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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C1: Econometric and Statistical Methods and Methodology: General
/ / / C19: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Regionale Erreichbarkeit von ausgewählten Fachärzten, Apotheken, ambulanten Pflegediensten und weiteren ausgewählten Medizindienstleistungen in Deutschland: Abschätzung auf Basis des Thünen-Erreichbarkeitsmodells
    by Neumeier, Stefan

  • 2017 Beyond wishful thinking: Explorative Qualitative Modeling (EQM) as a tool for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    by Neumann, Kai & Anderson, Carl & Denich, Manfred

  • 2017 Economic vulnerabilities in Italy: A network analysis using similarities in sectoral employment
    by Castagna, Alina & Chentouf, Leila & Ernst, Ekkehard

  • 2017 Data reporting and visualization in ecology
    by Michael Greenacre

  • 2017 Towards a pragmatic approach to compositional data analysis
    by Michael Greenacre

  • 2017 On periodic ergodicity of a general periodic mixed Poisson autoregression
    by Aknouche, Abdelhakim & Bentarzi, Wissam & Demouche, Nacer

  • 2017 Bifurcation theory of a square lattice economy: Racetrack economy analogy in an economic geography model
    by Ikeda, Kiyohrio & Onda, Mikihisa & Takayama, Yuki

  • 2017 The key factors of export intensity in Tunisia: A Logistic regression with random effect model
    by Kahia, Montassar

  • 2017 Autocorrelation of spatial allocation of funds at the municipality level of Slaskie Voivodship
    by Marcin Niemiec & Anna Szelag-Sikora & Jakub Sikora & Michal Cupial & Joanna Rorat

  • 2017 A Generalized Approach to Indeterminacy in Linear Rational Expectations Models
    by Francesco Bianchi & Giovanni Nicolò

  • 2017 Does the literature support a high willingness to pay for green label buildings? An answer with treatment of publication bias
    by Florian Fizaine & Pierre Voyé & Catherine Baumont

  • 2017 Does the literature support a high willingness to pay for green label buildings? An answer with treatment of publication bias
    by Florian Fizaine & Pierre VoyŽ & Catherine Baumont

  • 2017 A Generalized Approach to Indeterminacy in Linear Rational Expectations Models
    by Bianchi, Francesco & Nicolò, Giovanni

  • 2017 A Large-Scale Field Experiment to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Paid Search Advertising
    by Lorenzo Coviello & Uri Gneezy & Lorenz Götte

  • 2017 Portuguese and Brazilian stock market integration: a non-linear and detrended approach
    by Paulo Ferreira

  • 2017 Методика анализа региональных и местных бюджетов: сущность и применение на примере Новосибирской области. Methodical approach of analysis of regional and local budgets: content and application on the example of Novosibirsk oblast
    by Сумская Т.В.

  • 2017 The Causal Factors of International Inequality in $$\hbox {CO}_{2}$$ CO 2 Emissions Per Capita: A Regression-Based Inequality Decomposition Analysis
    by Juan Antonio Duro & Jordi Teixidó-Figueras & Emilio Padilla

  • 2017 Strategic Positioning for Soft Drinks in the Algerian Market
    by Sara Chouaabi & Fatima Zohra Boughari & Lakhdar Adouka & Zohra Bouguelli

  • 2017 Partial identification of functionals of the joint distribution of “potential outcomes”
    by Fan, Yanqin & Guerre, Emmanuel & Zhu, Dongming

  • 2016 Differential item functioning in the EQ-5D: An exploratory analysis using anchoring vignettes
    by Knott, R. & Lorgelly, P. & Black, N. & Hollingsworth, B.

