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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L9: Industry Studies: Transportation and Utilities
/ / / L90: General
/ / / L91: Transportation: General
/ / / L92: Railroads and Other Surface Transportation
/ / / L93: Air Transportation
/ / / L94: Electric Utilities
/ / / L95: Gas Utilities; Pipelines; Water Utilities
/ / / L96: Telecommunications
/ / / L97: Utilities: General
/ / / L98: Government Policy
/ / / L99: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Ordnungspolitik in der digitalen Welt
    by Haucap, Justus & Heimeshoff, Ulrich

  • 2017 How Does Welfare from Load Shifting Electricity Policy Vary with Market Prices? Evidence from Bulk Storage and Electricity Generation
    by J. Scott Holladay & Jacob LaRiviere

  • 2017 Spatial non-price competition in port infrastructure services
    by Hidalgo-Gallego, Soraya & Núñez-Sánchez, Ramón & Coto-Millán, Pablo

  • 2017 UK Infrastructure Investment and Finance from a European and Global Perspective
    by Inderst, Georg

  • 2017 Climate Zone Crucial for Efficiency of Ski Lift Operators
    by Falk, Martin & Hagsten, Eva

  • 2017 Machine Learning from Schools about Energy Efficiency
    by Fiona Burlig & Christopher Knittel & David Rapson & Mar Reguant & Catherine Wolfram

  • 2017 Designing a Global Energy System Based on 100% Renewables for 2050: GENeSYS-MOD: An Application of the Open-Source Energy Modelling System (OSeMOSYS)
    by Konstantin Löffler & Karlo Hainsch & Thorsten Burandt & Pao-Yu Oei & Claudia Kemfert & Christian von Hirschhausen

  • 2017 An investigation of the opportunistic relationships among shipping companies and ship-brokers
    by Angelos Pantouvakis & Stelios Krasanakis & Christos Patsiouras

  • 2017 Impact of Investments in Public Infrastructures on Economic Performance and Private Investment in Developing Countries: A Case Study for Tunisia
    by Samir Saidi & Sami Hammami

  • 2017 Agricultural Technology Choice and Transport
    by Richard Damania & Claudia Berg & Jason Russ & A. Federico Barra & John Nash & Rubaba Ali

  • 2017 A review of qualitative case methods trends and themes used in technology transfer research
    by James A. Cunningham & Matthias Menter & Chris Young

  • 2017 Hub-airport congestion pricing and capacity investment
    by Lin, Ming Hsin & Zhang, Yimin

  • 2017 Productive performance, technology heterogeneity and hierarchies: Who to compare with whom
    by Tsekouras, Kostas & Chatzistamoulou, Nikos & Kounetas, Kostas

  • 2017 Monopoly regulation, discontinuity & stranded assets
    by Simshauser, Paul

  • 2017 Price discrimination in Australia's retail electricity markets: An analysis of Victoria & Southeast Queensland
    by Simshauser, Paul & Whish-Wilson, Patrick

  • 2017 Development of Marketing Tools in Tourism as a Factor for Cooperation Enhancing between the Primorye Territory and the Republic of Korea
    by Svetlana Y. Gataullina & Alexander B. Kosolapov & Natalia V. Shishkareva

  • 2017 An approach to the broadband effect on Latin American growth: A structural model
    by María Verónica Alderete

  • 2017 Banking on Infrastructure: How the Canada Infrastructure Bank can Build Infrastructure Better for Canadians
    by Steven Robins

  • 2017 How to Restore Public Trust and Credibility at the National Energy Board
    by Lesley Matthews

  • 2017 New and Improved: How to Bring Institutional Investment into Public Infrastructure
    by Benjamin Dachis

  • 2016 Internationalisierung von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen im Dienstleistungssektor im Lichte der (amtlichen) Statistik
    by Kranzusch, Peter & Pahnke, André & Kay, Rosemarie & Holz, Michael

  • 2016 Persistent and transient efficiency on the stochastic production and cost frontiers – an application to the motorway sector
    by Daniel Albalate & Jordi Rosell

