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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M3: Marketing and Advertising
/ / / M39: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 An Examination Of Second Life Users Of Hispanic Speech Through A Values And Lifestyle Psychographic Study, Acercamiento A Los Usuarios De Second Life De Habla Hispana A Traves De Un Estudio Psicografico De Tipo Values And Lifestyle (Vals)
    by Lorena Mariano Gutierrez & Hector Hugo Perez Villarreal & Judith Cavazos Arroyo & Maria del Rocío Gpe. Morales Salgado

  • 2017 Party in Business: The Swedish Social Democratic Party's Advertising Venture 1947-1997
    by Lakomaa, Erik

  • 2017 Social network sites: What users post and to whom they address. Some approaches to the study
    by Kotyrlo , Elena

  • 2017 Regional Marketing Potential, the Key Factor of Investment Development of the Region
    by nanuli Okruashvili & Lia Metonidze

  • 2017 The marketisation of higher education - symptoms, controversies, trends
    by Hanna Hall

  • 2017 Culture-Based Rejection of Taboo-Infringing Imports
    by Brice William D. & Chu Edward & Brice Anastasiya

  • 2017 Moral licensing: a culture-moderated meta-analysis
    by Philipp Simbrunner & Bodo B. Schlegelmilch

  • 2017 Are sponsors blamed for edging off? Consumer reactions to sponsorship terminations
    by Oliver Schnittka & Alexander Himme & Dominik Papies & David Pellenwessel

  • 2017 Centralization of Authority, Market Orientation, and Customer Relationship Management in the Banking Sector: A Study in India
    by Jose VARGHESE & Manoj EDWARD & Babu P GEORGE

  • 2017 Examination of Public Service Announcements in Turkey Through Content Analysis Method
    by Yetkin Özbük, Meltem & Öz, Yağmur

  • 2017 Comparison Of Selected Internationally Recognized Brand Valuation Methods
    by Katarina Janoskova & Anna Krizanova

  • 2017 Strategic Positioning for Soft Drinks in the Algerian Market
    by Sara Chouaabi & Fatima Zohra Boughari & Lakhdar Adouka & Zohra Bouguelli

  • 2017 Market Research To Determine The Feasibility Of Implementing An English Language Teaching School In Villahermosa, Tabasco, Estudio De Mercado Para Determinar La Factibilidad De Implementar Una Escuela Para La Enseñanza Del Idioma Inglés En Villahermosa, Tabasco
    by Rosario Cruz Solís & Juan Carlos Mandujano Contreras & María Fernanda Ramos Alegría & Concepción Reyes de la Cruz

  • 2017 Current State and Prospects for Development of Internet Advertising in Kazakhstan
    by Maira Turysbekovna Davletova & Nazym Satbekovna Dulatbekova & Galim Gabdulsanovich Sadykov

  • 2017 Can Price Sway Children Preference? Preliminary Experiment among Malay Children
    by Zainurin Bin Dahar & Husam A. Kokash & Fadilah Sulaiman

  • 2017 Проучване На Поведението На Българските Потребители При Покупка На Захарни И Шоколадови Изделия
    by Георги Личев

  • 2017 Industrial Branding – Does It Pay Off?
    by Anca BUTNARIU

  • 2017 Comparative Analysis of Results of Online and Offline Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Surveys in Banking Services in Montenegro
    by Milorad Jovović & Bojana Femić-Radosavović & Milena Lipovina-Božović

  • 2017 Loyalty, Investment Model and New Media - A Correlation Study in Banking Services in Montenegro
    by Bojana Femić-Radosavović & Milorad Jovović

  • 2017 Performance In Services Marketing. The Case Of Two Of The World'S Best Restaurants
    by Catalin GRADINARU & Sorin-George TOMA

  • 2017 The Development of Innovative Product Concept: A Case of Organic Rice in Thailand
    by Pensri, Jaroenwanit & Supot Deboonmee & Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong

