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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C3: Multiple or Simultaneous Equation Models; Multiple Variables
/ / / C39: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Heterogeneous Effects of Credit Constraints on SMEs’ Employment: Evidence from the Great Recession
    by David Cornille & François Rycx & Ilan Tojerow

  • 2017 A new method of measuring stock market manipulation through structural equation modeling (SEM)
    by Maxim, Maruf Rahman & Ashif, Abu Sadat Muhammad

  • 2017 The Commitment Role of Equity Financing
    by Matthias Fahn & Valeria Merlo & Georg Wamser

  • 2017 Shadow Economies around the World: New Results for 158 Countries over 1991-2015
    by Friedrich Schneider

  • 2017 Hacia una primera tipología de los sistemas regionales de innovación en Argentina
    by Niembro, Andrés

  • 2017 Remittances, Human Capital and Poverty:A System Approach
    by Gazi M. Hassan & Mamta Chowdhury & Shamim Shakur

  • 2017 Bayesian Unit Root Test for Panel Data
    by Jitendra Kumar & Anoop Chaturvedi & Umme Afifa

  • 2017 Opening the black box of impact – Ideal-type impact pathways in a public agricultural research organization
    by Matt, M. & Gaunand, A. & Joly, P-B. & Colinet, L.

  • 2017 Reducing global CO2 emissions with the technologies we have
    by Ward, Hauke & Radebach, Alexander & Vierhaus, Ingmar & Fügenschuh, Armin & Steckel, Jan Christoph

  • 2017 Rationality of energy efficiency improvement targets under the PAT scheme in India – A case of thermal power plants
    by Sahoo, Nihar R. & Mohapatra, Pratap K.J. & Sahoo, Biresh K. & Mahanty, Biswajit

  • 2017 Partial identification of functionals of the joint distribution of “potential outcomes”
    by Fan, Yanqin & Guerre, Emmanuel & Zhu, Dongming

  • 2017 Achieving Business Excellence by Optimizing Corporate Forensic Readiness
    by Gojko Grubor & Ivan Barac & Nataša Simeunovic & Nenad Ristic

  • 2016 Mediation in log-linear model
    by Gloria Gheno

  • 2016 Multivariate Method Of Simulated Quantiles
    by Paola Stolfi & Mauro Bernardi & Lea Petrella

  • 2016 Bayesian Unit Root Test for Panel Data
    by Jitendra Kuma & Anoop Chaturvedi & Umme Afifa

  • 2016 Mediation in causal log-linear models
    by Gloria Gheno

  • 2016 Likelihood Estimation of the Systemic Poison-Induced Morbidity in an Adult North Eastern Romanian Population
    by Catalina Lionte & Victorita Sorodoc & Cristina Tuchilus & Elisabeta Jaba

  • 2016 Trust and Product/Sellers Reviews as Factors Influencing Online Product Comparison Sites Usage by Young Consumers
    by Radoslaw Macik & Dorota Macik

  • 2016 Spatial indices for measuring three-dimensional patterns in a voxel-based space
    by Anthony Jjumba & Suzana Dragićević

  • 2016 Factors shaping Americans’ objective well-being: A systems science approach with network analysis
    by Cifuentes, Myriam Patricia & Doogan, Nathan J. & Fernandez, Soledad A. & Seiber, Eric E.

  • 2016 Organizational Culture, Strategy Implementation and Commercial Bank Performance in Zimbabwe
    by Winfred O. Goromonzi

  • 2016 Дедетерминанти И Производни, Дефиниращи Лихвените Характеристики На Кредитния Портфейл В Европейския Съюз (2010-2015)
    by Даниел Николаев

  • 2016 Recent Advances in the Measurement Error Literature
    by Susanne M. Schennach

  • 2015 Implementing Rubin's Alternative Multiple Imputation Method for Statistical Matching in Stata
    by Anil Alpman

  • 2015 The Effect of Remittances on Labour Supply in the Republic of Haiti
    by Jadotte, Evans & Ramos, Xavier

  • 2015 Anomie And Alienation In The Post-Communist Area: A Reapplication Of The Middleton Scale In Russia And Kazakhstan
    by Ekaterina I. Lytkina

  • 2015 The Impact of the Chinese Exchange Policy on Foreign Trade with the European Union
    by Ana Cardoso & António Portugal Duarte

  • 2015 A typology of impact pathways generated by a public agricultural research organization
    by Matt, M. & Colinet, L. & Gaunand, A. & Joly, P.B.