  • 2016 Strategic bidding, wind ownership and regulation in a decentralised electricity market
    by Walsh, Darragh & Malaguzzi Valeri, Laura & Di Cosmo, Valeria

  • 2016 Services Trade Restrictiveness, Mark-Ups and Competition
    by Dorothée Rouzet & Francesca Spinelli

  • 2016 The Role of Services for Economic Performance in Brazil
    by Jorge Arbache & Dorothée Rouzet & Francesca Spinelli

  • 2016 Concurrence dans les industries de réseau et renforcement du marché intérieur au Canada
    by Corinne Luu

  • 2016 Strengthening competition in network sectors and the internal market in Canada
    by Corinne Luu

  • 2016 The short-term impact of product market reforms: A cross-country firm-level analysis
    by Peter Gal & Alexander Hijzen

  • 2016 Boosting competition on Israeli markets
    by Claude Giorno

  • 2016 Accounting for Price Endogeneity in Airline Itinerary Choice Models: An Application to Continental U.S. Markets
    by Virginie Lurkin & Laurie A. Garrow & Matthew J. Higgins & Jeffrey P. Newman & Michael Schyns

  • 2016 Sufficient Statistics for Imperfect Externality-Correcting Policies
    by Mark R. Jacobsen & Christopher R. Knittel & James M. Sallee & Arthur A. van Benthem

  • 2016 Do international flights promote FDI? : the role of face-to-face communication
    by Tanaka, Kiyoyasu

  • 2016 Methods Used in Future Technology Analysis and its Selection: an application to VTOL transportation system
    by Abdurrahman M. Yazan

  • 2016 The Car and the Commons
    by Daniel Newman

  • 2016 Does Infrastructure Affect Human Development? Evidences from Odisha, India
    by Amar Kumar Mohanty & Narayan Chandra Nayak & Bani Chatterjee

  • 2016 Partial Deregulation In Telecommunications: An Update
    by Jerry A. Hausman & William E. Taylor

  • 2016 Modernizing U.S. Freight Rail Regulation
    by Richard L. Schmalensee & Wesley W. Wilson

  • 2016 Human Capital-Intensive Firms and 4PLs: A Specific Partnership
    by Cécile Cezanne & Laurence Saglietto

  • 2016 Major public enterprises in Switzerland
    by Carole Rentsch & Philippe Sulger & Matthias Finger

  • 2016 The Clean Energy Package: Are its objectives always consistent?
    by Anna Creti & Jacques Percebois & Boris Solier

  • 2016 Public regulation and technical efficiency in the Spanish Port Authorities: 1986–2012
    by Coto-Millán, Pablo & Fernández, Xose Luis & Hidalgo, Soraya & Pesquera, Miguel Ángel

  • 2016 Do industrial companies respond to the guiding principles of the Integrated Reporting framework? A preliminary study on the first companies joined to the initiative
    by Ruiz-Lozano, Mercedes & Tirado-Valencia, Pilar

  • 2016 Disruption costs in bus contract transitions
    by Hensher, David A. & Ho, Chinh & Mulley, Corinne

  • 2016 Workshop 1 report: Innovations in Service Delivery and Performance Management
    by Currie, Graham & Merkert, Rico

  • 2016 Intercity bus deregulation in Germany – Intramodal and intermodal effects after two years
    by Knorr, Andreas & Lueg-Arndt, Andreas

  • 2016 Exploring performance outcomes and regulatory contexts of Light Rail in Australia and the US
    by Currie, Graham & De Gruyter, Chris

  • 2016 To contract or to operate publicly? Observations from the bus service reform transition process in Malta
    by Bajada, Thérèse & Titheridge, Helena

  • 2016 Improving the environmental performance of airport surface access in the UK: The role of public transport
    by Budd, Lucy & Ison, Stephen & Budd, Thomas

  • 2016 Energy pricing reform and energy efficiency in China: Evidence from the automobile market
    by Sun, Qi & Xu, Lin & Yin, Hua

