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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L2: Firm Objectives, Organization, and Behavior
/ / / L29: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Market category generation by meta-contrast thesis
    by Akira Yoshinari

  • 2015 Designinig collaborative processes among SMEs. An overview of inhibiting and motivational factors
    by Erind Hoti & Gentian Hoxhalli

  • 2015 Capability vs Competency: A Case of Vishpala Prosthetics
    by Rajnandan Patnaik

  • 2015 Making Sense of the Elusive Paradigm of Entrepreneurship
    by David, Audretsch & Donald, Kuratko & Albert, Link

  • 2015 Leading Leadership style to motivate cultural-oriented female employees in the I.T sector of developing country: I.T Sectors responses from Pakistan
    by Haque, Adnan ul & Faizan, Riffat & Zehra, Nasreen & Baloch, Akhtar & Nadda, Vipin & Riaz, Fayyaz

  • 2015 Quantum theory of firm
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 The Global Big Oil on the Way to Business Model Innovation?
    by Alexey Bereznoy

  • 2015 China’s Decentralized Privatization and Change of Control Rights
    by Gan, Jie & Guo, Yan & Xu, Cheng-Gang

  • 2015 Capacitación como componente de desarrollo productivo en las microempresas: El Caso de la FEDEMYPE Santa Cruz
    by Carlos Germán Calle Saravia

  • 2015 Specific mechanisms for stimulating R&D investments within the EU
    by Victor LAVRIC

    by Shahzad, Saqib & Khan, Zunnoorain & Khan, Shahzad

  • 2015 Informal Groups in Global Work Environment: Group Work or Team Work?
    by Zoltan Raluca & Vancea Romulus

  • 2015 Students’ Potential For Authentic Leadership
    by Djurdja Solesa-Grijak & Dragan Solesa & Nedjo Kojic

  • 2015 Should I Stay or Should I Go? Participation and Decision-Making in Family Firms
    by Bonnie T. Nguyen & Andrew Wait

  • 2015 In Quest of SME-Conducive Policy Formulation
    by H. C. J. Hanns Pichler

  • 2015 Features Of Logistic System Adaptive Management
    by Natalya VOZNENKO & Teodora ROMAN

  • 2015 Not all smooth sailing: Barriers to small business success for owner/managers from Middle Eastern communities in Melbourne
    by Widad Pitrus*

  • 2015 People or Trust in Building Commitment to Change?
    by Wustari L. H. Mangundjaya

  • 2015 The Psychological Contract
    by Blanca Giorgiana GRAMA

  • 2015 Responsabilité économique et sociale des concepteurs de systèmes d'information : contribution à une éthique appliquée
    by Maryse Salles

  • 2014 La modélisation du risque en immobilier d'entreprise
    by Vu Anh Tuan, Eric

  • 2014 Projektpriorisierung im Rahmen eines ganzheitlichen Projektportfoliomanagements
    by von Blumröder, Lukas

  • 2014 The economic contribution of start-up firms in Germany
    by Schneck, Stefan & May-Strobl, Eva

  • 2014 Efficiency or Bounded Rationality? Drivers of Firm Diversification Strategies in Vietnam
    by Hien Thu Tran & Enrico Santarelli & Enrico Zaninotto

  • 2014 When in Rome do as the Romans do: is it a reality of business life?
    by Livia Ablonczy-Mihalyka

  • 2014 Team Development Through Music Creation
    by Malka Tal-Shmotkin

  • 2014 Psychological Empowerment and Organizational Task Environment in Commitment to Change
    by Wustari Mangundjaya

  • 2014 How External Environment and Internal Organization contribute in Commitment to Change? (Study at organizational change in state owned organizations in Indonesia)
    by Wustari Mangundjaya & Budi Soetjipto

  • 2014 Understanding Incubator Value – A Network Approach to University Incubators
    by Catarina Roseira & Carla Ramos & Francisco Maia

  • 2014 Contracts, Job Security And Development Of The University
    by Anna Panova

  • 2014 The dynamics of employment growth: new evidence from 18 countries
    by Chiara Criscuolo & Peter N. Gal & Carlo Menon

  • 2014 Foreign direct investment and domestic entrepreneurship: blessing or curse?
    by Saul Estrin & Seçil Hülya Danakol & Paul Reynolds & Utz Weitzel

