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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ D: Microeconomics
/ / D4: Market Structure, Pricing, and Design
/ / / D46: Value Theory
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 What drives markups? Evolutionary pricing in an agent-based stock-flow consistent macroeconomic model
    by Pascal Seppecher & Isabelle Salle & Marc Lavoie

  • 2017 Evaluating Investments in Portability and Interoperability between Software Service Platforms
    by Netsanet Haile & Jörn Altmann

  • 2017 A Just Price: Objections and Suggested Solutions
    by Lukas Maslo

  • 2017 Disequilibrium as the origin, originality, and challenges of Clower's microfoundations of monetary theory
    by Plassard, Romain

  • 2017 Regularities in Prices of Production and the Concentration of Compositions of Capitals
    by Luis Daniel Torres Gonzalez

  • 2017 Omnimetrics and Awards
    by Bruno S. Frey

  • 2017 General economic equilibrium with financial markets and retainability
    by A. Jofré & R. T. Rockafellar & R. J-B. Wets

  • 2017 Economic Diplomacy in the Innovation Global Value Chains as the National Security Providing Strategy Component
    by Vitaliy Omelyanenko

  • 2017 Controversy over the Market Value of Real Property as an Institution
    by Andrzej Reszke & Lucjan Czechowski

  • 2017 Diversification by the audit offices in the US and its impact on audit quality
    by Sharad Asthana

  • 2017 Human-Nature Relationships and Linkages to Environmental Behaviour
    by Michael Thomas Braito & Kerstin Böck & Courtney Flint & Andreas Muhar & Susanne Muhar & Marianne Penker

  • 2017 Value Pluralism and Consistency Maximisation in the Writings of Aldo Leopold: Moving Beyond Callicott's Interpretations of the Land Ethic
    by Ben Dixon

  • 2017 The Relationship between Value Types and Environmental Behaviour in Four Countries: Universalism, Benevolence, Conformity and Biospheric Values Revisited
    by Tally Katz-Gerro & Itay Greenspan & Femida Handy & Hoon-Young Lee

  • 2017 The Problem of Inclusion in Deliberative Environmental Valuation
    by Andrés Vargas & Alex Lo & Michael Howes & Nicholas Rohde

  • 2017 Are There Infinite Welfare Differences among Living Things?
    by John Nolt

  • 2017 ¿Dinero o trascendencia? La frivolidad del arte durante el Rococó
    by Ponzio de León, Carlos Alejandro

  • 2017 Complete discounted cash flow valuation
    by Gajek, Lesław & Kuciński, Łukasz

  • 2017 Value Balance and General Equilibrium Model
    by Truong Hong Trinh

  • 2016 Introducción al Estudio de la Economía del Sector Energético
    by Martínez Torrico, Karen M. & Aliaga Lordemann , Javier

  • 2016 Unequal Exchange in International Trade:A General Model
    by Andrea Ricci

  • 2016 Spiritual Support During The Active Aging
    by Erkan KAVAS

  • 2016 What is a Fair Value of Your Recommendation List?
    by Bobrikov, Vladimir & Nenova, Elena & Ignatov, Dmitry I.

  • 2016 Capital theory: Less is more
    by Mariolis, Theodore & Tsoulfidis, Lefteris

  • 2016 Price expectations in neo-Walrasian equilibrium models: an overview
    by Fratini, Saverio M. & Levrero, Enrico Sergio & Ravagnani, Fabio

  • 2016 Fundamental Analysis – Possiblity of Application on the Real Estate Market
    by Figurska Marta & Wisniewski Radoslaw

  • 2016 Equilibrium with mutual organizations in adverse selection economies
    by Adam Blandin & John H. Boyd & Edward C. Prescott

  • 2016 Note on Sustainability Prices When Sectoral Growth Rates Differ
    by Carlo D’Adda

  • 2016 Structural analysis of value creation in software service platforms
    by Netsanet Haile & Jörn Altmann

  • 2016 Absolute Advantage and International Trade
    by Stergios A. Seretis & Persefoni V. Tsaliki

  • 2016 Aspects Concerning The Determination Of The Company Value Using The Dcf Method
    by Mariana BANUTA & Mihaela GADOIU

  • 2016 Benchmarketing - Fashionable Term Concerning Traditional Processes
    by Mircea Udrescu & Alina Gheorghe

  • 2016 Coping with the Horizontal Hitch: The 'Con-Formism' of the Degrowth Alternative
    by Onofrio Romano

