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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P4: Other Economic Systems
/ / / P46: Consumer Economics; Health; Education and Training; Welfare, Income, Wealth, and Poverty
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Back to Buchanan? Explorations of welfare and subjectivism in behavioral economics
    by Dold, Malte

  • 2017 Some “unexpected proximities” between Schultz and Galbraith on human capital
    by Alexandre Chirat & Charlotte Le Chapelain

  • 2017 Impact of socioeconomic factors on nutritional diet in Vietnam from 2004 to 2014: new insights using compositional data analysis
    by Morais, Joanna & Trinh, Thi-Huong

  • 2017 Using YouTube video to promote university: a content analysis
    by Hiep-Hung Pham & Kelly Farrell & Huyen-Minh Vu & Quan-Hoang Vuong & Nancy K. Napier

  • 2017 Private Schools and Student Learning Achievements in Kenya
    by Fredrick M. Wamalwa & Justine Burns

  • 2017 Transition gap in self-rated health
    by Obrizan, Maksym

  • 2017 What is the effect of inflation on consumer spending behaviour in Ghana?
    by Effah Nyamekye, Gabriel & Adusei Poku, Eugene

  • 2017 Is growth pro-poor in Benin? evidence using a multidimensional measure of poverty
    by Gbetoton Nadege, Djossou & Gilles Quentin, Kane & Novignon, Jacob

  • 2017 Edukacja jako dobro publiczne - próba kwantyfikacji
    by Polcyn, Jan

  • 2017 Educational Attainment and Neighbourhood Outcomes: Differences between Highly-Educated Natives and Non-Western Ethnic Minorities in the Netherlands
    by de Vuijst, Elise & van Ham, Maarten

  • 2017 Ethnic Differences in Duration and Timing of Exposure to Neighbourhood Disadvantage during Childhood
    by Kleinepier, Tom & van Ham, Maarten

  • 2017 Parents and Peers: Parental Neighbourhood- and School-Level Variation in Individual Neighbourhood Outcomes over Time
    by de Vuijst, Elise & van Ham, Maarten

  • 2017 Becoming an Adult in France, Estonia and Russia
    by Ekaterina S. Mitrofanova

  • 2017 Who Benefits from Fairtrade? Evidence from the Swedish Coffee Market
    by Durevall, Dick

  • 2017 Absolute vs Relative Income and Life Satisfaction
    by Rickardsson, Jonna & Mellander, Charlotta

  • 2017 Concept Formation Teaching Model: An Innovation in Teaching
    by Aamna Irshad

  • 2017 A Policy Framework to Support Household-Based Snack Food Industry in East Sumba Regency for Poverty Alleviation
    by Ratih Dyah Kusumastuti

  • 2017 The Impact of Joint Commission International Healthcare Accreditation on Infection Control Performance: A Study in Dubai Hospital
    by Mohammad Habibur Rahman

  • 2017 The Socio-Economic Determinants of Crime in South Africa: An Empirical Assessment
    by Haroon Bhorat & Adaiah Lilenstein & Jabulile Monnakgotla & Amy Thornton

  • 2017 Consumer Spending on Entertainment and the Great Recession
    by Hyeongwoo Kim & Liping Gao

  • 2017 Public education expenditure and economic growth: the educational quality threshold effect
    by Salwa TRABELSI

  • 2017 Remittances, A Factor For Poverty Reduction
    by Constantin ANGHELACHE & Ion PARTACHI & Madalina-Gabriela ANGHEL & Georgiana NITA

  • 2017 Education and Skill Mismatches in Maptaphut Industrial Estate, Thailand
    by Duangjan Varakamin

  • 2017 Are We There Yet?
    by Emmanuel Olusegun Stober

  • 2017 Climate Change and The Dwindling Commodity Prices in Africa: Are There New Options For Economic Re-Engineering
    by Isaac B. Oluwatayo

  • 2017 Does education strengthen the life skills of adolescents?
    by Stefanie Schurer