  • 2014 Career Prospects and Effort Incentives: Evidence from Professional Soccer
    by Jeanine Miklós-Thal & Hannes Ullrich

  • 2014 Valeur partenariale et approche intégrée du contrôle de gestion:une note
    by Gérard Charreaux

  • 2014 De la nécessité d’une vision partenariale en gouvernance de l’entreprise:une note
    by Gérard Charreaux

  • 2014 Identité, Intentionnalité, Opacité et Gouvernance Interactive
    by Magali Orillard

  • 2014 Is self-leadership the new silver bullet of leadership? An empirical test of the relationship between self-leadership and organizational commitment
    by Pihl-Thingvad, Signe

  • 2014 Virtual Communication - Modern Business Communication
    by Grigorescu Adriana & Lupu Maria-Magdalena

  • 2014 A Leaders’s Influence on the Definition and Implementation of Strategy in Organizations
    by Sladana Vujicic & Mirjana Radovic Markovic & Dragan Ivkovic & Zorana Nikitovic

  • 2014 Efficiency of Islamic banks during the financial crisis: An analysis of Middle Eastern and Asian countries
    by Rosman, Romzie & Wahab, Norazlina Abd & Zainol, Zairy

  • 2014 Gentlemen do not talk about money: Remuneration dispersion and firm performance relationship on British boards
    by Zalewska, Anna

  • 2014 Depredación organizacional: las consecuencias del uso del poder en la organización
    by Guido Angello Castro Ríos & Ángela Lucía Noguera Hidalgo

  • 2014 Synergy Effects In Work Teams
    by Raluca C. Zoltan

  • 2014 Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Predictor Of Job Performance
    by Blanca Giorgiana GRAMA & Daniela Nicoleta BOTONE

  • 2014 Les délais de paiement en 2013 : le solde du crédit interentreprises atteint son plus haut niveau depuis 2007

  • 2013 Innovationstätigkeit von Familienunternehmen
    by Werner, Arndt & Schröder, Christian & Mohr, Benjamin

  • 2013 Wohlstandseffekte des Gründungsgeschehens
    by Schneck, Stefan & May-Strobl, Eva

  • 2013 The Impacts of Promotions/Marketing, Scheduling, and Economic Factors on Total Gross Revenues for Minor League Baseball Teams
    by Cebula, Richard & Coombs, Christopher & Lawson, Luther & Foley, Maggie

  • 2013 Determinants of the economic performance of Portuguese Academic Spin-offs: do Science & Technology infrastructures and support matter?
    by Aurora A.C. Teixeira & Marlene Grande

  • 2013 Le rôle des connaissances architecturales dans l’élaboration de la plateforme technologique d’un écosystème en émergence: le cas des plateformes NFC
    by Amel Attour & Maëlle Della Peruta

  • 2013 Coordinates The Operations Of The Franchise And The Implications In The Field Of Accounting
    by Dana Gabriela Sisea

  • 2013 Decision-making and implementation in teams
    by Jordi Blanes i Vidal & Marc Möller

  • 2013 Decision–Making and Implementation in Teams
    by Jordi Blanes i Vidal & Marc Möller

  • 2013 Inter-Industry Strategic R&D and Supplier-Demander Relationships
    by Andrew C. Chang

  • 2013 Highly Important Objectives For Innovation In Romania Within The European Context
    by Popa Ion & Lavric Victor & &

  • 2013 Networking entrepreneurs
    by Gurrieri, Antonia Rosa

  • 2013 Commercial bank financing for micro-enterprises and SMEs in Mexico
    by Padilla, Ramón & Fenton Ontañon, Rodrigo

  • 2013 Financiamiento de la banca comercial para las micro, pequeñas y medianas empresas en México
    by Padilla, Ramón & Fenton Ontañon, Rodrigo

  • 2013 La dimensión espacial del suicidio y su vínculo con el mercado laboral mexicano (2000-2004)
    by Rosalba Jasso Vargas

  • 2013 Liderazgo, poder y movilización organizacional
    by Francoise Venezia Contreras Torres & Guido Angello Castro Ríos

  • 2013 Las redes de conocimiento: caso una empresa dedicada a la elaboración de bolsas de polietileno localizada en la ciudad de Puebla
    by Evaristo JA Anzaldo Ortiz, & MA Monserrat Vera Muñoz

  • 2013 Transferencia tecnológica: Un proceso de negociación clave para el crecimiento de las Pymes
    by Joao Aguirre & Jakeline Serrano

  • 2013 Les délais de paiement en 2012 : le mouvement de réduction du crédit interentreprises s’interrompt
    by SERVANT, F.

