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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O2: Development Planning and Policy
/ / / O20: General
/ / / O21: Planning Models; Planning Policy
/ / / O22: Project Analysis
/ / / O23: Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Development
/ / / O24: Trade Policy; Factor Movement; Foreign Exchange Policy
/ / / O25: Industrial Policy
/ / / O29: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Economic Growth
  2. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Theoretical and Ideological Principles of the "New Industrialization" Doctrine
    by B. Korneichuk.
  • 2014 South Africa's post-apartheid microcredit-driven calamity: Comparing 'developmental' to 'anti-developmental' local financial models
    by Bateman, Milford
  • 2014 Social Hierarchies and Public Distribution of Food in Rural India
    by Deepankar Basu & Debarshi Das
  • 2014 Systematic Measurement Error in Self-Reported Health: Is anchoring vignettes the way out?
    by Dasgupta, Aparajita
  • 2014 A State Level Analysis of the Status of Social Sector in India
    by Nayak, Purusottam & Mishra, Sudhanshu K
  • 2014 Pathway from nutrition intake to wage among elementary workers in India
    by Kaushal, Kaushalendra Kumar
  • 2014 Optimization issues of sectoral outputs in economic output
    by Yondonjamts, Batsukh & Nyamdash, Batsaikhan
  • 2014 Governing Knowledge for Development: Knowledge Clusters in Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia
    by Ariff, Syamimi & Hans-Dieter, Evers & Anthony Banyouko, Ngah & Farah, Purwaningrum
  • 2014 دور رأس المال الفكري في تنمية المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة في الدول الخليجية
    by Elasrag, Hussein
  • 2014 Smart city: fact and fiction
    by De Santis, Roberta & Fasano, Alessandra & Mignolli, Nadia & Villa, Anna
  • 2014 Inequality,Poverty and Hunger in Developing Countries: Sustainability Implications
    by Nwaobi, Godwin
  • 2014 Evaluation of Small Business Innovation Research Programs in Japan
    by Inoue, Hiroyasu & Yamaguchi, Eiichi
  • 2014 Connect: Children with School and Workers with Wages in Bagladesh
  • 2014 Rural poverty, vulnerability and food insecurity: The case of Bolivia
    by Victor Oviedo Treiber
  • 2014 Population Management, RH Law, and Inclusivity
    by Ernesto M. Pernia
  • 2014 Deal with the Devil: The Successes and Limitations of Bureaucratic Reform in India
    by Iqbal Dhaliwal & Rema Hanna
  • 2014 Role of laboratories for adapting product-related environmental regulations (PRERs)
    by Chen, Sau Soon & Mohd Helme bin Mohd Helan & Zanariah Ujang & Michida, Etsuyo & Nabeshima, Kaoru
  • 2014 The policy impact of product-related environmental regulations in Asia
    by Michida, Etsuyo
  • 2014 Is Women's Ownership of Land a Panacea in Developing Countries? Evidence from Land-Owning Farm Households in Malawi
    by Bhaumik, Sumon K. & Dimova, Ralitza & Gang, Ira N.
  • 2014 The Donor that came in from the cold: OECD-Russian engagement on development co-operation
    by William Hynes & Alexandra Trzeciak-Duval
  • 2014 Do land use policies follow road construction?
    by Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López & Albert Solé-Ollé & Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal
  • 2014 How Has the Developing World Changed since the Late 1990s? A Dynamic and Multidimensional Taxonomy of Developing Countries - Working Paper 375
    by Andy Sumner and Sergio Tezanos Vázquez
  • 2014 Estimação dos parâmetros de valorização dos estados de saúde em minas gerais a partir do EQ-5D
    by Mônica Viegas Andrade & Kenya Noronha
  • 2014 The impact of water and sanitation access on housing values: The case of Dapaong, Togo
    by Johanna CHOUMERT & Eric Nazindigouba KERE & Amandine Loyale LARé
  • 2014 Being a consultant "expert" in a developing country: the legacy and lessons of Albert Hirschman
    by P. G. Ardeni
  • 2014 Sharing Prosperity by Closing South Asia’s Infrastructure Gap
    by Biller, Dan & Andres , Luis & Herrera Dappe, Matias & Basnyat , Ashma
  • 2014 Public Research Organizations and Agricultural Development in Brazil: How Did Embrapa Get It Right?
