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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B5: Current Heterodox Approaches
/ / / B50: General
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Distribution, wealth and demand regimes in historical perspective. USA, UK, France and Germany, 1855-2010
    by Stockhammer, Engelbert & Rabinovich, Joel & Reddy, Niall

  • 2017 Sectoral Balances And Stock-Flow Consistent Models
    by Jonáš, Jan & Komínek, Ondřej

  • 2017 Reconciling facts with fiction: Minimum wages in a post-Keynesian perspective
    by Heise, Arne

  • 2017 The Fragility of Emerging Currencies Since the 2000s - a Minskyan Analysis
    by Raquel Almeida Ramos

  • 2017 Endogenous Technical Change in Alternative Theories of Growth and Distribution
    by Daniele Tavani & Luca Zamparelli

  • 2017 Financialization: Dimensions and determinants. A cross-country study
    by Karwowski, Ewa & Shabani, Mimoza & Stockhammer, Engelbert

  • 2017 Profit rates in the developed capitalist economies: a time series investigation
    by Trofimov, Ivan D.

  • 2017 The effect of pro-shareholder income distribution on capital accumulation: evidence from Japanese non-financial firms
    by Shimano, Norihito

  • 2017 The Research Excellence Framework 2014, journal ratings and the marginalization of heterodox economics
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Quirin Dammerer & Sukriti Kapur

  • 2017 Corporate financialisation in South Africa: From investment strike to housing bubble
    by Ewa Karwowski

  • 2017 Minsky models: A structured survey
    by Maria Nikolaidi & Engelbert Stockhammer

  • 2017 Minsky models: a structured survey
    by Nikolaidi, Maria & Stockhammer, Engelbert

  • 2017 The "Modern Monetary Theory": An extension of Radical Political Economy
    by Esteban Cruz-Hidalgo & Francisco M. Parejo-Moruno

  • 2017 Intertemporal propensity to consume
    by Stephan B. Bruns & Alessio Moneta

  • 2017 Autonomy and Creativity in the Artisan Economy and the New Spirit of Capitalism
    by Kirstin Munro & Chris O’Kane

  • 2017 Industrial Seigniorage: The Other Face of Competition
    by Jordan Melmiès

  • 2017 Fred Lee, the Industrial Workers of the World, and Heterodox Economics
    by John F. Henry

  • 2017 Polanyi and Foucault on the Issue of Market in Classical Political Economy
    by Danielle Guizzo & Iara Vigo de Lima

  • 2017 The neglect of society in the theory of the firm: a systems-theory perspective
    by Spencer Thompson & Vladislav Valentinov

  • 2017 Evolutionary finance and central banking
    by Giorgos Argitis

  • 2017 Paradoxical Positions: The Methodological Contributions of Feminist Scholarship
    by Ann E. Davis

  • 2017 The fiscal adjustment policy: the case of Uruguay, successes and failures
    by Jorge Notaro

  • 2017 Art! In What Sense?
    by Burçak İSMET ÖZSOY

  • 2017 The restructuring of the European land armaments industry: Between political incentives and economic pressures
    by Adrien Caralp

  • 2017 Critical thinking within a multi-paradigmatic approach: introduction to the symposium on innovations in heterodox economics education
    by Geoffrey E. Schneider & Daniel A. Underwood

  • 2017 Wage-led, debt-led growth in an open economy
    by Esteban Pérez Caldentey & Matías Vernengo

  • 2017 Wage increases, transfers, and the socially determined income distribution in the USA
    by Lance Taylor & Armon Rezai & Rishabh Kumar & Nelson Barbosa & Laura Carvalho

  • 2017 Wage-led versus profit-led demand: what have we learned? A Kaleckian–Minskyan view
    by Engelbert Stockhammer

  • 2017 The WHO warns of outbreak of virulent new ‘Economic Reality’ virus
    by Steve Keen

  • 2017 A third era of credit theory? Endogenous money from Wolfgang Stützel's balance mechanics perspective
    by Christoph Ellermann & Fabian Lindner & Severin Reissl & Ruben Tarne

  • 2017 Capital structure theory: Reconsidered
    by Ardalan, Kavous

  • 2017 Modern political economy in Bulgaria: choosing the way
    by Vasil Todorov

  • 2017 Modern Political Economy in Bulgaria: Identification Issues
    by Vasil Todorov

