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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N5: Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Extractive Industries
/ / / N50: General, International, or Comparative
/ / / N51: U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
/ / / N52: U.S.; Canada: 1913-
/ / / N53: Europe: Pre-1913
/ / / N54: Europe: 1913-
/ / / N55: Asia including Middle East
/ / / N56: Latin America; Caribbean
/ / / N57: Africa; Oceania

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Evolution of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Linking
    by Catherine Leining & Judd Ormsby & Suzi Kerr

  • 2017 The value of redistribution: natural resources and the formation of human capital under weak institutions
    by Agüero, Jorge M. & Balcázar, Carlos Felipe & Maldonado, Stanislao & Ñopo, Hugo

  • 2017 Training In Agricultural Enterprises In The Valle De San Quintin, Baja California, La Capacitacion En Las Empresas Agricolas En El Valle De San Quintin, Baja California
    by Imelda Cuevas Merecias & Lizzette Velasco Aulcy & Luis Alberto Morales Zamorano

  • 2017 Global Climate Policy Will Have Net Benefits Larger Than Anyone Thinks (and Welfare Gains, Strangely, Are Likely To Be Much Larger Yet)
    by Graves, Philip E.

  • 2016 Land frontier expansion in settler economies (1830- 1950): Was it a Ricardian process?
    by Henry Willebald & Javier Juambeltz

  • 2016 The Rise and Fall of Exceptional Australian Incomes since 1800
    by David Greasley & Jakob B. Madsen

  • 2016 Национальный Форсайт - Проект Сельского Хозяйства Казахстана: Научно-Техническая Стратегия, Ресурсы, Приоритеты Развития, Конкурентоспособность
    by Stukach, Victor & Shevchenco, Yelena

  • 2016 Incorporating Risk and Uncertainty in Cost-Benefit Analysis
    by Salci, Sener & Jenkins, Glenn

  • 2016 The 'Common Goood' in Pope Francis's Social Welfare Hypothesis
    by Amavilah, Voxi Heinrich

  • 2016 The Role of Development Finance in Climate Action Post-2015
    by Tara Shine & Gisela Campillo

  • 2016 Mainstreaming Adaptation in National Development Planning
    by Juan Casado-Asensio & Anna Drutschinin & Jan Corfee-Morlot & Gisela Campillo

  • 2016 Coasean Bargaining to Address Environmental Externalities
    by Gary D. Libecap

  • 2016 A Curse of ‘Point Source’ Resources? : Cash Crops and Numeracy on the Philippines 19th-20th Century
    by BASSINO, Jean-Pascal & BATEN, Joerg

  • 2016 Global Energy Demand in a Warming Climate
    by Enrica De Cian & Ian Sue Wing

  • 2016 L’économicisation de la nature, réalités historiques et mythes contemporains
    by Harold Levrel & Antoine Missemer

  • 2016 Historia e institucionalidad en la minería colombiana
    by Simón Gil Arango & Juan Sebastián Cubillos & Guillermo Andrés Martínez Medina

  • 2016 The Almeria Exodus. Understanding the turn of the century Spanish migration
    by Mari Carmen Pérez Artés

  • 2016 "Spain - Eximbank's Billion Dollar Client": The Role of the US Financing the Spanish Nuclear Program
    by Mª del Mar Rubio-Varas & Joseba De la Torre

  • 2016 El agrarismo guipuzcoano y el nacionalismo vasco (1920-1933)
    by Mikel Aizpuru

  • 2016 De la gestión privada a la gestión colectiva del riego: El caso de Riegos de Levante
    by Martín Sevilla & Teresa Torregrosa

  • 2016 Tumbas, parroquias y espacios ganaderos: configuración y evolución del paisaje medieval de la sierra de Ávila
    by Antonio Blanco González & Iñaki Martín Viso

  • 2016 El retroceso del olivar en las Baleares: un itinerario a contracorriente de la evolución española (1800-1960)
    by Antònia Morey Tous & Ramón Molina de Dios

  • 2016 Reducing Dwell Time Related to Clearing and Forwarding of Export and Import Goods at Kolkata Sea and Air Ports
    by Subhra Koley & Biplab Datta & Srabanti Mukherjee

  • 2016 Achieving Efficiency in Gas Pipeline Connection: Evidence from Ghana
    by Anthony Kudjo Gborgenu & Frank B. K. Twenefour & Mathias Gyamfi

