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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ G: Financial Economics
/ / G2: Financial Institutions and Services
/ / / G29: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 To Separate or not to Separate Investment from Commercial Banking? An Empirical Analysis of Attention Distortion under Multiple Tasks
    by Gropp, Reint E. & Park, Kyounghoon

  • 2016 The payout behaviour of German savings banks
    by Köhler, Matthias

  • 2016 Hedge Fund Tail Risk: An investigation in stressed markets, extended version with appendix
    by Monica Billio & Lorenzo Frattarolo & Loriana Pelizzon

  • 2016 Young Professionals’ Intentions To Make Use Of Financial Planning Services: A South African Perspective
    by Tony Matchaba-Hove

  • 2016 Reducing Information Asymmetry with ICT: A critical review of loan price and quantity effects in Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice & Le Roux, Sara

  • 2016 Information sharing and conditional financial development in Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice & Anyanwu, John & Tchamyou, Vanessa

  • 2016 Information Sharing and Financial Sector Development in Africa
    by Tchamyou, Vanessa & Asongu, Simplice

  • 2016 The Role of ICT in Reducing Information Asymmetry for Financial Access
    by Asongu, Simplice & Moulin, Bertrand

  • 2016 Are rankings of financial analysts useful to investors?
    by Artur Aiguzhinov & Ana Paula Serra & Carlos Soares

  • 2016 Bitcoin as an example of a virtual currency
    by Anna Wisniewska

  • 2016 Seeding the S-Curve? The Role of Early Adopters in Diffusion
    by Christian Catalini & Catherine Tucker

  • 2016 Seeding the S-Curve? The Role of Early Adopters in Diffusion
    by Christian Catalini & Catherine Tucker

  • 2016 Service Sector Development and its Determinants in Rwanda
    by Uwitonze, Eric & Heshmati, Almas

  • 2016 To Separate or not to Separate Investment from Commercial Banking? An Empirical Analysis of Attention Distortion under Multiple Tasks
    by Reint E. Gropp & K. Park

  • 2016 Interest Rate (In)sensitivity of Emerging Market Corporate Debt: Economic Analysis based on 2002-2015 Empirical Evidence
    by Mariya Gubareva & Maria Rosa Borges

  • 2016 Antecedentes del crédito en Colombia: Los Censos en la ciudad de Santafé en la segunda mitad del siglo XVIII
    by Amanda Carolina Ortínz Molina

  • 2016 The role of collateral in supporting liquidity
    by Baranova, Yuliya & Liu, Zijun & Noss, Joseph

  • 2016 Is information diffusion a threat to market power for financial access? Insights from the African banking industry
    by Simplice Asongu & Enowbi Batuo & Jacinta Nwachukwu & Vanessa Tchamyou

  • 2016 Essential Information Sharing Thresholds for Reducing Market Power in Financial Access: A Study of the African Banking Industry
    by Simplice Asongu & Sara Le Roux & Vanessa S. Tchamyou

  • 2016 Information Asymmetry and Market Power in the African Banking Industry
    by Agyenim Boateng & Simplice Asongu & Raphael Akamavi & Vanessa Tchamyou

  • 2016 Reducing Information Asymmetry with ICT: A critical review of loan price and quantity effects in Africa
    by Simplice Asongu & Sara Le Roux

  • 2016 Information Sharing and Financial Sector Development in Africa
    by Vanessa Tchamyou & Simplice Asongu

  • 2016 The Role of ICT in Reducing Information Asymmetry for Financial Access
    by Simplice Asongu & Bertrand Moulin

  • 2016 Information sharing and conditional financial development in Africa
    by Simplice Asongu & John Anyanwu & Vanessa Tchamyou

  • 2016 Transforming Singapore's Real Estate: Building on Firm Foundation
    by Tien Foo Sing & Shi Ming Yu

  • 2016 Real Estate Education
    by Shi Ming Yu

  • 2016 Bridging the Gap between Capital and Real Estate Markets
    by Tien Foo Sing