  • 2017 Socio-economic Determinants of Crime: An Empirical Study of Pakistan
    by Awais Anwar & Noman Arshed & Sofia Anwar

  • 2017 A Model of Consumer’s Attitude Towards Durable Goods
    by Daniela Stelu?a U?Ã & Augustin MITU

  • 2017 Competition on the University Educational Services Market in Romania and the Protection of Students’ Rights and Interests
    by Gabriel Bratucu & Alexandra Palade (Zamfirache) & Anca Madar & Nicoleta Andreea Neacsu

  • 2017 (Volume XIX) The Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Hospital Administration: A Case Study From Pakistan
    by Samiuddin KHAN & Ishtiaq AHMAD & Syed Zaheer Abbas KAZMI

  • 2016 FinTech in Developing Countries: Charting New Customer Journeys
    by Buckley, Ross P & Webster, Sarah

  • 2016 From Store To Stovetop: Cooking And Consuming Habits Of Midwestern Residents
    by S.R.Dominick & Natalie Donovan & Nicole Widmar

  • 2016 Poverty in Europe: Sociodemographics, Portfolios and Consumption of Wealth Poor Households
    by Philip Müller

  • 2016 Spatial Segregation and Socio-Economic Mobility in European Cities
    by van Ham, Maarten & Tammaru, Tiit & de Vuijst, Elise & Zwiers, Merle

  • 2016 A Life Course Approach to Understanding Neighbourhood Effects
    by de Vuijst, Elise & van Ham, Maarten & Kleinhans, Reinout

  • 2016 Accounting Students’ Perceptions of AEC 2015 on Public Accounting Profession
    by Mirna Dianita

  • 2016 “Eat, my child”. Overweight and obesity among children in developing countries
    by Dimitrios Minos

  • 2016 Overweight and obesity in low- and middle income countries: A panel-data analysis
    by Dimitrios Minos

  • 2016 Influencia del contexto socioeconomico de la comunidad sobre la desnutricion infantil en Colombia: un enfoque multinivel para los años 2005 y 2010
    by Ana Maria Osorio & Gustavo Alfonso Romero & Harold Bonilla & Luis Fernando Aguado

  • 2016 Economic Shocks and Crime: Evidence from the Crash of Ponzi Schemes
    by Darwin Cortés & Julieth Santamaria & Juan F. Vargas

  • 2016 The transformation of higher education: evaluation of CRM concept application and its impact on student satisfaction
    by Anes Hrnjic

  • 2016 European Organic Food Consumers: Motives, Actions and Implications (Charakterystyka europejskich konsumentow zywnoœci ekologicznej – motywy, dzialania i implikacje)
    by Dominika Srednicka-Tober & Renata Kazimierczak & Ewelina Hallmann

  • 2016 Social Interactions and the Effectiveness of Urban Policies
    by Santiago M. Pinto

  • 2016 Paulo Freire and the methodology of thematic investigation for permanent teacher education
    by Saul, Ana Maria & Saul, Alexandre

  • 2016 University students’ support to an NGO that helps children with cancer: Lessons learned in thirteen academic projects
    by Arantes do Amaral, João Alberto & Okazaki, Erica

  • 2016 A consumer and social welfare model based on the writings of Shibani (750-805 AD, 131-189 AH)
    by Hassan B. Ghassan

  • 2016 Influences of Experiential Pursuing Tendency in Experience Perception with the Moderating Role of Expertise and Demographics
    by Buntae Kim

  • 2016 Life Satisfaction in Germany After Reunification: Additional Insights on the Pattern of Convergence
    by Petrunyk Inna & Pfeifer Christian

  • 2016 What can be expected from productive inclusion programs?
    by Jamele Rigolini

  • 2016 ‘Globesity’? The effects of globalization on obesity and caloric intake
    by Costa-Font, Joan & Mas, Núria

  • 2016 Economic shocks and crime: Evidence from the crash of Ponzi schemes
    by Cortés, Darwin & Santamaría, Julieth & Vargas, Juan F.

