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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O2: Development Planning and Policy
/ / / O25: Industrial Policy
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)
  2. Economic Growth

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Warum die Neue Industriepolitik die Deindustrialisierung beschleunigen wird
    by Michael Peneder
  • 2014 Théorie de politique industrielle et développement économique du maroc
    by Jellal, Mohamed
  • 2014 Industrial and technological policy: Contributions from evolutionary perspectives to policy design in developing countries
    by Yoguel, Gabriel & Pereira, Mariano
  • 2014 Innovation and Innovation Policy in the Nordic Region
    by Fagerberg, Jan & Fosaas, Morten
  • 2014 Which firms benefit more from being located in a Science and Technology Park? Empirical evidence for Spain
    by Vásquez-Urriago, Angela & Barge-Gil, Andrés & Modrego, Aurelia
  • 2014 Enjeux des politiques industrielles basées sur les clusters d'innovation: cas des pôles de compétitivité
    by Iritié, B. G. Jean-Jacques
  • 2014 Local Systems’ Strategies Copying with Globalization: Collective Local Entrepreneurship
    by Covi, Giovanni
  • 2014 The Political Economy of Tax Incentives for Investment in the Dominican Republic: “Doctoring the Ball”
    by Christian Daude & Hamlet Gutiérrez & Ángel Melguizo
  • 2014 In with the Big, Out with the Small: Removing Small-Scale Reservations in India
    by Leslie A. Martin & Shanthi Nataraj & Ann Harrison
  • 2014 Structural Asymmetries at the Roots of the Eurozone Crisis: What’s New for Industrial Policy in the EU?
    by Alberto Botta
  • 2014 Small enterprises in Indian manufacturing and inclusive growth: Search for compensatory mechanisms
    by Ramaswamy, K.V
  • 2014 Evaluating the Impact of Cluster Development Programs
    by Giuliani, Elisa & Maffioli, Alessandro & Pacheco, Manuel & Pietrobelli, Carlo & Stucchi, Rodolfo
  • 2014 Efficiency of Research and Innovation Systems for Economic Growth and Employment
    by Edquist, Charles
  • 2014 Protection Of Competition Policy In Serbia
    by Milan Petković, Svetislav Stanković
  • 2014 Potential Of Business
    by Julija Avakumovic, Jelena Avakumovic
  • 2014 Financing Patterns of Innovative SMEs and the Perception of Innovation Barriers in Germany
    by Heike Belitz & Anna Lejpras
  • 2014 The Geographic Pattern of China's Growth and Convergence within Industry
    by Françoise Lemoine & Grégoire Mayo & Sandra Poncet & Deniz Ünal
  • 2014 Transnational Clusters - Consequences of International Trade; Case Study of the Adriatic-Danube Region
    by Pauna, Carmen Beatrice & Chilian, Mihaela Nona & Diaconescu, Tiberiu
  • 2014 The Political Economy of Entry Barriers
    by Toshihiko Mukoyama & Latchezar Popov
  • 2014 Zehn Fragen zur Deutschen Einheit
    by Gerhard Heimpold
  • 2014 Constructing Regional Advantage and Smart Specialisation: Comparison of Two European Policy Concepts
    by Ron Boschma
  • 2014 Technology licensing in mixed oligopoly
    by Chen, Yi-Wen & Yang, Ya-Po & Wang, Leonard F.S. & Wu, Shih-Jye
  • 2014 Incentives to create jobs: Regional subsidies, national trade policy and foreign direct investment
    by Adams, Laurel & Régibeau, Pierre & Rockett, Katharine
  • 2014 How rich countries became rich and why poor countries remain poor: It's the economic structure…duh!
