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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L9: Industry Studies: Transportation and Utilities
/ / / L90: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Health Care Investments and Economic Performance in Portugal: An Industry Level Analysis
    by Alfredo Marvão Pereira & Rui Manuel Pereira & Pedro G. Rodrigues

  • 2017 On the Effects of Infrastructure Investments on Industrial CO2 Emissions in Portugal
    by Alfredo Marvão Pereira & Rui Manuel Pereira

  • 2017 Infrastructure Investment in Portugal and the Traded/Non-Traded Industry Mix
    by Alfredo Marvão Pereira & Rui Manuel Pereira

  • 2017 Why Virtuous Supply-Side Effects and Irrelevant Keynesian Effects are not Foregone Conclusions: What we Learn from an Industry-Level Analysis of Infrastructure Investments in Portugal
    by Alfredo Marvão Pereira & Rui Manuel Pereira

  • 2017 Infrastructure Investment, Labor Productivity, and International Competitiveness: The Case of Portugal
    by Alfredo Marvão Pereira & Rui Manuel Pereira

  • 2017 FDI, Services Liberalisation, and Logistics Development in Cambodia
    by Vannarith CHHEANG

  • 2017 Demand response in blocks of buildings: opportunities and requirements
    by Tracey Crosbie & Michael Short & Muneeb Dawood & Richard Charlesworth

  • 2017 Highways and Spatial Location within Cities: Evidence from India
    by Ejaz Ghani & Arti Grover Goswami & William R. Kerr

  • 2017 The determinants of garage prices and their interaction with curbside regulation
    by Albalate, Daniel & Gragera, Albert

  • 2016 Institutionelle Veränderungen und ihre Wirkung auf Branchen
    by Michael Ebnet

  • 2016 New Evidence on the Canada-U.S. ICT Investment Gap, 1976-2014 Selected OECD Countries, 1986-2013
    by Jasmin Thomas

  • 2016 Productivity Trends in the Canadian Transport Sector: An Overview
    by Matthew Calver & Fanny McKellips

  • 2016 Explaining Industry Differences in IT Investment Per Worker Between Canada and the United States, 2002-2013
    by Jasmin Thomas

  • 2016 Governance, funding and finance for major infrastructure projects: bridging the gaps
    by Price, Richard

  • 2016 What is the effect of globalisation on the performance of the service sector of Ghana?
    by Effah Nyamekye, Gabriel

  • 2016 Do Fossil fuel Taxes Promote Innovation in Renewable Electricity Generation?
    by Lazkano, Itziar & Pham, Linh

  • 2016 Impactos Económicos Regionales del “Shale Gas” en la Reforma Energética de México
    by Joana Chapa Cantú & Javier Oyakawa Nakamoto

    by J. Gregory Sidak

  • 2016 An Overview On 2014 INTAVIC Conference
    by Gökhan TANRIVERDÝ

  • 2016 Financial performance of major public enterprises in Croatia from 2006 to 2014
    by Anto Bajo & Marko Primorac

  • 2016 The organisation of services of general interest in Finland
    by Johan Willner & Sonja Gronblom

  • 2016 Using Measures of Agreement to Evaluate a Chronic Problem of Congestion in the Empty Container Depots
    by Rosmaizura Mohd Zain & Mohd Nizam Ab. Rahman & Ainon Ramli & Zulkifli Mohd Nopia & Nizaroyani Saibani

  • 2016 Hydropower Megaprojects in Colombia and the Influence of Local Communities: A View from Prospect Theory to Decision Making Process based on Expert Judgment used in Large Organizations
    by Rodolfo Garcia Sierra & Alvaro Zerda Sarmiento

  • 2016 Methods For Determination And Optimization Of Logistics Costs
    by Mihaela STET

  • 2016 Le « marché augmenté » de l’énergie, des transports et du numérique
    by Jonathan Bainée & Richard Le Goff