  • 2016 The Rise of Singapore's Real Estate Investment Trust (SREIT) Market
    by Tien Foo Sing

  • 2016 Exporting Singapore's Experiences in Real Estate Development and Urban Planning
    by Tien Foo Sing & Shi Ming Yu

  • 2016 Singapore Commercial Real Estate Industry in a Global Context
    by Ngee Huat Seek

  • 2016 Role of Real Estate Service Providers in Growing the Real Estate Industry
    by Shi Ming Yu

  • 2016 Changing Skyline: Real Estate Development Industry in Singapore
    by Tien Foo Sing

  • 2016 Transforming a Nation: Role of Government Agencies
    by Shi Ming Yu & Tien Foo Sing

  • 2016 Evolution of the Real Estate Industry in Singapore
    by Ngee Huat Seek

  • 2016 Singapore's Real Estate:50 Years of Transformation

  • 2016 Current Risks In Cash Transit
    by Petiya Ivanova Biolcheva

  • 2016 Equilibrium with mutual organizations in adverse selection economies
    by Adam Blandin & John H. Boyd & Edward C. Prescott

  • 2016 Factors affecting the birth and fund flows of CTAs
    by Viet Do & Robert Faff & Paul Lajbcygier & Madhu Veeraraghavan & Mikhail Tupitsyn

  • 2016 Status of the Risks Caused by Information Leaks from Commercial Banks in Bulgaria
    by Petya Biolcheva

  • 2016 Bank resolution as a new MNB function – resolution of MKB Bank
    by Krisztina Földényi Láhm & András Kómár & Antal Stréda & Róbert Szegedi

  • 2016 Has the risk index of Islamic banks and conventional banks in GCC countries changed in response to the 2008 economic crisis?
    by Talla M Aldeehani

  • 2016 Banking access for the poor: Adoption and strategies in rural areas of Bangladesh
    by Mohammad Anisur Rahman & Xu Qi & Md. Tariqul Islam

  • 2016 Religion, governance and performance: evidence from Islamic and conventional stock exchanges
    by Maurizio Polato & Josanco Floreani & Andrea Paltrinieri & Flavio Pichler

  • 2016 Mechanism of Budgetary Resources Management: Problems and Prospects of Improvement
    by Volodymyr Shevchuk & Taisiya Bondaruk & Nataliya Melnychuk

  • 2016 The role of ICT in reducing information asymmetry for financial access
    by Asongu, Simplice A. & Moulin, Bertrand

  • 2016 Managerial investment in mutual funds: Determinants and performance implications
    by Hornstein, Abigail S. & Hounsell, James

  • 2016 Do analysts understand the economic and reporting complexities of derivatives?
    by Chang, Hye Sun & Donohoe, Michael & Sougiannis, Theodore

  • 2016 A note on why doesn't the choice of performance measure matter?
    by Guo, Biao & Xiao, Yugu

  • 2016 A parsimonious quantile regression model to forecast day-ahead value-at-risk
    by Haugom, Erik & Ray, Rina & Ullrich, Carl J. & Veka, Steinar & Westgaard, Sjur

  • 2016 A consistent two-factor model for pricing temperature derivatives
    by Groll, Andreas & López-Cabrera, Brenda & Meyer-Brandis, Thilo

  • 2016 Analyzing performance determinants: Conventional versus Islamic Banks in Pakistan
    by Abdul Rashid & Sana Jabeen

  • 2016(XXVI) Stock exchanges’ development in selected Danube Region EU member states: The way ahead
    by Julia STEFANOVA

  • 2015 Potential for growth of productive areas ecologically equipped (APEA) adhering to FICEI
    by Sandro Turina & Giuseppe Confessore & Maurizio Turina & Ilaria Barbante

  • 2015 An entropy-based early warning indicator for systemic risk
    by Monica Billio & Roberto Casarin & Michele Costola & Andrea Pasqualini

  • 2015 Why Do Different Short-sellers Pay Different Loan Fees? A Market-wide Analysis
    by Fernando Chague & Rodrigo De-Losso, Alan De Genaro, Bruno Giovannetti