  • 2016 Of maize and men: the effect of a New World crop on population and economic growth in China
    by Shuo Chen & James Kai-sing Kung

  • 2016 Functional diversity from network response dynamics
    by Arnaud Z. Dragicevic

  • 2016 MFN Tariff Rates and Carbon Emission: Evidence from Lower-Middle-Income Countries
    by Saibal Kar & Devleena Majumdar

  • 2016 Unemployment As A Determinant Of Gold Prices: Empirical Evidence
    by Ranjini L. Thaver & Jimmie Lopez

  • 2016 New challenges for public research organisations in agricultural innovation in developing economies: Evidence from Embrapa in Brazil's soybean industry
    by Figueiredo, Paulo N.

  • 2015 Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Socio-Spatial Resilience based on Sectoral Changes in Kayseri City Region
    by Arzu Taylan & Elif Gunduz & Mehmet Akif Sag & Kubra Karkin

  • 2015 Localización geográfica del valor agregado agropecuario en Uruguay en el largo plazo (1908-2000). Cuantificación y hechos estilizados
    by Micaela Araujo & Pablo Castro & Henry Willebald

  • 2015 Famine in Ireland, 1300-1900
    by Cormac Ó Gráda

  • 2015 The role of technology and citizens' involvement in smart, inclusive and sustainable urban development
    by Bukša Tezzele, Ružica & De Amicis, Raffaele

  • 2015 Poisedness and Propagation: Organizational Emergence and the Transformation of Civic Order in 19th-Century New York City
    by Victoria Johnson & Walter W. Powell

  • 2015 Hunting Activities of Russian Pomors on Spitsbergen in the 18th Century: New Evidences in Transnational Perspective
    by Margarita M. Dadykina & Alexei V. Kraikovski & Julia A. Lajus

  • 2015 China’s population expansion and its causes during the Qing period, 1644–1911
    by Deng, Kent

  • 2015 Weather shocks and English wheat yields, 1690-1871
    by Brunt, Liam

  • 2015 In brief... Oil: the impact on women's work
    by Stephan E. Maurer & Andrei V. Potlogea

  • 2015 Oil Contracts, Progressive Taxation and Government Take in the Context of Uncertainty in Crude Oil Prices: The Case of Chad
    by Guy Dabi GAB-LEYBA & Bertrand LAPORTE

  • 2015 The Spanish modern economic growth from an environmental perspective. A state of the art
    by Iñaki Iriarte Goñi & Enric Tello Aragay

  • 2015 Agricultural cooperatives in Spain, between failure and success? (1890-2001)
    by Candido Roman-Cervantes

  • 2015 Hacienda y agricultura en España durante el siglo XIX
    by Rafael Vallejo Pousada

  • 2015 Cultural Factors for Household Recycling Behavior.A Case study from Italy
    by Massimiliano Agovino & Alessandro Crociata & Pier Luigi Sacco

  • 2015 Achieving inclusive economic growth and development in Nigeria through MSMEs
    by Ezekiel Oseni & Elizabeth Funmi Osen

  • 2015 Economics of Yams Production in Rivers State
    by Esor, Prince. B & Okidim, I. A

  • 2015 Impact of soil-water-atmosphere system in crops of peppers, cabbage and watermelons from the CriÅŸ plain
    by Eugen Traian Jude

  • 2015 The impact of irrigation system on soybean production from CriÅŸ plain
    by Domuta Cristian Gabriel

  • 2015 Impact of some technological elements on cucumber production in solars
    by Bei Mariana Florica

  • 2015 In vitro alteration of some taxoni in danger of extinction from protected areas from Bihor country (drosera rotundifolia huds.)
    by Agud Eliza Maria

  • 2015 Water use in maize crop on sloping soils from S-V region of Romania
    by Osvat Ionel Marius

  • 2015 Weather shocks and English wheat yields, 1690–1871
    by Brunt, Liam

  • 2014 Vladimir G. Wenger: Scientist and His Time
    by T. Kuznetsova.