    by Correa, Paulo & Schmidt, Cristiane
  • 2014 Making Global Value Chains Work for Development
    by Taglioni, Daria & Winkler, Deborah
  • 2014 A Future without Oil? Diversifying Options for Trinidad and Tobago
    by Carneiro, Francisco Galrao & Longmore, Rohan & Riveira Cazorla, Marta & Jaupart, Pascal
  • 2014 What Makes Cities More Competitive? Lessons from India
    by Ghani, Ejaz & o'Connell, Stephen D. & Kerr, William R.
  • 2014 Social Innovation Role in Creating a Methodological Framework Adapted to Reality
    by Mariem Kchaich Ep Chedli & Teodora Bianca Floricel & Larisa Mihoreanu
  • 2014 A Participatory Framework to Identify Gross National Happiness Issues for the Development of Smallholder Mixed Farming Systems in Bhutan
    by Henk M.J. Udo & Tashi Samdup & Akke J. van der Zijpp
  • 2014 The Political Economy of Small European States: And Lessons for Scotland
    by Michael Keating & Malcolm Harvey
  • 2014 The Praxis of Social Enterprise and Human Security: An Applied Research Agenda
    by Malcolm David Brown
  • 2014 A Case for Cohabitative Security: The Philippine and Malaysian Experience
    by Michael Intal Magcamit
  • 2014 Fragile States, Infectious Disease and Health Security: The Case for Timor-Leste
    by John M. Quinn & Nelson Martins & Mateus Cunha & Michiyo Higuchi & Dan Murphy & Vladimir Bencko
  • 2014 Human Security in World Affairs: A Pedagogical, Multi-disciplinary Approach
    by John Janzekovic
  • 2014 Editorial for Journal of Human Security Volume 10
    by Sabina Lautensach
  • 2014 Seeking Consilience for Sustainability Science:Â Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and the New Economics
    by Joshua Farley
  • 2014 El Teletrabajo Y La Mejora De La Movilidad En Las Ciudades / Telework And Urban Mobility Improvement
    by Verano Tacoronte, Domingo & Suárez Falcón, Heriberto & Sosa Cabrera, Silvia
  • 2014 The Intensity of Convergence Process in the European Union
    by Mihaela Simionescu
  • 2014 Business and development: Changing discourses in the extractive industries
    by Van Alstine, James & Barkemeyer, Ralf
  • 2014 Planning the innovation agenda for sustainable development in resource regions: A central Queensland case study
    by Kinnear, Susan & Ogden, Ian
  • 2014 Albert O. Hirschman y la economía del desarrollo: lecciones para el presente
    by Jimena Hurtado
  • 2014 An empirical study of the substitution of foreign for domestic savings in Brazil
    by Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira & Eliane Araújo & Paulo Gala Author-Workplace-Name Fundacão Getúlio Vargas São Paulo School of Economics, Brazil
  • 2013 Factors of Economic Development and Structural Reforms in Russia
    by V. Zuev.
