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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ E: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
/ / E1: General Aggregative Models
/ / / E11: Marxian; Sraffian; Kaleckian
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycles (QM&RBC)
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Theories of finance and financial crisis: Lessons for the Great Recession
    by Dodig, Nina & Herr, Hansjörg

  • 2015 Regional aspects of aggregate profitability dynamics in Italy
    by Silvia Domeneghetti & Andrea Vaona

  • 2015 The Demise of Marx’s Labour Theory of Value and the ‘New Interpretation’: A Recap Note
    by Ernesto Screpanti

  • 2015 Profitability in India’s Organized Manufacturing Sector: The Role of Technology, Distribution, and Demand
    by Basu, Deepankar & Das, Debarshi

  • 2015 Growth and distribution in Brazil the 21st century: revisiting the wage-led versus profit-led debate
    by Laura Carvalho & Fernando Rugitsky

  • 2015 Financialization, Housing Bubble, and the Great Recession: an interpretation based on a circuit of capital model
    by Fernando Rugitsky

  • 2015 The contradictory path of the capital accumulation process in Spain under the Euro
    by Mateo Tomé, Juan Pablo

  • 2015 Debt-driven growth? Wealth, distribution and demand in OECD countries
    by Stockhammer, Engelbert & Wildauer, Rafael

  • 2015 Debt-driven growth? Wealth, distribution and demand in OECD countries
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Rafael Wildauer

  • 2015 Time variation in the size of the multiplier: a Kalecki-Harrod approach
    by Mark Setterfield

  • 2015 Uncertainty and Contradiction: An Essay on the Business Cycle
    by Michalis Nikiforos

  • 2015 Neoliberalism, ‘Digitization’, and Creativity: the Issue of Applied Ontology
    by Juniper, James

  • 2015 Secular Stagnation or Stagnation Policy? Steindl after Summers
    by Eckhard Hein

  • 2015 Marx's Theory of Money and 21st-century Macrodynamics
    by Tai Young-Taft

  • 2015 The Rise of Money and Class Society: The Contributions of John F. Henry
    by Alla Semenova & L. Randall Wray

  • 2015 Global Dynamics, Capabilities and the Crisis
    by Fagerberg, Jan & Srholec, Martin

  • 2015 Capabilities, Competitiveness, Nations
    by Fagerberg , Jan & Srholec , Martin

  • 2015 Capitalism, Unemployment and the Transition to the Contemporary Pattern of Growth
    by Howard Petith

  • 2015 Alternative Interpretations of a Stateless Currency crisis
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2015 Spiegare la crisi: stagnazione secolare o caduta tendenziale del saggio del profitto?
    by Vladimiro Giacché

  • 2015 Two Kinds of MELT and Their Determinations
    by Jie Meng

  • 2015 On the Cambridge, England, Critique of the Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution
    by G. C. Harcourt

  • 2015 Unproductive Activity and Endogenous Technological Change in a Marxian Model of Economic Reproduction and Growth
    by Erik K. Olsen

  • 2015 Materialized Composition of Capital and its Stability in the United States
    by Paul Zarembka

  • 2015 Structural change, sectoral specialisation and growth rate differences in an evolutionary growth model with demand shocks
    by André Lorentz

  • 2014 Finance and crisis: Marxian, institutionalist and circuitist approaches
    by Argitis, Georgios & Evans, Trevor & Michell, Jo & Toporowski, Jan

  • 2014 Financial, economic and social systems: French Regulation School, Social Structures of Accumulation and Post-Keynesian approaches compared
    by Hein, Eckhard & Dodig, Nina & Budyldina, Natalia

  • 2014 An inconsistency in using stock flow consistency in modelling the monetary profit paradox
    by de la Fonteijne, Marcel

  • 2014 Public Goods, Redistribution, and Growth: A Classical Model
    by Daniele Tavani & Luca Zamparelli

  • 2014 The accumulation of capital and economic growth in Brazil. A long-term perspective (1950-2008)
    by Mateo Tomé, Juan Pablo

  • 2014 Κρίση, Σύγχρονος Καπιταλισμός Και Ταξικές Ανακατατάξεις
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefter

  • 2014 Sraffa’s price equations in light of Garegnani and Pasinetti - The ‘core’ of surplus theories and the ‘natural’ relations of an economic system
    by Bellino, Enrico

