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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N0: General
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Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Spatial Patterns of Development: A Meso Approach
    by Michalopoulos, Stelios & Papaioannou, Elias

  • 2017 Institutional economics of Russia
    by A. Zaostrovtsev.

  • 2017 The Dissertations of Michela Giorcelli, Trevor Jackson, and Craig Palsson: 2017 Alexander Gerschenkron Prize Competition
    by Claude DIEBOLT

  • 2017 ‘Till Debt Do Us Part’:Financial Implications of the Divorce of the Irish Free State from the UK, 1922-6
    by John Fitzgerald & Seán Kenny

  • 2017 Measurement and Analysis of the Evolution of Institutions in Nigeria
    by David O. Fadiran & Mare Sarr & Johannes W. Fedderke

  • 2017 Differences in Wealth, Education, and History
    by James Edward, Curtis Jr

  • 2017 Choosing the optimal public choice scenario through a democratic educational procedure: A history from ancient Athens
    by Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Kyriazis, Nicholas

  • 2017 What Was the Industrial Revolution?
    by Robert E. Lucas, Jr.

  • 2017 Keeping It in the Family: Lineage Organization and the Scope of Trust in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Jacob Moscona & Nathan Nunn & James A. Robinson

  • 2017 Irrigation, Collectivism and Long-Run Technological Divergence
    by Johannes C. Buggle

  • 2017 The Effect of Fertility on Mothers' Labor Supply over the Last Two Centuries
    by Aaronson, Daniel & Dehejia, Rajeev & Jordan, Andrew & Pop-Eleches, Cristian & Samii, Cyrus & Schulze, Karl

  • 2017 'Till Debt Do Us Part': Financial Implications of the Divorce of the Irish Free State from the UK, 1922-6
    by FitzGerald, John & Kenny, Seán

  • 2017 La dette publique, et les nazis
    by Farquet, Christophe

  • 2017 Les origines de la société anonyme en France: un cas pour penser les institutions de l'économie
    by Rochat, Jean

  • 2017 Le havre fiscal et la globalisation de l'offshore
    by Farquet, Christophe

  • 2017 Au-delà des affaires, de la corruption et de la spéculation. Analyse de la fuite de capitaux vers le nord au temps de la décolonisation au travers des sources diplomatiques suisses
    by Farquet, Christophe

  • 2017 Spatial Patterns of Development: A Meso Approach
    by Michalopoulos, Stelios & Papaioannou, Elias

  • 2017 The Effect of Fertility on Mothers’ Labor Supply over the Last Two Centuries
    by Dehejia, Rajeev & Dehejia, Rajeev & Jordan, Andrew & Pop-Eleches, Cristian & Samii, Cyrus & Schulze, Karl

  • 2017 Was the first industrial revolution a conjuncture in the history of the world economy?
    by O'Brien, Patrick

  • 2017 The contributions of warfare with revolutionary and Napoleonic France to the consolidation and progress of the British industrial revolution: revised version of working paper 150
    by O'Brien, Patrick

  • 2017 Silver, Murder, and Institutions: Did the "Curse of Resources" impact on Homicide Rates? Global evidence since 1890
    by Baier, Jessica & Baten, J�rg

  • 2017 The Fall of Capital Punishment and the Rise of Prisons: How Punishment Severity Affects Jury Verdicts
    by Bindler, Anna & Hjalmarsson, Randi

  • 2017 The Municipal Treasury of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1936-1958)
    by María Del Pino Ojeda Cabrera & Ruymán Hernández Pacheco

  • 2017 Exploitation and Efficiency
    by Elias L. Khalil

  • 2017 Design and evolution in institutional development: The insignificance of the English Bill of Rights
    by Murrell, Peter

  • 2017 Strategies and public propositions in games of institutional change: Comparative historical cases
    by Aoki, Masahiko

  • 2017 Los conglomerados empresariales en el Ecuador: un análisis histórico, económico y político
    by Giuseppe Vanoni Martínez & Carlos Rodríguez-Romero

  • 2017 Propuesta alternativa para las líneas de indigencia y de pobreza existentes en Colombia
    by Julián Augusto Casas Herrera & Manuel Muñoz Conde