  • 2016 Input Prices and Product Differentiation
    by Lestage Romain

  • 2015 Upstream Competition and Open Access Regimes: Experimental Evidence
    by Horstmann, Niklas & Krämer, Jan & Schnurr, Daniel

  • 2015 A Snapshot of China's Service Sector
    by Margit Molnar & Wei Wang

  • 2015 Hidden climate change related risks for the private sector
    by Annette Brunsmeier & Markus Groth

  • 2015 Smart guide on regional transport innovation strategy: Transport innovation roadmaps
    by Ana Condeco-Melhorado & Aris Christodoulou & Panayotis Christidis

  • 2015 EU Survey on issues related to transport and mobility
    by Davide Fiorello & Loredana Zani

  • 2015 The future of the transport industry
    by Aggelos AGGELAKAKIS & Joao Bernardino & Maria Boile & Panayotis Christidis & Ana Condeco & Michael Krail & Anestis Papanikolaou & Max Reichenbach & Jens Schippl

  • 2015 Norwegian GDP by industry 18301930
    by Grytten, Ola Honningdal

  • 2015 The Organisation of Services of General Interest in Finland
    by Johan WILLNER & Sonja GRÖNBLOM

  • 2015 Convenient Flight Connections vs. Airport Congestion - Modeling the 'Rolling Hub'
    by Jan K. Brueckner & Ming Hsin Lin

  • 2015 The Effects of the ASEAN Economic Community 2015 on Industries in Kitakyushu and Shimonoseki
    by Ramstetter, Eric D. & Archanun, Kohpaiboon

  • 2015 Measuring Industry Contributions to Labour Productivity Change: A New Formula in a Chained Fisher Index Framework
    by Marshall Reinsdorf

  • 2015 Editor’s Overview
    by Andrew Sharpe

  • 2015 Rola usług rynkowych w procesach rozwojowych gospodarki Polski
    by Jakub Growiec & Michał Gradzewicz & Jan Hagemejer & Zofia Jankiewicz & Piotr Popowski & Katarzyna Puchalska & Paweł Strzelecki & Joanna Tyrowicz

  • 2015 La conectividad de los puertos españoles del Mediterráneo
    by González Laxe, Fernando & Freire, María Jesús & Pais Montes, Carlos

  • 2015 Integration of electric plants that use renewable energy into national power system
    by Comsa Mircea Leonard

  • 2015 A primer on city "smartness" measurement
    by Roberta De Santis & Alessandra Fasano & Nadia Mignolli & Anna Villa

  • 2015 Revisiting profit persistence and the stock market in Japan
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris & Alexiou, Constantinos & Parthenidis, Thanasis

  • 2015 Value of eco-friendly route choice for heavy-duty trucks
    by Scora, George & Boriboonsomsin, Kanok & Barth, Matthew

  • 2015 Analysis of electricity industry liberalization in Great Britain: How did the bidding behavior of electricity producers change?
    by Tashpulatov, Sherzod N.

  • 2015 Local public procurement regulations: The case of Italy
    by Decarolis, Francesco & Giorgiantonio, Cristina

  • 2015 Common risk factors of infrastructure investments
    by Ben Ammar, Semir & Eling, Martin

  • 2015 Management Of Transportation
    by Bogdan BUDICA & Florin TUDOR & Ilie BUDICA & Adrian BUDICA-IACOB

  • 2014 Myanmar: The Key Link between South Asia and Southeast Asia
    by Florento, Hector & Corpuz, Maria Isabela

  • 2014 Logistics Performance Measurements - Issues and Reviews
    by Abu Bakar, Mohd Azlan & Jaafar, Harlina Suzana & Faisol, Nasruddin & Muhammad, Azlina

  • 2014 Future employment in transport: Analysis of labour supply and demand
    by Panayotis Christidis & Elena Navajas Cawood & Martijn Brons & Burkhard Schade & Antonio Soria

