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This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Challenges in 2017
    by Challenges Editorial Office

  • 2017 A "Model" Model: McCloskey and the Craft of Economics
    by Joshua C. Hall

  • 2017 Importance of specific risks in higher education
    by Maja Glogovac & Marija Krasic & Aleksa Vulovic & Zoran Rakicevic & Ana Horvat

  • 2017 Development of sustainable product innovations
    by Stig Ottosson

  • 2017 An Alternative Look at Measurement of University Performance in STEM education: A Data Envelopment Analysis Project
    by Sukanya Kemp & Irina Chernikova

  • 2017 Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Just Infotainment or a New Public Sphere?
    by Takeshi Suzuki

  • 2017 Opportunities for Assessing a Company's Creditworthiness Based on the Information from the Annual Financial Statements
    by Tsvetomir Manolov

  • 2017 Accounting Aspects of UEFA Financial Fair Play Rules in Leading Professional Football Clubs in Bulgaria
    by Rumyana Marinova

  • 2017 Transparency of Disclosures on Credit Risk Management in the Financial Statements of the Banks
    by Nadezhda Popova-Yosifova

  • 2017 Ìeasures for CSR in the Banking Industry
    by Sevgi Mertkan

  • 2017 Gender Determinants of Bank Oerformance Through the Vision of Generation Y (Millennials)
    by Aleksandrina Pancheva

  • 2017 The Relationship Between Financial Development and Income Inequality: Data from Bulgaria
    by Hristo Mavrov

  • 2017 Indicators for Measuring the Standard of Living - Theoretical and Applied Aspects
    by Boryana Trifonova & Borislava Galabova

  • 2017 Labor Productivity in the Bulgarian Mining Industry
    by Vesselin Mitev & Boryana Trifonova & Borislava Galabova

  • 2017 Economic Safety and Guarantees for Sustainable Development
    by Nedka Nikolova

  • 2017 The HTTPS Protocol Usage in the Public Web Sites of Bulgarian Banks
    by Pavel Petrov

  • 2017 Economic Sciences Presentation in Various Classification Schemes
    by Stefka Petrova & Pavel Petrov

  • 2017 Nature and Characteristics of the Control Impact in the Area of Financial Control (Theoretical Concepts and Practical Aspects)
    by Bistra Nikolova

  • 2017 Extracting Top Trends from Twitter Discussions in Bulgarian
    by Boris Bankov

  • 2017 Approach to Creating Information System Development Design Patterns
    by Mariya Armyanova

  • 2017 Using the TOPSIS Method to Evaluate Projects for Virtualization
    by Mihail Radev

  • 2017 Integration of Risk Management Processes into the Business of IT Companies
    by Stoicho Stoev

  • 2017 Developing Business Intelligence System in a Building and Construction Company
    by Yanka Aleksandrova

  • 2017 Development of Trade in Organic Products in Central and South-Eastern Europe
    by Aleksandar Shivarov

  • 2017 Incorrectly Transmitted Computer Terminology and Strategies to Overcome Non-Equivalence
    by Latinka Todoranova & Anita Todoranova

  • 2017 The Usage of Social Media in Business Process Management: Opportunities and Challenges
    by Nadezhda Filipova

  • 2017 Trends in the Development of Open Source Software Platforms for the Creation of Online Stores
    by Snezhana Sulova

  • 2017 The Distribution of Daily Exchange Rate Returns
    by Slaveya Zhelyazkova

  • 2017 Cluster as a Form of Competitive for Regional Economics
    by Velina Yordanova

  • 2017 Digital Divide of the Balkan countries - comparative statistical analysis
    by Mariana Kaneva

  • 2017 Applied Aspects of Optimal Positioning of Units in Logistics Systems
    by Rosen Nikolaev & Tanka Milkova

  • 2017 Use of Fruit and Vegetable Waste as a Source of Biomethane
    by Vanya Zhivkova