  • 2015 Efficiency and Technology Gap Ratio of Lending Performance of Micro-credit Institutions in Thailand: The Meta-frontier Analysis

  • 2015 On Competition in the Banking Sector in Poland and Europe Before and During the Crisis / Jak kszta³towa³a siê konkurencja w sektorze bankowym w Polsce i w Europie przed kryzysem i w okresie kryzys
    by Malgorzata Pawlowska

  • 2015 Islamic Microfinance: Moving Beyond Financial Inclusion
    by Elzahi, Abd Elrahman

  • 2015 Information Asymmetry and Financial Development Dynamics in Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice & Nwachukwu, Jacinta & Tchamyou, Vanessa

  • 2015 Quantum money
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 Bitcoin as a virtual currency
    by Anna Wisniewska

  • 2015 Regional innovation programs’ sustainability under risk and uncertainty
    by Liudmila Nikolova & Dmitriy Rodionov & Irina Rudskaia

  • 2015 Financial Literacy for Increasing Sustainable Access to Finance in Nepal
    by Ramesh Prasad Chaulagain

  • 2015 Financial Literacy for Increasing Sustainable Access to Finance in Nepal
    by Ramesh Prasad Chaulagain

  • 2015 Finanziare la ricostruzione: attività e attori coinvolti nel sisma dell’Emilia Romagna
    by Elisabetta Gualandri & Alessia Pedrazzoli & Paola Vezzani

  • 2015 Disciplinary Pressure is More Necessary for Cooperative Banks Than Stock Banks: Results from Bank Efficiencies Estimation
    by Kozo Harimaya & Kei Tomimura & Nobuyoshi Yamori

  • 2015 Equilibrium with Mutual Organizations in Adverse Selection Economies
    by Prescott, Edward C. & Blandin, Adam & Boyd, John H.

  • 2015 A Model of Financialization of Commodities
    by Basak, Suleyman & Pavlova, Anna

  • 2015 SMEs and Access to Bank Credit: Evidence on the Regional Propagation of the Financial Crisis in the UK
    by Hans Degryse & Kent Matthews & Tianshu Zhao

  • 2015 SMEs and access to bank credit: Evidence on the regional propagation of the financial crisis in the UK
    by Degryse, Hans & Matthews, Kent & Zhao, Tianshu

  • 2015 SMEs and access to bank credit: Evidence on the regional propagation of the financial crisis in the UK
    by Degryse, Hans & Matthews, Kent & Zhao, Tianshu

  • 2015 Bank localism and financial crisis
    by Cristina Demma

  • 2015 Does Competition for Novice Borrowers Hurt Access to Finance? An Analysis in a Context of High Risk and Low Outreach
    by Verónica Balzarotti & Alejandra Anastasi

  • 2015 Information Asymmetry and Financial Development Dynamics in Africa
    by Simplice Asongu & Jacinta C. Nwachukwu & Vanessa S. Tchamyou

  • 2015 Empirical Investigation On The Corporate Financing For Sport Development In E.U
    by Sebastian Madalin MUNTEANU

  • 2015 Conflict of Interest between Investors and Financial Advisers
    by Sébastien M. Lemeunier

  • 2015 The Provisions for the Risk of Loss in the Case of the Loans Granted by the European Banks
    by Georgescu Cristina Elena & Radu Riana Iren

  • 2015 The Current Situation of the Public External Audit Activity in Romania and Proposals for Improving the Activity
    by Bobe? Florina-Maria

  • 2015 Financial Literacy for Increasing Sustainable Access to Finance in Nepal
    by Ramesh Prasad Chaulagain

  • 2015 Diverging financial regulations after the crisis? A comparison of the EU’s and the United States’ responses
    by Zsuzsánna Biedermann & Ágnes Orosz

  • 2015 Four hours is actually how many hours? – The actual time required for intraday transfers
    by Péter Császár

  • 2015 Rural Perspective towards Financial Inclusion
    by Selvakumar MARIMUTHU & Jacob MATHAN & Sathyalakshmi VELUSAMY

  • 2015 Earnings Management And Analyst Coverage Changes Around Ifrs Implementation: Evidence From France
    by Ezzeddine Abaoub & Yosr Nouri

  • 2015 Financial Engineering Versus Cancer
    by Neely, Christopher J.

