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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B1: History of Economic Thought through 1925
/ / / B12: Classical (includes Adam Smith)
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Bofinger and Ries versus Borio and Disyatat: macroeconomics after endogenous money. A brief note
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2017 J.S. Mill And The Universality Of The “Desire Of Wealth”
    by Philippe Gillig

  • 2017 Fission, Forking, and Fine Tuning
    by Richard N. Langlois

  • 2017 Marx and Ricardo on Machinery: A Critical Note
    by Miguel D. Ramirez

  • 2017 Is Marx’S Absolute Rent Due To A Monopoly Price?
    by Saverio M. Fratini

  • 2017 Gravitation of Market Prices towards Normal Prices: Some New Results
    by Bellino, Enrico & Serrano, Franklin

  • 2017 Gravitation of market prices towards normal prices: some new results
    by Bellino, Enrico & Serrano, Franklin

  • 2017 The Political Economy of Real Exchange Rate Behavior: Theory and Empirical Evidence for Developed and Developing Countries, 1960-2010
    by Francisco A. Martínez-Hernández

  • 2017 Regularities in Prices of Production and the Concentration of Compositions of Capitals
    by Luis Daniel Torres Gonzalez

  • 2017 Central Bank Digital Currency and the Future of Monetary Policy
    by Michael D. Bordo & Andrew T. Levin

  • 2017 The Neoclassicals' Conundrum: If Adam Smith Is the Father of Economics, It Is a Bastard Child
    by Oscar Valdes Viera

  • 2017 Political Economics and Possibilism: Towards an Open Notion of Development
    by Andrés Mauricio Guiot Isaac

  • 2017 Assessing the Fiscal Sustainability of the Czech Republic
    by Robert Ambrisko & Vilma Dingova & Michal Dvorak & Dana Hajkova & Eva Hromadkova & Kamila Kulhava & Radka Stikova

  • 2017 Testing the Engel's law in the consumption pattern of Romanian population
    by Neagu Mădălin-Ioan & Teodoru Mircea Constantin

  • 2017 Formation of Behavioural Finance as the Natural Stage of the Human Model Evolution in Economics
    by Viktor Ivanitskiy & Sergey Aleksandrovich

  • 2017 Polanyi and Foucault on the Issue of Market in Classical Political Economy
    by Danielle Guizzo & Iara Vigo de Lima

  • 2017 The Effect of Ethics on Banks’ Financial Performance
    by Radek Halamka & Petr Teplý

  • 2017 Quesnay And The Analysis Of Surplus In The Capitalist Agriculture
    by Franklin Serrano & Numa Mazat

  • 2017 ‘Absolute Value And Exchangeable Value’: A Key Element In Ricardo’S Theory Of Value
    by Manfredi De Leo

  • 2017 Some Notes On The Reception Of Ricardo'S Principles In The Non-English-Speaking World
    by Matthew Smith

  • 2017 Whatever Happened To Ricardo'S Theory Of Value? Mill, Mcculloch, And The Case Of ‘Oak-Trees’ And ‘Wine’
    by Giancarlo De Vivo

  • 2017 Ricardo And His Editors
    by Murray Milgate

  • 2017 Wealth and capital: a critique of Piketty’s conceptualisation of return on capital
    by Peter Mihalyi & Iván Szelényi

  • 2017 A comment on Sraffa’s ‘classical economics’
    by Ajit Sinha

  • 2017 The concept of need in Adam Smith
    by Toru Yamamori

  • 2017 Wages, competition and the surplus of labour: a classical contribution to explaining profit
    by Olivier Rosell

  • 2017 On the Relation between Economics and Religion
    by A. M. C. Waterman

  • 2017 Technical Progress and the Diffusion of Innovations: Classical and Schumpeterian Perspectives
    by Heinz D. Kurz

  • 2017 An Economic Dream
    by Erik Gustaf Geijer

  • 2017 Lectures on Domestic Policy
    by Adam Smith

  • 2017 Examination of Dr Smith's System
    by Thomas Brown

  • 2017 Adam Smith’in Ýktisadi Büyüme Düþüncesinden Bugüne Bakmak: Krizlerin Sürekliliði
    by Barýþ AYTEKÝN

