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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N1: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics; Industrial Structure; Growth; Fluctuations
/ / / N15: Asia including Middle East
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Coercive state, resisting society, political and economic development in Iran
    by Mehrdad Vahabi

  • 2017 War, Migration and the Origins of the Thai Sex Industry
    by Abel Brodeur & Warn N. Lekfuangfu & Yanos Zylberberg

  • 2017 The Historical State, Local Collective Action, and Economic Development in Vietnam
    by Melissa Dell & Nathaniel Lane & Pablo Querubin

  • 2017 War, Migration and the Origins of the Thai Sex Industry
    by Brodeur, Abel & Lekfuangfu, Warn N. & Zylberberg, Yanos

  • 2017 Partnership as Exeprimentation: Business Organization and Survival in Egypt, 1910-1949
    by Cihan Artunc & Timothy Guinnane

  • 2017 War, Migration and the Origins of the Thai Sex Industry
    by Abel Brodeur & Warn N. Lekfuangfu & Yanos Zylberberg

  • 2017 War, Migration and the Origins of the Thai Sex Industry
    by Abel Brodeur & Warn N. Lekfuangfu & Yanos Zylberberg

  • 2017 The Samurai Bond: Credit Supply And Economic Growth In Pre-War Japan
    by SERGI BASCO & John P. Tang

  • 2017 Prolétarisation incomplète et miracle économique chinois : entre héritage collectiviste et capitalisme transnational
    by Mathieu, Jean

  • 2017 La Chine au Maghreb : de l’esprit de Bandung à l’esprit du capitalisme
    by Pairault, Thierry

  • 2017 The Road to a Market-Oriented Monetary Policy and the “New Normal” Monetary Policy Regime in China
    by Laura Komlóssy & Gyöngyi Körmendi & Sándor Ladányi

  • 2017 Teaching to the tests: An economic analysis of traditional and modern education in late imperial and republican China
    by Yuchtman, Noam

  • 2017 The biological standard of living in pre-modern Korea: Determinants of height of militia recruits during the Chosŏn dynasty
    by Jun, Seong Ho & Lewis, James B. & Schwekendiek, Daniel

  • 2017 Malaria suitability, urbanization and persistence: Evidence from China over more than 2000 years
    by Flückiger, Matthias & Ludwig, Markus

  • 2017 Analysis Determinant Factors Effect on Migrant Workers’ Remittances Flow to the CLMV Countries
    by Chantha Hor & Pheara Pheang

  • 2017 Capital accumulation, profit rates and cycles in China from 1952 to 2014: lessons from the evolution of Chinese industry
    by Rémy Herrera & Zhiming Long

  • 2016 Macroeconomic trade effects of vehicle currencies: Evidence from 19th century China
    by El-Shagi, Makram & Zhang, Lin

  • 2016 Bubble Economics How Big a Shock to China’s Real Estate Sector Will Throw the Country into Recession, and Why Does It Matter?
    by Michael, Bryane & Zhao, Simon

  • 2016 Biased Technical Change and Economic Growth : The Case of Korea, 1970-2013
    by Jeong, Sangjun

  • 2016 Foreigners Knocking on the Door: Trade in China During the Treaty Port Era
    by Wolfgang Keller & Javier Andres Santiago & Carol H. Shiue

  • 2016 An empirical contribution to Minsky’s financial fragility:Evidence from non-financial sectors in Japan
    by Hiroshi Nishi

  • 2016 Does government promote or hinder capital accumulation? Evidence from Japan' s high-growth era
    by Mariko Hatase & Yoichi Matsubayashi

  • 2016 Assessing the Effects of Japanese Industrial Policy Change during the 1960s
    by Kozo Kiyota & Tetsuji Okazaki

  • 2016 The Effects of Barriers to Technology Adoption on Japanese Prewar and Postwar Economic Growth
    by Daisuke Ikeda & Yasuko Morita

  • 2016 Unfolding the Turbulent Century: A Reconstruction of China's Economic Development, 1840-1912
    by MA, Ye & JONG, Herman de

