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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N5: Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Extractive Industries
/ / / N57: Africa; Oceania
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Genuine Savings as a Test of New Zealand Weak Sustainability
    by Mubashir Qasim & Les Oxley & Eoin McLaughlin

  • 2017 The Land-Labour Hypothesis Revised: Wealth, Labour And Household Composition At The South African Frontier
    by Cilliers, Jeanne & Green, Erik

  • 2017 Institutions et ordre politique dans le modèle économique algérien
    by Rachid Mira

  • 2017 La valorisation des produits de terroir en Algérie : démarches en cours, contraintes institutionnelles et perspectives
    by Cheriet, F.

  • 2017 Agricultural market activity and Boko Haram attacks in northeastern Nigeria
    by Jamon Van Den Hoek

  • 2017 Evolution of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Linking
    by Catherine Leining & Judd Ormsby & Suzi Kerr

  • 2017 Boosting the Fertilizer Production in Kenya: a CGE analysis
    by Pierre Boulanger & Hasan Dudu & Emanuele Ferrari & Mainar Causape Alfredo & Ilaria Proietti

  • 2017 Contract Farming, Farm Mechanization, and Agricultural intensification: The Case of Rice Farming in Cote d’Ivoire
    by MANO, Yukichi Y. & TAKAHASHI, Kazushi & OTSUKA, Keijiro

  • 2017 Resource endowments and agricultural commercialization in colonial Africa: Did labour seasonality and food security drive Uganda’s cotton revolution?
    by Michiel de Haas & Kostadis J. Papaioannou

  • 2017 From Land Grants to Loan Farms: Property Rights and the Extent of Settlement in Dutch South Africa, 1652-1750
    by Alan Dye & Sumner La Croix

  • 2017 The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in sub-Saharan Africa: What Role for Governance?
    by Cols, Gilles & Rodr�guez-Pose, Andr�s

  • 2017 Rainfall Patterns and Human Settlement in Tropical Africa and Asia Compared. Did African Farmers Face Greater Insecurity?
    by Frankema, Ewout & Papaioannou, Kostadis

  • 2017 Poverty, disasters and remittances: do remittances and past disasters influence households’ resilience?
    by Tebkieta Alexandra TAPSOBA

  • 2017 Food Price Shocks and Government Expenditure Composition: Evidence from African Countries
    by Carine MEYIMDJUI

  • 2017 Discounted Agricultural Growth in South Africa
    by Miesha J. Williams

  • 2017 Factors affecting the services sector growth in Pakistan: A time varying parametric approach
    by Ambreen ZEB & Khadim HUSSAIN & Usman AHMAD & Muhammad AJMAIR

  • 2017 Climate Change and The Dwindling Commodity Prices in Africa: Are There New Options For Economic Re-Engineering
    by Isaac B. Oluwatayo

  • 2017 The Impact of Deposit Money Bank’s Agricultural Credit on Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria: Evidence from an Error Correction Model
    by Jonathan E. Ogbuabor & Cynthia A. Nwosu

  • 2016 Historical patterns of economic growth in Africa: A review
    by Jerven , Morten

  • 2016 Capitalism in pre-colonial Africa
    by Jerven , Morten

  • 2016 A Drought-Induced African Slave Trade?
    by Boxell, Levi

  • 2016 West African Food Systems and Changing Consumer Demands
    by John Staatz & Frank Hollinger

  • 2016 The youth unemployment challenge in Africa: What are the drivers?
    by William Baah-Boateng

  • 2016 Explaining the performance of contract farming in Ghana: The role of self-efficacy and social capital
    by Wuepper, David & Sauer, Johannes

  • 2016 Analyzing the efficiency performance of major Australian mining companies using bootstrap data envelopment analysis
    by Hosseinzadeh, Ahmad & Smyth, Russell & Valadkhani, Abbas & Le, Viet

  • 2015 Is Africa Too Late For ‘Late Development’? Gerschenkron South Of The Sahara
    by Austin , Gareth

  • 2015 Colonial Origins Of The Threefold Reality Of Mocambique: Fiscal Capacity And Labour Systems
    by Alexopoulou, Kleoniki & Juif , Dacil

  • 2015 Financing The African Colonial State: The Revenue Imperative And Forced Labour
    by van Waijenburg, Marlous