  • 2016 The Trouble with Environmental Values
    by Simon P. James

  • 2016 The Determinants of Investment Rewards: Evidence for Selected Developed and Developing Countries
    by Bee-Hoong Tay & Pei-Tha Gan

  • 2016 La Ley de la tendencia descendente de la tasa de ganancia y su validez explicativa de las crisis económicas. La nueva interpretación temporalista
    by Sergio Martín Fernández

  • 2016 Hedonic Price Analysis Of Non-Barren Broodmares

  • 2016 Examining The Influence Of Some Macroeconomic Factors On Foreign Direct Investments

  • 2015 CP ALL and the Case of Value Web Creation
    by Michael, Bryane & Hartwell, Christopher A. & Korovkin, Vladimir

  • 2015 Again on the relevance of reverse capital deepening and reswitching
    by Ariel Dvoskin & Fabio Petri

  • 2015 Global Value Chains in Africa
    by Foster-McGregor, Neil & Kaulich, Florian & Stehrer, Robert

  • 2015 Are Innovations relevant for consumers in the hospitality industry? A hedonic approach for Cuban hotels
    by Mario Raúl de la Peña & Juan A. Núñez-Serrano & Jaime Turrión Sánchez & Francisco Javier Velázquez Angona

  • 2015 Structural Analysis of Value Creation in Software Service Platforms
    by Netsanet Haile & Jorn Altmann

  • 2015 Value Creation in Software Service Platforms
    by Netsanet Haile & Jorn Altmann

  • 2015 Why is the American Workplace Racially Segregated by Occupation?
    by Nadeem Naqvi

  • 2015 Art Critic Index: A Proxy for Cultural Value in the Context of the South Africa Art Market
    by Matthew Olckers, Catherine Kannemeyer and Michael Stevenson

  • 2015 Ethics in Relation to Islamic Finance Activities
    by Ismail, Abdul Ghafar & Zali, Nor Azmidah

  • 2015 Annotating Sales to Price Panel: An Economic Theory of Volume to Value Relation with Technology Assisted Education in Afghanistan
    by Azimi, Mohammad Naim

  • 2015 К Вопросу Об Основах Ценообразования Во Внешнеторговой Деятельности
    by Drobot, Elena

  • 2015 On the Samuelson-Etula Master Function and Marginal Productivity: some old and new critical remarks
    by Dvoskin, Ariel & Fratini, Saverio M.

  • 2015 An activity choice approach towards pricing of 1:1 personal services – on the omnipresence of interpersonal utility comparisons
    by Mann, Stefan

  • 2015 Panel Data Hedonics: Rosen's First Stage and Difference-in-Differences as "Sufficient Statistics"
    by H. Spencer Banzhaf

  • 2015 Equilibrium with Mutual Organizations in Adverse Selection Economies
    by Prescott, Edward C. & Blandin, Adam & Boyd, John H.

  • 2015 Values for Cooperative Games over Graphs and Games With Inadmissible Coalitions
    by Ziv Hellman & Ron Peretz

  • 2015 H. H. Gossen - Half-Forgotten Personalities of Economic Though
    by Pavel Sirůček

  • 2015 Localisation as an Attribute of Competitiveness on the Economic Class Hotel Market
    by Zbigniew Malara & Janusz Kroik

  • 2015 Orientation to Value in Substantiation of Price Strategy - A New Approach of the Modern Enterprise
    by Cristian - Marian Barbu

  • 2015 Carbon Leakage and the Argument from No Difference
    by Matthew Rendall

  • 2015 Policy Decisions on Shale Gas Development ('Fracking'): The Insufficiency of Science and Necessity of Moral Thought
    by Darrick Trent Evensen

  • 2015 Representing Global Public Concern: A Critical Analysis of the Danish Participatory Experiment on Climate Change
    by Gwendolyn Blue

  • 2015 The Capabilities Approach and Environmental Sustainability: The Case for Functioning Constraints
    by Wouter Peeters & Jo Dirix & Sigrid Sterckx

  • 2015 Reframing Problems of Incommensurability in Environmental Conflicts Through Pragmatic Sociology: From Value Pluralism to the Plurality of Modes of Engagement with the Environment
    by Laura Centemeri

  • 2015 Landscape Democracy, Three Sets of Values, and the Connoisseur Method
    by Finn Arler & Helena Mellqvist

