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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P2: Socialist Systems and Transition Economies
/ / / P28: Natural Resources; Environment
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Households’ Energy Mix Selection in Pakistan
    by Muhammad Irfan & Michael P. Cameron & Gazi Hassan

  • 2017 Household Energy Elasticities in Pakistan: An Application of the LA-AIDS Model on Pooled Household Data
    by Muhammad Irfan & Michael P. Cameron & Gazi Hassan

  • 2017 Volatility spillovers and causality of carbon emissions, oil and coal spot and futures for the EU and USA
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer & Guangdong Zuo

  • 2017 Volatility Spillovers and Causality of Carbon Emissions, Oil and Coal Spot and Futures for the EU and USA
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer & Guangdong Zuo

  • 2017 Mars: Economic Analysis of Constructing Sustainable Open-Air Human Settlements in The Martian Environment
    by Hegadekatti, Kartik

  • 2017 Planning and Construction of Canop-E Networks for Inclusive, Sustainable Growth in Developing Countries (E.g.- India)
    by Hegadekatti, Kartik

  • 2017 FDI and Economic Growth: A Changing Relationship Across Country and Overtime
    by Hayat, Arshad & Cahlik, Tomas

  • 2017 Computational analysis of source receptor air pollution problems
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki

  • 2017 Biofuels Markets and Policies in Ukraine
    by Janda, Karel & Stankus, Elena

  • 2017 Biofuels Markets and Policies in Russia
    by Janda, Karel & Stankus, Elena

  • 2017 Quantification of Biofuels Potential of Post-Soviet Countries in the Context of Global Biofuels Development
    by Janda, Karel & Stankus, Elena

  • 2017 Biofuels Markets and Policies in Belarus
    by Janda, Karel & Stankus, Elena

  • 2017 Bivariate modelling of the financial development-fossil fuel consumption nexus in Ghana
    by Yeboah Asuamah, Samuel

  • 2017 A Bivariate Modelling of the Electricity Consumption-Financial Development Nexus for Ghana
    by Yeboah Asuamah, Samuel

  • 2017 FDI and economic growth: Evidence on the Role of the Size of Natural Resource Sector
    by hayat, arshad

  • 2017 An econometric modelling of financial development-aggregate energy consumption nexus for Ghana
    by Yeboah Asuamah, Samuel

  • 2017 Coal mining in Central-East Europe in perspective of industrial risk
    by Izabela Jonek-Kowalska

  • 2017 Socio-economic and enviromental effects of bioenergy based on wood ine the development of remote areas
    by Natalia Vukovic & Andrey Mehrentsev & Evgeny Starikov

  • 2017 Optimal energy policy for a carbon tax in Japan
    by Shibata, Tsubasa

  • 2017 Adverse Welfare Shocks and Pro-Environmental Behaviour: Evidence from the Global Economic Crisis
    by Ivlevs, Artjoms

  • 2017 Methodology for Assessing the Quality of Agribusiness Activity Based on the Environmentally Responsible Approach
    by Anna Anfinogentova & Mikhail Dudin & Nikolai Lyasnikov & Oleg Protsenko

  • 2017 Renewable energy, non-renewable energy, carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth in selected Mediterranean countries
    by Maha Harbaoui Zrelli

  • 2017 Coal Mining In Central-East Europe In Perspective Of Industrial Risk
    by Izabela Jonek-Kowalska

  • 2017 Clusters in the Renewable Energy Sector in Poland
    by Michal Staszkow & Michal Borychowski & Filip Nowacki

  • 2017 Path to carbonization: The new silk road
    by Jan-Erik LANE

  • 2017 “What are we Wauting for?" Professor Stern Bypasses the Juggernaut Links in Climate Change
    by Jan-Erik LANE

  • 2017 Energy Use and Growth of Manufacturing Sector: Evidence from Turkey
    by Idoko Ahmed Itodo & Shahrzad Safaeimanesh & Festus Victor Bekun