  • 2016 Testing Metcalfe's law: Pitfalls and possibilities
    by Van Hove, Leo

  • 2016 Marine Tourism in the South East of Russia: The State and Development Tendencies
    by Ludmila Nikolaevna Derkacheva & Alexander Borisovish Kosolapov & Elena Vasilevna Galenko & Elena Vladimirovna Makartseva

  • 2016 Geopolitical Impact on Transformation of Territorial Organization of Russian Pipeline Transport in the Post-Soviet Time
    by Tatyana I. Pototskaya & Alexander P. Katrovskiy & Vladimir I. Chasovskiy

  • 2016 A retrospective analysis of the competitive effects of the Southwest and Airtran merger in overlapping markets
    by Huubinh B. Le

  • 2016 Atomkraft ist nicht wettbewerbsfähig: auch im Vereinigten Königreich und Frankreich ist Klimaschutz ohne Atomkraft möglich
    by Casimir Lorenz & Hanna Brauers & Clemens Gerbaulet & Christian von Hirschhausen & Claudia Kemfert & Mario Kendziorski & Pao-Yu Oei

  • 2016 Nuclear Power Is Not Competitive: Climate Protection in UK and France Also Viable without It
    by Casimir Lorenz & Hanna Brauers & Clemens Gerbaulet & Christian von Hirschhausen & Claudia Kemfert & Mario Kendziorski & Pao-Yu Oei

  • 2015 A model of cross-border tourism competition
    by Tatsuaki Kuroda & Kaifan Chen

  • 2015 Evolution of long distance students? mobility: the role of transport infrastructures in Italy
    by Mattia Cattaneo & Paolo Malighetti & Stefano Paleari & Renato Redondi

  • 2015 The Environmental Impacts of Fuel Switching Power Plants
    by J. Scott Holladay & Steven Soloway

  • 2015 Contract and Procurement Design for PPPs in Highways: the Road Ahead
    by Elisabetta Iossa

  • 2015 Functional or structural separation to deal with vertical foreclosure effects in the electronic communications industry, pending the Second British Telecoms Review (2015)
    by Congedo, Pierluigi

  • 2015 The Impact of Combustible Renewables and Waste Consumption and Transport on the Environmental Degradation: The Case of Tunisia
    by Ben Jebli, Mehdi

  • 2015 Produzione, costi e performance delle principali reti ferroviarie dell’Unione Europea
    by Arrigo, Ugo & Di Foggia, Giacomo

  • 2015 Améliorer la compétitivité, le pouvoir d'achat et l'emploi en renforçant la concurrence en France
    by Antoine Goujard

  • 2015 Enhancing Competitiveness, Purchasing Power and Employment by Increasing Competition in France
    by Antoine Goujard

  • 2015 Russia: Progress in Structural Reform and Framework Conditions 2011-13
    by Yana Vaziakova

  • 2015 Strategic Policy Choice in State-Level Regulation: The EPA's Clean Power Plan
    by James B. Bushnell & Stephen P. Holland & Jonathan E. Hughes & Christopher R. Knittel

  • 2015 Assessing Residential Customer Satisfaction for Large Electric Utilities
    by Lea Kosnik & L. Douglas Smith & Satish Nayak & Maureen Karig & Mark Konya & Kristy Lovett & Zhennan Liu & Harrison Luvai

  • 2015 Estimation of Social Costs of Highways in Japan
    by Fumitoshi Mizutani & Yusuke Suzuki & Shuji Uranishi

  • 2015 An Analysis of Household Electricity Saving Behavior Using the Stochastic Frontier Function
    by Fumitoshi Mizutani & Eri Nakamura

  • 2015 The Effect of Demand Response on Electricity Consumption in Japan
    by Fumitoshi Mizutani & Takuro Tanaka & Eri Nakamura

  • 2015 Avertive expenditures, endogenous quality perception, and the demand for public goods: An instrumental variable approach
    by Bruno Lanz

  • 2015 Are we connected?
    by Zuidwijk, R.A.