  • 2017 Opportunities for Utilization of Waste From Fruits and Vegetables
    by Vanya Zhivkova

  • 2017 Role of Standardization for the Development of the Economy and Protection of the Interests of Consumers
    by Temenuga Stoykova

  • 2017 Reverse Logistics and Circular Economy - Working Together?
    by Vesselina Dimitrova & Teodoro Gallucci

  • 2017 Reasons Analysis for Increasing of Outsourcing Manufactures Activity Effectiveness
    by Stoyanka Petkova - Georgieva

  • 2017 Trends in Disclosures on Port Concession Fair Value Measurement
    by Galina Sabcheva

  • 2017 Internally-Generated Goodwill - Problems and Approaches to Defining and Measuring It
    by Atanas Atanasov

  • 2017 Perspectives for the Cutting of Legumes in Bulgaria and Comparison with Other Countries in the World
    by Gergana Slavova

  • 2017 Methodology Estimating the Efficiency of the Services in Water Supply and Sanitation Sector under Concessioning in the Republic of Bulgaria
    by Todor Raychev

  • 2017 Problems and Opportunities for Concessioning in the Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in the Republic of Bulgaria
    by Todor Raychev

  • 2017 E-shops and Sales Process
    by Penka Goranova

  • 2017 Customer Portfolio Management: Conceptual Framework and Empirical Evidence
    by Viktoriya Stancheva

  • 2017 Food and Drink E-Commerce - Prospects and Challenges
    by Desislava Grozdeva

  • 2017 The Future of Hybrid Automotive Technologies
    by Michal Stojanov

  • 2017 Socio-Psychological Theories About Consumer Behaviour
    by Violeta Peteva Laskova

  • 2017 New Technologies in Retailing, Improving the Quality of Commercial Service
    by Elitsa Gramatikova

  • 2017 Environmental Problems and Solutions in the Transport Sector in Bulgaria
    by Donka Zhelyazkova

  • 2017 The Bulgarian Film Production: Problems, Trends and Alternatives
    by Tzveta Zafirova

  • 2017 The Perceived Social Burden of the Gluten Free Diet in Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity
    by Lili Grudeva & Diana Gancheva & Maria Atanasova

  • 2017 Focus Areas in the Elaboration of Strategies for Educational Institutions Development in the Secondary Education System
    by Velislava Nikolaeva

  • 2017 Models for Resource Allocation in Health Care
    by Maria Rohova

  • 2017 A New Model for Defining Forecasts in Black Litterman
    by Miroslav Vladimirov

  • 2017 Elements of the Project – Necessary to Create a Successful Project
    by Stanislava Gardeleva

  • 2017 Ethical Issues in Multinational Companies' Business
    by Silviya Dimitrova

  • 2017 Patents as a Means of Stimulating the Application of Open Innovation in Bulgaria
    by Radka Ivanova

  • 2017 CSR and Sustainable Development Information Disclosure from Large Bulgarian Companies
    by Desislava Serafimova

  • 2017 A Cancellation of the Commercial Transactions in the Insolvency Proceedings under the Commercial Act
    by Maria Todorova

  • 2017 Term "Insolvency" and Legal Means of Overcoming in Commercial Law
    by Margarita Bachvarova

  • 2017 Dynamic Capabilities Concept in the Case of the Tourism Companies
    by Katya Vladova

  • 2017 Improvement of the Bulgarian Classification System of the Hospitality Industry
    by Tanya Dabeva & Georgina Lukanova

  • 2017 Assessment of the Impact of Meso- Environmental Factors on the Youth Tourism in Bulgaria
    by Velina Kazandzhieva & Katina Popova

  • 2017 "Liquid Society": the Decline of Values and its Reflection on Contemporary Leadership
    by Mariya Veleva

  • 2017 Challenges of Applying Contemporary Approaches to Hiring New Employees in Dynamic Business Environment
    by Mariya Veleva & Katya Antonova