  • 2017 Sustainability policy as if people mattered: developing a framework for environmentally significant behavioral change
    by Chad M. Baum & Christian Gross

  • 2017 Production and Prospects of Using Biological Fuel in Vinnytsia Region
    by Olena Skoruk

  • 2017 Improving Ecological Performance of Design Processes Accounting for Product Life Cycle
    by Marina Vladimirovna Grafkina & Evgeniya Yurevna Sviridova & Elena Evgenyevna Sdobnyakova

  • 2017 Energy consumption, CO2 emissions, and economic growth: An ethical dilemma
    by Antonakakis, Nikolaos & Chatziantoniou, Ioannis & Filis, George

  • 2017 Energy consumption to environmental degradation, the growth appetite in SAARC nations
    by Rehman, Mobeen Ur & Rashid, Mushab

  • 2017 Identifying the driving forces of national and regional CO2 emissions in China: Based on temporal and spatial decomposition analysis models
    by Li, Hao & Zhao, Yuhuan & Qiao, Xiaoyong & Liu, Ya & Cao, Ye & Li, Yue & Wang, Song & Zhang, Zhonghua & Zhang, Yongfeng & Weng, Jianfeng

  • 2017 On the convergence in China's provincial per capita energy consumption: New evidence from a spatial econometric analysis
    by Hao, Yu & Peng, Hui

  • 2017 The effects of stock market growth and renewable energy use on CO2 emissions: Evidence from G20 countries
    by Paramati, Sudharshan Reddy & Mo, Di & Gupta, Rakesh

  • 2017 Multiplicative structural decomposition analysis of aggregate embodied energy and emission intensities
    by Su, Bin & Ang, B.W.

  • 2017 Spatial spillover effects in determining China's regional CO2 emissions growth: 2007–2010
    by Meng, Bo & Wang, Jianguo & Andrew, Robbie & Xiao, Hao & Xue, Jinjun & Peters, Glen P.

  • 2017 Financing clean energy projects through domestic and foreign capital: The role of political cooperation among the EU, the G20 and OECD countries
    by Paramati, Sudharshan Reddy & Apergis, Nicholas & Ummalla, Mallesh

  • 2017 Energy rebound effect in China's Industry: An aggregate and disaggregate analysis
    by Zhang, Yue-Jun & Peng, Hua-Rong & Su, Bin

  • 2017 Issues for Long-range Projection of International Energy Markets through the Prism of Sustainable Development
    by Igbal Guliyev & Igor Litvinyuk

  • 2017 A New Era of Pollution Progress in Urban China?
    by Siqi Zheng & Matthew E. Kahn

  • 2016 On the methodology of institutional studies
    by A. Shastitko.

  • 2016 Agricultural policies in Kazakhstan
    by Petrick, Martin & Pomfret, Richard

  • 2016 Obstacles to crop diversification and cotton harvest mechanisation: Farm survey evidence from two contrasting districts in Uzbekistan
    by Petrick, Martin & Djanibekov, Nodir

  • 2016 Climate change impacts: Understanding the synergetic interactions using graph computing
    by Halkos, George & Tsilika, Kyriaki

  • 2016 Neural Network Models of Regulating Natural Capital Funds for Renewable Energy
    by Alsayyed, Nidal & Zhu, Weihang

  • 2016 Nationwide Sustainable Financing Model Structure for Entrepreneurial Solar Photovoltaic Projects
    by Alsayyed, Nidal & Zhu, Weihang

  • 2016 De communismi legibus
    by Fundelizzi, Stefano

  • 2016 A Preliminary Model of Regulating Natural Capital Funds for Renewable Energy
    by Alsayyed, Nidal & Zhu, Weihang

  • 2016 Japan’s Ultimately Unaccursed Natural Resources-Financed Industrialization
    by Randall Morck & Masao Nakamura

  • 2016 Controlling SO2 emissions in China: A panel data analysis of the 11th Five-Year Plan
    by Teng Ma & Kenji Takeuchi