  • 2015 Should Biodiversity be Useful? Scope and Limits of Ecosystem Services as an Argument for Biodiversity Conservation
    by Glenn Deliège & Stijn Neuteleers

  • 2015 Tratantes de arte y los grandes maestros de la pintura
    by Carlos Alejandro Ponzio de León

  • 2015 Can a path-dependent strategy outperform a path-independent strategy?
    by Lee, Huai-I & Hsieh, Tsung-Yu & Kuo, Wen-Hsiu & Hsu, Hsinan

  • 2015 Payoffs in exact TU economies
    by Edhan, Omer

  • 2015 Exchange asymmetry in experimental settings
    by Brown, Thomas C. & Morrison, Mark D. & Benfield, Jacob A. & Rainbolt, Gretchen Nurse & Bell, Paul A.

  • 2015 Can Be Used The Income Approach In Plant,Machinery And Equipment Valuation
    by Sorin Adrian Achim

  • 2015 About Ethics In Plant,Machinery And Equipment Valuation Domain
    by Sorin Adrian Achim

  • 2015 Marketing and Business Development between Idea, Scientific Discovery and Innovation
    by Lucian-Florin Onișor

  • 2014 The Appraisal of Power Plants
    by Mark Pomykacz & Chris Olmstead

  • 2014 Efficiency Measurement via Revealed Thresholds, Without Knowing Valuations
    by Ronald M. Harstad

  • 2014 Efficiency Measurement via Revealed Thresholds, Without Knowing Valuations
    by Ronald M. Harstad

  • 2014 Hungarian societal values through business negotiators? practices
    by Anikó Tompos

  • 2014 Innovative strategies as a determinant of achievement of the goals of enterprise activity
    by Marlena Grabowska & Iwona Otola & Agata Mesjasz-Lech

  • 2014 The Gravitation of Market Prices as a Stochastic Process
    by Saverio M. Fratini & Alessia Naccarato

  • 2014 A Note on Reswitching and Intertemporal Prices
    by Fratini, Saverio M.

  • 2014 Новая Теория Рынка И Капитализма. В 3-Х Частях. Часть 2. Стоимость
    by Zheleznyak, Anatoliy

  • 2014 A Critical Marxist Simple Approach to Capital Theory
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2014 Towards an integrated theory of value, capital and money
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2014 Exchange in the Monetary Economy
    by Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont

  • 2014 Mergers and acquisitions transactions strategies in diffusion - type financial systems in highly volatile global capital markets with nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 Are autographs integrating the global art market? The case of hedonic prices for French autographs (1960-2005)
    by Ileana Miranda Mendoza & François Gardes & Xavier Greffe & Pierre-Charles Pradier

  • 2014 Approximate Solutions of the Walrasian Equilibrium Inequalities with Bounded Marginal Utilities of Income
    by Donald J. Brown

  • 2014 Approximate Solutions of the Walrasian Equilibrium Inequalities with Bounded Marginal Utilities of Income
    by Donald J. Brown

  • 2014 Computational Complexity of the Walrasian Equilibrium Inequalities
    by Donald J. Brown

  • 2014 Necessary prices and necessary income distribution in classical political economy. A bridge with the notions ‘just’ prices and ‘just’ wage
    by Enrico Bellino

  • 2014 Thorstein Veblen on value, market and socioeconomic progress
    by Brette, Olivier

  • 2014 Economic value added and competitive position of enterprises: Case research
    by Marlena Grabowska

  • 2014 Overhaul Policy Optimization and Equipment Valuation Concerning Its Reliability
    by Smolyak, S.

  • 2014 Value Concept and Economic Growth Model
    by Truong Hong Trinh

  • 2014 Marine Fisheries and Mariculture in Croatia: Economic and Trade Analysis
    by Federica De Leo & Pier Paolo Miglietta & Slađana Pavlinović

  • 2014 Alien Invasive Species Management: Stakeholder Perceptions of the Barents Sea King Crab
    by Jannike Falk-Petersen

  • 2014 Exploring the Relationship Between Values and Pro-Environmental Behaviour: The Influence of Locus of Control
    by Anna-Karin Engqvist Jonsson & Andreas Nilsson

  • 2014 Reframing the Value of Nature: Biological Value and Institutional Homeostasis
    by Franz W. Gatzweiler

  • 2014 More or Less Pluralistic? A Typology of Remedial and Alternative Perspectives on the Monetary Valuation of the Environment
    by Alex Y. Lo

  • 2014 Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Philosophical Distinctions and Practical Implications
    by Donald Charles Hector & Carleton Bruin Christensen & Jim Petrie

  • 2014 Seeking Sustainability
    by Clive L. Spash

  • 2014 Bidding behavior given point and interval values in a second-price auction
    by Banerjee, Prasenjit & Shogren, Jason F.