  • 2017 Business Cycles in a Two-Sector Growth Model with Heterogeneous Households and Endogenous Human Capital
    by Wei-Bin Zhang

  • 2017 Financial Support of Ecological Focus Areas and their Potential Impact on Biodiversity in Bulgaria
    by Damyan Kirechev & Radmil Nikolov

  • 2017 Impact of Climate Change on the Development of the Agrarian Sector – Adaptation and Mitigation Measures
    by Damyan Kirechev

  • 2017 Technological Tables as a Factor in Optimizing the Production of Crop Production
    by Radmil Nikolov

  • 2017 Foreword Guest Editor
    by Bilas, Vlatka

  • 2017 Contents Vol.8 No.3
    by ., .

  • 2017 Front and Back Cover
    by ., .

  • 2017 Contents
    by ., Contents

  • 2017 Foreword guest editor
    by Orsag, Silvije & Dedi, Lidija & F. Yavas, Burhan

  • 2017 Contents Vol.8 No.1
    by -, -

  • 2017 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Soc. Thoug.

  • 2017 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Soc. Thoug.

  • 2017 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Soc. Thoug.

  • 2017 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Pol. Econ.

  • 2017 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Pol. Econ.

  • 2017 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Pol. Econ.

  • 2017 Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles on Consumers Time-Use Patterns
    by Saptarshi Das & Ashok Sekar & Roger Chen & Hyung Chul Kim & Timothy J. Wallington & Eric Williams

  • 2017 Challenges in Aquatic Physical Habitat Assessment: Improving Conservation and Restoration Decisions for Contemporary Watersheds
    by Jason A. Hubbart & Elliott Kellner & Paul Kinder & Kirsten Stephan

  • 2017 Influences of Pile Group Effects on Wave Forces on an Offshore Bridge Pile-Cap Foundation
    by Baoshan Xiang & Bo Huang & Zhiying Yang & Bing Zhu & Ruitao Yin

  • 2017 Diagnostics for Targeted NSCLC Therapy
    by Verena Schildgen & Ilija Nenadic & Michael Brockmann & Oliver Schildgen

  • 2017 Health Promotion in Disease Outbreaks and Health Emergencies. By Glenn Laverack. CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL, USA, 2017; 188 pp.; ISBN: 978-1-138-09317-1
    by Susan L. Prescott

  • 2017 Taxonomies of Death by Suicide: A Review, with Proposals for Research and Policy, and a Challenge for Suicidology
    by Christopher Bagley & Afroze Shahnaz

  • 2017 An Extensive Method for Maintenance of Sterility in Mammalian Cell Culture Laboratory Routine
    by Selcen Çelik-Uzuner & Uğur Uzuner

  • 2017 The Challenge of Behaviour Change and Health Promotion
    by Glenn Laverack

  • 2017 Astrofood, Priorities and Pandemics: Reflections of an Ultra-Processed Breakfast Program and Contemporary Dysbiotic Drift
    by Alan C. Logan & Susan L. Prescott

  • 2017 A Tourism Financial Conditions Index for Tourism Finance
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Hui-Kuang Hsu & Michael McAleer

  • 2017 The Challenge of the ‘Art and Science’ of Health Promotion
    by Glenn Laverack

  • 2017 Precision of a Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment Approach Used in Eco-Rating of Mobile Phones
    by Anders S. G. Andrae & Mikko Samuli Vaija

  • 2017 Unaffiliated Researchers: A Preliminary Study
    by ElHassan ElSabry

  • 2017 Down to Earth: Planetary Health and Biophilosophy in the Symbiocene Epoch
    by Susan L. Prescott & Alan C. Logan

  • 2017 The Lack of Alignment among Environmental Research Infrastructures May Impede Scientific Opportunities
    by Abad Chabbi & Henry W. Loescher

  • 2017 Globalization, Inequality, Say’s Law, and Fiscal Globalism
    by Gerasimos T. Soldatos