  • 2015 Norwegian gross domestic product by industry 1830 - 1930
    by Ola Honningdal Grytten

  • 2015 The effectiveness of public investment in infrastructure and the risks to the budgetary system
    by Morozkina, Alexandra

  • 2015 Net Neutrality: Economic Evaluation Of Market Developments
    by Timothy J. Tardiff

  • 2015 Car-Sharing With Electric Vehicles: A Contribution To Sustainable Mobility?
    by Guy Fournier & Rene Seign & Veronique Goehlic & Klaus Bogenberger

  • 2015 Logistics - Evolution Through Innovation
    by Petrache Alexandru Constantin & & &

  • 2015 Integration of electric plants that use renewable energy into national power system
    by Comsa Mircea Leonard

  • 2015 Code Sharing and Merger: Continental, Delta and Northwest
    by Caixia Shen

  • 2015 Regulating termination charges in asymmetric oligopolies
    by Lee, Dongyeol

  • 2015 The Internet as a general-purpose technology: Firm-level evidence from around the world
    by Clarke, George R.G. & Qiang, Christine Zhenwei & Xu, Lixin Colin

  • 2015 The employment and wage impact of broadband deployment in Canada
    by Olena Ivus & Matthew Boland

  • 2014 On the Existence and Uniqueness of Equilibrium in the Bottleneck Model with Atomic Users
    by Hugo Emilio Silva & Robin Lindsey & André de Palma & Vincent A.C. van den Berg

  • 2014 Evaluating a decade of mobile termination rate regulation
    by Christos Genakos & Tommaso Valletti

  • 2014 The Welfare Effects of Fuel Conservation Policies in the Indian Car Market
    by Chugh, Randy & Cropper, Maureen

  • 2014 La spesa pubblica per le ferrovie nei principali paesi dell’Unione Europea
    by Di Foggia, Giacomo & Arrigo, Ugo

  • 2014 The Quality of Outsourced Logistics Service: A Collectivist Culture Perspective
    by Rahmat, Abdul Khabir & Faisol, Nasruddin

  • 2014 Of railroads and finance: The making of market society in the Pacific Northwest
    by Green, Mitchell R.

  • 2014 دور رأس المال الفكري في تنمية المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة في الدول الخليجية
    by Elasrag, Hussein

  • 2014 Enhancing Competition and the Business Environment in Hungary
    by Álvaro Pina

  • 2014 The Welfare Effects of Fuel Conservation Policies in a Dual-Fuel Car Market: Evidence from India
    by Randy Chugh & Maureen L. Cropper

  • 2014 Backbone services as growth enabling factor - an Input-Output analysis for South Africa
    by Susanne Fricke & Bianka Dettmer

  • 2014 Especializaciones reveladas y ventajas competitivas en el Bajio mexicano
    by Kurt Unger & Rafael Garduño & Jose Eduardo Ibarra

  • 2014 Un estudio exploratorio sobre el crecimiento de la industria mexicana y el comercio exterior, periodo 2004–2012
    by Gutiérrez-Lagunes, Mario

  • 2014 Workshop 5 Report: The roles and responsibilities of government and operators
    by Nash, Chris & Bray, David

  • 2014 Evaluating the long term impacts of transport policy: The case of bus deregulation revisited
    by Preston, John & Almutairi, Talal

  • 2014 Converging structures? Recent regulatory change in bus-based local public transport in Sweden and England
    by Rye, Tom & Wretstrand, Anders

  • 2014 Assessing Bus Rapid Transit system performance in Australasia
    by Currie, Graham & Delbosc, Alexa

  • 2014 Developing countries experience and outlook: Getting the framework right
    by Alexander, Ian

  • 2014 An empirical investigation of the stepping-stone hypothesis
    by M. Burak Onemli & Joel Potter

  • 2013 Transfert de technologie et développement de la téléphonie mobile en Chine: Le cas de Huawei TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER AND MOBILE PHONE DEVELOPMENT IN CHINA: THE CASE OF HUAWEI
    by Shaolong WANG