  • 2017 The Orphan Funds in the Ottoman Empire – the Tran Fund 1872 – 1875
    by Nadya Manolova-Nikolova

  • 2017 Occupational Structure of Tulcea Population in the 1840s (According to Data from the Temettuat Registers)
    by Nikolay Todorov

  • 2017 First Notes on the Professional Structure of the Christian Population in the Town of Svishtov, Mid-19th Century
    by Gergana Georgieva

  • 2017 The Bulgarian Agricultural Bank in the 1912–1914 Period
    by Rositsa Zlatinska

  • 2016 Historical patterns of economic growth in Africa: A review
    by Jerven , Morten

  • 2016 Positive collaboration: Factors and mechanisms of evolution
    by V. Polterovich.

  • 2016 On the Origins and Consequences of Racism
    by Farfan-Vallespin, Antonio & Bonick, Matthew

  • 2016 The Bank of England and the genesis of modern management
    by Murphy, Anne L.

  • 2016 General Purpose Technologies in Theory, Applications and Controversy: A Review
    by Clifford Bekar & Kenneth Carlaw & Richard Lipsey

  • 2016 Path Dependence and Interdependence Between Institutions and Development
    by David Fadiran & Mare Sarr

  • 2016 The Discourse on Islam and Development: Western and Muslim Scholars’ Opinions
    by Budiman, Mochammad Arif

  • 2016 On the Dispensability of New Transportation Technologies: Evidence from Colonial Railroads in Nigeria
    by Okoye, Dozie & Pongou, Roland & Yokossi, Tite

  • 2016 Позитивное Сотрудничество: Факторы И Механизмы Эволюции
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2016 The Interaction of Cybernetics and Contemporary Economic Graphic Art as "Interactive Graphics"
    by Ashkaboosi, Maryam & Ashkaboosi, Farnoosh & Nourani, Seyed Mehdi

  • 2016 La industrialización de Medellín en el siglo XIX: construcción de un paradigma productivo en una zona poco industrializable
    by Vélez Tamayo, Julián Mauricio

  • 2016 Conflictos entre poblaciones autóctonas y las industrias extractivas: Perú y los Andes frente a los desafíos del siglo XXI
    by Hector Omar Noejovich

  • 2016 A Narrative Account of Legislated Social Security Changes for Germany
    by Sebastian Gechert & Christoph Paetz & Paloma Villanueva

  • 2016 What are production, work and consumption? Trans-historical re-conceptualisations
    by Edvinsson, Rodney

  • 2016 The Fall of Capital Punishment and the Rise of Prisons: How Punishment Severity Affects Jury Verdicts
    by Bindler, Anna & Hjalmarsson, Randi

  • 2016 A Jury of Her Peers: The Impact of the First Female Jurors on Criminal Convictions
    by Anwar, Shamena & Bayer, Patrick & Hjalmarsson, Randi

  • 2016 Change for continuity: the making of the société anonyme in 19th century france
    by Rochat, Jean

  • 2016 Explaining the failure of international tax regulations throughout the 20th century
    by Farquet, Christophe

  • 2016 A Confusion of Capital in the United States
    by O'Sullivan, Mary

  • 2016 China’s GDP per capita from the Han Dynasty to communist times
    by Deng, Kent & O’Brien, Patrick Karl

  • 2016 A Culture of Kinship: Chinese Genealogies as a Source for Research in Demographic Economics
    by Shiue, Carol Hua

  • 2016 Anomalous Trading Prior to Lehman Brothers' Failure
    by Gehrig, Thomas & Haas, Marlene

  • 2016 A Historical Reconstruction of Capital and Labour in Italy, 1861-2013
    by Claire Giordano & Francesco Zollino

  • 2016 Am Puls des deutschen Wohnimmobilienmarktes
    by Norbert Hiller & Sören Gröbel

  • 2016 Corporate Psychology. How does Italian Entrepreneurship Change?
    by Adalberto Rangone

  • 2016 Decomposition of Income Inequality in Contemporary Russia
    by Ovcharova, L. & Popova, D. & Rudberg, A.