  • 2017 Imprecision
    by Nicholas Rescher

  • 2017 “Dialectical Contradictions” in the Neoclassical Theory and Policy Regarding Market Competition: The Consumer and His Continuos Burden of Crisis
    by Octavian-Dragomir Jora & Gheorghe Hurduzeu & Mihaela Iacob & Georgiana-Camelia Cre?an

  • 2016 A Personalist Approach to the Dialogue between Economics and Religion [O abordare personalistă a dialogului dintre economie şi religie]
    by Munteanu Costea, Comşa Petre

  • 2016 Critical Realism and the Philosophy of Economics [Realismul critic şi filosofia economiei]
    by Popovici Alexandru

  • 2016 Pleading for a Teleological Logic in Economics [Pledoarie pentru o logică teleologică în economie]
    by Dinga Emil

  • 2016 A Personalist Approach to the Dialogue between Economics and Religion [O abordare personalistă a dialogului dintre economie şi religie]
    by Munteanu Costea, Comşa Petre

  • 2016 Critical Realism and the Philosophy of Economics [Realismul critic şi filosofia economiei]
    by Popovici Alexandru

  • 2016 Pleading for a Teleological Logic in Economics [Pledoarie pentru o logică teleologică în economie]
    by Dinga Emil

  • 2016 Methodological institutionalism 2.0: From institutions to institutional configurations
    by D. Frolov.

  • 2016 Understanding the Brazilian demand regime: A Kaleckian approach
    by Tomio, Bruno Thiago

  • 2016 Development of heterodox economics at public German universities since the 1970s
    by Thieme, Sebastian & Heise, Arne

  • 2016 Walras' law in the context of pre-analytic visions: A note
    by Heise, Arne

  • 2016 Pluralism in economics: Inquiries into a Daedalean concept
    by Heise, Arne

  • 2016 Curriculum reform in UK economics: a critique
    by Andrew Mearman & Sebastian Berger & Danielle Guizzo

  • 2016 When Robertson was Keynesian and Keynes Robertsonian: a discussion between D.H.R. and J.M.K. in the early 1930s and the problems with the Monetary Circuit Theory. A note
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2016 Macroeconomic Policy in DGSE and Agent-Based Models Redux: New Developments and Challenges Ahead
    by Giorgio Fagiolo & Andrea Roventini

  • 2016 Social Capital: From One-Dimensional Man to One-Dimensions Economy and Economics
    by Ben Fine

  • 2016 Financialisation in Emerging Economies: A Systematic Overview and Comparison with Anglo-Saxon Economies
    by Karwowski, Ewa & Stockhammer, Engelbert

  • 2016 Wage led aggregate demand in the United Kingdom
    by Jump, Robert & Mendieta-Muñoz, Ivan

  • 2016 Neoliberalism, trade imbalances and economic policy in the Eurozone crisis
    by Stockhammer, Engelbert & Constantine, Collin & Reissl, Severin

  • 2016 Why has economics turned out this way?’ A socio-economic note on the explanation of monism in economics
    by Heise, Arne

  • 2016 The Short Rise and Long Fall of heterodox Economics in germany After the 1970s: Explorations in a Scientific Field of Power and Struggle
    by Heise, Arne & Thieme, Sebastian

  • 2016 Financial Markets and Debt Crisis in European Union: Preventing spillover effects of financial crisis between EU periphery and the eurozone
    by Radosevic, Dubravko

  • 2016 Plurality in Teaching Macroeconomics
    by Azad, Rohit

  • 2016 US Worker Co-Operatives and Their Spans of Management, Decision Making, and Governance: An Exploratory Analysis
    by Lambert, Thomas

  • 2016 Towards a Democratization of Knowledge with Topological Emphasis in Economics
    by Rosas-Martinez, Victor H.