  • 2014 Do Common Carriage, Special Infrastructure, And General Purpose Technology Rationales Justify Regulating Communications Networks?
    by Mark A. Jamison & Janice A. Hauge

  • 2014 Qualificazione, aggiudicazione e subappalti nei lavori pubblici: cosa insegnano le riforme locali?
    by Francesco Decarolis & Cristina Giorgiantonio

  • 2014 Taximarkt: kein Markt für eine vollständige Liberalisierung
    by Pio Baake & Vanessa von Schlippenbach

  • 2014 Deutsche Industrie: Erhöhte Investitionsbereitschaft
    by Annette Weichselberger

    by Decarolis Francesco & Marco Frey

  • 2013 Favouritism and Inefficiency in Procurement: Evidence from Public Works in Italy
    by Francesco Decarolis & Cristina Giorgiantonio

  • 2013 Außenwirtschaftsaktivitäten von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen im Lichte der amtlichen Statistik
    by Hoffmann, Marina & Holz, Michael & Kranzusch, Peter

  • 2013 Globalization and the development of logistics infrastructure of the freight transport by road
    by Agata Mesjasz-Lech & Maria Nowicka-Skowron

  • 2013 Regulating rates of return do gravitate in US manufacturing!
    by Stefania Tescari & Andrea Vaona

  • 2013 Port Competition and Welfare Effect of Strategic Privatization
    by Czerny, Achim & Höffler, Felix & Mun, Se-il

  • 2013 Strategic Interaction vs. Regulatory Compliance among Regulated Utilities: The Swedish Water Sector
    by Lundin, Erik

  • 2013 Product Unbundling in the Travel Industry: The Economics of Airline Bag Fees
    by Jan K. Brueckner & Darin N. Lee & Pierre M. Picard & Ethan Singer

  • 2013 A review of recent theoretical and empirical analyses of asymmetric information in road safety and automobile insurance
    by Dionne, Georges & Michaud, Pierre-Carl & Pinquet, Jean

  • 2013 Reluctant regulation
    by Bortolotti, Bernardo & Cambini, Carlo & Rondi, Laura

  • 2013 Chile: Port congestion and efficient rationing in cargo transfer operations
    by Agostini, Claudio & Saavedra, Eduardo H.

  • 2013 Chile: congestión portuaria y racionamiento eficiente en la transferencia de carga
    by Agostini, Claudio & Saavedra, Eduardo H.

  • 2013 Estructura de Prestación de los servicios públicos domiciliarios (SPD) de energía eléctrica en Bogotá y la Costa Atlántica
    by Jahir Alexander Gutiérrez Ossa & Edgar Varela Barrios

  • 2013 Volatility Spillovers and Nonlinear Dynamics between Jet Fuel Prices and Air Carrier Revenue Passenger Miles in the US
    by Bahram Adrangi & Richard D. Gritta & Kambiz Raffiee

  • 2012 Twenty-two econometric tests on the gravitation and convergence of industrial rates of return in New Zealand and Taiwan - extended version
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2012 Reluctant Regulation
    by Bortolotti, Bernardo & Cambini, Carlo & Rondi, Laura

  • 2012 Highway to Success: The Impact of the Golden Quadrilateral Project for the Location and Performance of Indian Manufacturing
    by Ejaz Ghani & Arti Grover Goswami & William R. Kerr

  • 2012 A Review of Recent Theoretical and Empirical Analyses of Asymmetric Information in Road Safety and Automobile Insurance
    by Georges Dionnne & Pierre-Carl Michaud & Jean Pinquet

  • 2012 Usage d'Internet et du téléphone mobile en Afrique : une comparaison des déterminants d'adoption sur données gabonaises
    by PENARD Thierry & POUSSING Nicolas & ZOMO YEBE Gabriel & NSI ELLA Philémon

  • 2012 Dead Battery? Wind Power, the Spot Market, and Hydro Power Interaction in the Nordic Electricity Market
    by Mauritzen, Johannes

