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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L0: General
/ / / L00: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Product Market Competition and Employer Provided Training in Germany
    by Heywood, John S. & Jirjahn, Uwe & Pfister, Annika

  • 2017 Discouragement Effect and Intermediate Prizes in Multi-Stage Contests: Evidence from Tennis’s Davis Cup
    by Iqbal, Hamzah & Krumer, Alex

  • 2017 The Optimal Design of Round-Robin Tournaments with Three Players
    by Krumer, Alex & Megidish, Reut & Sela, Aner

  • 2017 Product Market Competition and Employer Provided Training in Germany
    by John S. Heywood & Uwe Jirjahn & Annika Pfister

  • 2017 Are You the Right Partner ? R&D Agreement as a Screening Device
    by Conti, Chiara & Marini, Marco A.

  • 2017 Using ABC costing method with in a KPI- based framework to a Lean transformation of a Greek Public Company
    by Angelopoulos, Michail & Pollalis, Yannis

  • 2017 Activity Based Costing (ABC) as a tool for Lean Transformation: The Case of the Greek Power Public Corporation (PPC)
    by Angelopoulos, Michail & Pollalis, Yannis

  • 2017 Product Market Competition and Employer Provided Training in Germany
    by Heywood, John S. & Jirjahn, Uwe & Pfister, Annika

  • 2017 Take a Chance on ABBA
    by Cohen-Zada, Danny & Krumer, Alex & Shapir, Offer Moshe

  • 2017 The Effects of a Day Off from Retail Price Competition: Evidence on Consumer Behavior and Firm Performance in Gasoline Retailing
    by Foros, Øystein & Nguyen, Mai Thi & Steen, Frode

  • 2017 Time to Stop Playing Games with Industrial Policy? What Government & Business Might Learn from Team GB
    by Sue Konzelmann & Marc Fovargue-Davies

  • 2017 An integrated dataset of Italian firms: 2005-2014
    by Andrea Linarello & Corrado C. Abbate & Maria G. Ladu

  • 2017 Leveraging Social Capital for Knowledge Development in Clusters
    by Neale, Lisa

  • 2017 Fusiones horizontales de empresas y estrategias de diferenciación de producto
    by José Méndez Naya

  • 2017 Impacts Of Organizational Learning Capability And Iso 9001 Effectiveness On Financial Performance Of Exporting Companies In The Federation Of Bosnia And Herzegovina
    by Ensar Mekic & M. Sait Dinç

  • 2017 Co-operation and competition in production and exchange: the “district” form of industrial organization and development
    by Sue Konzelmann & Frank Wilkinson

  • 2017 Multimarket Exit, Strategic Merger, and Collusion
    by Zhiyong Liu

  • 2017 Competitive Dynamics of Artificial Intelligence Economy: The Wicked Problem of Cognitive Competition
    by Al NAQVI

  • 2017 Information Asymmetry and Organizational Structure: Evidence from REITs
    by Yongheng Deng & Maggie (Rong) Hu & Anand Srinivasan

  • 2017 The influence of the Industrial Internet of Things on business models of established manufacturing companies – A business level perspective
    by Kiel, Daniel & Arnold, Christian & Voigt, Kai-Ingo

  • 2017 Industrial organisation, the degree of monopoly and macroeconomic performance – A perspective on the contribution of Keith Cowling (1936–2016)
    by Pitelis, Christos N & Tomlinson, Philip R

  • 2017 First in first win: Evidence on schedule effects in round-robin tournaments in mega-events
    by Krumer, Alex & Lechner, Michael

  • 2017 Analysis Of Forecasting Methods From The Point Of View Of Early Warning Concept In Project Management
    by Florin POPESCU

  • 2017 Fantasy Pitching
    by Robert Faff & Searat Ali & Muhammad Atif & Matt Brenner & Hasibul Chowdhury & Leelyn Crudas & Alison Joubet & Ihtisham Malik & Lin Mi & Vinu Nagar & Tim Pullen & Manuel Siegrist & Steve Smythe & Jeff Stephenson & Beile Zhang & Kun Zhang

  • 2017 The Industrial Internet of Things from a Management Perspective: A Systematic Review of Current Literature
    by Christian Arnold

  • 2016 Property rights and transaction costs : The role of ownership and organization in German public service provision
    by Friese, Maria & Heimeshoff, Ulrich & Klein, Gordon J.