  • 2016 Buying versus renting – Determinants of the net present value of home ownership for individual households
    by Tabner, Isaac T.

  • 2016 Does Poverty Influence Prevalence of Child Labor in Developing Countries?
    by Idris Isyaku Abdullahi & Zaleha Mohd Noor & Rusmawati Said & Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah

  • 2016 Applying Servqual Model To Measure Online Customer Satisfaction In Package Delivery Services

  • 2016 Etyczne i ekonomiczne aspekty państwa dobrobytu / Ethical and Economic Aspects of the Welfare State
    by Tomasz Przybycinski

  • 2015 Private property and education: between “homesteading” and “homeschooling” [Proprietatea privată şi educaţia: între “homesteading” şi “homeschooling”]
    by Jora Octavian-Dragomir, Iacob Mihaela, Crişu Alexandru

  • 2015 Remittances, Household Expenditure and Investment in Rural India: Evidence from NSS data
    by Parida, Jajati K. & Mohanty, Sanjay K. & Raman, K. Ravi

  • 2015 Impacts of Rural Electrification Revisited – The African Context
    by Peters, Jörg & Sievert, Maximiliane

  • 2015 Identifying income and wealth-poor households in the euro area
    by Müller, Philip & Schmidt, Tobias

  • 2015 Dynamics of Rural Poverty in Odisha
    by Sahoo, Priyabrata

  • 2015 A Consumer Model and Social Welfare Based on the Writings of Shibani (750-805 AD, 131-189 AH)
    by Ghassan, Hassan B.

  • 2015 Taksonomia funkcjonalnych kompetencji cyfrowych oraz metodologia pomiaru poziomu funkcjonalnych kompetencji cyfrowych osób z pokolenia 50+
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej & Tarkowski, Alek & Mierzecka, Anna & Jasiewicz, Justyna & Filiciak, Mirosław & Kisilowska, Małgorzata & Bojanowska, Elżbieta

  • 2015 Islamic Consumer Model, Fairness Behavior and Asymptotic Utility
    by Ghassan, Hassan B.

  • 2015 Life satisfaction in Germany after reunification: Additional insights on the pattern of convergence
    by Inna Petrunyk & Christian Pfeifer

  • 2015 The Moderating Effect of Higher Education on Intergenerational Spatial Inequality
    by de Vuijst, Elise & van Ham, Maarten & Kleinhans, Reinout

  • 2015 The Inheritance of Educational Inequality among Young People in Developing Countries
    by Pastore, Francesco & Roccisano, Federica

  • 2015 Life Satisfaction in Germany after Reunification: Additional Insights on the Pattern of Convergence
    by Pfeifer, Christian & Petrunyk, Inna

  • 2015 Heterodox Challenges to Consumption-Oriented Models of Legislation
    by Luigi Russi & John D. Haskell

  • 2015 Research on Poverty in Transition Economies: A Meta-analysis on Changes in the Determinants of Poverty
    by Kumo, Kazuhiro

  • 2015 Are Fairtrade Prices Fair? An Analysis of the Distribution of Returns in the Swedish Coffee Market
    by Durevall, Dick

  • 2015 Are Fairtrade Prices Fair? An Analysis of the Distribution of Returns in the Swedish Coffee Market
    by Durevall, Dick

  • 2015 Life Satisfaction in Germany after Reunification: Additional Insights on the Pattern of Convergence
    by Inna Petrunyk & Christian Pfeifer

  • 2015 Reallocating Children’s Time: Coping Strategies after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake
    by Rafael Novella & Claire Zanuso

  • 2015 On the Effect of the Great Recession on US Household Expenditures for Entertainment
    by Liping Gao & Hyeongwoo Kim & Yaoqi Zhang

  • 2015 Economic Impacts of Reunifications in Germany and in Korea
    by Seung Mo Choi & Max St. Brown

  • 2015 Improving Public Health and Environment through Plastic Waste Management in Mumbai Metropolitan Region
    by Sanjay RODE