  • 2016 Longitudinal statistical matching: transferring consumption expenditure from HBS to SILC panel survey
    by Baris Ucar & Gianni Betti

  • 2016 Information sources used by European tourists: A cross-cultural study
    by Tor Korneliussen & Michael Greenacre

  • 2016 Endogenous Second Moments: A Unified Approach to Fluctuations in Risk, Dispersion, and Uncertainty
    by Straub, Ludwig & Ulbricht, Robert

  • 2016 Financial impact of certifications to management system standards: Evidence from Tunisian listed companies
    by Omri imen

  • 2016 Identifying Regime Shifts in South African Exchange rates
    by Diteboho Xaba & Tshepiso Tsoku & Teboho Mosikari

  • 2016 Crime and Divorce. Can one Lead to the other? Using Multilevel Mixed Models
    by Faisal Khamis Al-Shamari

  • 2016 Policy Evaluation In Presence Of Interferences: A Spatial Multilevel Did Approach
    by Daniele Di Gennaro & Guido Pellegrini

  • 2016 Forecasting 2016 US Presidential Elections Using Factor Analysis and Regression Model
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Srinivas, Sandeep & Paul, Anik & Chaudhari, Gunjan

  • 2016 Training & Development Barometer for Effective Transformation of Organizational Commitment and Overall Performance in Banking Sectors of KPK, Pakistan: Qualitative study of Workforce of Bank of Khyber
    by Zehra, Nasreen

  • 2016 Analysis of average value of a Fourier series using z-transform: comparison with Hodrick-Prescott filter
    by Minskya, Ksovim

  • 2016 Combining risk measures to overcome their limitations - spectrum representation of the sub-additivity issue, distortion requirement and added-value of the Spatial VaR solution: An application to Regulatory Requirement for Financial Institutions
    by Dominique Guegan & Bertrand K. Hassani

  • 2016 New Tests for Richness and Poorness:A Stochastic Dominance Analysis of Income Distributions in Hong Kong
    by Sheung-Chi Chow & Ma. Rebecca Valenzuela & Wing-Keung Wong

  • 2016 Dynamic Topic Modelling for Cryptocurrency Community Forums
    by Marco Linton & Wolfgang K. Härdle & Ernie Gin Swee Teo & Elisabeth Bommes & Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen

  • 2016 Working Paper 04-16 - La modélisation de l’impôt des personnes physiques dans les modèles macroéconomiques de court et moyen terme du BFP - Adaptation des modèles suite à la 6e réforme de l’État et au SEC2010
    by Vincent Frogneux & Michel Saintrain

  • 2016 ¿Son las aerolíneas latinoamericanas más ineficientes? Estimaciones con fronteras estocásticas
    by Gustavo Ferro & Pablo Daniel Monterubbianesi

  • 2016 Information Sources Used by European Tourists: A Cross-Cultural Study
    by Tor Korneliussen & Michael Greenacre

    by Lara Gitto

  • 2016 Predicción del fracaso empresarial. Una contribución a la síntesis de una teoría mediante el análisis comparativo de distintas técnicas de predicción
    by Pablo de Llano Monelos & Carlos Piñeiro Sánchez & Manuel Rodríguez López

  • 2016 Contratos públicos adjudicados a sociedades cooperativas en el País Vasco entre 2010 y 2012
    by Jesús María García Aréjula & Baleren Bakaikoa Azurmendi

  • 2016 Model Estimates Of Gross Domestic Product In Relation to Export And Import Of Fuels, Focused on the Elasticity and Determination Of Directly and Indirectly Associated Rates
    by Gheorghe Savoiu & Emilia Gogu & Alexandru Ionescu

  • 2016 Bank Failure Prediction Model for Zimbabwe
    by Victor Gumbo & Simba Zoromedza

  • 2016 Conditions Sufficient to Infer Causal Relationships Using Instrumental Variables and Observational Data
    by Henry L. Bryant & David A. Bessler

  • 2016 Patrones de co-localización espacial de la industria aeroespacial en México
    by Amado Villarreal González & Saidi Magaly Flores Sánchez & Miguel A. Flores Segovia

