & Vahidreza Ghezavati & Sadigh Raissi & Ahmad Makui

  • 2017 Do External or Internal Technology Spillovers Have a Stronger Influence on Innovation Efficiency in China?
    by Xionghe Qin & Debin Du

  • 2017 Participatory Sustainability Assessment for Sugarcane Expansion in Goiás, Brazil
    by Heitor Luís Costa Coutinho & Ana Paula Dias Turetta & Joyce Maria Guimarães Monteiro & Selma Simões de Castro & José Paulo Pietrafesa

  • 2017 Managing the ‘Monitoring Imperative’ in the Context of SDG Target 6.3 on Water Quality and Wastewater
    by Janet G. Hering

  • 2017 Objectives for Stakeholder Engagement in Global Environmental Assessments
    by Jennifer Garard & Martin Kowarsch

  • 2017 Understanding Chinese Consumers’ Intention to Purchase Sustainable Fashion Products: The Moderating Role of Face-Saving Orientation
    by Xiaoyong Wei & Sojin Jung

  • 2017 Status of Underutilised Crops in South Africa: Opportunities for Developing Research Capacity
    by Tafadzwanashe Mabhaudhi & Vimbayi G. P. Chimonyo & Albert T. Modi

  • 2017 Influence of Income Level and Seasons on Quantity and Composition of Municipal Solid Waste: A Case Study of the Capital City of Pakistan
    by Amina Zia & Syeda Adila Batool & Muhammad Nawaz Chauhdry & Soniya Munir

  • 2017 The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Employee Sustainable Performance: The Mediating Role of Organizational Citizenship Behavior
    by Weiping Jiang & Xianbo Zhao & Jiongbin Ni

  • 2017 Oxidative Status and Presence of Bioactive Compounds in Meat from Chickens Fed Polyphenols Extracted from Olive Oil Industry Waste
    by Raffaella Branciari & Roberta Galarini & Danilo Giusepponi & Massimo Trabalza-Marinucci & Claudio Forte & Rossana Roila & Dino Miraglia & Maurizio Servili & Gabriele Acuti & Andrea Valiani

  • 2017 A Multi-Stakeholder Delphi Study to Determine Key Space Management Components for Elderly Facilities in China
    by Lingzhi Li & Jingfeng Yuan & Kathy O. Roper & Zhipeng Zhou

  • 2017 What Makes Firms Innovative? The Role of Social Capital in Corporate Innovation
    by Se-Yeon Ahn & So-Hyung Kim

  • 2017 Diverse Effects of Consumer Credit on Household Carbon Emissions at Quantiles: Evidence from Urban China
    by Xinkuo Xu & Liyan Han

  • 2017 Eco-Efficiency Assessment of Material Use: The Case of Phosphorus Fertilizer Usage in Japan’s Rice Sector
    by Cherry Myo Lwin & Akane Nogi & Seiji Hashimoto

  • 2017 Generational Differences in the Perception of Corporate Culture in European Transport Enterprises
    by Rudolf Kampf & Silvia Lorincová & Miloš Hitka & Ondrej Stopka

  • 2017 Facilitating Regional Energy Transition Strategies: Toward a Typology of Regions
    by Lotte M. Lutz & Daniel J. Lang & Henrik von Wehrden

  • 2017 Consumers’ Attitudes towards Organic Products and Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Romania
    by Camelia F. Oroian & Calin O. Safirescu & Rezhen Harun & Gabriela O. Chiciudean & Felix H. Arion & Iulia C. Muresan & Bianca M. Bordeanu

  • 2017 Life Cycle Analysis of Charcoal Production in Masonry Kilns with and without Carbonization Process Generated Gas Combustion
    by Sueli de Fátima de Oliveira Miranda Santos & Cassiano Moro Piekarski & Cássia Maria Lie Ugaya & Danilo Barros Donato & Aldo Braghini Júnior & Antonio Carlos de Francisco & Ana Márcia Macedo Ladeira Carvalho

  • 2017 Applying the Mahalanobis–Taguchi System to Improve Tablet PC Production Processes
    by Chi-Feng Peng & Li-Hsing Ho & Sang-Bing Tsai & Yin-Cheng Hsiao & Yuming Zhai & Quan Chen & Li-Chung Chang & Zhiwen Shang

  • 2017 Behaviour of a Sustainable Concrete in Acidic Environment
    by Salim Barbhuiya & Davin Kumala

  • 2017 Establishing a Framework to Evaluate the Effect of Energy Countermeasures Tackling Climate Change and Air Pollution: The Example of China
    by Jiehui Yuan & Xunmin Ou & Gehua Wang

  • 2017 Application of WEHY-HCM for Modeling Interactive Atmospheric-Hydrologic Processes at Watershed Scale to a Sparsely Gauged Watershed
    by Suhyung Jang & Shuichi Kure & Noriaki Ohara & M. Levent Kavvas & Z. Q. Chen & Kara J. Carr & Michael L. Anderson

  • 2017 Long-Term Land Use Changes Driven by Urbanisation and Their Environmental Effects (Example of Trnava City, Slovakia)
    by Zita Izakovičová & Peter Mederly & František Petrovič

  • 2017 Spatial Equity Measure on Urban Ecological Space Layout Based on Accessibility of Socially Vulnerable Groups—A Case Study of Changting, China
    by Yanhua Yuan & Jiangang Xu & Zhenbo Wang