  • 2015 High dimensional stochastic regression with latent factors, endogeneity and nonlinearity
    by Chang, Jinyuan & Guo, Bin & Yao, Qiwei

  • 2015 An Approach About Monetary Policy Risk Balance In Colombia: A Multivariate Analysis Based On Time Series
    by Fernando Uscátegui & Mike Woodcock & Carlos Méndez

  • 2015 Statistical Analysis of Causality between Capital Structure and Firm Profitability: Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina
    by Resić Emina & Mangafić Jasmina & Perić Tunjo

  • 2015 Svar Model To Examine The Short And Long Term Monetary Policy In Indonesia
    by Teguh Sugiarto

  • 2015 South American Cluster: A Practical Case Study
    by Marc Audi

  • 2015 Econometric Model of the Czech Life Insurance Market
    by Radek Hendrych & Tomáš Cipra

  • 2015 Measurement Of Perceived Quality Spectator Sports Events: Proposed Methodology, Medicion De La Calidad Percibida De Los Espectadores En Los Eventos Deportivos: Propuesta Metodologica
    by Ana Milena Alvarez Cano

  • 2015 Analysis of Air Pollution Impact Factors in China: A MIMIC Modeling Approach
    by Jing Gao & Lei Zhang

  • 2015 Smooth coefficient estimation of a seemingly unrelated regression
    by Henderson, Daniel J. & Kumbhakar, Subal C. & Li, Qi & Parmeter, Christopher F.

  • 2015 The determinants of non-life insurance consumption: A VECM analysis in Central and South-Eastern Europe
    by Jordan Kjosevski & Mihail Petkovski

  • 2014 A new family of nonexchangeable copulas for positive dependence
    by Cerqueti, Roy & Lupi, Claudio

  • 2014 Macro credit scoring as a proposal for quantifying credit risk
    by Sergio Edwin Torrico Salamanca

  • 2014 Terms of trade and non-traditional exports: a microeconometric analysis
    by Ruth Marcela Aparicio

  • 2014 Application of internal ratings-based methods on credit risk measurement
    by Alejandro Vargas Sanchez & Saulo Mostajo Castelú

  • 2014 Un modelo SVAR para la economía Boliviana
    by Martín Palmero Pantoja

  • 2014 Simultaneity in the Multivariate Count Data Autoregressive Model
    by Brännäs, Kurt

  • 2014 An Analysis Of Non-Life Insurance Determinants For Selected Countries In Central And South Eastern Europe: A Co-Integration Approach
    by Mihail Petkovski & Kjosevski Jordan

  • 2014 Expenditure Tracking Of Animal Production In The Software "1c: Accounting 8.2"
    by Nadejda SUVOROVA

  • 2014 Unraveling the mystery of sleep duration dynamics – Sleep in the objective and subjective lives of employed men and women
    by William Michelson

  • 2014 Impacts of Oil Foreign Direct Investment on Environment and Poverty Level in Niger Delta Oil Producing Region: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
    by Salami Dada Kareem & David Mautin Oke & Daskareem Vera Enoho & Oladipo Kolapo Sakiru & Babajide David Adesina

  • 2014 Determinantes del crecimiento económico en Bolivia: un enfoque de demanda
    by Julio Humérez Quiroz

  • 2014 Multi-Objective Optimization Of Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Tender Problem For Private Sector Companies
    by Elif Acar & Hasan Durucasu