  • 2017 The topicality of David Ricardo’s thought (on the bicentenary of the publication ‘On the Principles of Political Economy, and Taxation’)
    by Mirosaw Bochenek

  • 2017 La producción como origen del plusvalor en la teoría marxista
    by Fahd Boundi Chraki

  • 2017 50 años de economía de la cultura. Explorando sus raíces en la historia del pensamiento económico
    by Luis F. Aguado & Luis Palma & Noemí Pulido Pavón

  • 2016 Adam Smith and the labour theory of value: an unconvincing "reconsideration"
    by Roy Grieve

  • 2016 The modern revival of the Classical surplus approach: implications for the analysis of growth and crises
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2016 Why German historicists were wrong to put John Stuart through the Mill
    by Phiilippe Gillig

  • 2016 "Drop the dead donkey": a response to Steven Kates on the subject of Mill's fourth proposition on capital
    by Roy H Grieve

  • 2016 J.S.Mill and Ireland's 'Land Question': An illustration of his views on social institutions
    by Laura Valladão Mattos

  • 2016 Sraffa on the Degeneration of the Notion of Cost
    by Fratini, Saverio M.

  • 2016 Ricardo on Machinery: A Textual Analysis
    by Freni, Giuseppe & Salvadori, Neri

  • 2016 Financial Stability and Secure Currency in a Modern Context
    by Jan Kregel

  • 2016 The Development of Development Economics
    by Bigsten, Arne

  • 2016 Two different sources of inequalities: profits and rents in advanced market economies
    by Peter Mihalyi & Iván Szelenyi

  • 2016 La philosophie sociale est-elle un no man's land ? Réflexions sur l'idée d'émancipation de l'économie politique
    by Marc Deschamps & Joël Thomas Ravix

  • 2016 Fifty years of Cultural Economics. Exploring the roots in the history of economic thought
    by Luis Fernando Aguado & Luis Palma & Noemi Pulido

  • 2016 On the Possibility of Justice in Commercial Society according to Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith
    by Jimena Hurtado

  • 2016 A Classical View of the Business Cycle
    by Michael T. Belongia & Peter N. Ireland

  • 2016 Can a Natural Economy Operate in Macroeconomy? A Caution for Deviation from Natural Economy
    by Koji Akimoto

  • 2016 Which Economics? Which Economies?
    by Heinz D. Kurz

  • 2016 O poszukiwaniu przyczyn bogactwa i nędzy narodów w teorii Darona Acemoglu i Jamesa A. Robinsona
    by Joanna Dzionek-Kozłowska & Rafał Matera

  • 2016 Absolute Advantage and International Trade
    by Stergios A. Seretis & Persefoni V. Tsaliki

  • 2016 Smith vs. Marx on Business Morality and the Social Interest
    by William J. Baumol

  • 2016 Tisztesség, empátia, közgazdaságtan
    by Fazekas, Károly

  • 2016 The transformations of utility theory: a behavioral perspective
    by Ulrich Witt

  • 2016 The Converging and Diverging Views of Wilhelm von Humboldt and John Stuart Mill on the Subjects of Self-development and the Role of the State
    by Filip Birsen

  • 2016 My Understanding of Adam Smith's Impartial Spectator
    by Jack Russell Weinstein

  • 2016 The Logic of Reflection: Spectators Partial and Impartial
    by Robert Urquhart

  • 2016 The Fair and Impartial Spectator
    by Vernon L. Smith

  • 2016 Peer Review and the Development of the Impartial Spectator
    by Craig Smith

  • 2016 Is Adam Smith's Impartial Spectator Selfless?
    by Maria Pia Paganelli

  • 2016 Adam Smith's Impartial Spectator
    by Paul D. Mueller

  • 2016 On the Origins and Normative Status of the Impartial Spectator
    by John McHugh

  • 2016 Adam Smith's Impartial Spectator: Autonomy and Extended Selves
    by Jimena Hurtado

  • 2016 Natural and Artificial Impartiality
    by Michael L. Frazer

  • 2016 Adam Smith’s Impartial Spectator: Symposium Remarks
    by Samuel Fleischacker