  • 2016 Greek Sovereign Defaults in Retrospect and Prospect
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris & Zouboulakis, Michel

  • 2016 Frederic S. Lee and His Fight for the Future of Heterodox Economics
    by Jo, Tae-Hee

  • 2016 Financialisation: Dimensions and determinants. A cross-country study
    by Ewa Karwowski & Mimoza Shabani & Engelbert Stockhammer

  • 2016 Financialisation in emerging economies: a systematic overview and comparison with Anglo-Saxon economies
    by Ewa Karwowski & Engelbert Stockhammer

  • 2016 A Marx 'crises' model: The reproduction schemes revisited
    by Marco Veronese Passarella

  • 2016 On the Possibility of an Enlarged Self-Definition of Economics
    by Daniyal Khan

  • 2016 Reading the General Theory as Economic Sociology: A broader interpretation of an economics classic
    by Daniyal Khan

  • 2016 Expectations and Stability in the Kaleckian Growth Model
    by Gilberto Tadeu Lima & Mark Setterfield

  • 2016 Analyse économique du travail et de l'emploi : sortir de l'inversion
    by Bruno Tinel

  • 2016 Distribution-led Growth through Methodological Lenses
    by Michalis Nikiforos

  • 2016 What are production, work and consumption? Trans-historical re-conceptualisations
    by Edvinsson, Rodney

  • 2016 The Financialisation of Health in England and Wales; Lessons from the Water Sector
    by Kate Bayliss

  • 2016 Macroeconomic policy in DGSE and agent based models redux : new developments and challenges ahead
    by G. Fagiolo & A. Roventini

  • 2016 A Comprehensive Plan to Confront the Retirement Savings Crisis
    by Teresa Ghilarducci & Hamilton James

  • 2016 Measurement without theory and theory without measurement. A personal account
    by Guenter Karl

  • 2016 Quel Ciblage De La Croissance Et Des Politiques Sociales Dans Le Cadre De L’Évolution Des Stratégies De Réduction De La Pauvreté ?
    by Stéphanie TREILLET

  • 2016 Die Krise der VWL und die Vision einer Pluralen Ökonomik
    by Dirk Ehnts & Lino Zeddies

  • 2016 The meaning of happiness: attention and time perception
    by Viviana Giovinazzo & Marco Novarese

  • 2016 Application of the Grounded Theory Methodology in HRM Research Within Private and Public Sector – An Attempt at a Meta-Analysis of Articles Published on the ISI Master Journal List Between 2010 and 2014 (Wykorzystanie metodologii teorii ugruntowanej w badaniach z zakresu ZZL w sektorze prywatnym i publicznym – proba metaanalizy artykulow opublikowanych w latach 2010–2014 na tzw. liscie filadelfijskiej)
    by Katarzyna Susabowska

  • 2016 Greek Sovereign Defaults in Retrospect and Prospect
    by Lefteris Tsoulfidis & Michel Zouboulakis

  • 2016 Egypt’s Neoliberal Reforms and the Moral Economy of Bread
    by Sabine Frerichs

  • 2016 Acequias as Commons
    by Christopher Gunn

  • 2016 Commons and the Public Domain
    by Antoine Dolcerocca & Benjamin Coriat

  • 2016 Technology and Property
    by William M. Dugger

  • 2016 Frederic S. Lee and His Fight for the Future of Heterodox Economics
    by Tae-Hee Jo

  • 2016 Lo Stato come ‘fornitore’ d’investimenti sociali (State as Social Investments Provider)
    by Fabrizio Botti, Marcella Corsi, Giulio Guarini

  • 2016 Half-Forgotten Personalities of Economic Thought - J. A. Schumpeter
    by Pavel Sirůček

  • 2016 Economic mainstream and power: a profile analysis of Central Bank directors during PSDB and PT governments in Brazil [Economic mainstream and power: a profile analysis of Central Bank directors during PSDB and PT governments in Brazil]
    by Adriano Codato & Marco Cavalieri & Renato Perissinotto & Eric Gil Dantas

  • 2016 Keynes' Theory of the Interest Rate: A Critical Approach
    by Katarzyna Appelt

  • 2016 Towards a Democratization of Knowledge with Topological Emphasis in Economics
    by Víctor H. ROSAS-MARTINEZ

  • 2016 Paul Davidson, Post Keynesian Theory and Policy: A Realistic Analysis of the Market Oriented Capitalist Economy
    by Stefan VOSS

  • 2016 A multi-sectoral balance-of-payments-constrained growth model with sectoral heterogeneity
    by Nishi, Hiroshi

  • 2016 The case for increasing returns (2): the methods of planning horizons
    by Frederic B. JENNINGS JR.