  • 2016 Asia's 'Little Divergence' in the 20th Century: Evidence from PPP-based direct estimates of GDP per capita, 1913-1969
    by BASSINO, Jean-Pascal & ENG, Pierre van der

  • 2016 Post-GFC external shocks and Indonesian economic performance
    by Prayudhi Azwar & Rod Tyers

  • 2016 Foreigners Knocking on the Door: Trade in China During the Treaty Port Era
    by Andres Santiago, Javier & Keller, Wolfgang & Shiue, Carol Hua

  • 2016 China: la reconstrucción de una potencia
    by Alcides Gómes Jiménez

  • 2016 Economic Analysis and Forecasting in the Global Economy and in Emerging and Developing Regions Including Africa: How Informative is the Ifo World Economic Survey (WES)?
    by Johanna Garnitz & Willi Leibfritz

  • 2016 A Tale of Two Sics: Japanese and American Industrialization in Historical Perspective
    by John Tang

  • 2016 Trade and income growth in the Ottoman Empire: assessing the role of volatility and trend growth in terms of trade
    by Cemal Eren Arbatli

  • 2016 Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth in South Asia
    by Syed Ali Raza & Syed Tehseen Jawaid & Mohammad Haris Siddiqui

  • 2016 Money doctors and their reform proposals for China reconsidered, 1903–29
    by Tai-kuang Ho

  • 2016 Economic Growth in Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, 1820-1914
    by Sevket Pamuk

  • 2016 Diversity of firm sizes, complexity, and industry structure in the Chinese economy
    by Heinrich, Torsten & Dai, Shuanping

  • 2016 Assessing the effects of Japanese industrial policy change during the 1960s
    by Kiyota, Kozo & Okazaki, Tetsuji

  • 2016 From global factory to global mall? East Asia’s changing trade composition and orientation
    by Helble, Matthias & Ngiang, Boon-Loong

  • 2016 How Japan remained on the Gold Standard despite unsustainable external debt
    by Pittaluga, Giovanni B. & Seghezza, Elena

  • 2016 Modeling the Impact of the Oil Sector on the Economy of Sultanate of Oman
    by Nasser Al-Mawali & Haslifah Mohamad Hasim & Khalil Al-Busaidi

  • 2016 Scientific Potential as the Basis of Innovation Development of Kazakhstan
    by Bauyrzhan Yessengeldin & Diana Sitenko & Gulnaz Murzatayeva & Anar Yessengeldina

  • 2015 Chinese National Income, ca. 1661–1933
    by Xu, Yi & Shi, Zhihong & Van Leeuwen, Bas & Ni, Yuping & Zhang, Zipeng & Ma, Ye

  • 2015 Malaysia NAP: More Shadows than Lights
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2015 Extent of Exchange Rate Coordination in Asia
    by Sen Gupta, Abhijit

  • 2015 Economic Cycles in Ancient China
    by Yaguang Zhang & Guo Fan & John Whalley

  • 2015 Grasp the Large, Let Go of the Small: The Transformation of the State Sector in China
    by Chang-Tai Hsieh & Zheng (Michael) Song

  • 2015 Egyptian and Syrian commodity markets after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire: a Bayesian structural VECM analysis
    by Laura Panza & Tomasz Wozniak

  • 2015 Egyptian and Syrian commodity markets after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire: a Bayesian structural VECM analysis
    by Laura Panza & Tomasz Wozniak

  • 2015 Economic Development and Land Issues in Liechtenstein: Historical Dynamics, Current Challenges and Suggested Fiscal Remedies
    by Andreas Brunhart & Zbigniew Dumienski

  • 2015 A Tacit Monetary Policy of the Gulf Countries: Is There a Remittances Channel?
    by Termos, Ali & Genc, Ismail H. & Naufal, George S

  • 2015 Bank of Japan's Monetary Policy in the 1980s: a View Perceived from Archived and Other Materials
    by Masanao Itoh & Ryoji Koike & Masato Shizume