  • 2013 The Effect of Exchange Rates on the International Trade in Turkey
    by Sahabettin Gunes

  • 2013 Play-Hysteresis in Supply as Part of a Market Model
    by Göcke, Matthias

  • 2013 On the comparison of model-based clustering solutions
    by Stefano Tonellato & Andrea Pastore

  • 2013 A merging algorithm for Gaussian mixture components
    by Andrea Pastore & Stefano Tonellato

  • 2013 Non-metric PLS path modling: integration into the labour market of sapienza graduates
    by Francesca Petrarca

  • 2013 Análisis de elasticidades en el mercado automotor colombiano (2009 - 2011) mediante un modelo logit anidado
    by Sánchez Navarro, Dennis

  • 2013 The Shadow Economy in Portugal: An Analysis Using the MIMIC Model
    by Eduardo Augusto Soares Coelho Barbosa & Samuel Cruz Alves Pereira & Elísio Fernando Moreira Brandão

  • 2013 International Human Trafficking: Measuring clandestinity by the structural equation approach
    by Friedrich Schneider & Alexandra Rudolph

  • 2013 International Human Trafficking: Measuring Clandestinity by the Structural Equation Approach
    by Rudolph, Alexandra & Schneider, Friedrich

  • 2013 A general method for valuing non-market goods using wellbeing data: three-stage wellbeing valuation
    by Fujiwara, Daniel

  • 2013 Análisis de elasticidades en el mercado automotor colombiano (2009-2011) mediante un modelo logit anidado
    by Dennis Sánchez Navarro

  • 2013 A General Method for Valuing Non-Market Goods Using Wellbeing Data: Three-Stage Wellbeing Valuation
    by Daniel Fujiwara

  • 2013 Understanding entrepreneurial intentions of students in agriculture and related sciences
    by Leonidas A. Zampetakis & Afroditi Anagnosti & Stelios Rozakis

  • 2013 Lifestyle factors, dietary quality and health: Econometric evidence from US micro data
    by Tetyana Demydas

  • 2013 Financial crisis and exchange rates in emerging economies: An empirical analysis using PPP-UIP-Framework
    by Abdul Rashid

  • 2013 Visualizing multinational daily life via multidimensional scaling (MDS)
    by John P. Robinson & Jonathan Gershuny

  • 2013 Multi level categorical data fusion using partially fused data
    by Zvi Gilula & Robert McCulloch

  • 2013 Boylamsal Verilerde Cok Duzeyli Analizler: Dil Gelisimine Ýliskin Bir Uygulama
    by Ozlem Deniz Basar & Unal H. Ozden & Seda Bagdatli Kalkan

  • 2013 Interactions between Economic Growth and Unemployment Condition in Asian Region
    by Syh Han Ang & Nanthakumar Loganathan

  • 2013 Management Team Characteristics: Evidence From University Governance And School Performance
    by Hsiang-Tsai Chiang & Mei-Chih Lin

  • 2013 Política monetaria y precio de activos: un análisis desde la tasa de interés para Colombia de 2003 a 2010
    by Edith Catalina Patiño Martínez & Paula Almonacid Hurtado & Armando Lenin Támara Ayús

  • 2013 Determinantes de los flujos de inversión extranjera directa estadounidense a través de un modelo gravitacional con componente espacial: evidencia para algunos países latinoamericanos
    by Dennis Sánchez Navarro

  • 2013 Determinantes de los flujos de inversión extranjera directa estadounidense a través de un modelo gravitacional con componente espacial: evidencia para algunos países latinoamericanos
    by Dennis Sánchez

  • 2012 Analysis Of The Inconsistency Problem In The Model For Predicting "Diseases" Of Firms
    by Vigier, Hernan Pedro & Terceño, Antonio

  • 2012 Variable Population Mopso Applied To Medical Visits
    by Lopez, Javier & Lanzarini, Laura & Fernandez Bariviera, Aurelio

  • 2012 Play-hysteresis in supply as part of a market model
    by Göcke, Matthias