  • 2016 Consumer Rating Dynamics
    by Stenzel, André & Wolf, Christoph

  • 2016 Inference of Choice Sets: Application to Grocery Retailing
    by Lu, Anna

  • 2016 First In First Win: Evidence on Unfairness of Round-Robin Tournaments in Mega-Events
    by Krumer, Alex & Lechner, Michael

  • 2016 Midweek Effect on Performance: Evidence from the German Soccer Bundesliga
    by Krumer, Alex & Lechner, Michael

  • 2016 Inovac¸ão em servic¸os: estado da arte e perspectivas futuras
    by Machado Léo, Ricardo & Tello‐Gamarra, Jorge

  • 2016 Impact of health and recreation on work-life balance: A case study of expatriates
    by Naithani, Pranav

  • 2016 The Economic Application Approach of Fuzzy Logic Controller Type I and II for Second Order Linear Systems
    by Tavakoli, Amir & Khazaei, Ehsan

  • 2016 Economic Approach for Stochastic Artificial insemination by Neural Network
    by Tashakori, Zeynolabedin & Mirzaei, Farzad

  • 2016 Economic Based Neural Control Switching of TCR and TSC for Optimal Reactive Power Flow and Harmonic Minimization with Fuzzy-Genetic
    by Mirzaei, Farzad & Ashkaboosi, Farnoosh & Mahdavi, Sadegh

  • 2016 Application of Bat Evolutionary Algorithm in Optimization of Economic Dispatch for Unit-Commitment Problem with Large Uncertainties and High Efficiency
    by Weng, Shou & Chen, Lee & Odendaal, Kong

  • 2016 The Formation of Consumer Brand Preferences
    by Bart J. Bronnenberg & Jean-Pierre H. Dubé

  • 2016 How to Catch a Unicorn. Case Studies
    by Jean Paul Simon

  • 2016 How to Catch a Unicorn: An exploration of the universe of tech companies with high market capitalisation
    by Jean Paul Simon

  • 2016 Industrial Dynamics: A Review of the Literature 1990-2009
    by Carlsson , Bo

  • 2016 Co-operation in Production, the Organization of Industry & Productive Systems: A Critical Survey of the 'District' Form of Industrial Organisation & Development
    by Sue Konzelmann & Frank Wilkinson

  • 2016 Identification and Estimation of Risk Aversion in First-Price Auctions with Unobserved Auction Heterogeneity
    by Serafin Grundl & Yu Zhu

  • 2016 Stability in price competition revisited
    by Marta Faias & Javier Hervés-Estévez & Emma Moreno-García

  • 2016 Evaluating the state of competition and the welfare losses in the Greek manufacturing sector: an extended Hall–Roeger approach
    by Anthony N. Rezitis & Maria A. Kalantzi

  • 2016 Analiza koncentracji sekcji Polskiej Klasyfikacji Dzialalnosci w wybranych regionach Polski
    by Paulina Piorkowska

  • 2016 The Role Of Capacity In Antitrust Analysis
    by Seth Sacher & Jeremy Sandford

    by J. Gregory Sidak

  • 2016 Legal Concept of the Performance
    by Evgeni Stoyanov

  • 2016 What drives ICT clustering in European cities?
    by Maksim Belitski & Sameeksha Desai

  • 2016 The inter-industry employment effects of technological change
    by Aykut Lenger

  • 2016 Use Of The Formal Evaluation Systems And Feedback In Baja California Maquilas, El Uso De Los Sistemas Formales De Evaluacion Y El Feedback En Las Maquiladoras De Baja California
    by Monica Fernanda Aranibar & Blanca Rosa Garcia Rivera & Maria Concepción Ramirez Baron

  • 2016 The Role of Financial Constraints in the Services Sector: How Different is it from Manufacturing?
    by Filipe Silva & Carlos Carreira

  • 2016 Meeting blindly… Is Austrian economics useful for dynamic capabilities theory?
    by Shastitko, Andrey & Golovanova, Svetlana

  • 2016 Cluster and co-located cluster effects: An empirical study of six Chinese city regions
    by Lu, Ren & Ruan, Min & Reve, Torger

  • 2016 Scrapping subsidies during the financial crisis — Evidence from Europe
    by Grigolon, Laura & Leheyda, Nina & Verboven, Frank

  • 2016 The Impact of Accounting Information Systems on Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence in Turkish Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
    by Azize Esmeray