  • 2016 Central and East European diversification under new gas market conditions
    by Csaba Weiner

  • 2016 Picking the winner: Measuring urban sustainability in India
    by B. Sudhakara Reddy & Arpit Tiwari

  • 2016 Economic dynamics and technology diffusion in Indian power sector
    by B. Sudhakara Reddy

  • 2016 Analysis of Awareness on Biogas Adoption as the Alternative Energy through the Blue Economy Concept Application
    by Nurul Istiqomah

  • 2016 Economic growth and particulate pollution concentrations in China
    by David I. Stern & Donglan Zha

  • 2016 The economics of global LNG trade: the case of Atlantic and Pacific inter-basin arbitrage in 2010-2014
    by Chi-Kong Chyong & Roman Kazmin

  • 2016 Economic growth and particulate pollution concentrations in China
    by David I. Stern & Donglan Zha

  • 2016 Cognitive abilities and air pollution
    by Raufhon Salahodjaev & Oybek Yuldashev

  • 2016 Análisis de combustibles fósiles en el mercado de generación de energía eléctrica en Colombia: un contraste entre modelos de volatilidad || Analysis of Fossil Fuels in the Market for Electricity Generation in Colombia: A Contrast between Models of Volatility
    by Arango A., Mónica Andrea & Arroyave O., Santiago

  • 2016 Is There a Club of Former Centrally Planned Economies, Given the Empirical Evidence for Their Growth and Convergence Patterns?
    by Boris Petkov

  • 2016 Environmental Macroeconomics: Economic Growth, Fiscal Spending and Environmental Quality
    by Halkos, George E. & Paizanos, Epameinondas A.

  • 2016 Assessment Of Shadow Economy In Moldova Using The Input-Output Model In 2014
    by Valentina GANCIUCOV & Tatiana GUTIUM & Alexandru CEBAN

  • 2016 Emisssion and Energy: A Catch 22
    by Jan-Erik LANE

  • 2016 Oil Prices and REER with Impact of Regime Dummies
    by Syed Shujaat AHMED & Sidra NAZIR

  • 2016 Energetikai konvergencia az Energia 2020 stratégia tükrében. A konvergenciaszámítások alkalmazásának egy alternatív lehetősége
    by Sebestyénné Szép, Tekla

  • 2016 Economic and Strategic Expectations from Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project
    by Elchin Suleymanov & Osman Nuri Aras & Fakhri Hasanov

  • 2016 Did China's coal mine regulation positively affect economic growth?
    by Xu, Hangtian & Nakajima, Kentaro

  • 2016 Natural resources, manufacturing and institutions in post-Soviet countries
    by Horváth, Roman & Zeynalov, Ayaz

  • 2016 An analysis of the driving factors of energy-related CO2 emission reduction in China from 2005 to 2013
    by Qi, Tianyu & Weng, Yuyan & Zhang, Xiliang & He, Jiankun

  • 2016 China's carbon emissions embodied in (normal and processing) exports and their driving forces, 2006–2012
    by Su, Bin & Thomson, Elspeth

  • 2016 Baseline projections for Latin America: base-year assumptions, key drivers and greenhouse emissions
    by van Ruijven, Bas J. & Daenzer, Katie & Fisher-Vanden, Karen & Kober, Tom & Paltsev, Sergey & Beach, Robert H. & Calderon, Silvia Liliana & Calvin, Kate & Labriet, Maryse & Kitous, Alban & Lucena, André F.P. & van Vuuren, Detlef P.