  • 2015 Aspects Concerning Quality in Tourism
    by Anca Cristina Stanciu & Mihaela Constandache & Daniela Simona Nenciu

  • 2015 The Role Of Energy In Ecological Sustainability
    by Popescu Maria-Floriana & & &

  • 2015 An Investigation of Cosumer Attitudes Towards New Varieties of Shopping Bags: Exploring Eco-Awareness and the Possibility of Behavior Change
    by Ishrat Jahan Synthia & Shafquat Kabir

  • 2015 The Effect of Microenterprises on Poverty: A Cross-county Analysis on US Urban Poverty
    by J. G. Sri Ranjith

  • 2015 Public Expenditures and Economic Development of Nigeria: A Cointegration and Causality Evaluation
    by N. C. Nwezeaku & A. B. C. Akujuobi

  • 2015 What is The Main Reason of Poverty and What Can Be Done for The Elimination of Poverty from The Point of Families Who Get Social and Economic Support

  • 2015 Poverty Studies in Transitional Economies: Meta-Analysis on Trends in Poverty Determinants
    by Kumo, Kazuhiro

  • 2015 Between consumer demand and Islamic law: The evolution of Islamic credit cards in Turkey
    by Çokgezen, Murat & Kuran, Timur

  • 2015 Impacts of Rural Electrification Revisited: The African Context
    by Jörg Peters & Maximiliane Sievert

  • 2015 Need Of A New Social And Economic Pact – Horizon Europe 2020
    by Cornelia DUMITRU

  • 2015 Entrepreneurs’ Perception of Their Skills and the Influence of Education on the Romanian Entrepreneurial System
    by Mirela Octavia Sîrbu & Constantin Bob & Andreea Simona Saseanu

  • 2014 Does Constitutionalizing Economic and Social Rights Promote their Fulfillment?
    by Elizabeth Kaletski & Lanse Minkler & Nishith Prakash & Susan Randolph

  • 2014 The Significance of Waqf for Economic Development
    by Budiman, Mochammad Arif

  • 2014 Человеческий Капитал В Сельском Хозяйстве: Формирование И Развитие В Животноводческих Фермах Сибири
    by Stukach, Victor & Lalova, Elena

  • 2014 Business environment analysis of Romania
    by Stan, Darius

  • 2014 Importance of education and training local population in process of development rural tourism in Serbia
    by Predrag, Vukovic & Subić, Jonel & Cvijanović, Drago

  • 2014 Dynamic Role of Zakat in Alleviating Poverty: A Case Study of Pakistan
    by M. Akram, Mian & Afzal, Muhammad

  • 2014 A Survey of the Economics of Fair Trade
    by Dammert, Ana C. & Mohan, Sarah

  • 2014 A Survey of the Role of Fiscal Policy in Addressing Income Inequality, Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth
    by Heshmati, Almas & Kim, Jungsuk

  • 2014 Measuring Adequacy of Retirement Savings
    by John Burnett & Kevin Davis & Carsten Murawski & Roger Wilkins & Nicholas Wilkinson

  • 2014 Entreprenörskap och ekonomisk tillväxt: En kritisk granskning
    by Delmar, Frédéric & Wennberg, Karl

  • 2014 Moderate Prosperity, an adaptation of the Middle Class concept to a Malagasy rural area: the case of Itasy

  • 2014 Compravendita o Donazione di Parti del Corpo Umano? Il Contributo di Alvin Roth e Dintorni
    by Nicolò Bellanca

  • 2014 Climate change and sustainable welfare: an argument for the centrality of human needs
    by Gough, Ian

  • 2014 One currency, one price? Euro Changeover related inflation in Estonia
    by Jaanika Meriküll & Tairi Rõõm

  • 2014 The Euro Changeover in Estonia: implications for inflation
    by Tairi Rõõm & Katri Urke