  • 2016 Anadolu Üniversitesi Akademik Personelinin Bireysel Emeklilik Sistemine Bakýþý
    by Duygu TUNALI

  • 2016 Machine Learning Techniques For Stock Market Prediction.Acase Study Of Omv Petrom
    by Cătălina-Lucia COCIANU & Hakob GRIGORYAN

  • 2016 Salud y el uso de Internet: Un estudio de la relación médico-paciente
    by Carolina Barrios Laborda & Dayana Pinzón Callejas

  • 2016 An Investigation For The Determination Of Customer Satisfaction About Furniture Designs Used In Thermal Hotel Business
    by Hatice Yılmaz & Fatih Çemrek

  • 2016 A New Descriptive Statistic for Functional Data: Functional Coefficient Of Variation
    by İstem Köymen Keser & İpek Deveci Kocakoç & Ali Kemal Şehirlioğlu

  • 2016 Disparities, Discrepancies and Specific Concentration – Diversification Trends in the Group of Central and East European Ex-Socialist Countries
    by Gheorghe Savoiu & Marian Siminica

  • 2015 Time-Varying Beta Risk and Its Modeling Techniques for Turkish Industry Portfolios
    by Vasif ABİYEV

  • 2015 Lokale Verteilung Ambulanter Pflegedienste nach SGB XI in Deutschland auf Basis eines rasterbasierten GIS-Erreichbarkeitsmodells
    by Neumeier, Stefan

  • 2015 SME?s cluster identification in Russia
    by Vera Barinova & Stepan Zemtsov

  • 2015 Time-varying Multivariate Extension of the Linear Market Model for Developed and Emerging Markets

  • 2015 Linear and Non-linear Market Model Specifications for Developed and Emerging Markets

  • 2015 An Estimation of Natural Gas Demand in Household Sector of Iran; the Structural Time Series Approach
    by Mir Hossein Mousavi

  • 2015 Forecasting South African Gold Sales: The Box-Jenkins Methodology
    by Johannes Tshepiso Tsoku & Nonofo Phokontsi & Daniel Metsileng

  • 2015 The Performance of Conditional CAPMs based on Evidence from the European Union?s (EU) Financial Stock Markets before and after the Eurozone Financial Crisis
    by Serdar Neslihanoglu

  • 2015 Financial Stock Market Co-movement and Correlation: Evidence in the European Union (EU) Area Before and After the October 2008 Financial Crisis
    by Serdar Neslihanoglu

  • 2015 Business Dynamics In The European Union And Macroeconomic Determinants Of Business Failure
    by Ioana Maria Bucerzan (married Precup)

  • 2015 Statistical Analysis of Educational System of Georgia
    by Lia Charekishvili

  • 2015 Unified quasi-maximum likelihood estimation theory for stable and unstable Markov bilinear processes
    by Aknouche, Abdelhakim

  • 2015 Development, Climate Change Adaptation, and Maladaptation: Some Econometric Evidence
    by Francesco Bosello & Shouro Dasgupta

  • 2015 Identifying Inliers
    by Michael Greenacre & H. Öztaş Ayhan

  • 2015 Interdependencies of Markets in Southeastern Europe and Buyback of Shares on Shallow Capital Markets: The Application of Cointegration and Causality Tests
    by Đorđe Đukić & Mališa Đukić

  • 2015 ‘‘Beyond GDP’’ ten years after the first OECD World Forum. Where do we stand?
    by Enrico Giovannini

  • 2015 On Reverse Stress Testing for Worst Case Scenarios: An Application to Credit Risk Modeling of Tunisian Economic Sectors
    by Amira Dridi

  • 2015 Selected Techniques Of Detecting Structural Breaks In Financial Volatility
    by Bartosz Stawiarski

  • 2015 A Brief Analysis Of Seasonality in the Romanian Car Market
    by Gheorghe Savoiu & Victor Iorga Siman & Constantin Manea