    by Felipe, Jesus & Kumar, Utsav & Abdon, Arnelyn
  • 2014 Network externality and incentive to invest in network security
    by Liao, Chun-Hsiung & Chen, Chun-Wei
  • 2014 Formation Of The Regional Meat Cluster Development Strategy In Russia
    by Elena Gennadievna POPKOVA & Maria Konstantinovna ROMANOVA & Lyudmila Ivanovna KUKAEVA
  • 2014 Blue and Yellow China: Spatial Dynamics and Convergence
    by Françoise Lemoine & Sandra Poncet & Deniz Ünal
  • 2013 Public Procurement for Innovation in Small States. The Case of Latvia
    by Aleksandrs Cepilovs
  • 2013 Economic reforms and industrial policy in a panel of Chinese cities
    by Simon Alder & Lin Shao & Fabrizio Zilibotti
  • 2013 Regionale Verteilungswirkungen durch das Vergütungs- und Umlagesystem des Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetzes (EEG)
    by Plankl, Reiner
  • 2013 Do clusters follow the industry life cycle? An exploratory meta-study of Basque clusters from the 1970s to 2008
    by Jesús M. Valdaliso & Aitziber Elola & Susana Franco & Santiago López
  • 2013 Innovation policy experimentation using an agent-based model of technological development by value networks in a multi-region industry
    by Ben Vermeulen & Andreas Pyka & Tobias Buchmann
  • 2013 Wartime Violence and Post-Conflict Development Policy: The Case of Agricultural Concessions in Mozambique
    by McDougal, Topher & Caruso, Raul
  • 2013 Financial Health and Firm Productivity: Firm-level Evidence from Viet Nam
    by Thangavelu, Shandre M. & Chongvilaivan, Aekapol
  • 2013 Subsidies, Shadow of Death and Productivity
    by Koski, Heli & Pajarinen, Mika
  • 2013 Regional Effects of a Cluster-oriented policy measure. The Case of the InnoRegio program in Germany
    by Thomas Brenner & Carsten Emmrich & Charlotte Schlump
  • 2013 O desenvolvimento do setor siderúrgico brasileiro entre 1900 e 1940: Criação de empresas e evolução da capacidade produtiva
    by Barros, Gustavo
  • 2013 From smart specialisation to smart experimentation: Towards a new theoretical framework for EU regional policy
    by Benner, Maximilian
  • 2013 Measuring, Explaining and Addressing Patent Quality Issues in China
    by Prud'homme, Dan
  • 2013 Designing Comprehensive Cluster Policies in Developing Countries: Perspectives for Morocco
    by Benner, Maximilian
  • 2013 О Неоиндустриальной Модели И Стратегии Развития Экономики
    by Daskovskiy, Vadim & Kiselyov, Vladimir
  • 2013 Technology Parks versus Science Parks: does the university make the difference?
    by Albahari, Alberto & Pérez-Canto, Salvador & Barge-Gil, Andrés & Modrego, Aurelia
  • 2013 Vietnam's Industrial Policy
    by Nguyen, Binh Giang
  • 2013 Cluster policy in developing countries
    by Benner, Maximilian
  • 2013 Developing Economies with Industrial Policy: Towards a Toolbox for Economic Growth. With Case Studies of Jordan and Egypt
    by Benner, Maximilian
  • 2013 Clusters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    by Aaron Chatterji & Edward L. Glaeser & William R. Kerr
  • 2013 Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Development
    by Wim Naudé & Adam Szirmai
  • 2013 Survival and Distinct Exit Routes of New Firms
    by Masatoshi Kato & Yuji Honjo
  • 2013 Impact of product-related environmental regulations / voluntary requirements on Thai firms
    by Ramungul, Nudjarin & Michida, Etsuyo & Nabeshima, Kaoru
  • 2013 Industrialization Lessons from BRICS: A Comparative Analysis