  • 2013 Is women's ownership of land a panacea in developing countries? Evidence from land-owning farm households in Malawi
    by Sumon K. Bhaumik & Ralitza Dimova & Ira N. Gang
  • 2013 Promoting productive employment in Sub-Saharan Africa: A review of the literature
    by Szirmai, Adam & Gebreeyesus, Mulu & Guadagno, Francesca & Verspagen, Bart
  • 2013 Impact of Sectoral Allocation of Foreign Aid on Gender Equity and Human Development
    by Lynda Pickbourn & Léonce Ndikumana
  • 2013 Aid and development: Issues and reflections
    by Michael Tribe
  • 2013 Biofuels, Economic Growth, and the External Sector in Ethiopia: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis
    by Ferede, Tadele & Gebreegziabher, Zenebe & Mekonnen, Alemu & Guta, Fantu & Levin, Jörgen & Köhlin, Gunnar
  • 2013 Development indices, inequality, and applied development policy analysis: some issues for discussion
    by Mercado, Ruben
  • 2013 Impact Assessment of Poverty Reduction Programs of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam
    by Do, Thu Trang & Le, Hai Chau & Nguyen, Viet Cuong & Nguyen, Hong Thuy & Phung, Thanh Thu & Phung, Duc Tung
  • 2013 Correlations between the Petroleum Industry and the Per Capita Income in Nigeria: Cointegration and Error Correction Model Approach by Olaniyi Evans
    by Evans, Olaniyi
  • 2013 Using Critical Path Analysis (CPA) in Place Marketing process
    by Metaxas, Theodore & Deffner, Alex
  • 2013 A ligação ferroviária do Porto de Sines como elemento estruturante de desenvolvimento regional
    by Moreira, Paulo
  • 2013 Reforming India’s Pluralistic Extension System: Some Policy Issues
    by Singh, K.M. & Swanson, B.E. & Meena, M.S.
  • 2013 Causal Inference and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Assessing Whether There Was an Acceleration in MDG Development Indicators Following the MDG Declaration
    by Friedman, Howard Steven
  • 2013 Relative Deprivation in China
    by Chen, Xi
  • 2013 FDI in Retail in India: An Empirical Analysis
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Singhal, Anushree
  • 2013 The Economics of Climate Change and Science of Global Warming Debate:African Perspectives
    by Nwaobi, Godwin
  • 2013 Employment Growth by Accelerated Manufacturing in India- A Comparative Study and Lessons to Be Learnt from China
    by Acharya, Hem
  • 2013 The Governance of Knowledge
    by Evers, Hans-Dieter
  • 2013 Deviant Behavior : A Century of Philippine Industrialization
    by Emmanuel S. de Dios & Jeffrey G. Williamson
  • 2013 Export Performance in Transition: The Case of Georgia
    by Prema-chandra Athukorala & Swarnim Waglé
  • 2013 Science, Technology, Innovation and IP in India - New Directions and Prospects
    by Christine Greenhalgh
  • 2013 Exploring Climate Finance Effectiveness
    by Jane Ellis & Randy Caruso & Stephanie Ockenden
  • 2013 Policy Determinants of School Outcomes Under Model Uncertainty: Evidence from South Africa
    by Thomas Laurent & Fabrice Murtin & Geoff Barnard & Dean Janse van Rensburg & Vijay Reddy & George Frempong & Lolita Winnaar
  • 2013 FDI and investment barriers in developing economies
    by Arita, Shawn & Tanaka, Kiyoyasu
  • 2013 Off the Rails: Is State Ownership Bad for Productivity?
    by Dan Bogart & Latika Chaudhary
  • 2013 The Income Lever and the Allocation of Aid
    by Lidia Ceriani & Paolo Verme
  • 2013 The Evolution of Official Development Assistance: Achievements, Criticisms and a Way Forward
    by William Hynes & Simon Scott
  • 2013 Engaging with Arab aid donors: the DAC experience
    by William Hynes & Peter Carroll
  • 2013 Suburbanization and highways: when the romans, the bourbons and the first cars still shape Spanish cities
    by Miquel- Àngel Garcia-López & Adelheid Holl & Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal
  • 2013 Instruments of Innovation Policy: Theory and Practice
    by Vladimir Eremkin & Tatiana Sutyrina
  • 2013 Policy responses by different agents/stakeholders in a transition: Integrating the Multi-level Perspective and behavioral economics
    by Ardjan Gazheli & Miklós Antal & Ben Drake & Tim Jackson & Sigrid Stagl & Jeroen van den Bergh & Manuel Wäckerle
  • 2013 General Consideration Over Regional Sustainable Development
    by Emil E. Bodnaras
  • 2013 Did Muhammad Ali Foster Industrialization in Early 19th Century Egypt?