  • 2017 Generational Segmentation in Selected European Countries - Analysis of Secondary Data
    by Krzysztof Błoński

  • 2016 Which Does Drive Switching Costs in Retail Banking Industry; Openness to Experience or Services Quality?
    by Mohammad A Al-hawari

  • 2016 The Impact of Market Orientation, Brand Image and Internal Marketing on Brand Orientation and Strengthening Br

  • 2016 Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness of Creative Television Advertisements for High Involvement Products
    by Ali, Mazhar

  • 2016 Ребрендинг, Как Одна Из Стратегий Маркетинга
    by Kharchenko, Alina

  • 2016 Influencia de la imagen del comercio del centro urbano en la imagen de ciudad
    by José Luis Da Rocha Ceia

  • 2016 Emotional or Rational? The Determination of the Influence of Advertising Appeal on Advertising Effectiveness
    by Grigaliunaite Viktorija & Pileliene Lina

  • 2016 Price Aspects Of “Craft” Beer’s Competitiveness In Bulgaria
    by Yordan Ivanov

  • 2016 An Application Of Utaut2 Model In Exploring The Impact Of Quality Of Technology On Mobile Internet
    by Amra Kraljic & Almir Pestek

  • 2016 Turizm Perspektifinden Yabancılaşmanın Sosyo-Psikolojik Analizi: Günlük Yaşamdan Turistik Yaşama Yabancılaşma Döngüsü
    by Semra AKTAŞ POLAT & Serkan POLAT

  • 2016 The Role of the Customer in the Value Creation Process Based on the 5Rs Rule (Rola konsumenta w procesie kreowania wartosci opartej na zasadzie 5R)
    by Agnieszka Wilczak

  • 2016 Consumer 3.0: Specificity and Implications for Marketing in the Opinions of Managers (Konsument 3.0 – specyfika i implikacje dla marketingu w swietle opinii menedzerow)
    by Agnieszka Wilczak

  • 2016 Consumerism 3.0 Trends and Their Influence on the Shape of Virtual Br and Communities: The Case of Nutella (Trendy konsumpcjonizmu 3.0 i ich wplyw na ksztaltowanie wirtualnej wspolnoty wokol marek – przypadek marki Nutella)
    by Monika Skorek & Michal Ambroziak

  • 2016 Media Credibility Perception Among Millennials in Slovakia
    by Lucia Vilèeková

  • 2016 Customer Perceived Value Towards Convenience Stores in Malaysia: The Influence on Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention
    by Abdulrauf Animashaun & Tarila Iman Tunkarimu & Omkar Dastane

  • 2016 Exploring the Multi-Sensory Based Memorable Tourism Experiences: A Study of Adam&Eve Hotel in Turkey
    by Ozlem GUZEL & Taylan DORTYOL

  • 2016 Evaluating Gaps in Consumer Behavior Research on Organic Foods: A Critical Literature Review under Bangladesh Context
    by Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman & Nor Azila Mohd Noor

  • 2016 Cultural congruency and shocking buzz campaigns: contrasting the opinions of professionals and consumers
    by Karim BEN YAHIA & Soukeina TOUITI & Mourad TOUZANI

  • 2016 Romanian Tourism Marketing Researches
    by Jelev, Viorica

  • 2016 Dynamics of a facilitator’s role: Insights from the Danish construction industry
    by Freytag, Per V. & Storvang, Pia

  • 2016 Social Media Evaluation Metrics
    by Ronalds Skulme & Valerijs Praude

  • 2016 Determinants of emotional regulation among marketing staff in the Jordanian banking sector
    by Mohammad Fahmi Al-Zyoud

  • 2016 Theoretical Approaches on Successful Email Marketing Campaigns
    by Camelia Budac

  • 2016 Rhetorics of Bulgarian Advertising – an Empirical Study of the Use of Rhetorical Figures in Advertising Slogans
    by Hristo Katrandzhiev & Ivo Velinov & Kamelia Radova

