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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B2: History of Economic Thought since 1925
/ / / B25: Historical; Institutional; Evolutionary; Austrian; Stockholm School
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  1. > Schools of Economic Thought, Epistemology of Economics > Heterodox Approaches > Institutional Economics

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Az intézményi gazdaságtan és a főáram
    by Csaba, László

  • 2017 Institutions, Corruption and Entrepreneurship Quality. The Romanian Case [Instituţii, corupţie şi calitatea antreprenoriatului. Cazul României]
    by Pană Marius-Cristian

  • 2017 Entrepreneurial Theory and Economic Systems – An Austrian View from Two Different Perspectives [Teoria antreprenorială şi sistemele economice – O viziune austriacă din două perspective diferite]
    by Apăvăloaei Matei Alexandru

  • 2017 Monetary Policy Crisis Management as a Threat to Economic Order
    by Andreas Freytag & Gunther Schnabl

  • 2017 Competition or conflict? Beyond traditional ordo-liberalism
    by Dold, Malte & Krieger, Tim

  • 2017 Zur Zukunft der Europäischen Union aus ordnungspolitischer Perspektive
    by Schnabl, Gunther & Müller, Sebastian

  • 2017 Who is John Galt? Un análisis de la crisis financiera de 2008 desde la óptica de la Escuela Austríaca
    by Diego Rijos

  • 2017 Fission, Forking, and Fine Tuning
    by Richard N. Langlois

  • 2017 The Origins of Private Property
    by Colombatto, Enrico & Tavormina, Valerio

  • 2017 Alternative User Costs, Productivity and Inequality in US Business Sectors
    by W. Erwin Diewert & Kevin J. Fox

  • 2017 Bringing Institutions into Economics when Teaching Economics as a Minor Subject
    by Martin Kniepert

  • 2017 Three comments on ”Gordon Tullock and the rational choice commitment”
    by Kurrild-Klitgaard, Peter

  • 2017 The Recurrence of Long Cycles: Theories, Stylized Facts and Figures
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris & Papageorgiou, Aris

  • 2017 Структурные Или Институциональные Сдвиги? Попытка Измерения На Примере Банковского Сектора
    by Vernikov, Andrei

  • 2017 The Rise and Fall of the Subsistence Fund as a Resource Constraint in Austrian Business Cycle Theory
    by Braun, Eduard & Howden, David

  • 2017 Private Equity Fund Structures in Czech Republic within the Framework of the New Institutional Economics
    by Martina Skalicka, & Marek Zinecker & Tomas Meluzin

  • 2017 Private Equity Fund Structures in Czech Republic within the Framework of the New Institutional Economics
    by Martina Skalická & Marek Zinecker & Tomáš Meluzin

  • 2017 The Role of Agents’ Propensity toward Conformity and Independence in the Process of Institutional Change
    by Angela Ambrosino

  • 2017 Endogenous money: an heterodox synthesis (In French)
    by Léo MALHERBE

  • 2017 The "Modern Monetary Theory": An extension of Radical Political Economy
    by Esteban Cruz-Hidalgo & Francisco M. Parejo-Moruno

  • 2017 Formation of Behavioural Finance as the Natural Stage of the Human Model Evolution in Economics
    by Viktor Ivanitskiy & Sergey Aleksandrovich

  • 2017 Economic Liberalism in the school of Salamanca and its influence institutional and organizational development
    by José G. Vargas-Hernández & Víctor Manuel Castillo Girón

  • 2017 Heterogeneity of habits as a foundation for Schumpeterian economic policy
    by Markus C. Becker & Thorbjørn Knudsen

  • 2017 The magic market and the Nobel turn: a review article
    by K. Vela Velupillai

  • 2017 Cluster policies and cluster institutions: an opportunity to bind economic and social dimensions?
    by Anastasiia Konstantynova & James R. Wilson

  • 2017 National Schools of Economic Thought in Germany and the Theory of Social Market Economy
    by Khudokormov, Alexander G. & Nevskiy, Sergey I.