  • 2017 Embryogenesis Explained. By Natalie K. Gordon and Richard Gordon. World Scientific: Hackensack, NJ, USA, 2016; 784 pp.; SGD 281; ISBN: 978-981-4350-48-8
    by Palmiro Poltronieri

  • 2017 Life Cycle Assessment of a Virtual Reality Device
    by Anders S. G. Andrae

  • 2017 Case Studies of Energy Storage with Fuel Cells and Batteries for Stationary and Mobile Applications
    by Nadia Belmonte & Carlo Luetto & Stefano Staulo & Paola Rizzi & Marcello Baricco

  • 2017 Hydrides as High Capacity Anodes in Lithium Cells: An Italian “Futuro in Ricerca di Base FIRB-2010” Project
    by Sergio Brutti & Stefania Panero & Annalisa Paolone & Sara Gatto & Daniele Meggiolaro & Francesco M. Vitucci & Jessica Manzi & David Munaò & Laura Silvestri & Luca Farina & Priscilla Reale

  • 2017 A Study of the Conformers of the (Nonafluorobutanesulfonyl)imide Ion by Means of Infrared Spectroscopy and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculations
    by Oriele Palumbo & Francesco Trequattrini & Giovanni Battista Appetecchi & Annalisa Paolone

  • 2017 Tie-Up Cycles in Long-Term Mating. Part II: Fictional Narratives and the Social Cognition of Mating
    by Lorenza Lucchi Basili & Pier Luigi Sacco

  • 2017 Ionic Mobility and Phase Transitions in Perovskite Oxides for Energy Application
    by Francesco Cordero & Floriana Craciun & Francesco Trequattrini

  • 2017 New Studies of the Physical Properties of Metallic Amorphous Membranes for Hydrogen Purification
    by Oriele Palumbo & Francesco Trequattrini & Suchismita Sarker & Madhura Hulyakar & Narendra Pal & Dhanesh Chandra & Michael Dolan & Annalisa Paolone

  • 2017 Ice XVII as a Novel Material for Hydrogen Storage
    by Leonardo del Rosso & Milva Celli & Lorenzo Ulivi

  • 2017 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Challenges in 2016
    by Editorial Office

  • 2017 ADP-Ribosylation Reactions in Animals, Plants, and Bacteria
    by Palmiro Poltronieri

  • 2017 Hydrogen Storage Technologies for Smart Grid Applications
    by Stavros Lazarou & Sofoklis Makridis

  • 2017 Ethics and the Potential Conflicts between Astrobiology, Planetary Protection, and Commercial Use of Space
    by Erik Persson

  • 2017 About the Purification Route of Ionic Liquid Precursors
    by Massimo De Francesco & Elisabetta Simonetti & Gianremo Gorgi & Giovanni Battista Appetecchi

  • 2017 Electrochemical Sensor for Explosives Precursors’ Detection in Water
    by Cloé Desmet & Agnes Degiuli & Carlotta Ferrari & Francesco Saverio Romolo & Loïc Blum & Christophe Marquette

  • 2017 Expert System for Bomb Factory Detection by Networks of Advance Sensors
    by Carlotta Ferrari & Alessandro Ulrici & Francesco Saverio Romolo

  • 2016 Aktueller Stand der Vertriebsformen im Lebensmittel- Einzelhandel Zweiter Teil einer Tetralogie
    by Rose, Karl

  • 2016 Entstehung und Entwicklung der Vertriebsformen im Lebensmitteleinzelhandel Erster Teil einer Tetralogie
    by Rose, Karl

  • 2016 Personal Photography as a medium of communication in Visual Travel Propaganda
    by Sibila Petenji Arbutina & Ivana Mi?kovi?