  • 2014 The Sraffian Multiplier for the Greek Economy: Evidence from the Supply and Use Table for the Year 2010
    by Mariolis, Theodore & Soklis, George

  • 2014 Income distribution, turnover speed and profit rate in Japan, Chile, Netherlands and United States
    by Maito, Esteban Ezequiel

  • 2014 The Golden Rule of Capital Accumulation and Global Recession. Aggregate Production Function and the Cambridge Capital Controversy
    by Yashin, Pete

  • 2014 A Critical Marxist Simple Approach to Capital Theory
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2014 Towards an integrated theory of value, capital and money
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2014 A Kaleckian Model with Intermediate Goods
    by Kemp-Benedict, Eric

  • 2014 Η θεωρία οικονομικών κρίσεων του Karl Marx
    by Mariolis, Theodore

  • 2014 Financial Crisis and Economic Depression: 'Post Hoc Ego Propter Hoc'? Implications for Financial Asset Valuation and Financial Regulation
    by Stravelakis, Nikos

  • 2014 Profit for Marxists
    by Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont

  • 2014 Pseudo-Goodwin Cycles in a Minsky Model
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Jo Michell

  • 2014 Investimenti, consumi e occupazione. Capacità produttiva, domanda effettiva e distribuzione del reddito nel lungo periodo
    by Giovanni Bonifati

  • 2014 The Socialization of Investment, from Keynes to Minsky and Beyond
    by Riccardo Bellofiore

  • 2014 Distribution-led Growth in the Long Run
    by Michalis Nikiforos

  • 2014 'Age of Large'Age of Large-population Countries' and Marxian Optimal Growth Theory
    by Hiroshi Onishi & Ryo Kanae

  • 2014 Attitudes Towards Gender Equality And Perception Of Democracy In The Arab World
    by Veronica Kostenko & Pavel Kuzmichev & Eduard Ponarin

  • 2014 Finance and Crisis; Marxian, Institutionalist and Circuitist approaches
    by Georgios Argitis & Trevor Evans & Jo Michell & Jan Toporowski

  • 2014 Financial, economic and social systems: French Regulation School, Social Structures of Accumulation and Post-Keynesian approaches compared
    by Eckhard Hein & Nina Dodig & Natalia Budyldina

  • 2014 Contribution of ICT on Labor Market Polarization: an Evolutionary Approach
    by Benjamin David

  • 2014 Disequilibrium, reproduction and money: a Classical approach
    by Carlo Benetti & Christian Bidard & Edith Klimovsky & Antoine Rebeyrol

  • 2014 Has the income share of the middle and upper-middle been stable over time, or is its current homogeneity across the world the outcome of a process of convergence? The 'Palma Ratio' revisited
    by José Gabriel Palma

  • 2014 An inconsistency in using stock flow consistency in modelling the monetary profit paradox
    by de la Fonteijne, Marcel R.

  • 2014 Evolutionary model of the bank size distribution
    by Kaldasch, Joachim

  • 2014 Necessary prices and necessary income distribution in classical political economy. A bridge with the notions ‘just’ prices and ‘just’ wage
    by Enrico Bellino

  • 2014 Unequal Exchange and the Rentier Economy
    by Ron Baiman

  • 2014 Interlocking Turnover Continua and the Structure of Capital
    by Daniel E. Saros

  • 2014 Unproductive Labor in the U.S. Economy 1964-20101
    by Simon Mohun

  • 2014 The Determination of the Monetary Expression of Concrete Labor Time under the Inconvertible Credit Money System
    by Dong-Min Rieu & Keonbeom Lee & Hyeon-Hyo Ahn

  • 2014 La recaudación del Impuesto al Hospedaje en el Estado de Quintana Roo, México: estadística descriptiva y patrón de tendencia fractal
    by Sergio Lagunas Puls

  • 2014 Capital accumulation cycles in the Marxist theory
    by Bernard Dupont

  • 2013 Evolutionary model of the bank size distribution
    by Kaldasch, Joachim

  • 2013 Innovation, economic diversification and human development
    by Hartmann, Dominik & Pyka, Andreas

  • 2013 Quel pasticciaccio brutto dell’euro
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2013 The implications of TARGET2 in the European balance of payment crisis and beyond
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2013 The endless Eurozone crisis, where do we stand? A Classical-Kaleckian overview
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2013 Real and Financial Determinants of the Profit Share of Income: The Financial Profit Squeeze
    by Matthew J. Bezreh & Jonathan P. Goldstein