  • 2017 La lezione siciliana di Paolo Sylos Labini, 1958-1960 (Paolo Sylos Labini’s Sicilian Lesson, 1958-1960)
    by Anna Maria Rita La Bruna

  • 2017 Inštitucionálne a makroekonomické prostreide firiem
    by Zuzana Kittová & Dušan Steinhauser

  • 2017 Dirigiste Economy and Economic Planning – Theoretical Analyses and Debates Among the Bulgarian Economists During the 1930s
    by Pencho Penchev

  • 2017 Socio-cultural Evolution, Institutionalized Dispositions, And Rational Expressive Behavior
    by Hiroaki HAYAKAWA

  • 2017 Instytucionalistics
    by Aleksandr Viktor CHERNOVALOV & Pavel Viktor CHERNOVALOV

  • 2017 Human agency and convergence: Gaus’s Kantian Parliamentarian
    by Michael C. Munger

  • 2017 The rise and fall of the subsistence fund as a resource constraint in Austrian business cycle theory
    by Eduard Braun & David Howden

  • 2017 The unresolved problem of gratuitous credit in Austrian banking theory
    by Raymond C. Niles

  • 2017 Shaping The Future Of The European Union: Quo Vadis Eu?
    by Alina Ligia Dumitrescu

  • 2017 Ludwig Von Mises y el rol del economista: un enfoque histórico
    by Víctor Espinosa Loyola

  • 2017 El liberalismo clásico de James M. Buchanan
    by Alejandra M. Salinas

  • 2017 Les lois de l’imitation et de l’invention : Gabriel Tarde et l’économie évolutionniste de l’innovation
    by Faridah Djellal & Faïz Gallouj

  • 2017 Can News Draw Blood? The Impact of Media Coverage on the Number and Severity of Terror Attacks
    by Beckmann Klaus B. & Dewenter Ralf & Thomas Tobias

  • 2017 Capital Valuation, What is it and Why does it Matter? Insights from Austrian Capital Theory
    by Lewin Peter

  • 2016 Economic theory in IMEMO
    by V. Avtonomov.

  • 2016 Can news draw blood? The impact of media coverage on the number and severity of terror attacks
    by Beckmann, Klaus & Dewenter, Ralf & Thomas, Tobias

  • 2016 Chicago Economics in the Making, 1926-1940. A Further Look at US Interwar Pluralism
    by Luca Fiorito & Sebastiano Nerozzi

  • 2016 Looking at Piketty from the Periphery
    by Luis Bértola

  • 2016 Alternative User Costs, Rates of Return and TFP Growth Rates for the US Nonfinancial Corporate and Noncorporate Business Sectors: 1960-2014
    by Diewert, W. Erwin & Fox, Kevin J.

  • 2016 Can news draw blood? The impact of media coverage on the number and severity of terror attacks
    by Beckmann, Klaus & Dewenter, Ralf & Thomas, Tobias

  • 2016 A critique of the Richardson equations
    by Beckmann, Klaus & Gattke, Susan & Lechner, Anja & Reimer, Lennart

  • 2016 Неокласическата парадигма и проблема за „фирмата“/ Neoclassical Paradigm and the Problem of Firm
    by Tchipev, Plamen D

  • 2016 Фирмата в Теорията на транзакционните разходи/The Firm as Transaction Cost Economics Concept
    by Tchipev, Plamen D

  • 2016 The Narrow and the Broad Approach to Evolutionary Modeling in Economics
    by Heinrich, Torsten

  • 2016 The complementary relationship between institutional and complexity economics: The example of deep mechanismic explanations
    by Gräbner, Claudius

  • 2016 “Reviewing Path Dependence Theory in Economics: Micro–Foundations of Endogenous Change Processes”
    by Gigante, Anna Azzurra

  • 2016 Schumpeter, Veblen and Bourdieu on Institutions and the Formation of Habits
    by Bögenhold, Dieter & Michaelides, Panayotis G. & Papageorgiou, Theofanis

  • 2016 The Freedom of the Prices: Hayek's Road to Serfdom Reassessed
    by Makovi, Michael

  • 2016 Qwerty, Йцукен И Српска Ћирилица: Треба Ли Нам Нови Стандард?
    by Bukvić, Rajko

  • 2016 The Foreign Policy of a Democratic Socialist Regime: From Intervention to Protection to Warfare
    by Makovi, Michael

  • 2016 Labor Economics in a Planned Economy: F. A. Hayek and John Jewkes on the Impossibility of Democratic Socialism
    by Makovi, Michael

  • 2016 Interest Groups and the Impossibility of Democratic Socialism: Hayek, Jewkes, and the Arrow Theorem
    by Makovi, Michael

