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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N5: Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Extractive Industries
/ / / N54: Europe: 1913-
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Capacidad del estado, democracia y política en la Segunda República (1931-1936) : el fracaso de la reforma agraria en España
    by Simpson, James & Carmona, Juan

  • 2017 Labor Misallocation and Mass Mobilization: Russian Agriculture during the Great War
    by Paul Castaneda Dower & Andrei Markevich

  • 2017 Economic Crises and the Eligibility for the Lender of Last Resort: Evidence from 19th century France
    by V. Bignon & C. Jobst

  • 2017 The fruit of inequality: wine, efficiency, agrarian contracts and property rights in Catalonia (1898-1935)
    by Samuel Garrido

  • 2016 Long-Run Consequences of Labor Coercion: Evidence from Russian Serfdom
    by Johannes C. Buggle & Steven Nafziger

  • 2016 La lucha de los "rabassaires": análisis de largo plazo de un movimiento social y político
    by Josep Colomé & Jordi Planas & Raimon Soler-Becerro

  • 2016 The Spanish path of agrarian change, 1950-2005: From authoritarian to export-oriented productivism
    by Ernesto Clar & Miguel Martín-Retortillo & Vicente Pinilla

  • 2016 El bienestar biológico de los españoles durante la Restauración: un análisis provincial
    by José Miguel Martínez-Carrión

  • 2016 The History of European Infrastructure Finance: An Analytical Framework
    by Youssef CASSIS & Giuseppe DE LUCA & Massimo FLORIO

  • 2016 A look back on a unique experiment in interventionism in market economies: the European Common Agricultural Policy (1955 – 2015)
    by Pierre DELFAUD

  • 2016 The Genuine Saving Indicator: Estimates at the Subnational Level in Italy
    by Paola Biasi & Benedetto Rocchi

  • 2016 Agriculture and Economic Development on the European Frontier : Portugal, 1000-2000
    by Lains, Pedro

  • 2016 Height and infant mortality during the civil war and the autarchy: The Valencian Community (Spain)
    by Javier Puche & Antonio D. Cámara & José M. Martínez Carrion

  • 2016 Ideology, Class and Factional Struggles in the Mid and Late 1920s in Soviet Russia – Nikolai Kondratiev’s Tragic Fate
    by Georgi Naidenov

  • 2016 Aspects of Bulgarian Åconomic Policy and Development During and After the First World War (1914-1929)
    by Rumen Andreev

  • 2015 The Political Fallout of Chernobyl: Evidence from West-German Elections
    by Koenig, Christoph

  • 2015 Competition between organisational forms in Danish and Irish dairying around the turn of the twentieth century
    by Eoin McLaughlin & Paul Sharp

  • 2015 Capitalising on the Irish Land Question:Land Reform and State Banking in Ireland, 1891-1938
    by Nathan Foley-Fisher & Eoin McLaughlin

  • 2015 Too many workers or not enough land? Why land reform fails in Spain during the 1930s
    by James Simpson & Juan Carmona

  • 2015 Embodied energy in agricultural inputs. Incorporating a historical perspective
    by Eduardo Aguilera & Gloria I. Guzmán & Juan Infante-Amate & David Soto & Roberto García-Ruiz & Antonio Herrera & Inmaculada Villa & Eva Torremocha & Guiomar Carranza & Manuel González de Molina

  • 2015 Del manejo multifuncional del territorio a la desarticulación productiva: cambios en los flujos de biomasa durante el proceso de industrialización de la agricultura gallega (1960-2012)
    by David Soto Fernández

  • 2015 Agricultura y desarrollo económico en España, 1870-2000
    by Ernesto Clar & Miguel Martín-Retortillo & Vicente Pinilla

  • 2015 Spanish Land Reform in the 1930s: Economic Necessity or Political Opportunism?
    by Juan Carmona & Joan R. Rosés & James Simpson

  • 2015 Did closures do any good? Labour productivity, mine dynamics, and rationalization in interwar Ruhr coal-mining
    by Tobias A. Jopp

  • 2015 Was Gerschenkron right? Bulgarian agricultural growth during the Interwar period in light of modern development economics
    by Michael Kopsidis & Martin Ivanov

  • 2015 No blessing, no curse? On the bene fits of being a resource-rich southern region of Italy
    by Roberto Iacono