  • 2013 Nearer to Straffa than Marx: Adam Smith on productive and unproductive labour
    by Roy Grieve

  • 2013 Quantity theory, say's law and effective demand in money theories
    by Giovanni Scarano

  • 2013 The ‘new golden age of accumulation’, the new depression and the greek economy
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris

  • 2013 The Monetary Profit Paradox and a Sustainable Economy - A Fundamental Approach
    by de la Fonteijne, Marcel

  • 2013 A Critical Marxist Approach to Capital Theory
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2013 Distribución Funcional De La Renta: Teorías Y Evidencia Empírica
    by Puente-Ajovin, Miguel

  • 2013 Resource Return on Investment under Markup Pricing
    by Kemp-Benedict, Eric

  • 2013 Capital's Pons Asinorum: the Rate of Turnover in Karl Marx's Analysis of Capitalist Valorisation
    by Passarella, Marco & Baron, Hervé

  • 2013 Future methods of political economy: from Hicks’ equation systems to evolutionary macroeconomic simulation
    by Hanappi, Hardy

  • 2013 Currency Devaluation, External Finance and Economic Growth: A Note on the Greek Case
    by Mariolis, Theodore

  • 2013 Modern Money Theory 101: A Reply to Critics
    by Eric Tymoigne & L. Randall Wray

  • 2013 Uncertainty and Contradiction: An Essay on the Business Cycle
    by Michalis Nikiforos

  • 2013 Understanding the Russian malaise: The collapse and recovery of subjective well-being in post-communist Russia
    by Ronald Inglehart & Roberto Foa & Eduard Ponarin & Christian Welzel

  • 2013 Genes, security, tolerance and happiness
    by Ronald Inglehart & Svetlana Borinskaya & Anna Cotter & Jaanus Harro & Ronald C. Inglehart & Eduard Ponarin & Christian Welzel

  • 2013 Rising support for reproductive freedoms: emancipatory breakthroughs into a bulwark of tradition
    by Amy C. Alexander & Christian Welzel & Ronald Inglehart

  • 2013 Evolution, empowerment and emancipation: How societies ascend the utility ladder of freedoms
    by Christian Welzel & Ronald Inglehart

  • 2013 Reinventing the Kantean Peace: The Emerging Mass Basis of Global Security
    by Ronald Inglehart & Christian Welzel & Bi Puranen

  • 2013 Salaire, concurrence et surtravail: Une contribution classique à l’explication du profit
    by Olivier Rosell

  • 2013 Population, Migration, Living Standard and Social Pressure: A Modeling Approach from Thermodynamics
    by Jing Chen

  • 2013 The Intolerance Multiplier
    by Alan Day Haight

  • 2013 Increasing Inequality and Financial Instability
    by Peter Skott

  • 2013 The Dollar Standard and Stability of China’s Macroeconomy
    by Guohua He & Xinxin Chang

  • 2013 Income distribution in a monetary economy
    by Nazim Kadri Ekinci

  • 2013 Il ruolo delle istituzioni nellÕeconomia: introduzione
    by Alessandro Roncaglia

  • 2013 Armamentismo y sobreconsumo en el capitalismo contemporáneo. La economía política de la guerra
    by Guillermo Torres Carral.

  • 2013 La teoría de la agencia. El caso de una universidad privada en la ciudad de Manizales
    by Tania Mackenzie Torres & María Teresa Buitrago Quintero & Patricia Giraldo Vélez & José Hernán Parra Sánchez

  • 2013 Credit Allocation, Profitability and Stability
    by Paulo L. dos Santos

  • 2012 Port gateways in globalisation. The case of Antwerp
    by Gilles Van Hamme & Mathieu Strale

  • 2012 Contending Economic Theories: Neoclassical, Keynesian, and Marxian
    by Wolff, Richard D. & Resnick, Stephen A.

  • 2012 Contending Economic Theories: Neoclassical, Keynesian, and Marxian
    by Wolff, Richard D. & Resnick, Stephen A.

