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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H7: State and Local Government; Intergovernmental Relations
/ / / H76: Other Expenditure Categories
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Power Politics: Electoral Cycles in German Electricity Prices
    by Englmaier, Florian & Roider, Andreas & Stowasser, Till & Hinreiner, Lisa

  • 2017 Publicly announced speed limit enforcement and its impact on road safety: Evidence from the German Blitzmarathons
    by Molitor, Ramona

  • 2017 Efficiency, But At What Cost? Evidence from a DEA Analysis of WV School Districts
    by Eduardo Minuci & Amir B. Ferreira Neto & Joshua Hall

  • 2017 Economies of Scale and Governance of Library Systems: Evidence from West Virginia
    by Amir B. Ferreira Neto & Joshua Hall

  • 2017 The political economy of transportation investment
    by Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto & Edward L. Glaeser

  • 2017 Assessing Electronic Service Delivery in Municipalities
    by Tjerk Budding & Bram Faber & Raymond (R.H.J.M.) Gradus

  • 2017 Dutch Municipalities are Becoming Greener: Some Political and Institutional Explanations
    by Raymond (R.H.J.M.) Gradus & Elbert (E.) Dijkgraaf

  • 2017 One Mandarin Benefits the Whole Clan: Hometown Favoritism in an Authoritarian Regime
    by Quoc-Anh Do & Kieu-Trang Nguyen & Anh N. Tran

  • 2017 ¿Cuántos trabajadores emplea el Estado de Chile? Problematización y orden de magnitud de la contratación a honorarios
    by Valdebenito Pedrero, Sebastián

  • 2017 Is Your Lawyer a Lemon? Incentives and Selection in the Public Provision of Criminal Defense
    by Amanda Agan & Matthew Freedman & Emily Owens

  • 2017 Is There a 1033 Effect? Police Militarization and Aggressive Policing
    by Ajilore, Olugbenga

  • 2017 R&D Efficiency in High-Tech Firms in China
    by Lee, Sang-Ho & Chen, Zhao & Xu, Wei

  • 2017 Yardstick competition and fiscal disparities: an experimental study
    by Di Liddo, Giuseppe & Morone, Andrea

  • 2017 Autocorrelation of spatial allocation of funds at the municipality level of Slaskie Voivodship
    by Marcin Niemiec & Anna Szelag-Sikora & Jakub Sikora & Michal Cupial & Joanna Rorat

  • 2017 The Impact of Developmental Exependiture on the Competitiveness of Local Governments
    by Michal Bitner & Jacek Sierak

  • 2017 Traffic Safety in Korea: Understanding the Vulnerability of Elderly Pedestrians
    by Martin W. Adler & Rudiger Ahrend

  • 2017 The Political Economy of Transportation Investment
    by Edward L. Glaeser & Giacomo A.M. Ponzetto

  • 2017 Tax Progressivity and Top Incomes: Evidence from Tax Reforms
    by Rubolino, Enrico & Waldenström, Daniel

  • 2017 Förhandling om medfinansiering
    by Andersson, Matts & Hansson, Åsa & Kopsch, Fredrik

  • 2017 The Political Economy of Transportation Investment
    by Glaeser, Edward L & Ponzetto, Giacomo AM

  • 2017 Urban Resurgence as a Consumer City: A Case Study for Weimar in Eastern Germany
    by Florian W. Bartholomae & Chang Woon Nam & Alina Schoenberg

  • 2017 Distributive Politics Inside the City? The Political Economy of Spain's Plan E
    by Felipe Carozzi & Luca Repetto

  • 2017 Incentives to local public service provision: an evaluation of Italy’s Obiettivi di Servizio
    by Guglielmo Barone & Guido de Blasio & Alessio D'Ignazio & Andrea Salvati

  • 2017 Does Decentralized Leadership Influence the Performance of Czech Museums?
    by Plaček Michal & Ochrana František & Půček Milan & Křápek Milan

  • 2017 Interrelationship Between Public Investments and Economic Developement in the EU Counties
    by Desislava Zheleva Kalcheva