  • 2016 Long-Term Trends in Income Distribution
    by Jomo, K. & Popov, V.

  • 2016 Growth of the World Population in the Past 12,000 Years and Its Link to the Economic Growth
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2016 Bollywood, Iindia and Economic Growth: A Hundred Years History
    by Theodore METAXAS & Eleni BOUKA & Maria-Marina MERKOURI

  • 2016 The Unresolved Mystery of the Great Divergence is Solved
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2016 The Postulate of the Three Regimes of Economic Growth Contradicted by Data
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2016 Michael G. Plummer, Peter J. Morgan & GaneshanWignaraja (eds), Connecting Asia: Infrastructure for Integrating South and Southeast Asia
    by Debashis CHAKRABORTY

  • 2016 The Political Economy of Free Trade, WTO and the Developing Countries
    by Kalim SIDDIQUI

  • 2016 The Real Estate Value as the Basis of Valuation: Definitional and Interpretational Problems
    by Ewa Kucharska-Stasiak

  • 2016 Decision Making And Saint Petersburg Paradox: Focusing On Heuristic Parameters, Considering The Non-Ergodic Context And The Gambling Risks
    by Antonio Cappiello

  • 2016 The Visible Hand: The Role of Government in China’s Long-Awaited Industrial Revolution
    by Wen, Yi & Fortier, George E.

  • 2016 Policies to overcome stagnation: the crisis, and the possible futures, of all things euro
    by Mark Blyth

  • 2016 Did Japan's high-growth success foster persistent stagnation?
    by W.R. Garside

  • 2016 Who was colonized and when? A cross-country analysis of determinants
    by Ertan, Arhan & Fiszbein, Martin & Putterman, Louis

  • 2016 El problema del crecimiento económico en la Europa moderna: del eurocentrismo al asiacentrismo y policentrismo
    by María Fernanda Justiniano

  • 2016 Tax Farmers in Tulcha Sandzhak in the 70s of the 19th C
    by Nikolay Todorov

  • 2016 Legal Documents Presenting the Activities of the Set of Agricultural Cases from the Liberation to the End of 19th C
    by Rositsa Zlatinska

  • 2016 Religion et marché : du réductionnisme économique à l’intégration du rôle des croyances
    by Rémi Zemmour & Jérôme Ballet

  • 2016 The Economic History of Alexander the Great Expedition
    by Ioannis N. Kallianiotis

  • 2016 Patents and Innovation in Economic History
    by Petra Moser

  • 2015 Searching for New Sources of Growth. Are the Developing Countries Catching up with the Developed Ones?
    by V. Popov.

  • 2015 Deutschland in Daten. Zeitreihen zur Historischen Statistik
    by Rahlf, Thomas (Ed.)

  • 2015 Evolutionary convergence of the patterns of international research collaborations across scientific fields
    by Wang L. & Coccia M.

  • 2015 Catching Up: Developing Countries in Pursuit of Growth
    by Popov, Vladimir

  • 2015 An attitude of complexity: thirteen essays on the nature and construction of reality under the challenge of Zeno's Paradox
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2015 Эволюция Институтов Конкуренции, Власти И Сотрудничества
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 От Социального Либерализма - К Философии Сотрудничества
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 On the mathematic prediction of economic and social crises: toward a harmonic interpretation of the Kondratiev Wave, revised and corrected, with a new appendix, February 12, 2015
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew

  • 2015 The East Indian Monopoly and the Transition from Limited Access in England, 1600-1813
    by Dan Bogart

  • 2015 Prison Crowding, Recidivism, and Early Release in Early Rhode Island
    by Howard Bodenhorn

  • 2015 Schooling, Nation Building, and Industrialization: A Gellnerian Approach
    by Hauk, Esther & Ortega, Javier

  • 2015 Transition towards renewable energy Co-ordination and technological strategies in the Swedish pulp and paper industry 1973-1990
    by Bergquist, Ann-Kristin & Söderholm, Kristina

  • 2015 On commercial gluts Unexpected affinities between Jean-Baptiste Say and the Saint-Simonians
    by Adrien Lutz

  • 2015 Non-Euclidean geometry and political economy How Jacques Rueff explained unemployment in England (1919-1931)
    by Adrien Lutz