  • 2012 The influence of spatial effects on wind power revenues under direct marketing rules
    by Grothe, Oliver & Müsgens, Felix

  • 2012 The Square Root of a Matrix
    by Karim M. Abadir

  • 2012 European Union Economy System Dynamic Model Development
    by Skribans, Valerijs

  • 2012 The Role of Human Development on Deforestation in Africa: A Modelling-Based Approach
    by Brian A., Jingwa & Simplice A., Asongu

  • 2012 High education efficiency wages in Colombia
    by Elcira Solano Benavides & Gabriel Navarro

  • 2012 Structural Interdependence in the Energy Sector in Turkey: Input-Output Analysis
    by Ozdemir, , Abdullah & Mercan, Mehmet

  • 2012 Copulas of a special form and their application to the analysis of the financial market
    by Bronshtein, Efim & Zinurova, Anna

  • 2012 Analysis of Regional Aspects of Voting Behaviour: The Case of Polish Presidential Election
    by Mariusz Mazurkiewicz

  • 2012 Studio di alcuni aspetti della domanda di arance bionde mediante la Cluster Analysis. Il Caso delle arance di Ribera dop e possibili strategie di mercato
    by Stefania Chironi & Marzia Ingrassia & Filippo Sgroi

  • 2012 Segmented Life-cycle Labor Markets
    by Ana Paula Martins

  • 2012 Sports participation and happiness: Evidence from US microdata
    by Huang, Haifang & Humphreys, Brad R.

  • 2012 Staged investments in entrepreneurial financing
    by Dahiya, Sandeep & Ray, Korok

  • 2012 Estimación y análisis de los gastos e ingresos económicos de la población flotante estudiantil universitaria de pregrado en la ciudad de Tunja, Colombia
    by María Isabel Rojas Triana

  • 2011 Modelarea sectorului administratiei publice in corelatie cu indicatorii cresterii economice - Conferinta CRESTERE ECONOMICA SI SUSTENABILITATE SOCIALA. PROVOCARI SI PERSPECTIVE EUROPENE>
    by Stanica, Cristian

  • 2011 Cost of production estimates for wheat, milk and pigs in selected EU member states
    by Kleinhanß, Werner & Offermann, Frank & Butault, Jean-Pierre & Surry, Yves

  • 2011 Behold, a Virgin is with HIV!: Misreporting Sexual Behaviour Among Infected Adolescents
    by Vidhura Tennekoon & Robert Rosenman

  • 2011 Shock transmission among the European Stock markets - Conferinta CRESTERE ECONOMICA SI SUSTENABILITATE SOCIALA. PROVOCARI SI PERSPECTIVE EUROPENE>
    by Lupu, Radu

  • 2011 Determinants of Individual Investor Behaviour: An Orthogonal Linear Transformation Approach
    by Chandra, Abhijeet & Kumar, Ravinder

  • 2011 On Liu Estimators for the Logit Regression Model
    by Månsson, Kristofer & Kibria, B. M. Golam & Shukur, Ghazi

  • 2011 The substitutability of immigrants and native workers in France: use of a production function
    by Vincent Fromentin & & &

  • 2011 Segmented Life-cycle Labor Markets – Portuguese Evidence
    by Ana Paula Martins

  • 2011 A Multilevel Analysis of Innovation in Developing Countries
    by Martin Srholec

  • 2011 Uncovering and Treating Unobserved Heterogeneity with FIMIX-PLS: Which Model Selection Criterion Provides an Appropriate Number of Segments?
    by Marko Sarstedt & Jan-Michael Becker & Christian M. Ringle & Manfred Schwaiger

  • 2011 Optimization models of rail transportation under the financial crisis
    by Gheorghe-Stelian BALAN & Mariana BALAN

  • 2011 Examining The University Students' Environmental Protection Commitments And Environment-Friendly Consumption Behaviors
    by Veysel Yilmaz & Talha Arslan