  • 2014 Endogenous community formation and collective provision – A procedurally fair mechanism
    by Güth, Werner

  • 2014 The Relation Between Cost, Market Value And Transaction Price, In The Current Context Of The Residential Real Estate Market
    by Carmen Maria Dindiri

  • 2013 Real Estate Valuation Using Cyclical Capitalization Models
    by Maurizio d'AMATO

  • 2013 Coherent Price Systems and Uncertainty-Neutral Valuation
    by Beißner, Patrick

  • 2013 Market value of the firms and R&D investment: Theoretical overview and empirical estimation for the panel of countries
    by Josheski, Dushko & Magdinceva Sopova, Marija

  • 2013 Calculating Fair Market Value in Legal Valuations: Do Adjustments in Value for Non-Systematic Risk Violate the Fair Market Value Standard?
    by Peter Dawson

  • 2013 Royalty Rate Determination
    by Peter Dawson

  • 2013 Calculating Reliable Discounts for Lack of Marketability for Minority Family Limited Partnership Interest Using a Managed Asset Portfolio Market Analysis
    by Peter Dawson

  • 2013 Estimating the Value Obtained from Using a Software Service Platform
    by Netsanet Haile & Jorn Altmann

  • 2013 The Measurement of Labour Content: A General Approach
    by Naoki Yoshihara & Roberto Veneziani

  • 2013 The Structural Price Mechanism
    by Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont

  • 2013 A Critical Marxist Approach to Capital Theory
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2013 Towards a revision of the theory of capital
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2013 The Calculating Auctioneer, Enlightened Wage Setters, and the Fingers of the Invisible Hand
    by Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont

  • 2013 Market value of the firms and R&D investment: Theoretical overview and empirical estimation for the panel of countries
    by Josheski, Dushko & Magdinceva-Sopova, Marija

  • 2013 Experimental Evidence on Valuation and Learning with Multiple Priors
    by Qiu, Jianying & Weitzel, Utz

  • 2013 Endogenous Community Formation and Collective Provision - A Procedurally Fair Mechanism
    by Werner Güth

  • 2013 The Measurement of Labour Content: A General Approach
    by Yoshihara, Naoki & Veneziani, Roberto

  • 2013 The measurement of labour content: a general approach
    by Yoshihara, Naoki & Veneziani, Veneziani

  • 2013 Graph value for cooperative games
    by Ziv Hellman & Ron Peretz

  • 2013 Monopolización del trabajo complejo especializado, precio de producción y la “marca” como agente de centralización de capital
    by Jesús Lechuga Montenegro & Jorge Bustamante Torres

  • 2013 Una Revisión Moderna de las Teorías de Precios de Ricardo y Jevons
    by Edgar Villa

  • 2013 On the Foundations of Well-Being Economics and Policy
    by Giuseppe Munda

  • 2013 Exploitation of Labor and Exploitation of Commodities
    by Naoki Yoshihara & Roberto Veneziani

  • 2013 Income distribution in a monetary economy
    by Nazim Kadri Ekinci

  • 2013 Marketing and Remodelling Businesses in Digital Economy
    by Eleonora Mihaela Constantinescu

  • 2013 Sharing the Earth: Sustainability and the Currency of Inter-Generational Environmental Justice
    by Allen Habib

  • 2013 The Role of Values in a Community-Based Conservation Initiative in Northern Ghana
    by Lance W. Robinson & Kwame Ampadu Sasu

  • 2013 Deliberation on GMOs: A Study of How a Citizens' Jury Affects the Citizens' Attitudes
    by Marianne Aasen & Arild Vatn

  • 2013 Changes Needed
    by Clive L. Spash

  • 2013 Marshall and Walras, disequilibrium trades and the dynamics of equilibration in the continuous double auction market
    by Plott, Charles & Roy, Nilanjan & Tong, Baojia

  • 2013 Spectrum value for coalitional games
    by Álvarez-Mozos, Mikel & Hellman, Ziv & Winter, Eyal

  • 2013 Asset pricing with skewed-normal return
    by Carmichael, Benoıˆt & Coën, Alain