  • 2016 Particularities Of Place Branding In The European Countries

  • 2016 A Proposed Conceptual Model for Online Car Purchase Intention
    by Asmaa Bassam El MANSOURY

  • 2016 To Buy Or Not To Buy From The Internet: Reasons To Behave In A Certain Manner In An International Online Commerce Society
    by Oana TUGULEA & Claudia BOBALCA

  • 2016 The Study of the Current Obstacles to the Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Function of Reducing Unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    by Amra Nuhanovic & Jasmina Okicic & Adisa Delic & Ermina Smajlovic

  • 2016 Tourist Intermediation As A Strategic Element In The Consumer Disicion In Emerging Markets, Intermediaciã“N Turã Stica Como Elemento Estratã‰Gico En El Proceso De Decisiã“N De Compra En Mercados Emergentes
    by Lucila Zárraga Cano & Ilia Cázares Garrido & Enrique Corona Sandoval

  • 2016 An Empirical Study of Automated Teller Machine Users in Oman
    by Mohammed Ahmar Uddin & Mohammed Abdul Imran Khan & Shariq Mohammed

  • 2016 The Moderating Influence of Internship Program on the Relationship between Undergraduates’ Perception and their Intention to Join Tourism and Hospitality Industry: A Theoretical Model
    by Abdul Alem Mohammed & Basri Rashid

  • 2016 Religious Marketing
    by Ariadna-Ioana JURAVLE (GAVRA) & Constantin SASU & Geanina Constanța SPĂTARU (PRAVĂȚ)

  • 2016 Film Tourism Responses To The Tourist’S Expectations - New Challenges
    by Anna POLIANSKAIA & Casiana RĂDUȚ & Gabriela Cecilia STĂNCIULESCU

  • 2016 Online Social Networking Sites In Personal  And Professional Life - A Marketing Research
    by FUCIU Mircea & GORSKI Hortensia & DUMITRESCU Luigi

  • 2016 The Impact Of Customer Service On Logistics
    by CHIRA Robert & MUSETESCU Adina

  • 2016 The Integration of Social Media into Corporate Processes
    by Edit Bányai

  • 2016 Segmentation of Supplementary Post-graduated Education (Case for a Russian University)
    by Diana Yampolskaya & Olga Vasilyeva & Alexander Zobov

  • 2016 Integrated Marketing Communication Tools: Traditional vs. Modern
    by Olimpia Oancea & Amalia Dutu & Mihaela Diaconu & Mihaela Brinzea

  • 2016 Best Practices Regarding the Use of Electronic Environment for Romanian Tourism Development
    by Irina Maiorescu & Mihai Teodor Negrea & Dorin Vicen?iu Popescu & Gabriel Cristian Sabou

  • 2016 Mediating and Marketing Factors Influence the Prescription Behavior of Physicians: An Empirical Investigation
    by Rizwan Raheem Ahmed & Jolita Vveinhardt & Dalia Streimikiene & Muhammad Awais

  • 2016 Mediating and Marketing Factors Influence the Prescription Behavior of Physicians: An Empirical Investigation
    by Rizwan Raheem Ahmed & Jolita Vveinhardt & Dalia Streimikiene & Muhammad Awais

  • 2016-11 Las consecuencias de navegar en español vs. inglés a la hora de desarrollar la lealtad hacia un destino turístico en Internet
    by Alcántara Pilar, Juan Miguel & del Barrio García, Salvador

  • 2015 Service Excellence als Marketingfaktor innerhalb des europäischen öffentlichen Auftragswesens – Ergebnisse eines Literatur-Reviews
    by Dombach, Frauke-Julia

  • 2015 Subjective Life Expectancy, Materialistic Values and Saving: A Cross-National Perspective
    by Volkan YENİARAS & Halil KIYMAZ