  • 2012 Highway to Success: The Impact of the Golden Quadrilateral Project for the Location and Performance of Indian Manufacturing
    by Ejaz Ghani & Grover Goswami & William R. Kerr

  • 2012 La infraestructura aeroportuaria del Caribe colombiano
    by Andrea Otero

  • 2012 The Real Economy Of Romania In 2005 – 2010 (Ii)
    by Dimitriu, Mihail

  • 2012 The Real Economy Of Romania In 2005 – 2010
    by Dimitriu, Mihail

  • 2012 On Innovation: A Theoretical Approach on the Challenges of Utilities Marketing
    by Florina PÎNZARU

  • 2012 Supply Chain Flexibility And Balanced Scorecard: Conceptual Model And Empirical Study In Tunisian Companies Launched Upgrading Program
    by Mohamed Mahjoub Dhiaf & Abdellatif Benabdelhafid & Fakher Jaoua

  • 2012 Services Economy in the Context of Globalization
    by Boiþã Marius

  • 2012 Data Issues In Total Factor Productivity Benchmarking: A Central European Perspective
    by Machek Ondrej

  • 2012 The Impact of Green Supply Chain Management on Transportation Cost Reduction in Turkey
    by Mehmet SARIDOGAN

  • 2012 Les partenariats public-privé : l'avenir du financement des infrastructures
    by Bruno Angles

  • 2011 "Expect the unexpected"? LDC GATS commitments as internationally credible policy indicators? The example of Mali
    by Honeck, Dale

  • 2011 Steuern, Wettbewerb und Wettbewerbsneutralität
    by Haucap, Justus

  • 2011 A Land Far Away
    by Guenther Grohall & Yuri Yegorov

  • 2011 Further econometric evidence on the gravitation and convergence of industrial rates of return on regulating capital
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2011 Logistics costs and competitiveness: measurement and trade policy applications
    by Shepherd, Ben

  • 2011 The practice of the auction theory: The Colombian case
    by Espinosa, Miguel & Forero, German & Villaneda, Felipe

  • 2011 Productive and cognitive innovation strategy:African framework design
    by Nwaobi, Godwin C

  • 2011 Congestión Portuaria y Racionamiento Eficiente en la Transferencia de Carga
    by Claudio Agostini & Eduardo Saavedra

  • 2011 El sector servicios en las ciudades fronterizas del norte de México
    by José Luis Manzanares Rivera

  • 2011 Coridors: Development Opportunity Of Serbia
    by Laketa, Marko & Jugoslav, Anicic & Zaric, Mira & Vukotic, Svetlana

  • 2011 Public Debt and State Property
    by András Giday

  • 2011 The Underdevelopment of Service Industry in China: An Empirical Study of Cities in Yangtze River Delta
    by Jianghuai Zheng & Lili Zhang & Yu Wang

  • 2011 Is corporate governance important for regulated firms’ shareholders?
    by Nogata, Daisuke & Uchida, Konari & Goto, Naohisa

  • 2011 A note on environmental policy and innovation when governments cannot commit
    by Montero, Juan Pablo

  • 2011 Logistic Management
    by Florin Tudor Ph. D Student

  • 2010 Reindustrializarea României: politici şi strategii (III)
    by (ASPES) Asociaţia pentru Studii şi Prognoze Economice şi Sociale, (GEA) Grupul de Economie Aplicată

  • 2010 Reindustrializarea României: politici şi strategii (II)
    by (ASPES) Asociaţia pentru Studii şi Prognoze Economice şi Sociale, (GEA) Grupul de Economie Aplicată

  • 2010 Reindustrializarea României: politici şi strategii (I)
    by (ASPES) Asociaţia pentru Studii şi Prognoze Economice şi Sociale, (GEA) Grupul de Economie Aplicată

  • 2010 On the gravitation and convergence of industry incremental rates of return in OECD countries
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2010 On the gravitation and convergence of industry profit rates in Denmark, Finland, Italy and the US
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2010 Estimating Demand for Infrastructure in Energy, Transport, Telecommunications, Water and Sanitation in Asia and the Pacific: 2010-2020
    by Bhattacharyay, Biswa N.