  • 2016 Impartial Spectating and the Price Analogy
    by Douglas J. Den Uyl

  • 2016 Adam Smith's Impartial Spectator
    by María Alejandra Carrasco & Christel Fricke

  • 2016 The Impartial Spectator and Moral Judgment
    by Vivienne Brown

  • 2016 My Understanding of Adam Smith's Impartial Spectator: A Symposium Prologue
    by Daniel B. Klein

  • 2016 Glimpses of Adam Smith: Excerpts from the Biography by Ian Simpson Ross
    by Ian Simpson Ross

  • 2016 Démographie, économie, culture
    by Hervé Le Bras

  • 2015 Which Human Qualities Can Economic Liberalism Be Based on?
    by V. Avtonomov.

  • 2015 Piketty misreads Austen and ignores Smith
    by Carlos Rodríguez Braun

  • 2015 Schumpeter’s Assessment of Adam Smith and The Wealth of Nations: Why He Got It Wrong
    by Andreas Ortmann & David Baranowski & Benoit Walraevens

  • 2015 The Rhetorical Structure of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations (and the importance of acknowledging it)
    by Andreas Ortmann & Benoit Walraevens

  • 2015 Debunking Mill's "Fourth fundamental proposition on capital"
    by Roy H Grieve

  • 2015 An Overarching Model For The Micro And Macro Psychological And Social Sciences
    by George McMillan

  • 2015 From endogenous growth to stationary state: The world economy in the mathematical formulation of the Ricardian system
    by Salvadori, Neri & Signorino, Rodolfo

  • 2015 Capital In the 21st Century: A Review
    by malikane, christopher

  • 2015 Sraffa and the labour theory of value - a note
    by Anderaos de Araujo, Fabio

  • 2015 Sraffa and the Labour Theory of Value - a note
    by Anderaos de Araujo, Fabio

  • 2015 The Course of the Profit Rate
    by Freeman, Alan

  • 2015 Smith, Malthus and Recent Evidence in Global Population Dynamics
    by Xiao Jiang & Luis Villanueva

  • 2015 Corps Intermédiaires, Civil Society, and the Art of Association
    by Jacob T. Levy

  • 2015 L'apport de Pellegrino Rossi à la théorie de l'offre et de la demande : une tentative d'interprétation
    by Claire Baldin & Ludovic Ragni

  • 2015 Contending Conceptions of Competition and the Role of Regulating Capital
    by Lefteris Tsoulfidis

  • 2015 Some considerations on the influence of economic liberalism in the May Revolution of 1810 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    by Alfredo Félix Blanco

  • 2015 Adam Smith and the Marquis de Condorcet. Did they really meet?
    by Simona Pisanelli

  • 2015 “Out of sight, out of mind”: Social interactions and Smith's asymmetrical sympathy
    by Andrés Álvarez & Jimena Hurtado

  • 2015 Book review (Peet, R., Hartwick E. - Theories of development: Contentions, Arguments, Alternatives)
    by Manuela Epure

  • 2015 Book review (Peet, R., Hartwick E. - Theories of development: Contentions, Arguments, Alternatives)
    by Manuela Epure

  • 2015 Conduct in narrativized trust games
    by Jan Osborn & Bart J. Wilson & Bradley R. Sherwood

  • 2015 Agronomists and accounting. The beginnings of capitalist rationalisation on the farm (1800-1850)
    by Thomas Depecker & Nathalie Joly

  • 2015 Homo Economicus and Homo Stramineus
    by Marek Hudík

  • 2015 Ezequiel Rojas: entre utilitarismo e ideología
    by Jimena Hurtado

  • 2015 A Journey into the History of Migration
    by Cristian Elena Raluca & Bãrãgan Laura Georgeta

  • 2015 The economic thought of the first Colombian economists
    by Germán Raúl Chaparro & Luis Álvaro Gallardo Eraso

  • 2015 Of Its Own Accord: Adam Smith on the Export-Import Bank
    by Daniel B. Klein

  • 2015 The issue of value in economic thought — Part 1: the evolution of views from the 5th century BC to the mid-19th century
    by Miroslaw Bochenek

  • 2015 Una revisión analítica sobre el papel de la tierra en la teoría económica de David Ricardo
    by Francisco Correa Restrepo

  • 2015 L’analyse du déclin dans la seconde moitié du xix e siècle. Le point de vue des économistes français
    by Alain Clément

  • 2015 Foucault's contributions for understanding power relations in British classical political economy
    by Danielle Guizzo

  • 2014 Особенности И Проблемы Моделирования Переключающегося Воспроизводства
    by Маевский Владимир Иванович & Малков Сергей Юрьевич & Рубинштейн А.А.