  • 2015 Spanish land reform in the 1930s: economic necessity or political opportunism?
    by Joan R. Roses

  • 2015 ¿Campesinos unidos o divididos? La acción colectiva y la revolución social entre los yunteros durante la Segunda República en España (1931-1936)
    by Simpson, James & Carmona, Juan

  • 2015 Producer cooperatives and regulation in Europe's wine industry, 1880-1980
    by Simpson, James & Fernández, Eva

  • 2015 Learning that milk comes from a cow: supply management and the character of neoliberalism in Spain’s dairy chain
    by Fernando Collantes

  • 2015 State intervention in wine markets and collective action in France and Spain during the early twentieth century
    by Jordi Planas

  • 2015 Limitations of the set of public health indicators monitored in the context of sustainable development (Ograniczenia wskaznikow zdrowia publicznego monitorowanych w kontekscie zrownowazonego rozwoju )
    by Mariola Zalewska

  • 2015 Los cambios en el mercado mundial de los aceites vegetales y las transformaciones en el olivar y en los aceites de oliva españoles, 1940-2009
    by Juan Francisco Zambrana Pineda

  • 2015 La cobertura social de los trabajadores en el campo español durante la dictadura franquista
    by Margarita Vilar Rodríguez & Jerònia Pons Pons

  • 2015 Apropiación y explotación del corcho en Valdelosa (Salamanca), 1835-1975
    by Juan Carlos Guerra Velasco

  • 2015 El comercio agroalimentario español en la segunda globalización, 1951-2011
    by Ernesto Clar & Raúl Serrano & Vicente Pinilla

  • 2015 Historical Aspects, Traditions and Statistical Gaps. The German Economy versus the Romanian Economy
    by Silviu PETRE & Gheorghe SAVOIU

  • 2015 Law and self-regulation – Substitutes or complements in gaining social acceptance?
    by Nysten-Haarala, Soili & Klyuchnikova, Elena & Helenius, Heidi

  • 2015 On the causes of economic growth in Europe: why did agricultural labour productivity not converge between 1950 and 2005?
    by Miguel Martin-Retortillo & Vicente Pinilla

  • 2015 Commons and the standard of living debate in Spain, 1860–1930
    by Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia

  • 2014 Irish land bonds: 1891-1938
    by Foley-Fisher, Nathan & McLaughlin, Eoin

  • 2014 Promised Lands :inner colonisation in 20th century Mediterranean history: Scientific report
    by Axel Fisher

  • 2014 The water footprint of the spanish agricultural sector: 1860-2010
    by Rosa Duarte & Vicente Pinilla & Ana Serrano

  • 2014 La gran transformación del sector agroalimentario español. Un análisis desde la perspectiva energética (1960-2010)
    by Juan Infante Amate & Eduardo Aguilera & Manuel González de Molina

  • 2014 Campesinos, Estado y mercado. La conflictividad forestal en el Noroeste de España, León (1870­ ‐1936)
    by José Serrano Álvarez

  • 2014 Integrating Agricultural Risks Management Strategies in selected EU Partner Countries: Syria, Tunisia, Turkey
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Capitanio, Fabian & Adinolfi, Felice

  • 2014 No blessing, no curse? On the benefits of being a resource-rich southern region of Italy
    by Roberto Iacono

  • 2014 Water scarcity and agricultural growth in Spain: from curse to blessing?
    by Ignacio Cazcarro & Rosa Duarte & Miguel Martín-Retortillo & Vicente Pinilla & Ana Serrano

  • 2014 El comercio agroalimentario español en la segunda globalización, 1951-2011
    by Ernesto Clar & Vicente Pinilla & Raúl Serrano

  • 2014 Las exportaciones españolas de vino, 1986-2012: dinámicas gravitacionales
    by Juan Sebastián Castillo & Mª Carmen García Cortijo

  • 2014 Los contratos de cesión de tierra en Extremadura en el primer tercio del siglo XX
    by Juan Carmona & James Simpson

  • 2014 «Reviviendo el sueño de varias generaciones»: comunales y reforma agraria en León en la II República (1931-1936)
    by José A. Serrano Álvarez

  • 2014 Challenges Of The Land Reform In The Former Communist States Of Central And Eastern Europe
    by Andreea Dragoi & Cristina Balgar