  • 2017 Una revisión del planeamiento de la defensa por capacidades en España (2005-16)
    by Guillen Colom

  • 2017 Rundfunkfinanzierung: von Gebühren und Beiträgen jetzt zur Indexierung?
    by Hanno Beck & Andrea Beyer

  • 2017 The Economic Evaluation of Floods Using Spatial Software Aplication
    by Ekaterina Bogomilova

  • 2017 Access to Debt Financing - Opportunities for Improvement of the Investment Capacity of Bulgarian Municipalities (for the period 2003-2015)
    by Desislava Kalcheva

  • 2017 Progress in the quantity of financial information in the public sector in Mexico following the LGCG
    by Laura Sour

  • 2017 Avances en la cantidad de la información financiera del sector público en México a raíz de la LGCG
    by Laura Sour

  • 2017 What Makes Citizens Satisfied? The Influence of Perceived Responsiveness of Local Administration on Satisfaction with Public Administration
    by Daniel RÖLLE

  • 2017 Elasticity Of Municipal Public Expenses Of The Capitals Of Federative Entities In Mexico Elasticidad De Los Egresos Publicos Municipales De Las Capitales De Las Entidades Federativas En Mexico
    by Rodolfo Valenzuela Reynaga & Adriana Veronica Hinojosa Cruz

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Berezinskaya Olga & Fomina Elena & Burdyak Alexandra & Sokolov Ilya & Tishchenko Tatiana

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Bozhechkova Alexandra & Trunin Pavel & Knobel Alexander & Deryugin Alexander & Burdyak Alexandra & Gromov Vladimir & Korytin Andrey & Patel Svetlana

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Berezinskaya Olga & Fomina Elena & Burdyak Alexandra & Sokolov Ilya & Tishchenko Tatiana

  • 2017 Monitoring of Russia's Economic Outlook
    by Bozhechkova Alexandra & Trunin Pavel & Knobel Alexander & Deryugin Alexander & Burdyak Alexandra & Gromov Vladimir & Korytin Andrey & Patel Svetlana

  • 2017 El análisis presupuestario con enfoque de género: un instrumento feminista clave para avanzar en la equidad socioeconómica
    by Yolanda Jubeto

  • 2017 Yardstick competition and fiscal disparities: An experimental study
    by Di Liddo, Giuseppe & Morone, Andrea

  • 2017 Kommunale Investitionsschwäche: Engpässe bei Planungs- und Baukapazitäten bremsen Städte und Gemeinden aus
    by Martin Gornig & Claus Michelsen

  • 2017 Required conditionalities in applying public choice theory in the field of public utility services
    by Alexandru BOCIU

  • 2017 Tenure in Office and Public Procurement
    by Decio Coviello & Stefano Gagliarducci

  • 2017 Affirmative Action Exemptions and Capacity Constrained Firms
    by Justin Marion

  • 2017 Peacekeeping Force: Effects of Providing Tactical Equipment to Local Law Enforcement
    by Matthew C. Harris & Jinseong Park & Donald J. Bruce & Matthew N. Murray

  • 2017 Police Officer on the Frontline or a Soldier? The Effect of Police Militarization on Crime
    by Vincenzo Bove & Evelina Gavrilova

  • 2017 Strategic Policy Choice in State-Level Regulation: The EPA's Clean Power Plan
    by James B. Bushnell & Stephen P. Holland & Jonathan E. Hughes & Christopher R. Knittel

  • 2017 Are State Governments Roadblocks to Federal Stimulus? Evidence on the Flypaper Effect of Highway Grants in the 2009 Recovery Act
    by Sylvain Leduc & Daniel Wilson

  • 2017 One Mandarin Benefits the Whole Clan: Hometown Favoritism in an Authoritarian Regime
    by Quoc-Anh Do & Kieu-Trang Nguyen & Anh N. Tran

  • 2017 Sanitation and Education
    by Anjali Adukia

  • 2017 Tax Me, but Spend Wisely? Sources of Public Finance and Government Accountability
    by Lucie Gadenne