  • 2015 Inflation by Producer Price Index – predictive factor for Inflation by Consumer Price Index? The case of Romania
    by Roxana Cristina VILCU (MANACHE)

  • 2015 Analyzing the health status of the population using ordinal data
    by Maria Livia ŞTEFĂNESCU

  • 2015 Development of a Multidimensional Sustainable Livelihoods Model for Rural Bangladesh
    by Tamgid Ahmed Chowdhury

  • 2015 Domestic tourism – a way to Romania's travel industry recovery
    by Claudiu Ramon Butculescu

  • 2015 Marginal Analysis to Improve the Efficiency of Companies and Improve the Management of Its Level
    by Oleksandr Kostenko & Volodymyr Krayevskyy

  • 2015 A measure of technological capabilities for developing countries
    by Khayyat, Nabaz T. & Lee, Jeong-Dong

  • 2015 Performance evaluation of bankruptcy prediction models: An orientation-free super-efficiency DEA-based framework
    by Mousavi, Mohammad M. & Ouenniche, Jamal & Xu, Bing

  • 2015 Educational attainment in the OECD, 1960–2010. Updated series and a comparison with other sources
    by de la Fuente, Angel & Doménech, Rafael

  • 2015 Solving and estimating indeterminate DSGE models
    by Farmer, Roger E.A. & Khramov, Vadim & Nicolò, Giovanni

  • 2015 An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Money Market Interest Rates and Stock Market Performance: Evidence from Zimbabwe (2009-2013)
    by Trust Kganyago & Victor Gumbo

  • 2015 Proposal of a Two-Stage Model For Measuring The Port Efficiency And An Implication On Turkish Ports
    by Samet Güner

  • 2015 Outliers in Survival Analysis
    by Durdu Karasoy & Nuray Tuncer

  • 2015 Performance Evaluation In Family Physician: The Application of TOPSIS Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method
    by Engin Karaman & Halim Kazan

  • 2015 ASEAN Long-Run Tourism Elasticity Demand in Thailand
    by Akarapong Untong

  • 2015(XXV) The Impact of Solvency II Directive upon the Perspectives of the Horizon 2020 Programme
    by Silvia DEDU

  • 2014 The Impact of Experience on Violations of Independence and Coalescing
    by Schmidt, Ulrich & Birnbaum, Michael

  • 2014 Modellierung der Erreichbarkeit von Supermärkten und Discountern: Untersuchung zum regionalen Versorgungsgrad mit Dienstleistungen der Grundversorgung
    by Neumeier, Stefan

  • 2014 Size and shape in the measurement of multivariate proximity
    by Michael Greenacre

  • 2014 "Mathematics and Archaeology" rediscovered
    by Michael Greenacre

  • 2014 Identifying inliers
    by Michael Greenacre & H. Öztas Ayhan

  • 2014 The causal factors of international inequality in CO2 emissions per capita: A regression-based inequality decomposition analysis
    by Juan Antonio Duro & Jordi Teixidó-Figueras & Emilio Padilla Rosa

  • 2014 A Test for the Portion of Bivariate Dependence in Multivariate Tail Risk
    by Carsten Bormann & Melanie Schienle & Julia Schaumburg

  • 2014 Applied LATEX for Economists, Social Scientists and Others
    by John C Frain

  • 2014 Causal Framework on the Determinants of Delivery Expenditure in Emilia-Romagna region, Italy
    by Violeta Balinskaite

  • 2014 Publication Bias in Meta-Analysis: Confidence Intervals for Rosenthal’s Fail-Safe Number
    by Fragkos, Konstantinos C. & Tsagris, Michail & Frangos, Christos C.