  • 2016 From Information To Theory. A Logical Approach
    by Emil, DINGA

  • 2015 Markt und Macht
    by Rainer Hank

  • 2015 Orthodoxy versus heterodoxy: Inflation, unemployment, growth, profit
    by Manera, Carlos

  • 2015 What happened to heterodox economics in Germany after the 1970s
    by Heise, Arne & Thieme, Sebastian

  • 2015 Latin American Economic History: looking backwards for the future
    by Luis Bértola & Javier Rodríguez Weber

  • 2015 Growth models and working class restructuring before the crisis
    by Stockhammer, Engelbert & Durand, Cédric & List, Ludwig

  • 2015 The Greek saga: competing explanations of the Greek crisis
    by Mavroudeas, Stavros D.

  • 2015 Bitcoin Mission Statement. Or What does it mean Sharing Economy and Distributed Trust?
    by Kosten, Dmitri

  • 2015 Reason-based choice and context-dependence: An explanatory framework
    by Dietrich, Franz & List, Christian

  • 2015 Returns to tail hedging
    by Bell, Peter N

  • 2015 Wage-led versus profit-led demand: What have we learned? A Kalecki-Minsky view
    by Engelbert Stockhammer

  • 2015 European growth models and working class restructuring before the crisis
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Cédric Durand & Ludwig List

  • 2015 Frederic S. Lee's contributions to heterodox economics
    by Zdravka Todorova & Tae-Hee Jo

  • 2015 Methodological, internal and ontological inconsistencies in the conventional micro-foundation of post-Keynesian theory
    by Christian Schoder

  • 2015 On Joan Robinson’s Abandonment of Exploitation
    by Daniyal Khan

  • 2015 Heterodox economics, social ontology, and the use of mathematics
    by Mark Setterfield

  • 2015 The Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act and the Federal Reserve's Extraordinary Intervention during the Global Financial Crisis
    by Yeva Nersisyan

  • 2015 Minsky on Banking: Early Work on Endogenous Money and the Prudent Banker
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2015 Structural Change and Transformation of Growth Regime in the Japanese Economy
    by Hiroshi Nishi

  • 2015 Wealth Concentration, Income Distribution, and Alternatives for the USA
    by Lance Taylor & Ozlem Omer & Armon Rezai

  • 2015 Producción circular, clases socioeconómicas, demanda final y empleo en la economía monetaria de producción
    by Hernando Matallana

  • 2015 Hyperbola Economics Towards A Utopian Economy
    by Hideyuki Kamiryo

  • 2015 Hyperbola Economics Towards A Utopian Economy
    by Hideyuki Kamiryo

  • 2015 Economic Theory As Praxeology
    by DINGA, Emil

  • 2015 İktisadi Sosyolojiden Yeni İktisat Sosyolojisine: İktisat ve Sosyoloji İlişkisinin Değişen Yüzü
    by Gülenay BAŞ DİNAR

  • 2015 Is Over-investment the Cause of the Post-2007 U.S. Economic Crisis?1
    by Erdogan Bakir & Al Campbell

  • 2015 Capital, Economic Crises, Institutions and History
    by Phillip Anthony O’Hara

  • 2015 Is Neoclassical Economics Scientific Knowledge Detached from Ethics? A Kantian Answer, an Institutionalist Alternative
    by Fernando García-Quero & Jorge Ollero-Perán

  • 2015 Un régime monétaire traditionnel contesté par la monnaie d’État : l’histoire du kip au Nord-Laos de 1975 à 2000
    by Alary, Pierre

  • 2015 ¿Debería la economía heterodoxa ser enseñada en departamentos de economía, o existe algún espacio para la economía backwater?
    by Lavoie, Marc

  • 2015 From Long Waves to Great Surges
    by Perez, Carlota

  • 2015 Schumpeter’s “Business Cycles” Revisited
    by Freeman, Christopher

  • 2015 New Economic Sociology: Theoretical Achievements and Contemporary Challenges
    by Andrei Nonchev

  • 2015 Uncertainty, power, institutions, and crisis: implications for economic analysis and the future of capitalism
    by Amitava Krishna Dutt

  • 2015 An analytical review of volatility metrics for bubbles and crashes
    by Vogel, Harold L. & Werner, Richard A.