  • 2016 Responding to recent student protests at South African universities through curriculum development
    by Adrian Konik & Inge Konik

  • 2016 Taylor Rules and the interest rate behavior in Algeria
    by Saloua Nassima Chaouche & Rachid Toumach

  • 2016 Teaching Macroeconomics after the Financial Crisis
    by Anca Voicu & Somnath Sen

  • 2016 Skill Education And Training In India

  • 2016 Government organisations development through ISO9000:2008

  • 2016 Mismanagement and its Consequences to Farm Business Prospect and Sustainability: Evidences from Commercial Far
    by Abba Aminu & Zayyad Adam Abdullahi & Yusuf Abdullahi Muhammed & Mansur Idris

  • 2016 Modern Educational Methods - Gamification at Schools of Higher Education in Poland
    by Aleksandra Ptak & Tomasz Lis & Paula Bajdor

  • 2016 The Corporate Social Responsibility of the Industrial Business in Bulgaria: Problems and Challenges
    by Nedka Nikolova

  • 2016 Role of Innovations for Logistics' Sustainability
    by Vesselina Dimitrova

  • 2016 Trade Openness - the Role of GDP and Economic Growth
    by Atanas Atanasov

  • 2016 Principles of Sustainable Development Concept of Macro and Micro Level
    by Miroslav Angelov

  • 2016 Some Views on the Relationship Between Foreign Direct Investment and the Fiscal Policy
    by Rositsa Bakalova

  • 2016 Responses to Trade Shocks in Emerging Economies
    by Aleksandar Shivarov

  • 2016 On the Relationship Between Income Inequality and Economic Growth
    by Hristo Mavrov

  • 2016 Evaluation as a Science – a Condition for the Social Presence of the Evaluator's Profession in Bulgaria
    by Nadya Kostova

  • 2016 Fair Value as Approach to the Valuation of Biological Assets and Agricultural Produce
    by Ivaylo Tonchev

  • 2016 Problems in the Ascending Part of the Corporate Lifecycle and the Risk of Insolvency
    by Gergana Ivanova

  • 2016 Accounting Estimates Relevance in the Concession Presentation
    by Galina Sabcheva

  • 2016 Environmental Competitiveness of the Rural Areas
    by Damyan Kirechev

  • 2016 Development of the Views About Goodwill in Bulgarian Accounting Literature
    by Atanas Atanasov

  • 2016 Features of the Organization of the Annual Closing of Accounts in the Budget Organizations
    by Rumyana Marinova

  • 2016 Opportunities for Using the Protocol HTTP/2 to Reduce Lag When Loading Web Applications
    by Pavel Petrov & Stefka Petrova

  • 2016 Prospects for Accounting in Disclosure of the Environmental Aspects of Enterprise Activity
    by Tsvetomir Manolov

  • 2016 Varna High School Students on the Internet – Helpful Time Spent or Harmful Habit
    by Nevena Angelova

  • 2016 Design Patterns Supporting Application Development in Cloud Computing Environment
    by Marya Armyanova

  • 2016 Mobile Application Development for Management Systems for Merchandising Activities - Native or Hybrid Approach
    by Dilyana Dimitrova

  • 2016 Finding a Spam Email Messages Using Data Mining Methods
    by Snezhana Sulova

  • 2016 Product Risk Management in Information Systems Implementation
    by Stoicho Stoev

  • 2016 Innovations with Business Process Management Systems
    by Nadezhda Filipova

  • 2016 Building an Innovation Infrastructure as a Prerequisite for Successful Innovation Process
    by Radka Ivanova

  • 2016 Traditional and Modern Aspects of the Internal Control in Organizations
    by Lyudmila Mihaylova & Emil Papazov & Ismail Bilgi

  • 2016 Economic and Social Benefits of Conservation Agriculture
    by Radmil Nikolov

  • 2016 Problems of Conventional Agriculture and Opportunities to Overcome Its Effects on the Environment
    by Monika Pavlova

  • 2016 Approaches to Expanding the Business of Western Companies in the Agricultural and Food Sectors in Bulgaria
    by Gergana Slavova

  • 2016 Features in Customer Relationship Management in the Sector of Accounting Business Services
    by Mariya Toshkova