  • 2014 Etude de la dynamique non-linéaire des rentabilités de la bourse de Casablanca
    by RIANE, Nizare

  • 2014 Retrieving initial capital distributions from panel data
    by Chen, Xi & Plotnikova, Tatiana

  • 2014 Modeling and Forecasting Volatility – How Reliable are modern day approaches?
    by Mehta, Anirudh & Kanishka, Kunal

  • 2014 The Principal Components Approach to Quota Formulation at the IMF: 2011 Economic Size and Quota Formula Update
    by Nguema-Affane, Thierry

  • 2014 Estimating the human capital stock for Cape Verde, 1950-2012
    by Silves J.C. Moreira & Pedro Cosme Vieira & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2014 Measurement of causality change between multiple time series
    by Ryo Kinoshita & Kosuke Oya

  • 2014 A new family of nonexchangeable copulas for positive dependence
    by Cerqueti, Roy & Lupi, Claudio

  • 2014 Time Varying Coefficient Models; A Proposal for selecting the Coefficient Driver Sets
    by Stephen G. Hall & P. A. V. B. Swamy & George S. Tavlas

  • 2014 The causal factors of international inequality in co2 emissions per capita: a regression-based inequality decomposition analysis
    by Juan Antonio Duro & Jordi Teixidó-Figueras & Emilio Padilla

  • 2014 Social Capital and Firm’s Productivity in Italy: a Multilevel Approach
    by Sebastiano Nerozzi & Vito Pipitone & Giorgio Ricchiuti

  • 2014 A Multilevel Analysis of the Unemployment in Egypt
    by Eleonora Bertoni & Giorgio Ricchiuti

  • 2014 A derivation of the optimal answer-copying index and some applications
    by Mauricio Romero & Álvaro Riascos & Diego Jara

  • 2014 Educational Attainment in the OECD, 1960-2010
    by Angel De la Fuente & Rafael Domenech Vilarino

  • 2014 A simple, positive semi-definite, heteroscedasticity and autocorrelation consistent covariance matrix
    by Newey, Whitney & West, Kenneth

  • 2014 On Sums of Claims and their Applications in Analysis of Pension Funds and Insurance Products
    by Rastislav Potocký & Helmut Waldl & Milan Stehlík

  • 2014 Does evidence challenge the DSGE model
    by Tanya ARAUJO & Sofia TERLICA & Samuel ELEUTERIO & Francisco LOUCA

  • 2014 The Venezuelan Financial System. What Compromises its Performance?
    by Ana Maria A. Chirinos L. & Carolina Pagliacci

  • 2014 Le preferenze dei consumatori della provincia di Trieste per l’olio extra vergine di oliva d’alta gamma
    by Sandro Sillani & Alessandro Esposito & Teresa Del Giudice & Francesco Caracciolo

  • 2014 Nonparametric estimation and inference for conditional density based Granger causality measures
    by Taamouti, Abderrahim & Bouezmarni, Taoufik & El Ghouch, Anouar

  • 2014 Nonparametric inference for counterfactual means: Bias-correction, confidence sets, and weak IV
    by Fan, Yanqin & Park, Sang Soo

  • 2014 Vorausberechnung regionaler Altersarmut: Zunahme in Ballungsräumen und in Ostdeutschland
    by Rudolf Martens

  • 2014 Real output costs of financial crises: A loss distribution approach
    by Daniel Kapp & Marco Vega

  • 2014 Professional Skills Declared by Poles - Analysis Based on Non-Metric Survey Data
    by Alicja Grzeskowiak

  • 2014 Trade Openness, Financial Development, and Economic Growth in Turkey: Linear and Nonlinear Causality Analysis
    by Muhsin KAR & Saban NAZLIOGLU & Huseyin AGIR

  • 2014 Gender Demographic Disparities In Bacau County
    by Oana Ancuta Stangaciu & Eugenia Harja

  • 2013 Weighted Euclidean biplots
    by Michael Greenacre & Patrick J. F. Groenen

  • 2013 Investigation of Iterative Algorithms for Evaluation of Capital Structure and Cost
    by Minasyan, Vigen

  • 2013 Pauvreté et microfinance au Congo Kinshasa : une approche par l’analyse factorielle discriminante
    by Ngunza Maniata, Kevin