  • 2015 Capital Markets in China and Britain, 18th and 19th Century: Evidence from Grain Prices
    by Keller, Wolfgang & Shiue, Carol Hua & Wang, Xin

  • 2015 Gross Domestic Product and its Components in India. Trends and Issues
    by Pragyesh Nath Tripathi

  • 2015 Od Mao Zedonga do Xi Jinpinga. Cechy, cele, kierunki i narzędzia zagranicznej polityki gospodarczej Chińskiej Republiki Ludowej / From Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping. The foreign economic policy of the PRC – characteristics, objectives, directions and tools
    by Katarzyna Twarowska

  • 2014 Economic Culture of the East: China
    by G. Lopatkin.

  • 2014 Previous financial crises leading to stagnation: Selected case studies
    by Dodig, Nina & Herr, Hansjörg

  • 2014 The tradeoff between fertility and education: Evidence from the Korean development path
    by Jun, Bogang & Lee, Joongho

  • 2014 Tawarruq Time Deposit With Wakalah Principle: An opinion That Triggers New Issues
    by Ismail, Abdul Ghafar & Nik Abdul Ghani, Nik Abdul Rahim & Mat Zain, Mat Nor

  • 2014 From Global Factory to Global Mall: East Asia’s Changing Trade Composition
    by Helble, Matthias & Ngiang, Boon-Loong

  • 2014 Diversity of Firm Sizes, Complexity, and Industry Structure in the Chinese Economy
    by Heinrich, Torsten & Dai, Shuanping

  • 2014 Unified China; Divided Europe
    by Ko, Chiu Yu & Koyama, Mark & Sng, Tuan-Hwee

  • 2014 The Long-Term Effects of Protestant Activities in China
    by Chen, Yuyu & Wang, Hui & Yan, Se

  • 2014 Urbanization in Southeast Asia during the World War II Japanese Occupation and Its Aftermath
    by Gregg Huff & Gillian Huff

  • 2014 Urbanization in Southeast Asia during the World War II Japanese Occupation and Its Aftermath
    by Gregg Huff & Gillian Huff

  • 2014 Exchange Rate Adjustment, Monetary Policy and Fiscal Stimulus in Japan's Escape from the Great Depression
    by Masahiko Shibamoto & Masato Shizume

  • 2014 Trajectories and outcomes of the 'Arab Spring' : comparing Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria
    by Darwisheh, Housam

  • 2014 Asia's Little Divergence: State Capacity in China and Japan before 1850
    by Sng, Tuan-Hwee & Moriguchi, Chiaki

  • 2014 Asia’s Little Divergence: State Capacity in China and Japan before 1850
    by Sng, Tuan-Hwee & Moriguchi, Chiaki

  • 2014 Agricultural Literature in Eurasia circa 200 BCE – 1500 CE
    by Myrdal, Janken

  • 2014 Previous financial crises leading to stagnation – selected case studies
    by Nina Dodig & Hansjorg Herr

  • 2014 From Global Factory to Global Mall : East Asia’s Changing Trade Composition
    by Matthias Helble & Boon-Loong Ngiang

  • 2014 The Long-Term Effects of Protestant Activities in China
    by Yuyu Chen & Hui Wang & Se Yan

  • 2014 The Institution of Macroeconomic Measurement in Indonesia Before the 1980s
    by Pierre van der Eng

  • 2014 Superpower, China?:Historicizing Beijing's New Narratives of Leadership and East Asia's Response Thereto
    by Niv Horesh & Hyun Jin Kim & Peter Mauch

  • 2014 Economic Analyses Using the Overlapping Generations Model and General Equilibrium Growth Accounting for the Japanese Economy:Population, Agriculture and Economic Development
    by Mitoshi Yamaguchi & Tomoko Kinugasa

  • 2014 The Institutional Root Causes of the Challenges to Vietnam's Long-Term Economic Growth
    by Khuong M. Vu