    by Panza, Laura & Williamson, Jeffrey G
  • 2013 Context Matters for Size: Why External Validity Claims and Development Practice Don't Mix-Working Paper 336
    by Lant Pritchett, Justin Sandefur
  • 2013 Contribution of Computable General Equilibrium Modeling to Policy Formulation in Developing Countries
    by Devarajan, Shantayanan & Robinson, Sherman
  • 2013 Highways and Spatial Development
    by Ghani, Ejaz & Goswami, Arti Grover & Kerr, William R.
  • 2013 Rethinking Cities: Toward Shared Prosperity
    by Glaeser, Edward & Joshi-Ghani, Abha
  • 2013 The State of the Poor: Where Are The Poor, Where Is Extreme Poverty Harder to End, and What Is the Current Profile of the World’s Poor?
    by Olinto, Pedro & Beegle, Kathleen & Sobrado, Carlos & Uematsu, Hiroki
  • 2013 From Imitation to Innovation: Public Policy for Industrial Transformation
    by Agenor, Pierre-Richard & Dinh, Hinh
  • 2013 Armed conflict, terrorism, and the allocation of foreign aid
    by Piotr Lis
  • 2013 Problematic Elements With Impact On The Local Public Administration In Romania
    by Adriana PETCU
  • 2013 The Economic Efficiency Of The Company And Its Indicators
    by Angela DELIU & Pantelemon FRASINEANU
  • 2013 The Radicalisation of Prison Inmates: A Review of the Literature on Recruitment, Religion and Prisoner Vulnerability
    by Elizabeth Mulcahy & Shannon Merrington & Peter James Bell
  • 2013 Doing Justice to Human Security: A Textbook in Tune with its Time
    by Deane Edward Neubauer
  • 2013 A Review of "Human Security in World Affairs: Problems and Opportunities"
    by Arthur L. Fredeen
  • 2013 The United States and the Arab Spring
    by Timo Kivimäki
  • 2013 Editorial
    by Sabina Lautensach
  • 2013 Carbon Intensities of Economies from the Perspective of Learning Curves
    by Henrique Pacini & Semida Silveira
  • 2013 Knowledge Governance for Sustainable Development: A Review
    by Lorrae van Kerkhoff
  • 2013 Publishing Sustainability Research Visually: A Film about the Opportunities and Challenges of a Rural Entrepreneurship Initiative in Kenya
    by Barry Ness & Ann Akerman
  • 2013 Building Disaster Resilience: Steps toward Sustainability
    by Susan L. Cutter
  • 2013 Assessing the Climate Impacts of Cookstove Projects: Issues in Emissions Accounting
    by Carrie M. Lee & Chelsea Chandler & Michael Lazarus & Francis X. Johnson
  • 2013 Sustainable Development within Planetary Boundaries: A Functional Revision of the Definition Based on the Thermodynamics of Complex Social-Ecological Systems
    by Bart Muys
  • 2013 Why 'Sustainable Development' Is Often Neither: A Constructive Critique
    by Alexander Lautensach & Sabina Wanda Lautensach
  • 2013 The Pitfalls of Sustainability Policies: Insights into Plural Sustainabilities
    by François Mancebo
  • 2013 Sustainability Science: Progress Made and Directions Forward
    by Barry Ness
  • 2013 Sustaining Welfare for Future Generations: A Review Note on the Capital Approach to the Measurement of Sustainable Development
    by Thorvald Moe & Knut Halvor Alfsen & Mads Greaker
  • 2013 Sustainability: A Path-breaking Idea, but Still Associated with Huge Challenges
    by Juergen Peter Kropp
  • 2013 Does Dollarization Alleviate Or Aggravate Exchange Rate Volatility?