  • 2016 Die Einbeziehung des Konsums emissionsintensiver Grundstoffe in den Emissionshandel wäre möglich: Fünf Fragen an Karsten Neuhoff
    by Corporate author

  • 2016 Ergänzung des Emissionshandels: Anreize für einen klimafreundlicheren Verbrauch emissionsintensiver Grundstoffe
    by Karsten Neuhoff & Jan Stede & Vera Zipperer & Manuel Haussner & Roland Ismer

  • 2016 Desarrollo de proveedores. Elementos y procesos de promoción
    by Ofelia Patricia Castro-Castell & Cristian Amando Yepes Lugo & Robert Manuel Ojeda-Pérez

  • 2016 Research On Complex, Large Industrial Projects In Transnational Environment
    by Florin POPESCU

  • 2016 Measuring Entrepreneurship and Optimizing Entrepreneurship Policy Efforts in the European Union
    by László Szerb & Éva Komlósi & Balázs Páger

  • 2016 Is European Entrepreneurship in Crisis?
    by Wim Naudé

  • 2016 Monitoring the Quality of Services in Electronic Banking
    by Radislav Jovovic & Elvis Lekic & Miroslav Jovovic

  • 2016 Why Don’t Prices Rise during Periods of Peak Demand? Synchronize Demand to Relax Competition
    by Miao Chun-Hui

  • 2016 Industry Vietnam 2005-2014: Status, Issues and Development Orientation
    by Nguyen Thi To Quyen

  • 2015 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics-2014: Jean Tirole
    by S. Avdasheva & A. Shastitko.

  • 2015 Exploring the Opaqueness of the Patent System - Evidence from a Natural Experiment
    by Harhoff, Dietmar & Stoll, Sebastian

  • 2015 Hofstede Vectors: A Visualization Approach to Cultural Factors in the Knowledge Transfer - International Business Team Optimization Model
    by Arthur Pantelides

  • 2015 The Financing of Investment in European SMEs: Does economic integration matter?
    by Mary Arrieta

  • 2015 Acquire and fire? Evidence from European mergers
    by Furlan, Benjamin

  • 2015 Empower Workers to Innovate and Entrepreneurship: Raison d'être of Successful Workers Cooperatives
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal

  • 2015 Qualitative and quantitative analysis of solar hydrogen generation literature from 2001 to 2014
    by Maghami, Mohammadreza & Navabi asl, Shahin & Rezadad, Mohamad ismail & Ale ebrahim, Nader & Gomes, Chandima

  • 2015 Frictions in Internet Auctions with Many Traders: a Counterexample
    by Donna, Javier & Schenone, Pablo & Veramendi, Gregory

  • 2015 Networks, Frictions, and Price Dispersion
    by Donna, Javier & Schenone, Pablo & Veramendi, Gregory

  • 2015 Income and Wealth Effects on Private-Label Demand: Evidence From the Great Recession
    by Jean-Pierre Dubé & Günter J. Hitsch & Peter E. Rossi

  • 2015 Assessing the Energy-Efficiency Gap
    by Todd D. Gerarden & Richard G. Newell & Robert N. Stavins

  • 2015 Cartels Destroy Productivity: Evidence from the New Deal Sugar Manufacturing Cartel, 1934-74
    by Bridgman, Benjamin & Qi, Shi & Schmitz, James A.

  • 2015 A New Approach to Estimation of the R&D-Innovation-Productivity Relationship
    by Andreas Stephan & Christopher BAUM, & Pardis NABAVI & Hans LÖÖF,

  • 2015 Assessing bank competition for consumer loans
    by Wilko Bolt & David Humphrey

  • 2015 Production Factor Returns: The Role of Factor Utilization
    by Gilbert Cette & Nicolas Dromel & Rémy Lecat & Anne-Charlotte Paret

  • 2015 Asymmetric Phase Shifts in U.S. Industrial Production Cycles
    by Yongsung Chang & Sunoong Hwang

  • 2015 Location Proximity and Productivity Spillovers: The Case of Korean Manufacturing Plants
    by Backhoon Song

  • 2015 Participates? Reflection on Internship Program Barriers in Estonian Universities
    by Merike Kaseorg

  • 2015 An Analysis of Specialized Translation and Terminology. Case Study
    by Buzarna-Tihenea (Gãlbeazã) Alina