  • 2015 Limit order book transparency and order aggressiveness at the closing call: Lessons from the TWSE 2012 new information disclosure mechanism
    by Tseng, Yi-Heng & Chen, Shu-Heng

  • 2015 Bank funding structure and lending under liquidity shocks: Evidence from Korea
    by Jung, Hosung & Kim, Dongcheol

  • 2015 Trade openness, financial openness, and financial development in China
    by Zhang, Chengsi & Zhu, Yueteng & Lu, Zhe

  • 2015 Tail risk and systemic risk of US and Eurozone financial institutions in the wake of the global financial crisis
    by Straetmans, Stefan & Chaudhry, Sajid M.

  • 2015 Can regulators allow banks to set their own capital ratios?
    by Cathcart, Lara & El-Jahel, Lina & Jabbour, Ravel

  • 2015 On the use of options by mutual funds: Do they know what they are doing?
    by Cici, Gjergji & Palacios, Luis-Felipe

  • 2015 What is the value of sell-side analysts? Evidence from coverage changes – A discussion
    by Hansen, Robert S.

  • 2015 What is the value of sell-side analysts? Evidence from coverage initiations and terminations
    by Li, Kevin K. & You, Haifeng

  • 2015 Geographic proximity and analyst coverage decisions: Evidence from IPOs
    by O'Brien, Patricia C. & Tan, Hongping

  • 2015 Evaluating trade classification algorithms: Bulk volume classification versus the tick rule and the Lee-Ready algorithm
    by Chakrabarty, Bidisha & Pascual, Roberto & Shkilko, Andriy

  • 2015 Factoring: una alternativa de financiamiento como herramienta de apoyo para las empresas de transporte de carga terrestre en Bogotá
    by Diana Milena Carmona Muñoz & Jairo Alejandro Chaves Camargo

  • 2015 E-Banking And Banks’ Performance In Romania
    by Lavinia M. GUȚU

  • 2015 Mathematical and Economic Modeling of the Results of Correlation Between Indicators of Profitability and Asset Management
    by Silviu CÂRSTINA & Marian SIMINICA

  • 2015 Socio-Economic Evolution Of Romanian Rural Area
    by Nela Loredana MEITA & Madalina MANGRA

  • 2014 The Relation Between Overreaction in Forecasts and Uncertainty: A Nonlinear Approach
    by Leppin, Julian Sebstian

  • 2014 Neue regulatorische Konzepte der Bankenaufsicht und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Gesamtbanksteuerung
    by Noack, Tim & Cremers, Heinz & Mala, Julia

  • 2014 Integrated subsidiarity of the BCC-CR: a sustainable model of local finance
    by Sandro Turina & Giuseppe Confessore & Maurizio Turina

  • 2014 Performance Measurment of State-Owned Banks in Turkish Banking Sector with Grey Relational Analysis Method
    by S. Öznur Sakinc

  • 2014 The impact of Internet technology on the Romanian banks performance
    by Lavinia Mihaela Gutu

  • 2014 Do the Poor Pay for Card Rewards of the Rich?
    by Malte Krüger

  • 2014 The Challenges of Islamic Trade Finance in Promoting SMEs in IDB Member Countries
    by Ali , Abd Elrahman Elzahi Saaid

  • 2014 Capital Market Financing for SMEs: A Growing Need in Emerging Asia
    by Shinozaki, Shigehiro

  • 2014 DOLS Cointegration Vector Estimation of the Effect of Inflation and Financial Deepening on Output Growth in Nigeria
    by Alimi, R. Santos

  • 2014 The kiss of information theory that captures systemic risk
    by Peter Martey Addo & Philippe De Peretti & Hayette Gatfaoui & Jakob Runge