  • 2013 The Impact of PPIs in the Development of Broadband and the Way Forward: Ghana's Case
    by Idongesit WILLIAMS & Daniel M. O. ADJIN & Kenneth K. TSIVOR
  • 2013 Through Financial Stability To Sustainable Economic Growth
    by Grigore BELOSTECINIC
  • 2013 Hard Facts and Software: The Co-production of Indicators in a Land-use Planning Model
    by Laureen Elgert
  • 2013 Fiscal decentralization, fiscal rules and fiscal discipline
    by Neyapti, Bilin
  • 2013 The dual policy in the dual economy—The political economy of urban bias in dictatorial regimes
    by Shifa, Abdulaziz B.
  • 2013 Test-Mex: Estimating the effects of school year length on student performance in Mexico
    by Agüero, Jorge M. & Beleche, Trinidad
  • 2013 Does a legal ban on sex-selective abortions improve child sex ratios? Evidence from a policy change in India
    by Nandi, Arindam & Deolalikar, Anil B.
  • 2013 Returns to education and urban-migrant wage differentials in China: IV quantile treatment effects
    by Messinis, George
  • 2013 Debt and growth: Is there a non-monotonic relation?
    by Alfred Greiner
  • 2013 The general equilibrium effects of energy efficiency gains in developing countries with urban unemployment
    by Stefan Csordas
  • 2013 How to engage the society in policymaking? The case of national foresight initiatives in Japan
    by Urszula Glinska
  • 2013 Local and economic government as the determinant of innovation and economic condition: case study of Swedish economy
    by Joanna Prystrom
  • 2013 El índice de miseria corregido por informalidad: una aplicación al caso de Venezuela
    by Josefa Ramoni-Perazzi & Giampaolo Orlandoni-Merli
  • 2013 The people's iPO- The modern trend of strengthening of Kazakhstan's business
    by Karzhaubayeva OnaiKhan
  • 2013 Imports and TFP at the firm level: the role of absorptive capacity
    by Patricia Augier & Olivier Cadot & Marion Dovis
  • 2013 User satisfaction among the three public health insurance schemes in Thailand: A casof Phayao province
    by Warunya Somrith & Nalitra Thaiprasert
  • 2013 Tariffs and income: a time series analysis for 24 countries
    by Markus Lampe & Paul Sharp
  • 2012 Russian Financial Development Institutions: Are We on the Right Way?
    by Yu. Simachev & M. Kuzyk & D. Ivanov.
  • 2012 Engines of growth: Education and innovation
    by Stadler, Manfred
  • 2012 Sunk costs, extensive R&D subsidies and permanent inducement effects
    by Pere Arqué-Castells & Pierre Mohnen
  • 2012 Transition in the MENA Region: Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects
    by Vladimir Gligorov & Peter Havlik & Sandor Richter & Hermine Vidovic
  • 2012 DESIGUALDAD GLOBAL:La distribución del ingreso en 141 países
    by Isabel Ortiz & Matthew Cummins
  • 2012 L’Inégalité Mondiale: La Répartition des Revenus dans 141 Pays
    by Isabel Ortiz & Matthew Cummins
  • 2012 Metro and Non-Metro Business Icubators: Similarities and Critical Differences
    by Randall Jackson & Peter Schaeffer & Mark Middleton
  • 2012 The Political Economy of Large-Scale Agricultural Land Acquisitions: Implications for Food Security and Livelihoods/Employment Creation in Rural Mozambique
    by Ellen Aabø & Thomas Kring
  • 2012 Why does child labour persist with declining poverty?