  • 2014 A High-Stakes Shift: Turning the Tide From GDP to New Prosperity Indicators
    by Isabelle CASSIERS & Géraldine THIRY

  • 2014 I dati amministrativi per la valutazione delle politiche: riscontri dall’esperienza piemontese sul FSE [Administrative data and policy evaluation: insights from an experience on FSE in Piedmont]
    by Elena Ragazzi & Lisa Sella

  • 2014 Acompañamiento familiar de la estrategia Red Unidos para la Superación de la Pobreza Extrema. Experiencias de dos familias del municipio de Dagua, Valle 2009 – 2013
    by Cristina Echeverry Rivera

  • 2014 Global trends in relative and absolute wealth concentrations
    by Thomas Goda

  • 2014 Acceso a los servicios de salud en las principales ciudades colombianas (2008-2012)
    by Yuri Carolina Reina A.

  • 2014 'Globesity'? The Effects of Globalization on Obesity and Caloric Intake
    by Joan Costa-i-Font & Núria Mas

  • 2014 Climate Change and Sustainable Welfare: An Argument for the Centrality of Human Needs
    by Ian Gough

  • 2014 Chapter 10: Policy Implications
    by Eline Aas

  • 2014 Chapter 9: Social Capital and Smoking
    by Lorenzo Rocco & Beatrice d'Hombres

  • 2014 Chapter 8: Social Capital and Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
    by José Anchorena & Lucas Ronconi & Sachiko Ozawa

  • 2014 Chapter 7: The Empirics of Social Capital and Health
    by Lorenzo Rocco & Elena Fumagalli

  • 2014 Chapter 6: Measures of Social Capital
    by Richard M. Scheffler & Yumna Bahgat

  • 2014 Chapter 5: How Does Social Capital Arise in Populations?
    by Sherman Folland & Tor Iversen

  • 2014 Chapter 4: Social Capital: An Economic Perspective
    by Audrey Laporte

  • 2014 Chapter 3: How Do We Invest in Social Capital? An Exploration of an Economic Model of Social Capital and Health
    by Sherman Folland & Oddvar Kaarbøe & Kamrul Islam

  • 2014 Chapter 2: What is Social Capital and How Does It Work to Improve Health?
    by Sherman Folland

  • 2014 Michigan and Ohio K–12 Educational Financing Systems: Equality and Efficiency
    by Michael Conlin & Paul N. Thompson

  • 2014 Austerity as a global prescription and lessons from the neoliberal Baltic experiment
    by Jeffrey Sommers & Charles Woolfson & Arunas Juska

  • 2014 Institutional Environment In The Context Of Development Of Sustainable Society In The European Union Countries
    by Malgorzata Zielenkiewicz

  • 2014 Customer Equity In A Network Driven Context - Contributions For Evaluating Customer Equity
    by Markus Moritz1 & Sonja Keppler

  • 2014 ‘Small is Beautiful’, Analysing the Democratising Effect of Localism, Greater Regional Autonomy, Decentralisation and Constitutional Reform
    by DUKE Ben

  • 2014 Does the Accession of Road Reduce the Poverty? Evidence from Northern, Central, and Southern Parts of Lao PDR
    by Oulay Phadouangdeth & Sounthone Phommason & Phouphet Kyophilavong & Inpaeng Sayvaya

  • 2014 Relation between Disparity of Income and Health Validation Empirical Case of the Countries of the Northern Banks and the South of the Mediterranean Sea
    by Mekdem Majdi & Mohamed Essaied Hamrita

  • 2014 Re-Conceptualization of the Capability Approach-Opportunity, Autonomy and Identity-
    by Gotoh, Reiko

  • 2014 Die Wahrnehmung und Berücksichtigung von Wachstums- und Wohlstandsindikatoren durch politische Entscheidungsträger in Deutschland
    by Michael Fertig & Marco Puxi & Martin Rosemann & Marian Weimann

  • 2014 Multiple Facets Of Rehabilitation In Elderly Patients After Cardiac Surgery
    by Maura Gabriela FELEA & Florin MITU & Maria M. LEON