  • 2015 Armed Conflict's Influence on Marketing
    by Neviana Krasteva

  • 2015 A Study of Green Marketing Practices in the Food Processing Industry of India
    by Farheen Khan & SHAMIM AHMAD

  • 2015 Consumers? Attitudes Towards Brand Extensions: An Analysis On Food And Textile Industries In Turkey
    by Elif Akagun Ergin & Nilay Sahin

  • 2015 Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty through Student Perception on Mobile Broadband Usage Based On Consumer Satisfaction Index Model
    by Satria, Rd. Okky & Suzanto, Boy & Sidharta, Iwan

  • 2015 Effect of Store Atmosphere on Consumer Purchase Intention
    by Hussain, Riaz & Ali, Mazhar

  • 2015 Analiza problematyki zadowolenia polskich konsumentow z zakupow internetowych
    by Izabela Ostrowska

  • 2015 Efecto de la crisis sobre el sector comercial español
    by José Horacio García Marí & Eva Tomaseti Solano & Noelia Sánchez Casado

  • 2015 Viral Marketing
    by Mira Rakic, Beba Rakic

  • 2015 Opportunities of Establishment of Destination Management and Marketing Organizations in Bulgaria
    by Ekaterina Arabska & Venelin Terziev

  • 2015 Turistlerin Tatil Dönemlerinde Sergiledikleri Liminoid Davranışlar
    by Semra AKTAŞ POLAT

  • 2015 Do Personality Types Make Consumers Exhibit Different Complaint Behaviors?
    by Olgun Kitapci & Ibrahim Taylan Dortyol

  • 2015 Generation Y on the e-commerce market. Comparison between Polish and South Korean young consumers’ behaviour
    by Aleksandra Korzeniowska

  • 2015 Using the SERVQUAL model to evaluate the quality of services for a farm school store
    by Michael C. Handrinos & Dimitrios Folinas & Konstantinos Rotsios

  • 2015 Does a global young consumer exist? A comparative study of South Korea and Poland
    by Agnieszka Kacprzak & Katarzyna Dziewanowska

  • 2015 Gender differences in mall shopping:a study of shopping behaviour of an emerging nation
    by M. Sadiq Sohail

  • 2015 The determinants of Polish movies’ box office performance in Poland
    by Natalia Gmerek

  • 2015 Instruments and promotion activities of the Universities in the context of recruitment campaign according to the students? opinions
    by Hanna Hall & Kamila Peszko

  • 2015 The Revisitalization of the Querença Market: Exploring the Visitor Experience
    by Fernandes, Sara & Agapito, Dora & Mendes, Júlio

  • 2015 Using Corporate Social Marketing in the Power Sector: A Case Study on Energy Efficiency
    by Saraiva, Andrea & Pinto, Patrícia & Agapito, Dora

  • 2015 The Effects of Word of Mouth Communication on The Sub Dimensions of Consumer Based Brand Equity: The Mediating Role of Brand Image
    by Yıldız, Erkan

  • 2015 Turkish Version of the Need for Cognitive Closure Scale: Evaluation of the Validity and Reliability
    by Dursun, İnci & Ceylan, Kutalmış Emre & Kabadayı, Ebru Tümer

  • 2015 Impact assessment of national and regional policies using the Philippine Regional General Equilibrium model
    by Roehlano Briones

  • 2015 The Approach Of Systems Thinking In Strategic Marketing Controlling
    by Gabriele Hildmann & Ulrich Vossebein

  • 2015 Global Retail Banking Trends: Marketing Perspectives
    by Galina Mladenova

  • 2015 Harmonization of Family Holidays with Contemporary Requirements
    by Elena Alexandrova

  • 2015 Motivational Duality in Online Consumer Behaviour: Website Usability and Flow State as Moderating Factors
    by Juan Miguel Alcántara-Pilar & Salvador del Barrio-García & Lucia Porcu & Esmeralda Crespo-Almendros