    by Jayanta Sarkar & Dipanwita Sarkar
  • 2012 Grant Based Approach to Poverty Reduction: Evidence from Bangladesh
    by Raza, Wameq A & Ara, Jinnat
  • 2012 On Identification of Backward Blocks
    by Baruah, Joydeep
  • 2012 Inclusive Growth under India's Neo-liberal Regime: Towards an Exposition
    by Baruah, Joydeep
  • 2012 Rural Poverty in Jharkhand, India : An Empirical Study based on Panel Data
    by Singh, K.M. & Meena, M.S. & Singh, R.K.P. & Kumar, Abhay & Kumar, Anjani
  • 2012 Dynamics of income in Jharkhand: evidences from village studies
    by Singh, K.M. & Meena, M.S. & Singh, R.K.P. & Kumar, Abhay & Kumar, Anjani
  • 2012 Dimensions of Rural Poverty in Bihar: A Village Level Study
    by Singh, K.M. & Singh, R.K.P. & Kumar, Abhay & Meena, M.S. & Jha, A.K. & Kumar, Anjani
  • 2012 Drug-Related Violence and Forced Migration from Mexico to the United States
    by Arceo-Gómez, Eva Olimpia
  • 2012 Dulling the Cutting Edge: How Patent-Related Policies and Practices Hamper Innovation in China
    by Prud'homme, Dan
  • 2012 Redefinition of the Greek electoral districts through the application of a region-building algorithm
    by Photis, Yorgos N.
  • 2012 Research and Science Today No.3
    by Gheorghe, Anamaria Elena & Manole, Andrada Ligia & Andronache, Alin & Cristescu, Cătălin & Luca, Cătălin Viorel & Constantin, Pompiliu Nicolae & Rogojanu, Dumitru Cătălin & Luca, Constantin & Duţă, Andeea Emilia & Mărcău, Flavius Cristian & Ciorei, Mihaela Andreea & Marin, Ştefan Claudiu & Mihalache, Gabriela & Liţoiu (MurăriIţa), Cristina & Cigăreanu, Elena & Purcaru, Mihai & Bușe, Dan & Papuc, Valentin
  • 2012 การปฏิรูปประเทศไทยเข้าสู่รัฐสวัสดิการ
    by durongkaveroj, wannaphong
  • 2012 Kapitał społeczny ludzi starych na przykładzie mieszkańców miasta Białystok
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej
  • 2012 A very preliminary survey on growth and development
    by Wang, Chan
  • 2012 Determinants of household access to formal credit in the rural areas of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
    by Vuong Quoc, Duy
  • 2012 The impact of climate change on generation and transmission in the Australian national electricity market
    by Bell, William Paul
  • 2012 The State, Capital and Development in ‘Emerging’ India
    by Mazumdar, Surajit
  • 2012 Global Production Sharing and South-South Trade
    by Prema-chandra Athukorala & Shahbaz Nasir
  • 2012 The Spread of Manufacturing to the Periphery 1870-2007: Eight Stylized Facts
    by Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke & Agustin S. Benetrix & Jeffrey G. Williamson
  • 2012 Health, Human Capital Formation and Knowledge Production: Two Centuries of International Evidence
    by Jakob Madsen
  • 2012 Under-Savers Anonymous: Evidence on Self-Help Groups and Peer Pressure as a Savings Commitment Device
    by Felipe Kast & Stephan Meier & Dina Pomeranz
  • 2012 The Spread of Manufacturing to the Poor Periphery 1870-­2007
    by Agustín S. Bénétrix & Kevin H. O'Rourke & Jeffrey G. Williamson
  • 2012 Industrial Policy and Competition
    by Philippe Aghion & Mathias Dewatripont & Luosha Du & Ann Harrison & Patrick Legros
  • 2012 Unequal Inequalities: Do Progressive Taxes Reduce Income Inequality?