  • 2014 Has Inflation Hurt the Poor? Regional Analysis in the Philippines
    by Hyun H. Son

  • 2014 Social Role of Alms (zakat) in Islamic Economies
    by Adam Bukowski

  • 2014 Perception About Business Education in the Tourism Domain and the Hospitality Industry
    by Nicolae Lupu & Mihail Ovidiu Tanase & Ana-Maria Nica

  • 2014 Methodology for Assessing the Degree of Internationalization of Business Academic Study Programmes
    by Dan-Cristian Dabija & Catalin Postelnicu & Nicolae Al. Pop

  • 2014 Level of Satisfaction of Educational Services Consumers. Impact and Consequences for the Responsibility of an Economics Faculty
    by Gheorghe Savoiu & Consuela Necsulescu & Marian Taicu & Luminita Serbanescu, Emil Crisan

  • 2013 Economia cooperativa: un approccio innovativo alla sostenibilità
    by Gianluca Salvatori

  • 2013 Economía cooperativa: un enfoque innovador para la sostenibilidad
    by Gianluca Salvatori

  • 2013 Formations médicales privées à Kinshasa : qu’en est-il de leur émergence ?
    by Kambamba, Kambamba, Darly

  • 2013 Using Student Outcome Survey Data for institutional performance measurement
    by Fieger, Peter

  • 2013 Do economic crises lead to health and nutrition behavior responses?: analysis using longitudinal data from Russia
    by Nikoloski, Zlatko & Ajwad, Mohamed Ihsan

  • 2013 Emissions Pricing, 'Complementary Policies' and 'Direct Action' in the Australian Electricity Supply Sector: 'Lock-in' and Investment
    by Dr Barry Naughten

  • 2013 On the Effect of the Great Recession on US Household Expenditures for Entertainment
    by Liping Gao & Hyeongwoo Kim & Yaoqi Zhang

  • 2013 The Economics of Social Capital and Health:A Conceptual and Empirical Roadmap

  • 2013 Why do Students use Virtual Social Networks in Iran: a System Approach
    by Babak Saleck Pay & Seyed Hossein Hosseini & Hamed G. Shakouri

  • 2013 Intégration européenne et déclin du néo-corporatisme. Un renversement de perspective à la lumière des accords collectifs sur la formation continue
    by Cognard, Étienne

  • 2013 Socio-economic justice perception in Lithuania: individualism and collectivism models
    by Rudzkiene Vitalija & Migle Eleonora Cernikovaite

  • 2013 The Transformation Of The Structures Of Health Care - Opportunity Of Growth
    by Barbel Held

  • 2013 An Old Measure of Decision-Making Quality Sheds New Light on Paternalism
    by Shachar Kariv & Dan Silverman

  • 2013 Usage of Business Simulation Games in Croatia: Perceived Obstacles
    by Jovana Zoroja

  • 2013 Insurance and Reinsurance Services – System of Relationships in Order to Protect the Interests of Individuals and Legal Entities
    by Viorica Ionascu & Argentina Velea

  • 2013 Role Of Lifelong Learning In Development Of The Of The Organizations Based On Knowledge
    by Camelia-Cristina DRAGOMIR

  • 2013 Competition among payers in health care. Theoretical approach
    by Anna Hnatyszyn-Dzikowska

  • 2012 Türkiye’nin Avrupa Birliği’ne üyeliğinin gıda tüketicileri üzerindeki refah etkisi
    by Ahmet ŞAHİNÖZ & Onur YENİ

  • 2012 Fuzzy Sets Application To Healthcare Systems
    by Lazzari, Luisa L. & Moulia, Patricia I.

  • 2012 Le « paradoxe » de Sikasso (Mali) : pourquoi « produire plus » ne suffit-il pas pour bien nourrir les enfants des familles d’agriculteurs ?
    by Dury, S. & Bocoum, I.