  • 2013 Développement d’une nouvelle génération de capteurs de gaz. Conséquences environnementales DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW GENERATION OF GAS SENSORS. ENVIRONMENTAL CONSEQUENCES
    by Aimad BIADAD

  • 2013 Sector Effects of the Shale Gas Revolution in the United States
    by Krupnick, Alan & Wang, Zhongmin & Wang, Yushuang

  • 2013 Optimal Routing: A Critical Review
    by Aldubaikhi, Ammar & Mokhlis, Turkey

  • 2013 Entry and Competition in Local Newspaper Retail Markets - When two are enough
    by Balmer, Roberto

  • 2013 Competition and Market Strategies in the Swiss Fixed Telephony Market. An estimation of Swisscom’s dynamic residual demand curve
    by Balmer, Roberto

  • 2013 An Economic Impact of Development Project: Case of Phuket International Airport in Thailand
    by durongkaveroj, wannaphong

  • 2013 Veiled Waters: Examining the Jones Act's Consumer Welfare Effect
    by Lewis, Justin

  • 2013 Airline Pricing Behaviour under Limited Intermodal Competition
    by Bergantino, Angela Stefania & Capozza, Claudia

  • 2013 How consumers’ socio-economic background influences satisfaction: Insights for better utility regulation
    by Clifton, Judith & Díaz-Fuentes, Daniel & Fernández-Gutiérrez, Marcos

  • 2013 The Economics of Railways Restructuring in South Korea
    by Pittman, Russell & Choi, Sunghee

  • 2013 X-factor estimation and controversies: the case of Lima´s airport
    by Enzo Defilippi Angeldonis

  • 2013 Waves on Waves – Long Waves on the Seven Seas
    by Helenius Anttiheikki

  • 2013 Waves in Ship Prices and Investment
    by Robin Greenwood & Samuel Hanson

  • 2013 How do Co nsumers Respond to Gasoline
    by David P. Byrne, " & " Gordon Leslie

  • 2013 Regulation, Competition, Diversification, Governance and Costs: An Empirical Analysis of Public Utility and Manufacturing Firms in Japan
    by Fumitoshi Mizutani & Eri Nakamura

  • 2013 Estimating Crowding Costs in Public Transport
    by Luke Haywood & Martin Koning

  • 2013 Automakers' Short-Run Responses to Changing Gasoline Prices
    by Ashley Langer & Nathan H. Miller

  • 2013 Review of Tanker Safety after the Introduction of OPA 90
    by Apostolos Papanikolaou & Eleftheria Eliopoulou & Rainer Hamann

  • 2013 Shipping Crises in the Media
    by Ioannis Theotokas & Ilias Bissias & Maria B. Lekakou

  • 2013 The Influence Of Trade Associations’ Role On Entrepreneurial Developments In Nigeria’S Transport Industry

  • 2013 Do Privatisation Model, Contractual and Institutional Factors Play Any Role in Infrastructure Post-privatisation Efficiency? Exploring Port Concessions in Nigeria
    by Bongo Adi & Ernest Ndukwe & Nkemdilim Iheanachor & Chukwuma Dim

  • 2013 International Experiences with Using TFP Benchmarking in Energy Industries Regulation
    by Ondřej Machek & Jiří Hnilica

  • 2013 Transport Efficiency Through Multimodalism
    by Lãpãduºi Mihaela Loredana & Cãruntu Constantin

  • 2013 Environmental innovation and the role of stakeholder collaboration in West Coast port gateways
    by Hall, Peter V. & O'Brien, Thomas & Woudsma, Clarence

  • 2013 Firm's profitability and regulation in water and network industries: An empirical analysis
    by Reynaud, Arnaud & Thomas, Alban

  • 2013 City size, network structure and traffic congestion
    by Tsekeris, Theodore & Geroliminis, Nikolas

  • 2013 Empirical validation of Metcalfe’s law: How Internet usage patterns have changed over time
    by Madureira, António & den Hartog, Frank & Bouwman, Harry & Baken, Nico

  • 2013 Parcelling virtual carbon in the pollution haven hypothesis
    by López, Luis Antonio & Arce, Guadalupe & Zafrilla, Jorge Enrique

  • 2013 Internet and the efficiency of decentralized markets: Evidence from automobiles
    by Rapson, David & Schiraldi, Pasquale

  • 2013 The impact of the economic crisis on port development
    by Nechita Daniela

  • 2012 Innovationspotentiale in Baden-Württemberg: Produktionscluster im Bereich "Metall, Elektro, IKT" und regionale Verfügbarkeit akademischer Fachkräfte in den MINT -Fächern
    by Rukwid, Ralf & Christ, Julian P.