  • 2014 Land Inequality in a Coffee Economy: São Paulo During the Early Twentieth Century
    by Renato Colistete & Maria Lucia Lamounier

  • 2014 Breeding, Feeding and Distribution of Milch Animal Holdings in India:An Analysis Based on the Data from the National Dairy Sample Survey
    by K.N, Nair & C.S, Krishnakumar

  • 2014 Open Access vs. Restricted Access with Two Variable Factors: On the Redistributive Effects of a Property Regime Change
    by Ronan Congar & Louis Hotte

  • 2014 Encouraging Private Ownership of Public Goods: Theory and Evidence from Belgium
    by Gani Aldashev & François Libois & Joaquín Morales Belpaire & Astrid Similon

  • 2014 From Saddles to Harrows: Agricultural Technology Adoption during the Russian Colonization in Kazakhstan
    by Elena Shubina & Sabine Henry

  • 2014 How the Danes Discovered Britain: The International Integration of the Danish Dairy Industry Before 1880
    by Markus Lampe & Paul Sharp

  • 2014 The Danish Agricultural Revolution in an Energy Perspective: A Case of Development with Few Domestic Energy Sources
    by Sofia Teives Henriques & Paul Sharp

  • 2014 Just Add Milk: A Productivity Analysis of the Revolutionary Changes in Nineteenth Century Danish Dairying
    by Markus Lampe & Paul Sharp

  • 2014 La critique saint-simonienne de la secte des économistes : un positionnement original
    by Michel Bellet

  • 2014 Clarifying data for reciprocal comparisons of nutritional standards of living in England and the Yangtze Delta (Jiangnan), c.1644 – c.1840
    by Deng, Kent & O'Brien, Patrick

  • 2014 Fueling the gender gap? Oil and women's labor and marriage market outcomes
    by Maurer, Stephan E. & Potlogea, Andrei

  • 2014 Open Access vs. Restricted Access with Two Variable Factors: On the Redistributive Effects of a Property Regime Change
    by Ronan Congar & Louis Hotte

  • 2014 How the Danes discovered Britain : the international integration of the Danish dairy industry before 1880
    by Sharp, Paul & Lampe, Markus

  • 2014 Just add milk: a productivity analysis of the revolutionary changes in nineteenth century Danish dairying
    by Sharp, Paul & Lampe, Markus

  • 2014 Evolución del papel de la naturaleza en el estudio económico: desde los autores preclásicos hasta la Escuela Neoclásica
    by Juan Fernando Arango Sánchez

  • 2014 Fueling the Gender Gap? Oil and Women's Labor and Marriage Market Outcomes
    by Stephan E. Maurer & Andrei V. Potlogea

  • 2014 La producción de leña en España y sus implicaciones en la transición energética. Una serie a escala provincial (1900-2000)
    by Juan Infante Amate & David Soto Fernández & Iñaki Iriarte Goñi & Eduardo Aguilera & Antonio Cid & Gloria Guzmán & Roberto García-Ruiz & Manuel González de Molina

  • 2014 El Estado y el desarrollo de la energía nuclear en España, c. 1950-1985
    by Joseba De la Torre & Mar Rubio

  • 2014 Natural Resource Taxation From The Sustainable Economic Perspective
    by BĂLĂŞESCU, Răzvan

  • 2014 Climate change and the premises for a New Society
    by Shachi Amdekar & Ajit Singh

  • 2014 Institutions, Natural Resources and Economic Growth in the Modern Age, the Case of Dogana delle Pecore in the Kingdom of Naples (XV-XVIII Centuries)
    by Alberto Guenzi & Roberto Rossi

  • 2014 Impact of Wheat Row Planting on Yield of Smallholders in Arsi Zone of Ethiopia
    by Tolesa Alemu & Bezabih Emana & Jema Haji & Belaineh Legesse

  • 2014 Oilseeds, Vegetable Oils and Protein Meals World Markets
    by Maria Cartas

  • 2013 Two World Views on Carbon Revenues
    by Burtraw, Dallas & Sekar, Samantha

  • 2013 Potatoes, Milk, and the Old World Population Boom
    by Cook, C. Justin

  • 2013 American Exceptionalism as a Problem in Global History
    by Robert Allen

  • 2013 Addressing Global Environmental Externalities: Transaction Costs Considerations
    by Gary D. Libecap

  • 2013 Spatial Dynamics of Green Corridors
    by Vincent Boulanger & Max Bruciamacchie & Sandrine Chauchard & Arnaud Dragicevic & Jean-Luc Dupouey & Anne Stenger

  • 2013 The Political Economy of Oil and the Crisis of the Arab State System
    by Daniel Atzori