  • 2012 The flexibility of the cooperative model as a development tool: The case of the metamorphosis of an Italian region
    by Gianluca Salvatori

  • 2012 The Relationship between Structural Change and Inequality: A Conceptual Overview with Special Reference to Developing Asia
    by Aizenman, Joshua & Lee, Minsoo & Park, Donghyun

  • 2012 Can Poverty be Educated Out?
    by Hati, Koushik Kumar

  • 2012 Stagflation, the Labor Market Impact, and the Poverty Puzzle in Pakistan: A Preliminary Analysis
    by Amjad, Rashid

  • 2012 Multidimensional Measurement of Poverty in Pakistan
    by Masood, Sarwar Awan & Muhammad, Waqas & Amir, Aslam

  • 2012 Shared Societies: The Economic Case
    by Clem McCarthy & Wim Naudé

  • 2012 Analysis of Impact of Remittance on Poverty in Nigeria
    by Nnaemeka Chukwuone & Ebele Amaechina & Sunday Emeka Enebeli-Uzor & Evelyn Iyoko & Benjamin Okpukpara

  • 2012 The Relationship between Structural Change and Inequality: A Conceptual Overview with Special Reference to Developing Asia
    by Joshua AIZENMAN & Minsoo LEE & Donghyun PARK

  • 2012 A Guide to Subsistence Affluence
    by John D. Conroy

  • 2012 Enabling Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
    by Susan Davis

  • 2012 Economic indicators of quality of life
    by Carmen Mariana CODREANU

  • 2012 Motivational strategies in teaching university students
    by Cristina MIHAESCU

  • 2012 La diversité des systèmes de protection sociale en Amérique latine
    by Lautier, Bruno

  • 2012 The interpretative valences of the relationship between sustainable development and the quality of life
    by Vladimir-Aurelian Enachescu & Diana Andreia Hristache & Claudia Elena Paicu

  • 2012 Factors Affecting the Public Judgement of Consumer Protection Authorities
    by Csilla Margit Csiszár

  • 2012 Stagflation, the Labor Market Impact, and the Poverty Puzzle in Pakistan: A Preliminary Analysis
    by Rashid Amjad

  • 2012 Odyssey of the European Funds Absorption Process in the Case of the Romanian Economy
    by Cosmin Stoica

  • 2012 The impact of financial management practices and financial attitudes on the relationship between materialism and compulsive buying
    by Pham, Thi H. & Yap, Keong & Dowling, Nicki A.

  • 2012 Action speaks louder than words: The effect of personal attitudes and family norms on adolescents’ pro-environmental behaviour
    by Grønhøj, Alice & Thøgersen, John

  • 2012 Unidimensional and multidimensional fuzzy poverty measures: New approach
    by Belhadj, Besma & Limam, Mohamed

  • 2012 Seasonality of income and poverty in Bangladesh
    by Khandker, Shahidur R.

  • 2012 An Alternative Approach to Ending Economic Insecurity in Nigeria: The Role of Revolving Credit Association
    by Saifullahi Sani Ibrahim

  • 2012 Alcohol Consumption: Measuring the Risk of Household Poverty - Case of the Urban District of Toamasina - Madagascar
    by Amaïde Arsan Miriarison TSIKOMIA & Daniela SARPE

  • 2012 Information and Ecological Behaviour towards the Natural Resources Consumption of the Population of Bucharest
    by Paul Marinescu & Marin Burcea

  • 2011 Preferences for conditioning and being conditioned: Experimental and survey evidence from Zambia
    by Schuring, Esther

  • 2011 Engel’s Law Around the World 150 Years Later
    by Richard Anker

  • 2011 Health for Development: A District Level Study in West Bengal
    by Hati, Koushik Kumar & Majumder, Rajarshi

  • 2011 Poverty, Human Capital, Life-cycle and the Tax and Transfer Bases: The Role of Education for Development and International Competition
    by Hans-Georg Petersen

  • 2011 L'économie résidentielle en Suisse: une approche par les emplois
    by Alain Segessemann & Olivier Crevoisier