  • 2014 On the Dynamic Linkages between CO2 Emissions, Energy Consumption and Growth in Greece
    by C. Katrakilidis & I. Kyritsis & V. Patsika

  • 2014 Latifundia revisited: Market power, land inequality and agricultural efficiency. Evidence from interwar Italian agriculture
    by Martinelli, Pablo

  • 2014 Measuring integration in the English wheat market, 1770–1820: New methods, new answers
    by Brunt, Liam & Cannon, Edmund

  • 2013 The organisation of agricultural production in East Germany since World War II: Historical roots and present situation
    by Wolz, Axel

  • 2013 Rich Mines, Poor Institutions: Resource Curse and the Origins of the Sicilian Mafia
    by Paolo Buonanno & Ruben Durante & Giovanni Prarolo & Giovanni Prarolo

  • 2013 Patrones de segmentación del consumo de productos lácteos en España, 1958-2006
    by Fernando Collantes

  • 2013 The international mercury cartel, 1928-1949
    by López-Morell, Miguel A. & Segreto, Luciano

  • 2013 The Rise and Fall of the World’s Largest Wine Exporter (And Its Institutional Legacy)
    by Giulia Meloni & Johan Swinnen

  • 2013 Irish Land Bonds: 1891-1938
    by Nathan Foley-Fisher & Eoin McLaughlin

  • 2013 Land tenure inequality, harvests, and rural conflict ; evidence from Southern Spain in the 1930s
    by Domènech Feliu, Jordi

  • 2013 Patterns and causes of growth of European agricultural production, 1950-2005
    by Miguel Martín-Retortillo & Vicente Pinilla

  • 2013 Un siglo sin innovación en la saca del corcho
    by José Ignacio Jiménez Blanco

  • 2013 La lucha por los montes. Conflicto y política en la Sierra de Cuenca durante la Restauración
    by Óscar Bascuñán Añover

  • 2013 La ingeniería agronómica española en la encrucijada. El congreso nacional de 1950
    by Carlos Barciela López & Mª Inmaculada López Ortiz

  • 2013 La tierra en manos de menestrales. Las posesiones agrarias de los artesanos valencianos (1370-1450)
    by Iván Martínez Araque

  • 2013 Cambio agrario, uso del suelo y regadío: el impacto del Canal de Urgell, 1860-1935
    by Josep-Maria Ramon-Muñoz

  • 2013 Los terratenientes frente al cambio agrario, 1940-1954
    by Miguel Artola Blanco

  • 2013 A View Upon The History Of The Peasant Association
    by Pop Stanca Alexandra & & &

  • 2013 Cooperation in the initial stages of infrastructure projects: a conceptual model and surv ey of Italian utility managers
    by Giuseppe Cappiello & Paola Garrone & Paolo Nardi

  • 2012 El consumo de productos lácteos en España, 1950-2010
    by Fernando Collantes

  • 2012 Disentangling water usage in the European Union: A decomposition analysis
    by Valeria, Di Cosmo & Marie, Hyland & Maria, LLop

  • 2012 Copper and Foreign Investment: The development of the mining industry in Cyprus during the great depression
    by Apostolides, Alexander

  • 2012 The Political Economy of European Wine Regulations
    by Giulia Meloni & Jo Swinnen

  • 2012 Poor institutions, rich mines: resource curse and the origins of the Sicilian mafia
    by Paolo Buonanno & Ruben Durante & Giovanni Prarolo & Paolo Vanin

  • 2012 Command-and-Control Revisited: Environmental Compliance and Innovation in Swedish Industry 1970-1990
    by Bergquist, Ann-Kristin & Söderholm, Kristina & Kinneryd, Hanna & Lindmark, Magnus & Söderholm, Patrick

  • 2012 Peasant Agriculture and Economic Growth: The Case of Southeast Europe c. 1870-1940 reinterpreted
    by Michael Kopsidis

  • 2012 Why did agricultural labour productivity not converge in Europe from 1950 to 2005?
    by Miguel Martín-Retorillo & Vincente Pinilla

  • 2012 Latifundia Revisited. Market Power, Land Inequality and Efficiency in Interwar Italian Agriculture
    by Pablo Martinelli

  • 2012 Von Thünen South of the Alps : Access to Markets and Interwar Italian Agriculture
    by Martinelli, Pablo

  • 2012 Explaining wheat yields in eighteenth-century Spain
    by Santiago-Caballero, Carlos