    by Naudé, Wim & Szirmai, Adam & Lavopa, Alejandro
  • 2013 Should marginal abatement costs differ across sectors? The effect of low-carbon capital accumulation
    by Adrien Vogt-Shilb & Guy MEUNIER & Stéphane Hallegate
  • 2013 How inertia and limited potentials affect the timing of sectoral abatements in optimal climate policy
    by Guy MEUNIER
  • 2013 Impact Evaluation of Innovation and Linkage Development Programs in Costa Rica: The Cases of PROPYME and CR Provee
    by Ricardo Monge-Gonzalez & Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Alvarez
  • 2013 Stochastic Trade Networks
    by Massimo Riccaboni & Stefano Schiavo
  • 2013 Measuring Agglomeration Economies: The Case of the Ethiopian Cut Flower Industry
    by Mano, Yukichi & Suzuki, Aya
  • 2013 Key Features Of The First Phase Of The National Cluster Program In Russia
    by Evgeniy Kutsenko & Dirk Meissner
  • 2013 Long-Term Science and Technology Policy – Russian priorities for 2030
    by Alexander Sokolov & Alexander Chulok & Vladimir Mesropyan
  • 2013 Competence Building: A Systemic Approach to Innovation Policy
    by Borrás , Susana & Edquist , Charles
  • 2013 Differentiated Knowledge Bases and the Nature of Innovation Networks
    by Martin , Roman
  • 2013 System Failures, Knowledge Bases and Regional Innovation Policies
    by Martin , Roman & Trippl , Michaela
  • 2013 The "resurrection" of industrial policy in the European Union and its impact on industrial policy in the New Member Countries
    by Ádám Török & Gyöngyi Csuka & Bernadett Kovács & Anita Veres
  • 2013 Industrial Policies in Europe in Historical Perspective
    by Christian Grabas & Alexander Nützenadel
  • 2013 Competitiveness under New Perspectives
    by Karl Aiginger & Susanne Bärenthaler-Sieber & Johanna Vogel
  • 2013 A new strategy for the European periphery
    by Karl Aiginger
  • 2013 Clusters – Solutions For The Regional Development Of Romania
    by Nicoleta Maria Gogaltan
  • 2013 Cluster Policies In Regional Development
    by Carmen Ungureanu & Gabriela Bilevsky
  • 2013 Financial Health and Firm Productivity : Firm-level Evidence from Viet Nam
    by Shandre M. Thangavelu & Aekapol Chongvilaivan
  • 2013 Economic Reforms and Industrial Policy in a Panel of Chinese Cities
    by Alder, Simon & Shao, Lin & Zilibotti, Fabrizio
  • 2013 The Interaction between Private and Public IPR Protection in a Software Market: A Positive and Normative Analysis
    by Kresimir Zigic & Jiri Strelicky & Michael Kunin
  • 2013 Leading Dragon Phenomenon: New Opportunities for Catch-up in Low-Income Countries
    by Vandana Chandra & Justin Yifu Lin & Yan Wang
  • 2013 Chinese Direct Investment In Africa: A State Strategy ?
    by Thierry PAIRAULT
  • 2013 Are Large Innovative Firms More Efficient?
    by Rosario SÁNCHEZ-PÉREZ & M. Ángeles DÍAZ-MAYANS
  • 2013 Well-Intended Policies
    by Francisco Buera & Benjamin Moll & Yongseok Shin
  • 2013 High Tech and Mezzogiorno: Industrial Development and Public Policies
    by Domenico Cersosimo & Gianfranco Viesti
  • 2013 The Problem Of Investment Resources Scarcity In The Context Of Food Production Innovation Development In Ukraine
    by Nelya CHORNA
  • 2013 Evolution Of The Demand And Supply In Energy Resources
    by Silvestru MAXIMILIAN & Corina GRIBINCEA
  • 2013 Problems of Coordination of Science and Technology, Innovation and Industrial Policy in Russia
    by Frolov, A.