  • 2015 The Italian Corporate System: SOEs, Private Firms and Institutions in a Network Perspective (1952-1983)
    by Leonardo Bargigli & Renato Giannetti

  • 2015 The Making of an Economic Superpower―Unlocking China’s Secret of Rapid Industrialization
    by Wen, Yi

  • 2015 An investigation of early modern Quakers’ business ethics
    by Sahle, Esther

  • 2015 Schooling, nation building and industrialization: a Gellnerian approach
    by Hauk, Esther & Ortega, Javier

  • 2015 Sovereign Debt Relief and Its Aftermath
    by Reinhart, Carmen M. & Trebesch, Christoph

  • 2015 Rumors and Runs in Opaque Markets: Evidence from the Panic of 1907
    by Fohlin, Caroline & Gehrig, Thomas & Haas, Marlene

  • 2015 Schooling, Nation Building and Industrialization: A Gellnerian Approach
    by Esther Hauk & Javier Ortega

  • 2015 Schooling, Nation Building, and Industrialization: a Gellnerian Approach
    by Esther Hauk & Javier Ortega

  • 2015 The Role Of Polish Minority At The Economic Modernization Of Romania
    by DOBRESCU, Emilian M.

  • 2015 The Promise of Freedom: Fertility Decisions and the Escape from Slavery
    by Treb Allen

  • 2015 Monetary Policy and Structural Decline: Lessons from Japan for the European Crisis
    by Gunther Schnabl

  • 2015 Factors determining authors’ willingness to wait for editorial decisions from economic history journals
    by Eline Poelmans & Sandra Rousseau

  • 2015 Postneoliberalism?
    by Simon Springer

  • 2015 Schumpeter’s “Business Cycles” Revisited
    by Freeman, Christopher

  • 2015 Weber‘s “spirit of capitalism“ thesis as a starting point for finding spiritual potentials in business and management environment
    by Dušan Kučera

  • 2015 Angelo A. Camillo (Edt.), Global Enterprise Management, Volume I: New Perspectives on Challenges and Future Developments
    by Isabell C. CAMILLO

  • 2015 An Overlook into the Accounting History Evolution from a Romanian Point of View – A Literature Review
    by Teodora Viorica Farcas & Adriana Tiron Tudor

  • 2015 European Welfare State in a Historical Perspective. A Critical Review
    by ŞTEFAN George Marian

  • 2015 Political instability and discontinuity in Nigeria: The pre-colonial past and public goods provision under colonial and post-colonial political orders
    by Kostadis Jason Papaioannou & Angus Edwin Dalrymple-Smith

  • 2015 Crecimiento económico y desigualdad del ingreso en Venezuela: enfoque macro histórico en el contexto global-regional
    by Martinez G., Angel E.

  • 2015 Governos Geisel e Dilma: o poder das finanças
    by Angelita Matos Souza

  • 2015 The Cambridge History of "Capitalism"
    by Peter Temin

  • 2014 Peru: Crisis imperial e independencia

  • 2014 An Economist on History: Deirdre McCloskey’s Perspective
    by A. Zaostrovtsev.

  • 2014 Leadership-driven innovation & evolution of societies
    by Coccia M.

  • 2014 Issues in Identifying Economic Crises: Insights from History
    by Xavier De Scheemaekere & Kim Oosterlinck & Ariane Szafarz

  • 2014 The positive theory of benefit taxation in the italian school of public finance
    by Paolo Liberati & Massimo Paradiso

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 Financial Thought as a Shield: Bogotá’s Stock Exchange and the Financial Ideas during its Foundation and Consolidation
    by Ramos-Toro, Diego

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 On the architecture of the rings of Saturn: An “identity” theory of the distribution of gaps within rings
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2014 Elite Influence? Religion, Economics, and the Rise of the Nazis
    by Spenkuch, Jörg & Tillmann, Philipp

  • 2014 Socialism is dead, long live socialism!
    by Popov, Vladimir

  • 2014 The Economics of Aesthetics and Three Centuries of Art Price Records
    by William Goetzmann & Elena Mamonova & Christophe Spaenjers