  • 2010 Indian textile industry: sea of potential opportunities
    by Nakkeeran, Senthilkumar & Pugalendhi, Subburethina Bharathi

  • 2010 The Determinants of Corporate Growth
    by Rosique, Francisco

  • 2010 Equilibrium Storage in a Markov Economy
    by Creti, Anna & Villeneuve, Bertrand

  • 2010 Infrastructure development and economic growth in China
    by Sahoo, Pravakar & Dash, Ranjan Kumar & Nataraj, Geethanjali

  • 2010 Regulatory Independence and Political Interference: Evidence from EU Mixed-Ownership Utilities’ Investment and Debt
    by Carlo Cambini & Laura Rondi

  • 2010 Supply Chain Dynamics in Asia
    by Ruth Banomyong

  • 2010 Incentive Regulation, Investments and Technological Change
    by Ingo Vogelsang

  • 2010 Analysis of Electricity Industry Liberalization in Great Britain: How Did the Bidding Behavior of Electricity Producers Change?
    by Sherzod N. Tashpulatov

  • 2010 Strategic Accessibility Competition
    by E. Bacchiega & E. Randon & L. Zirulia

  • 2010 Competitive advantage of German renewable energy firms in Russsia – An empirical study based on Porter’s diamond
    by Corinna Doegl, & Dirk Holtbruegge

  • 2010 Uzbek Travel Services Industry And International Comparison

  • 2010 Transportation, Economic Growth and Spillover Effects: The Conclusion Based on the Spatial Econometric Model
    by Angang Hu & Shenglong Liu

  • 2010 Services Trade and Policy
    by Joseph Francois & Bernard Hoekman

  • 2009 Smart cities in Europe
    by Caragliu, A. & Del Bo, C. & Nijkamp, P.

  • 2009 Infrastructure Investment: Links to Growth and the Role of Public Policies
    by Douglas Sutherland & Sonia Araujo & Balázs Égert & Tomasz Koźluk

  • 2009 Infrastructure investment and incentives with supranational funding
    by Ginés DE RUS & M. Pilar SOCORRO

  • 2009 Regulation and Barriers to Trade in Telecommunications Services in the European Union
    by Martin Cave & Matthew Corkery

  • 2009 Connectivity in air transport networks: models, measures and applications
    by Guillaume Burghouwt & Renato Redondi

  • 2009 Infrastructure and project financing in Italy: the (possible) role of the regulation
    by Cristina Giorgiantonio & Valentina Giovanniello

  • 2009 Utilizing Urban Space For Better Traffic Management- A Study Of Khulna Central Business District, Bangladesh
    by Khan Rubayet RAHAMAN & Md. Zakir HOSSAIN

  • 2009 Eficiencia portuaria entre Lázaro Cárdenas y APEC, utilizando modelos DEA
    by Infante, Zoe & Gutiérrez, Ariel

  • 2009 Efecte ale crizei financiare mondiale în sectorul logistic si auto
    by Mihaela Belu & Ramona Tartavulea

  • 2009 Il project finance nei servizi pubblici locali: poca finanza e poco progetto?
    by Chiara Bentivogli & Eugenio Panicara & Alfredo Tidu

  • 2009 Importancia del desarrollo de los medios alternativos de transporte de mercancías
    by M. Lourdes Rodríguez Vilariño & Miguel Angel Villacorta

  • 2008 Relative and individual regulation: An investigation of investment incentives under a cost-plus approach
    by Ebel, Nikos & Lefouili, Yassine

  • 2008 Equilibrium Storage in a Markov Economy
    by Creti, Anna & Villeneuve, Bertrand

  • 2008 The political Economy of WTO with special reference to NAMA Negotiations
    by Shafaeddin, Mehdi