  • 2013 Romanian Energy Market Evolution: Towards A Common European Market
    by Delia Vasilica Rotaru
  • 2013 Poli tecnologici meridionali, sviluppo e politiche industriali
    by Domenico Cersosimo & Gianfranco Viesti
  • 2013 Economic crises and the development of the industrial state: the industrial intervention of the Bank of Italy and the Bank of England, 1918–1939
    by Valerio Cerretano
  • 2013 La estrategia de especialización inteligente en el País Vasco
    by Inmaculada Freije Obregón
  • 2013 A Southern Europe strategy based on vision and industrial policy
    by Karl Aiginger
  • 2013 VAT rebates and export performance in China: Firm-level evidence
    by Chandra, Piyush & Long, Cheryl
  • 2013 Exports, capabilities, and industrial policy in India
    by Felipe, Jesus & Kumar, Utsav & Abdon, Arnelyn
  • 2013 Big businesses and economic growth: Identifying a binding constraint for growth with country panel analysis
    by Lee, Keun & Kim, Byung-Yeon & Park, Young-Yoon & Sanidas, Elias
  • 2013 International R&D subsidy competition, industrial agglomeration and growth
    by Kondo, Hiroki
  • 2013 Re-estimation of firms' total factor productivity in China's iron and steel industry
    by Sheng, Yu & Song, Ligang
  • 2013 Cross-border acquisitions in a transition economy: The recent experiences of China and India
    by Nagano, Mamoru & Yuan, Yuan
  • 2013 Innovation Policy for SMEs Proves Successful
    by Heike Belitz & Alexander Eickelpasch & Anna Lejpras
  • 2013 Evaluating Different Types of Enterprise Support Programs Using Panel Firm Data: Evidence From The Mexican Manufacturing Sector
    by Gladys Lopez-Acevedo & Monica Tinajero-Bravo
  • 2013 Efectos de la reforma estructural arancelaria en la protección efectiva arancelaria de la economía colombiana
    by Mauricio Torres & Germán Romero
  • 2013 Task For Post-Crisis In Romania: The Development Of Industry
    by Marcela-Cornelia Danu
  • 2012 Economia de război: concepte, evoluţie şi instrumente
    by Georgescu Alexandru
  • 2012 Modelul chinez de dezvoltare, în pragul schimbării
    by Pencea Sarmiza
  • 2012 The impact of telecommunication technologies on competition in services and goods markets: Empirical evidence
    by Jerbashian, Vahagn & Kochanovay, Anna
  • 2012 An Analysis of Risk-Taking Behavior for Public Defined Benefit Pension Plans
    by T. William Lester & Nichola Lowe & Allan Freyer
  • 2012 Communication costs and trade in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Mupela, Evans & Szirmai, Adam
  • 2012 A systemic perspective in understanding the successful emergence of non-traditional exports: two cases from Africa and Latin America
    by Iizuka, Michiko & Gebreeyesus, Mulu
  • 2012 The importance of manufacturing in economic development: Past, present and future perspectives
    by Naudé, Wim & Szirmai, Adam
  • 2012 Industrial policy for growth
    by Farla, Kristine
  • 2012 Industrial policy for SMEs renewal: the opportunity of service platforms
    by B. Basalisco & Guido M. Rey
  • 2012 R&D Incentives: The Effectiveness Of A Place-Based Policy
    by Marco Corsino & Roberto Gabriele & Anna Giunta
  • 2012 Should the focus of publicly provided small business assistance be on start-ups or growth businesses?
    by Greene, Francis
  • 2012 Sähkö-, elektroniikka- ja tietotekniikka-ala. Tuotantoketjut hajautuvat, osaamistarpeet muuttuvat
    by Ylä-Anttila, Pekka
  • 2012 How certain indigenous innovation and other patent policies hamper innovation in China
    by Prud'homme, Dan
  • 2012 Hazard Concerns: MIC at Bhopal and Virginia and the Indian Nuclear Liability Act
    by Tyabji, Nasir
  • 2012 Review of "Industrial Policy and Development: The Political Economy of Capabilities Accumulation"
    by Harrison, Ann
  • 2012 Effets des pôles de compétitivité dans les industries de haute technologie : une analyse d'économie industrielle de l'innovation
    by Iritié, Jean-Jacques B-G.