  • 2014 Where Was the Wealth of the Nation? Measuring Swedish Capital for the 19th and 20th Centuries
    by Lindmark, Magnus & Andersson, Lars Fredrik

  • 2014 State History and Economic Development: Evidence from Six Millennia
    by Borcan, Oana & Olsson, Ola & Putterman, Louis

  • 2014 Wages and prices in early Catalan industrialisation
    by Julio Martínez-Galarraga & Marc Prat

  • 2014 Uma interpretação do novo desenvolvimentismo a partir da conjuntura econômica da América Latina
    by Soares, José Alex Rego

  • 2014 The Economics of Aesthetics and Three Centuries of Art Price Records
    by Spaenjers , Christophe & Goetzmann , William

  • 2014 La crisis económica actual. Análisis de sus antecedentes
    by Mauricio Nieto Potes

  • 2014 Historical Development
    by Nunn, Nathan

  • 2014 Microfinanzas: evolución histórica de sus instituciones y de su impacto en el desarrollo
    by María Luisa Garayalde Niño & Sara González Fernández & Juan Mascareñas Pérez-Iñigo

  • 2014 Pricing the Eyes of Passersby
    by Zoe Sherman

  • 2014 Economic Growth and Institutional Reform in Modern Monarchies and Republics: A Historical Cross-Country Perspective 1820-2000
    by Christian Bjørnskov & Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard

  • 2014 La globalización hispana del comercio y el arte en la Edad Moderna/The Hispanic Globalization of Commerce and Art in the Early Modern Era

  • 2014 Incidence of Poverty and Level of Socio-Economic Deprivation in India
    by Dr. Jabir Hasan Khan & Tarique Hassan & Shamshad

  • 2014 Luigi Bodio: promoter of the political and high scientific mission of statistics and pioneer of the international statistical cooperation
    by Antonio Cappiello

  • 2014 Crecimiento económico y pobreza en el mundo de 1960 a 2011 ¿Qué resultados da el capitalismo?
    by Monroy-Saldívar, Salvador & Martínez-García, Miguel Ángel & García-Morales, María Isabel

  • 2014 Capital and Business Taxation
    by Vincenzo Visco

  • 2014 Índice de inestabilidad política del Brasil, 1889-2009
    by Costantini, Jaime Jordan & Bittencourt, Mauricio Vaz Lobo

  • 2014 Fiscalidad e independencia en Panamá, 1780-1845
    by José Joaquín Pinto Bernal

  • 2014 Under the Thumb of History? Political Institutions and the Scope for Action
    by Abhijit V. Banerjee & Esther Duflo

  • 2014 The spinning jenny and the guillotine: technology diffusion at the time of revolutions
    by Ugo M. Gragnolat & Daniele Moschella & Emanuele Pugliese

  • 2014 A Flourishing Economist: A Review Essay on Edmund Phelps's Mass Flourishing: How Grassroots Innovation Created Jobs, Challenge, and Change
    by Joel Mokyr

  • 2013 Financial accounting and reporting in Germany: A case study on German accounting tradition and experiences with the IFRS adoption
    by Fülbier, Rolf Uwe & Klein, Malte

  • 2013 The Kuznets curve of human capital inequality: 1870–2010
    by Christian Morrisson & Fabrice Murtin

  • 2013 Afinal, Somos um País de Classe Média? Mercado de Trabalho, Renda e Transformações Sociais no Brasil dos Anos 2000
    by Antunes, Daví & Quadros, Waldir & Gimenez, Denis

  • 2013 Perché il Sud è rimasto indietro? Il Mezzogiorno fra storia e pubblicistica
    by Daniele, Vittorio & Malanima, Paolo

  • 2013 Whither Income Inequalities?
    by Sundaram, Jomo Kwame & Popov, Vladimir

  • 2013 La globalización hispana del comercio y el arte en la Edad Moderna
    by Dobado-González, Rafael

  • 2013 Ending the myth of the St Petersburg paradox
    by Robert William, Vivian

  • 2013 Civilizing capitalism: “good” and “bad” greed from the enlightenment to Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929)
    by Reinert, Erik S.