  • 2013 Value Co-Creation As Precondition For The Development Of A Service Business Model Canvas

  • 2012 Regional Headquarters as Mode of Control for TNC Subsidiaries: A Network-Oriented Perspective
    by Jörg Freiling & Sven M. Laudien

  • 2012 Projektdesign als organisatorischer Rahmen des Projektmanagements
    by Horn-Vahlefeld, Marc

  • 2012 Revisiting Procedural Utility: Evidence from European Survey Data
    by Stefan Schneck

  • 2012 The Effects Of Network’S Structural Holes: Polycentric Institutions, Product Portfolio, And New Venture Growth In China And Russia
    by Bat Batjargal

  • 2012 New Study Group on European Cooperative Law: “Principles” Project
    by Gemma Fajardo & Antonio Fici & Hagen Henrÿ & David Hiez & Hans-H. Münkner & Ian Snaith

  • 2012 Cooperative identity and the law
    by Antonio Fici

  • 2012 Baumol, Panzar, and Willig’s Theory of Contestable Markets and Industry Structure: A Summary of Reactions
    by Amavilah, Voxi Heinrich

  • 2012 The Choice between Formal and Informal Intellectual Property: A Literature Review
    by Bronwyn H. Hall & Christian Helmers & Mark Rogers & Vania Sena

  • 2012 Founders and Financially Affiliated Directors on Charter School Boards and Their Impact on Financial Performance and Academic Achievement
    by Charisse A. Gulosin & Elif Sisli-Ciamarra

  • 2012 On Derivatives Markets and Social Welfare: A Theory of Empty Voting and Hidden Ownership
    by John Hatfield & Scott Duke Kominers & Jordan M. Barry

  • 2012 Subcontractor Selection Using Analytic Hierarchy Process
    by Arikan Kargi , Vesile Sinem & Ozturk, Ahmet

  • 2012 Financial Balance And Loans Of The Shareholders To The Company
    by Burja Vasile & Rus Luminita

  • 2012 La estrategia de multilocalización internacional de la Corporación Mondragon
    by José María Luzarraga & Iñazio Irizar

  • 2012 La calidad del empleo de las entidades de la economía social en período de crisis
    by Beatriz Calderón & María José Calderón

  • 2012 Regional economic divide and the role of technological spillovers in Italy. Evidence from microdata
    by Aiello, Francesco & Cardamone, Paola

  • 2012 The shadows of the socialist past: Lack of self-reliance hinders entrepreneurship
    by Bauernschuster, Stefan & Falck, Oliver & Gold, Robert & Heblich, Stephan

  • 2012 La presse en tant que mécanisme de gouvernance partenariale:Danone et l’affaire LU - The press as a stakeholder oriented corporate governance mechanism:Danone and the LU affair
    by Karen Moris

  • 2012 La influencia de la cultura organizacional y la capacidad de absorción sobre la transferencia de conocimiento tácito intra-organizacional
    by Aurora Irma Máynez Guaderrama & Judith Cavazos Arroyo & José Pablo Nuño De la Parra

  • 2012 Clínica de Occidente: Franca Recuperación
    by Fernando Camilo Fernández & Jorge Karim Assis Reveiz

  • 2012 Modelo tecnológico para el desarrollo de proyectos logísticos usando Lean Six Sigma
    by Olga Lucía Mantilla Celis & José Manuel Sánchez García

  • 2012 La baisse des délais de paiement : une tendance moins affirmée en 2011
    by SERVANT, F.