  • 2013 Entrepreneurship And Urban Growth:An Empirical Assessment With Historical Mines
    by Edward L. Glaeser & Sari Pekkala Kerr & William R. Kerr

  • 2013 Population, Technology and Social Inequality: The Impact of the Dynamic Trio on Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
    by John Lekan Oyefara

  • 2013 The Relationships between Oil and Autocracy: Beyond the First Law of Petropolitics
    by Daniele Atzori

  • 2013 Globalization revisited: Market integration and the wheat trade between North America and Britain from the eighteenth century
    by Sharp, Paul & Weisdorf, Jacob

  • 2013 The ultrasocial origin of the Anthropocene
    by Gowdy, John & Krall, Lisi

  • 2012 Agricultural output, calories and living standards in England before and during the Industrial Revolution
    by Morgan Kelly & Cormac Ó Gráda

  • 2012 An Analysis of the Impacts of Climate Change on Crop Yield and Yield Variability in Ethiopia
    by Kelbore, Zerihun Getachew

  • 2012 Research and Science Today No. 4
    by Mărcău, Flavius-Cristian & Ciorei, Mihaela

  • 2012 Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Terms of The Republic of Serbia Strategic Goals Realization within The Danube Region(preservation of rural values)
    by Cvijanović, Drago & Subić, Jonel & Andrei, Jean

  • 2012 Research and Science Today No.3
    by Gheorghe, Anamaria Elena & Manole, Andrada Ligia & Andronache, Alin & Cristescu, Cătălin & Luca, Cătălin Viorel & Constantin, Pompiliu Nicolae & Rogojanu, Dumitru Cătălin & Luca, Constantin & Duţă, Andeea Emilia & Mărcău, Flavius Cristian & Ciorei, Mihaela Andreea & Marin, Ştefan Claudiu & Mihalache, Gabriela & Liţoiu (MurăriIţa), Cristina & Cigăreanu, Elena & Purcaru, Mihai & Bușe, Dan & Papuc, Valentin

  • 2012 Entrepreneurship and Urban Growth: An Empirical Assessment with Historical Mines
    by Edward L. Glaeser & Sari Pekkala Kerr & William R. Kerr

  • 2012 Climate Change, Crop Yields, and Internal Migration in the United States
    by Shuaizhang Feng & Michael Oppenheimer & Wolfram Schlenker

  • 2012 Entrepreneurship and Urban Growth: An Empirical Assessment with Historical Mines
    by Edward L. Glaeser & Sari Pekkala Kerr & William R. Kerr

  • 2012 Reformas Fiscales Ecológicas:...y ahí, cómo vamos?
    by Alberto CARDONA LÓPEZ

  • 2012 A Theoretical Study Between The Two Environmental Management Systems: Eco Management Audit Scheme –Emas - And Iso 14000
    by Cristina BARBU & Mihail NEGULESCU & Irina Catalina BARBU

  • 2012 Especialización azucarera y crisis de la ganadería en Cuba, 1790-1868
    by Reinaldo Funes

  • 2012 Los mitos en torno de la relación comercial interregional de Asia Oriental y América del Sur
    by Hamanaka, Shintaro & Tafgar, Aiken

  • 2012 La política comercial en materia de recursos naturales : qué cuestiones se plantean?
    by Ruta, Michele & Venables, Anthony

  • 2012 Entrevista a Carlos Cavalcanti (FIESP)
    by Cavalcanti, Carlos

  • 2012 Presentación
    by Integración y Comercio. Comité Editorial de la Revista

  • 2012 La Revista Completa
    by Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe, INTAL

  • 2012 Trade Policy for Natural Resources: What are the issues?
    by Ruta, Michele & Venables, Anthony

  • 2012 Trade Policy for Natural Resources: What are the issues?
    by Ruta, Michele & Venables, Anthony

  • 2012 Myth of the Interregional Trade Relationship between East Asia and South America
    by Hamanaka, Shintaro & Tafgar, Aiken

  • 2012 Interview : Carlos Cavalcanti (FIESP)
    by Cavalcanti, Carlos

  • 2012 Presentation
    by Editorial Committee

  • 2012 The Complete Issue
    by Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe, INTAL

  • 2012 Some observations on copper yields and ore grades
    by Crowson, Phillip

  • 2011 Beyond knowledge brokerage: An exploratory study of innovation intermediaries in an evolving smallholder agricultural system in Kenya
    by Kilelu, Catherine W. & Klerkx, Laurens & Leeuwis, Cees & Hall, Andy