  • 2010 Understanding multilevel interactions in economic development
    by Goedhuys, Micheline & Srholec, Martin

  • 2010 Understanding multilevel interactions in economic development
    by Micheline Goedhuys & Martin Srholec

  • 2010 Déséquilibres, système bancaire et chômage involontaire
    by Stéphane Mussard & Bernard Philippe

  • 2010 On the Links Between Unemployment Rate, Monetary Creation and the Value-added Sharing
    by Bernard Philippe & Stéphane Mussard

  • 2010 Sports Participation and Happiness: Evidence from U.S. Micro Data
    by Huang, Haifang & Humphreys, Brad

  • 2010 Comparing Multidimensional Poverty with Qualitative Indicators of Well-Being
    by Yélé Maweki Batana & Jean-Yves Duclos

  • 2010 Causality between Prices and Wages: VECM Analysis for EU-27
    by Adriatik Hoxha

  • 2010 Modeling the informal economy in Mexico:a structural equation approach
    by José Brambila Macias & Guido Cazzavillan

  • 2010 La comunicazione: un valido strumento per la competitività delle aziende vinicole
    by Stefania Chironi & Marzia Ingrassia

  • 2010 Calidad del empleo y segmentación laboral: un análisis para el mercado laboral colombiano 2001-2006
    by Christian Manuel Posso

  • 2010 Tourists Attitudes, Preferences And Opinions Regarding The Services Provided By Hotels Located In The Romanian Center Development Region

  • 2009 Interrelations between development factors and tourism factors. A quantitative point of view
    by Bob, Constantin & Grigorescu, Adriana

  • 2009 Economia não registada em Portugal
    by Óscar Afonso & Nuno Gonçalves

  • 2009 Trade Liberalization in T&C: An Overview of the Welfare Effects
    by Dimitrios Dadakas & Stelios D Katranidis

  • 2009 Private long term care insurance: Theoretical approach and results applied to the Spanish case
    by Pablo Alonso González & Irene Albarrán Lozano

  • 2009 Modelling the Financial Performance of the Building Sector Enterprises – The case of ROMANIA
    by Barbuta Misu, Nicoleta

  • 2009 Satisfaction Drivers in Retail Banking: Comparison of Partial Least Squares and Covariance Based Methods
    by Monika Oleksiak

  • 2009 Forme proprietarie ed efficienza produttiva nei servizi socio-assistenziali. Un’analisi non-parametrica
    by Sergio Destefanis & Ferdinando Ofrìa

  • 2009 La forma triangular de la matriz de Leontief
    by Alberto Benítez

  • 2009 Testing The Modified-Combined Ppp And Uip Hypothesis In South Asian Economies
    by Abdul RASHID

  • 2008 Çevresel düzeyde sürdürülebilirlik performansının ölçülmesi: Parekende sektöründe bir uygulama
    by İsmail EROL & Aslı ÖZMEN

  • 2008 Modelling the Informal Economy in Mexico. A Structural Equation Approach
    by Jos� Brambila Macias & Guido Cazzavillan

  • 2008 Emotion and reason in everyday risk perception
    by Robin Hogarth & Mariona Portell & Anna Cuxart & Gueorgui I. Kolev

  • 2008 Labor Supply Response to International Migration and Remittances in the Republic
    by Evans Jadotte

  • 2008 Prediction of Latent Variables in a Mixture of Structural Equation Models, with an Application to the Discrepancy Between Survey and Register Data
    by Erik Meijer & Susann Rohwedder & Tom Wansbeek

  • 2008 Modeling the Informal Economy in Mexico. A Structural Equation Approach
    by Brambila Macias, Jose

  • 2008 The Substitutability of Labor between Immigrants and Natives in the Canadian Labor Market: Circa 1995
    by Asadul, Islam

  • 2008 Multidimensional Poverty Dominance: Statistical Inference and an Application to West Africa
    by Yélé Maweki Batana & Jean-Yves Duclos

  • 2008 Analyse économétrique des coûts des services d’eau potable et qualité des prestations offertes aux usagers
    by Helene Bouscasse & François Destandau & Serge Garcia

  • 2008 Visualizing exploratory factor analysis models
    by Sigbert Klinke & Cornelia Wagner

  • 2008 Some Comments on the Question Whether Co-Occurrence Data Should Be Normalized
    by Waltman, L. & van Eck, N.J.P.