  • 2014 The More Divergent, the Better? Lessons on Trilemma Policies and Crises for Asia
    by Joshua Aizenman & Hiro Ito

  • 2014 Dilemma of the Silver Standard Economies: The Case of China
    by Tai-kuang Ho

  • 2014 The Hawala System
    by Eva Ladanyi, & Istvan Kobolka

  • 2014 Size and dynastic decline: The principal-agent problem in late imperial China, 1700–1850
    by Sng, Tuan-Hwee

  • 2014 Exchange rate adjustment, monetary policy and fiscal stimulus in Japan's escape from the Great Depression
    by Shibamoto, Masahiko & Shizume, Masato

  • 2014 Social Protection – From Early Hebrew Culture To Contemporary Civilization

  • 2014 Biblical References To Monetary And Credit Relations

  • 2014 China’s Great Convergence and Beyond
    by Kjetil Storesletten & Fabrizio Zilibotti

  • 2014 From Divergence to Convergence: Reevaluating the History behind China's Economic Boom
    by Loren Brandt & Debin Ma & Thomas G. Rawski

  • 2013 Making the Most of High Inflation
    by Wojciech W. Charemza & Svetlana Makarova & Imran Shah

  • 2013 Implications for the Australian Economy of Strong Growth in Asia
    by Michael Plumb & Christopher Kent & James Bishop

  • 2013 Are Investment and Saving Cointegrated Evidence From Middle East and North African Countries
    by Sbia, Rashid & Hamdi, Helmi

  • 2013 Dynamic relationships between oil revenues, government spending and economic growth in an oil-dependent economy
    by Sbia, Rashid & Hamdi, Helmi

  • 2013 GDP Fluctuations and Private Investment: A Macro Panel Analysis of Selected South Asian Countries
    by Mohey-ud-din, Ghulam & Siddiqi, Muhammad Wasif

  • 2013 Türkiye'nin Gayrisafi Yurtiçi Hasılası 2002-2012'de Ne Kadar Büyüdü?
    by Kibritçioğlu, Aykut

  • 2013 A 'Trojan Horse' in Daoguang China?: Explaining the flows of silver (and opium) in and out of China
    by Irigoin, Alejandra

  • 2013 The Trade-off between Fertility and Education: Evidence from the Korean Development Path
    by Jun, Bogang

  • 2013 Human capital in Qing China: economic determinism or a history of failed opportunities?
    by Xu, Yi & Foldvari, Peter & Van Leeuwen, Bas

  • 2013 Growth, Growth Accelerations and the Poor: Lessons from Indonesia
    by Sambit Bhattacharyya & Budy R. Resosudarmo

  • 2013 China's March to Prosperity: Reforms to Avoid the Middle-income Trap
    by Vincent Koen & Richard Herd & Sam Hill

  • 2013 Vietnam: An Emerging Economy at a CrossRoads
    by Quang Truong

  • 2013 Un modèle social-démocrate pour la Chine ? Remarques critiques sur la voie chinoise : capitalisme et empire de Michel Aglietta et Guo Bai
    by Tony Andréani & Rémy Herrera

  • 2013 Making the most of High Inflation
    by Wojciech Charemza & Svetlana Makarova & Imran Shah

  • 2013 Taxation and Public Goods Provision in China and Japan before 1850
    by Tuan-Hwee Sng & Chiaki Moriguchi

  • 2013 Effects of Industrial Policy on Productivity: The Case of Import Quota Removal during Postwar Japan
    by Kiyota, Kozo & Okazaki, Tetsuji

  • 2013 Taxation and Public Goods Provision in China and Japan before 1850
    by Sng, Tuan-Hwee & Moriguchi, Chiaki

  • 2013 Währungsunionen und Allmendeproblem
    by Wolf, Marvin

  • 2013 'By a Silken Thread': regional banking integration and pathways to financial development in Japan's Great Recession
    by Mathias Hoffmann & Toshihiro Okubo

  • 2013 Growth, Growth Accelerations and the Poor: Lessons from Indonesia
    by Sambit Bhattacharyya & Budy P. Resosudarmo