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Theoretical
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Empirical
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Apologia
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 A 'Trojan Horse' in Daoguang China?: Explaining the flows of silver (and opium) in and out of China
    by Irigoin, Alejandra

  • 2013 The Home Front: Rent Control and the Rapid Wartime Increase in Home Ownership
    by Daniel K. Fetter

  • 2013 Cost Inefficiency of Municipalities after Amalgamation
    by Katsuyoshi Nakazawa

  • 2013 A History of Tax Legislation in the Federal Republic of Germany
    by Matthias Uhl

  • 2013 Why Growth in Emerging Economies Is Likely to Fall
    by Anders Aslund

  • 2013 De l’usage social aux pratiques marchandes de l’argent. Une brève histoire des origines du microcrédit social
    by Guillaume PASTUREAU

  • 2013 Giffen behaviour in Irish famine markets: an empirical study
    by Charles Read

  • 2013 Economic Impact on the Development of a Locality. Case Study: Oneºti Town Abstract:Among the causes of the occurrence and development of the human settlements, an especially important role had the economic activities. Oneºti town appeared as early as the 15 th century, but remained at the stage of a rural settlement for a long period as a result of a low economic importance in the region. Starting with the 1950s, by building the Borzeºti Industrial Platform the settlement has become a major petrochemical centre of Romania, which turned into a pole of attraction for the population from a large territory. In the postrevolutionary period, local industrial enterprises have faced numerous problems, although most were privatized , they went through major restructurings, had to reduce their long activity, and some were closed. The effects have affected the entire town, which is in a visible decrease in the number of inhabitants, and most of the remaining population is strongly affected by poverty
    by ªtreangã Constantin

  • 2013 The Economic Development of the Settlements from Oneºti Depression. The Role of SMEs in the Region’s Economy Abstract:In the last 20 years a leading role in developing the economy was undertaken by the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which tend to replace large industrial units raised during the socialist period. In the Oneºti Depression, in the past, the most important settlements were significantly trading with the surrounding areas, then starting the mid-XIXth century, the industry has become increasingly important, fact which, after 1950, boosted a powerful local centre, Oneºti. In the post-revolutionary period, the decay of industrial giants determined the investment of large amounts in the creation of new SMEs, which have emerged in this region, too. Even if most of them are small-scaled, they better adapt to the economic conditions of the present
    by ªtreangã Constantin

  • 2013 A cégek eredete
    by Lőrinczi, Gyula

  • 2013 Beyond black and white: Color and mortality in post-reconstruction era North Carolina
    by Green, Tiffany L. & Hamilton, Tod G.

  • 2013 Wealthier Jews, taller Gentiles: Inequality of income and physical stature in fin-de-siècle Hungary
    by Bolgár, Dániel

  • 2013 Pobreza en el capitalismo ¿Por qué persiste en la actualidad?
    by Víctor Manuel Isidro Luna

  • 2013 Estructuralismo latinoamericano y neomarxistas: el origen del proceso de subdesarrollo de la periferia
    by Fahd Boundi Chraki

  • 2013(XXIII) Analysis On The Ongoing Crisis. Historical Economic, Financial And Corporate Governance Motivations (Part 1)
    by Adalberto RANGONE

  • 2013(XXIII) Analysis On The Ongoing Crisis. Historical Economic, Financial And Corporate Governance Motivations (Part 2)
    by Adalberto RANGONE

  • 2012 What about people in European Regional Science?
    by Vicente Royuela

  • 2012 Un Índice Histórico de Desarrollo Humano de América Latina y algunos países de otras regiones: metodología, fuentes y bases de datos
    by Luis Bértola & Melissa Hernández & Sabrina Siniscalchi

  • 2012 Addressing Economic Crises: The Reference-Class Problem
    by Xavier De Scheemaekere & Kim Oosterlinck & Ariane Szafarz

  • 2012 The New Deal and the Origins of the Modern American Real Estate Loan Contract in the Building and Loan Industry
    by Rose, Jonathan & Snowden, Kenneth

  • 2012 Causes of Financial Crises Past and Present: The Role of the This Time is Different Syndrome
    by Reinhart, Carmen & Rogoff, Kenneth