  • 2014 Detection and quantification of causal dependencies in multivariate time series: a novel information theoretic approach to understanding systemic risk
    by Peter Martey Addo & Philippe De Peretti

  • 2014 Forecasting Generalized Quantiles of Electricity Demand: A Functional Data Approach
    by Brenda Lopez Cabrera & Franziska Schulz & &

  • 2014 A consistent two-factor model for pricing temperature derivatives
    by Andreas Groll & Brenda López-Cabrera & Thilo Meyer-Brandis &

  • 2014 A Composite Indicator of Systemic Stress (CISS) for Colombia
    by Wilmar Cabrera & Jorge Hurtado & Miguel Morales & Juan Sebastián Rojas

  • 2014 Stock Exchanges Development: The Case Of Bulgaria And Romania
    by STEFANOVA, Julia

  • 2014 Disposition of Merida city, Venezuela businesses to participate in alternative stock market
    by Víctor Pérez & Daniel Ramírez & Carlos Quintero & Armando Borrero

  • 2014 Disclosure and customer complaints handling: evidences from a sample of Italian banks
    by Elisabetta D'Apolito & Stefania Sylos Labini

  • 2014 What Happens “Before the Birth” and “After the Death” of a Hedge Fund?
    by Vikas Agarwal & Vyacheslav Fos & Wei Jiang

  • 2014 The Indicators Developed by the IMF on Financial Stability at the level of Central and Eastern Europe
    by Apãtãchioae Adina

  • 2014 The Implications Of Single Euro Payments Area (Sepa) On Banking Efficiency
    by Mihaita-Cosmin POPOVICI

  • 2014 Institutions, Policy and Banking Sector Development: A Reassessment
    by Ioannis FILIPPIDIS & Constantinos KATRAKILIDIS

  • 2014 Board Size and Board Independence: A Quantitative Study on Banking Industry in Pakistan
    by Kashif Rashid & Aqil Waqar Khan

  • 2014 The Role of Ownership Concentration, its Types and Firm Performance: A Quantitative Study of Financial Sector in Pakistan
    by Kashif Rashid & Seep Nadeem

  • 2014 Matching perception with the reality—Performance of Islamic equity investments
    by Ashraf, Dawood & Mohammad, Nazeeruddin

  • 2014 Mutual funds’ holdings and listed firms’ earnings management: Evidence from China
    by Chi, Jing & Yang, Jingjing & Young, Martin

  • 2014 The influence of buy-side analysts on mutual fund trading
    by Frey, Stefan & Herbst, Patrick

  • 2014 Anonymity and the Information Content of the Limit Order Book
    by Duong, Huu Nhan & Kalev, Petko S.

  • 2014 Pre-Consolidation and Post-Consolidation of Nigerian Banking Sector: A Dynamic Comparison
    by Anthonia T. Odeleye

  • 2014 Interconnectedness and systemic risk: hedge funds, banks, insurance companies
    by Monica Billio & Loriana Pelizzon

    by Florin Mihai Magda

  • 2014 Bank lending in Romania in 2014: between optimism and reality
    by Lavinia Maria Netoiu & Titu Netoiu & Nela Loredana Meita

  • 2014 Credit Bureaus and Registration and Access to Finance: New Evidence from 42 African Countries
    by Thouraya Triki & Ousman Gajigo

  • 2013 Managerial Investment in Mutual Funds
    by Abigail S. Hornstein & James Hounsell

  • 2013 A Theoretical Assessment on Optimal Asset Allocations in Insurance Industry
    by Jarraya, Bilel & Bouri, Abdelfettah

  • 2013 SPACs in Shipping
    by Shachmurove, Yochanan & Vulanovic, Milos

  • 2013 A Solar-Home Rental Business Model: Capturing Synergies from Solar Energy and Single Family Rental Properties
    by Lutey, Robert

  • 2013 Financial regulation differences in the EU and the US
    by Zsuzsanna Biedermann & Agnes Orosz

  • 2013 A Systematic approach to identify systemically important firms
    by Natasha Agarwal et al