  • 2016 The effect of foreign direct investment and stock market growth on clean energy use across a panel of emerging market economies
    by Paramati, Sudharshan Reddy & Ummalla, Mallesh & Apergis, Nicholas

  • 2016 Long term climate change mitigation goals under the nuclear phase out policy: The Swiss energy system transition
    by Kannan, Ramachandran & Turton, Hal

  • 2016 Innovations as Drivers of Stable Growth of the Kazakh Economy through State Policy in Area of Eco-innovations Implementation
    by Dana Saylauovna Bekniyazova & Arman Akishev & Ildar Kaliyev & Gulnara Turganovna Shamshudinova & Meiramgul Armiyanovna Altybassarova

  • 2016 Barriers to Energy Saving for Public Middle Schools in Bangkok: From School Management Perspective
    by Wuttipan Kiatruangkrai & Ekachai Leelarasmee

  • 2016 Resource Saving Innovative Forms of the Industrial Enterprises
    by Alsu A. Lubnina & Marina V. Shinkevich & Svetlana I. Ashmarina & Natalia A. Zaitseva & Guzel B. Sayfutdinova & Izida I. Ishmuradova

  • 2016 Tourism Industry Development In The Emerging Economies Of Central And Eastern Europe (Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania)
    by Alina-Petronela HALLER

  • 2016 Testing Environmental Kuznets Curve in the Selected Transition Economies with Panel Smooth Transition Regression Analysis
    by Mahmut Zortuk & Sinan Çeken

  • 2015 Eurasian Economic Union: Prospects and Challenges for Development
    by A. Knobel.

  • 2015 Der II. Hauptsatz der Thermodynamik, die Philosophie und die gesellschaftliche Praxis: Eine Neubetrachtung
    by Müller, Herbert

  • 2015 Quo vadis, Ukraine? Is there a chance for success? (Quo vadis Ukraino? Czy istnieje szansa na sukces?)
    by Ivan Mikloš

  • 2015 Myanmar: Cross-Cutting Governance Challenges
    by Hendrix, Cullen & Noland, Marcus

  • 2015 An econometric modelling of government activities-total energy demand nexus for Ghana
    by Yeboah Asuamah, Samuel

  • 2015 An econometric investigation of the effect of financial development on aggregate, and disaggregate energy consumption: time series assessment for Ghana
    by Yeboah Asuamah, Samuel

  • 2015 Environmental Macroeconomics: A critical literature review and future empirical research directions
    by Halkos, George & Paizanos, Epameinondas

  • 2015 Energy Consumption, CO2 Emissions, and Economic Growth: A Moral Dilemma
    by Antonakakis, Nikolaos & Chatziantoniou, Ioannis & Filis, George

  • 2015 Position of the Government in Relation to Corporate Social Responsibility
    by Pavel Adámek

  • 2015 On the transition from nonrenewable energy to renewable energy
    by Yacoub Bahini & Cuong Le Van

  • 2015 Dynamics of Natural Gas Consumption, Output and Trade: Empirical Evidence from the Emerging Economies
    by Md. Samsul Alam & Sudharshan Reddy Paramati & Muhammad Shahbaz & Mita Bhattacharya

  • 2015 Analyzing the Water Footprint of Indian Dairy Industry
    by Zareena B. Irfan & Mohana Mondal

  • 2015 On the transition from nonrenewable energy to renewable energy
    by & Yacoub Bahini & Cuong Le Van

  • 2015 Sustainable energy security for India: An assessment of energy demand sub-system
    by Kapil Narula & B. Sudhakara Reddy & Shonali Pachauri

  • 2015 Measuring and evaluating energy security and sustainability: A Case study of India
    by B.Sudhakara Reddy

  • 2015 Myanmar: Cross-Cutting Governance Challenges
    by Cullen S. Hendrix & Marcus Noland

  • 2015 Reported Utility Service Satisfaction: The Case of Electricity in Transition Economies
    by Antonio Carvalho

  • 2015 Growth, Pollution, and Life Expectancy: China from 1991-2012
    by Guojun He & Maoyong Fan & Maigeng Zhou & Avraham Ebenstein & Michael Greenstone & Peng Yin