  • 2016 The Impossibility of Democratic Socialism: Two Conceptions of Democracy
    by Makovi, Michael

  • 2016 The Economic Problem of a Community: ontological reflections inspired by the Socialist Calculation Debate
    by Diogo Lourenço & Mário Graça Moura

  • 2016 Hayek on Expectations: The Interplay between two Complex Systems
    by Agnès Festré & Pierre Garrouste

  • 2016 F. A. Hayek and the economic calculus
    by Caldwell, Bruce

  • 2016 Survival Value And A Robust, Practical, Joyless Individualism: Thomas Nixon Carver, Social Justice, And Eugenics
    by Luca Fiorito & Cosma Orsi

  • 2016 Subreption, Radical Institutionalism, and Economic Evolution
    by John Hall Author-Email: & Joe Mitchell-Nelson

  • 2016 The Conundrum of Greece and the Eurozone: Puzzles, Paradoxes and Contradictions
    by Yiannis Kitromilides

  • 2016 Economic Growth of a Rapidly Developing Economy: Theoretical Formulation
    by Oleg Sukharev

  • 2016 Behavior and cognition of economic actors in evolutionary economics
    by Richard R. Nelson

  • 2016 In the New Institutional Economics Approach R. Coase and Law, D. North and Social Psychology Context: Pluralist Approach Opportunities in Economics
    by Selma Sevinç ORHAN

  • 2016 Modern Makroiktisadi Uzlaşının Kayıp Ekonomi Politiği: Yerleşik Formalist, Yerleşik Kuramsal ve Yerleşik Politik Uzlaşı
    by Selma Sevinç ORHAN

  • 2016 O poszukiwaniu przyczyn bogactwa i nędzy narodów w teorii Darona Acemoglu i Jamesa A. Robinsona
    by Joanna Dzionek-Kozłowska & Rafał Matera

  • 2016 The new institutional economics - main theories
    by Emilia Obiñska-Wajda

  • 2016 The Driving Forces of Diffusion in John R. Commons’ Institutional Economics
    by Kitagawa, Kota

  • 2016 The impact of socio-cultural factors on transaction costs and the competitive advantages of the company
    by Nikishina, Elena

  • 2016 Czech Economist Karel Engliš and his Relation to The Austrian School in the First Half of the 20th Century
    by Ilona Bažantová

  • 2016 Fisher and Mises on Zero Interest: A Reconsideration
    by Pavel Potužák

  • 2016 Growth of the World Population in the Past 12,000 Years and Its Link to the Economic Growth
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2016 The Institutional Fundamentals of Turkey's Economic Performance: A New Institutional Perspective
    by Yýldýrým Beyazýt ÇÝÇEN

  • 2016 Adómorál, bizalom és kényszerek - adózási motivációk Magyarországon korrupciós botrányok idején
    by Boda, Zsolt & Bartha, Attila

  • 2016 Truth or precision? Some reflections on the economists’ failure to predict the financial crisis
    by Nicola Giocoli

  • 2016 The perils of copyright regulation
    by Ryan Safner

  • 2016 Hayek’s monetary theory and policy: A note on alleged inconsistency
    by Martin Komrska & Marek Hudík

  • 2016 Two minds that never met: Frank H. Knight on John M. Keynes once again – a documentary note. Perham C. Nahl's notes from Frank H. Knight's course on Business Cycles, University of California, 1936
    by Carlo Cristiano & Luca Fiorito

  • 2016 Formal definitions of information and knowledge and their role in growth through structural change
    by Hilbert, Martin

  • 2016 [Ensayo] Liberalismo e instituciones: Douglass North y la economía neoclásica
    by Ricardo Kerguelén Méndez

  • 2015 Which Human Qualities Can Economic Liberalism Be Based on?
    by V. Avtonomov.

  • 2015 G. Knapp’s State Theory of Money: History and Current Perspectives
    by A. Dubyansky.