  • 2013 An Introduction to Appropriating the Returns from Industrial Research and Development
    by David Evans

  • 2013 Relación entre valor de marca y las ventas. Un estudio aplicado en compañías agroquímicas. Correlación entre valor de marca y valor de ventas
    by Leonardo Ortegón Cortázar

  • 2012 Value Creation in IT Service Platforms through Two-Sided Network Effects
    by Netsanet Haile & Jorn Altmann

  • 2012 IT Service Platforms: Their Value Creation Model and the Impact of their Level of Openness on their Adoption
    by Selam Abrham Gebregiorgis & Jorn Altmann

  • 2012 Core Equivalences for Equilibria Supported by Non-linear Prices
    by Achille Basile & Maria Gabriella Graziano

  • 2012 Why is the Workplace Racially Segregated by Occupation?
    by Naqvi, Nadeem

  • 2012 Impossibility of interpersonal social identity diversification under binary preferences
    by Naqvi, Nadeem

  • 2012 Bienenfeld’s approximation of production prices and eigenvalue distribution: some more evidence from five European economies
    by Iliadi, Fotoula & Mariolis, Theodore & Soklis, George & Tsoulfidis, Lefteris

  • 2012 Corrigendum to "Class and Exploitation in General Convex Cone Economies" [Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 75 (2010) 281-296]
    by Yoshihara, Naoki

  • 2012 El valor de las obras de arte desde una perspectiva marxista
    by José María Durán Medraño

  • 2012 Valoración económica del uso recreativo de lugares turísticos: el caso de las bahías de Santa Marta, El Rodadero y Taganga (Colombia)
    by Luis Carlos Pupo García

  • 2012 De la place de la théorie de la valeur et de la monnaie dans la théorie de la régulation : critique et synthèse
    by Montalban, Matthieu

  • 2012 El valor del trabajo directivo
    by Rojas, Gerardo

  • 2012 Responsabilità sociale e creazione di valore nell’impresa agroalimentare: nuove frontiere di ricerca
    by Giuseppe Marotta & Concetta Nazzaro

  • 2012 House Price Comovements in the Eurozone Economies
    by Andreas Merikas & Anna Merika & Nikiforos Laopodis & Anna Triantafyllou

  • 2012 Value Typology in Cost-Benefit Analysis
    by Seth D. Baum

  • 2012 Traumatic Natures of the Swamp: Concepts of Nature in the Romanian Danube Delta
    by Kristof van Assche & Sandra Bell & Petruta Teampau

  • 2012 The Positioned Construction of Water Values: Pluralism, Positionality and Praxis
    by Antonio A. R. Ioris

  • 2012 Empirical estimation of the option premium for residential redevelopment
    by Clapp, John M. & Bardos, Katsiaryna Salavei & Wong, S.K.

  • 2012 Linear efficient and symmetric values for TU-games: Sharing the joint gain of cooperation
    by Chameni Nembua, C.

  • 2012 Pricing of collectibles: Baedeker guidebooks
    by Erdős, Péter & Ormos, Mihály

  • 2012 Wage, prices, rates of profit in a classical disequilibrium model
    by Édith Klimovsky & Olivier Rosell

  • 2012 An Introduction to Whinston’s Tying, Foreclosure, and Exclusion by M.D. Whinston
    by Eliana Garces

  • 2011 A panel data approach to price-value correlations
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2011 Behavioral Efficiency II: A Simple Laboratory Demonstration
    by Ronald M. Harstad

  • 2011 Behavioral Efficiency I: Definition, Methodology and Demonstration
    by Ronald M. Harstad

  • 2011 Allocation of fixed costs: characterization of the (dual) weighted Shapley value
    by Pierre Dehez

  • 2011 The Willingness to pay for Quality Aspects of Durables: Theory and Application to the Car Market
    by Ismir Mulalic & Jan Rouwendal

  • 2011 Exploitation of Labour and Exploitation of Commodities: a “New Interpretation”
    by Veneziani, Roberto & Yoshihara, Naoki

  • 2011 Uniform profit ratios
    by Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont

  • 2011 Crowding out capitalism: A law of historical materialism
    by Hagendorf, Klaus

  • 2011 The sources of profitability
    by Flaschel, Peter & Fröhlich, Nils & Veneziani, Roberto

  • 2011 Articulation of Plural Values in Deliberative Monetary Valuation: Beyond Preference Economisation and Moralisation
    by Lo, Alex Y. & Spash, Clive L.