  • 2015 Process Of Reindustralization In The Context Of European Integration
    by Sofija Adzic

  • 2015 What Company Creates Investment Value Through Innovation? Google it!
    by Kimery LYNCH & Margaret RAY

  • 2015 People or Trust in Building Commitment to Change?
    by Wustari L. H. Mangundjaya

  • 2015 Global Leadership and Organizational Change from Past to Now
    by Alexander STELZER

  • 2015 Cross-sectoral interactions in Islamic equity markets
    by Yilmaz, Mustafa K. & Sensoy, Ahmet & Ozturk, Kevser & Hacihasanoglu, Erk

  • 2015 Assessing bank competition for consumer loans
    by Bolt, Wilko & Humphrey, David

  • 2015 The impact of outages on prices and investment in the U.S. oil refining industry
    by Chesnes, Matthew

  • 2015 The merger-paradox: A tournament-based solution
    by Fan, Cuihong & Wolfstetter, Elmar G.

  • 2015 Innovation et responsabilité sociale des entreprises (RSE) dans les entreprises agroalimentaires du Languedoc-Roussillon : le rôle de la performance économique
    by Leila Temri & Géraldine Giordano & Myriam-Emilie Kessari

  • 2015 The welfare costs of rent-seeking: a methodologically individualist and subjectivist revision
    by Michael Makovi

  • 2015 The Performance Of Large Enterprises In Manufacturing. The Case Of Romania
    by Daniela-Livia, TRASCA & Raluca-Andreea, POPA

  • 2015 Tendencje rozwojowe klastrów w Niemczech / Development Tendencies of German Clusters
    by Marta Gotz

  • 2014 Leistungsprofile von Inkubatoren technologiebasierter Unternehmen: Eine empirische Bestandsaufnahme
    by Heinrichs, Simon & Tischler, Joachim & Walter, Achim

  • 2014 The Merger-Paradox: A Tournament-Based Solution
    by Fan, Cuihong & Wolfstetter, Elmar G.

  • 2014 Participates? Reflection in an Internship Program Barriers in Estonian Universities
    by Merike Kaseorg

  • 2014 Openness, Specialisation and Vulnerability of the Nordic Countries
    by Kaitila, Ville & Virkola, Tuomo

  • 2014 Stability in price competition revisited
    by Faias, Marta & Hervés-Estévez, Javier & Moreno-García, Emma

  • 2014 Stakeholder Analysis as a Tool for Systems Approach Research in HRD
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Greiman, Bradley

  • 2014 The formation of new firms: An ordered probit model approach for Latin American and Caribbean Countries
    by Vélez Ospina, Jorge Andres & Campo Robledo, Jacobo

  • 2014 دور رأس المال الفكري في تنمية المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة في الدول الخليجية
    by Elasrag, Hussein

  • 2014 An Experimental Investigation into Queueing Behavior
    by Anna Conte & Marco Scarsini & Oktay Sürücü

  • 2014 Counterparty risk in material supply contracts
    by Boyarchenko, Nina & Costello, Anna M.

  • 2014 Optimal sequential auctions
    by Jofre-Bonet, Mireia & Pesendorfer, Martin

  • 2014 Exploiting the Choice-Consumption Mismatch: A New Approach to Disentangle State Dependence and Heterogeneity
    by K. Sudhir & Nathan Yang

  • 2014 Business Management And Energy Efficiency In The Food Industry Of Moldova
    by DUCA, Aurelia & GRIBINCEA, Corina

  • 2014 How the pharmaceutical business model has changed
    by Philippe Abecassis & Nathalie Coutinet

  • 2014 Les transformations du modèle de l’industrie pharmaceutique
    by Philippe Abecassis & Nathalie Coutinet

  • 2014 Do Common Stocks Have Perfect Substitutes? Product Market Competition and the Elasticity of Demand for Stocks
    by Kenneth R. Ahern

  • 2014 The Dragon Is Flying West: Micro-level Evidence of Chinese Outward Direct Investment
    by Wenjie Chen & Heiwai Tang

  • 2014 Noncompensatory consideration and compensatory choice: an application to Stackelberg competition
    by Mauro Papi

  • 2014 An Empirical Analysis of The Impact of RMB Exchange Rate’s Changes on Industrial Restructure
    by Boya Wang & Siyue Liu

  • 2014 Tipo de cambio real efectivo y exportaciones de manufacturas no tradicionales. Evidencia para Argentina
    by Lanteri, Luis N.