    by Duncan, Denvil & Peter, Klara Sabirianova
  • 2012 Do Training Funds Raise the Pace of Training? The Case of Mauritius
    by Oluyemisi Kuku & Orazem, Peter & Sawkut Rojid & Vodopivec, Milan
  • 2012 Sectoral infrastructure investment in an unbalanced growing economy: The Case of India
    by Chetan Ghate & Gerhard Glomm & Jialu Liu
  • 2012 Sunk costs, extensive R&D subsidies and permanent inducement effects
    by Pere Arqué-Castells & Pierre Mohnen
  • 2012 Nationality Matters: The Geographic Origin of Multinationals and the Productivity of their Foreign Affiliates
    by Christian Arndt & Julia Spies
  • 2012 Economic Transitions in Central and Eastern Europe: Any Lessons for the Arab Spring?
    by HAVLIK, Peter
  • 2012 The Spread of Manufacturing to the Periphery 1870-2007: Eight Stylized Facts
    by Agustín S. Bénétrix & Kevin H. O’Rourke & Jeffrey G. Williamson
  • 2012 Main Principles of Innovation Theory
    by Vladimir Komarov
  • 2012 Factors of Economic Growth
    by Ekaterina Ponomareva & Alexandra Bozhechkova & Alexandr Knobel
  • 2012 Special Forms of Support of the Innovation Activity in Russia
    by Anna Zolotareva & Anastasia Kireeva & Tatiana Malinina
  • 2012 Imports and TFP at the Firm Level: The Role of Absorptive Capacity
    by Patricia AUGIER & Olivier CADOT & Marion DOVIS
  • 2012 Imports and TFP at the Firm Level: The Role of Absorptive Capacity
    by Patricia AUGIER & Olivier CADOT & Marion DOVIS
  • 2012 Tariffs and income : a time series analysis for 24 countries
    by Markus Lampe & Paul Sharp
  • 2012 The Spread of Manufacturing to the Periphery 1870-2007: Eight Stylized Facts
    by Bénétrix, Agustín & O'Rourke, Kevin H. & Williamson, Jeffrey G
  • 2012 The Dictator Effect: How Long Years in Office Affects Economic Development in Africa and the Near East
    by Papaioannou, Jason & Van Zanden, Jan Luiten
  • 2012 Cognitive Sinergy as Determinant of Poverty Reduction
    by William Prieto Bustos
  • 2012 If we can simulate it, we can insure it: An application to longevity risk management
    by M. Martin Boyer & Lars Peter Stentoft
  • 2012 Kapitał społeczny ludzi starych na przykładzie mieszkańców miasta Białystok
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej
  • 2012 South-South Cooperation: How Mongolia Learned from Chile on Managing a Mineral-Rich Economy
    by Van den Brink, Rogier
  • 2012 Does development assistance reduce violence? Evidence from Afghanistan
    by Tiffany Chou
  • 2012 A Theoretical Study Between The Two Environmental Management Systems: Eco Management Audit Scheme –Emas - And Iso 14000
    by Cristina BARBU & Mihail NEGULESCU & Irina Catalina BARBU
  • 2012 Urban Development Toolkit For Climate Change: Critical Review Of State Intervention In Praxis
    by Vladimir Mihajlov
  • 2012 Has Assistance from USAID been Successful for Democratization? Evidence from the Transition Economies of Eastern Europe and Eurasia
    by Andreas Freytag & Jac C. Heckelman
  • 2012 América Latina y las exportaciones de recursos naturales agrícolas
    by Piñeiro, Martín & Bianchi, Eduardo
  • 2012 Latin America and the Exportation of Agricultural Resources
    by Piñeiro, Martín & Bianchi, Eduardo
  • 2012 Moral hazard and peer monitoring in a laboratory microfinance experiment
    by Cason, Timothy N. & Gangadharan, Lata & Maitra, Pushkar
  • 2012 Design of investment promotion policies
    by Kartasheva, Anastasia V.
  • 2012 Infrastructure and inequality
    by Chatterjee, Santanu & Turnovsky, Stephen J.