  • 2016 Some Aspects of Social Media and the Brand
    by Penka Goranova & Steliana Vasileva

  • 2016 Marketing Support of the Sales
    by Michal Stojanov

  • 2016 A Study of the Entreprenurial Intentions of University Students from the Varna Region
    by Evgeni Filipov

  • 2016 Influence the Level of Perceived Value on Customer Retention
    by Darina Pavlova & Yordan Ivanov

  • 2016 Business and Interactions in Industry 4.0
    by Daniela Popova

  • 2016 Competitive Position of Bulgaria Destination in the Global Tourism
    by Tanya Dabeva & Stoyan Marinov & Georgina Lukanova

  • 2016 The Evolution of Management Theory of Organizational Crises and Its Practical Application
    by Tzveta Zafirova

  • 2016 Municipal Support from the EU in the Field of Culture
    by Silvia Dimitrova

  • 2016 Development of Portfolio Theory: Model Black - Letterman
    by Miroslav Vladimirov

  • 2016 Theoretical Analysis of Basic Features of Knowledge Transfer
    by Miglena Pencheva

  • 2016 Possibilities of the Implementing the Concept Kaizen in the Banking Sector in Bulgaria
    by Silviya Kostova

  • 2016 Good Trade Practices in the Management of Short Supply Chains for Fresh Foods
    by Boyko Doychinov

  • 2016 Opportunities of Air Transport Management in Bulgaria (Conceptual Model)
    by Liliya Mileva

  • 2016 Tunnel Facilities Used by Road Transport and the Idea of Sustainable Sector Development
    by Donka Zhelyazkova

  • 2016 Essential Characteristics of Strategic Alliances
    by Boncho Mitev

  • 2016 A Study of the Efficacy of Service Learning on Students? Learning Outcome
    by Li-Chu Chen

  • 2016 Foreword Guest Editor
    by Podrug, Najla

  • 2016 Contents
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  • 2016 Foreword Guest Editor
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  • 2016 Contents
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  • 2016 Foreword Guest Editor
    by Sopta, Martina

  • 2016 Contents
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  • 2016 Front Matter
    by Journal of Economics Bibliography

  • 2016 New Economics Journals
    by Journal of Economics Bibliography

  • 2016 K. V. Ramaswamy (Edt.), Labour, Employment and Economic Growth in India
    by Arup MITRA

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by Journal of Economics Bibliography

  • 2016 Front Matter
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  • 2016 New Economics Journals
    by Journal of Economics Bibliography

  • 2016 New Economics Books
    by Journal of Economics Library

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by Journal of Economics Library

  • 2016 New Economics Books
    by Journal of Economics Library

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by J. Soc. Adm. Sci.

  • 2016 Parmod Kumar, Surender Kumar & Laxmi Joshi, Socio-economic and Environmental Indications of Agricultural Residue Burning: A Case Study of Punjab, India
    by Mangesh V. NADKARNI

  • 2016 Philip Mirowski & Dieter Plehwe (Eds.), The Road from Mont Pelerin: the Making of the Neoliberal Thought Collective
    by Scott Alan CARSON

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by J. Soc. Adm. Sci.

  • 2016 Racial Inequality and Some Examples
    by Muammer AK

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Soc. Thoug.

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Soc. Thoug.

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Soc. Thoug.

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Soc. Thoug.

  • 2016 International Balkan and Near Eastern Social Sciences Conference
    by Rasim YILMAZ

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Pol. Econ.

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Pol. Econ.

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Pol. Econ.

  • 2016 Front Matter
    by J. Econ. Pol. Econ.