  • 2011 Kennzahlengestütztes IT-Projektcontrolling: Projekt-Scorecards einführen und erfolgreich nutzen
    by Tiemeyer, Ernst

  • 2011 Innovation of Energy Technologies: the role of taxes
    by Copenhagen Economics

  • 2011 La création de très petites entreprises, territoire et relations sociales. enquête dans la région du Nord-pas de calais (France) CREATION OF VERY SMALL ENTERPRISES, TERRITORY AND SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS CASE STUDY IN NORD-PAS DE CALAIS (FRANCE)
    by Sophie BOUTILLIER & Godefroy KIZABA

  • 2011 Comparing Strategies of Collaborative Networks for R&D: an agent-based study
    by Pedro Campos & Pavel Brazdil & Isabel Mota

  • 2011 The Effect of Relative Standing on Considerations About Self-Employment
    by Schneck, Stefan

  • 2011 When does Superiors’ Deviance threaten Organisational Hierarchy?
    by Thomas Diefenbach

  • 2011 The Effect of Relative Standing on Considerations about Self-Employment
    by Stefan Schneck

  • 2011 Das Management des (un)erwünschten Ressourcenüberschusses Teil IV. Absorbierter organizational slack für die sekundäre Wertschöpfung
    by Krcal, Hans-Christian

  • 2011 Demerger und ihre Operationalisierung. Eine empirische Untersuchung von Demerger-Erfolgsfaktoren
    by Prugovecki, Damir

  • 2011 Stress and Adaptive Mechanisms of the Seafarers
    by Rus Mihaela

  • 2011 Leadership Competencies for Managing Diversity
    by Jan Visagie & Herman Linde & Werner Havenga

  • 2011 The impact of the crisis on the SME sector in Romania-The back-up of innovation and entrepreneurship development
    by Zsuzsanna K.SZABO

  • 2011 Actividades prospectivas en Brasil: pasado, presente y futuros posibles
    by Dalci Maria dos Santos

  • 2011 An Empirical Study of the Relationship Among Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention
    by Sinem Aydogdu & Baris Asikgil

  • 2011 Entrepreneurial Phenomenon: Some Reasons for Career Choice Intentions
    by Simona Valeria TOMA & Mioara CHIRITA & Daniela SARPE

  • 2011 Sucesión en empresas familiares. Análisis desde la teoría de la agencia. Caso: Caldas
    by Víctor Hernando Macías raMírez & DUVAN EMILIO RAMIREZ OSPINA

  • 2011 La innovación estratégica: su caracterización y un posible enfoque desde las ciencias de la complejidad

  • 2011 Towards a characterization of crowdsourcing practices
    by Eric Schenk & Claude Guittard

  • 2011 Payment periods in 2010: the efforts made since the implementation of the LME have lost momentum
    by É. Kremp. & F. Servant.

  • 2011 Les délais de paiement en 2010 : l’effort entrepris depuis la mise en oeuvre de la loi de modernisation de l’économie marque le pas
    by KREMP, E. & SERVANT, F.

  • 2011 On The Need Of Sme Organizational Adaption To The International Business Environment: A Competence-Based Perspective

  • 2011 Technology Audit – General And Practical Lines

  • 2010 Grundlagen der Projekt-Compliance
    by Klotz, Michael

  • 2010 PMBOK-Compliance der Projektmanagement-Software Projektron BCS
    by Klotz, Michael

  • 2010 Corporate Culture and the Tournament Hypothesis
    by Neslihan Ozkan & Oleksandr Talavera & Anna Zalewska

  • 2010 The Gas Transportation Network as a ‘Lego’ Game: How to Play with It?
    by Jean Michel Glachant & Michelle Hallack

  • 2010 R&D, innovation and productivity, and the CIS: sampling, specification and comparability issues
    by Criscuolo, Chiara & Mariagrazia, Squicciarini & Olavi, Lehtoranta

  • 2010 Succession planning in Polish family business. An exploratory investigation (chapter 4)
    by Surdej, Aleksander & Wach, Krzysztof

  • 2010 Regional economic divide and the role of technological spillovers in Italy. Evidence from microdata
    by Aiello, Francesco & Cardamone, Paola

  • 2010 Regional Economic Divide And The Role Of Technological Spillovers In Italy. Evidence From Microdata
    by Francesco Aiello & Paola Cardamone

  • 2010 Das Management des (un)erwünschten Ressourcenüberschusses. Teil III. Das optimale Slack-Niveau – Die Bewertung des organizational slack
    by Krcal, Hans-Christian

  • 2010 The Development of the SMEs Sector in Romania. An Approach Regarding the Dynamics and the Perspectives
    by Victor LAVRIC

  • 2010 The Steps to Managerial Excellence

  • 2010 Getting out of Crisis of SME Sector
    by Ovidiu NICOLESCU & Ciprian NICOLESCU & Ana BONTEA