  • 2012 The impacts of food safety standards on China's tea exports
    by Wei, Guoxue & Huang, Jikun & Yang, Jun
  • 2012 What motivates to participate in an employment guarantee programme in India? A logit model analysis
    by Shibananda Nayak
  • 2012 Financial Development and Rural-Urban Inequality: Evidence from China
    by Xuelong Wang
  • 2011 Economics of Development
    by Anthony Thirlwall
  • 2011 Local Effects of Manufacturing Employment Growth in Italy
    by G. de Blasio & C. Menon
  • 2011 Paradigm shift? A critique of the IMF’s new approach to capital controls
    by Daniela Gabor
  • 2011 Globalization and development in sub-Saharan Africa
    by Jomo Kwame Sundaram & Oliver Schwank & Rudiger von Arnim
  • 2011 Tracking the Historical Evolution of States' Compliance with their Economics and Social Rights Obligations of Result: Insights from the Historical SERF Index
    by Susan Randolph & Patrick Guyer
  • 2011 Identifying Fiscal Space:Options for Social and Economic Development for Children and Poor Households in 184 Countries
    by Isabel Ortiz & Jingqing Chai & Matthew Cummins
  • 2011 Global Inequality: Beyond the Bottom Billion – A Rapid Review of Income Distribution in 141 Countries
    by Isabel Ortiz & Matthew Cummins
  • 2011 Global Inequality: Beyond the Bottom Billion – A Rapid Review of Income Distribution in 141 Countries
    by Isabel Ortiz & Matthew Cummins
  • 2011 Scholars Who Became Practitioners: the Influence of Research on the Design, Evaluation and Political Survival of Mexico's Anti-poverty Program Progresa/Oportunidades
    by Nora Lustig
  • 2011 Is There a Beijing Consensus on International Macroeconomic Policy
    by Graham Bird & Alex Mandilaras & Helen Popper
  • 2011 Trilemma Stability and International Macroeconomic Archetypes in Developing Economies
    by Helen Popper & Alex Mandilaras & Graham Bird
  • 2011 An Analysis of the Relationship Between New Firm Formation and Economic Development in the Northeast Region of the United States
    by Saima Bashir & Tesfa Gebremedhin
  • 2011 Using Smart Grids to Enhance Use of Energy-Efficiency and Renewable-Energy Technologies
    by Paget, Mia & Seacrest, Tom & Widergren, Steve & Balducci, Patrick & Orrell, Alice & Bloyd, Cary
  • 2011 Impact Of Electric Vehicles And Natural Gas Vehicles On The Energy Markets
    by Feeney, Katie & Brass, Daniel & Kua, Dominic & Yamamoto, Atsushi & Tourneboeuf, Elisabeth & Adams, David
  • 2011 Can we relate economic performance to policy unambiguously?: Lessons from the experiences of Latin America, East Asia, China and India
  • 2011 Developing a multi-dimensional environmental vulnerability (MEV) indicator for Mongolia
    by Anand, P B
  • 2011 Farmers as knowledge brokers: Analysing three cases from Vietnam’s Mekong Delta
    by Nguyen, Quy-Hanh & Evers, Hans-Dieter
  • 2011 Are households’ poverty levels in Mekong Delta of Vietnam affected by access to credit?
    by Vuong Quoc, Duy
  • 2011 Growth and Development….. Inclusive Growth: What went wrong with Development?
    by George, Justine
  • 2011 Foreign Aid and Growth Nexus in Pakistan: The Role of Macroeconomic Policies
    by Muhammad Javid & Abdul Qayyum
  • 2011 Categorisation of OECD Regions Using Innovation-Related Variables
    by Giulia Ajmone Marsan & Karen Maguire
  • 2011 Has assistance from USAID been successful in promoting and sustaining democracy? Evidence from the transition economies of Eastern Europe and Eurasia
    by Andreas Freytag & Jac C. Heckelman
  • 2011 Got Water? Social Divisions and Access to Public Goods in Rural India
    by Balasubramaniam, Divya & Chatterjee, Santanu & Mustard, David B.
  • 2011 Got Water? Social Divisions and Access to Public Goods in Rural India
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