  • 2015 Social Structures and Income Distribution in Colonial sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Bechuanaland Protectorate 1936-1964
    by Bolt, Jutta & Hillbom, Ellen

  • 2015 Technological change and productivity growth in the agrarian systems of New Zealand and Uruguay (1870-2010)
    by Jorge Álvarez

  • 2015 An Integrated Investment Appraisal of Cassava Starch Production in Rwanda: The Case of Kinazi Cassava Plant
    by Alice Nsenkyire & Glenn P. Jenkins & Mikhail Miklyaev & Octave Semwaga

  • 2015 Economic Implications of Historically Evolved Self-Efficacy: Agent-Based Modeling and Empirical Evidence from Rural Ghana
    by Wuepper, David & Drosten, Barbara

  • 2015 Do Agricultural Extension Programmes Reduce Poverty and Vulnerability? Farm Size, Agricultural Productivity and Poverty in Uganda
    by Katsushi S. Imai & Md. Faruq Hasan & Eleonora Porreca

  • 2015 Do the land-poor gain from agricultural investments? Empirical evidence from Zambia using panel data
    by Ahlerup, Pelle & Tengstam, Sven

  • 2015 Side Effects of Immunities: the African Slave Trade
    by Esposito, Elena

  • 2015 On the Relationship between Gross Output-based TFP Growth and Value Added-based TFP Growth: An Illustration Using Data from Australian Industries
    by Matthew Calver

  • 2015 Comparing Agricultural Total Factor Productivity between Australia, Canada, and the United States, 1961-2006
    by Yu Sheng & Eldon Ball & Katerina Nossal

  • 2015 Editor’s Overview
    by Andrew Sharpe

  • 2015 Distributive patterns in settler economies: agricultural income inequality during the First Globalization (1870-1913)
    by Henry Willebald

  • 2015 The Effect of the TseTse Fly on African Development
    by Marcella Alsan

  • 2014 Dutch Disease Effect of Oil Rents on Agriculture Value Added in MENA Countries
    by Nicholas Apergis & Ghassen El Montasser & Emmanuel Owusu-Sekyere & Ahdi N. Ajmi & Rangan Gupta

  • 2014 MEASURING RURAL WELFARE IN COLONIAL UGANDA: Why farmers would not work for wages
    by de Haas, Michiel

  • 2014 Climate Shocks And Conflict: Evidence From Colonial Nigeria
    by Papaioannou, Kostados J.

  • 2014 A Responsabilidade Social das Empresas no Contexto da Agricultura Familiar. Um Estudo de Caso: As Plantações de Cacau na Costa do Marfim
    by Joana Macedo Fernandes

  • 2014 Cortiça em Marrocos. A excursão florestal de Octavio Elorriera em 1933
    by Ignacio García Pereda

  • 2014 Was the wage burden too heavy? Profitability and wage shares of settler agriculture in colonial Malawi, c 1900-1960
    by Bolt, Jutta & Green, Erik

  • 2014 African economic growth in a European mirror: a historical perspective
    by Broadberry, Stephen & Gardner, Leigh

  • 2014 Colonial Origins of the Informal Economy on the Gazelle Peninsula
    by John D. Conroy

  • 2014 The impact of water and sanitation access on housing values: The case of Dapaong, Togo
    by Eric Nazindigouba KERE & Johanna CHOUMERT & Amandine Loyal LARÉ-DONDARINI

  • 2014 Transparency in Resource Governance: The Pitfalls and Potential of “New Oil” in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by James Van Alstine

  • 2014 Transitional Forces in a Resource Based Economy: Phases of Economic and Institutional Development in Hawaii
    by Brooks A. Kaiser & James A. Roumasset

  • 2014 Dutch disease effect of oil rents on agriculture value added in Middle East and North African (MENA) countries
    by Apergis, Nicholas & El-Montasser, Ghassen & Sekyere, Emmanuel & Ajmi, Ahdi N. & Gupta, Rangan

  • 2013 The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the Evolution of Political Authority in West Africa
    by Whatley , Warren C.