  • 2015 Pereat Iustitia, Fiat Mundus: What is Left of the European Economic Constitution after the OMT-Litigation?
    by Christian Joerges

  • 2015 Hayeks Überinvestitionstheorie
    by Quaas, Friedrun & Quaas, Georg

  • 2015 Theories of finance and financial crisis: Lessons for the Great Recession
    by Dodig, Nina & Herr, Hansjörg

  • 2015 The formal-informal economy dualism in a retrospective of economic thought since the 1940s
    by Clement, Christine

  • 2015 Die Volkswirtschaftslehre an der Hochschule für Welthandel, 1918–1973
    by Hansjörg Klausinger

  • 2015 The Nationalökonomische Gesellschaft (Austrian Economic Association, NOeG) in the Interwar Period and Beyond
    by Hansjörg Klausinger

  • 2015 Latin American Economic History: looking backwards for the future
    by Luis Bértola & Javier Rodríguez Weber

  • 2015 The Theory of Capital as a Theory of Capitalism – Hidden Austrian Contributions to a Historically Specific Approach to Capital
    by Eduard Braun

  • 2015 MINIMUM WAGE AND BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IN ROMANIA: AN INSTITUTIONAL PERSPECTIVE (International Conference "Recent Advances in Economic and Social Research", 13-14 mai 2015, București)
    by Marius-Cristian Pana

  • 2015 The Boulding-Richardson Model Revisited
    by Beckmann, Klaus & Gattke, Susan & Reimer, Lennart

  • 2015 Evolution-Based Approaches in Economics and Evolutionary Loss of Information
    by Heinrich, Torsten

  • 2015 Ludwig M. Lachmann contro la Scuola di Cambridge
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2015 At the Root of Economic Fluctuations: Expectations, Preferences and Innovation. Theoretical Framework and Empirical Evidences
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2015 Entrepreneurship: State of grace or human action? Schumpeter’s leadership vs Kirzner’s alertness
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2015 Rethinking of Coase Theorem: Externalities and Uncertainty
    by Kuzmin, Evgeny A. & Semyonovykh, Sergei M.

  • 2015 Behavioural rules: Veblen, Nelson-Winter, Oström and beyond
    by Blind, Georg

  • 2015 F. A. Hayek'in Bilgisizlik Teorisi Çerçevesinde Piyasa, Denge ve Planlama
    by Göcen, Serdar

  • 2015 Two Opposing Economic-Literary Critiques of Socialism: George Orwell Versus Eugen Richter and Henry Hazlitt
    by Makovi, Michael

  • 2015 Conceptual Challenges of Observability for Transaction Sector in Economy
    by Kuzmin, Evgeny A. & Berdyugina, Oksana N. & Karkh, Dmitri A.

  • 2015 Two Opposing Economic-Literary Critiques of Socialism: George Orwell Versus Eugen Richter and Henry Hazlitt
    by Makovi, Michael

  • 2015 George Orwell and the Incoherence of Democratic Socialism
    by Makovi, Michael

  • 2015 Ordoliberalism and the macroeconomic policy in the face of the euro crisis
    by Michal Moszynski

  • 2015 Ordoliberalizm a polityka makroekonomiczna w obliczu kryzysu strefy euro
    by Michal Moszynski

  • 2015 The implications of the concept of exaptation for a theory of economic change
    by Giovanni Bonifati

  • 2015 Is Monetary Financing Inflationary? A Case Study of the Canadian Economy, 1935-75
    by Josh Ryan-Collins

  • 2015 The Rise of Money and Class Society: The Contributions of John F. Henry
    by Alla Semenova & L. Randall Wray

  • 2015 Regional Economic Development, Social Capital and Governance: A Comparative Institutional Analysis France - Sweden
    by Karlsson, Charlie & Rouchy, Philippe

  • 2015 Regional Economic Development, Social Capital and Governance: A Buchanian Approach
    by Karlsson, Charlie & Rouchy, Philippe

  • 2015 The Road to Servomechanisms: The Influence of Cybernetics on Hayek from The Sensory Order to the Social Order
    by Gabriel Oliva

  • 2015 Michael Polanyi's Economics: A Strange Rapprochement
    by Agnès Festré & Pierre Garrouste

  • 2015 Theories of finance and financial crisis – Lessons for the Great Recession
    by Nina Dodig & Hansjorg Herr

  • 2015 Friedrich Hayek and his visits to Chile
    by Caldwell, Bruce & Montes, Leonidas

  • 2015 Spontaneous order and social norms. Hayek’s theory of socio-cultural evolution
    by Gedeon, Péter

  • 2015 Explicaciones Austriacas y Estructuralistas de la Crisis Financiera Internacional de 2008
    by Juan David Rojas Calle