  • 2012 Ein Nelson-Winter-Modell der deutschen Volkswirtschaft
    by Quaas, Georg

  • 2012 Neo-Kaleckian and Sraffian controversies on accumulation theory
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2012 The Crisis of Intellectual Monopoly Capitalism
    by Ugo Pagano

  • 2012 Michal Kalecki and Rosa Luxemburg on Marx’s schemes of reproduction: two incisive interpreters of capitalism
    by Geoffrey Harcourt & Peter Kriesler

  • 2012 Neologism as Theoretical Innovation in Economics: The case of 'Financialisation'
    by Jan Toporowski

  • 2012 A Nelson-Winter Model of the German Economy
    by Quaas, Georg

  • 2012 Evolutionary Model of the Personal Income Distribution
    by Kaldasch, Joachim

  • 2012 Bienenfeld’s approximation of production prices and eigenvalue distribution: some more evidence from five European economies
    by Iliadi, Fotoula & Mariolis, Theodore & Soklis, George & Tsoulfidis, Lefteris

  • 2012 The Regional Benefits of the Employer of Last Resort Program
    by Murray, Michael/ M J

  • 2012 Is-Lm Stability Revisited: Samuelson Was Right, Modigliani Was Wrong
    by Waldo Mendoza Bellido

  • 2012 The (Normal) Rate of Capacity Utilization at the Firm Level
    by Michalis Nikiforos

  • 2012 Innovation and Finance: An SFC Analysis of Great Surges of Development
    by Alessandro Caiani & Antoine Godin & Stefano Lucarelli

  • 2012 Introduction to an Alternative History of Money
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2012 Panel Data Evidence on the Role of Institutions and Shocks for Unemployment Dynamics and Equilibrium
    by Nymoen, Ragnar & Sparrman, Victoria

  • 2012 Karl Marx: Herakles oder Sisyphos?Eine philosophische und ökonomische Untersuchung
    by Petersen, Thomas & Faber, Malte

  • 2012 Effective Demand in the Short and in the Long Run
    by Josef Steindl

  • 2012 Introduction: there is more to Keynesianism than public spending alone
    by Carlo D'Ippoliti

  • 2012 La domanda effettiva nel breve e nel lungo periodo (Effective demand in the short and in the long run)
    by Josef Steindl

  • 2012 Introduzione: le politiche keynesiane non riguardano solo, né sempre, la spesa pubblica
    by Carlo D'Ippoliti

  • 2012 The Pass-Through of Commodity Prices to Consumer Prices of Selected Products
    by Fabio Rumler

  • 2012 The endless eurozone crisis, where do we stand? a classical-kaleckian overview
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2012 Wage, prices, rates of profit in a classical disequilibrium model
    by Édith Klimovsky & Olivier Rosell

  • 2011 Pensions in a shrinking economy: a comment on Kuné
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2011 Financialization, Household Credit and Economic Slowdown in the U.S
    by Deepankar Basu

  • 2011 Agents intentionality, capabilities and the performance of Systems of Innovation
    by Muñoz, Félix & Encinar, María Isabel

  • 2011 Rethinking equilibrium conditions in macromonetary theory: A conceptually rigorous approach
    by Piet-Hein Van Eeghen

  • 2011 Soft budget constraint and the parastatal sector
    by Vahabi, Mehrdad

  • 2011 Return to devalued drachma, cost-push inflation and international competitiveness
    by Mariolis, Theodore & Katsinos, Apostolis

  • 2011 On two theories of value and distribution
    by Naqvi, Nadeem

  • 2011 Resolving economic deadlock
    by Pfeffer, Claus-Peter

  • 2011 Heterodox surplus approach: production, prices, and value theory
    by Lee, Frederic

  • 2011 Exploitation and its unintended outcomes. An axiomatic obituary for Marx’s surplus value
    by Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont

  • 2011 Fair competition: The engine of economic development
    by Thomas, Alex M & Walling, Lima

  • 2011 A multi-sector version of the Post-Keynesian growth model
    by Araujo, Ricardo Azevedo & Teixeira, Joanílio Rodolpho

  • 2011 Kaleckian vs. Marxian specifications of the investment function: Some empirical evidence for the US
    by Schoder, Christian

  • 2011 On the Desired Rate of Capacity Utilization
    by Michalis Nikiforos

  • 2011 Distribution and Capacity: Conceptual Issues and Empirical Evidence September
    by Michalis Nikiforos & Duncan Foley