  • 2017 The Effects of DNA Databases on Crime
    by Jennifer L. Doleac

  • 2017 Creative Destruction: Barriers to Urban Growth and the Great Boston Fire of 1872
    by Richard Hornbeck & Daniel Keniston

  • 2016 The Impacts of State Government Tax and Spending Policies on Domestic Migration in the United States: An Analysis for the Great Recession Period July 1, 2008-June 30, 2009
    by Richard J. Cebula

  • 2016 Spanish Public Policies towards the Promotion of Cloud Computing and Digital Services for SMEs
    by Serrano Calle, Silvia & Pérez Martínez, Jorge & Frías Barroso, Zoraida

  • 2016 Does the Median Voter or Special Interests Determine State Highway Expenditures? Recent Evidence
    by Joshua Hall & Shree Baba Pokharel

  • 2016 Electoral incentives and firm behavior: Evidence from U.S. power plant pollution abatement
    by Matthew Doyle & Corrado Di Maria & Ian Lange & Emiliya Lazarova

  • 2016 Benefit Sharing Exploring Water Resources in Brazil
    by Tiago P. Ferraz

  • 2016 Decentralization and fiscal performance in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Makreshanska, Suzana & Petrevski, Goran

  • 2016 Subcontracting Requirements and the Cost of Government Procurement
    by Rosa, Benjamin

  • 2016 Social Sector Expenditure and Human Development of Indian States
    by Mittal, Pranjal

  • 2016 Resident Bid Preference, Affiliation, and Procurement Competition: Evidence from New Mexico
    by Rosa, Benjamin

  • 2016 Local political fragmentation: Fiscal and service delivery effects in Indonesia
    by Blane Lewis

  • 2016 Public Expenditure, Governance and Human Development: A Case of Madhya Pradesh
    by Bhanumurthy, N.R. & Prasad, Manish & Jain, Richa

  • 2016 Search for Resources in a High Income State: A Study of State Finances of Sikkim
    by Jena, Pratap Ranjan & Bhadra, Kausik K. & Sikdar, Satadru

  • 2016 Electoral Incentives and Firm Behavior: Evidence from U.S. Power Plant Pollution Abatement
    by Matthew Doyle & Corrado Di Maria & Ian Lange & Emiliya Lazarova

  • 2016 Financing the Golden Age: Municipal Finance in Toronto, 1950 to 1975
    by Richard White

  • 2016 Did the Land Transfer Tax Reduce Housing Sales in Toronto?
    by Murtaza Haider, Amar Anwar, and Cynthia Holmes

  • 2016 Can Tax Increment Financing Support Transportation Infrastructure Investment?
    by Murtaza Haider and Liam Donaldson

  • 2016 The Impact of the Limited Government Policy on the Management of the Japanese Prefectural Museums
    by Miyuki Taniguchi

  • 2016 Distributive Politics inside the City? The Political Economy of Spain’s Plan E
    by Carozzi, Felipe & Repetto, Luca

  • 2016 Intergovernmental fiscal relations and subnational finance in Russia in 2015
    by Mamedov Arseny & Fomina Elena & Belev Sergey

  • 2016 Electoral Incentives and Firm Behavior: Evidence from U.S. Power Plant Pollution Abatement
    by Matthew Doyle & Corrado Di Maria & Ian A. Lange & Emiliya Lazarova

  • 2016 Approaches to Making Federal Highway Spending More Productive
    by Congressional Budget Office

  • 2016 The Impact of Public Expenses for Innovativeness and Entrepreneurship on Local Development in the Eastern Poland (Wplyw wydatkow zwiazanych z innowacyjnoscia i przedsiebiorczoscia na rozwoj lokalny regionow przygranicznych Polski Wschodniej)
    by Robert Romanowski & Wieslaw Ciechomski

  • 2016 ‘Enabling dissent’: Contesting austerity and right populism in Toronto, Canada
    by Mark Thomas & Steven Tufts