  • 2012 Fixed income strategies for trading and for asset management
    by Tinschert, Jonas & Cremers, Heinz

  • 2012 Auctions that are too good to be true
    by Decarolis, Francesco & Klein, Michael

  • 2012 Infrastructure policy: Basic design options
    by Klein, Michael

  • 2012 Consumer choice and local network effects in mobile telecommunications in Turkey
    by Karaçuka, Mehmet & Çatik, A. Nazif & Haucap, Justus

  • 2012 Pipeline Power
    by Franz Hubert & Onur Cobanli

  • 2012 Comparing the Determinants of Internet and Cell Phone Use in Africa : Evidence from Gabon
    by Thierry Pénard & Nicolas Poussing & Gabriel Zomo Yebe & Philémon Nsi Ella

  • 2012 Impact Of Employee Motivation On Customer Satisfaction: Study Of Airline Industry In Pakistan
    by Ahmed, Muhammad Bilal & Wasey, Ejaz & Jhanndir, Saif Ullah

  • 2012 The impact of mobile phone penetration on African inequality
    by Asongu, Simplice A

  • 2012 Research and Science Today No. 4
    by Mărcău, Flavius-Cristian & Ciorei, Mihaela

  • 2012 Who is Exposed to Gas Prices? How Gasoline Prices Affect Automobile Manufacturers and Dealerships
    by Meghan R. Busse & Christopher R. Knittel & Florian Zettelmeyer

  • 2012 Fuel Economy and Safety: The Influences of Vehicle Class and Driver Behavior
    by Mark R. Jacobsen

  • 2012 Reducing Petroleum Consumption from Transportation
    by Christopher R. Knittel

  • 2012 Pipeline Power
    by Franz Hubert & Onur Cobanli

  • 2012 Evaluation of Different Approaches to Capital Structure Regulation
    by Stephan Schaeffler

  • 2012 Newfoundland's Electricity Options: Making the Right Choice Requires and Efficient Pricing Regime
    by James P. Feehan

  • 2012 Newfoundland's Electricity Options: Making the Right Choice Requires and Efficient Pricing Regime
    by James P. Feehan

  • 2012 Aspects Regarding The Eficiency Of Interaction External Environement Of Business - Company

  • 2012 Enhancing Marginal Field Development Economics: Leasing Operated Production Facility Approach
    by Sumeet Gupta & Tushar Gupta

  • 2012 China¡¯S Growth Story: The Role Of Physical And Social Infrastructure

  • 2012 Desarrollo de las ramas económicas en México periodo 2004-primer semestre 2011
    by Gutiérrez-Lagunes, Mario

  • 2012 Comparing the Determinants of Internet and Cell Phone Use in Africa: Evidence from Gabon
    by Thierry PENARD & Nicolas POUSSING & Gabriel ZOMO YEBE & Philémon NSI ELLA

  • 2012 Internalization of congestion at US hub airports
    by Ater, Itai

  • 2012 Broadband and local growth
    by Kolko, Jed

  • 2012 Price discrimination by day-of-week of purchase: Evidence from the U.S. airline industry
    by Puller, Steven L. & Taylor, Lisa M.

  • 2012 Co-learning patterns as emergent market phenomena: An electricity market illustration
    by Li, Hongyan & Tesfatsion, Leigh

  • 2012 Regulation and corporate corruption: New evidence from the telecom sector
    by Berg, Sanford V. & Jiang, Liangliang & Lin, Chen

  • 2012 Electricity capacity investment under risk aversion: A case study of coal, gas, and concentrated solar power
    by Fan, Lin & Norman, Catherine S. & Patt, Anthony G.