  • 2008 Measures of International Transport Cost for OECD Countries
    by Stephen S. Golub & Brian Tomasik

  • 2008 Can PPPs Help Close the Infrastructure Gap in the Transition Economies?
    by Geoffrey Hamilton

  • 2008 Corporate Governance, Industry Dynamics and Firm Perfomance : an Empirical Analysis of a Best Practice Model
    by Jackie KRAFFT & Yiping QU & Jacques-Laurent RAVIX

  • 2008 The big players in Italian local public services. Constraints, opportunities and growth strategies
    by Magda Bianco & Daniela Mele & Paolo Sestito

  • 2008 Project finance in local public services: little finance and little project?
    by Chiara Bentivogli & Eugenia Panicara & Alfredo Tidu

  • 2008 Logistica - factor de competitivitate
    by Mihaela Gabriela Belu

  • 2008 Optimal Investment in the Presence of Investment Shock and Congestion
    by Alberto A. Gaggero

  • 2008 Intermodal competition in the Brazilian interstate travel market
    by Frederico Araújo Turolla & Moisés Diniz Vassallo & Alessandro V. Marques de Oliveira

  • 2008 Corporaciones transnacionales y tendencias de la inversión extranjera en la globalización
    by Jorge Fonseca Castro

  • 2008 Die wirtschaftlichen Folgen von Bahnstreiks
    by Claudia Kemfert & Stefan Kooths

  • 2008 Energiekonzerne: Steigende Umsätze, steigende Gewinne, steigende Preise. Fehlt der Wettbewerb?
    by Alois Rhiel & Bernhard Heitzer & Berthold A. Bonekamp & Christian von Hirschhausen & Anne Neumann & Hannes Weigt

  • 2008 Corporate Governance, Industry Dynamics and Firms Performance: An Empirical Analysis of a Best Practice Model
    by Jackie Krafft & Yiping Qu & Jacques-Laurent Ravix

  • 2007 Efficiency in Water and Sanitation Sector. A Survey on Empirical Literature
    by Romero, Carlos A. & Ferro, Gustavo

  • 2007 User Generated Content: Web 2.0 Taking the Video Sector by Storm
    by Mabillot, David

  • 2007 What Is Web 2.0: Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software
    by O'Reilly, Tim

  • 2007 Introduzione. Liberalizzazioni e concorrenza in Italia
    by Pammolli, Fabio & Cambini, Carlo & Giannaccari, Andrea

  • 2007 The cost of building and operating a new high speed rail line
    by Campos, Javier & de Rus, Gines & Barron, Iñaki

  • 2007 Contractual flexibility or rigidity for public private partnerships? Theory and evidence from infrastructure concession contracts
    by Athias, Laure & Saussier, Stéphane

  • 2007 I prezzi di accesso alle reti di servizi di pubblica utilità: una sintesi teorica
    by M. Ziliotti

  • 2007 Economic impact of port activity : a disaggregate analysis. The case of Antwerp
    by F. Coppens & F. Lagneaux & G. van Gastel & H. Meersman & N. Sellekaerts & E. Van de Voorde & Th. Vanelslander & A. Verhetsel

  • 2007 Atomistic Congestion Tolls at Concentrated Airports? Seeking a Unified View in the Internalization Debate
    by Jan K. Brueckner & Kurt Van Dender

  • 2006 South German Silver, European Textiles, and Venetian Trade with the Levant and Ottoman Empire, c. 1370 to c. 1720: A non-mercantilist approach
    by John H. Munro

  • 2006 Some policy proposals for future infrastructure investment in South Africa
    by Johan Fourie

  • 2006 Desafios logísticos às redes de negócios no Brasil:o que podem as parcerias público-privadas (PPPs)?
    by Mesquita, A. M. & Martins, R. S.