  • 2016 Municipal Debt and Its Economic Effects – The Romanian Case
    by Irina Bilan & Florin Oprea

  • 2016 Renewal Investment in Water Infrastructure and Sustainability of Municipal Water Service Utility
    by Junichi Nagamine

  • 2016 Local Government Forestry Expenditure and Forest Land Cover: A Preliminary Lesson from Decentralized Indonesia
    by Firda Hidayati & Yogi Vidyattama & Cameron Gordon

  • 2016 City competition for the creative class
    by Thiess Buettner & Eckhard Janeba

  • 2016 Comparative Study Of The Level 5 Leadership Model Applied To Managing Human Talent In Public Administration Of Costa Rica, Estudio Comparativo Del Modelo De Liderazgo Nivel 5 Aplicado A La Gestion Del Talento Humano En La Administracion Publica De Tres Municipalidades De Costa Rica
    by Edgar Armando Chavez-Moreno & Randall Ramirez-Loria & Maria Virginia Flores-Ortiz & Alfonso Vega-Lopez

  • 2016 Government-subsidized R&D and firm innovation: Evidence from China
    by Guo, Di & Guo, Yan & Jiang, Kun

  • 2016 Does public transit reduce car travel externalities? Quasi-natural experiments' evidence from transit strikes
    by Adler, Martin W. & van Ommeren, Jos N.

  • 2016 Preservación ambiental de la Amazonia colombiana: retos para la política fiscal
    by Francisco Azuero & Jorge Armando Rodríguez

  • 2016 Cámaras de fotodetección y accidentalidad vial. Evidencia para la ciudad de Cali
    by Juan F. González & Sergio I. Prada

  • 2016 The Sustainable Development Of The Brasov Growth Pole
    by Aida CATANA & Daniela MANEA & Emilia TITAN

  • 2016 The Stimulative Or Inhibitor Impact Of The Associative Structures Of Local Authorities On Local Financial Autonomy
    by Alexandru, BOCIU

  • 2016 Does the Technological Content of Government Demand Matter for Private R&D? Evidence from US States
    by Viktor Slavtchev & Simon Wiederhold

  • 2016 Infrastructure, Incentives, and Institutions
    by Nava Ashraf & Edward L. Glaeser & Giacomo A. M. Ponzetto

  • 2016 Productivity and Selection of Human Capital with Machine Learning
    by Aaron Chalfin & Oren Danieli & Andrew Hillis & Zubin Jelveh & Michael Luca & Jens Ludwig & Sendhil Mullainathan

  • 2016 Personalized Risk Assessments in the Criminal Justice System
    by Sharad Goel & Justin M. Rao & Ravi Shroff

  • 2015 Qualitätsmanagement bei öffentlichen Auftragsvergaben. Neue Anforderungen an ein Qualitätsmanagement bei komplexen IT-Ausschreibungen
    by Peckhaus, Stefanie

  • 2015 Does public transit reduce car travel externalities? Quasi-natural experiments' evidence from transit strikes
    by Jos Van Ommeren & Martin Adler

  • 2015 Does Public Transit reduce Car Travel Externalities?
    by Martin W. Adler & Jos N. van Ommeren

  • 2015 Decentralized Urbanization Policies And Regional Development: Experience Of Turkey
    by Ömer Faruk TEK?N

  • 2015 The modern challenges of regional development and socio-economic potential of town districts belonging to North macro-region of Poland
    by Iwona Koza

  • 2015 Shale Public Finance: Local Government Revenues and Costs Associated with Oil and Gas Development
    by Richard G. Newell & Daniel Raimi

  • 2015 Direct Democracy, Partial Decentralization and Voter Information: Evidence from Swiss Municipalities
    by Sergio Galletta

  • 2015 Russia’s Market for Municipal and Subfederal Borrowings in 2014
    by Artem Shadrin

  • 2015 Evolución de las Cifras Fiscales entre 2009 - 2013 de los Municipios del Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá -AMVA-
    by César A. Muñoz O.