  • 2015 A Study on the Asymmetry of the News Aspect of the Stock Market: Evidence from Three Institutional Investors in the Taiwan Stock Market
    by Tzu-Yi Yang & Yu-Tai Yang

  • 2015 Entrepreneurial Attitudes of Students from the Selected Lublin Universities vs the Development of Academic Entrepreneurship (Ekonomia ewolucyjna jako jeden z nurtow wspolczesnej ekonomii – zarys problematyki)
    by Tomasz Zalega

  • 2015 Behavioural Economics as a New Trend in Economics – An Overview (Ekonomia behawioraln jako nowy nurt ekonomii - zarys problemtyki)
    by Tomasz Zalega

  • 2015 L’alternative monétaire Bitcoin : une perspective institutionnaliste
    by Lakomski-Laguerre, Odile & Desmedt, Ludovic

  • 2015 The Treatment of “Irrationality” in the Social Sciences (Parts I—IV)
    by Mises, Ludwig von

  • 2015 The interpretation of "irrationality" in the social sciences (Chapters V- IX)
    by Mises, Ludwig von

  • 2015 Ordoliberalism And The Macroeconomic Policy In The Face Of The Euro Crisis
    by Michal Moszynski

  • 2015 Institutional Determinants Of Regional Diversity Of Labor Market In Poland
    by Beata Wozniak-Jechorek

  • 2015 Guidelines for Institutional Changes in the Residential Real Estates Market
    by Nadya Gilina

  • 2015 Disproportionality and Business Cycle from Tugan-Baranovskij to Spiethoff
    by Carmelo Ferlito

  • 2015 Baudrillard Goes to Kyiv: Institutional Simulacra in Transition
    by Christopher Andrew HARTWELL

  • 2015 Historical Features of a Weekly Structured Economy : The Case Study of Romania
    by GHIORGHITA Eugen

  • 2015 Rethinking of Coase Theorem: Externalities and Uncertainty
    by Evgeny A. Kuzmin & Sergei M. Semyonovykh

  • 2015 La dinámica del empresario en la sociedad. De la Escuela Austriaca a la economía social de mercado
    by Santiago García Echevarría

  • 2015 Schumpeterian innovations, financial innovations and instability: An institutional perspective
    by Faruk Ülgen

  • 2015 Du libéralisme historique à la crise sociale du xx e siècle. La lecture de Wilhelm Röpke
    by Raphaël Fèvre

  • 2015 Post-Communist Capitalism: Still Elusive
    by BURNETE Sorin

  • 2015 Economics Of Integration. A Debate Outline
    by Liviu C. ANDREI

  • 2015 Economics as a Discipline of Instrumental Reason. Looking at Economics as a Science from the Perspective of the Frankfurt School of Philosophy
    by Jagoda Komusińska

  • 2015 The Changing Face of Economics? Ethical Issues in Contemporary Economic Schools as a Consequence of Changes in the Concept of Human Nature
    by Anna Horodecka

  • 2015 Spontaneous order and social norms. Hayek’s theory of socio-cultural evolution
    by Péter Gedeon

  • 2014 Institutional Economics and Education: The Case of Early School Leaving [Economia instituţională şi educaţia: cazul abandonului şcolar]
    by Pană Marius-Cristian

  • 2014 General Equilibrium Theory in Soviet Economic Science: Bibliometric Analysis
    by E. Malkov.

  • 2014 Finance and crisis: Marxian, institutionalist and circuitist approaches
    by Argitis, Georgios & Evans, Trevor & Michell, Jo & Toporowski, Jan

  • 2014 Walter Eucken's role in the early history of the Mont Pèlerin Society
    by Kolev, Stefan & Goldschmidt, Nils & Hesse, Jan-Otmar

  • 2014 Price Level Stabilization: Hayek and New Keynesians
    by Pavel Potuzak

  • 2014 Методологические Возможности “Блумингтонской Школы”: И Перспективы Развития Современного Неоинституционализма
    by Barbashin, Maksim