  • 2013 On bootstrap validity for specification tests with weak instruments
    by Doko Tchatoka, Firmin

  • 2013 Okun’s Law as a Pi-to-1 ratio: A harmonic / trigonometric theory as to why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 The distance-based approach to the quantification of the world convergences and imbalances - comparisons across countries and factors
    by Horvath, Denis & Sulikova, Veronika & Gazda, Vladimir & Sinicakova, Marianna

  • 2013 Does “Okun’s Law” state a Pi:1 ratio? Toward a harmonic interpretation of why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.

  • 2013 What do we Really Know about Food Security?
    by Carlo Cafiero

  • 2013 Somewhere over the Rainbow: How to Make Effective Use of Colors in Meteorological Visualizations
    by Reto Stauffer & Georg J. Mayr & Markus Dabernig & Achim Zeileis

  • 2013 Ten Things You Should Know About the Dynamic Conditional Correlation Representation
    by Caporin, M. & McAleer, M.J.

  • 2013 Are happier people less judgmental of other people's selfish behaviors? Laboratory evidence from trust and gift exchange games
    by Drouvelis, Michalis & Powdthavee, Nattavudh

  • 2013 Social Effects in the Diffusion of solar Photovoltaic Technology in the UK
    by Laura-Lucia Richter

  • 2013 The Influence of Visitors’ Satisfaction on Expenditure Behaviour
    by Marta Disegna & Linda Osti

  • 2013 Cross-Country Data on the Quantity of Schooling: a Selective Survey and Some Quality Measures
    by Angel de la Fuente & Rafael Doménech

  • 2013 Weighted Euclidean Biplots
    by Michael Greenacre & Patrick J.F. Groenen

  • 2013 Cross-country data on the quantity of schooling: a selective survey and some quality measures
    by Rafael Domenech & Angel De la Fuente

  • 2013 Cross-country data on the quantity of schooling: a selective survey and some quality measures
    by Angel de la Fuente & Rafael Doménech

  • 2013 On the identification of fractionally cointegrated VAR models with the F(d) condition
    by Federico Carlini & Paolo Santucci de Magistris

  • 2013 Inflationary Dynamics, Persistence, and Prices and Wages Formation

  • 2013 Dinámica inflacionaria, persistencia y formación de precios y salarios

  • 2013 Reliability Level of in the Production Schedule Design in the Construction Company
    by Velina Yordanova

  • 2013 Spatial Analysis of Oil Spills from Marine Accidents in Greek Waters
    by Kostantinos Giziakis & Nikitas Kanellopoulos & Sofia Gialoutsi

  • 2013 The Analysis of the Correlation Intensity Between Emerging Market During Economic Crisis
    by Daniel ARMEANU & Cristina Andreea DOIA & Melania HANCILA & Sorin CIOACA

  • 2013 A Tale Of Two Cycles In Developing And Advanced Economies: A Country Case Study Comparison
    by Percic Stanislav & Apostoaie Constantin-Marius & Chirlesan Dan

  • 2013 Impact Of Education On Economic Growth In Mexico, 1990-2008, Impacto De La Educacion En El Crecimiento Economico En Mexico, 1990-2008
    by Juan M. Ocegueda Hernandez & Juan A. Meza Fregoso & C. Domingo Coronado García

  • 2013 Analysis and forecast of employees’ mobility on the labor market in Romania using Markov chains
    by Mariana Balan & Carmen Uzlau & Corina Maria Ene

  • 2013 Potential Currency Areas in East Asia using United States, Japan, or China as the Monetary Anchor
    by Chee Heong Quah

  • 2013 Trasmisión de choques macroeconómicos en Venezuela. Un enfoque estructural del modelo factorial
    by Bárcenas, Luis Arturo. & Chirinos, Ana María. & Pagliacci, Carolina.