  • 2014 Thomas Robert Malthus and His 1798 Theory of Oscillations
    by Taro Hisamatsu

  • 2014 Perspectives of the Macroeconomic Reproduction Theory
    by V. Mayevsky & S. Malkov.

  • 2014 Orthodoxer Mainstream und Heterodoxe Alternativen: Eine Analyse der ökonomischen Wissenschaftslandschaft
    by Quaas, Friedrun

  • 2014 On Ricardo and Cambridge
    by Geoff C. Harcourt & Peter Kriesler

  • 2014 ‘Right Back Where We Started From’: from ‘the Classics’ to Keynes, and back again
    by Roy H Grieve

  • 2014 Remembering Rousseau?S Discourse On Political Economy As A Counter-Enlightenment Manifestation

  • 2014 The Ricardian rent theory: an overview
    by Bidard, Christian

  • 2014 Sraffa’s price equations in light of Garegnani and Pasinetti - The ‘core’ of surplus theories and the ‘natural’ relations of an economic system
    by Bellino, Enrico

  • 2014 Schumpeter y la Historia del Pensamiento Económico
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 A Critical Marxist Simple Approach to Capital Theory
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2014 Towards an integrated theory of value, capital and money
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2014 Ricardo's and Malthus's common error in their conflicting theories of the value of labour
    by Meacci, Ferdinando

  • 2014 The Classical-Keynesian Paradigm: Policy Debate in Contemporary Era
    by Gul, Ejaz & Chaudhry, Imran Sharif & Faridi, Muhammad Zahir

  • 2014 Adam Smith's "Tolerable Administration of Justice" and the Wealth of Nations
    by Douglas A. Irwin

  • 2014 Do economists need virtues?
    by David Lipka

  • 2014 Adam Smith and modern economics
    by Sandmo, Agnar

  • 2014 The Political Economy of the Poor: The Rise and Fall of the Workhouse System
    by Cosma Orsi

  • 2014 Piketty’s Elasticity of Substitution: A Critique
    by Gregor Semieniuk

  • 2014 XVe Colloque de l’Association Charles Gide pour l’étude de la pensée économique
    by Alain Beraud

  • 2014 The Ricardian rent theory two centuries after
    by Christian Bidard

  • 2014 Is There Room for 'Fear' as a Human Passion in the Work by Adam Smith?
    by Daniela Parisi

  • 2014 Génesis, desarrollo e impacto de la eficiencia marginal del capital en teorías ecónómicas no keynesianas
    by Cristhian Alejandro Cruz Moreno

  • 2014 Similarity and Clustering of Banks: Application to the Credit Exposures of the Czech Banking Sector
    by Josef Brechler & Vaclav Hausenblas & Zlatuse Komarkova & Miroslav Plasil

  • 2014 Necessary prices and necessary income distribution in classical political economy. A bridge with the notions ‘just’ prices and ‘just’ wage
    by Enrico Bellino

  • 2014 David Hume on Banking and Hoarding
    by Maria Pia Paganelli

  • 2014 Классическая политическая экономия и современность . Classical economics and modern times
    by Клисторин В. И.

  • 2014 On Marx’s Law of the Falling Rate of Profit: Disentangling Some Entangled Variables
    by Ajit Sinha

  • 2014 Over-accumulation, Rising Costs and ‘Unproductive’ Labor
    by Cédric Durand & Philippe Légé

  • 2014 Formation et phylogénie des concepts de « marché » dans l’économie politique au xviiie siècle
    by Charbonnat, Pascal

  • 2014 Institucionalismo y teoría económica: del “neoclasicismo” a la teoría clásica
    by Enrico Sergio Levrero

  • 2014 Crecimiento, desigualdad y pobreza: estado de la cuestión
    by Alfredo Macías Vázquez