  • 2014 Il Ciclo Naturale. Perche' le fluttuazioni economiche sono inevitabili. Un'estensione schumpeteriana della teoria austriaca del ciclo economico
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2014 Ludwig M. Lachmann Against the Cambridge School. Macroeconomics, Microfoundations, Expectations, Rate of Profit, Equilibrium and Innovations
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2014 Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 El capital en el siglo XXI de Thomas Piketty
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 On Schumpeter’s 'The Past and Future of Social Sciences'. A Schumpeterian Theory of Scientific Development?
    by Lucarelli, Stefano & Baron, Hervé

  • 2014 Historia de la Economía Cafetera: Colombia
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 Tax Power and Economics
    by Estrada, Fernando & González, Jorge Iván

  • 2014 Schumpeter y la Historia del Pensamiento Económico
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 Trapped by the high-tech myth: The need and chances for a new policy rationale
    by Havas, Attila

  • 2014 From Custom to Law – Hayek revisited
    by Rossi, Guido & Spagano, Salvatore

  • 2014 Trust in banks: a tentative conceptual framework
    by Butzbach, Olivier

  • 2014 Evolutionary Economics and Household Behavior
    by Charles Yuji Horioka

  • 2014 Institutional determinants of regional diversity of labor market in Poland
    by Beata Wozniak-Jechorek

  • 2014 Adam Smith's "Tolerable Administration of Justice" and the Wealth of Nations
    by Douglas A. Irwin

  • 2014 Costly Institutions as Substitutes: Novelty and Limits of the Coasian Approach
    by Ugo Pagano & Massimiliano Vatiero

  • 2014 From the State Theory of Money to Modern Money Theory: An Alternative to Economic Orthodoxy
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2014 Econometric Society 1930: How It Got Founded
    by Bjerkholt, Olav

  • 2014 Co-evolution of Technology and Institutions: Government Regulation and Technological Creativity in the Swedish Moped History 1952–70
    by Blomkvist, Pär & Emanuel, Martin

  • 2014 Atanasoff’s invention input and early computing state of knowledge
    by Rouchy, Philippe

  • 2014 A Hayekian Explanation of Hayek's "Epistemic Turn"
    by Scott Scheall

  • 2014 Friedrich Hayek and His Visits to Chile
    by Bruce Caldwell & Leonidas Montes

  • 2014 Finance and Crisis; Marxian, Institutionalist and Circuitist approaches
    by Georgios Argitis & Trevor Evans & Jo Michell & Jan Toporowski

  • 2014 There are several ways to incorporate evolutionary concepts into economic thinking
    by Christian Cordes

  • 2014 Integration in Organisationen. Revision intrasystemischer Instrumente und Entwicklung zentraler Theoreme
    by Stein, Volker

  • 2014 Economics of Qwerty and Fgğıod
    by Şama, İbrahim Yaşar

  • 2014 Reflections on the Impact of the New Economic, Sociological and Historical Institutionalism in Institutional Social Policy
    by Vargas-Hernandez, José G.

  • 2014 Los inicios de la Experiencia Cooperativa Mondragón
    by Rafael Altuna & Eguzki Urteaga

  • 2014 Kurumsal Yapı ve İktisadi Büyüme İlişkisi: Türkiye Örneği
    by Seyfettin ARTAN & Pınar HAYALOĞLU

  • 2014 The Invisible Foot
    by Robin Hahnel

  • 2014 Evolutionary economics and household behavior
    by Charles Yuji Horioka

  • 2014 On the cusp of budget transformation: the work for an inclusive budget process under the Aquino administration
    by Florencio B. Abad

  • 2014 Institutions: Uncertainty In Definition Of The Term. A Brief Look At The History: 1890-1930
    by Tamila Arnania-Kepuladze

  • 2014 A New Managerial Tool For Scenarios In Scheduling
    by George Cristian Gruia & Michal Kavan

  • 2014 The Emerging World Order

  • 2014 The Natural Cycle: WHY Economic Fluctuations are Inevitable. A Schumpeterian Extension of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory
    by Carmelo Ferlito

  • 2014 Economics of Qwerty and Fgðýod
    by Ýbrahim Yaþar ÞAMA

  • 2014 Romanian Economic Thinking Interwar Concepts of Economic Policy
    by Ion Gr. Ionescu

  • 2014 Asia, laboratorio de los capitalismos… y de las teorías económicas
    by Robert Boyer.