  • 2013 Location patterns of service industries in France: A distance-based approach
    by Barlet, M. & Briant, A. & Crusson, L.

  • 2013 An empirical study of the information premium on electricity markets
    by Benth, Fred Espen & Biegler-König, Richard & Kiesel, Rüdiger

  • 2013 Análisis de los factores que influencian el gasto de los turistas culturales: el caso de los visitantes de museos de Medellín
    by Juan Brida & Pablo Daniel Monterubbianesi & Sandra Zapata-Aguirre

  • 2012 Fuzzy coding in constrained ordinations
    by Michael Greenacre

  • 2012 Innovative Features in Conditional Cash Transfers: An impact evaluation of Chile Solidario on households and children
    by Bruno Martorano & Marco Sanfilippo

  • 2012 A New Index Measure of Technological Capabilities for Developing Countries
    by Nabaz T. Khayyat & Jeong-Dong Lee

  • 2012 Spillover Effect in the MENA Area: Case of Four Financial Markets
    by El Alaoui, Marwane & Benbachir, Saâd

  • 2012 Measures and Motivations: U.S. National Income and Product Estimates During the Great Depression and World War II
    by Kane, Richard

  • 2012 Diseguaglianza, conflitto sociale e sindacati in America
    by Lettieri, Antonio

  • 2012 Methodological mistakes and econometric consequences
    by Zaman, Asad

  • 2012 Visitors of two types of museums: do expenditure patterns differ?
    by Brida, Juan Gabriel & Disegna, Marta & Scuderi, Raffaele

  • 2012 Estimation des élasticités du modèle de recherche d'emploi sur données françaises
    by Talarowski, David

  • 2012 Análisis de los factores que afectan la repetición de la visita a una atracción cultural: una aplicación al museo de Antioquia
    by Brida, Juan Gabriel & Monterubbianesi, Pablo Daniel & Zapata Aguirre, Sandra

  • 2012 Spatial fragmentation of industries by functions
    by Franz-Josef Bade & Eckhardt Bode & Eleonora Cutrini

  • 2012 Nonparametric tests for conditional independence using conditional distributions
    by Taamouti, Abderrahim & Bouezmarni, Taoufik

  • 2012 Nonparametric estimation and inference for Granger causality measures
    by Taamouti, Abderrahim & Bouezmarni, Taoufik & El Ghouch, Anouar

  • 2012 Fuzzy Coding in Constrained Ordinations
    by Michael Greenacre

  • 2012 Employment of Disabled People According to Law 68/1999. A Multidimensional Analysis at Regional Level
    by Massimiliano AGOVINO & Agnese RAPPOSELLI

  • 2012 Evaluation Of Dependence Of Occurrence Of Risk Events In Logistics On Risk Factors By Means Of Somers' D Coefficient
    by Alena MINÃ ROVÃ

  • 2012 Comparison of Venezuela´s minimum wage purchasing power with that in four Latin-American countries in 2008
    by Georges Jabbour & Vicente Ramírez & Carely Guada

  • 2012 The Intangible Wealth and the Sustainability of Romania’s Development in the World Context
    by Roxana Arabela DUMITRASCU & Vadim DUMITRASCU

  • 2012 Validity of Fama-French Three-Factor Model In Asset Pricing: An Application In Istanbul Stock Exchange
    by Guzeldere, , Harun & Sarioglu, Serra Eren

  • 2012 Basics of copula’s theory
    by Blagoveschensky, Yury

  • 2012 Interval estimation of the parameter of the exponential growth in the short time series: Dynamics of the tumor marker
    by Poutko, Boris & Fedorova, Natalya

  • 2012 The Evaluation of an Economic Distance Among Countries: A Novel Approach
    by Jiří Mazurek