  • 2011 Research and Science Today No.2
    by MUREŞAN, Adriana Rodica & CRISTESCU, Cătălin & RUSU, Anca-Elena & MĂRCĂU, Flavius-Cristian & CIOREI, Mihaela Andreea & CIUBOTARU, Iulian Marcel & DAMIAN, Irina & ŞERBAN, Ileana Daniela & POPA (LUPU), Diana-Gabriela & GHEORGHE, Anamaria Elena & GHERVASE, Denis – Gabriela & IOSIF, Daniel & MARIN, Ştefan - Claudiu & MARIN, Camelia & RUXANDA, Mihaela

  • 2011 Mapping the Organic Vegetable Value Chain along the East West Economic Corridor
    by Lord, Montague J. & Tangtrongjita, Pawat

  • 2011 The economic impact of climate change on food security in Malaysia
    by Chuen Khee, Pek & Yet Mee, Lim & Chee Keong, Choong

  • 2011 Replicability of nitrogen recommendations from ramped calibration strips in winter wheat
    by Roberts, David C. & Brorsen, B. Wade & Taylor, Randal K. & Solie, John B. & Raun, William R.

  • 2011 It is time to re-think on environment, energy and economics (E3)
    by Yallwe, Hagos Alem & Buscemi, Antonino

  • 2011 Decision Support Systems and the Economics of Seeding Rate in Crop Yield
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.

  • 2011 The Impact Of Climate Change On Agriculture
    by K, Sudarkodi & K, Sathyabama

  • 2011 The Cost of Railroad Regulation: The Disintegration of American Agricultural Markets in the Interwar Period
    by Giovanni Federico & Paul Sharp

  • 2011 The role of technology and institutions for growth: Danish creameries in the late nineteenth century
    by Ingrid Henriksen & Markus Lampe & Paul Sharp

  • 2011 Dynamics of Evolution in the Global Fuel-Ethanol Industry
    by Chan, J.H. & Reiner, D.

  • 2011 Eu Priorities For The Future: Environmental Challenges In The Context Of Common Agriculture Policy Towards 2020

  • 2011(XXI) The European Union strategy for the Danube – Preliminaries, mechanisms, positions, priorities and effects –
    by Emilian M. DOBRESCU & Adriana GRIGORESCU

  • 2010 Research Into Use: Investigating the Relationship between Agricultural Research and Innovation
    by Hall, Andy & Dijkman, Jeroen & Sulaiman, Rasheed

  • 2010 Bottom-up, Bottom-line: Development-Relevant Enterprises in East Africa and their Significance for Agricultural Innovation
    by Hall, Andy & Clark, Norman & Frost, Andy

  • 2010 Анализ Состояния И Перспективы Развития Нефтегазового Сектора России
    by Елисеев Д.О. & Моргунов Е.В. & Аносов А.В. & Горина С.А. & Живица В.И. & Наумова Ю.В. & Чернявский С.В. & Витохин С.В. & Чернявский В.С.

  • 2010 Теоретические Аспекты Прогнозирования Роста Конкурентоспособности Предприятий Добывающих И Обрабатывающих Отраслей Российской Промышленности
    by Большаков А.В. & Цветков В.А. & Одесс В.И. & Прокопьев М.Г. & Мусаев Э.Т. & Кулагина О.И. & Литвинов В.И. & Янкаускас К.С.

  • 2010 Условия Обеспечения Энергетической Безопасности России
    by Петраков Н.Я. & Моргунов Е.В.

  • 2010 What Can We Learn From Primary Commodity Prices Series Which Is Useful To Policymakers In Resource-Rich Countries?
    by Kaddour Hadri

  • 2010 Implications of the Economic Interactions between Northern and Southern Tribes of Sudan
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.

  • 2010 The economic and environmental factors of water in arid regions: Study of the rural water use in Northern Darfur Region, Sudan
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.