  • 2012 Provincial grain yields in Spain, 1750-2009
    by Santiago-Caballero, Carlos

  • 2012 Poor Institutions, Rich Mines: Resource Curse and the Origins of the Sicilian Mafia
    by Paolo Buonanno & Ruben Durante & Giovanni Prarolo & Paolo Vanin

  • 2012 Poor Institutions, Rich Mines: Resource Curse and the Origins of the Sicilian Mafia
    by P. Buonanno & R. Durante & G. Prarolo & P. Vanin

  • 2012 Land use changes, landscape ecology and their socioeconomic driving forces in the Spanish Mediterranean coast (the Maresme County, 1850-2005)
    by Lluis Parcerisas & Joan Marull & Joan Pino & Enric Tello & Francesc Coll & Corina Basnou

  • 2012 Consequences of Climate Change for agriculture and nature in the Netherlands
    by Jeroen Arends

  • 2012 El comunal imaginado. De la transición en los usos de la propiedad comunal en el siglo XX, Güejar Sierra, Granada
    by Antonio Ortega Santos

  • 2012 Especialización en baja calidad: España y el mercado internacional del vino, 1950-1990
    by Eva Fernández

  • 2011 Nuevas perspectivas en historia económica: innovaciones biológicas y cambio técnico en el sector triguero europeo, siglos XIX-XX
    by Jordi Pujol Andreu

  • 2011 The evolution of environmental thinking in economics
    by Halkos, George

  • 2011 Economic valuation of coastal zone quality improvements
    by Halkos, George

  • 2011 Energy consumption and aggregate income in Italy: cointegration and causality analysis
    by Magazzino, Cosimo

  • 2011 Persecution Perpetuated: The Medieval Origins of Anti-Semitic Violence in Nazi Germany
    by Nico Voigtlaender & Hans-Joachim Voth

  • 2011 Economic Growth and Clean Water in the Göta River - A Pilot Study of Collective Action and the Environmental Kuznets Curve 1895-2000
    by Granér, Staffan & Rönnbäck, Klas

  • 2011 Was land reform necessary? : access to land in Spain, 1860 to 1931
    by Carmona, Juan & Rosés, Joan R.

  • 2011 The Implicit Theory of Historical Change in the work of Alan S. Milward
    by Frances M. B. Lynch & Fernando Guirao

  • 2011 Not Only Subterranean Forests: Wood Consumption And Economic Development In Britain (1850-1938)
    by Iñaki Iriarte-Goñi & María Isabel Ayuda

  • 2011 Wheat varieties and technological change in Europe, 19th and 20th centuries: New issues in economic history
    by Josep Pujol-Andreu

  • 2011 Estados Unidos y la reforma agraria italiana (1947-1953)
    by Emanuele Bernardi & Leonardo Bernardi

  • 2011 Colonización interior y democracia: la reforma agraria italiana de 1950
    by Simone Misiani

  • 2011 Las instituciones de riego en la España del este. Una reflexión a la luz de la obra de Elinor Ostrom
    by Samuel Garrido

  • 2011 Vino, turismo e innovación: Las Rutas del Vino de España, una estrategia integrada de desarrollo rural/Wine, Tourism and Innovation: The Wine Routes of Spain, an Integrated Strategy of Rural Development

  • 2010 Governing scarcity. Water markets, equity and efficiency in pre-1950s eastern Spain
    by Samuel Garrido

  • 2010 Mejorar y quedarse. La cesión de tierra a rentas por debajo del equilibrio en la Valencia del siglo XIX
    by Samuel Garrido

  • 2010 Presión inmobiliaria y destrucción de sistemas agrarios y suelos de calidad. El ejemplo de la Comunidad de Madrid
    by José Manuel Naredo

  • 2010 "Fortress Europe" in long-term perspective: agricultural protection in the European Community, 1957-2003
    by Spoerer, Mark

  • 2010 Oil and Democracy in Russia
    by Daniel Treisman

  • 2010 Unintentional Climate Policy: Swedish experiences of carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth 1950-2005
    by Lindmark, Magnus & Andersson, Lars Fredrik

  • 2010 Technical change, carbon dioxide reduction and energy consumption in the Swedish pulp and paper industry 1973-2006
    by Lindmark, Magnus & Bergquist, Ann-Kristin & Andersson, Lars Fredrik