  • 2015 Urban Shrinkage in Eastern Germany
    by Florian W. Bartholomae & Chang Woon Nam & Alina Schoenberg

  • 2015 Self-preserving Leviathans - Evidence from Regional-level Data
    by Jan Kluge & Gunther Markwardt & Christian Thater

  • 2015 Public Spending on Transportation and Water Infrastructure, 1956 to 2014
    by Congressional Budget Office

  • 2015 Past And Potential Roles Of Electricity System Operators: From Liberalisation To Climate Change Management In Britain
    by Jon Stern

  • 2015 Organizing for Emergencies - Issues in Wildfire Fighting in Croatia
    by Robert Fabac & Davor Djalog & Vinko Zebic

  • 2015 The privatisation of urban water services: theory and empirical evidence in the case of Spain
    by Ruiz-Villaverde, Alberto & González-Gómez, Francisco & J. Picazo- Tadeo, Andrés

  • 2015 Análisis de la relación entre la capacidad administrativa y la transparencia en gobiernos locales en México
    by Bojórquez Carrillo, Ana Laura & Manzano Loría, Mary Esther & Uc Heredia , Lucio Jesús

  • 2015 The ERDF Contribution to the Development of the Social and Educational Infrastructure, as well as to the Reduction of Local Disparities in Cluj, Brasov, Vaslui and Giurgiu Counties in the Period 2007-2013
    by Catana Aida & Titan Emilia

  • 2015 Nepal's Fiscal Federalism Model in the New Constitution: Agenda for Amendments
    by Uma Shankar Prasad, Ph.D.

  • 2015 Acquisition Management In Public Institutions On Higher Education Of Mexico, Gestion De Las Adquisiciones En Las Instituciones Publicas De Educacion Superior De Mexico
    by Ana Ma. Guillen Jimenez & Rafael Ernesto Carranza Prieto & Sonia Elizabeth Maldonado Radillo

  • 2015 Sustainable development as an opportunity for innovation in the management model of public organisations
    by José Aureliano Martín-Segura & José Luis Navarro-Espigares & César Pérez-López & Guillermo Maraver-Tarifa

  • 2015 Behavioral Determinants of Russian Nuclear State-Owned Enterprises in Central and Eastern European Region
    by Tomas Vlcek & Martin Jirusek

  • 2015 Risk Assessment in Construction Process in Nuclear Sector within the Central and Eastern Europe
    by Tomas Vlcek & Martin Jirusek & James Henderson

  • 2015 Kommunale Infrastruktur fährt auf Verschleiß
    by Martin Gornig & Claus Michelsen & Kristina van Deuverden

  • 2015 Neue Parteien, Skandale und Alltägliches in Landtagswahlkämpfen: Thementreiber der Inneren Sicherheit
    by Mathias Bug & Eric van Um

  • 2015 Local Public Infrastructure Showing Signs of Wear and Tear
    by Martin Gornig & Claus Michelsen & Kristina van Deuverden

  • 2015 The Influence Of Public And Private Sector Investment On Economic Growth In The European Union
    by Florin Teodor Boldeanu & Madalin Sebastian Ion

  • 2015 US State Fiscal Policy and Natural Resources
    by Alexander James

  • 2015 Asymmetric Incentives in Subsidies: Evidence from a Large-Scale Electricity Rebate Program
    by Koichiro Ito

  • 2015 The Judge, the Politician, and the Press: Newspaper Coverage and Criminal Sentencing across Electoral Systems
    by Claire S. H. Lim & James M. Snyder Jr. & David Strömberg Jr.

  • 2014 Privatization Myths in Russia and the Reality of Local Land Markets
    by M. Rogova.