  • 2011 The Welfare Impact of Price Changes on Household Welfare and Inequality 1999-2010
    by Loughrey, Jason & O'Donoghue, Cathal

  • 2011 The Welfare Impact of Price Changes on Household Welfare and Inequality 1999-2010
    by Loughrey, Jason & O'Donoghue, Cathal

  • 2011 Tajik Labour Migrants and their Remittances: Is Tajik Migration Pro-Poor?
    by Kazuhiro Kumo

  • 2011 Teenage Pregnacy in Mexico: Evolution and Consequences
    by Eva O. Arceo-Gómez & Raymundo M. Campos-Vázquez

  • 2011 A Behaviouristic Approach for Measuring Poverty: The Decomposition Approach ; Empirical Illustrations for Germany 1995-2009
    by Jürgen Faik

  • 2011 GDP Concept and the GPI
    by IYODA, Mitsuhiko

  • 2011 The Role Of Informal Sources Of Information In The Polish Consumer Market

  • 2011 Why Is Human Capital a Driver for Economic Growth?
    by Liparã Daniel

  • 2011 Human Capital And Development: Some Evidence From Eastern Europe
    by Carlei Vittorio & Colantonio Emiliano & Marianacci Raffaella & Mattoscio Nicola

  • 2011 La mappa di percezione del pesce azzurro. Un’analisi esplorativa degli attributi di prodotto
    by Anna Gaviglio & Alberto Pirani & Pedol Martina Licitra & Eugenio Demartini

  • 2011 Macro-econometric modelling for the Nigerian economy: A growth–poverty gap analysis
    by Akanbi, Olusegun A. & Du Toit, Charlotte B.

  • 2011 Determinants of health care expenditure: the Colombian case
    by Lorena Mesa Melgarejo

  • 2011 Human Resource and Economic Development: Where Does North-East India Stand?
    by Utpal Kumar De

  • 2011 Analyzing the Main Changes in New Consumer Buying Behavior during Economic Crisis
    by Lelia Voinea & Alina Filip

  • 2011 Mutations in the Foodstuff Quality Perception of the New Consumers in Romania
    by Dorin Popescu & Mihai Negrea & Lelia Voinea

  • 2010 Guns and butter - but no margarine: The impact of Nazi economic policies on German food consumtion, 1933-38
    by Spoerer, Mark & Streb, Jochen

  • 2010 A New Avenue for Understanding the Nutritional Health of Children in Guinea
    by Ohiniba Carole Bruce & Dorothée Boccanfuso

  • 2010 Comprendre l’évolution de la santé des enfants de moins de 5 ans en Guinée
    by Dorothée Boccanfuso & Ohiniba Carole Bruce

  • 2010 Measuring Poverty and Human Capital Development in Sudan
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.

  • 2010 Decentralization, Democracy and Allocation of Poverty Alleviation Programs in Rural India
    by Takahiro Sato & Katsushi S. Imai

  • 2010 The Regulation of Consumer Financial Products: An Introductory Essay with Four Case Studies
    by Campbell, John Y. & Jackson, Howell E. & Madrian, Brigitte C. & Tufano, Peter

  • 2010 Poverty in Tunisia: A Fuzzy Measurement Approach
    by Besma Belhadj & Mohamed Salah Matoussi

  • 2010 Quality Of Public Transportation Services In Urban Area Of Oradea
    by Silaghi Simona

  • 2010 Neuroeconomia y Turismo en Tiempos de Crisis
    by Francisco J. Guemez Ricalde & Jose L. Zapta Sanchez & Rene Andreas Forster Hojer

  • 2010 Educación y Escuela: configuraciones como clave en la formación ciudadana
    by Márquez Ramírez, Ysrael Orlando

  • 2010 Gestion de Politicas Públicas en Ciencia y Tecnología. Innovación, Crecimiento Economico y Desarrollo Humano en Venezuela. 1990-2010
    by Rincón Soto, Idana Berosca

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