  • 2013 Writing History Backwards or Sideways: Towards a Consensus on African Population, 1850-present
    by Frankema, Ewout & Jerven , Morten

  • 2013 The economics of slavery in 18th century Cape Colony: Revising the Nieboer-Domar hypothesis
    by Green, Erik

    by Austin, Gareth

  • 2013 Distributive patterns in settler economies: agrarian income inequality during the first globalization (1870-1913)
    by Henry Willebald

  • 2013 Wartime Violence and Post-Conflict Development Policy: The Case of Agricultural Concessions in Mozambique
    by McDougal, Topher & Caruso, Raul

  • 2013 Climate, ecosystem resilience and the slave trade
    by Fenske, James & Kala, Namrata

  • 2013 Coercion, Conflict, and Commodities
    by Jacobus Cilliers

  • 2013 Involutionary Growth in a Labour-Scarce Economy. A dialectic interpretation of the boom and bust of cocoa production in Ghana, c. 1890-1970
    by Green, Erik

  • 2013 Biofuel Development and Large-Scale Land Deals in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Giorgia Giovannetti & Elisa Ticci

  • 2013 Climate, ecosystem resilience and the slave trade
    by Fenske, James & Kala, Namrata

  • 2013 Young People, Agriculture, and Transformation in Rural Africa: An “Opportunity Space” Approach
    by James Sumberg & Christine Okali

  • 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility, A Recovery Scheme In Peripheries: The Petronas And Cnpc Enterprises In Sudan

  • 2013 Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Land-Energy Nexus
    by Giorgia Giovannetti & Elisa Ticci

  • 2013 “Rubber will not keep in this country”: Failed development in Benin, 1897–1921
    by Fenske, James

  • 2013 Economywide impacts of climate change on agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Calzadilla, Alvaro & Zhu, Tingju & Rehdanz, Katrin & Tol, Richard S.J. & Ringler, Claudia

  • 2012 Slavery, Statehood and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Bezemer, Dirk & Bolt, Jutta & Lenzink, Robert

  • 2012 Future challenges in measuring Africa’s past: Lessons from estimating GDP for the Gold Coast, 1891-1954
    by Jerven , Morten

  • 2012 Land Concentration, Institutional Control and African agency: Growth and Stagnation of European Tobacco Farming in Shire Highlands, c 1900 – 1940
    by Green, Erik

  • 2012 Moving Forward in African Economic History: Bridging the Gap Between Methods and Sources
    by Jerven , Morten & Austin , Gareth & Green, Erik & Uche , Chibuike & Frankema , Ewout & Fourie , Johan & Inikori , Joseph & Moradi , Alexander & Hillbom , Ellen

  • 2012 Food Production and Consumption Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prospects for the Transformation of the Agricultural Sector
    by Nicolas Depetris Chauvin & Francis Mulangu & Guido Porto

  • 2012 An Analysis of the Impacts of Climate Change on Crop Yield and Yield Variability in Ethiopia
    by Kelbore, Zerihun Getachew

  • 2012 African polygamy: Past and present
    by Fenske, James

  • 2012 Climate, ecosystem resilience and the slave trade
    by Fenske, James & Kala, Namrata

  • 2012 Should we design extended or straightforward questions for small stock when records are unavailable?
    by Mailu, S.K. & Wanyoike, M.M & Serem, J.K. & Mwanza, R.N. & Borter, D.K & Gachuiri, C.K. & Gathumbi, P.K. & Kiarie, N. & Lwoyero, J.

  • 2012 Imachi Nkwu: Trade and the commons
    by Fenske, James

  • 2012 Mineral Resources and Conflicts in DRC: A Case of Ecological Fallacy
    by Giacomo De Luca & Jean-François Maystadt & Petros G. Sekeris & John Ulimwengu

  • 2012 Impacts of Agricultural Extension on Crop Productivity, Poverty and Vulnerability: Evidence from Uganda
    by Md. Faruq Hasan & Katsushi S. Imai & Takahiro Sato

  • 2012 Farming strategy of African smallholder farmers in transition from traditional to alternative agriculture : the case of the Nupe in central Nigeria
    by Abe, Shin & Takahashi, Ryo & Haruna, Akiko & Yamaji, Eiji & Wakatsuki, Toshiyuki

  • 2012 Land Concentration, Institutional Control and African Agency: Growth and stagnation of European tobacco farming in Shire Highlands, c 1900 – 1940
    by Green, Erik