  • 2010 Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union since the Fall of the Berlin Wall: Review of the Changes in the Environment and Natural Resources
    by Anil Markandya & Wan-Jung Chou

  • 2010 Las cooperativas españolas y los ciclos económicos: una primera aproximación, 1942-2002
    by Cándido Román Cervantes

  • 2010 Agricultural and food trade in European Union countries, 1963?2000:a gravity equation approach
    by Raúl Serrano & Vicente Pinilla

  • 2010 Change and development in the Spanish wine industry, 1950-2009
    by José Miguel Martínez-Carrión & Francisco José Medina-Albaladejo

  • 2010 Guerra Civil, autarquía franquista y bienestar biológico en el mundo rural valenciano (1936-1949)
    by Javier Puche-Gil

  • 2010 Repoblaciones, paisaje forestal y desarrollo industrial en el País Vasco atlántico (1940-1975)
    by Rafael Uriarte

  • 2010 Juan Díaz del Moral (1870-1948): historia social y reforma agraria
    by Jacques Maurice

  • 2010 «El Pacto Andaluz por la Naturaleza» (1985). La confluencia del movimiento campesino y el movimiento ecologista
    by Antonio Herrera & Manuel González de Molina & David Soto

  • 2010 Land Reform in Sicily in the Early Post-War Period
    by Francesco Di Bartolo

  • 2010 The Making of the Italian Constitution and Agricultural Policies of the 50’s and 60’s
    by Giuseppe Barbero

  • 2009 Strengthening Agricultural Innovation Capacity: Are Innovation Brokers the Answer?
    by Klerkx, Laurens & Hall, Andy & Leeuwis, Cees

  • 2009 The Necessity for the Modernization of the Technical-Material Base of Agricultural Exploitations within the Process of Forming Competition-Economy
    by Ioan, Viorica & Susanu, Monica & Enachi, Saftica & Virlanuta, Florina Oana

  • 2009 French Agriculture 1250-1550: Crisis And Continuity
    by George Grantham

  • 2009 The ‘Transaction Cost Approach’ and the Performance of the Belgian Dairy Co-operatives Before 1940
    by Peter Van Der Hallen

  • 2009 The emergence of the 'coastal steelworks' in the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), 1952-1967
    by Eline POELMANS

  • 2009 Los retos de la viticultura en Baleares, 1836-1936
    by Carles Manera & Alfons Méndez & Joana Maria Escartín

  • 2009 La obra de Octavio Elorrieta (1881-1962). El monte al servicio de la economía
    by Iñaki Iriarte-Goñi

  • 2009 El nivel de vida en el medio rural de Castilla y León. Una constatación antropométrica, 1840-1970
    by Ricardo Hernández & Javier Moreno

  • 2009 Bienestar biológico y crecimiento agrario en la Cataluña rural, 1840-1936
    by Josep-Maria Ramon-Muñoz

  • 2009 The Necessity for the Modernization of the Technical-Material Base of Agricultural Exploitations within the Process of Forming Competition-Economy
    by Viorica IOAN & Monica SUSANU & Saftica ENACHI & Florina Oana VIRLANUTA

  • 2008 The Good the Bad and the Ugly: Lessons learnt in estimating the value added of the island’s primary sector and Results
    by Apostolides, Alexander

  • 2008 Agricultural policies in Bulgaria in post Second World War years
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2008 Production and productivity of Bulgarian agriculture in post war years
    by Bachev, Hrabrin

  • 2008 Did Economics Cause World War II?
    by Robert J. Gordon

  • 2008 Climate Variability and Health: Sweden 1751-2004
    by Krüger, Niclas A

  • 2008 How Similar to South-Eastern Europe were the Islands of Cyprus and Malta in terms of Agricultural Output and Credit? Evidence during the Interwar Period
    by Alexander Apostolides

  • 2008 Del diezmo islámico al diezmo real. La renta agraria en Toledo (ss. XI-XV)
    by José-Damián González-Arce

  • 2008 El fracaso del lobby viticultor en España frente al objetivo industrializador del Estado, 1920-1936
    by Eva Fernández

  • 2008 La Contribución Territorial Rústica y el reparto de la carga tributaria en el siglo XX. La provincia de Lérida (1900-1963)
    by Ernest Corominas Abadal