  • 2013 Volatility linkages between energy and agricultural commodity prices
    by Brenda López Cabrera, & Franziska Schulz, & &

  • 2013 Pricing Rainfall Derivatives at the CME
    by Brenda López Cabrera & Martin Odening & Matthias Ritter &

  • 2013 To coach or not to coach: The question for future and good financial advisers
    by Julie Knutsen & Mark Brimble

  • 2013 Development Fund Budget, Development Resource Of A Public Hospital. Establishment And Usage Mode
    by Stelica Harda

  • 2013 Does the Group Leader Affect Repayment Performance Differently?
    by Moh'd Al-Azzam & Maria Heracleous & Sudipta Sarangi

  • 2013 The informal investment context: specific issues concerned with business angels
    by Hoyos Iruarrizaga, Jon & Saiz Santos, María

  • 2013 Returns and Persistence of Investment Fund Performance in the Czech Republic
    by Dariusz Filip

  • 2013 Current Changes in the Role of the Insurance Sector
    by Jaroslav Danhel & Eva Duchackova

  • 2013 Performances of the Romanian Insurance Market
    by Mirela Monea

  • 2013 Radiography of The System of Credit Institutions in Romania
    by Udrea Ionel

  • 2013 Analyzing Banking Risk
    by Udrea Ionel

  • 2013 The Impact of Research and Innovation Activity in a Knowledge SocietyAbstract:The knowledge society is the stage where mankind is found and aims to raise the living standards of population but also to increase the level of knowledge. To achieve this latter goal, the states of the world, and especially those in the European Union, must ensure an adequate funding for its realization, and therefore in 2011 it was decided at EU level the achievement of an Innovation Union, in which are to be involved all the European countries, while to stimulate and finance research and innovation the Horizon 2020 program was proposed
    by Rus Mircea-Iosif

  • 2013 Crisis Impact on the Dynamics of Services Sector, Causes, Effects; Financial-Banking Sector Abstract:Financial crisis, starting from the instability of banking system, has been gradually felt in the entire economy, the credit appreciation causing difficulties in firms financing and, respectively, in investment, leading to a diminishing in growth, consumption, to the fall of social programs. The study expound the context and causes of financial-banking crisis appearance, some aspects regarding the effects felt in lending activity and its adverse consequences, including the impact on the budget and public debt. The paper includes the analysis of some data and statistical indicators, reflected in tables and graphics
    by Popa Florina

  • 2013 Financial Development, Institutions And Economic Policy - Panel Data Evidence
    by Filippidis Ioannis & & &

  • 2013 The Evaluation Of The Ways And Methods As Efficient Management Activity Result Of The Constructive Entrepreneur
    by Stela EFROS & Natalia BURLACU

  • 2013 Stages Of Formation Of Insurance Business In The Republic Of Moldova And Its Modern Development
    by Igor DOLGHI

  • 2013 Macroprudential supervision in non-euro area European countries
    by Péter Fáykiss & Anikó Szombati

  • 2013 Microfinance Institutions In The Inclusion Of The Regions Of Oaxaca, Las Instituciones Microfinancieras En La Inclusion De Las Regiones De Oaxaca
    by Rosa Maria Velazquez-Sanchez & Omar Raul Solana Vasquez & Arcely Galan Lopez

  • 2013 CEO Compensation System in Large Canadian Financial Institutions
    by Yusuf Mohammed Nulla & Dimitris Nikolaou Koumparoulis

  • 2013 Anonymity and order submissions
    by Duong, Huu Nhan & Kalev, Petko S.