  • 2012 Moving Forward in African Economic History. Bridging the Gap Between Methods and Sources
    by Jerven, Morten & Austin, Gareth & Green, Erik & Uche, Chibuike & Frankema, Ewout & Fourie, Johan & Inikori, Joseph & Moradi, Alexander & Hillbom, Ellen

  • 2012 Renewable Technologies and Risk Mitigation in Small Island Developing States (SIDS): Fiji’s Electricity Sector
    by Matthew Dornan & Frank Jotzo

  • 2012 A Guide to Subsistence Affluence
    by John D. Conroy

  • 2012 Fertilizer by Phone: Esoko Enhances African Farmers' Livelihoods through Innovations in Data Access (Innovations Case Narrative: Esoko)
    by Mark Davies

  • 2011 Putting agricultural research into use: Lessons from contested visions of innovation
    by Hall, Andy

  • 2011 Dynamics of biosciences regulation and opportunities for biosciences innovation in Africa: Exploring regulatory policy brokering
    by Kingiri, Ann & Hall, Andy

  • 2011 Beyond knowledge brokerage: An exploratory study of innovation intermediaries in an evolving smallholder agricultural system in Kenya
    by Kilelu, Catherine W. & Klerkx, Laurens & Leeuwis, Cees & Hall, Andy

  • 2011 The Resource Curse - A Natural Experiment
    by Zenthöfer, A.F.

  • 2011 Slaves as capital investment in the Dutch Cape Colony, 1652-1795
    by Johan Fourie

  • 2011 The Mining Industry: From Bust to Boom
    by Ellis Connolly & David Orsmond

  • 2011 Exploring the potential of non-timber forest products: the case of Ethiopian honey export to Denmark
    by Aravindakshan, Sreejith & Janka Negawo, Worku & Humayun Kabir, Mir & Galib, Md. Waliul

  • 2011 Внешнеэкономические Связи Австралии
    by Kümpel, Arndt

  • 2011 On Australia’s foreign economic relations
    by Kümpel, Arndt

  • 2011 Tanzania’s Mining Sector and Its Implications for the Country’s Development
    by Petro S Magai & Alejandro Márquez-Velázquez

  • 2011 Does franchise extension reduce short-run economic growth? Evidence from New South Wales, 1862-1882
    by Edwyna Harris

  • 2011 Rain, temperature and agricultural production: The impact of climate change in Sub-Sahara Africa, 1961-2009
    by Andreas Exenberger & Andreas Pondorfer &

  • 2011 Network Effects and Land Redistribution: A Natural Experiment in Zimbabwe
    by Tara McIndoe-Calder

  • 2011 Nudging Boserup? The impact of fertilizer subsidies on investment in soil and water conservation
    by Vondolia, Godwin K.

  • 2011 Bioeconomic model of spatial fishery management in developing countries
    by Akpalu, Wisdom & Vondolia, Godwin K.

  • 2011 Particular Aspects of Littoral of Senegal in a New Climatic Perspectives
    by Cheikhou Oumar NDIAYE & Alioune KANE & Violeta PUSCASU & Adrien COLY

  • 2010 Bottom-up, Bottom-line: Development-Relevant Enterprises in East Africa and their Significance for Agricultural Innovation
    by Hall, Andy & Clark, Norman & Frost, Andy

  • 2010 From commoditisation to de-commoditisation... and back again. Discussing the role of sustainability standards for agricultural products
    by Daviron, B. & Vagneron, I.

  • 2010 Why do cooperatives fail? Big versus small in Ghanaian Cocoa Producers' Societies, 1930-36
    by Chiara Cazzuffi & Alexander Moradi

  • 2010 Implications of the Economic Interactions between Northern and Southern Tribes of Sudan
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.

  • 2010 Assessment of the Role of Agriculture in Sudan Economy
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.

  • 2010 Ecology, trade and states in pre-colonial Africa
    by Fenske, James

  • 2010 Trees, tenure and conflict: Rubber in colonial Benin
    by Fenske, James

  • 2010 Economic Development in Pre-Independence Botswana, 1820-1966: Historical Trends, Contributing and Countervailing Factors
    by Hlavac, Marek

  • 2010 "Rubber will not keep in this country": Failed development in Benin, 1897-1921
    by Fenske, James

  • 2010 Does land abundance explain African institutions?
    by Fenske, James

  • 2010 Institutions in African history and development: A review essay
    by Fenske, James

  • 2010 Institutional Arrangements for the Community Engagement in the Natural Resources Management: Case Study of the Lake Eyre Basin
    by Silva Larson & Lynn Brake

  • 2010 Why Do Cooperatives Fail? Big versus Small in Ghanaian Cocoa Producers’ Societies, 1930-36
    by Chiara Cazzuffi & Alexander Moradi

  • 2010 Changing contributions of different agricultural policy instruments to global reductions in trade and welfare
    by Anderson, Kym & Croser, Johanna L.