  • 2008 Innovación en el reino de la monastrell. Cambio técnico e instituciones vitiviní­colas en el sureste español
    by José M. Martínez Carrión & Francisco J. Medina Albaladejo

  • 2008 La política ilustrada y el libre comercio de granos: las ‘Reflexiones económico-políticas’ (1768) de Tomás Anzano
    by Javier Usoz

  • 2008 Las Hermandades Sindicales de Labradores y Ganaderos (1942-1977). Del análisis franquista a la historiografía actual
    by José María Gómez Herráez

  • 2008 Régimes institutionnels de ressources et théorie de la régulation
    by Varone, Frédéric & Nahrath, Stéphane & Gerber, Jean-David

  • 2008 On the road to industrialization: nutritional status in Saxony, 1690–1850
    by Francesco Cinnirella

  • 2007 Tawney's Century (1540-1640): the Roots of Modern Capitalist Entrepreneurship in England
    by John H. Munro

  • 2007 Транзиција И Судбина Руских Природних Богатстава
    by Bukvić, Rajko

  • 2007 Evaluating the Financial Position and Performance of a typical Dairy Farm in Bulgaria
    by Vassilev, Zlatan

  • 2007 Being rich in energy resources – a blessing or a curse
    by Schubert, Samuel R.

  • 2007 Pascual Carrión: política agraria e ingeniería social
    by Juan Pan-Montojo

  • 2007 La utopía rural de un régimen autoritario. La política cooperativista durante la dictadura de Metaxas (Grecia, 1936-1940)
    by Catherine Bregianni

  • 2007 La desagrarización de la sociedad rural española, 1950-1991
    by Fernando Collantes Gutiérrez

  • 2007 ¿En los orígenes de una burguesía agraria o la consolidación de una economía de renta? La formación de un patrimonio rural en la Galicia sudoriental, 1740-1850
    by Carlos Francisco Velasco Souto

  • 2007 La obra agrarista de Jesús García Fernández (1928-2006)
    by Josefina Gómez Mendoza

  • 2006 Balances energéticos y uso del sueloen la agricultura catalana: una comparación entre mediados del siglo XIX y finales del siglo XX
    by Xavier Cussó & Ramon Garrabou & José Ramon Olarieta & Enric Tello

  • 2006 Series De Deflactores Corcheros Desde 1900
    by Santiago Zapata Blanco

  • 2006 Una Estimación Del Consumo De Madera En España Entre 1860 Y 1935
    by Iñaki Iriarte Goñi & María Isabel Ayuda

  • 2006 Agriculture of Central and Eastern European countries in the European Union
    by Srđan Redžepagić

  • 2006 Una perspectiva biofísica del cambio agrícola en Austria: dos sistemas agrarios en las décadas de 1830 y 1990
    by Fridolin Krausmann

  • 2006 Balances energéticos y usos del suelo en la agricultura catalana: una comparación entre mediados del siglo XIX y finales del siglo XX
    by Xavier Cussó & Ramón Garrabou & José Ramón Olarieta & Enric Tello

  • 2006 Cultivadores de democracia. Politización campesina y sindicalismo agrario progresista en España, 1970-1980
    by Alberto Sabio Alcutén

  • 2006 Labradores y granjeros ante las urnas. El comportamiento político del pequeño campesinado en la Europa Occidental de entreguerras. Una visión comparada
    by Francisco Cobo Romero

  • 2005 Del cereal alimento al cereal pienso. Historia y balance de un intento de autosuficiencia ganadera: 1967-1972
    by Ernesto Clar Moliner

  • 2005 El estado nutritivo de la población española 1900-1970. Análisis de las necesidades y disponibilidades de nutrientes
    by Xavier Cussó Segura

  • 2005 La gestión privada de los montes públicos en España. El caso del empresario Echevarrieta (1920-1933)
    by Pablo Díaz Morlán

  • 2005 La ciudad y la huerta
    by Salvador Calatayud Giner

  • 2005 La polpa e l’osso: Manlio Rossi-Doria Writings on Agriculture Environment and Natural Resources
    by Marcello Gorgoni

  • 2004 Spanish Merino wools and the Nouvelles Draperies: an industrial transformation in the late-medieval Low Countries
    by Munro, John H.