  • 2015 Making China the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy: Key Challenges and Responses
    by ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2015 Carbon Emissions Trading in China: The Evolution from Pilots to a Nationwide Scheme
    by ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2015 Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones: The Case of Carbon Trading in China
    by ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2015 Environmental Kuznets Curve: The Case of Russia
    by Sergei Mihalischev & Yulia Raskina

  • 2015 Making China the transition to a low-carbon economy: Key challenges and responses
    by ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2015 Is the Price Elasticity of Demand for Coal in China Increasing?
    by Paul J. Burke & Hua Liao

  • 2015 Carbon Emissions Trading in China: The Evolution from Pilots to a Nationwide Scheme
    by ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2015 Markets and long-term contracts: The case of Russian gas supplies to Europe
    by Chi-Kong Chyong

  • 2015 Strong or weak sustainability: a case study of emerging Asia
    by Anamika Barua & Bandana Khataniar

  • 2015 Climate Changes And Adaptation Policies In The Baltic And The Adriatic Regions
    by Bosnjakovic, Branko & Mrsa Haber, Iva

  • 2015 Industrial sustainable development level in China and its influencing factors
    by Hongjian Cao & Jianying Zhang & Nengsheng Luo & Zheng Zhang

  • 2015 Zhaoguang Hu, Xinyanh Han, & Quan Wern, Integrated Resource Strategic Planning and Power Demand-Side Management
    by Zhaoguang HU

  • 2015 Chances of Romanian Tourism in the Perspective of European Competition
    by Marin Ciocarlan & Ion Cochina

  • 2015 Relationship between Financial Development and Energy Consumption: The Case of Turkey
    by Bülent Altay & Mert Topcu

  • 2015 Sustainable Development of Natural Resources through Decentralization Policies Implementation in Albania

  • 2015 Puzzling Out The First Oil Shock. History, Politics and the Macroeconomy in a Forty-Year Retrospective
    by Giovanni Covi

  • 2015 Energy consumption and human development: global perspective
    by Hiranmoy Roy & Rajaiah Jayaraj & Anshunan Gupta

  • 2015 Kirgizistan Enerji Tüketiminin Ayristirma Yöntemiyle Analizi (2002-2011)
    by Aziz Bostan & Alper Yilmaz & G. Afsin Ravanoglu

  • 2015 Does foreign direct investment impede environmental quality in high-, middle-, and low-income countries?
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Nasreen, Samia & Abbas, Faisal & Anis, Omri

  • 2015 Energy distribution and economic growth: An empirical test for China
    by Elliott, Robert J.R. & Sun, Puyang & Xu, Qiqin

  • 2015 Is the price elasticity of demand for coal in China increasing?
    by Burke, Paul J. & Liao, Hua

  • 2015 Measuring the Security of External Energy Supply and Energy Exports Demand in Central Asia
    by Almaz Akhmetov

  • 2015 Sustainable Development, Energy And Climate Change In The European Union
    by Andrei ROTH & Cătălin PETCU

  • 2015 Water Pollution Progress at Borders: The Role of Changes in China's Political Promotion Incentives
    by Matthew E. Kahn & Pei Li & Daxuan Zhao

  • 2015 Growth, Pollution, and Life Expectancy: China from 1991-2012
    by Avraham Ebenstein & Maoyong Fan & Michael Greenstone & Guojun He & Peng Yin & Maigeng Zhou

  • 2014 The Symbiosis of Economic Science and Practice in Reforming
    by V. Makarov.

  • 2014 Intellectual property rights protection in the presence of exhaustible resources
    by Hori, Takeo & Yamagami, Hiroaki

  • 2014 The relationship between reserves of oil endowment and economic growth from the resource curse viewpoint: a case study of oil producing countries
    by Mohammadi, Teymour & Jahangard, Fateme & Khani Hoolari, Seyed Morteza

  • 2014 Money to fill the gap? Local financial development and energy intensity in Europe and Central Asia
    by Bagayev, Igor & Najman, Boris

  • 2014 Economic Ideas and Institutional Change: The Case of the Russian Stabilisation Fund
    by Ewa Dabrowska & Joachim Zweynert