  • 2011 Income Distribution in a Monetary Economy: A Ricardo-Keynes Synthesis
    by Nazim Kadri Ekinci

  • 2011 Profits and Exploitation: A Reappraisal
    by Yoshihara, Naoki & Veneziani, Roberto

  • 2011 Exploitation of Labour and Exploitation of Commodities: A "New Interpretation"
    by Yoshihara, Naoki & Roberto Veneziani

  • 2011 Exploitation and Productiveness: The Generalised Commodity Exploitation Theorem Once Again
    by Veneziani, Roberto & Yoshihara, Naoki

  • 2011 Is Equilibrium Enough And Was Stigler Wrong? Value Theory In The Böhm-Bawerk / Fisher Controversies
    by Avi J. Cohen

  • 2011 Errements du capitalisme cognitif ? Éléments de réponse à la critique de Fine, Jeon et Gimm (2010)
    by Lebert, Didier

  • 2011 Pierangelo Garegnani: Policy Implications of the Critique of Political Economy
    by Antonella Palumbo & Attilio Trezzini

  • 2011 Bródy András gazdaságiciklus-elmélete
    by Ábel, István & Dobos, Imre

  • 2011 The Map of Moral Significance: A New Axiological Matrix for Environmental Ethics
    by Barbara Muraca

  • 2011 Towards a Multidimensional, Environmentalist Ethic
    by Alan Carter

  • 2011 Social Practice and the Evolution of Personal Environmental Values
    by Sarah Hards

  • 2011 Économie de la contribution et innovation sociétale
    by Philippe Beraud & Franck Cormerais

  • 2010 La loi de la valeur dans le passage du capitalisme industriel au capitalisme cognitif
    by Vercellone, Carlo

  • 2010 A Funding and Governing Model for Achieving Sustainable Growth of Computing e-Infrastructures
    by Ashraf Bany Mohammed & Jorn Altmann

  • 2010 Cloud Computing Value Chains Understanding Businesses and Value Creation in the Cloud
    by Ashraf Bany Mohammed & Jorn Altmann & Junseok Hwang

  • 2010 Grid Business Models for Brokers Executing SLA-Based Workflows
    by Dang Minh Quan & Jorn Altmann

  • 2010 Measures of production price-labour value deviation and income distribution in actual economies: theory and empirical evidence
    by Mariolis, Theodore & Tsoulfidis, Lefteris

  • 2010 Eigenvalue distribution and the production price-profit rate relationship in linear single-product systems: theory and empirical evidence
    by Mariolis, Theodore & Tsoulfidis, Lefteris

  • 2010 Linear efficient and symmetric values for TU-games: sharing the joint gain of cooperation
    by Chameni Nembua, Célestin

  • 2010 Measuring Beliefs Supportive of Environmental Action and Inaction: A Reinterpretation of the Awareness of Consequences Scale
    by Ryan, Anthony M. & Spash, Clive L.

  • 2010 A remark on intensive differential rent and the labour theory of value in Ricardo
    by Fratini, Saverio M.

  • 2010 Asset Pricing - A Brief Review
    by Li, Minqiang

  • 2010 Geometrical Considerations on Heston's Market Model
    by Dell'Era, Mario

  • 2010 Investment decisions, NPV and bounded rationality
    by Carlo Alberto Magni

  • 2010 Organizational Structure In The Function Of Creation Of Added Value
    by Boris Marjanovic & Klaudio Tominovic

  • 2010 Reasons and Values in Environmental Ethics
    by Lars Samuelsson

  • 2010 Morality and Climate Change: Is Leaving your TV on Standby a Risky Behaviour?
    by Catherine Butler

  • 2010 A Values-Based Framework for Community Food Choices
    by Nicole Gregory & Robin Gregory

  • 2010 Censoring Science in Research Officially
    by Clive L. Spash

  • 2010 La visión global de la utilidad
    by José Zacarías Mayorga Sánchez

  • 2010 Dynamics Of The Fair Value In Accounting
    by Mihai Ristea & Ionel Jianu

  • 2009 Data Games : Sharing public goods with exclusion
    by Pierre Dehez & Daniela Tellone

  • 2009 La rendita assoluta di Marx e le equazioni di prezzo di Sraffa
    by Saverio M. Fratini

  • 2009 A Remark on Intensive Differential Rent and the Labour Theory of Value in Ricardo
    by Saverio M. Fratini