  • 2015 Perceptions Of Customerâ´S Satisfaction In Financial Institutions: Evidence At Puebla, Mexico, Las Percepciones De La Satisfaccion Del Cliente En Las Entidades Financieras: Evidencia De Puebla, Mexico
    by Hector Hugo Perez Villarreal & Mario Alberto Lagunes Perez & Sofia Elba Vazquez Herrera & Jesus Igor Heberto Barahona Torres

  • 2015 Export Inhibitors In The First Stage Of The Internationalization Process: Evidence From Mexico
    by José Jesús Merlos García

  • 2015 The media construction of identity in anti-immigration discourses
    by Bianca-Florentina CHEREGI

  • 2015 Civic crowdfunding e valore del territorio: un’analisi empirica attraverso due piattaforme italiane
    by Salvatore Esposito De Falco & Tiziana Volpe & Nicola Cucari

  • 2015 The Impact of Marketing Mix Elements on Customer Loyalty for an Algerian Telecommunication Company
    by Youcef SOUAR & Keltouma MAHI & Imane AMEUR

  • 2015 Comprehending the Marketing Strategies of Microfinance Institutions: Case of Selected Institutions within Multan District of Pakistan
    by Syedah Shan E. Ahmad

  • 2015 Healthcare Marketing - A Relational Approach
    by CAZACU Lavinia & OPRESCU Alina Elena

  • 2015 Branding Agricultural Products
    by Lubomir Lubenov

  • 2015 Different Web Credibility Assessment As A Result Of One Year Difference In Education. A Study On The Dimensions Of Credibility Of Commercial Presentation Websites
    by Oana TUGULEA

  • 2015 Mobile Game Advertising Recall in Pre- and Post-Game Experience
    by Jari Salo

  • 2015 Clustering of Respondents for Developing a Recommender and Targeting System: The Case of Assigning Education, Training and Employment Services
    by Klaus Bruno Schebesch & Radu Lucian Blaga

  • 2015 Innovative solutions in traceability to improve the competitiveness of a local fruit and vegetable retailing system
    by MiklósPakurár & Sándor Kovács & József Popp & András Vántus

  • 2014 Müslüman Dindarlık, Plansız Alışverişe Olan Yatkınlık, Fiyat-Değer Bilinci ve Alışveriş Sonrası Pişmanlık Durumu: Bir Temel Düzenleyici Model Analizi
    by Tuğra Nazlı AKARSU & Volkan YENİARAS

  • 2014 Fuzzy Evaluation Of Service Quality In The Banking Sector: A Decision Support System
    by Udo Braendle & Sahar Sepasi & Amir Hossein Rahdari

  • 2014 The importance of social networks? weak ties in business development
    by Alexandra Ioanid & Mihai Svasta & Maria Hermel-Stanescu

  • 2014 Value Co-creation, Dynamic Capabilities and Customer Retention in Industrial Markets
    by Preikschas, Michael W. & Cabanelas, Pablo & Rüdiger, Klaus & Lampón, Jesús F.

  • 2014 La confianza y la actitud hacia la red social como determinantes de la intención de aceptar herramientas de marketing. Diferencias según intensidad de uso de la red
    by Rebeca Cordero Gutiérrez & Libia Santos Requejo

  • 2014 Sales Promotions
    by Kusum L. Ailawadi & Sunil Gupta

  • 2014 Sales Force Productivity Models
    by Murali K. Mantrala

  • 2014 Pricing
    by Russell S. Winer

  • 2014 Organizational Buying Behavior
    by Gary L. Lilien

  • 2014 New Products Research
    by Donald R. Lehmann & Peter N. Golder

  • 2014 Digital and Internet Marketing
    by Wendy W. Moe & David A. Schweidel

  • 2014 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    by Scott A. Neslin

  • 2014 Distribution Channels
    by Richard Staelin & Eunkyu Lee

  • 2014 Branding and Brand Equity Models
    by Tulin Erdem & Joffre Swait

  • 2014 Advertising Effectiveness
    by Gerard J. Tellis

  • 2014 Stochastic Models of Buyer Behavior
    by Peter S. Fader & Bruce G. S. Hardie & Subrata Sen