  • 2014 India's energy system transition - Survival of the greenest
    by B. Sudhakara Reddy

  • 2014 Three blind men and elephant: The Case of energy indices to measure energy security and sustainability
    by Kapil Narula & B. Sudhakara Reddy

  • 2014 Natural Resources And Economic Growth In Russia’s Regions
    by Michael Alexeev & Andrey Chernyavskiy

  • 2014 Corporate Preferences for Domestic Policy Instruments under a Sectoral Market Mechanism: A Case Study of Shanxi Province in China
    by Shuai Gao & Wenjia Cai & Wenling Liu & Can Wang & ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2014 Programs, Prices and Policies Towards Energy Conservation and Environmental Quality in China
    by ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2014 Corporate Preferences for Domestic Policy Instruments under a Sectoral Market Mechanism: A Case Study of Shanxi Province in China
    by Shuai Gao & Wenjia Cai & Wenling Liu & Can Wang & ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2014 Programs, Prices and Policies Towards Energy Conservation and Environmental Quality in China
    by ZhongXiang Zhang

  • 2014 The Japanese Electricity System 15 months After March 11th 2011
    by A.Haarscher & M. Bruner & J. Doblas & A. Fargere

  • 2014 Electricity Demand and Basic Needs: Empirical Evidence from China’s Households
    by Xiaoping He & David Reiner

  • 2014 La producción de leña en España y sus implicaciones en la transición energética. Una serie a escala provincial (1900-2000)
    by Juan Infante Amate & David Soto Fernández & Iñaki Iriarte Goñi & Eduardo Aguilera & Antonio Cid & Gloria Guzmán & Roberto García-Ruiz & Manuel González de Molina

  • 2014 Energy and Economic Theory
    by Ferdinand E Banks

  • 2014 Environmental Management Issues Prevailing in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
    by Sanda VIªAN

  • 2014 The Analysis of the Long-Run Relationship Between Oil Consumption and Real GDP in Turkey Through Johansen Co-Integration Method
    by Ceylan, Reşat & Başer, Seda

  • 2014 Successes and Failures of the Russian Energy Market Reforms
    by Chernavsky, S.

  • 2014 The Effects Of Applying Communitary Policy Upon The Romanian Energetic System And The Future Directions Regarding Sustainable Development
    by Larisa Luchian & Raluca Gabriela Dulgheriu

  • 2014 Modelling Household Energy Demand in South Korea: The Role of Energy Efficiency Programs
    by Suleiman Sa’ad

  • 2014 Dutch disease and sustainability of the Russian political economy
    by Giovanni Covi

  • 2014 A comparative analysis of the impact of oil prices on oil-rich emerging economies in the Pacific Rim
    by Kuboniwa, Masaaki

  • 2014 Attribution of changes in the generalized Fisher index with application to embodied emission studies
    by Su, Bin & Ang, B.W.

  • 2014 CO2 emissions from household consumption in India between 1993–94 and 2006–07: A decomposition analysis
    by Das, Aparna & Paul, Saikat Kumar

  • 2014 The drivers of energy intensity in China: A spatial panel data approach
    by Jiang, Lei & Folmer, Henk & Ji, Minhe

  • 2014 Foreign Direct Investment in Post-Conflict Countries: The Case of Iraq’s Oil and Electricity Sectors
    by Ghassan F. Hanna & Mohamad Saleh Hammoud & Judith A. Russo-Converso

  • 2014 Cointegration Relationships to Estimate the Marginal Cost of Deficit in Planning a Hydrothermal System: The Case of Brazil
    by Lucio Guido Tapia Carpio

  • 2014 Enegy Forestry A Source Of Energy For The Romanian Economy
    by Margareta RUSU

  • 2014 Coal’S Role In The World Energetic System
    by Andrei ROTH & Cătălin PETCU

  • 2014 Powering Up China: Income Distributions and Residential Electricity Consumption
    by Maximilian Auffhammer & Catherine D. Wolfram