  • 2014 Input-Output Analysis for Rural Industrial Development of Patna Region
    by Kumari, Rashmi & Devadas, V

  • 2014 The Development Dynamics Of The Textile And Clothing Industry In Moldova
    by Alexandru GRIBINCEA & Aliona CERNOVA

  • 2014 The Network is the Robot
    by Antonio MANZALINI & Alexandros STAVDAS

  • 2014 History, statistics and theory: Frederic M. Scherer and modern industrial organization
    by Giovanni B. Ramello & Francesco Silva

  • 2014 Do managerial behaviors trigger firm exit? The case of hyperactive bidders
    by Rahaman, Mohammad M.

  • 2014 Entry and exit in disequilibrium
    by Burke, Andrew & van Stel, André

  • 2014 Estimating the impact of low-income universal service programs
    by Ackerberg, Daniel A. & DeRemer, David R. & Riordan, Michael H. & Rosston, Gregory L. & Wimmer, Bradley S.

  • 2014 Optimal sequential auctions
    by Jofre-Bonet, Mireia & Pesendorfer, Martin

  • 2014 Nachhaltigkeit in Unternehmen und Organisationen - Umweltmanagementsysteme als Instrument zur ökologischen Prägung der Organisationskultur
    by Lisa Knoche

  • 2013 (In)determinacy, bargaining, and R&D policies in an economy with endogenous technological change
    by Lai, Chung-hui

  • 2013 Industry, firm, year and country effects on profitability in EU food processing
    by Jan Schiefer & Stefan Hirsch & Monika Hartmann & Adelina Gschwandtner

  • 2013 Restructuring the post-industrial landscape of Bistrita subcarpathian valley
    by Chelaru, Dan-Adrian & Apostol, Liviu & Mihai, Florin-Constantin & Ursu, Adrian

  • 2013 Кластерные Стратегии И Кластерные Инициативы: Перспективы И Факторы Эффективной Кластеризации
    by Filippova, Irina & Mindlin, Yuri

  • 2013 Кластерные Стратегии И Кластерные Инициативы: Перспективы И Факторы Эффективной Кластеризации
    by Filippova, Irina & Unknown, Unknown

  • 2013 Indonesian Innovations on Information Technology 2013: Between Syntactic and Semantic Textual Network
    by Situngkir, Hokky

  • 2013 Being in the Right Place: A Natural Field Experiment on List Position and Consumer Choice
    by Novarese, Marco & Wilson, Chris M.

  • 2013 Locating inside the Salop circle: Demand rotations in a micro-founded model
    by Bar-Isaac, Heski & Caruana, Guillermo & Cuñat, Vicente

  • 2013 سياسات تعزيز القدرة التنافسية لصادرات المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة المصرية
    by Elasrag, Hussein

  • 2013 Silence is golden: communication, silence, and cartel stability
    by Basuchoudhary, Atin & Conlon, John R.

  • 2013 Patents in the University: Priming the Pump and Crowding Out
    by Suzanne Scotchmer

  • 2013 Competition vs. Monopoly in the Religious Marketplace: Judaism in the United States and Israel
    by Chiswick, Carmel U.

  • 2013 The Silver Lining of Price Spikes: How electricity price spikes can help overcome the energy efficiency gap
    by Mauritzen, Johannes

  • 2013 The Choice between 3D Property Rights Alternatives - Economic Theory, Legal Provisions, and Case Studies
    by Ekbäck, Peter

  • 2013 Do Size, Age and Dividend Policy Provide Useful Measures of Financing Constraints? New Evidence from a Panel of Portuguese Firms
    by Carlos Carreira & Filipe Silva

  • 2013 Do Expiring Budgets Lead to Wasteful Year-End Spending? Evidence from Federal Procurement
    by Liebman, Jeffrey B. & Mahoney, Neale

  • 2013 Institutional Logics as Strategic Resources
    by Durand , Rodolphe & Szostak , Bérangère & Jourdan , Julien & Thornton , Patricia

  • 2013 Kitchen Confidential? Norms for the Use of Transferred Knowledge in Gourmet Cuisine
    by Di Stefano , Giada & King , Andrew A. & Verona , Gianmario

  • 2013 Competition in bank-provided payment services
    by Wilko Bolt & David Humphrey