  • 2012 Un problema de consenso para problemas de toma de decisiones multicriterio en grupo mediante relaciones de preferencia intervalares difusas lingüísticas || A Consensus Model for Group Multicriteria Decision Making Problems with Interval Fuzzy Preference Relations
    by Tapia García, Juan Miguel & Del Moral Ávila, María José & Tapia García, Cristóbal & Martínez, María de los Ángeles & Amor Pulido, Raúl

  • 2012 Faktor Analizi ile Universiteye Giris Sinavlarindaki Basari Durumuna Gore Illerin Siralanmasi
    by Münevver Turanli & Dicle Taspinar Cengiz & Omer Bozkir

  • 2012 1.5 Sigma Kaymanin Ýstatistiksel Kaymasi Nedenleri Uzerine Bir Arastirma
    by Ali Riza Firuzan & Umit Kuvvetli

  • 2012 Capacidad de predicción de los modelos GARCH simétricos aplicados a variables financieras de México 2001-2011
    by Villalba-Padilla, Fátima Irina & Flores-Ortega, Miguel

  • 2012 Algunas herramientas matemáticas para la economía y las finanzas: el movimiento Browniano y la integral de Wiener
    by Diego Chamorro

  • 2012 Spatial Agglomeration of Firms in a Traditional Business Center. A K-function Analysis
    by Carlos Garrocho & José Antonio Álvarez-Lobato & Tania Chávez

  • 2012 Assessment of multidimensional poverty and effectiveness of microfinance-driven government and NGO projects in the rural Bangladesh
    by Chowdhury, Tamgid Ahmed & Mukhopadhaya, Pundarik

  • 2012 Homogeneity bias in models of discrete choice with bounded rationality
    by Golman, Russell

  • 2012 Choosing an optimal investment strategy: The role of robust pair-copulas based portfolios
    by Mendes, Beatriz Vaz de Melo & Marques, Daniel S.

  • 2012 Confidence intervals for the quantile of treatment effects in randomized experiments
    by Fan, Yanqin & Park, Sang Soo

  • 2012 On general periodic time-varying bilinear processes
    by Bibi, Abdelouahab & Lescheb, Ines

  • 2012 The Multidimensional Approach to Poverty Measurement: Case of Morocco
    by Abdelhamid EL BOUHADI & Abdelkader ELKHIDER & El Mustapha KCHIRID

  • 2012 Stochastic Models For Credit Risk
    by Nadia STOIAN & Mariana BALAN

  • 2012 Attributes Determining Condominium Prices in Bangkok (in Thai)
    by Kiriya Kulkolkarn & Chotiwut Laophairoj

  • 2011 On some problems in discrete wavelet analysis of bivariate spectra with an application to business cycle synchronization in the euro zone
    by Bruzda, Joanna

  • 2011 The contributions of rare objects in correspondence analysis
    by Michael Greenacre

  • 2011 A simple permutation test for clusteredness
    by Michael Greenacre

  • 2011 Robustness of the Proposed Measures of Revealed Comparative Advantage
    by Ufuk Gunes Bebek

  • 2011 Perceived authenticity and museum visitors' behavior: a case of South Tirol's museum of archeology in Bolzano
    by Juan Gabriel Brida & Oksana Tokarchuk

  • 2011 The Problem of Points
    by Cantillo, Andres

  • 2011 Estimation de l'emploi sectoriel par zone d'emploi du 31.12.1989 au 31.12.2010 – Compléments à la série 1998–2007 de l'INSEE
    by Buda, Rodolphe

  • 2011 Séries longues d'emploi salarié régional sectoriel français 1967–2006
    by Buda, Rodolphe

  • 2011 Growth and financial reforms trajectory: an optimal matching sequence analysis approach
    by Bicaba, Zorobabel

  • 2011 The Golden Mean, the Arab Spring and a 10-step analysis of American economic history
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.

  • 2011 Investigating the cultural patterns of corruption: A nonparametric analysis
    by Halkos, George & Tzeremes, Nickolaos

  • 2011 Moderation Effect of Market Condition on the Relationship between Dividend Yield and Stock Return
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