  • 2014 Sviluppo economico e classi sociali in Italia
    by Paolo Sylos Labini

  • 2014 Utilitarianism According to John Stuart Mill
    by Martin Janíčko & Pavel Janíčko

  • 2014 Robert Torrens e a teoria clássica do lucro [Robert Torrens and the classical theoyr of profits]
    by Rogério Arthmar

  • 2014 A láthatatlan kéz - szemelvények egy metafora történetéből
    by Madarász, Aladár

  • 2014 Economic theory and social classes
    by Vincenzo Maffeo

  • 2014 Jean-baptiste say et la question de la population
    by Jean-Baptiste Fréry

  • 2014 La recepción de Bentham en la Nueva Granada
    by Lisímaco Parra

  • 2014 El pensamiento económico de los primeros economistas colombianos
    by Chaparro, Germán & Gallardo, Álvaro

  • 2014 Vertus et justice du marché chez Adam Smith
    by Benoît Walraevens

  • 2014 Les capitalistes et les législateurs. À propos du système de la liberté naturelle selon Adam Smith
    by Daniel Diatkine

  • 2014 Droit de propriété et économie politique dans l'analyse saint-simonienne
    by Gilles Jacoud

  • 2014 Aspects pratiques et théoriques de l'entrepreneur dans la vie et l'œuvre de Jean-Baptiste Say
    by Gérard Minart

  • 2014 Notes biographiques sur Jean-Baptiste Say
    by André Tiran

  • 2014 Espoirs et dangers du « régime industriel et commercial » de l'humanité selon Léon Walras
    by Jean-Pierre Potier

  • 2014 Notes sur Jean-Baptiste Say. Conception de l'économie en général et position face à l'esclavage en particulier
    by Rémy Herrera

  • 2014 Innovations monétaires, financières et bancaires : les signes représentatifs de la monnaie
    by Gilles Jacoud

  • 2014 L'empreinte historique de la théorie de l'entrepreneur. Enseignements tirés des analyses de Jean-Baptiste Say et de Joseph Aloïs Schumpeter
    by Sophie Boutillier & Dimitri Uzunidis

  • 2014 De l'Angleterre et des Anglais : l'expertise de Jean-Baptiste Say de l'industrie anglaise
    by André Tiran

  • 2014 Jean-Baptiste Say et l'entrepreneur : la question de la filiation avec Cantillon et Turgot
    by Joël Thomas Ravix

  • 2014 Jean-Baptiste Say et les compétences entrepreneuriales pour l'industrialisation
    by José Manuel Menudo

  • 2014 De la critique des corporations à la libération des forces productives : l'économie politique de Jean-Baptiste Say
    by Arnaud Diemer & Blandine Laperche

  • 2014 Why did Wicksell change his mind about the machinery question?
    by Mauro Boianovsky

  • 2013 Abstraction as a Mother of Order? (Historical-Methodological Reflections on the Relation of Economic Science and Economic Policy)
    by V. Avtonomov.

  • 2013 Economic Thinking about Transnational Governance: Blind Spots and Historical Perspectives
    by Hans-Michael Trautwein

  • 2013 Did Keynes in the General Theory significantly misrepresent J S Mill?
    by Roy H Grieve

  • 2013 Nearer to Straffa than Marx: Adam Smith on productive and unproductive labour
    by Roy Grieve

  • 2013 Continuity or rupture ? An analysis of some aspects of social philosophy in the works of J.S.Mill, Alfred Marshall and J.M.Keynes
    by Laura Valladão de Mattos

  • 2013 Wealth
    by Meacci, Ferdinando

  • 2013 Say's Law
    by Meacci, Ferdinando

  • 2013 Adam Smith and the Great Deceleration in the U,S. Economy
    by Gerdes, William

  • 2013 On the theory of capital in post-industrial societies
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2013 Rent as a Share of Product and Sraffa’s Price Equations
    by Fratini, Saverio M.