  • 2013 The Commodity Export, Growth, and Distribution Connection in Southeast Asia 1500-1940
    by Williamson, Jeffrey G

  • 2013 One Hundred Years of Oil Income and the Iranian Economy: A Curse or a Blessing?
    by Kamiar Mohaddes & M. Hashem Pesaran

  • 2013 'By a Silken Thread': Regional Banking Integration and Pathways to Financial Development in Japan's Great Recession
    by Mathias Hoffmann & Toshihiro Okubo

  • 2013 One Hundred Years of Oil Income and the Iranian Economy: A curse or a Blessing
    by Mohaddes, K. & Pesaran, M.H.

  • 2013 Financing Japan’s World War II occupation of Southeast Asia
    by Gregg Huff & Shinobu Majima

  • 2013 Financial intermediation and late development in Meiji Japan, 1868 to 1912
    by John Tang

  • 2013 Are Asian Business Cycles Different?
    by Yongseung Jung & Soyoung Kim & Doo Yong Yang & Tack Yun

  • 2013 Japanese Economy After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011
    by Zuzana Stuchlíková

  • 2013 Japanese Economy in 2007-2010
    by Zuzana Stuchlíková

  • 2013 Central Banking, Japanese Style: Economics and the Bank of Japan, 1945-1985
    by Masazumi Wakatabe

  • 2013 Cluster-based industrial development in contemporary developing countries and modern Japanese economic history
    by Hashino, Tomoko & Otsuka, Keijiro

  • 2013 Silver fetters? The rise and fall of the Chinese price level 1928–34
    by Ho, Tai-kuang & Lai, Cheng-chung

  • 2013 Remittance outflows and inflation: The case of the GCC countries
    by Termos, Ali & Naufal, George & Genc, Ismail

  • 2013 Dynamic relationships between oil revenues, government spending and economic growth in an oil-dependent economy
    by Hamdi, Helmi & Sbia, Rashid

  • 2013 An empirical investigation on the temporal properties of China's GDP
    by Chen, Yen-Hsiao & Quan, Lianfeng & Liu, Yang

  • 2013 Accounting and Fiscality in the Ottoman Empire
    by Violeta ISAI & Riana Iren RADU

  • 2013 Tropical economic miracles
    by Mauricio Rodríguez

  • 2012 The Problem of Financial Resource in Turkish Local Administration from a Historical Point of View
    by Huseyin Gundogdu

  • 2012 'By a Silken Thread': regional banking integration and pathways to financial development in Japan's Great Recession
    by Mathias Hoffmann & Toshihiro Okubo

  • 2012 Globalisation and the Ottoman Empire: A study of integration between Ottoman and world cotton markets
    by Laura Panza

  • 2012 Pays émergeants : fin de la surchauffe
    by Marion Cochard & Amel Falah & Christine Rifflart & Danielle Schweisguth

  • 2012 Japon : le temps de la reconstruction
    by Bruno Ducoudre

  • 2012 The Five-Phases of Economic Development and Institutional Evolution in China and Japan
    by Aoki, Masahiko

  • 2012 Our Ancestors, Our Heroes: Saudi Tribal Campaigns to Suppress Historical Docudramas
    by Nadav Samin

  • 2012 Consequential Effects of Defence Expenditure on Economic Growth of Saudi Arabia: 1970-2012
    by Ageli, Mohammed Moosa & Zaidan, Shatha Mousa

  • 2012 Why West Asia declined
    by Cizakca, Murat

  • 2012 Rebuilding the Philippine economy
    by Beja, Edsel Jr.