  • 2006 e-Communications: Investment and the Regulatory Framework
    by Jones, Siôn & Jones, Pau

  • 2006 Bundles and Range Strategies: The Case of Telecom Operators
    by Pernet, Sophie

  • 2006 South German silver, European textiles, and Venetian trade with the Levant and Ottoman Empire, c. 1370 to c. 1720: a non-Mercantilist approach to the balance of payments problem, in Relazione economiche tra Europa e mondo islamico, seccoli XIII - XVIII, ed. Simonetta Cavaciocchi
    by Munro, John H.

  • 2006 Delegating Infrastructure Projects with Open Access
    by Keizo Mizuno & Testuya Shinkai

  • 2006 Working Paper 10-06 - Network Industry Reform in Belgium: Macroeconometric versus General-Equilibrium Analyses
    by Jan van der Linden

  • 2006 Analysis of the Maritime Inspection Regimes - Are ships over-inspected?
    by Knapp, S. & Franses, Ph.H.B.F.

  • 2006 Airport Noise Regulation, Airline Service Quality, and Social Welfare
    by Jan K. Brueckner & Raquel Girvin

  • 2006 Aerotropolis: an aviation-linked space
    by Ricardo Flores-Fillol & Rosella Nicolini

  • 2006 Il trasporto pubblico locale: studio di una caso in una prospettiva storica
    by Giancarlo GRAZIOLA

  • 2006 Shapley Bargaining and Merger Incentives in Network Industries with Essential Facilities
    by Jeon, Seonghoon

  • 2005 Trade Balance Effects of Infrastructure Services Liberalization and of Their Regulation
    by Chisari, Omar & Estache, Antonio & Lambardi, Germán & Romero, Carlos A.

  • 2005 Road pricing as a citizen-candidate game
    by Marcucci, Edoardo & Marini, Marco

  • 2005 A Regulatory Framework for New and Emerging Markets
    by Baake, Pio & Kamecke, Ulrich & Wey, Christian

  • 2005 Regulatory Failure: Time for a New Policy Paradigm
    by Alleman, James & Rappoport, Paul

  • 2005 A New View of Scale and Scope in the Telecommunications Industry: Implications for Competition and Innovation
    by Bourdeau de Fontenay, Alain & Liebenau, Jonathan & Savin, Brian

  • 2005 Bundling, Differentiation, Alliances and Mergers: Convergence Strategies in U.S. Communication Markets
    by Bauer, Johannes M.

  • 2005 Building regional infrastructure in Latin America
    by Vito Tanzi

  • 2005 A review of universal-service policy
    by Hultkrantz, Lars

  • 2005 Working Paper 08-05 - Hervorming van netwerkindustrieën: theoretisch kader
    by Jan van der Linden

  • 2005 Planning Paper 98 - Réforme de marché dans les industries de réseau en Belgique
    by Jan van der Linden

  • 2005 Competition Policy and Regulation in Ports and Shipping
    by Gilberto M. Llanto & Enrico L. Basilio & Leilanie Basilio

  • 2005 Is It All Oil?
    by Frank Asche & Petter Osmundsen & Maria Sandsmark

  • 2005 A critical assessment of the economics behind the European Transport Policy
    by de Rus , Ginés & Campos, Javier

  • 2004 Concesiones por mayor valor presente de los egresos. El caso de la Megaconcesión en Uruguay
    by Andrés Pereyra

  • 2004 Learning in Final-Offer Arbitration with Multiple Offers
    by Juan-Pablo Montero

  • 2004 A Model of Arbitration in Regulation
    by Juan-Pablo Montero

  • 2004 A model of arbitration in regulation
    by Juan Pablo Montero

  • 2003 La concesión de Aguas Provinciales de Santa Fe
    by Roitman, Mauricio & Ferro, Gustavo

  • 2003 Working Paper 01-03 - Network industries in Belgium - Economic significance and reform
    by Dominique Gusbin & Chantal Kegels & Jan van der Linden & Mary Van Overbeke & Patrick Vandenhove

  • 2003 Large network services and the organisation of contemporary capitalism
    by Petit, Pascal

  • 2003 Markets and Regulation - Introduction
    by Juan Pablo Montero

  • 2002 Left out in the cold? New energy tariffs, low-income households and the fuel poor
    by Bennett, M & Cooke, D & Catherine Waddams-Price

  • 2001 Standard Costs: An Overview
    by Antonio, J. & Martin, G.