  • 2013 Roles of Social Conformity in Deviance in Poverty: A Study on Working Poverty and Educational Investment in Bangladesh
    by Biswa N. Bhattacharyay & Partha Gangopadhyay & Mustafa A. Rahman

  • 2013 Price-Matching leads to the Cournot Outcome
    by Norovsambuu Tumennasan & Mongoljin Batsaikhan

  • 2013 Epilogue
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Smart Villages and Cities
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Green Supply Chains
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Location Analysis
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Global Supply Chain Redesign
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Governance
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Innovation
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Supply Chain Risk
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Performance Analysis
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 The Supply Chain Ecosystem Framework
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Introduction
    by N. Viswanadham & S. Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Ecosystem-Aware Global Supply Chain Management
    by N Viswanadham & S Kameshwaran

  • 2013 Organisational Culture:Concept, Context, and Measurement(In Two Volumes)
    by Elizabeth Kummerow & Neil Kirby

  • 2013 Evidence on the Accuracy of Merger Simulations
    by Matthew C. Weinberg & Daniel Hosken

  • 2013 Attention Rivalry Among Online Platforms
    by David S. Evans

  • 2013 Approach for Evaluation of Possibilities for Enhancing Competitiveness and Determination of Management Priorities (as Exemplified by Large Companies from the Non-ferrous Metals Sector)
    by Vyara Milusheva

  • 2013 Mitigating incentive conflicts in inter-firm relationships: Evidence from long-term supply contracts
    by Costello, Anna M.

  • 2013 Strategic conduct in credit derivative markets
    by Bolton, Patrick & Oehmke, Martin

  • 2013 Strukturprobleme und schleichende Deindustrialisierung: Ist Frankreich das neue Sorgenkind Europas?
    by Guido Zimmermann & Henrik Uterwedde & Daniela Schwarzer

  • 2013 The Tourist Acommodation Capacity In Vâlcea County And The Main Tourist Indicators Between 2006-2010
    by Maria-Roxana, DOROBANTU

  • 2013(XXIII) Target Cost – Tool For Planning, Managing And Controlling Costs
    by Emilia VASILE & Ion CROITORU

  • 2012 Sequential Innovation and Optimal Patent Design
    by Christian Riis & Xianwen Shi

  • 2012 Demographic profile of Non Resident Indian professionals in the GCC countries: A case study
    by Naithani, Pranav

  • 2012 Determinants of firm competitiveness: case of the Turkish textile and apparel industry
    by Lau, Chi Keung Marco & Suvankulov, Farrukh & Karabag, Solmaz Filiz

  • 2012 Effets des pôles de compétitivité dans les industries de haute technologie : une analyse d'économie industrielle de l'innovation
    by Iritié, Jean-Jacques B-G.

  • 2012 Costs of Low Productivity: Intensive and Extensive Margins
    by goksel, turkmen

  • 2012 Optimal control over a continuous range of homogeneous and heterogeneous innovations with finite life-cycles
    by Bondarev, Anton A.

  • 2012 Tell Me Who You Patent With and I'll Tell You Who You Are: Evidence from Inter-Regional Patenting Networks in Three Emerging Technological Fields
    by Giulia Ajmone Marsan & Annalisa Primi

  • 2012 Does Competition Matter for Corporate Governance? The Role of Country Characteristics
    by Jean-Claude Cosset & Hyacinthe Y. Somé & Pascale Valery

  • 2012 Where Are the Fragilities? The Relationship Between Firms' Financial Constraints, Size, and Age
    by Carlos Carreira & Filipe Silva

  • 2012 Pôles de compétitivité, incertitude et adoption de technologies génériques
    by Iritié, J.J.

  • 2012 Pôle de compétitivité, spillovers et coopération R et D
    by Iritié, J.J.

  • 2012 Improving the Performance of Random Coefficients Demand Models: the Role of Optimal Instruments
    by Reynaert, Mathias & Verboven, Frank

  • 2012 Digital Distribution and the Prohibition of Resale Markets for Information Goods
    by Benjamin Reed Shiller

  • 2012 Fusiones nacionales e internacionales en oligopolios mixtos
    by José Méndez Naya

  • 2012 Sunk Costs, Depreciation, and Industry Dynamics
    by Adelina Gschwandtner & Val E. Lambson

  • 2012 Time-lag and Business. On Non-Economic Determinants of Economic Parameters (Time-lag i biznes. O pozaekonomicznych wyznacznikach parametrów ekonomicznych)
    by Marek Goliszewski

  • 2012 Bouncing out of the banking system: An empirical analysis of involuntary bank account closures
    by Campbell, Dennis & Asís Martínez-Jerez, F. & Tufano, Peter

  • 2012 Strategic use of forward contracts and capacity constraints
    by Adilov, Nodir

  • 2012 Monopoly incentives for cost-reducing R&D
    by Garella, Paolo G.