  • 2014 Market Structure Research
    by Steven M. Shugan

  • 2014 Econometric Models
    by Dominique M. Hanssens

  • 2014 Innovation Diffusion
    by Eitan Muller

  • 2014 Conjoint Analysis
    by Vithala R. Rao

  • 2014 Brand Choice Models
    by Gary J. Russell

  • 2014 The History of Marketing Science: Beginnings
    by Scott A. Neslin & Russell S. Winer

  • 2014 The History of Marketing Science

  • 2014 Food Quality Certificates and Research on Effect of Food Quality Certificates to Determinate Ignored Level of Buying Behavioral: A Case Study in Hitit University Feas Business Department

  • 2014 Scent and sound as a sensory tools of restaurant marketing (Zapach i dzwiêk jako sensoryczne narzedzia marketingu w restauracji)
    by Paulina Koziara

  • 2014 Customer satısfactıon ın prıvate health organızatıons: an empirical study
    by Abdulvahap Baydas

  • 2014 Customer Oriented System of Values Research
    by Teodora ROMAN & Adriana MANOLICÃ & Laura GONDOR

  • 2014 Exploring Brand Experience Dimensions for Cities and Investigating Their Effects on Loyalty to a City
    by Kazançoğlu, İpek & Dirsehan, Taşkın

  • 2014 Marketing Specific Communication – A Support in Establishing the Connection with the Personnel of the Organization
    by Stoica (Mihali) Ana-Maria

  • 2014 From Place Marketing to Place Branding within the Nation Branding Process: a Literature Review
    by Cotîrlea Denisa Adriana

  • 2014 Developing A Seven Metaphors Model Of Marketing For Universities
    by COITA Dorin-Cristian

  • 2014 Benchmarking For The Romanian Heavy Commercial Vehicles Market
    by Pop Nicolae Alexandru & Draghescu Florin & Palade Alexandru

  • 2014 Optimization of Online Visual Merchandising Elements (OVME) on the Basis of Consumer Preferences
    by Hristo Katrandjiev & Ivo Velinov

  • 2014 Investigation of Online Visual Merchandising (OVM) Elements of Apparel Web Stores
    by Hristo Katrandjiev & Ivo Velinov

  • 2014 Abaúj civil szervezeteinek kommunikációs kihívásai
    by Rita Gulyásné Kerekes

  • 2014 Challenges of Manager’s Cultural Differences for the International Business Environment
    by Adina Musetescu & Irina Nicolau & Cristina Athu

  • 2014 The Culture`s Elements Impact on the Multinational Companies Activity
    by Adina Musetescu & Irina Nicolau & Cristina Athu & Mihaela Anca Mitrea

  • 2014 A Scoring Tool for Websites – A Case of Sustainable Organizations
    by GOMAA Ahmed & PAUKETT Rachel & DATTEL Andrew R.

  • 2014 Discriminator Credibility Dimensions Of An Online Acquisition Website – An Analysis Of An International Construct On A Specific Romanian Target
    by Oana TUGULEA

  • 2014 Food Quality Certificates and a Research on Effect of Food Quality Certificates to Determinate Ignored Level of Buying Behavioral: A Case Study in HITIT University Feas Business Department

  • 2014 Innovation A Competitive Factor For Tourism Industry In Cancun, Quntana Roo, Mexico, La Innovacion Como Factor De Competitividad En Las Empresas Turisticas En Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
    by Enrique Corona Sandoval & Lucila Zárraga Cano

  • 2014 All You Can Eat: Behavioral Evidence From Taiwan
    by Ya-Hui Wang

  • 2014 Relationship Between Mobile Number Portability And Consumer Choice Of Active Multiple Mobile Phone Numbers In Ghana
    by Solomon A. Keelson & Addo J. Odei