  • 2014 Klimaschutz trotz knapper Kassen? Eine empirische Untersuchung zu Finanzierungsmodellen für Klimaschutzaktivitäten in Städten und Gemeinden
    by Diekmann, Laura-Christin & Jung, Anna & Rauch, Anna

  • 2014 Local Administration Systems and Local Democracy Perception
    by Hayriye Sagir & Hacer Tu?ba Eroglu

  • 2014 Enabling and Integrative Infrastructure Policy: The Role of Inverse Infrastructures in Local Infrastructure Provision with Special Reference to Finnish Water Cooperatives
    by Heino, Ossi & Anttiroiko, Ari-Veikko

  • 2014 La coordinación intra e intergubernamental para enfrentar al crimen organizado en México
    by Moreno Bagatella, Juan Carlos

  • 2014 Revealing Malfeasance: How Local Media Facilitates Electoral Sanctioning of Mayors in Mexico
    by Horacio A. Larreguy & John Marshall & James M. Snyder, Jr.

  • 2014 Factors Influencing the Selection of Waste Collection Companies by Municipalities – Are Municipal Decision Effective?
    by Jana Soukopová & Vojtìch Ficek

  • 2014 The local government of Tuscany. A review of 2013
    by Patrizia Lattarulo

  • 2014 Is Disaster Risk Reduction Spending Driven by the Occurrence of Natural Disasters? Evidence from Peru
    by Mauricio A. Vela & Sebastián J. Miller

  • 2014 Electoral politics and regional development: assessing the geographical allocation of public investment in Turkey
    by Davide Luca & Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

  • 2014 Russia’s Market for Municipal and Subfederal Borrowings in 2013
    by Artem Shadrin

  • 2014 Electoral politics and regional development: assessing the geographical allocation of public investment in Turkey
    by Luca, Davide & Rodriguez-Pose, Andres

  • 2014 Evaluación institucional y de procesos con énfasis en el ciclo de proyectos del Sistema General de Regalías
    by Jairo Núñez & Felipe Castro & Nidia Rincón

  • 2014 Implementación de las Políticas de Desarrollo Productivo en Colombia: Una Visión desde las Regiones
    by Oskar Nupia

  • 2014 Valuing Public Investments to Support Bicycling
    by Thomas Götschi & Beat Hintermann

  • 2014 Juventud y campesinado en las falanges rurales: España, 1939-50
    by Óscar Rodríguez Barreira & Daniel Lanero Táboas

  • 2014 Responsibility with accountability: A FAIR governance framework for performance accountability of local governments
    by Anwar Shah

  • 2014 Un modelo para el sistema de pensiones en el Perú: Diagnóstico y recomendaciones
    by Alonso, Javier & Sánchez, Rosario & Tuesta, David

  • 2014 Energy And Climate Change. Nuclear, Pros And Cons
    by BENEA Ciprian-Beniamin

  • 2014 CO2 emissions and value added change: assessing the trade-off through the macro multiplier approach
    by Claudio Socci & Maurizio Ciaschini & Andrea Karim El Meligi

  • 2014 The reform of passenger rail in Switzerland: More performance without competition
    by Desmaris, Christian

  • 2014 Public provision vs. outsourcing of cultural services: Evidence from Italian cities
    by Bertacchini, Enrico & Dalle Nogare, Chiara

  • 2014 Mutual influence across routes using a common airport: The case of the domestic market in Japan
    by Doi, Naoshi

  • 2014 Life and Death in the Fast Lane: Police Enforcement and Traffic Fatalities
    by Gregory DeAngelo & Benjamin Hansen

  • 2014 Beaches, Sunshine, and Public Sector Pay: Theory and Evidence on Amenities and Rent Extraction by Government Workers
    by Jan K. Brueckner & David Neumark

  • 2014 Subways, Strikes, and Slowdowns: The Impacts of Public Transit on Traffic Congestion
    by Michael L. Anderson

  • 2013 Regional development goals and distributive politics in the allocation of Turkey's central investments: socioeconomic criteria, parties and legislators' personal networks
    by Davide Luca

  • 2013 On Revenue Recycling and the Welfare Effects of Second-Best Congestion Pricing in a Monocentric City
    by Ioannis Tikoudis & Erik T. Verhoef & Jos N. van Ommeren

  • 2013 Does Modernization Improve Performance: Evidence from Indian Police
    by Kumar, Surender & Kumar, Sudesh

  • 2013 Estado y política pública en Colombia: Un balance desde la teoría política
    by Fernando, Estrada

  • 2013 Does local council size affect land development expenditure? Quasi-experimental evidence from Japanese municipal data
    by Hirota, Haruaki & Yunoue, Hideo

  • 2013 Juvenile Incarceration, Human Capital and Future Crime: Evidence from Randomly-Assigned Judges
    by Anna Aizer & Joseph J. Doyle, Jr.