  • 2016 Early Warning of Biological Threats via Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: A Case Study of Bacillus Spores
    by Antonia Lai & Salvatore Almaviva & Valeria Spizzichino & Domenico Luciani

  • 2016 Stand-Off Device for Plastic Debris Recognition in Post-Blast Scenarios
    by Valeria Spizzichino & Luisa Caneve & Francesco Colao

  • 2016 Innovations in Detection of Deliberate or Accidental Contamination with Biological Agents in Environment and Foods
    by Palmiro Poltronieri

  • 2016 A Linear Bayesian Updating Model for Probabilistic Spatial Classification
    by Xiang Huang & Zhizhong Wang

  • 2016 Technical Problem Identification for the Failures of the Liberty Ships
    by Wei Zhang

  • 2016 Challenges in Specialty Coffee Processing and Quality Assurance
    by Palmiro Poltronieri & Franca Rossi

  • 2016 Optimization of Plating Conditions for the Determination of Polonium Using Copper Foils
    by Bolaji Benard Babatunde

  • 2016 Field Prototype of the ENEA Neutron Active Interrogation Device for the Detection of Dirty Bombs
    by Nadia Cherubini & Alessandro Dodaro & Giada Gandolfo & Luigi Lepore & Giuseppe A. Marzo & Ermanno Piccinelli & Romolo Remetti

  • 2016 Soft Energy Paths Revisited: Politics and Practice in Energy Technology Transitions
    by Chelsea Schelly & Aparajita Banerjee

  • 2016 Putting Soil Security on the Policy Agenda: Need for a Familiar Framework
    by David Oscar Yawson & Michael Osei Adu & Benjamin Ason & Frederick Ato Armah & Genesis Tambang Yengoh

  • 2016 Validation of a Miniaturized Spectrometer for Trace Detection of Explosives by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
    by Salvatore Almaviva & Antonio Palucci & Sabina Botti & Adriana Puiu & Alessandro Rufoloni

  • 2016 Modeling Autonomous Decision-Making on Energy and Environmental Management Using Petri-Net: The Case Study of a Community in Bandung, Indonesia
    by Niken Prilandita & Benjamin McLellan & Tetsuo Tezuka

  • 2016 Policies Supporting Renewable Energies Uses: The Next Big Challenge
    by Ferdinando Boero

  • 2016 Fossil Fuels, Let’s Leave Them under Earth. Four Reasons to Vote “Yes” at the Italian Referendum on Drilling
    by ASPO Italy Association for the Study of PeakOil And Gas

  • 2016 On Energy Resources, Climate Change, Fossil Fuels, and Drilling. Challenges in Tackling Problems by Governments in Europe and USA
    by Palmiro Poltronieri

  • 2016 Bridging the Gap between Eco-Design and the Human Thinking System
    by Mona Komeijani & Erinn G. Ryen & Callie W. Babbitt

  • 2016 Use of Bacteriocinogenic Cultures without Inhibiting Cheese Associated Nonstarter Lactic Acid Bacteria; A Trial with Lactobacillus plantarum
    by Franca Rossi & Gianluca Veneri

  • 2016 Practical Eco-Design and Eco-Innovation of Consumer Electronics—the Case of Mobile Phones
    by Anders S. G. Andrae & Mengjun Xia & Jianli Zhang & Xiaoming Tang

  • 2016 Challenges in Creating Evidence in Environmental Health Risk Assessments: The Example of Second-Hand Smoke
    by Florian Fischer

  • 2016 Potential for Reuse of E-Plastics through Processing by Compression Molding
    by William Mills & Robert A. Tatara

  • 2016 Tie-Up Cycles in Long-Term Mating. Part I: Theory
    by Lorenza Lucchi Basili & Pier Luigi Sacco

  • 2016 Alternative Energies and Fossil Fuels in the Bioeconomy Era: What is Needed in the Next Five Years for Real Change
    by Palmiro Poltronieri

  • 2016 Flaws and Drawbacks in Present Regulation and the Need to Take Action and Support the Renewable Energies Policies in Italy
    by Valeria Mezzolla

  • 2016 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Challenges in 2015
    by Challenges Editorial Office

  • 2015 Teachers And Principal Communication In Pre-School Education
    by Mustafa YAVUZ & Sevil KARACA