  • 2014 A Research on Determining the Effects of Five Factor Personality Traits of Turkish Football Referees on Cultural Intelligence
    by Omer Kursad Tufekci & Mehmet Dinc

  • 2014 Moral Intelligence and Sustainable Consumption: A Field Research on Young Consumers
    by Ibrahim Bozaci

  • 2014 Service Quality Measurement Using SERVQUAL. An Applied Comparative Study on Customer Perceptions and Expectations under an International Approach
    by Jorge MONGAY

  • 2014 Demografik Deðiþkenler ve Dizi Türünün Dizi Tanýtým Mecralarýna Etkisi Üzerine Bir Araþtýrma
    by Dilek PENPECE

  • 2014 Positioning Through Celebrity Endorsement - A Review Contribution to Brand Literature
    by Abdullah Malik & Bushan D. Sudhakar

  • 2014 The use of the brand to build a competitive advantage of contemporary companies
    by Miroslaw Bochenek & Joanna Pomaskow

  • 2014 Analyzing The Consumer Profiling For Improving Efforts Of Integrated Marketing Communication
    by Olimpia OANCEA & Mihaela DIACONU & Amalia DUTU

  • 2014 Aspects On Consumers Attitude Toward Genetically Modified Foods Among Youth
    by Alexandrina, SARBU & Carmen-Maria, IORDACHE

  • 2014 Using Online Social Networking Sites For Doing Business- A Marketing Research
    by Mircea Fuciu & Luigi Dumitrescu

  • 2014 Does A Different Year Of Study Means Different Important Credibility Dimensions? A Study On The Dimensions Of Credibility Of Online Sales Websites
    by Oana TUGULEA

  • 2013 Using Preferred Outcome Distributions to estimate Value and Probability Weighting Functions in Decisions under Risk
    by Bas Donkers & Carlos J.S. Lourenco & Benedict G.C. Dellaert & Daniel G. Goldstein

  • 2013 Aspects and Importance of Digital Media in Pakistan
    by Abdur Raheem, Syed & Akber, Fahad & Hashmi, Umair

  • 2013 Marketing Research: The Role Of Sentiment Analysis
    by Meena Rambocas & João Gama

  • 2013 ‘Welcome to the experience economy’: assessing the influence of customer experience literature through bibliometric analysis
    by Hélder Ferreira & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2013 Influencia de la marca y precio en la decisión de apertura de un establecimiento franquiciado
    by Esther Calderón Monje & Pilar Huerta Zavala

  • 2013 The Impact of Brand Communication on Brand Equity Dimensions and Brand Purchase Intention Through Facebook
    by Bruno Schivinski & Dariusz Dabrowski

  • 2013 The Effect Of Social-Media Communication On Consumer Perceptions Of Brands
    by Bruno Schivinski & Dariusz Dabrowski

  • 2013 The Impact of Cultural Symbols and Spokesperson Identity on Attitudes and Intentions
    by Lenoir, A.-S.I.A. & Puntoni, S. & Reed II, A. & Verlegh, P.W.J.

  • 2013 Using Preferred Outcome Distributions to Estimate Value and Probability Weighting Functions in Decisions under Risk
    by Donkers, A.C.D. & Lourenço, C.J.S. & Dellaert, B.G.C. & Goldstein, D.G.

  • 2013 Why do Students use Virtual Social Networks in Iran: a System Approach
    by Babak Saleck Pay & Seyed Hossein Hosseini & Hamed G. Shakouri

  • 2013 Adding Value to Customers and Developing Brands through Electronic Newsletters
    by Alexandra ZBUCHEA & Rareº MOCANU

  • 2013 Comparación de los modelos formativo, reflexivo y de antecedentes de evaluación estudiantil del servicio de docencia || Comparison of Formative, Reflective, and Antecedents Models of Students Evaluation of Teaching Service
    by Valdivieso Taborga, Carlos Eduardo