  • 2013 Natural-resource rents and internal conflicts - Can decentralization lift the curse?
    by Markwardt, Gunther & Farzanegan, Mohammad & Leßmann, Christian

  • 2013 A review of optimization methods for evaluation of placement of distributed generation into distribution networks (Przegląd metod optymalizacji przyłączenia rozproszonych źródeł energii do sieci elektroenergetycznej)
    by Anna Kowalska-Pyzalska

  • 2013 Unexpected and Growing Interest in Land Investments? The Asian Case
    by Maria Bruna Zolin & Lucia Luzi

  • 2013 Food and Energy (In)security: Evidence from Agricultural Investments in Selected Emerging Economies
    by Maria Bruna Zolin & Marco Braggion

  • 2013 Politiche di mix energetico e royalties: per una ricalibratura territoriale
    by Roberto Fazioli & Pierluigi Vecchia

  • 2013 Market-Related Reforms and Increased Energy Efficiency in Transition Countries: Empirical Evidence
    by Rabindra Nepal & Tooraj Jamasb & Clement Allan Tisdell

  • 2013 Analysing the spatio-temporal evolution of built-up area in Bistrita subcarpathian valley using G.I.S techniques
    by Chelaru, Dan-Adrian & Ursu, Adrian & Rosca, Bogdan & Mihai, Florin-Constantin

  • 2013 Central Asian Security and Water/ Energy Relations between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan
    by Kakhkharov, Jakhongir

  • 2013 Less quality more costs: Does local power sector reliability matter for electricity intensity?
    by Bagayev, Igor & Najman, Boris

  • 2013 A case study of an advanced Dutch disease: The Russian oil
    by Covi, Giovanni

  • 2013 Environmental Taxation Evolution in Ukraine: Trends, Challenges and Outlook
    by Shkarlet, Serhiy & Petrakov, Iaroslav

  • 2013 China’s Coal Chemical Industry: In the View of Governance Challenges
    by Xu, Xiaoran & Wang, Dong

  • 2013 Policies for Inclusive Urbanisation in China
    by Vincent Koen & Richard Herd & Xiao Wang & Thomas Chalaux

  • 2013 The Role of Coal Mine Regulation in Regional Development
    by Xu, Hangtian & Nakajima, Kentaro

  • 2013 La renta petrolera en Argentina: un análisis de las últimas dos décadas
    by Mariano A. Barrera

  • 2013 Energy efficiency in Market vs Planned Economies: Evidence from Transition Countries
    by Rabindra Nepal & Tooraj Jamasb

  • 2013 EU Gas Supply Security: Unfinished Business
    by Pierre Noël

  • 2013 Is mining fuelling long-run growth in Russia? : Industry productivity growth trends since 1995
    by Timmer, Marcel P. & Voskoboynikov, Ilya B.

  • 2013 How Does the Changing Access to Resources Affect the Power and Authority of the Postsocialist Romanian State?
    by Madalina Epure

  • 2013 Local Authority versus Local Public Utilities: A Governance Issue
    by Silvia FISSI & Elena GORI & Alberto ROMOLINI

  • 2013 Caracterización de los movimientos urbanos ambientales vinculados a la gestión del agua. Estrategias sociales por el acceso al agua potable en Tandil, Argentina
    by Elsa Marcela Guerrero

  • 2013 Economic Issues in the Wind Energy Development at World and European Level
    by Holban Dana – Elena

  • 2013 Oil Prices, Excess Uncertainty and Trend Growth
    by Jouko Rautava

  • 2013 Environmental Policy In Romania: A Component Of The Overall Sustainable Development
    by Alexandru TOMA

  • 2013 Incidencia del gasto público en I+D+i energético sobre la corrección medioambiental en España/Impact of Public R&D in Energy on Environmental Correction in Spain

  • 2013 Population, Technology and Social Inequality: The Impact of the Dynamic Trio on Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
    by John Lekan Oyefara

  • 2013 Influence of the time factor on the availability of deposits of nonferrous metals
    by Kharitonova, M. & Mikhailov, A. & Matsko, N.