  • 2010 Un analisis de la relacion entre economía, energía y medio ambiente
    by Andrade, André luiz

  • 2010 Gestão do Conhecimento Estratégico em Instituições de Ensino Superior
    by Youssef Ahmad Youssef & Neri Dos Santos & José Baltazar Guerra

  • 2010 Efficiency Advantages of Grandfathering in Rights-Based Fisheries Management
    by Terry L. Anderson & Ragnar Arnason & Gary D. Libecap

  • 2010 Covered Farm Mortgage Bonds in the Late Nineteenth Century U.S
    by Kenneth A. Snowden

  • 2010 An Integrated Assessment of Water Markets: Australia, Chile, China, South Africa and the USA
    by R. Quentin Grafton & Clay Landry & Gary D. Libecap & Sam McGlennon & Robert O'Brien

  • 2010 Water Markets: Australia's Murray-Darling Basin and the US Southwest
    by R. Quentin Grafton & Clay Landry & Gary D. Libecap & Robert J. O'Brien

  • 2010 Did Frederick Brodie Discover the World's First Environmental Kuznets Curve? Coal Smoke and the Rise and Fall of the London Fog
    by Karen Clay & Werner Troesken

  • 2010 What'S Space Got To Do With It? Distance And Agricultural Productivity Before The Railway Age
    by George Grantham

  • 2010 The Role of Technology and Institutions for Growth: Danish Creameries in the late Nineteenth Century
    by Ingrid Henriksen & Markus Lampe & Paul Sharp

  • 2010 The Strange Birth of Liberal Denmark: Danish trade protection and the growth of the dairy industry since the mid-nineteenth century
    by Ingrid Henriksen & Markus Lampe & Paul Sharp

  • 2010 Malta and the Nineteenth Century Grain Trade: British free trade in a microcosm of Empire?
    by Paul Sharp

  • 2010 The role of technology and institutions for growth : Danish creameries in the late nineteenth century
    by Lampe, Markus & Henriksen, Ingrid & Sharp, Paul

  • 2010 Does The Economic Crisis Affect Oltenia’S Environment?
    by Cristina BARBU

  • 2010 Del castillo al mercado y al silo. La gestión de la renta cerealista de la Almoina de Barcelona en la castellanía de Sitges (1354-1366)
    by Pere Benito i Monclús

  • 2010 Environmental Efficiency Analysis of Basmati Rice Production in Punjab, Pakistan: Implications for Sustainable Agricultural Development
    by Abedullah & Shahzad Kouser & Khalid Mushtaq

  • 2010 The Relationship Between Environmental Accounting and Sustainable Development
    by Ducu Corina & Ioneci Mihaela & Enache Tasica Daniela

  • 2010 Environmental Development Problems In The Most Disadvantageous Hungarian Micro-Regions
    by Bernadett Gálosi-Kovács & Norbert Pap & Zsuzsanna M. Császár & Péter Reményi

  • 2010 Gecmisten Bugune Cevreye Sosyolojik Yaklasim
    by Nursen ADAK

  • 2009 Impact of water management on agricultural production
    by Haq, Rashida & Shafique, Saima

  • 2009 Pourquoi s'intéresser à la notion d'"Evidence -based policy" ?
    by Laurent, Catherine & Baudry, Jacques & Berrier-Solliec, Marielle & Kirsch, Marc & Perraud, Daniel & Tinel, Bruno & Trouvé, Aurélie & Allsopp, Nicky & Bonnafous, Partrick & Burel, Françoise & Carneiro, Maria Jose & Giraud, Christophe & Labarte, Pierre & Matose, Frank & Ricroch, Agnès

  • 2009 The Nature and Determinants of Volatility in Agricultural Prices
    by Balcombe, Kelvin

  • 2009 A note on the valuation of collective goods: overlooked input market free riding for non-individually incrementable goods
    by Graves, Philip E.

  • 2009 Impacts of Watershed Development Programmes: Experiences and Evidences from Tamil Nadu
    by Kuppannan, Palanisami & Devarajulu, Suresh Kumar

  • 2009 Reconstruction of Religion and Ecology Discourses
    by Hardiansyah, Suteja

  • 2009 Does India attain self sufficiency in Food production
    by SriSubramaniam, Guruswamy & Sairavi, Subramaniam

  • 2009 Achieving Sustainable Consumption for Sustainable Development: Issues and Solutions
    by K, Sudarkodi

  • 2009 Amenities and Risk in Forest Management
    by Brunette, Marielle & Couture, Stéphane & Langlais, Eric

  • 2009 Climate Variability and Water Infrastructure: Historical Experience in the Western United States
    by Zeynep K. Hansen & Gary D. Libecap & Scott E. Lowe

  • 2009 The Potato's Contribution to Population and Urbanization: Evidence from an Historical Experiment
    by Nathan Nunn & Nancy Qian