  • 2008 Mükelleflerin Vergiye Karşı Tutum ve Davranışlarını Etkileyen Çeşitli Değişkenler Arasındaki İlişkinin Analizi
    by Ali ÇELİKKAYA & Hüseyin GÜRBÜZ

  • 2008 €Œwork Or Notto Work†: Possible Determinants Of Female Non-Participation Decisions In The Urban Labor Force In Turkey
    by Kemal Yildirim & Günsel Dogrul

  • 2007 What risks do people perceive in everyday life? A perspective gained from the experience sampling method (ESM)
    by Robin Hogarth & Mariona Portell & Anna Cuxart

  • 2007 Une évaluation du rôle des déterminants du partage de la valeur ajoutée
    by Stéphane Mussard & Bernard Philippe

  • 2007 The Role of Social Capital in Economic Development
    by Sabatini, Fabio

  • 2007 Cycles of violence, and terrorist attacks index for the State of Oklahoma
    by Gómez-Sorzano, Gustavo

  • 2007 Modellselektion in Finite Mixture PLS-Modellen
    by Sarstedt, Marko & Salcher, André

  • 2007 Une évaluation du rôle des déterminants du partage de la valeur ajoutée
    by Mussard, Stéphane & Philippe, Bernard

  • 2007 Corruption Around the World: Evidence from a Structural Model
    by Axel Dreher & Christos Kotsogiannis & Steve McCorriston

  • 2007 Capturing and Treating Unobserved Heterogeneity by Response Based Segmentation in PLS Path Modeling. A Comparison of Alternative Methods by Computational Experiments
    by Esposito Vinzi, Vincenzo & Ringle, Christian M. & Squillacciotti, Silvia & Trinchera, Laura

  • 2007 Preface to the Handbook
    by James J. Heckman & Edward E. Leamer

  • 2007 Linear Inverse Problems in Structural Econometrics Estimation Based on Spectral Decomposition and Regularization
    by Carrasco, Marine & Florens, Jean-Pierre & Renault, Eric

  • 2007 Large Sample Sieve Estimation of Semi-Nonparametric Models
    by Chen, Xiaohong

  • 2007 The Econometrics of Data Combination
    by Ridder, Geert & Moffitt, Robert

  • 2007 Implementing Nonparametric and Semiparametric Estimators
    by Ichimura, Hidehiko & Todd, Petra E.

  • 2007 Nonparametric identification
    by Matzkin, Rosa L.

  • 2007 Econometric Evaluation of Social Programs, Part III: Distributional Treatment Effects, Dynamic Treatment Effects, Dynamic Discrete Choice, and General Equilibrium Policy Evaluation
    by Abbring, Jaap H. & Heckman, James J.

  • 2007 Econometric Evaluation of Social Programs, Part II: Using the Marginal Treatment Effect to Organize Alternative Econometric Estimators to Evaluate Social Programs, and to Forecast their Effects in New Environments
    by James J. Heckman & Vytlacil, Edward J.

  • 2007 Econometric Evaluation of Social Programs, Part I: Causal Models, Structural Models and Econometric Policy Evaluation
    by James J. Heckman & Vytlacil, Edward J.

  • 2007 Preface to the Handbook
    by Heckman, James J. & Leamer, Edward E.

  • 2007 Labor Supply Models: Unobserved Heterogeneity, Nonparticipation and Dynamics
    by Blundell, Richard & MaCurdy, Thomas & Meghir, Costas

  • 2007 Models of Aggregate Economic Relationships that Account for Heterogeneity
    by Blundell, Richard & Stoker, Thomas M.