  • 2012 The Best of Times and the Worst of Times: Indonesia and Economic Crises
    by Hal Hill

  • 2012 Gateway Cities and Urbanisation in Southeast Asia Before World War II
    by Gregg Huff

  • 2012 Financing Japan’s World War II Occupation of Southeast Asia
    by Gregg Huff & Shinobu Majima

  • 2012 Gateway cities and urbanisation in southeast asia before world war II
    by Gregg Huff

  • 2012 Contesting the indigenous development of “Chinese double-entry bookkeeping” and its significance in China’s economic institutions and business organization before c.1850
    by Keith Hoskin & Richard Macve

  • 2012 Australia-China: Not just 40 years
    by Wilson Au-Yeung & Alison Keys & Paul Fischer

  • 2012 China's Inflation: Demand-Pull or Cost-Push?
    by Xiaojing Zhang

  • 2012 Internal Rebellions and External Threats: A Model of Government Organizational Forms in Ancient China
    by Haiwen Zhou

  • 2012 Does Government Debt Promote Economic Growth? An Empirical Analysis with Structural Breaks for the Economy of China
    by Stylianou Tasos

  • 2012 Japanese Monopolist Companies Instruments Of The 'National Policy'
    by Mihut Marius Ioan

  • 2012 An Exploratory Research Over The Chinese Products On The Romanian Market
    by Ioanas Elisabeta & Aldea Roxana

  • 2012 Property rights and institutions in biblical society: The purchase of the Cave of the Patriarchs
    by Rosenberg, Jacob & Weiss, Avi

  • 2012 China's economic fluctuations and consumption smoothing: Is consumption more volatile than output in China?
    by Zhao, Min & Hsu, Minchung

  • 2012 Japan´s lost decade: on the development of the Japanese economy in the 1990s
    by Zuzana Stuchlíková

  • 2012 Understanding China's Growth: Past, Present, and Future
    by Xiaodong Zhu

  • 2011 Infrastructure and Growth in Developing Asia
    by Straub, Stéphane & Terada-Hagiwara, Akiko

  • 2011 Australia's Prosperous 2000s: Housing and the Mining Boom
    by Jonathan Kearns & Philip Lowe

  • 2011 Economic Planning in China
    by Gregory C. Chow

  • 2011 Economic and Financial Crises in Fifteenth-Century Egypt: Lessons From the History
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2011 Regional human capital in Republican and New China: Its spread, quality and effects on economic growth
    by Van Leeuwen, Bas & van Leeuwen-Li, Jieli & Foldvari, Peter

  • 2011 Tourismuspolitik in Marokko: ein großer Wurf für wirtschaftliche Entwicklung?
    by Benner, Maximilian

  • 2011 Identifying the Signs of Currency Speculation in Hong Kong's Linked exchange Rate
    by Li, Kui-Wai

  • 2011 Middle East and North Africa Countries' Vulnerability to Commodity Price Increases
    by Loening, Josef L.

  • 2011 Global financial crisis and return of South Asian Gulf migrants: patterns and determinants of their integration to local labour markets
    by Abraham, Vinoj & Rajan, Irudaya S

  • 2011 Can India Achieve Double-digit growth ?
    by Richard Herd & Paul Conway & Sam Hill & Vincent Koen & Thomas Chalaux

  • 2011 The Japanese Financial Sector's Transition from High Growth to the 'Lost Decades': A Market Economy Perspective
    by Wataru Takahashi

  • 2011 Inclusion and growth in India: some facts, some conclusions
    by Surjit Bhalla

  • 2011 The Five-Phases of Economic Development and Institutional Evolution in China and Japan
    by Masahiko Aoki

  • 2011 Long-run patterns in market efficiency and the genesis of the market economy: Markets around the Mediterranean from Nebuchadnezzar to Napoleon (580 BC and 1800AD)
    by Földvári, Péter & van Leeuwen, Bas & Van Zanden, Jan Luiten

  • 2011 Terrorist Threat in Iraq: Origins, Development and Impact
    by Rohan Gunaratna

  • 2011 The Crisis in Global Governance After the Iraq War
    by David Armstrong

  • 2011 Just Another Liberal War? Western Interventionism and the Iraq War
    by Nicholas Kitchen & Michael Cox