  • 2013 The Malthus versus Ricardo 1815 Corn Laws Controversy: An appraisal
    by Salvadori, Neri & Signorino, Rodolfo

  • 2013 A Critical Marxist Approach to Capital Theory
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2013 Quesnay and the analysis of the surplus in an agrarian capitalist economy
    by Serrano, Franklin & Mazat, Numa

  • 2013 Towards a revision of the theory of capital
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2013 A theory of capital as value in progress
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2013 What remains of Sraffa's economics
    by Pier Luigi Porta

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (6): Chapters 8, 9 and 10: Keynes’ Theory of Consumer Behaviour
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (5): Chapter 6, The Definition of Income, Saving and Investment; Appendix to Chapter 6, Appendix on User Cost; Chapter 7, The Meaning of Saving and Investment Further Considered
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (4): Chapter 4, "The Choice of Units"; Chapter 5, "Expectations as Determining Output and Employment"
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (3): Chapter 3, “The Principle of Effective Demand”
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (2): Chapter 2, “The Postulates of the Classical Economics”
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1): Chapter One, Background and Historical Setting
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Who is the Narrator of the Fable of the Individuality in Political Economy: Mandeville or Smith?
    by Eren, Ahmet Arif & Bozkurt, Ahmet Deniz

  • 2013 Mill Et La Crise De 1825
    by Alain Béraud

  • 2013 Getting Rid Of Rent?
    by Christian Bidard

  • 2013 Salaire, concurrence et surtravail: Une contribution classique à l’explication du profit
    by Olivier Rosell

  • 2013 Una Revisión Moderna de las Teorías de Precios de Ricardo y Jevons
    by Edgar Villa

  • 2013 Im Fokus: Nach dem EU-Beitritt stoppt die institutionelle Konvergenz in den mittel- und osteuropäischen EU-Staaten
    by Grusevaja, Marina & Pusch, Toralf

  • 2013 Public Debt and J.S. Mill’s Conjecture: A Note
    by Lefteris Tsoulfidis

  • 2013 Free Labour, Free Women. Re-appraising Harriet Taylor’s Feminist Economics
    by Alberto Giordano

  • 2013 Principles of capitalistic commodity production: a rejoinder
    by Fritz Helmedag

  • 2013 The Max U Approach: Prudence Only, or Not Even Prudence? A Smithian Perspective
    by David Lipka

  • 2013 Uncertainty in exhaustible natural resource economics: The irreversible sunk costs of Hotelling
    by Reynolds, Douglas B.

  • 2013 Disentangling motivational and experiential aspects of “utility” – A neuroeconomics perspective
    by Witt, Ulrich & Binder, Martin

  • 2013 Marshall and Walras, disequilibrium trades and the dynamics of equilibration in the continuous double auction market
    by Plott, Charles & Roy, Nilanjan & Tong, Baojia

  • 2013 Economic cosmology and the evolutionary challenge
    by Gowdy, John M. & Dollimore, Denise E. & Wilson, David Sloan & Witt, Ulrich

  • 2013 Lecciones olvidadas de tres economistas difuntos
    by Lluís Barbé

  • 2013 Destutt de Tracy on labor and value
    by Jean Magnan de Bornier

  • 2013 Sismondi’s Conversion
    by Jean-Jacques Gislain

  • 2013 Protection of competition in the contemporary global economy as a challenge for the competition theory
    by Magdalena Sliwinska

  • 2013 Pobreza en el capitalismo ¿Por qué persiste en la actualidad?
    by Víctor Manuel Isidro Luna

  • 2013 Some Marxian and Smithian Ideas On Labor and Prices
    by Alberto Benítez Sánchez

  • 2013 Luxe, innovations et crise : les enseignements des économistes classiques
    by Joël Thomas Ravix

  • 2013 Quand le luxe devient une question économique : retour sur la querelle du luxe du 18e siècle
    by Arnaud Diemer

  • 2013 Teorias Essencialistas e o Problema da Transformação de Valor em Preços: Os Casos de Marx e Menger
    by Ricardo Luis Chaves Feijó & Ricardo Luis Chaves Feijó

  • 2013 Economia Clássica entre o Laissez-Faire e o Socialismo
    by Rogério Arthmar & Paulo Carlos Leonardo Kulnig Cinelli

  • 2012 Malthus fs Criticism of Adam Smith and Dynamic Mechanism of Population in the First Edition of Principle of Population
    by Taro Hisamatsu