  • 2009 Three Epochs of Oil
    by Eyal Dvir & Kenneth S. Rogoff

  • 2009 The Potato's Contribution to Population and Urbanization: Evidence from an Historical Experiment
    by Nunn, Nathan & Qian, Nancy

  • 2009 The Three Epochs of Oil
    by Eyal Dvir & Ken Rogoff

  • 2009 La agricultura en Israel y Palestina, 1882-2000. Creando hechos sobre el terreno
    by Leah Temper

  • 2009 Una explotación trashumante en la Castilla moderna: la cabaña del Río de Soria
    by Máximo Diago-Hernando

  • 2009 The Dualistic Model of European Agriculture - a Theoretical Framework for the Endogenous Development
    by Antonio SORTINO & Margherita CHANG TING FA

  • 2008 Determinants of Work Animal Density in Tamil Nadu: An Econometric Analysis
    by Dhas, Albert Christopher

  • 2008 Was the Barrier to Labor Mobility an Important Factor for the Prewar Japanese Stagnation?
    by Aoki, Shuhei

  • 2008 Costs Benefit Analysis of Different Rice Varieties in District Swat
    by Hussain, Anwar Hussain & Khattak, Naeem Ur Rehman Khattak & Khan, Abdul Qayyum Khan

  • 2008 A stakeholder approach to investigating public perception and attitudes towards agricultural biotechnology in Ghana
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Quaye, Wilhemina & Williams, Irene E. & Yawson, Ivy

  • 2008 Policy options of agricultural biotechnology R&D in Sub-Saharan Africa: key issues and aspects
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Yawson, Ivy

  • 2008 Optimal public goods provision: implications of endogenizing the labor/leisure choice
    by Flores, Nicholas E. & Graves, Philip E.

  • 2008 An economic inquiry into collective action and household behaviour in watershed management
    by Devarajulu, Suresh Kumar

  • 2008 Business Plan: Paper Recycling Plant
    by Ali, Muhammad & Askari, Sana & Salman, Muhammad & Askari, Sheba

  • 2008 Rohstoffbasierte Staatsfonds: Theorie und Empirie
    by Clemens, Marius & Fuhrmann, Wilfried

  • 2008 Seeking Sustainability: COSA preliminary analysis of sustainability initiatives in the coffee sector
    by Giovannucci, Daniele & Potts, Jason & Killian, B. & Wunderlich, C. & Schuller, S. & Soto, G. & Schroeder, K. & Vagneron, I. & Pinard, F.

  • 2008 What accounts for growth in African agriculture
    by Nkamleu, Guy Blaise & Sylla, Kalilou & Zonon, Abdoulaye

  • 2008 The Neolithic Revolution from a price-theoretic perspective
    by Guzmán, Ricardo Andrés

  • 2008 Biological Innovation and Productivity Growth in the Antebellum Cotton Economy
    by Alan L. Olmstead & Paul W. Rhode

  • 2008 The Shrimp Export Boom and Small-Scale Fishermen in Myanmar
    by Okamoto, Ikuko

  • 2008 More Food, But Not Yet Enough: 20th Century Successes in Agriculture Growth and 21st Century Challenges
    by Patrick Webb

  • 2007 Valuing Animal Genetic Resources: A Choice Modeling Application to Indigenous Cattle in Kenya
    by Eric Ruto & Guy Garrod & Riccardo Scarpa

  • 2007 Valuing Animal Genetic Resources: A Choice Modeling Application to Indigenous Cattle in Kenya
    by Eric Ruto & Guy Garrod & Riccardo Scarpa

  • 2007 The transitions discourse in the ecological modernisation of the Netherlands
    by Adrian Smith & Florian Kern

  • 2007 Carbon Tax and Investment in Low-Carbon Technology in a Model of Co-ordination Failure
    by Geethanjali Selvaretnam & Kannika Thampanishvong

  • 2007 ‘Separating the Roots of the Chrysanthemum’: Nishihara Kamezō and the Abortive China Loans, 1917-18
    by Schiltz, Michael

  • 2007 La Promoción Industrial Durante El Gobierno Justicialista De 1973 – 1976
    by Marongiu, Federico

  • 2007 Dairy cattle management: survey on dairy cattle lactation trend in Sabah
    by Boniface, Bonaventure & Silip, Jupikely James & Ahmad, Abdul Hamid

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