  • 2013 Expectations of future income and real exchange rate movements
    by Hayat, Aziz & Ganiev, Bahodir & Tang, Xueli

  • 2013 The energy transition of the transition economies: An empirical analysis
    by Zhang, Fan

  • 2013 Energy intensity and foreign direct investment: A Chinese city-level study
    by Elliott, Robert J.R. & Sun, Puyang & Chen, Siyang

  • 2013 Natural resources and sub-national economic performance: Does sub-national democracy matter?
    by Libman, Alexander

  • 2013 A PROMETHEE-GDSS for oil and gas pipeline planning in the Caspian Sea basin
    by Tavana, Madjid & Behzadian, Majid & Pirdashti, Mohsen & Pirdashti, Hasan

  • 2013 Energy consumption and economic growth: Evidence from the economic community of West African States (ECOWAS)
    by Ouedraogo, Nadia S.

  • 2013 Energy intensity and investment ownership across Chinese provinces
    by Herrerias, M.J. & Cuadros, A. & Orts, V.

  • 2013 The value of supply security: The costs of power outages to Austrian households, firms and the public sector
    by Reichl, Johannes & Schmidthaler, Michael & Schneider, Friedrich

  • 2013 Energy policy and regional inequalities in the Brazilian economy
    by Santos, Gervasio F. & Haddad, Eduardo A. & Hewings, Geoffrey J.D.

  • 2013 Boom–bust cycle, asymmetrical fiscal response and the Dutch disease
    by Arezki, Rabah & Ismail, Kareem

  • 2013 An Antidote to the Resource Curse: The Blessing of Renewable Energy
    by Angeliki N. Menegaki

  • 2013 Economic Issues in the Wind Energy Development at World and European Level
    by Dana Elena HOLBAN & Angela Eliza MICU & Costin SORICI

  • 2013 Understanding China's Urban Pollution Dynamics
    by Siqi Zheng & Matthew E. Kahn

  • 2012 Optimal placement of distributed generation in the distribution network: Assessment of economic and technical effectiveness of investments
    by Anna Kowalska-Pyzalska

  • 2012 Rent Seeking and the Smoke and Mirrors Game in the Creation of Forest Sector Carbon Credits: An Example from British Columbia
    by G. Cornelis van Kooten & Tim Bogle & Frans P. de Vries

  • 2012 Die Liberalisierung des russischen Gassektors: 3 Szenarios?
    by Tsatsos, Aristidis

  • 2012 A Dynamic Optimization on Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries
    by Wang, Dong

  • 2012 Corporate environmental and economic performances of Japanese manufacturing firms: Empirical study for sustainable development
    by Fujii, Hidemichi & Iwata, Kazuyuki & Kaneko, Shinji & Managi, Shunsuke

  • 2012 Rule of law and its implications for the environmental taxation-income path across European Countries
    by Castiglione, Concetta & Infante, Davide & Smirnova, Janna

  • 2012 Science and Economics for Sustainable Development of India
    by U. Sankar

  • 2012 Effects of Internal Migration on Residential Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in Hanoi
    by Satoru Komatsu & Hieu Dinh Ha & Shinji Kaneko

  • 2012 Behavioral Foundations of Sustainability Transitions
    by Miklós Antal & Ardjan Gazheli & Jeroen van den Bergh

  • 2012 China's Energy Reform and Climate Policy: The Ideas Motivating Change
    by Olivia Boyd

  • 2012 Expectations of future income and real exchange rate movements
    by Aziz Hayat & Bahodir Ganiev & Xueli Tang

  • 2012 Y.P.F.: Estudio de las causas del quebranto y privatización
    by Mariano A. Barrera

  • 2012 The Cost of Improving Gas Supply Security in the Baltic States
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