  • 2010 Coordinates of Policy Concerning SMEs Development in Romania
    by Ovidiu NICOLESCU & Ciprian NICOLESCU

  • 2010 Creating a Model for Business Performance Assessment - a background
    by Karel Brychta & Radek Benda & Adriana Knápková

  • 2010 Habilidades y Capacidades Directivas para Internacionalizar las Empresas Familiares con el uso de las Tecnologías de la Información
    by Suárez Alonso, Suhail

  • 2010 Uzun Donemli Al-ve-Tut Getirileri: IMKB’de Halka Acik Sirketler Uzerine Bir Uygulama
    by Berna Kirkulak

  • 2010 Organizational Commitment And Case Study On The Union Of Municipalities Of Marmara
    by Recep BOZLAGAN & Mahmut DOGAN & Murat DAOUDOV

  • 2010 Les délais de paiement en 2009 un an après la mise en oeuvre de la LME
    by Kremp, E. & Servant, F.

  • 2010 Technology Audit - General And Practical Lines

  • 2010 Alliances Stratégiques Et Gestion Des Connaissances: Trois Cas De Partenariats Transatlantiques

  • 2009 Science parks, knowledge spillovers, and firms' innovative performance: evidence from Finland
    by Squicciarini, Mariagrazia

  • 2009 Firm Performance and Managerial Turnover: The Case of Ukraine
    by Muravyev, Alexander & Bilyk, Olga & Grechaniuk, Bogdana

  • 2009 Children of Immigrants in the Labour Markets of EU and OECD Countries: An Overview
    by Thomas Liebig & Sarah Widmaier

  • 2009 International Transfer Pricing for Goods and Intangible Asset Licenses in a Decentralized Multinational Corporation: Review and Extensions
    by Peter C. Dawson & Stephen M. Miller

  • 2009 Firm Performance and Managerial Turnover: The Case of Ukraine
    by Muravyev, Alexander & Talavera, Oleksandr & Bilyk, Olga & Grechaniuk, Bogdana

  • 2009 Firm Performance and Managerial Turnover: The Case of Ukraine
    by Muravyev, Alexander & Talavera, Oleksandr & Bilyk, Olga & Grechaniuk, Bogdana

  • 2009 Board Committees, CEO Compensation, and Earnings Management
    by Christian Laux & Volker Laux

  • 2009 Firm Performance and Managerial Turnover: The Case of Ukraine
    by Bilyk Olga & Grechaniuk Bogdana & Murav'ev Aleksandr

  • 2009 Insular Decision-making in the Board Room : Why Boards Retain and Hire Sub-Standard CEOs
    by Meg Sato

  • 2009 Insular decision-making in the board room: why boards retain and hire sub-standard ceos
    by Meg Sato

  • 2009 Das Management des (un)erwünschten Ressourcenüberschusses Teil II. Die Messbarkeit des organizational slack
    by Krcal, Hans-Christian

  • 2009 Efficiency of Public Goods Provision in Space
    by Travis Warziniack

  • 2009 Das Management des (un)erwünschten Ressourcenüberschusses - Teil I. Funktionen, Zustände und Entstehung des organizational slack
    by Hans-Christian Krcal

  • 2009 ''Human Resources'': Economics and Organization
    by Cesare Kaneklin

  • 2009 Multidimensional and Multicausal Approach of Managerial Change inside Organisations
    by Ovidiu NICOLESCU

  • 2009 Challenges And Opportunities Faced By Entrepreneurial University. Some Lessons From Romania And Lithuania
    by Zaharia Razvan & Grundey Dainora

  • 2009 L'insuffisance des signaux de localisation pour la coordination entre la production et le transport d'électricité dans les systèmes électriques libéralisés
    by Vincent Rious & Jean-Michel Glachant & Yannick Perez & Philippe Dessante

  • 2009 Partage des bonnes pratiques de développement durable : le cas des PME agroalimentaires du Languedoc-Roussillon
    by Leïla Temri & Fatiha Fort

  • 2009 Payment periods and corporate trade credit between 1990 and 2008
    by .

  • 2009 Délais de paiement et solde du crédit interentreprises de 1990 à 2008
    by .