  • 2013 Prohibitions, price caps, and disclosures: A look at state policies and alternative financial product use
    by McKernan, Signe-Mary & Ratcliffe, Caroline & Kuehn, Daniel

  • 2013 Short-term hedge fund performance
    by Slavutskaya, Anna

  • 2013 Pricing rainfall futures at the CME
    by López Cabrera, Brenda & Odening, Martin & Ritter, Matthias

  • 2013 The over-optimism of financial analysts and the long-run performance of firms following private placements of equity
    by Lin, Wen-Chun & Chang, Shao-Chi & Chen, Sheng-Syan & Liao, Tsai-Ling

  • 2013 Evaluating the Overall Technical Efficiency of Islamic Banks Operating in the MENA Region During the Financial Crisis
    by Ali Said

  • 2013 Risks and Efficiency in the Islamic Banking Systems: The Case of Selected Islamic Banks in MENA Region
    by Ali Said

  • 2013 Le prêt à la création d'entreprises est-il efficace ?
    by Françoise Bastié & Sylvie Cieply

  • 2013 Does Competition for Novice Borrowers Hurt Access to Finance? An Analysis in a Context of High Risk and Low Outreach
    by Verónica Balzarotti & Alejandra Anastasi

  • 2013 The determinants of the ratings of European listed banks. An empirical analysis
    by Elisabetta D'Apolito & Vincenzo Pacelli

  • 2013 The credit license, a tool for measuring credit performance
    by Rocco D'Acunto & Antonino Del Gatto & Marcello Pallotta

  • 2013 The new traditional direct bank
    by Umberto Filotto & Paolo Mottura

  • 2013 Financial Synergy in Mergers and Acquisitions in Saudi Arabia
    by Basmah Al Qudaiby & Muhammad Rahatullah Khan

  • 2013 Romanian Agriculture, Where To? Challenges After Eu Integration
    by Lavinia Maria Netoiu & Loredana Meita & Titu Netoiu

  • 2012 Specifics of Financial Institutions Valuation
    by Sorin PETRE & Ileana GUTU

  • 2012 The Systemic Effects of Prudential Regulation Toughening: The Results of a Stress-test for Russian Banks
    by M. Mamonov & A. Pestova & O. Solntsev.

  • 2012 Elektronische Kreditmarktplätze: Funktionsweise, Gestaltung und Erkenntnisstand bei dieser Form des „Peer-to-Peer Lending“
    by Sven Christian Berger & Bernd Skiera

  • 2012 Time Stamp Errors and the Stock Price Reaction to Analyst Recommendation and Forecast Revisions
    by Hoechle, Daniel & Schaub, nic & Schmid, Markus

  • 2012 Determinants of Banking System Fragility : A Regional Perspective
    by Degryse, H.A. & Elahi, M.A. & Penas, M.F.

  • 2012 Analysis of the financial ensuring of higher education institutions in Ukraine
    by Lyuta, Olga & Pigul, Nataliya

  • 2012 Quality of Internal Risk Rating Frameworks at Commercial Banks in Pakistan
    by Ali, Syed Babar

  • 2012 Financial Holding Company Structure for India
    by Swamy, Vighneswara

  • 2012 Post-crises performance of Indian equity funds: A comparative analysis across different categories
    by Roy Trivedi, Smita

  • 2012 Is microcredit targeted to poor people? Evidences from a Cambodian microfinance institution
    by Alberto Lanzavecchia

  • 2012 A Survey of Systemic Risk Analytics
    by Dimitrios Bisias & Mark Flood & Andrew W. Lo & Stavros Valavanis

  • 2012 Statistical Modelling of Temperature Risk
    by Zografia Anastasiadou & BrendaLópez-Cabrera &

  • 2012 Forecast based Pricing of Weather Derivatives
    by Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Brenda López-Cabrera & Matthias Ritter

  • 2012 Financial constraints, risk taking and firm performance: Recent evidence from microfinance clients in Tanzania
    by Martijn Boermans & Daan Willebrands

  • 2012 Asset Prices and Institutional Investors
    by Basak, Suleyman & Pavlova, Anna

  • 2012 Determinants of Banking System Fragility: A Regional Perspective
    by Degryse, Hans & Elahi, Muhammad Ather & Penas, Maria Fabiana

  • 2012 Determinants of Short-term Consumer Lending Interest Rates
    by Richard W. Evans

  • 2012 Can an interest-free credit facility be more efficient than a usurious payday loan?
    by Murizah Osman Salleh & Aziz Jaafar & M. Shahid Ebrahim