  • 2011 Is There Room for Bulls, Bears, and States in the Circuit?
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2011 Lessons We Should Have Learned from the Global Financial Crisis but Didn't
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2011 Income Distribution in a Monetary Economy: A Ricardo-Keynes Synthesis
    by Nazim Kadri Ekinci

  • 2011 Minsky's Money Manager Capitalism and the Global Financial Crisis
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2011 Minsky Crisis
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2011 A Minskyan Road to Financial Reform
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2011 Financial Keynesianism and Market Instability
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2011 The Dismal State of Macroeconomics and the Opportunity for a New Beginning
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2011 The Rise and Fall of Enforcement Institutions: An Example of Religion and Secularism
    by Pavel Ciaian & Jan Pokrivcak & d'Artis Kancs

  • 2011 The Determination of the “Monetary Expression of Labor Time” (“MELT”) in the Case of Non-Commodity Money
    by Fred Moseley

  • 2011 La frontera de distribución en Colombia
    by Mario García M. & Carlos A. Garzón R.

  • 2011 Pierangelo Garegnani: Policy Implications of the Critique of Political Economy
    by Antonella Palumbo & Attilio Trezzini

  • 2011 Will restricting proprietary trading and stricter derivatives regulation make the US financial system more stable?
    by Jan Kregel

  • 2011 Introduction
    by Alessandro Roncaglia

  • 2011 Financialization in the Light of Keynesian Theory
    by Amit Bhaduri

  • 2011 A multi-faceted financial crisis
    by Alessandro Roncaglia

  • 2011 Ancora sulla crisi
    by Alessandro Roncaglia

  • 2011 Keynes o Marx? Sulle origini e i rimedi delle crisi
    by Luca Michelini

  • 2011 Dalla "dottrina Krugman-Stiglitz" alla dottrina "Keynes-Marx"
    by Luca Michelini

  • 2011 Education, Growth And Distribution: Classical-Marxian Economic Thought And A Simple Model
    by Amitava Krishna Dutt & Roberto Veneziani

  • 2011 Elementos para una teoría clásica de los precios de equilibrio y desequilibrio
    by Tobón Arias, Alexander & Bolaños Cerón, Eduardo

  • 2011 Distribution, exploitation and profit rates
    by Alberto Benítez Sánchez

  • 2011, 2nd quarter update Minsky crisis
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2010 Low surplus value historically required for accumulation, seen in a model derived from Marx
    by Paul Zarembka

  • 2010 The National Question And The Question Of Crisis

  • 2010 Profit rate dynamics, income distribution, structural and technical change in Denmark, Finland and Italy
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2010 Genesis and foundations of the multiplier: Marx, Kalecki and Keynes
    by Serena Sordi & Alessandro Vercelli

  • 2010 Anticipations of the Crisis: On the Similarities Between Post Keynesian Economics and Regulation Theory
    by Mark Setterfield

  • 2010 Eigenvalue distribution and the production price-profit rate relationship in linear single-product systems: theory and empirical evidence
    by Mariolis, Theodore & Tsoulfidis, Lefteris

  • 2010 High Non-Wage Employment in India: Revisiting the ‘Paradox’ in Capitalist Development
    by Roy, Satyaki

  • 2010 Evolution of Consumers’ Preferences due to Innovation
    by Dahlan, Rolan Mauludy & Situngkir, Hokky

  • 2010 Δυναμική Του Χρέους, ‘Δίδυμα Ελλείμματα’ Και Διεθνής Ανταγωνιστικότητα Της Ελληνικής Οικονομίας
    by Mariolis, Theodore & Papoulis, Κostas

  • 2010 The empirical relevance of Goodwin’s business cycle model for the US economy
    by Tarassow, Artur

  • 2010 Exploitation and the class struggle
    by Juan Carlos Cuestas & Bruce Philp

  • 2010 Money
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2010 Structural Change and Business Cycles: An Evolutionary Approach
    by André Lorentz & Maria Savona

  • 2010 Reproduction and temporary disequilibrium: a Classical approach
    by Carlo Benetti & Christian Bidard & Edith Klimovsky & Antoine Rebeyrol

  • 2010 Cultural and Institutional Bifurcation: China and Europe Compared
    by Greif, Avner & Tabellini, Guido

  • 2010 La inflación en la Argentina en el siglo XXI: debates teóricos y evidencia empírica
    by Juan Eduardo Santarcángelo