  • 2009 Strong Subjectivism in the Marxian Theory of Exploitation: A Critique
    by Roberto Veneziani & Naoki Yoshihara

  • 2009 Evaluation with Dynamic Reference: Sustainable Investment
    by Leon Vinokur

  • 2009 La Teoría de los Sentimientos Morales y Una investigación sobre la naturaleza y causas de la Riqueza de las Naciones: tropezar dos veces con la misma piedra
    by Calero, Analía Verónica

  • 2009 Exploitation and productiveness: the generalised commodity exploitation theorem once again
    by Veneziani, Roberto & Yoshihara, Naoki

  • 2009 Labour Values and the Theory of the Firm: Part I: The Competitive Firm
    by Hagendorf, Klaus

  • 2009 Arbeitswerte und die Theorie der Unternehmung. Teil I: Die Unternehmung unter vollständiger Konkurrenz
    by Hagendorf, Klaus

  • 2009 Towards a Political Economy of the Hunters and Gatherers: A Study in Historical Materialism
    by Hagendorf, Klaus

  • 2009 A remark on the supposed equivalence between complete markets and perfect foresight hypothesis
    by Fratini, Saverio M. & Levrero, Enrico Sergio

  • 2009 Natural rates of profit, natural prices, and the actual economic systems - a theoretical framework
    by Garbellini, Nadia

  • 2009 A New Classification of Goods in Sraffa-Price-Systems: Basic Capital Goods, Non-Basic Capital Goods and Consumption Goods
    by Khudaynazarov, Ashurali

  • 2009 The Classical approach to distribution and the “natural system”
    by Bellino, Enrico

  • 2009 The Value of Superstitions
    by Ng, Travis & Chong, Terence & Xin, Du

  • 2009 Reswitching And Decreasing Demand For Capital
    by Fratini, Saverio M.

  • 2009 On the fallacy of forward linkages: A note in the light of recent results
    by Louis de Mesnard

  • 2009 Strong Subjectivism in the Marxian Theory of Exploitation: A Critique
    by Veneziani, Roberto & Yoshihara, Naoki

  • 2009 Commodity Content in a General Input-Output Model: A Comment
    by Yoshihara, Naoki & Veneziani, Roberto

  • 2009 Objectivist versus Subjectivist Approaches to the Marxian Theory of Exploitation
    by Veneziani, Roberto & Yoshihara, Naoki

  • 2009 Commodity Content in a General Input-Output Model: A Comment
    by Yoshihara, Naoki & Veneziani, Roberto

  • 2009 Strong Subjectivism in the Marxian Theory of Exploitation: A Critique
    by Veneziani, Roberto & Yoshihara, Naoki

  • 2009 A Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach to Revenue Management in a Make-to-Stock Production System
    by Quante, R. & Fleischmann, M. & Meyr, H.

  • 2009 Reswitching and Decreasing Demand for Capital in a Model with a Continuum of Linear Techniques
    by Saverio M. Fratini

  • 2009 Allocation of fixed costs and the weighted Shapley value
    by DEHEZ, Pierre

  • 2009 Valor, Precio y Ganancia en un Contexto Antimarxista
    by Augusto Velásquez Forero

  • 2009 An Empirical Study of Value Creation Criteria: Case of Iran
    by Godratallah TALEBNYA & Mahdi SALEHI & Hashem VALIPOUR & Zahra YOUSEFI

  • 2009 Integrace rizika a nejistoty do investičního rozhodování a oceňování
    by Jiří Fotr & Eva Kislingerová

  • 2009 New methods risk management of investment projects
    by Viktorie Ostrousko

  • 2009 Using a Contribution Margin as a solution to the Business Strategy in the Crisis
    by Václav Leinweber

  • 2009 Analyses of Partial Decision Models for IPO Realization
    by Tomáš Meluzín & Marek Zinecker

  • 2009 Theoretical And Numerical Valuation Of Callable Bonds
    by Dejun Xie

  • 2009 Business Performance Analysis via VAIC™
    by Mojmir Sabolovic

  • 2009 Review of The Economy of the Earth (Mark Sagoff)
    by Clive L. Spash

  • 2009 Visions of Nature in Eastern Europe: A Polish Example
    by Agnieszka D. Hunka & Wouter T. de Groot & Adam Biela

  • 2009 Value Theory in Ecological Economics: The Contribution of a Political Economy of Wealth
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