  • 2012 The price discrimination effect of a large merger of parking garages
    by De Nijs, Romain

  • 2012 Is the choice of (t−T) in Battese and Coelli (1992) type stochastic frontier models innocuous? Observations and generalisations
    by Wheat, Phill & Smith, Andrew

  • 2012 Foreign direct investment in services and manufacturing productivity: Evidence for Chile
    by Fernandes, Ana M. & Paunov, Caroline

  • 2012 Flächendeckender Breitbandausbau in Deutschland: mehr Nutzen als Kosten
    by Anselm Mattes & Ferdinand Pavel

  • 2012 Transportation Outsourcing and Supply Chain Performance: A study of Pakistan’s Pharmaceutical Industry
    by Shujaat Mubarik & Asif Z. Warsi & Muhammad Nayaz & Tanveer Malik

  • 2011 Vertical integration, separation and non-price discrimination: An empirical analysis of German electricity markets for residential customers
    by Nikogosian, Vigen & Veith, Tobias

  • 2011 Quantitative Clusteridentifikation auf Ebene der deutschen Stadt- und Landkreise (1999-2008)
    by Rukwid, Ralf & Christ, Julian P.

  • 2011 Innovation in logistics services – halal logistics
    by Jaafar, Harlina Suzana & Endut, Intan Rohani & Faisol, Nasruddin & Omar, Emi Normalina

  • 2011 Regulation and corporate corruption: new evidence from the telecom sector
    by Berg, Sanford V & Jiang, Liangliang & Lin, Chen

  • 2011 Corporate competition: A self-organized network
    by Braha, Dan & Stacey, Blake & Bar-Yam, Yaneer

  • 2011 Cleaning the Bathwater with the Baby: The Health Co-Benefits of Carbon Pricing in Transportation
    by Christopher R. Knittel & Ryan Sandler

  • 2011 Some Inconvenient Truths About Climate Change Policy: The Distributional Impacts of Transportation Policies
    by Stephen P. Holland & Jonathan E. Hughes & Christopher R. Knittel & Nathan C. Parker

  • 2011 Price Cycles and Price Leadership in Gasoline Markets: New Evidence from Canada
    by David P.Byrne & Roger Ware

  • 2011 Urban ecology and cultural heritage values for a new emergent European city
    by Luciano PILOTTI

  • 2011 Contribution of the transport sector to the objective of the Effort Sharing Decision on non Emission Trading System sectors greenhouse gas emissions
    by Francoise Nemry

  • 2011 The Cost of Equity of Network Operators - Empirical Evidence and Regulatory Practice
    by Stephan Schaeffler & Christoph Weber

  • 2011 Effects of Deregulation and Vertical Unbundling on the Performance of China's Electricity Generation Sector
    by Gao, Hang & Van Biesebroeck, Johannes

  • 2011 Regulation, customer protection and customer engagement
    by Littlechild, S.

  • 2011 Regional Energy 2050: A sustainability-oriented strategic backcasting methodology for local utilities
    by Nicolai Herrmann

  • 2011 Directions And Problems In The Implementation Of Some Sectoral Policies Of The New European Union Member States
    by Milea, Camelia & Ailinca, Alina

  • 2011 Regulatory Benchmarking In Central Europe: Current Practice And Possibilities Of Development For The Energy Sector
    by Machek Ondrej

  • 2011 Theoretical Dilemmas of the Natural Monopolistic Position of Network Based Public Utilities
    by Ágnes Kádár Horváth

  • 2011 El transporte de ductos en PEMEX los retos en los inicios de la segunda década del siglo XXI
    by Romo-Rico, Daniel & Escamilla-Casas, José Cruz & Ortiz-Ubilla, Arturo

  • 2011 Market risk model selection and medium-term risk with limited data: Application to ocean tanker freight markets
    by Kavussanos, Manolis G. & Dimitrakopoulos, Dimitris N.