  • 2010 La dinámica salarial en la economía española (1954-2003). Una aproximación desde la teoría del Valor-Trabajo
    by Maximiliano Nieto Fernández

  • 2010 Karl Marx: dinero, capital y crisis
    by Deleplace, Ghislain

  • 2010 A Tendency for the Rate of Profit to Fall? From Primitive to Flexible Accumulation in Sweden 1800-2005
    by Rodney Edvinsson

  • 2010 Elements for a Classical Theory of Equilibrium and Disequilibrium Prices
    by Alexander Tobón & Eduardo Bolaños

  • 2010 Valore e costo reale di produzione. Un riesame del problema, dopo la "New Value Controversy"
    by Duccio Cavalieri

  • 2010 The Institutionalists’ Reaction to Chamberlin’s Theory of Monopolistic Competition
    by Luca Fiorito

  • 2010 La crisis actual a la luz de los grandes autores de la economía política
    by Robert Boyer.

  • 2010 Paul Boccara's analysis of global capitalism. the return of the Bourbons, and the breakdown of the Brussels / Paris neo-liberal consensus
    by Tausch, Arno

  • 2010 Ley de Justicia y Paz, un balance de su primer lustro
    by Dario Valencia A, Germán & Mejía W, Carlos Alberto

  • 2009 The paradox of monetary profits: an obstacle to understanding financial and economic Crisis?
    by Bruun, Charlotte & Heyn-Johnsen, Carsten

  • 2009 Goodwin or Kalecki in Demand? Functional Income Distribution and Aggregate Demand in the Short Run
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Robert Stehrer

  • 2009 Price flexibility and full employment: a common misconception
    by Roy Grieve

  • 2009 Strong Subjectivism in the Marxian Theory of Exploitation: A Critique
    by Roberto Veneziani & Naoki Yoshihara

  • 2009 A New Classification of Goods in Sraffa-Price-Systems: Basic Capital Goods, Non-Basic Capital Goods and Consumption Goods
    by Khudaynazarov, Ashurali

  • 2009 The Classical approach to distribution and the “natural system”
    by Bellino, Enrico

  • 2009 Strong Subjectivism in the Marxian Theory of Exploitation: A Critique
    by Veneziani, Roberto & Yoshihara, Naoki

  • 2009 Objectivist versus Subjectivist Approaches to the Marxian Theory of Exploitation
    by Veneziani, Roberto & Yoshihara, Naoki

  • 2009 Strong Subjectivism in the Marxian Theory of Exploitation: A Critique
    by Veneziani, Roberto & Yoshihara, Naoki

  • 2009 Development Blocks, Faulty Investment and Structural Tensions – The Åkerman- Dahmén Theory of the Business Cycle
    by Erixon, Lennart

  • 2009 Valor, Precio y Ganancia en un Contexto Antimarxista
    by Augusto Velásquez Forero

  • 2009 Implicit Microfoundations for Macroeconomics
    by Wright, Ian

  • 2009 Sull'inseparabilità delle strutture sintattiche nell'analisi classica del valore e della distribuzione
    by Duccio Cavalieri

  • 2009 Marx in the matrix, ovvero Marx tra il "circuito monetario" e Sraffa. Un commento a Passarella
    by Stefano Perri

  • 2009 Marx in the matrix. L’algebra del "lavoro vivo"
    by Marco Passarella

  • 2009 Los impuestos en la teoría de los precios de reproducción
    by Eduardo Bolaños & Alexander Tobón

  • 2009 Equilibrio y desequilibrio en la teoría de los precios de reproducción
    by Eduardo Bolaños & Alexander Tobón

  • 2009 La asimetría en los esquemas de reproducción de Marx
    by Salvador Ferrer Ramírez

  • 2009 Equilibrio Y Desequilibrio En La Teoría De Los Precios De Reproducción

  • 2008 Implicit Microfoundations for Macroeconomics
    by Wright, Ian

  • 2008 Money and Monetary Policy in a Kaldor-Pasinetti-Sraffa-Keynes Framework
    by Peter Docherty

  • 2008 The Macroeconomics of the Pension Fund Reform and the case of the TFR reform in Italy
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2008 A Multilevel Analysis of Innovation in Developing Countries
    by Srholec, Martin

  • 2008 Financial Globalization and Labor: Employee Shareholding or Labor Regression?
    by Nacho Álvarez Peralta & Bibiana Medialdea García