  • 2012 Predicting crises: Five essays on the mathematic prediction of economic and social crises
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2012 Finance and economic development in Islam, historical perspective
    by Cizakca, Murat

  • 2012 The long diverfence: how Islamic law held back the Middle East by Timur Kuran
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2012 Value and utility in a historical perspective
    by Pogany, Peter

  • 2012 Economics and ethics: a historical approach
    by Ciani Scarnicci, Manuela

  • 2012 Stability in long-term growth : evidence for a single deterministic trend in Germany (1870-1989)
    by Belliveau, Stefan

  • 2012 New research methods of business history
    by Lepore, Amedeo

  • 2012 Culture and the Historical Process
    by Nathan Nunn

  • 2012 Financing telegraph infrastructures (1850-1900)
    by Simone FARI

  • 2012 A Three-Decade “Kuhnian” History of the Antebellum Puzzle: Explaining the shrinking of the US population at the onset of modern economic growth
    by Komlos, John

  • 2012 Adopting the rights-based model: music multinationals and local music industries since 1945
    by Bakker, Gerben

  • 2012 The Clan and the City: Sustaining Cooperation in China and Europe
    by Greif, Avner & Tabellini, Guido

  • 2012 The Extraordinary Art Critic Roger de Piles (1635-1709): An Empirical Analysis of his Rankings and Sale Prices
    by Graddy, Kathryn

  • 2012 Regional Science trends through the analysis of the main facts of the 51st ERSA Conference
    by Royuela, Vicente

  • 2012 Ekonomická historie: čím přispívá historický příklad k pochopení ekonomických jevů?
    by Tomáš Otáhal

  • 2012 Tax Harmonization - the Possible Way out of the Crisis?
    by Lenka Janíčková

  • 2012 Why the West got Rich Before Other Countries and Why China is Catching Up With the West Today? New Answer to the Old Question
    by Popov, V.

  • 2012 Seasonal Fluctuations And Economic Growth

  • 2012 The opening of the North–South divide: Cumulative causation, household income disparity and the regional bonus in Taiwan 1976–2005
    by Andersson, Martin & Klinthäll, Martin

  • 2012 A behavioral approach to the political and economic inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations
    by Boettke, Peter

  • 2012 The health transition and biological living standards: Adult height and mortality in 20th-century Spain
    by Spijker, Jeroen J.A. & Cámara, Antonio D. & Blanes, Amand

  • 2012 The diminution of the physical stature of the English male population in the eighteenth century
    by John Komlos & Helmut Küchenhoff

  • 2012 Economic History or History of Economics? Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius : Review Essay
    by Orley Ashenfelter

  • 2011 In Good Company: About Agency and Economic Development in Global Perspective
    by Jan Luiten van Zanden

  • 2011 Post-Keynesian Perspectives on Economic Development and Growth
    by Peter Kriesler

  • 2011 The Spinning Jenny and the Guillotine: Technological Diffusion at the Time of Revolutions
    by Ugo Gragnolati & Daniele Moschella & Emanuele Pugliese

  • 2011 Italy and development policies from the golden age to the current crisis: the role of the “nuovo meridionalismo”
    by Lepore, Amedeo

  • 2011 Testable implications of economic revolutions: An application to historic data on European wages
    by Fry, J. M. & Masood, Omar

  • 2011 A behavioral approach to the political and economic inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations
    by Boettke, Peter

  • 2011 Evolution or revolution? a study of price and wage volatility in England, 1200-1900
    by Casson, Catherine & Fry, J. M. & Casson, Mark

  • 2011 It is time to re-think on environment, energy and economics (E3)
    by Buscemi, Antonino & Yallwe, Alem Hagos

  • 2011 How Do Mortgage Subsidies Affect Home Ownership? Evidence from the Mid-century GI Bills
    by Daniel K. Fetter

  • 2011 Apocalypse Then: The Evolution of the North Atlantic Economy and the Global Crisis
    by Bayoumi, Tamim & Bui, Trung

  • 2011 Law and Economy in Traditional China: A "Legal Origin" Perspective on the Great Divergence
    by Ma, Debin

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