  • 2007 Linking the Theory with the Data: That is the Core Problem of International Economics
    by Leamer, Edward E.

  • 2007 The Measurement of Productivity for Nations
    by Diewert, W. Erwin & Nakamura, Alice O.

  • 2007 Microeconometric Models of Investment and Employment
    by Bond, Stephen & Van Reenen, John

  • 2007 Structural Econometric Modeling: Rationales and Examples from Industrial Organization
    by Reiss, Peter C. & Wolak, Frank A.

  • 2007 Econometric Tools for Analyzing Market Outcomes
    by Ackerberg, Daniel & Lanier Benkard, C. & Berry, Steven & Pakes, Ariel

  • 2007 A Practitioner's Approach to Estimating Intertemporal Relationships Using Longitudinal Data: Lessons from Applications in Wage Dynamics
    by MaCurdy, Thomas

  • 2007 Intertemporal Substitution and Risk Aversion
    by Hansen, Lars Peter & Heaton, John & Lee, Junghoon & Roussanov, Nikolai

  • 2007 Nonparametric Approaches to Auctions
    by Athey, Susan & Haile, Philip A.

  • 2007 Handbook of Econometrics

  • 2007 Handbook of Econometrics

  • 2007 The shadow economy in Portugal: An analysis with the MIMIC approach
    by Roberto Dell´Anno

  • 2006 Identification Problems in SDGE Models with an illustration to a small Macro model
    by Andreas Beyer & Roger E.A. Farmer

  • 2006 Mükelleflerin vergiye gönüllü uyumunu etkileyen faktörlerin analizi: Bir alan çalışması
    by Ali ÇELİKKAYA & Hüseyin GÜRBÜZ

  • 2006 A New Multivariate Product Growth Model
    by H.P. Boswijk & D. Fok & P.-H. Franses

  • 2006 The Singular Operator and the Reisz Potential Operator in the Lebesgue Spaces with Variable Exponent on the Real Line
    by Vakhtang Kokilashvili & S. Samko

  • 2006 The Classical Integral Operators in Weighted Lorentz Spaces with Variable Exponent
    by D.M. Israfilov & N.P. Tuzkaya

  • 2006 On the Mean Summability by Cesaro (C,a) and Abel-Poisson Methods of Trigonometric Fourier Series in the Weighted Lorentz Spaces
    by D.M. Israfilov & Vakhtang Kokilashvili & I.E. Yıldırım

  • 2005 The Economic Costs of Corruption: A Survey and New Evidence
    by Axel Dreher & Thomas Herzfeld

  • 2005 How do Institutions Affect Corruption and the Shadow Economy?
    by Axel Dreher & Christos Kotsogiannis & Steve McCorriston

  • 2005 International Diversification with American Depository Receipts (ADRs)
    by Kabir, M. Humayun & Hassan, M. Kabir & Maroney, Neal C.

  • 2005 The Effectiveness of Foreign Exchange Interventions for the Turkish Economy : A Post-Crisis Period Analysis
    by Ozge Akinci & Olcay Yucel Culha & Umit Ozlale & Gulbin Sahinbeyoglu

  • 2005 Measuring the Effects of Real and Monetary Shocks in a Structural New-Keynesian Model
    by Andreas Beyer & Roger E.A. Farmer

  • 2005 Social capital, labour precariousness and the economic performance. An empirical assessment of the strength of weak ties in Italy
    by Sabatini, Fabio

  • 2005 How Do Institutions Affect Corruption and the Shadow Economy
    by Axel Dreher & Christos Kotsogiannis & Steve McCorriston

  • 2004 Corruption Around The World: Evidence From A Structural Model
    by Axel Dreher & Christos Kotsogiannis & Steve McCorriston

  • 2004 Factores que inciden sobre la posibilidad de una desaceleración económica y objetivos de política económica en Puerto Rico
    by Carlos A. Rodríguez

  • 2004 On the Indeterminacy of New-Keynesian Economics
    by Andreas Beyer & Roger E. A. Farmer