  • 2011 Media Bias and Advertising: Evidence from German Car Magazines
    by Dewenter, Ralf & Heimeshoff, Ulrich

  • 2011 Incitations à fusionner dans un oligopole mixte asymétrique
    by Sylvain Kadohognon Ouattara

  • 2011 Capacity Constraints and Beliefs about Demand
    by Nick Vikander

  • 2011 Classical competition and regulating capital: theory and empirical evidence
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris & Tsaliki, Persefoni

  • 2011 Productivity in China's high technology industry: Regional heterogeneity and R&D
    by Zhang, Rui & Sun, Kai & Delgado, Michael & Kumbhakar, Subal

  • 2011 Regulation, enforcement and informality: an analysis based on selected countries
    by Roychowdhury, Punarjit

  • 2011 Shrinking Goods and Sticky Prices: Theory and Evidence
    by Snir, Avichai & Levy, Daniel

  • 2011 Estimating Causal Installed-Base Effects: A Bias-Correction Approach
    by Sridhar Narayanan & Harikesh S. Nair

  • 2011 The Costs of Free Entry: An Empirical Study of Real Estate Agents in Greater Boston
    by Panle Jia Barwick & Parag A. Pathak

  • 2011 Financial constraints, exports and monetary integration - Financial constraints and exports: An analysis of Portuguese firms during the European monetary integration
    by Filipe Silva & Carlos Carreira

  • 2011 Economies of Scale in the Tunisian Industries
    by Heshmati, Almas & Haouas, Ilham

  • 2011 Economies of Scale in the Tunisian Industries
    by Heshmati, Almas & Haouas, Ilham

  • 2011 Financial constraints and exports: An analysis of Portuguese firms during the European monetary integration
    by Filipe SIlva & Carlos Carreira

  • 2011 Do financial constraints threat the innovation process? Evidence from Portuguese firms
    by Filipe Silva & Carlos Carreira

  • 2011 Endogenous Timing in a Mixed Duopoly: Wighted Welfare and Price Competition
    by Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos & Sedano Hoyuelos, Máximo

  • 2011 Nested logit or random coefficients logit? A comparison of alternative discrete choice models of product differentiation
    by Grigolon, Laura & Verboven, Frank

  • 2011 Airline Alliances, Carve-Outs and Collusion
    by Jan K. Brueckner & Pierre M. Picard

  • 2011 The Law and Economics of Enhancing Cartel Enforcement: Using Information from Non-Cartel Investigations to Prosecute Cartels
    by Vivek Ghosal

  • 2011 Can Personality Explain what is Underlying Women's Unwillingness to Compete?
    by Müller, Julia & Schwieren, Christiane

  • 2011 Quantity Precommitment and Price Matching
    by Norovsambuu Tumennasan

  • 2011 Fred Schwed, Jr
    by Harold Bierman Jr & Donald Schnedeker

  • 2011 Arthur E. Nilsson
    by Harold Bierman Jr & Donald Schnedeker

  • 2011 William O. Douglas
    by Harold Bierman Jr & Donald Schnedeker

  • 2011 Owen D. Young
    by Harold Bierman Jr & Donald Schnedeker

  • 2011 Alfred E. Smith
    by Harold Bierman Jr & Donald Schnedeker

  • 2011 Calvin Coolidge
    by Harold Bierman Jr & Donald Schnedeker

  • 2011 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi)
    by Harold Bierman Jr & Donald Schnedeker

  • 2011 W.E.B. DuBois
    by Harold Bierman Jr & Donald Schnedeker

  • 2011 Irving Fisher
    by Harold Bierman Jr & Donald Schnedeker

  • 2011 George Santayana
    by Harold Bierman Jr & Donald Schnedeker

  • 2011 O. Henry
    by Harold Bierman Jr & Donald Schnedeker

  • 2011 Alfred North Whitehead
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