  • 2013 The Impact of City Contracting Set-Asides on Black Self-Employment and Employment
    by Aaron K. Chatterji & Kenneth Y. Chay & Robert W. Fairlie

  • 2013 The Effect of Police on Crime: New Evidence from U.S. Cities, 1960-2010
    by Aaron Chalfin & Justin McCrary

  • 2013 The vouchers scheme as a mechanism of public support allocation in theory and practice
    by Marek Pavlík

  • 2013 European social model – parting of the ways?
    by Mirka Wildmannová

  • 2013 Economic characteristic of non-profit sport clubs and their relations with municipalities and sport federations
    by Marek Pavlik

  • 2013 Environmental protection expenditure: Ex-post evaluation
    by Jana Soukopova & Eduard Bakoš

  • 2013 Municipal Consolidation and Local Government Behavior: Evidence from Japanese Voting Data on Merger Referenda
    by Miyazaki, Takeshi

  • 2013 Administrative overspending in Indonesian districts: The role of local politics
    by Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir & Krisztina Kis-Katos & Guenther G. Schulze

  • 2013 Political Business Cycles in Local Indonesia
    by Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir & Krisztina Kis-Katos & Guenther G. Schulze

  • 2013 Labour's record on neighbourhood renewal in England: policy, spending and outcomes 1997-2010
    by Lupton, Ruth & Fenton, Alex & Fitzgerald, Amanda

  • 2013 La integración de los sistemas de transporte urbano en Colombia: una reforma en transición
    by Tito Yepes & Juan Carlos Junca & Juliana Aguilar

  • 2013 Indicadores del sector transporte en Colombia. Informe consolidado
    by Tito Yepes & Germán Ospina & Juliana Aguilar & Laura Calderón

  • 2013 Evolución de las Cifras Fiscales entre 2007 y 2011. Gobiernos Centrales de las Principales Seis Ciudades Colombianas
    by César A. Muñoz

  • 2013 Descentralización, Esfuerzo Fiscal y Progreso Social en Colombia en el Nivel Local, 1994-2009: ¿Por qué Importa la Política Nacional?
    by Fabio Sánchez Torres & Mónica Pachón

  • 2013 Labour’s Record on Neighbourhood Renewal in England: Policy, Spending and Outcomes 1997-2010
    by Alex Fenton & Amanda Fitzgerald & Ruth Lupton

  • 2013 Local Energy Policy and Managing the Low Carbon Transition: The Case of Leicester
    by Mark Lemon & Michael C Pollitt

  • 2013 Increasing Transparency Through E-Communication Systems
    by Catalin Vrabie

  • 2013 Evolution of the Public Safety and Security Mobile Networks
    by Matti PELTOLA

  • 2013 Reexamination of the Productivity of Public Capital
    by Miyagawa, Tsutomu & Kawasaki, Kazuyasu & Edamura, Kazuma

  • 2013 The lasting effects of crime: The relationship of discovered methamphetamine laboratories and home values
    by Congdon-Hohman, Joshua M.