  • 2017 Communication Networks and Performance of Four New Delhi City Parks
    by Somajita Paul & Ferenc Jordán & Harini Nagendra

  • 2017 Less Meat Initiatives at Ghent University: Assessing the Support among Students and How to Increase It
    by Benjamin De Groeve & Brent Bleys

  • 2017 Eco-Efficiency of Government Policy and Exports in the Bioenergy Technology Market
    by Bongsuk Sung & Myung-Bae Yeom & Hong-Gi Kim

  • 2017 Assessing the Reliability of Thermal and Optical Imaging Techniques for Detecting Crop Water Status under Different Nitrogen Levels
    by Daniele Masseroni & Bianca Ortuani & Martina Corti & Pietro Marino Gallina & Giacomo Cocetta & Antonio Ferrante & Arianna Facchi

  • 2017 Rapid Detection of Land Cover Changes Using Crowdsourced Geographic Information: A Case Study of Beijing, China
    by Yuan Meng & Dongyang Hou & Hanfa Xing

  • 2017 Are Korean Households Willing to Pay a Premium for Induction Cooktops over Gas Stoves?
    by Hyo-Jin Kim & Seul-Ye Lim & Seung-Hoon Yoo

  • 2017 A Conceptual Framework for the Integration of Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resource Development Based on Lifelong Learning
    by Thilo J. Ketschau

  • 2017 Overheating and Daylighting; Assessment Tool in Early Design of London’s High-Rise Residential Buildings
    by Bachir Nebia & Kheira Tabet Aoul

  • 2017 Impacts of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Voucher Program on Food Lifestyle Behaviors: Evidence from an Employer-Sponsored Pilot Program
    by Jairus J. Rossi & Timothy A. Woods & James E. Allen

  • 2017 Assessing the Effect of a Crop-Tree Intercropping Program on Smallholders’ Incomes in Rural Xinjiang, China
    by Xiaoqing Dai & Lijie Pu & Fangping Rao

  • 2017 Uncovering Spatial Structures of Regional City Networks from Expressway Traffic Flow Data: A Case Study from Jiangsu Province, China
    by Wenqian Ke & Wei Chen & Zhaoyuan Yu

  • 2017 Cascade Use and the Management of Product Lifecycles
    by Matthias Kalverkamp & Alexandra Pehlken & Thorsten Wuest

  • 2017 Impact of Climate Change on Tourism on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: Research Based on a Literature Review
    by Ling-en Wang & Yuxi Zeng & Linsheng Zhong

  • 2017 Surface Urban Heat Island Analysis of Shanghai (China) Based on the Change of Land Use and Land Cover
    by Haiting Wang & Yuanzhi Zhang & Jin Yeu Tsou & Yu Li

  • 2017 International Tourism Advertisements on Social Media: Impact of Argument Quality and Source
    by Un-Kon Lee

  • 2017 An Approach to Improve the Penetration of Sustainable Energy Using Optimal Transformer Tap Control
    by Moonsung Bae & Hwanik Lee & Byongjun Lee

  • 2017 Impact of Climate Change on the Preferred Season for Outdoor Water Activities
    by Songyi Kim & Jin Han Park & Dong Kun Lee

  • 2017 A General Equilibrium View of Population Ageing Impact on Energy Use via Labor Supply
    by Taoyuan Wei & Qin Zhu & Solveig Glomsrød

  • 2017 Adsorption Kinetics and Breakthrough of Carbon Dioxide for the Chemical Modified Activated Carbon Filter Used in the Building
    by Angus Shiue & Shih-Cheng Hu & Shu-Mei Chang & Tzu-Yu Ko & Arson Hsieh & Andrew Chan

  • 2017 Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Dimensions on Firm Value: Some Evidence from Hong Kong and China
    by Prakash J. Singh & Kannan Sethuraman & Jocelin Y. Lam

  • 2017 Irrigation-Induced Changes in Evapotranspiration Demand of Awati Irrigation District, Northwest China: Weakening the Effects of Water Saving?
    by Songjun Han & Di Xu & Zhiyong Yang

  • 2017 Risk Indicators and Road Accident Analysis for the Period 2012–2016
    by Lucian-Ionel Cioca & Larisa Ivascu

  • 2017 Sustainability Reporting at a New Zealand Public University: A Longitudinal Analysis
    by Yi An & Howard Davey & Harun Harun

  • 2017 The Relationship between Waste Management Expenditure and Waste Reduction Targets on Selected JSE Companies
    by Thabo Gerald Maleka & Gibson Nyirenda & Michael Bamidele Fakoya

  • 2017 Driving Force Analysis of the Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Flash Floods in Sichuan Province
    by Yesen Liu & Ximin Yuan & Liang Guo & Yaohuan Huang & Xiaolei Zhang

  • 2017 Types, Indications and Impact Evaluation of Sand and Dust Storms Trajectories in the Arabian Gulf
    by Ali Al-Dousari & Domenico Doronzo & Modi Ahmed

  • 2017 Some Results on the Vulnerability Assessment of HAWTs Subjected to Wind and Seismic Actions
    by Alberto Maria Avossa & Cristoforo Demartino & Pasquale Contestabile & Francesco Ricciardelli & Diego Vicinanza

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