  • 2012 Cluster Policy: Principles and a Toolbox
    by Benner, Maximilian
  • 2012 I nuovi patti di sviluppo dei distretti produttivi in Sicilia. Prime note
    by Schilirò, Daniele
  • 2012 Welfare Effects of Water Pricing in Germany
    by Müller, Christopher
  • 2012 Clusterwettbewerbe: Eine Option für Entwicklungsländer?
    by Benner, Maximilian
  • 2012 Manufacturing firms in Africa: Some stylized facts about wages and productivity
    by Clarke, George
  • 2012 Tell Me Who You Patent With and I'll Tell You Who You Are: Evidence from Inter-Regional Patenting Networks in Three Emerging Technological Fields
    by Giulia Ajmone Marsan & Annalisa Primi
  • 2012 Improving the Tax System in Indonesia
    by Jens Arnold
  • 2012 Cluster Policy as a Development Strategy. Case Studies from the Middle East and North Africa
    by Maximilian Benner
  • 2012 The Industrial Development Authority, 1949-59: Establishment, Evolution, Expansion of Influence
    by Frank Barry & Mícheál Ó Fathartaigh
  • 2012 Subsidy and networking: The effects of direct and indirect support programs of the cluster policy
    by Nishimura, Junichi & Okamuro, Hiroyuki
  • 2012 Why Pre-Commercial Procurement is notInnovation Procurement
    by Edquist , Charles & Zabala-Iturriagagoitia , Jon Mikel
  • 2012 Pôle de compétitivité, spillovers et coopération R et D
    by Iritié, J.J.
  • 2012 State aid modernization and its implications for the assessment of large investment projects: The relevance of market screens in the regional aid guidelines
    by Hans W. Friederiszick & Nicola Tosini
  • 2012 Japan’s Post-Triple-Disaster Growth Strategy
    by Masahiro Kawai & Peter J. Morgan
  • 2012 Japan’s Post-Triple-Disaster Growth Strategy
    by Masahiro Kawai & Peter J. Morgan
  • 2012 The Effect of Economic Reform and Industrial Policy in a Panel of Chinese Cities
    by Simon Alder & Lin Shao & Fabrizio Zilibotti
  • 2012 L’esperienza dei distretti produttivi in Sicilia nel triennio 2007-2010: un’analisi per macrosettori
    by Daniele Schilirò & Giuseppe Timpanaro
  • 2012 Structural Reforms and Regional Convergence
    by Che, Natasha Xingyuan & Spilimbergo, Antonio
  • 2012 Evolución de la concentración y especialización industrial en Colombia, 1975-2005
    by Juliana Jaramillo Echeverri & Julieth Parra Hincapié
  • 2012 La Innovación En La Política Nacional De Cti Y En La Política Nacional De Competitividad Y Productividad
    by Mónica María Pardo Tabares
  • 2012 Developing and implementing a smart specialisation strategy at regional level: some open questions
    by Donato Iacobucci
  • 2012 The Impact of Telecommunication Technologies on Competition in Services and Goods Markets: Empirical Evidence
    by Vahagn Jerbashian & Anna Kochanova
  • 2012 Chinese Overseas M&A Performance and the Go Global Policy
    by Lulu Gu & W. Robert Reed
  • 2012 Do Business Subsidies Facilitate Employment Growth?