  • 2004 The privatisation of communal lands in spain (1750-1925): an econometric revision of the Neo-Malthusian thesis
    by Antonio M. Linares

  • 2004 Siglo y medio de comercio exterior de productos corcheros en españa, 1849-1999
    by Francisco Manuel Parejo Moruno

  • 2004 Introduction to Rapporto sulla Federconsorzi by Manlio Rossi-Doria
    by Roberto Fanfani

  • 2003 Causas, intereses y desarrollo histórico de la acción colectiva empresarial en el ámbito agrario: el caso del cooperativismo en el sector oleícola
    by Alfonso Carlos Morales Gutiérrez & Teresa Romero Atela & María Dolores Muñoz Dueñas

  • 2002 Oltre il compromesso del Lussemburgo verso l'Europa Federale. Walter Hallstein e la crisi della 'sedia vuota' (1965-66)
    by Malandrino, Corrado

  • 2002 Natives, the Foreign-Born and High School Equivalents: New Evidence on the Returns to the GED
    by Melissa A. Clark & David A. Jaeger

  • 2000 Rational Resistance to Land Privatisation in Russia: Modelling the Behaviour of Rural Producers in Response to Agrarian Reforms, 1861-2000
    by Carol Scott Leonard

  • 2000 A mérhető történelem. Scott M. Eddie: Historisches Verzeichnis der Grundbesitzer des Burgenlandes. Burgenland történelmi gazdacímtára, 18931930 (Burgenländischen Landesarchiv, Bau 79, Eisenstadt, 1999, 276 oldal)
    by Székely, Iván

  • 1999 The State, Internal Migration, and the Growth of New Industrial Communities in Interwar Britain
    by Scott, P.

  • 1999 Elements d'histoire de la structuration des territoires francais
    by Kuhn, A.

  • 1999 Culture, Politics and Innovation: Creamery Diffusion in late 19th Century Denmark and Ireland
    by O'Rourke, K.H.

  • 1999 Weather Effects on European Agricultural Output 1850-1913
    by Solomou, S. & Wu, W.

  • 1996 Climate and Fluctuations in Agricultural Output, 1867-1913
    by Khatri, Y. & Solomou, S.

  • 1996 "The Uk Energy Experience: A Model Or A Warning?" A Summing Up

  • 1996 Lessons From Uk Electricity Reforms For Developing Countries

  • 1996 Privatisation Of The Electricity Industry In The United Kingdom: A Model For China'S Power Sector?

  • 1996 On The Implementation Of Economic Regulation In Uk Energy Industries

  • 1996 Energy Policy: Back To The Bad Old Days?

  • 1996 Energy Use And Carbon Dioxide Emissions In The Uk Transport Sector: Options For Control

  • 1996 Transport, Energy And Environment: Reducing Road Vehicle Pollution In The Uk
    by A.L. BRISTOW

  • 1996 Transport And Uk Energy Policy

  • 1996 Full Fuel Cycle Emissions From Power Generation

  • 1996 Assessing Fiscal Policy For Greenhouse Gas Abatement In The Uk And The European Union

  • 1996 Energy Efficiency: Some Policy Priorities

  • 1996 Energy Efficiency And Energy Intensity — Can They Help Reduce Energy Use?

  • 1996 Is Energy Efficiency Good For The Environment? Some Conflicts And Confusions

  • 1996 Energy Efficiency — A Role For Government Or Best Left To Consenting Adults?

  • 1996 The Growth Of The Cointegration Technique In Uk Energy Demand Modelling And Its Relationship To Dynamic Econometrics

  • 1996 The Development And Application Of An Urban Energy Model

  • 1996 Energy And Environmental Modelling

  • 1996 Evolving Seasonal Patterns In Uk Energy Series

  • 1996 What Can We Learn From The British Nuclear Power Experience?

  • 1996 Uk Nuclear Experience: Where Do We Go Now?
    by P M S JONES

  • 1996 Industrial Organisation And Environmental Management In The Electricity Supply Industry Of England And Wales

  • 1996 Competition Versus Regulation In British Electricity Generation

  • 1996 Review Of The Electricity Pool Of England And Wales From A Demand-Side Perspective
    by DEREK W. BUNN

  • 1996 British Electricity Privatisation: The Customer'S Standpoint
    by G.R. HORTON

  • 1996 Optimising Uk Electricity Portfolio Diversity

  • 1996 Accounting For The Productivity Performance Of British Coal 1985–94

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