  • 2011 Regional Order in the Middle East
    by Louise Fawcett

  • 2011 The Future of Iraq
    by Eric Herring

  • 2011 Introduction
    by Hiro Katsumata

  • 2011 BEYOND IRAQ:The Future of World Order

  • 2011 ECONOMIC GROWTH OF SINGAPORE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY:Historical GDP Estimates and Empirical Investigations
    by Ichiro Sugimoto

  • 2011 TRAPS EMBRACED OR ESCAPED:Elites in the Economic Development of Modern Japan and China
    by Carl Mosk

  • 2011 The Dynamics of Relationship between exports and economic growth in India
    by P. K. Mishra

  • 2011 The Impact of Mining and Services Industries on the Structural Change of Australia
    by Ikhlaas Gurrib

  • 2011 Why Was China Trapped in an Agrarian Society? An Economic Geographical Approach to the Needham Puzzle
    by Guanzhong James Wen

  • 2011 Has China's Economy Become More Stable and Inertial? Nonlinear Investigations Based on Structural Break and Duration Dependent Regime Switching Models
    by Angang Hu & Jie Lu & Zhengyan Xiao

  • 2011 The determinants of east asian regionalism
    by Fithra Faisal Hastiadi

  • 2011 Exchange Rate Policy and Regional Integration in Asia
    by Michel Aglietta & Claire Labonne & Françoise Lemoine

  • 2011 Le renminbi doit-il être réévalué ? Les leçons de l'expérience japonaise
    by Claude Meyer

  • 2010 Will China Have Serious Inflation?
    by Gregory C. Chow

  • 2010 Malaysian Economic Development: Looking Backwards and Forward
    by Hal Hill

  • 2010 Railroads of the Raj: Estimating the Impact of Transportation Infrastructure
    by Dave Donaldson

  • 2010 An Integrated Assessment of Water Markets: Australia, Chile, China, South Africa and the USA
    by R. Quentin Grafton & Clay Landry & Gary D. Libecap & Sam McGlennon & Robert O'Brien

  • 2010 Great Inflation and Central Bank Independence in Japan
    by Takatoshi Ito

  • 2010 Regional Inequality and Industrial Structures in Pre-War Japan: An Analysis Based on New Prefectural GDP Estimates
    by Jean-Pascal Bassino & Kyoji Fukao & Ralph Paprzycki & Tokihiko Settsu & Tangjun Yuan

  • 2010 Cultural and Institutional Bifurcation: China and Europe Compared
    by Greif, Avner & Tabellini, Guido

  • 2010 China o el triunfo del mercantilismo en la era de la globalización
    by Hernando Matallana

  • 2010 The Determinants of Internal Migration in a Developing Country: Quantitative Evidence for Indonesia, 1930-200
    by van Lottum, J. & Marks, D.

  • 2010 THE JAPANESE ECONOMY IN RETROSPECT:Selected Papers by Gary R Saxonhouse(In 2 Volumes)

  • 2010 The Romanian Entrepreneurial System
    by Matei Gabriel Andrei

  • 2010 First borrowing period at Ottoman Empire (1854-1876): Budget policies and consequences
    by Seda Ozekicioglu & Halil Ozekicioglu

  • 2010 Capacity Output and Cycles in Non-agricultural Output of the Indian Economy
    by Vikas Chitre

  • 2010 China’s Fiscal Stimulus Package for the Current International Crisis: What does 1996–2006 Tell Us?
    by Jonathan E. Leightner

  • 2010 América Latina y Asia del Este: una mirada al papel de los choques externos
    by Mariana Gutiérrez Bernal & Susana Yepes Bernal

  • 2010 K ekonomickému vývoju Kórejskej republiky
    by Richard Woltemar

  • 2009 Currency Competition in China Between 1850 and 1950 A Case Study on Hayek’s Denationalised Money?
    by David Denzer-Speck

  • 2009 Cari İşlemler Dengesi Gelişmeleri
    by Fazıl Kayıkçı

  • 2009 Of Traders, Usurers and British Capital: Managing Agencies and the Dalmia Jain Case
    by Tyabji, Nasir