    by Heli Koski & Mika Pajarinen
  • 2012 Sources of Innovation and Technology Capability Development in the Indian Automobile Industry
    by Dinar Kale
  • 2012 Measuring and Decomposing Sources of Productivity Performance in India’s Paper and Pulp Industry under Liberalized Regime: A Nonparametric Approach
    by Sarbapriya Ray
  • 2012 Strategy "Europe 2020" - an analysis of proposed objectives
    by Daniela HARANGUS & Dana Codruta DUDA-DAIANU
  • 2012 Considerations regarding the factors that influence the performance of cluster
    by Dana Codruta DUDA-DAIANU & Daniela HARANGUS
  • 2012 Innovative cluster – a conceptual analyse
    by Dana Codruta DUDA-DAIANU
  • 2012 Factors Contributing To The Implementation Of Waterfront Projects In Penang Island
  • 2012 Elaborate cluster policy – new vision for the regional development
    by E. G. Popkova & M. K. Romanova & L. I. Kukaeva
  • 2012 Japanese Monopolist Companies Instruments Of The 'National Policy'
    by Mihut Marius Ioan
  • 2012 Az immateriális beruházások és a nem közvetlenül a termelésben foglalkoztatottak szerepe a gazdasági felzárkózásban
    by Szalavetz, Andrea
  • 2012 Domestic Investment And Fdi In Developing Countries: The Missing Link
  • 2012 El avance de China y la evolución del comercio internacional en Brasil
    by Dos Santos, Enestor & Zignago, Soledad
  • 2012 Entrevista a André Meloni Nassar (ICONE)
    by Meloni Nassar, André
  • 2012 Presentación
    by Integración y Comercio. Comité Editorial de la Revista
  • 2012 La Revista Completa
    by Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe, INTAL
  • 2012 The Emergence of China and the Evolution of International Trade in Brazil
    by Dos Santos, Enestor & Zignago, Soledad
  • 2012 Interview : André Meloni Nassar (ICONE)
    by Meloni Nassar, André
  • 2012 Presentation
    by Editorial Committee
  • 2012 The Complete Issue
    by Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe, INTAL
  • 2012 Urban Advantages and Disadvantages in Southeastern Europe: An Appreciation of Industrial Firms by Using Exploratory Factor Analysis
    by Theodore Metaxas
  • 2012 Technology-related factors as determinants of export potential of Nigerian manufacturing firms
    by Adeoti, John Olatunji
  • 2012 Industrial development policies and performances in Southern China: Beyond the specialised industrial cluster program
    by Barbieri, Elisa & Di Tommaso, Marco R. & Bonnini, Stefano
  • 2012 Support Policies in Clusters: Prioritization of Support Needs by Cluster Members According to Cluster Life Cycle
    by Gülçin Salýngan
  • 2012 Innovationsfinanzierung im Mittelstand: Zugang zu Krediten erleichtern!
    by Heike Belitz & Anna Lejpras
  • 2012 Mittelstandsförderung: Wissenstransfer stärkt Innovationen
    by Alexander Eickelpasch
  • 2012 Innovationspolitik für den Mittelstand hat sich bewährt
    by Heike Belitz & Alexander Eickelpasch & Anna Lejpras
  • 2012 Development Economics: A Theoretical and Historical Perspective
    by Davide Gualerzi
  • 2011 Innovationstätigkeit von Unternehmen : die Rolle von Qualifikationen, Kooperationen und Clusterpolitik
    by Oliver Falck & Stefan Kipar & Ludger Wößmann
  • 2011 Conflitto di interessi nelle organizzazioni produttive
    by Emiliano Di Carlo
  • 2011 Industrial Deepening in Malaysia: Policy Lessons for Developing Countries
    by Yean, Tham Siew & Heng, Loke Wai
  • 2011 Telemedicine and primary health: The virtual doctor project Zambia
    by Mupela, Evans & Mustarde, Paul & Jones, Huw
  • 2011 A Policy Framework for Advancing Productive Investments and Clean Energy throughout the U.S. Economy
    by Robert Pollin
  • 2011 Una revisión del desempeño de la industria en Uruguay entre 1930 y 1959
    by Arnabal, Rodrigo & Magdalena Bertino & Sebastián Fleitas
  • 2011 Privatization and regional distribution of manufacturing in Turkey
    by Fatma Dogruel & Suut Dogruel
  • 2011 Resurgence of Selective Industrial Policy: What Turkey Needs
    by Gokhan Yilmaz
  • 2011 Economic growth and corporate renewal
    by Guido M. Rey & Riccardo Varaldo
  • 2011 The Role of Multi-Level Regulation in the Transition towards Cleaner Production and a Circular Economy in China: The Case of Bao'an District, Shenzhen Under the 11th Five Year Plan
    by Adrian Ely & Li Ping & Fruzsina Kemenes & Wang Pusheng
  • 2011 О Мере И Формах Государственного Участия
    by Daskovskiy, Vadim & Kiselyov, Vladimir
  • 2011 Abu Dhabi und Dubai: Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung wie aus 1001 Nacht?