  • 2010 Agricultural Distortions in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trade and Welfare Indicators, 1961 to 2004
    by Anderson, Kym & Croser, Johanna L.

  • 2010 Agricultural Distortions in Sub-Saharan Africa: Trade and Welfare Indicators, 1961 to 2004
    by Johanna Croser & Kym Anderson

  • 2010 Changing Ccontributions of Different Agricultural Policy Instruments to Global Reductions in Trade and Welfare
    by Johanna Croser & Kym Anderson

  • 2010 Managing manna from below: sovereign wealth funds and extractive industries in the Pacific
    by Martin Gould

  • 2009 A Revenue Contingent Loan Instrument for Agricultural Credit with Particular Reference to Drought Relief
    by Bruce Chapman & Linda Courtenay Botterill

  • 2009 What Do Complex Adaptive Systems Look Like and What Are the Implications for Innovation Policy?
    by Hall, Andy & Clark, Norman

  • 2009 Are International Market Demands Compatible with Serving Domestic Social Needs? Challenges in Strengthening Innovation Capacity in Kenya's Horticulture Industry
    by Steglich, Mirjam & Keskin, Ekin & Hall, Andy & Dijkman, Jeroen

  • 2009 Commodity Reform and Extensive Production Growth: Evidence from Burkinabè Cotton Farmers
    by Kaminski, Jonathan & Thomas, Alban

  • 2009 Solar PV rural electrification and energy-poverty: A review and conceptual framework with reference to Ghana
    by Obeng, George Yaw & Evers, Hans-Dieter

  • 2009 Small farmers' access to high-value markets: what can we learn from the Malawi pigeopea value chain?
    by Makoka, Donald

  • 2009 Does Land Abundance Explain African Institutions?
    by James Fenske

  • 2009 Does Land Abundance Explain African Institutions?
    by Fenske, James

  • 2009 Does Gender Influence Forest Management? Exploring Cases from East Africa and Latin America
    by Esther Mwangi & Ruth Meinzen-Dick & Yan Sun

  • 2009 Income Contingent Loans for Drought Relief: Delivering better outcomes for farmers and taxpayers
    by Linda C. Botterill & Bruce Chapman

  • 2009 Transboundary Water Cooperation In Africa: The Case Of The Nile Basin Initiative (Nbi)
    by Wondwosen TESHOME

  • 2009 Food versus Cash. Development Theory and Reality in Northern Côte d’Ivoire
    by Matty Demont & Johan Stessens

  • 2008 Private Capacity and Public Failure: Contours of Livestock Innovation Response Capacity in Kenya
    by Keskin, Ekin & Steglich, Mirjam & Dijkman, Jeroen & Hall, Andy

  • 2008 Management and the Free Standing Company – The New Zealand and Australia Land Company c. 1866 – 1900
    by Tennent, Kevin D.

  • 2008 Policy options of agricultural biotechnology R&D in Sub-Saharan Africa: key issues and aspects
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Yawson, Ivy

  • 2008 The Persistence Of Correlative Water Rights In Colonial Australia: A Theoretical Contradiction?
    by Edwyna Harris

  • 2008 The Dematerialization Potential of the Australian Economy
    by Heinz Schandl & Graham M Turner

  • 2008 Australia’s Resource Use Trajectories
    by Heinz Schandl & Franzi Poldy & Graham M Turner & Thomas G Measham & Daniel Walker & Nina Eisenmenger

  • 2008 The resources boom and the two-speed economy
    by Phil Garton

  • 2007 Sectoral Performance In The African Economy – Some Issues And Trends
    by Rena, Ravinder

  • 2006 Metafrontier Analysis of Technology Gap and Productivity Difference in African Agriculture
    by Nkamleu, Guy Blaise & Nyemeck, Joachim & Sanogo, Diakalia