  • 2015 Improving Human Performance in Dynamic Tasks through Debriefing
    by Hassan Qudrat-Ullah

  • 2015 The Autonomy of High Schools and its importance for lifelong education in Albania after 90 years: A comparative analysis
    by Mirela Tase & Manjola Xhaferri

  • 2015 Examining Teachers' Organizational Socialization Levels In Terms Of Various Variables
    by Elif Aydo?du-Özo?lu

  • 2015 Academic apprenticeship: Developing novice academic teaching and research skills through a focussed mentoring program
    by Teresa De Fazio

  • 2015 Teacher education for global citizenship: A case study of foreign language teachers preparing our young learners for new brave, new globalised world
    by Teresa De Fazio

  • 2015 Strategic Marketing in Higher Education from Alumni Perspective
    by Petr Svoboda & Monika Harantova

  • 2015 The Contribution of School Organizational Culture as perceived by Trainee Teachers to Their Future Commitment to the Education System
    by Sara Zamir

  • 2015 Role Models' Effect On Students Entrepreneurial Intention
    by Elona Garo & Vasilika Kume & Suada Basho

  • 2015 Empirical Analysis of Multinational S&T Collaboration Priorities –The Case of Russia
    by Maxim N. Kotsemir & Tatiana E. Kuznetsova & Elena G. Nasybulina & Anna G. Pikalova

  • 2015 Ethnolinguistic Background and Enrollment in Primary Education: Evidence from Kenya
    by Andrén, Daniela & Levin, Jörgen & Vimefall, Elin

  • 2015 Economy and Art Why are Economy and Art Closely Linked?
    by Alpagu, Hasan

  • 2015 Methodological problems in the creation of web applications running in real time
    by Pavel Petrov

  • 2015 Research on consumption of alcoholic beverages in The Republic of Bulgaria
    by Teodora Stancheva

  • 2015 Model of pricing in meat cattle
    by Stefan Genov

  • 2015 Global and regional risks concerning the economy and trade in Bulgaria
    by Violeta Peteva Laskova

  • 2015 Financial Support in High Nature Value farming
    by Damyan Kirechev

  • 2015 Corn production in Europe, Bulgaria and Worldwide, future opportunities and trends
    by Gergana Slavova

  • 2015 Districts of Varna and Burgas – transport opportunities and prospects
    by Donka Zhelyazkova

  • 2015 Risk and Return – What have we missed?
    by Georgi Turlakov

  • 2015 Economic, Infrastructural and Educational Characteristics of the First "Arab" Cluster
    by Georgi Naidenov & Kaloyan Haralampiev

  • 2015 Estimating the cost of consumption of rich and poor households in Bulgaria
    by Tatyana Ivanova

  • 2015 The Labor Share of Income: Basic Trends (Bulgaria compared to other countries)
    by Hristo Mavrov

  • 2015 The creation and development of knowledge warehouses
    by Latinka Todoranova

  • 2015 Factors Negatively Affecting Consumers in Mobile Banking Adoption
    by Bonimir Penchev

  • 2015 Principles of User Interface Design: Important Rules that Every Designer Should Follow
    by Radka Nacheva

  • 2015 Global financial crisis and the development of banking institutions and systems
    by Lyubomir Georgiev

  • 2015 Proposals for changes in the rule 3-2-1 used in corporate backup strategies in the IT infrastructure
    by Mihail Radev

  • 2015 Backup and recovery of MongoDB database: features, state, problems
    by Ivan Kuyumdzhiev

  • 2015 New Principles in IT Project Management Through Agile Methodologies
    by Olga Marinova

  • 2015 Electronic shelf labels - modern commercial innovation
    by Michal Stojanov

  • 2015 Application of Web Mining in Customer Relationship Managament
    by Snezhana Dineva Sulova

  • 2015 Incorporating Climate Uncertainty into Estimates of Climate Change Impacts
    by Marshall Burke & John Dykema & David B. Lobell & Edward Miguel & Shanker Satyanath

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