  • 2008 Büyük Britanya’da iş memnuniyeti: Kişisel ve iş ile ilgili faktörler
    by Şaziye GAZİOĞLU & Aysıt TANSEL

  • 2008 An Empirical Investigation of Wal-Mart’s Expansion into Food Retailing
    by Alessandro Bonanno

  • 2008 Fallstudie: "Pathologie der Organisation". Fehlentwicklungen in Organisationen, ihre Bedeutung und Ansätze zur Vermeidung
    by Klein, Helmut

  • 2008 Création de la firme et genèse de l’organisation, une approche évolutionniste du processus entrepreneurial
    by Thierry BURGER-HELMCHEN

  • 2008 Content Analysis of Strategic Issue Research 1980-2006
    by Egert Valmra & Tomi Laamanen & Heikki Saukola

  • 2008 Co-Development of Open Innovation Strategy and Dynamic Capabilities as a Source of Corporate Growth
    by Alar Kolk & Kristi P¸¸mann

  • 2008 Innovazione commerciale ed effetti di rete: quali implicazioni di politica industriale?
    by Ornella Tarola & Sandro Trento

  • 2008 La responsabilité sociale de l'entreprise et le profit pour une approche renouvelée de l'entreprise Corporative social responsibility and profit for a renewed approach of the enterprise
    by Blandine Laperche

  • 2008 The Direct Employment Effects of New Businesses in Germany Revisited - An Empirical Investigation for 1976 - 2004
    by Yvonne Schindele & Antje Weyh

  • 2008 Relação entre o Conceito de Poder e o de Acção [Relation between power and action concepts]
    by Margarida R. Paulos

  • 2008 The Diversity of Design of TSOs
    by Rious, V. & Glachant , J. & Perez, Y. & Dessante, P.

  • 2008 Who Decides about Change and Restructuring in Organizations?
    by Kieron Meagher & Andrew Wait

  • 2008 The Causes of Conflict in Public and Private Sector Organizations in South Africa
    by Chris van Tonder & Werner Havenga & Jan Visagie

  • 2008 BP's Long-Term Technology Strategy
    by Anthony Meggs

  • 2008 Reputation, control rights and game equilibrium -A game analytical framework and application to SOEs in China
    by LI Junlin & LI Tianyou

  • 2008 Small Businesses and the Shadow Economy
    by Bojan Nastav & Štefan Bojnec

  • 2008 Los grupos familiares. Una descripción de los grupos empresariales del Instituto de la Empresa Familiar
    by Lluís Bru Martínez & Rafel Crespí Cladera

  • 2008 Délais de paiement et solde du crédit interentreprises en 2007
    by .

  • 2008 Ethics, The Actual Stake Of Restructuring The Trade Relations
    by Theodor Valentin Purcarea & Anca Purcarea

  • 2007 Asymmetric Regulation and Airport Dominance in International Aviation: Evidence from the London-new York Market
    by Volodymyr Bilotkach

  • 2007 Foreign-owned firms and technological capabilities in the Argentinean manufacturing industry
    by Costa, Ionara & Marin, Anabel

  • 2007 A Model of Vacancy Chains as a Mechanism for Resource Allocation
    by Fioretti, Guido

  • 2007 The Analysis Of Five Competitive Forces Of Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry And E-Commerce Industry Cases At The Global Level
    by Manuel, Eduardo

  • 2007 Earnings Management to Avoid Losses: a cost of debt explanation
    by José A. C. Moreira & Peter F. Pope

  • 2007 Are The Dynamics Of Knowledge-Based Industries Any Different?
    by Ricardo Paes Mamede & Daniel Mota & Manuel Mira Godinho

  • 2007 High in the Hierarchy: How Vertical Location and Judgments of Leaders' Power are Interrelated
    by Giessner, S.R. & Schubert, T.W.

  • 2007 Corporate Structure and the Financial Support of U.S. Symphony Orchestras
    by Scherer, F. M.

  • 2007 Justifying the Origin of Real Options and their Difficult Evaluation in Strategic Management
    by Thierry Burger-Helmchen

  • 2007 Did the Entry of Low Cost Companies Foster the Growth of Strategic Alliances in the Airline Industry?
    by Andrea Mantovani & Ornella Tarola

  • 2007 Orgut, Birey, Grup Baglaminda Yenilik ve Yaraticilik Tartismalari
    by Hakki Okan Yeloglu

  • 2007 Délais de paiement et solde du crédit interentreprises de 1990 à 2006
    by .