  • 2015 Central Fallacies of Modern Economics
    by Tony Lawson

  • 2015 Die Macht der Wissenschaftsstatistik und die Entwicklung der Ökonomie
    by Matthias Aistleitner & Marianne Fölker & Jakob Kapeller

  • 2015 Fundamentos de la gestión humanista: una perspectiva filosófica
    by Osmar Arandia & Luis Portales

  • 2015 A criterion for realism, with an application to behavioral economic models
    by Gustavo Marqués & Diego Weisman

  • 2015 Economics in times of crisis. In search of a new paradigm in economic sciences
    by Joanna Dzionek-Kozlowska

  • 2015 The case for increasing returns I: ‘The Hicksian Getaway’ and ‘The Hirshleifer Rescue’
    by Frederic B. Jennings Jr.

  • 2015 Economics as a Discipline of Instrumental Reason. Looking at Economics as a Science from the Perspective of the Frankfurt School of Philosophy
    by Jagoda Komusińska

  • 2015 The Changing Face of Economics? Ethical Issues in Contemporary Economic Schools as a Consequence of Changes in the Concept of Human Nature
    by Anna Horodecka

  • 2014 The Great Schism in the Theory of Public Finance. A Treatise in the Theory of Economic Thought
    by Blankart, Charles B:

  • 2014 Freie Gewerkschaften
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2014 Orthodoxer Mainstream und Heterodoxe Alternativen: Eine Analyse der ökonomischen Wissenschaftslandschaft
    by Quaas, Friedrun

  • 2014 The deposit financing gap: Another Dutch disease
    by Meijers H.H.M. & Muysken J. & Sleijpen O.C.H.M.

  • 2014 Demand, credit and macroeconomic dynamics: A microsimulation model
    by Meijers H.H.M. & Nomaler Z.O. & Verspagen B.

  • 2014 Mainstream Macroeconomics in the Light of Popper
    by Iván H. Ayala & Alfonso Palacio Vera

  • 2014 Economists as political philosophers : a critique of normative trade theory
    by Robert Lepenies

  • 2014 Capacity Utilization, Obsolete Machines and Effective Demand
    by Parrinello, Sergio

  • 2014 A Search for Distinctive Features of Demand-led Growth Models
    by Parrinello, Sergio

  • 2014 Κρίση, Σύγχρονος Καπιταλισμός Και Ταξικές Ανακατατάξεις
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefter

  • 2014 Understanding Financial Instability: Minsky Versus the Austrians
    by Van den Hauwe, Ludwig

  • 2014 Новая Теория Рынка И Капитализма. В 3-Х Частях. Часть 3. Капитализм
    by Zheleznyak, Anatoliy

  • 2014 Новая Теория Рынка И Капитализма. В 3-Х Частях. Часть 1. Рынок
    by Zheleznyak, Anatoliy

  • 2014 Новая Теория Рынка И Капитализма. В 3-Х Частях. Предисловие
    by Zheleznyak, Anatoliy

  • 2014 Understanding Financial Instability: Minsky Versus the Austrians
    by Van den Hauwe, Ludwig

  • 2014 Social Identity and Class Consciousness
    by Hanappi, Hardy & Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud

  • 2014 Schumpeter and Goodwin
    by Hanappi, Hardy

  • 2014 Economy as the value streams. Preliminary study
    by Góralczyk, Andrzej

  • 2014 A Post-Keynesian response to Piketty's 'fundamental contradiction of capitalism'
    by Javier Lopez Bernardo & Felix Lopez Martinez & Engelbert Stockhammer

  • 2014 Consistency in pluralism and microfoundations
    by Sheila C. Dow

  • 2014 From resilient regions to bioregions: An exploration of green post-Keynesianism
    by Rhydian James & Molly Scott Cato

  • 2014 The Rational Expectations Hypothesis: An Assessment from Popper's Philosophy
    by Ivan H. Ayala & Alfonso Palacio-Vera

  • 2014 Income Distribution and Economic Growth in a Multi-Sectoral Kaleckian Model
    by Hiroshi Nishi

  • 2014 Case Study: Finance and Housing Provision in Britain
    by Mary Robertson

  • 2014 Application of Minsky's Theory to State-Dominated Economies
    by Yulia Vymyatnina & Mikhail Pakhnin

  • 2014 Uma interpretação do novo desenvolvimentismo a partir da conjuntura econômica da América Latina
    by Soares, José Alex Rego

  • 2014 Entrepreneurs and wage-earners: a monetary approach
    by Jean Cartelier

  • 2014 Behavioral Indifference Curves
    by John Komlos

  • 2014 Economics in Times of Crisis. In Search of a New Paradigm
    by Joanna Dzionek-Kozlowska