    by Benner, Maximilian
  • 2011 Romanian seismic design code: benchmarking analyses with reference to international codes and research needs for future development
    by Craifaleanu, Iolanda-Gabriela
  • 2011 The tropical timber industry in Gabon: a forward linkages approach to industrialisation
    by Terheggen, Anne
  • 2011 Technology Use in the Virtual R&D Teams
    by Ale Ebrahim, Nader & Ahmed, Shamsuddin & Salwa Hanim, Salwa Hanim & Taha, Zahari
  • 2011 SEZ proliferation in India: are the objectives being realized?
    by Bhatt, Antra & Puri, Manas & Appolloni, Andrea
  • 2011 The impact of science and technology parks on firms´ product innovation: empirical evidence from Spain
    by Vásquez Urriago, Ángela Rocio & Barge-Gil, Andrés & Modrego Rico, Aurelia & Paraskevopoulou, Evita
  • 2011 Collective Efficiency Strategies: A Regional Development Policy Contribution for Competitiveness Enhancement
    by Rui Nuno Baleiras
  • 2011 Estimating the Impact of Restructuring on Electricity Generation Efficiency: The Case of the Indian Thermal Power Sector
    by Kabir Malik & Maureen Cropper & Alexander Limonov & Anoop Singh
  • 2011 Pharmaceutical Pricing in Emerging Markets: Effects of Income, Competition and Procurement
    by Patricia M. Danzon & Andrew W. Mulcahy & Adrian K. Towse
  • 2011 Finance and Governance in Developing Economies
    by Randall Morck
  • 2011 Climate Change and Industrial Policy
    by Wim Naudé
  • 2011 The Product Space: What Does It Say About the Opportunities for Growth and Structural Transformation of Sub-Saharan Africa?
    by Arnelyn Abdon & Jesus Felipe
  • 2011 Foreign Manufacturing Multinationals and the Transformation of the Chinese Economy: New Measurements, New Perspectives
    by Theodore H. Moran
  • 2011 Innovation, Research and Development, and Productivity: Case Studies from Peru
    by Juana Kuramoto
  • 2011 Productive Development Policies in Argentina
    by Ines Butler & Ricardo Rozemberg & Gabriel Sanchez
  • 2011 Políticas de Desarrollo Productivo en Panamá: Auto-descubrimiento y fallas de coordinación
    by Marcos Fernandez
  • 2011 The Design of R&D Support Schemes for Industry
    by Russell Thomson & Elizabeth Webster
  • 2011 The Telecommunications Industry and Economic Growth: How the Market Structure Matters
    by Vahagn Jerbashian
  • 2011 On the institutional innovation process : EU regulation through an evolutionary lens
    by Evita Paraskevopoulou
  • 2011 El Ascenso De La Mano Invisible": Análisis Para El Surgimiento De Un Mercado Formal De Financiación Para Empresas De Base Tecnológica (Ebt) En Colomb"
    by Ivan D. Hernandez & Rodrigo Alvarez & Catalina Blanco & Andrés Carvajal
  • 2011 La industria venezolana, auge y ocaso a través de tres modelos productivos
    by Héctor Lucena & Hermes Carmona
  • 2011 Efectos de la reforma estructural arancelaria en la protección efectiva arancelaria de la economía colombiana
    by Mauricio Torres & Germán Romero
  • 2011 Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Enforcement in a Software Duopoly
    by Jiri Strelicky & Kresimir Zigic
  • 2011 The Telecommunications Industry and Economic Growth: How the Market Structure Matters
    by Vahagn Jerbashian
  • 2011 Chinese Overseas M&A Performance and the Go Global Policy