  • 2012 Moral sentiments, institutions, and civil society: Exploiting family resemblances between Smith and Hegel to resolve some conceptual issues in Sen's recent contributions to the theory of justice
    by Boldyrev, Ivan A. & Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten

  • 2012 Harmonic and Conflict Views in International Economic Relations: a Sraffian view
    by Sergio Cesaratto

  • 2012 Marx: From Hegel and Feuerbach to Adam Smith
    by Eric Rahim

  • 2012 Cairnesian Economics – A Road Not Taken
    by McCain, Roger

  • 2012 Il 'Good Government' in Adam Smith: tra Jurisprudence, Political Œconomy e Theory of Moral Sentiments
    by Silvestri, Paolo

  • 2012 Adam Smith on Monopoly Theory. Making good a lacuna
    by Salvadori, Neri & Signorino, Rodolfo

  • 2012 On the distribution of authorship-merits for the comparative-advantage proposition
    by Morales Meoqui, Jorge

  • 2012 Ingham and Keynes on the nature of money
    by Mark Hayes

  • 2012 The Hated Property Tax: Salience, Tax Rates, and Tax Revolts
    by Marika Cabral & Caroline Hoxby

  • 2012 Chronic Specie Scarcity and Efficient Barter: The Problem of Maintaining an Outside Money Supply in British Colonial America
    by Farley Grubb

  • 2012 Public Debt and J.S. Mill’s Conjecture: A Note
    by Lefteris Tsoulfidis

  • 2012 Dogmen- und realhistorische Aspekte des Wohlfahrtsbegriffs
    by Hans G. Nutzinger

  • 2012 The Road to Debt Deflation, Debt Peonage, and Neofeudalism
    by Michael Hudson

  • 2012 The Max U Approach: Prudence-only, or Not Even Prudence? A Smithian Perspective
    by David Lipka

  • 2012 Does Malthus’s principle of population still have a practical purpose nowadays?
    by José Carlos Ramírez Sánchez

  • 2012 A Guide to Subsistence Affluence
    by John D. Conroy

  • 2012 Ricardo And Lemke
    by Christian Bidard

  • 2012 The Frail Grounds of the Ricardian Dynamics
    by Christian Bidard

  • 2012 The Ricardo-Lemke parametric algorithm on oddity and uniqueness
    by Christian Bidard

  • 2012 Chronic Specie Scarcity and Efficient Barter: The Problem of Maintaining an Outside Money Supply in British Colonial America
    by Farley Grubb

  • 2012 Pasinetti on Ricardo
    by Enrico Bellino

  • 2012 Camacho Roldán como Economista Empírico
    by Miguel Urrutia Montoya

  • 2012 Out of sight, out of mind: Modern economics, social interactions, and Smith´s sympathy
    by Andrés Álvarez & Jimena Hurtado

  • 2012 Economic ideas and tax policy: The introduction of progressivity in tax systems in Western Europe. The cases of France and Spain
    by Javier San Julian Arrupe (Universitat de Barcelona)

  • 2012 Von „grünen Investitionen“ und „glühenden Landschaften“: Was sind die Treiber des Heizenergieverbrauchs in Mehrfamilienhäusern? – Ergebnisse auf Grundlage des ista-IWH-Energieeffizienzindex
    by Michelsen, Claus & Zumbro, T. & Claudy, M.

  • 2012 Markets, Science and Social Changes. Proudhon and the legacy oF Enlightenment
    by Gioia Vitantonio & Emiliano Bevilacqua

  • 2012 From the Theory of Value to the Debate about Débouchés: A Comparison between Say and Malthus - Dalla teoria del valore al dibattito sugli sbocchi: un confronto fra Say e Malthus
    by Soliani, Riccardo

  • 2012 The Economic Institutions of Capitalism
    by Paolo Leon

  • 2012 David Ricardo, Robert Torrens a autorstvo princípu komparatívnych výhod
    by Martin Grančay & Nóra Szikorová

  • 2012 Money – Between Medium of Exchange and Institution
    by Voroneanu Constantin-Bogdan

  • 2012 Adósság, pénz és szabadság
    by Madarász, Aladár

  • 2012 Technological Effects on Wages and Labour: Classical and Neoclassical Ideas
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