  • 2009 The impacts of economic structures on the performance of simple policy rules in a small open economy
    by Siok Kun, Sek

  • 2009 China’s Business Cycles between 1954 – 2004: Productivity and Fiscal Policy Changes
    by Hsu, Minchung & Zhao, Min

  • 2009 What is the Long Run Growth Rate of the East Asian Tigers?
    by Rao, B. Bhaskara & Tamazian, Artur & Singh, Rup

  • 2009 Total Factor Productivity and Economic Growth in Indonesia
    by Pierre van der Eng

  • 2009 New Evidence on the First Financial Bubble
    by Rik G.P. Frehen & William N. Goetzmann & K. Geert Rouwenhorst

  • 2009 Why did Countries Adopt the Gold Standard? Lessons from Japan
    by Kris James Mitchener & Masato Shizume & Marc D. Weidenmier

  • 2009 Time of Troubles: The Yen and Japan's Economy, 1985-2008
    by Maurice Obstfeld

  • 2009 Introduction and Overview to Volumes I and II, The Japanese Economy in Retrospect: Selected Papers by Gary R. Saxonhouse
    by Robert M Stern & Gavin Wright & Hugh Patrick

  • 2009 The Responsiveness of Remittances to the Oil Price: The Case of the GCC
    by Naufal, George S & Termos, Ali

  • 2009 The Responsiveness of Remittances to the Oil Price: The Case of the GCC
    by Naufal, George & Termos, Ali

  • 2009 Part-Paid Stock, Corporate Finance, and Investment: Economic Consequences of the Part-Paid Stock System and Supplementary Installments in the Early 1930s of Japan
    by Takashi Nanjo & Makoto Kasuya

  • 2009 Gross Prefectural Domestic Product and Industrial Structure in Pre-war Japan [in Japanese]
    by Tangjun Yuan & Tokihiko Settsu & Jean-Pascal Bassino & Kyoji Fukao

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: ASEAN capital market integration: issues and challenges
    by Datuk Ranjit Ajit Singh

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: ASEAN in Asia economic integration
    by Shaobang Kang

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: the EU experience of the process of economic integration: successes, failures and challenges
    by Colin Budd

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: achieving the ASEAN Economic Community agenda: an Indonesian perspective
    by Dionisius A. Narjoko & Teguh Y. Wicaksono

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: keynote address: enhancing competitiveness through regional integration
    by Surin Pitsuwan

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: cover note: ASEAN In Perspective
    by Munir Majid

  • 2009 Economic Conditions in Early Modern Bengal: A Contribution to the Divergence Debate
    by Roy, Tirthankar

  • 2009 Was the Korean Slave Market Efficient?
    by Elise S. Brezis & Heeho Kim

  • 2009 Did China follow the East Asian development model?
    by Andrea Boltho & Maria Weber

  • 2008 Intra-Provincial Inequalities and Economic Growth in China
    by Jacek Kochanowicz & Joanna Rymaszewska & Joanna Tyrowicz

  • 2008 Investigating the effect of granted facilities by specialist banks to agriculture part on value added agriculture part of Iran
    by Lotfi, Habib & Ahmadzadeh Mashinchi, Sina

  • 2008 Real Exchange Rate Behavior: New Evidence with Linear and Non-linear Endogenous Break(s)
    by Chan, Tze-Haw & Chong, Lee Lee & Khong, Wye Leong Roy

  • 2008 Arthakranti Plan: Noble Intentions but Muddled Thinking
    by Waknis, Parag

  • 2008 Does Fisher hypothesis hold for the East Asian Economies? an application of panel unit root tests
    by Ling, Tai-Hu & Venus, Khim-Sen Liew & Syed Khalid Wafa, Syed Azizi Wafa

  • 2008 Intra-Provincial Inequalities and Economic Growth in China
    by Kochanowicz, Jacek & Rymaszewska, Joanna & Tyrowicz, Joanna

  • 2008 A Panel Data Approach to the Contribution of Trade to the Growth of Selected East Asian Countries
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