  • 2014 Some Thoughts on Power: International Context
    by Kosta Josifidis & Alpar LosÌŒonc

  • 2014 Identity, Identity Politics, and Neoliberalism
    by Mary Wrenn

  • 2014 Political Economy of Love: Nurturance Gap, Disembedded Economy and Freedom Constraints within Neoliberal Capitalism
    by Phillip Anthony O’Hara

  • 2014 Rankings, research styles, and publication cultures: a study of American sociology departments
    by Ferenc Moksony & Rita Hegedűs & Melinda Császár

  • 2014 A “Minsky crisis” in a Stock-Flow Consistent model
    by Mouakil, Tarik

  • 2014 Hyperinflation argentine de 1989 : une interprétation post-keynésienne
    by Marie, Jonathan

  • 2014 Financialization and Desire. A Veblenian Perspective
    by Kelly, Henry Edward

  • 2014 A search for distinctive features of demand-led growth models
    by Sergio Parrinello

  • 2014 Will the Financial Crisis Become a Milestone in the Development of Methodology of Economics?
    by Lukáš Kovanda

  • 2014 Posture e imposture del lavoro cognitivo. Ripensare la pratica sindacale nel capitalismo delle reti e dei saperi
    by Federico Chicchi & Nicoletta Masiero

  • 2014 Workplace relations, unemployment and finance-dominated capitalism
    by Gary Slater & David A. Spencer

  • 2014 The neoclassical sink and the heterodox spiral: political divides and lines of communication in economics
    by Gary A. Dymski

  • 2014 Entry and exit in disequilibrium
    by Burke, Andrew & van Stel, André

  • 2014 The Rational Expectations Hypothesis: An assessment on its real world application
    by Santiago Tobón

  • 2013 Ethics and Capitalism. An Interdisciplinary Interpretation [Etică şi capitalism. O interpretare interdisciplinară]
    by Munteanu Costea, Comşa Petre

  • 2013 Scientific Research in Grace and Prophetic Knowledge. An Application for Economics [Cercetarea ştiinţifică în har şi cunoaşterea profetică. O aplicaţie pe cazul ştiinţei economice]
    by Munteanu Costea, Comşa Petre

  • 2013 Methodological Individualism and Methodological Institutionalism
    by S. Kirdina.

  • 2013 The Role of Behavioral Models in the Ontological Structure of Modern Macroeconomics
    by M. Likhachev.

  • 2013 The Financial and Economic Crisis and the Aberrance of Economics
    by Thorsten Polleit

  • 2013 Inflation, structural change and conflict in post-disinflation Brazil: a structuralist appraisal
    by André Roncaglia de Carvalho

  • 2013 Economics - Unfit for purpose: The Director's Cut
    by Ben Fine

  • 2013 The Euro crisis and contradictions of Neoliberalism in Europe
    by Stockhammer, Engelbert

  • 2013 Transition in Serbia: Foundations, results and perspectives
    by Bukvić, Rajko

  • 2013 Тадеуш Ковалик – Велики Политекономист
    by Bukvić, Rajko

  • 2013 Methodological Misconceptions in the Social Sciences. Rethinking social thought and social processes
    by Fusari, Angelo

  • 2013 Predictors of Well-Being in High Income, Industrialized Countries and Their Related Effects
    by Holcomb, Christopher

  • 2013 Learning from the makers of history: Bolshevism, Bolivarianism, and the Legacy of Hugo Chavez
    by Freeman, Alan

  • 2013 Consumption as a Social Process within Social Provisioning and Capitalism: Implications for Heterodox Economics
    by Todorova, Zdravka

  • 2013 Profits and employment
    by Skouras, Thanos

  • 2013 Distribución Funcional De La Renta: Teorías Y Evidencia Empírica
    by Puente-Ajovin, Miguel

  • 2013 Money, Credit, Capital and the State: On the evolution of money and institutions
    by Hanappi, Hardy

  • 2013 Does “Okun’s Law” state a Pi:1 ratio? Toward a harmonic interpretation of why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Metaphysical
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Empirical
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 Wage and Profit-led Growth: The Limits to Neo-Kaleckian Models and a Kaldorian Proposal
    by Esteban Perez Caldentey & Matias Vernengo