  • 2004 Assessing the Magnitude of the Concentration Parameter in a Simultaneous Equations Model
    by D. S. Poskitt & C. L. Skeels

  • 2004 Estimates of a Labour Supply Function Using Alternative Measures of Hours of Work
    by Klevmarken, N. Anders

  • 2004 Estimates of a Labour Supply Function Using Alternative Measures of Hours of Work
    by Klevmarken, N. Anders

  • 2004 What We Don't Know About the Monetary Transmission Mechanism and Why We Don't Know It
    by Beyer, Andreas & Farmer, Roger E A

  • 2004 Multivariate reduced rank regression in non-Gaussian contexts, using copulas
    by HEINEN, Andréas & RENGIFO, Erick

  • 2004 Is the impact of public investment neutral across the regional income distribution? Evidence from Mexico
    by Joan Costa Font & Eduardo Rodriguez Oreggia

  • 2004 Identificando Bolhas Especulativas Racionais No Ibovespa (Pós-Plano Real), A Partir De Regimes Markovianos De Conversão
    by Diógenes Manoel Leiva Martin & Herbert Kimura & Wilson Toshiro Nakamura & Eduardo Kazuo Kayo

  • 2004 Identificando Bolhas Especulativas Racionais no IBOVESPA (Pós-Plano Real), a partir de Regimes Markovianos de Conversão
    by Diógenes Manoel Leiva Martin & Eduardo Kazuo Kayo & Herbert Kimura & Wilson Toshiro Nakamura

  • 2003 Buyer feedback as a filtering mechanism for reputable sellers
    by Paolo Laureti & Frantisek Slanina & Yi-Kuo Yu & Yi-Cheng Zhang

  • 2003 Credit Derivatives in an Affine Framework
    by Li Chen & Damir Filipovic

  • 2003 Consistency Problems For Jump-Diffusion Models
    by Li Chen & Erhan Bayraktar & H. Vincent Poor

  • 2003 Pricing Credit Default Swaps Under Default Correlations and Counterparty Risk
    by Li Chen & Damir Filipovic

  • 2003 Markovian Quadratic Term Structure Models For Risk-free And Defaultable Rates
    by Li Chen & H. Vincent Poor

  • 2003 Projecting the Forward Rate Flow on a Finite Dimensional Manifold
    by Erhan Bayraktar & Li Chen & H. Vincent Poor

  • 2003 Modeling Credit Risk by Affine Processes
    by Li Chen & Damir Filipovic

  • 2003 Multivariate Regression and ANOVA Models with Outliers: A Comparative Approach
    by Polasek, Wolfgang

  • 2002 A General Characterization of Quadratic Term Structure Models
    by Li Chen & H. Vincent Poor

  • 2002 Application of the European Customer Satisfaction Index to Postal Services. Structural Equation Models versus Partial Least Squares
    by O'Loughlin, Christina & Coenders, Germà

  • 2002 research notes and comments: The "green book" twenty years on: A new look at the research program of Isard and Liossatos's "spatial dynamics and optimal space-time development"
    by Kieran P. Donaghy

  • 2001 Interactive Property Valuations
    by Yannis Ioannides

  • 2001 Measurement error in survey data
    by Bound, John & Brown, Charles & Mathiowetz, Nancy

  • 2001 Calibration
    by Dawkins, Christina & Srinivasan, T.N. & Whalley, John

  • 2001 Markov chain Monte Carlo methods: computation and inference
    by Chib, Siddhartha

  • 2001 Computationally intensive methods for integration in econometrics
    by Geweke, John & Keane, Michael

  • 2001 Duration models: specification, identification and multiple durations
    by Van den Berg, Gerard J.

  • 2001 Interactions-based models
    by Brock, William A. & Durlauf, Steven N.

  • 2001 Panel data models: some recent developments
    by Arellano, Manuel & Honore, Bo

  • 2001 The Bootstrap
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