  • 2013 Global Competition And Romania'S National Competitive Advantage
    by Pop Nicolae Alexandru & Draghescu Florin & Rosca Vlad &

  • 2013 The Effects Of Ambient Scent On Consumer Behavior: A Review Of The Literature
    by OLAHUT Meda Roxana & PLAIAS Ioan & &

  • 2013 Application of the Price Discrimination in Marketing
    by Tatyana Netseva-Porcheva

  • 2013 Measuring Results of New Product Development
    by Krasimir Marinov

  • 2013 The Effectiveness of Dual Branding in the Agricultural Sector
    by Christo A. Bisschoff & Hendrik P. Van Staaden & Amareza Buys

  • 2013 City Brand Personality – An International Concept With Regional Appliance In The Tourism Development Strategy
    by Oana Tugulea & Claudia Bobalca & Camelia Soponaru

  • 2013 Case Study: Analysis Of Implementation Of Market Segmentation As A Strategy For Small Business, Estudio De Caso: Analisis De La Aplicacion De La Segmentacion De Mercado Comoaestrategia Para Las Pequenas Empresas
    by Lucila Zarraga Cano & Victor Manuel Molina Morejon & Enrique Corona Sandoval

  • 2013 International Marketing For Cotija Cheese,Mercadeo Internacional Del Queso Cotija
    by Oscar Hugo Pedraza Rendon & Ruben Molina Martinez & Maria Soledad Ramírez Flores

  • 2013 Tourist Perceptions Regarding Service At Recreational Parks: Evidence From Quintana Roo, Mã‰Xico
    by Lucila Zárraga Cano & Gabriela Aracelly Solís González & Joe Holland

  • 2013 Marketing Strategy Formulation for the Introduction of Eukula Strato German Wood Finishes in Local Market of Emerging Indian Economy
    by Suraj Kushe Shekhar & Mehaboob P K

  • 2013 When comparative ads are more effective: Fit with audience’s regulatory mode
    by Pierro, Antonio & Giacomantonio, Mauro & Pica, Gennaro & Mannetti, Lucia & Kruglanski, Arie W. & Tory Higgins, E.

  • 2013 The Moderating Effect of Strength of Manufacturer's Brands on the Relationship between Retailer’s Relationship Satisfaction and Commitment: A Theoretical Model
    by Majid M. Goaill & Selvan Perumal & Nor Azila M. Noor

  • 2013 Dimensions Affecting the Purchasing Behavior of Nepalese Women
    by Karan Singh Thagunna & Garima Khanal

  • 2013 Diseño del plan de comunicación para la unidad de emprendimiento de la Corporación Universitaria Adventista de Colombia
    by Olandy Naranjo Rivera

  • 2013 El marketing al servicio de las organizaciones del tercer sector
    by Claudia Eugenia Toca Torres

  • 2013 Brand Management At General Motor’S Europe
    by Liliana Adela ZIMA

  • 2013 Social economy marketing: a new age in marketing field
    by Alina-Aurelia Grigore

  • 2013 Using The General Electric / Mckinsey Matrix In The Process Of Selecting The Central And East European Markets
    by Nicolae Razvan DECUSEARA

  • 2013 The Coordinates And Typology Of Relationship Between The Public System And The Different Categories Of Stakeholders
    by Florentina Neamtu & Luminita Zait

  • 2013 The Determinants Of E-Government Relational Models Construction: Interaction, Communication, Participation And Collaboration
    by Florentina Neamtu & Bogdan Nichifor

  • 2013 Information Campaigns – Means Of Communication With Customers
    by Claudia-Nicoleta Dobrescu & Mirela Costencu

  • 2013 Critical Factors Of Apparel Retail Service Quality-A Case Study Of Select State In India
    by Assist. Dr.N.Udaya Bhaskar & Assist.P. Uma Mahesari Devi PhD Student & Assist.Dr. K.Aparna & Prof.B. Raja Shekhar

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