  • 2001 Cournot Competition with Stranded Costs
    by Antonio, J. & Martin, G.

  • 2001 Spot Market Competition with Stranded Costs in the Spanish Electricity Industry
    by Antonio, J. & Martin, G.

  • 2001 Verkehrsspezifische Ausgaben und Einnahmen der Gebietskörperschaften in Deutschland: eine empirische Analyse
    by Laaser, Claus-Friedrich & Rosenschon, Astrid

  • 2001 Coping with uncertainty : an expedition in the field of new transport technology
    by Geenhuizen, Marina van & Nijkamp, Peter

  • 2001 Reducing the Asymmetry of Information Through the comparison of the Relative Efficiency of Several Regional Monopolies
    by Rossi, Martín A. & Ruzzier, Christian A

  • 2001 Network Competition and Network Regulation
    by Quesada, Lucía

  • 2001 Measuring Inefficiency in Public Utilities: Does the Distribution Matter?
    by Rossi, Martín & Canay, Iván

  • 2001 Concesiones de agua y saneamiento en Argentina: Impacto en los sectores pobres
    by Bondorevsky, Diego & Petrecolla, Diego

  • 2001 Participación del Sector Privado y Regulación en Agua y Saneamiento en Argentina: Casos Seleccionados
    by Ferro, Gustavo

  • 2001 Servicio universal en telecomunicaciones: Concepto y alcance en Argentina
    by Ferro, Gustavo & Celani, Marcelo

  • 2001 Aguas del Aconquija: revisión a una experiencia fallida de privatización
    by Ferro, Gustavo

  • 2001 Élections et favoritisme dans l'attribution des marchés de services publics locaux
    by Christophe Gence-Creux

  • 2000 Technical Efficiency Under Alternative Regulatory Regimes: Evidence from the Inter-War Britich Gas Industry
    by Hammond, C.J. & Jones, G. & Robinson, T.

  • 2000 Infrastruktureller Nachholbedarf der neuen Bundesländer : Quantifizierung in ausgewählten Bereichen bis zum Jahr 2005
    by Karin Behring & Oliver Kaliski & Johann Wackerbauer & Michael Weinzierl & Ulrike Boesser & Erich Gluch & Andrea Schultz

  • 2000 Technical Change and Catching-up: The Electricity Distribution Sector in South America
    by Rodríguez Pardina, Martín A. & Rossi, Martín

  • 2000 Potential Role of Economic Cost Models in the Regulation of Telecommunications in Developing Countries
    by Benitez, Daniel A. & Estache, Antonio & Kennet, D. Mark & Ruzzier, Christian A.

  • 2000 High-Tension Electricity Network Expansions in Argentina: Decision Mechanisms and Willigness-to-Pay Revelation
    by Chisari, Omar O. & Dal-Bó, Pedro & Romero, Carlos A.

  • 2000 Technical Change and Efficiency Measures: The Post-privatisation in the Gas Distribution Sector in Argentina
    by Rossi, Martín

  • 2000 La concesión de Aguas Argentinas
    by Rodríguez Pardina, Martín

  • 2000 Cambio tecnológico y catching up: el sector de distribución eléctrica en América del Sur
    by Rodríguez Pardina, Martín & Rossi, Martín

  • 2000 Can Competition Replace Regulation for Small Utility Customers?
    by Green, Richard

  • 2000 The Declining Role of the State in Infrastructure Investments in the UK
    by M.G. Pollitt

  • 1999 Leasing Services Industries in the 1990s
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