  • 2013 Industrial Seigniorage, the Other Face of Competition
    by Jordan Melmiès

  • 2013 Methodological issues in theorising the financial, economic and social system: realistic and systematic abstraction
    by Andrew Brown

  • 2013 The relationship between development, investments, insecurity and social conditions in Colombia: a dynamic approach
    by Alexander Cotte Poveda

  • 2013 Policies and Institutions for Moderating Deep Recessions, Debt Crises and Financial Instabilities
    by Phillip Anthony O’Hara

  • 2013 Can personalism inspire economics?
    by Luca Sandonà

  • 2013 The Intolerance Multiplier
    by Alan Day Haight

  • 2013 Desarrollo regional en la economía del conocimiento
    by Palacios-Sommer, Octavio A.

  • 2013 La sfida del welfare: produzione a rete e comunità di senso
    by Enzo Rullani

  • 2013 Lose Less Instead of Win More: The Failure of Decoupling and Perspectives for Competition in a Degrowth Economy
    by Volker Mauerhofer

  • 2013 Degree of monopoly and class struggle: political aspects of Kalecki's pricing and distribution theory
    by Fernando M. Rugitsky

  • 2013 Wage-led growth: theory, evidence, policy
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Ozlem Onaran

  • 2013 The economic–environment relation: can post-Keynesians, Régulationists and Polanyians offer insights?
    by Lynne Chester & Joy Paton

  • 2013 A monetary Minsky model of the Great Moderation and the Great Recession
    by Keen, Steve

  • 2013 Instituciones y tecnología como factores clave en los proyectos nacionales del desarrollo: un análisis comparativo de Brasil y México
    by James Martín Cypher & Aldo Andrés Pérez Escatel

  • 2013 The missing link: From Kautilya’s The Arthashastra to modern economics
    by Marinko Škare

  • 2013 Subjective preferences and alternative costs
    by William Barnett II & Walter E. Block

  • 2013 The ‘desire for money:’ Aristotelian blind spot in the field of economics? A French heterodox point of view
    by Richard Sobel

  • 2013 A Emergência Social dos Preços
    by Eleutério F. S. Prado

  • 2012 A New Textbook Approach to Macroeconomics: A Debate
    by Alessia Amighini & Emiliano Brancaccio & Francesco Giavazzi & Marcello Messori

  • 2012 Gender employment disparities, financialization and profitability dynamics on the eve of Italy's long crisis
    by Alice Tescari & Andrea Vaona

  • 2012 Macroeconomic Policy in DSGE and Agent-Based Models
    by Giorgio Fagiolo & Andrea Roventini

  • 2012 The Imprudence of Labour Market Flexibilization in a Fiscally Austere World
    by Jeronim Capaldo and Alex Izurieta

  • 2012 Wage-led Growth: Theory, Evidence, Policy
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Özlem Onaran

  • 2012 How to Explain the Persistence of the Great Recession? A Balanced Stability Approach
    by Teodoro Dario Togati

  • 2012 New Developments in the Measurement of Welfare and Well-being
    by Bernard M.S. van Praag & Erik J.S. Plug

  • 2012 Policy Implications of Alternative Economic Paradigms: Some surprises from endogenous technological changes
    by Richard G. Lipsey

  • 2012 The Profit Rate in the Presence of Financial Markets: a Necessary Correction
    by Freeman, Alan

  • 2012 Green New Deal: A Green Way out of the Crisis?
    by Asici, Ahmet Atil & Bunul, Zeynep

  • 2012 The Caldwellian Methodological Pluralism: Wishful Thoughts and Personal Tendencies
    by Amavilah, Voxi Heinrich

  • 2012 Predicting crises: Five essays on the mathematic prediction of economic and social crises
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2012 Οι Πτωχεύσεις Του Ελληνικού Κράτους
    by Lefteris, Tsoulfidis

  • 2012 Denial, Rationalization, and the Administered Price Thesis
    by Gu, Gyun Cheol

  • 2012 The UK research assessment exercise and the narrowing of UK economics
    by Lee, Frederic & Pham, Xuan & Gu, Gyun

  • 2012 Dismantling a weak state: The crisis as a pretext for even more neoliberalism in the Romanian economic policies
    by Cărămidariu, Dan

  • 2012 Material needs and aggregate demand
    by Kemp-Benedict, Eric

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