  • 2006 Can Market Access Help African Agriculture?
    by Ben Hammouda, Hakim & Karingi, Stephen & Oulmane, Nassim & Lang, Rémi & Sadni Jallab, Mustapha

  • 2006 Income Is Development: KickStart's Pumps Help Kenyan Farmers Transition to a Cash Economy
    by Martin Fisher

  • 2006 Expanding Possibilities at the Base of the Pyramid (Innovations Case Discussion: KickStart)
    by Erik Simanis & Stuart Hart

  • 2006 From Idea to Impact: Funding Invention for Sustainability (Innovations Case Discussion: KickStart)
    by Julia Novy-Hildesley

  • 2005 Context Matters – Rethinking the Resource Curse in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Matthias Basedau

  • 2005 Major Flaws in Conflict Prevention Policies towards Africa. The Conceptual Deficits of International Actors’ Approaches and How to Overcome Them
    by Andreas Mehler & Hans-Christian Mahnke

  • 2005 Context Matters – Rethinking the Resource Curse in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Matthias Basedau

  • 2004 Trade Liberalisation, Efficiency and South Africa's Sugar Industry
    by Scott McDonald & Cecilia Punt

  • 2004 Côte d'Ivoire : clientélisme, ajustement et conflit
    by Bernard Conte

  • 2004 Conflicts, Rural Development and Food Security in West Africa
    by Margarita Flores

  • 2004 Poverty Trap in a Tributary Mode of Production: The Peasant Economy of Ethiopia
    by Berhanu Abegaz

  • 2004 Framing the Fundamental Issues of Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Akin L. Mabogunje

  • 2004 Sustainable Development in Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria: The Role of Social Capital, Participation, and Science and Technology
    by Akin L. Mabogunje & Robert W. Kates

  • 2003 A economia e as concepções econômicas no Egito faraônico: síntese de alguns debates
    by Ciro Flamarion Cardoso

  • 2003 Using a highly disaggregated multi-regional single-country model to analyse the impacts of the 2002-03 drought on Australia
    by Mark Horridge & John Madden & Glyn Wittwer

  • 2002 The Relocation of the Market for Australian Wool, 1880-1939
    by Ville, Simon

  • 2002 Using Mandated Speed Limits to Measure the Value of a Statistical Life
    by Orley Ashenfelter & Michael Greenstone

  • 2002 The Effect of Subsistence on Collapse and Institutional Adaptation in Population-resource Societies
    by John C. V. Pezzey & John M. Anderies

  • 2000 An Analysis of the Implementation and Stability of Nigerian Agricultural Policies, 1970-1993
    by Garba, P.K.

  • 2000 African Land Ecology: Opportunities and Constraints for Agricultural Development
    by R. L. Voortman & B. G. J. S. Sonneveld & M. A. Keyzer

  • 2000 African Land Ecology: Opportunities and Constraints for Agricultural Development
    by R.I. Voortman & B G I S Sonneveld & M A Keyzer

  • 1999 Agriculture Incentives in Sub-Saharan Africa. Policy Challanges
    by Townsend, R.F.

  • 1997 'Riding on the Sheep's Back': Examining Australia's Dependence on Wool Exports
    by Cashin, P. & McDermott, C. J.

  • 1996 "Lead Bonus Happy": Profit-Sharing and Productivity in the Broken Hill Mining Industry, 1925-83
    by Shields, J.

  • 1989 What can we learn from univariate time series models? The case of sugar production in Mauritius 1879-1987
    by Lallmahomed, Naguib & Taubert, Peter

  • 1983 Agrarpolitik Marokkos (1956-1980)-Analyse aus entwicklungspolitischer Sicht
    by Harabi, Najib

  • Economy-wide Impacts of Climate on Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Alvaro Calzadilla & Tingju Zhu & Katrin Rehdanz & Richard S.J. Tol & Claudia Ringler

  • Nudging Boserup? The Impact of Fertilizer Subsidies on Investment in Soil and Water Conservation
    by Vondolia, Godwin Kofi & Eggert, Håkan & Stage, Jesper

  • The Dark Side of Globalization. The Vicious Cycle of Exploitation from World Market Integration: Lesson from the Congo
    by Andreas Exenberger & Simon Hartmann

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