  • 2014 Diversity in patterns of industry evolution: How an intrapreneurial regime contributed to the emergence of the service robot industry
    by Lechevalier, Sébastien & Nishimura, Junichi & Storz, Cornelia

  • 2014 Cycles «versus» growth in schumpeter A graphical interpretation of some core theoretical remarks
    by Niels Geiger

  • 2014 Capital circulation and the explanation of economic change by Marschak, Frisch and Leontief
    by Amanar Akhabbar

  • 2014 How pursuing wealth annihilates the arts of life. Interpretative essay of Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren from J. M. Keynes (1930)
    by Antonin Pottier

  • 2014 Albert O. Hirschman y la economía del desarrollo: lecciones para el presente
    by Jimena Hurtado

  • 2014 The National Bank Of Romania From State Body To Autonomus Authority
    by Roxana RADU & Georgeta GHIONEA

  • 2014 An Overview On The Banking System From Oltenia (1944-1948)
    by Georgeta GHIONEA

  • 2014 D'une « démocratie créatrice » à un « capitalisme raisonnable ». Lecture croisée de la philosophie de J. Dewey et de l'économie de J.R. Commons
    by Laure Bazzoli & Véronique Dutraive

  • 2014 L'institution de la famille. Un nouveau motif de séparation entre Commons et Veblen
    by Philippe Broda

  • 2014 What If Marx And Veblen Met…
    by Bahar Araz Takay & Derya Güler Aydın

  • 2013 A Short Insight into the Schools of Economic Thinking Evolution on the Notions of Market and Competition (II) [Scurtă incursiune în evoluţia teoriilor economice privind noţiunile de piaţă şi concurenţă (II)]
    by Marcu Nicu, Pătrulescu Victor, Crăciun Lucia

  • 2013 A Short Insight into the Schools of Economic Thinking Evolution on the Notions of Market and Competition (I) [Scurtă incursiune în evoluţia teoriilor economice privind noţiunile de piaţă şi concurenţă (I)]
    by Marcu Nicu, Pătrulescu Victor, Crăciun Lucia

  • 2013 Liberal Political Economy and Philosophy of James Buchanan
    by A. Zaostrovtsev.

  • 2013 Parallel Money in the Russian Economic Literature of the XIX—XX centuries
    by A. Dubyansky.

  • 2013 Economic Thinking about Transnational Governance: Blind Spots and Historical Perspectives
    by Hans-Michael Trautwein

  • 2013 On the bottom-up foundations of the banking-macro nexus
    by Wäckerle, Manuel

  • 2013 Academic Anti-Semitism and the Austrian School: Vienna, 1918–1945
    by Hansjoerg Klausinger

  • 2013 John von Neumann between Physics and Economics: A Methodological Note
    by Luca Lambertini

  • 2013 Bruno Leoni and the Socialist Economic Calculation Debate
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2013 Institutional Cognitive Economics: some recent developments
    by Gigante, Anna Azzurra

  • 2013 The Oomph in economic philosophy: a bibliometric analysis of the main trends, from the 1960s to the present
    by Yalcintas, Altug

  • 2013 Mises, Hayek and Corruption
    by Tomas Otahal

  • 2013 Spontaneous Orders and the Emergence of Economically Powerful Cities
    by Palmberg, Johanna

  • 2013 L'articulation économie, droit et politique dans la pensée ordolibérale
    by Marc Deschamps

  • 2013 Re-Reading the New Institutional Economics in Market-State Dilemma
    by Akansel, İlkben

  • 2013 The Informal Economy in Monsoon Asia and Melanesia: West New Guinea and the Malay World
    by John D. Conroy

  • 2013 Valor, Capital e Instituições Sociais em Carl Menger: as contribuições de uma obra inacabada
    by Eduardo Albuquerque

  • 2013 On the bottom-up foundations of the banking-macro nexus
    by Wäckerle, Manuel

  • 2013 Can personalism inspire economics?
    by Luca Sandonà

  • 2013 John von Neumann between Physics and Economics: A methodological note

  • 2013 Las decisiones de los economistas: Coase y los sesgos cognitivos en el trabajo teórico
    by Mario García Molina & Liliana Chicaíza Becerra

  • 2013 Mercado y virtud o cómo complicar la economía. A propósito de Las pasiones y los intereses, de Albert Hirschman
    by Alberto Castrillón

  • 2013 Keynes, Hobson, Marx
    by Robert Slidelsky

  • 2013 Keynes, Hobson, Marx
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