  • 2011 Efficiency vs. market-power effects in the mobile-voice industry
    by Corrado Andini

  • 2010 European Energy Security in View of Russian Economic and Integration Prospects
    by Peter Havlik

  • 2010 Modelling the Price of Unleaded Petrol in Australia’s Capital Cities
    by Valadkhani, Abbas

  • 2010 Transport as the factor of sustainable economic development
    by Ukaj, Fatos

  • 2010 Property Rights and Parliament in Industrializing Britain
    by Daniel Bogart & Gary Richardson

  • 2010 A New Zealand Electricity Market Model: Assessment of the Effect of Climate Change on Electricity Production and Consumption
    by Lewis Evans & Greame Guthrie & Andrea Lu

  • 2010 “No Country for Old Men”: a Note on the trans-Tasman Income Divide
    by Andrew Coleman & Hugh McDonald

  • 2010 Plug-in Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles. Market penetration scenarios of electric drive vehicles
    by Francoise Nemry & Martijn Brons

  • 2010 Research of the EU automotive industry into low-carbon vehicles and the role of public intervention
    by Tobias Wiesenthal & Guillaume Leduc & J. Köhler & Wolfgang Schade & Burkhard Schade

  • 2010 The political economy of fixed regional investment shares with an illustration for Belgian Railway investments

  • 2010 What Anti-Corruption Policy Can Learn from Theories of Sector Regulation
    by Estache, Antonio & Wren-Lewis, Liam

  • 2010 The Economic and Social Benefits of Air Transport
    by GHEORGHE Camelia & SEBEA Mihai

  • 2010 Industry level foresight: Designing foresight methods for Lithuanian energy sector
    by Agné Paliokaité

  • 2010 La sectorización económica y su vinculación con la probabilidad de incumplimiento
    by Mario Gutiérrez Lagunes

  • 2010 Changes in consumers' behavior when a vertically integrated service is separated —The case of Japanese mobile phone services—
    by Akihiro Nakamura

  • 2010 Optimal privatization of vertical public utilities
    by Jean-François Wen & Lasheng Yuan

  • 2009 Price and Quality Regulation in a Physical Network Industry
    by Emanuela Michetti

  • 2009 Between the Workshop and the State: Training Human Capital in Railroad Companies in Mexico and Chile, 1850-1930
    by Guajardo, Guillermo

  • 2009 Regulation, Allocation, and Leakage in Cap-and-Trade Markets for CO2
    by James B. Bushnell & Yihsu Chen

  • 2009 Carve-Outs Under Airline Antitrust Immunity
    by Jan K. Brueckner & Stef Proost

  • 2009 Airline Emission Charges: Effects on Airfares, Service Quality, and Aircraft Design
    by Jan K. Brueckner & Anming Zhang

  • 2009 Manipulable Congestion Tolls
    by Jan K. Brueckner & Erik T. Verhoef

  • 2009 Impacts of the proposal for amending Directive 1999/62/EC on road infrastructure charging: An analysis on selected corridors and main impacts
    by Panayotis Christidis & Martijn Brons

  • 2009 Plug-in Hybrid and Battery-Electric Vehicles: State of the research and development and comparative analysis of energy and cost efficiency
    by Francoise Nemry & Guillaume Leduc & Almudena Muñoz

  • 2009 Longer and Heavier Vehicles: An overview of technical aspects
    by Guillaume Leduc

  • 2009 La Incidencia Distributiva del Impuesto a las Gasolinas en Chile
    by Claudio Agostini & Johanna Jimenez

  • 2009 An evolutionist analysis of sectoral dynamics (In French)
    by Marie-Claude BELIS-BERGOUIGNAN (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113)

  • 2009 Testing the "Waterbed" Effect in Mobile Telephony
    by Genakos, Christos D. & Valletti, Tommaso

  • 2009 Can Merchant Interconnectors Deliver Lower and More Stable Prices? The Case of NorNed
    by Parail, V.

  • 2009 An economic analysis of risk management in the airline industry
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