  • 2008 Protection costs, transaction costs,and economic theory
    by Vahabi, Mehrdad

  • 2008 Mouvements de masse et organisations de classe en Amérique Latine aujourd'hui. ALBA, sortie du FMI, BancoSur et "socialisme du XXIe siècle"
    by Luciano Vasapollo & Rémy Herrera

  • 2008 Overlapping Generations Models of General Equilibrium
    by John Geanakoplos

  • 2008 Prospettive e limiti dell'Economia quantitativa
    by Luigi Pasinetti &

  • 2008 A dimensão institucional do processo de crescimento econômico: inovações e mudanças institucionais, rotinas e tecnologia social
    by Conceição, Octavio A. C.

  • 2007 Output Dynamics, Flow Equilibria and Structural Change – A Prolegomenon to Evolutionary Macroeconomics
    by Ulrich Witt & Thomas Brenner

  • 2007 Grundzüge der Evolutionsökonomie - Analytik, Ontologie und theoretische Schlüsselkonzepte
    by Kurt Dopfer

  • 2007 National innovation systems, capabilities and economic development
    by Jan Fagerberg & Martin Srholec

  • 2007 Distribution and Growth in an Economy with Heterogeneous Capital and Excess Capacity
    by Mariolis, Theodore

  • 2007 Structural change in employment in India since 1980s: How Lewisian is it?
    by Roy, Satyaki

  • 2007 Class and Exploitation in General Convex Cone Economies
    by Yoshihara, Naoki

  • 2007 Evolutionary Micro-dynamics and Changes in the Economic Structure
    by André Lorentz & Maria Savona

  • 2007 Sobre "Clase y Explotación" en la Corriente Principal de la Economía
    by Howard Petith

  • 2007 Neoliberalismo Europeo y la Transición Española Vista desde el Enfoque de Clase y Explotación
    by Howard Petith

  • 2007 Las ideas de Marx llegan a la Corriente Principal de la Economía
    by Howard Petith

  • 2007 Marxian Insights from the Mainstream
    by Howard Petith

  • 2007 The Rise of Democracy in Europe and the Fight Against Mass Poverty in Latin America: The Implications for Marxist Thought of Some Recent Mainstream Papers
    by Howard Petith

  • 2007 Reconstrucción analítica del proceso de desarme, desmovilización y reinserción de las Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia, 2002-2007
    by Valencia A., German

  • 2007 Além da Transação: Uma Comparação do Pensamento dos Institucionalistas com os Evolucionários e Pós-Keynesianos
    by Octavio A. C. Conceição

  • 2006 The Origins of Meso Economics - Schumpeter's Legacy
    by Kurt Dopfer

  • 2006 Distribution and Growth in a Multi-Sector Open Economy with Excess Capacity
    by Mariolis, Theodore

  • 2006 Classical Theory and Exhaustible Natural Resources: Notes on the Current Debate
    by Fabio Ravagnani

  • 2006 The rate of profit in the Greek economy 1988-1997. an input-output analysis
    by Mariolis, Theodore & Rodousakis, Nikolaos & Tsoulfidis, Lefteris

  • 2006 Goodwin cycles and the U.S. economy, 1948-2004
    by Mohun, Simon & Veneziani, Roberto

  • 2006 A Critical Note on Marx’s Theory of Profits
    by Mariolis, Theodore

  • 2006 A Critique of the ‘New Approach’ to the Transformation Problem and a Proposal
    by Mariolis, Theodore

  • 2006 世界经济长波导论:对危机与萧条的研究及预测
    by dong, congcong

  • 2006 Macrodynamic Capacity and Financial Development: Theoretical Conception and Observations on the Brazilian Economy
    by Joanílio Rodolpho Teixeira & Maria de Lourdes Rollemberg Mollo

  • 2006 Land, Technical Progress and the Falling Rate of Profit
    by Howard Petith

  • 2006 Tendencias de la rentabilidad y la acumulación en el capitalismo español (1954-2003)
    by Maximiliano Nieto Ferrández

  • 2006 Informal Institutions, Consumption Custom, and Assumption of OLG Model¡ªA Theoretical Analysis on Households¡¯ Consumption Decisions in the Oriental Culture and Belief
    by HUANG Shao¡äan & SUN Tao

  • 2006 Finance and reproduction : Rudolf Hilferding’s crisis theory
    by Christian TUTIN

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