    by Lulu Gu & W. Robert Reed
  • 2011 China's Growth in Transition: Implications for the Thai Economy
    by Nasha Ananchotikul & Pornpinun Chantapacdepong & Chotima Sitthichaiviset
  • 2011 Responses to a crisis: FASA-Renault in Spain during the 1970s
    by Tomas Fernandez-de-Sevilla
  • 2011 China'S Industrial Development In The 21st Century
  • 2011 Vietnam's Intellectual Property Landscape from a Regional Perspective
    by Yoon Heo & Tran N. Kien
  • 2011 Cluster – A Motor of Competitiveness and Innovation in Regional Development
    by Ungureanu Carmen Doina & Bilevsky Gabriela
  • 2011 Is industrial agglomeration increasing? New evidence from a small open economy
    by Andrew James Crawley & Stephen Hill
  • 2011 Innovationspolitischer Mehrwert durch Vernetzung?: Cluster- und Netzwerkförderung als Politikinstrument auf Bundes- und Länderebene
    by Michael Rothgang & Bernhard Lageman
  • 2011 The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments on the Economic Development of Bulgaria
    by Anelia Radulova
  • 2011 Finance and Governance in Developing Economies
    by Randall Morck
  • 2010 Pôles de compétitivité version 2.0 : les enjeux stratégiques et managériaux de la « clusterisation » des dynamiques compétitives
    by Perret, Véronique & Chabault, Denis
  • 2010 Politica clusterelor în actualitatea Uniunii Europene
    by Odae Nicoleta
  • 2010 China în faţa actualei crize economice globale
    by Pencea Sarmiza
  • 2010 Endogenous Economic Growth through Connectivity
    by Zon, Adriaan van & Mupela, Evans
  • 2010 Estimating the Amount of a Global Feed-in Tariff for Renewable Electricity
    by Samantha DeMartino, David Le Blanc
  • 2010 Resource abundance: A curse or blessing?
    by Victor Polterovich, Vladimir Popov, Alexander Tonis
  • 2010 The Structure and Growth of International Trade
    by Massimo Riccaboni & Stefano Schiavo
  • 2010 Green Services and Emergence and Recovery from the Global Economic Slowdown in Developing Asian Economies
    by Stoughton, Mark & Venkatachalam , Anbumozhi
  • 2010 Access to Business Subsidies: What Explains Complementarities and Persistency?
    by Koski, Heli & Pajarinen, Mika
  • 2010 Business Subsidies in Finland: The Dynamics of Application and Acceptance Stages
    by Koski, Heli & Tuuli, Jukka
  • 2010 Supply, Complementaries, and Repetitiones of Public Support in Finland
    by Koski, Heli & Pajarinen, Mika
  • 2010 The Characterics of Finpro's Clients
    by Hyytinen, Ari & Pajarinen, Mika & Ylä-Anttila, Pekka
  • 2010 Science and Technology Parks impacts on tenant organisations: a review of literature
    by Albahari, Alberto & Pérez-Canto, Salvador & Landoni, Paolo
  • 2010 Exportinduziertes Wachstum als Chance für die „nächsten Tiger“?
    by Benner, Maximilian
  • 2010 Do international remittances cause Dutch disease?
    by Beja, Edsel Jr.
  • 2010 The new kid in the forest: the impact of China's resource demand on Gabon's tropical timber value chain
    by Terheggen, Anne
  • 2010 Role of trade policies in growth of Indian manufacturing sector
    by Banga, Rashmi & Das, Abhijit
  • 2010 I distretti produttivi in Sicilia. Analisi e proposte per la competitività
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