  • 2013 Aspects Of Decentralization In The Context Of Public Administration Reform
    by Florina POPA

  • 2013 On the Performance of the U.S. Transportation System: Caution Ahead
    by Clifford Winston

  • 2013 State Gun Policy and Cross-State Externalities: Evidence from Crime Gun Tracing
    by Brian Knight

  • 2013 Incentive Schemes for Local Government: Theory and Evidence from Comprehensive Performance Assessment in England
    by Ben Lockwood & Francesco Porcelli

  • 2013 Deterrence and Geographical Externalities in Auto Theft
    by Marco Gonzalez-Navarro

  • 2012 A comprehensive anlysis of expenditure decentralization and of the composition of local public spending
    by Agnese Sacchi & Simone Salotti

  • 2012 Matching Funds in Public Campaign Finance
    by Klumpp, Tilman & Mialon, Hugo & Williams, Michael

  • 2012 Commercial Revitalization in Low-Income Urban Communities: General Tax Incentives vs. Direct Incentives to Developers
    by Zhou, Li

  • 2012 Особенности Социальной Работы На Муниципальном Уровне
    by Kuznetsova, Elena

  • 2012 Public procurement: a case study of the Indian Railways
    by Nag, Bodhibrata

  • 2012 Improving Police Performance in Rajasthan, India: Experimental Evidence on Incentives, Managerial Autonomy and Training
    by Abhijit Banerjee & Raghabendra Chattopadhyay & Esther Duflo & Daniel Keniston & Nina Singh

  • 2012 Can Public Sector Wage Bills Be Reduced?
    by Pïerre Cahuc & Stephane Carcillo

  • 2012 Leaders’ Impact on Public Spending Priorities: The Case of the German Laender
    by Bernd Hayo & Florian Neumeier

  • 2012 Bureaucratic Delay, Local-Level Monitoring, and Delivery of Small Infrastructure Projects: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Bolivia
    by Yanez-Pagans, Monica & Machicado, Carlos Gustavo

  • 2012 Police and Crime: Evidence from Dictated Delays in Centralized Police Hiring
    by Buonanno, Paolo & Mastrobuoni, Giovanni

  • 2012 Police and Crime: Evidence from Dictated Delays in Centralized Police Hiring
    by Buonanno, Paolo & Mastrobuoni, Giovanni

  • 2012 Does fiscal decentralization foster regional investment in productive infrastructure?
    by Andreas Kappeler & Albert Solé-Ollé & Andreas Stephan & Timo Välilä

  • 2012 Does fiscal decentralisation foster regional investment in productive infrastructure?
    by Kappeler, Andreas & Solé-Ollé, Albert & Stephan, Andreas & Välilä, Timo

  • 2012 Achieving political acceptability for new transport infrastructure in congested urban regions
    by Westin , Jonas & Basck, Pierre & Franklin, Joel P. & Proost , Stef & Raux , Charles

  • 2012 Does fiscal decentralization foster regional investment in productive infrastructure?
    by Kappeler , Andreas & Solé-Ollé, Albert & Stephan, Andreas & Välilä, Timo

  • 2012 Does local economic development really work? Assessing LED across Mexican municipalities
    by Andrés Rodríguez-Pose & Eduardo I. Palavicini-Corona

  • 2012 Does Fiscal Decentralisation Foster Regional Investment in Productive Infrastructure?
    by Andreas Kappeler & Albert Solé-Ollé & Andreas Stephan & Timo Välilä

  • 2012 Can Institutions Be Reformed from Within? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment with the Rajasthan Police
    by Banerjee, Abhijit & Chattopadhyay, Raghabendra & Duflo, Esther & Keniston, Daniel & Singh, Nina

  • 2012 Political competition and the (in)effectiveness of redistribution in a federation
    by Ikuho Kochi & Raúl Ponce Rodríguez

  • 2012 Police and Crime: Evidence from Dictated Delays in Centralized Police Hiring
    by Paolo Buonanno & Giovanni Mastrobuoni

  • 2012 Bureaucratic delay, local-level monitoring, and delivery of small infrastructure projects: Evidence from a eld experiment in Bolivia
    by Carlos Gustavo Machicado & Monica Yanez

  • 2012 Romanian E-Government Overview
    by Catalin Vrabie

  • 2012 e-Devlet Çalışmalarına Bir Örnek: “e-İçişleri Projesi”
    by Şafak BAŞA

  • 2012 Governança ambiental e cooperação intergovernamental no Brasil: lições de Visconde de Mauá
    by Estela Maria Souza Costa Neves & Sergio Wright Maia

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