  • 2012 What role, if any, can market discipline play in supporting macroprudential policy?
    by María J. Nieto

  • 2012 Geographical Distance and Moral Hazard in Microcredit: Evidence from Colombia
    by Andrea Filippo Presbitero & Roberta Rabellotti

  • 2012 Les classements des analystes financiers européens sont-ils informatifs pour les investisseurs ?
    by Porteu de la Morandière, Laurence

  • 2012 The Transition To Customer Focused Approach In Corporate Banking
    by Hrisina Hristova

  • 2012 Market Timing and Selectivity Performance: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Malaysian Unit Trust Funds
    by Soo-Wah Low

  • 2012 Contemporary Economics Dilemma: High Ethics or More Extensive Governing?
    by Jaroslav Daňhel & Eva Ducháčková

  • 2012 Customers Categories and Types of Banking Services
    by Daniela Simona Dimitriu

  • 2012 The Impact of Innovation Activity on the Romanian Economy. Comparative Analysis
    by Rus Mircea-Iosif

  • 2012 The Attractiveness of Harmonized Investment Funds Evidence on Romanian Investment Fund Market
    by Sava Cãtãlina & Radu Ioana

  • 2012 Innovation Impact on EU Countries Economy
    by Mircea-Iosif Rus

  • 2012 The Research System In Romania - Reforming And Funding It Through Programs
    by Rus Mircea-Iosif & Radu Ioana

  • 2012 Inovarea-Componenta Principala A Triunghiului Cunoasterii
    by Rus Mircea-Iosif & Radu Ioana

    by Apolzan Carmen Maria

  • 2012 Econometric measures of connectedness and systemic risk in the finance and insurance sectors
    by Billio, Monica & Getmansky, Mila & Lo, Andrew W. & Pelizzon, Loriana

  • 2012 Incentives to innovate and financial crises
    by Thakor, Anjan V.

  • 2012 A decision-theoretic foundation for reward-to-risk performance measures
    by Schuhmacher, Frank & Eling, Martin

  • 2012 The implied cost of capital: A new approach
    by Hou, Kewei & van Dijk, Mathijs A. & Zhang, Yinglei

  • 2012 Does Regulation FD work? Evidence from analysts' reliance on public disclosure
    by Kross, William J. & Suk, Inho

  • 2012 Modeling hedge fund exposure to risk factors
    by Jawadi, Fredj & Khanniche, Sabrina

  • 2012 Repayment performance in group lending: Evidence from Jordan
    by Al-Azzam, Moh'd & Carter Hill, R. & Sarangi, Sudipta

  • 2012 Institutional Investors and Financial Regulation: a Conceptual Framework Inspired from Common’s Institutionnalism
    by Frédéric Hanin

  • 2012 La gestion alternative des fonds souverains altérée par les crises ?
    by Lamia Jaidane-Mazigh

  • 2012 Raffle Risk Valuation in With-Raffle Savings Account
    by Eduardo Fraga Lima de Melo & Sergio Luis Franklin Jr. & César da Rocha Neves

  • 2012 Retail as a bank business: threats and opportunities to catch up
    by Anna Omarini

  • 2012 Safety and robbery indicators in the Italian banking network
    by Giovanni Gioia & Marco Iaconis & Matteo Mazziotta & Adriano Pareto

  • 2012 A Survey of Systemic Risk Analytics
    by Dimitrios Bisias & Mark Flood & Andrew W. Lo & Stavros Valavanis

  • 2012 Comments on “The Use of Accounting Information by Financial Analysts in Emergent Markets: The Case of Romania”
    by Razvan NAN

  • 2012 The Use of Accounting Information by Financial Analysts in Emergent Markets: The Case of Romania
    by Mihaela IONASCU & Ion IONASCU

  • 2012 Evaluating the liquidity determinats in the central and eastern European banking system
    by Ioan TRENCA & Nicolae PETRIA & Simona MUTU & Emilia COROVEI

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