  • 2006 Justifying the Origin of Real Options and their Difficult Evaluation in Strategic Management
    by Thierry Burger-Helmchen

  • 2006 Towards a Practical Model of Strategy-as-Practice
    by Egert Valmra & Ergo Metsla & Rando Rannus & Marko Rillo

  • 2006 Microeconomics of Knowledge: African Case
    by Manuel, Eduardo

  • 2006 Knowledge management – a source of sustainable competitiveness in the knowledge based economy
    by Ogrean, Claudia

  • 2006 Are Financing Needs a Constraint to Earnings Management? Evidence for Private Portuguese Firms
    by José António Moreira

  • 2006 Manipulação para Evitar Perdas: o Impacto do Conservantismo
    by José António Moreira

  • 2006 Should employment authorities worry about mergers and acquisitions ?
    by David N. Margolis

  • 2006 Explaining the Persistence of State-ownership in China
    by Imai, Ken'ichi

  • 2006 Should Employment Authorities Worry About Mergers and Acquisitions?
    by Margolis, David N.

  • 2006 Should Employment Authorities Worry About Mergers and Acquisitions?
    by David N. Margolis

  • 2006 The Analysis Of Location, Co-Location And Urbanisation Economies
    by Johansson, Börje & Forslund, Ulla

  • 2006 La valeur partenariale:vers une mesure opérationnelle… Stakeholder value:towards an operational measure..
    by Gérard Charreaux

  • 2006 El Impacto Social Del Sector Bancario En Colombia, 1993 - 2002
    by Juan Carlos Echeverry Garzón & Ángela María Fonseca Galvis

  • 2006 Aerotropolis: an aviation-linked space
    by Ricardo Flores-Fillol & Rosella Nicolini

  • 2006 Rationality and Institutionalized Expectations: The Development of an Organizational Set of Rules
    by Nikolaus Beck

  • 2006 The determinants of advertising intensity in the Brazilian manufacturing industry: an econometric study
    by Marcelo Resende

  • 2006 Délais de paiement et solde du crédit interentreprises de 1990 à 2005
    by .

  • 2006 Délais de paiement et solde du crédit interentreprises de 1990 à 2004
    by BARDES, B.

  • 2005 The Virtual Location of E-Tailers: Evidence from a B2C E-Commerce Market
    by Häring, Julia

  • 2005 Understanding Why Universal Service Obligations May Be Unnecessary: The Private Development of Local Internet Access Markets
    by Tom Downes & Shane Greenstein

  • 2005 Organisational proximity: an institutionalist point of view. The case of EADS (In French)
    by Damien TALBOT (E3i, IFReDE-GRES)

  • 2005 The Influence of Managerial and Organizational Determinants of Horizontal Knowledge Exchange on Competence Building and Competence Leveraging
    by Mom, T.J.M. & van den Bosch, F.A.J. & Volberda, H.W.

  • 2005 Networks of Relations and Social Capital
    by Lippert, Steffen & Spagnolo, Giancarlo

  • 2005 Les grands groupes et l’innovation:définitions et enjeux du Corporate Venture
    by Gilles Garel & Sébastien Jumel

  • 2005 Rapports coopératifs et diversité culturelle: le cas de la gestion post-fusion Orange-France Télécom
    by Stéphanie Dameron & Olivier Joffre

  • 2005 Développement durable et partenariat industriel : vers un modèle stratégique renouvelé
    by Sabine Urban

  • 2005 Le Rôle Des Objets-Frontière Dans La Collaboration Interne

  • 2005 Increasing Role of the Corporate Image for Insuring Corporate Advantage in the Conditions of Globalization
    by Svetoslava Kovacheva

  • 2004 How large are the direct employment effects of new businesses? An empirical investigation
    by Fritsch, Michael & Weyh, Antje

  • 2004 Adoption of e-business: patterns and consequences of network externalities
    by Schade, Christian & Köllinger, Philipp

  • 2004 E-supply chain management: Review, implications and directions for future research
    by Cristina Giménez & Helena Ramalhinho-Lourenço

  • 2004 Networks of Relations
    by Lippert, Steffen & Spagnolo, Giancarlo

  • 2004 Networks of Relations
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