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Papers presented during the annual meetings of the CMSG This list is incomplete. If anybody has the remaining programs, please let me know.


  • William Scarth and Gordon Myers, "Price Flexibility, Exchange rate Policy, and Macroeconomic Stability"
  • Alan Rugman, "Trade Liberalization and International Investment"
  • Constance Smith, "Asset Preferences and the Insulation Properties of a Flexible Exchange Rate"
  • John Floyd and Allan Hynes, "Monetary Theories of the Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates"
  • David Longworth and Robert Lafrance, "Real Commodity Prices and the Canadian Exchange Rate 1971-86"
  • David Johnson and Lawrence Schembri, "The Relationship between Exchange Rates, Prices, Wages and Output in Canada: A Time-Series Analysis"
  • Steven Ambler, "Conditional Exchange Rate Forecasting Using the 'News'"
  • Thomas McCurdy and Ieuan Morgan, "The Behaviour of the Basis in Foreign Currency Futures Markets"


  • Michael Devereux, "Intertemporal Trading Dynamics in a Two-Country Maximizing Model"
  • David Nickerson, "A Model of Monopoly Production, Prices and Capacity Investment in the Cycle"
  • Louis Phaneuf, "Une discrimination empirique des théoriques monétaires et réelles du cycle économique"
    repec:tpr:qjecon:v:104:y:1989:i:4:p:847-61 is not listed on IDEAS
  • Gregor Smith, "Testing Positive Theories of Fiscal Policy"
  • Stephen Jones, "Dynamic Efficiency Wage Models"
  • Lawrence Schembri, "Canadian Foreign Exchange Market Intervention"
  • Pierre Fortin, "Règles de stabilisation monétaire et vitesse de retour à l'équilibre en économie ouverte"


  • David Nickerson and V. Sadanand, "The Value of Disclosure"
  • Robert Jones, "Interest rate Volatility and Real Investment"
  • Vasant Naik, "Asset Prices in Dynamic Production Economies with Stochastic Volatility in Output"
  • Jean-Marie Dufour, Alistair Hall and Eric Ghysels, "Generalized Predictive Tests in Econometrics and Finance"
  • Serge Coulombe and Pierre Fortin, "Wage Behaviour in Financial Distress, 1926-1988"
  • John McCallum, "Some International Evidence on the Ricardian Equivalence"


  • Anthony Smith, "Solving Nonlinear Rational Expectations Models: A New Approach"
  • Craig Burnside, "An Empirical Study of the Intertemporal Consumption-Based Asset Pricing Model: Why Is this Model Rejected?"
  • Steven Ambler and Paul Boothe, "Learning and Rational Expectations: Evidence from the Foreign Exchange Market"


  • Richard Rogerson, "Sectoral Shocks, Human Capital and Displaced Workers"


  • Per Krusell and Tony Smith, "Costly Implementation and Equilibrium Decision Rule Selection in the Neoclassical Growth Model"
  • Steve Ambler and Emanuela Cardia, "A Dynamic Model of Imperfect Competition with Keynesian Features"
  • Makoto Saito, "On the Stationary Distribution of Risk Premia in An Economy with Stockholders and Non-Stockholders: A Simple Explanation for the Mehra and Prescott Puzzle"
  • Bart Moore, "Self-fulfilling Expectations and Economic Growth in the Presence of Externalities"


  • Seamus Hogan and Christopher Ragan, "Matching Based Frictional Unemployment and U.I. Policy Experiments"
  • Dominique Simard, "Private Information and Aggregate Labor Market Fluctuations"
  • Tan Wang, David Wilton and Tony Wirjanto, "Unemployment, Uncertainty, and Unemployment Insurance"
  • Merwan Engineer, "Banking Panics and Deposit Insurance"
  • Allin Cottrell, Michael Lawlor and John Wood, "Is There a Connection Between Deposit Insurance and Bank Failure?"
  • Allen Head, "World Business Cycles with National and International Returns to Scale"
  • Martin Eichenbaum, "What Happens After an Open Market Operation: An Empirical Investigation"
  • Bart Taub, "A Feedback-Based Model of Endogenous Fluctuations and Assets"
  • Huw Lloyd-Ellis, "Enterprise, Education and the Distribution of gains from Growth"
  • Jonas Fisher, "Capital Market Imperfections and the Monetary Transition Mechanism"


  • Pedro Auger and Paul Beaudry, "A Dynamic Model of the Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Shocks"
  • Makoto Saito, "Equity Premia and Business Cycles"


  • Huntley Schaller, "Identifying Monetary Policy in a Small Open Economy under Flexible Exchange Rates"
  • Martin Boileau, "International Implications of Embodied Technological Change"


  • James Nason and John Rogers, "How do Non-tradable Goods Matter for Current Account Fluctuations?"


  • Beverly Lapham and Marianne Vigneault, "International Relative Prices in the Presence of Deviations from the Laws of One Price"
  • Paul Willen, "Estimation of the Benefits of Financial Innovation Using Micro Level Data"


  • John Knowles, "Can Parental Decisions Explain U.S. Income Inequality?"
  • Eric Fisher, "Explaining Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets"


  • Dennis Tao and Xiaodong Zhu, "Family Investment, Fertility Choice, and Economic Development"
  • David Cook and Michael Devereux, "Capital Market Panics, Exchange Rate Depreciation, and Economic Collapse"
  • Ted Temzelides and Stephen Williamson, "Payment Systems, Settlement, and Risk"


  • Allen Head, Todd Mattina and Gregor Smith, "Utility-Based Measures of International Risk Sharing"
  • David Andolfatto, Chris Ferral and Paul Gomme, "Can Human Capital Theory Explain the Distribution of Earnings and Income?"



  • Yoram Halevy and James Nason, "Shiftwork and the Business Cycle"
  • David Cook and Michael Devereux, "The Dangers of Hard Pegs: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interaction in Emerging Markets"




  • Craig Burnside, Martin Eichenbaum and Sergio Rebelo, "Uncovered Interest Rate Parity"
  • Ian King and Peter Kennedy, "Dynamic Language Policy"
  • Michele Boldrin and Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde, "A Theory of Business Cycles"


  • Berthold Herrendorf, James Schmitz and Arilton Teixeira, "Exploring the Implications of Large Decreases in Transportation Costs"
  • Larry Christiano, "The Money and Credit in Monetary Policy"


  • Raoul Minetti and Leo Ferraris, "Creditors' skills and the long run impact of financial liberalization"





  • Lee Ohanian, "Distorted Labor Markets: The 1930s and Today"



  • Tobias Broer, Marek Kapicka, Paul Klein "Consumption Risk Sharing with Private Information when Earnings are Persistent"
  • Gabriele Camera, Marco Casari, Maria Bigoni "Money and Trust Among Strangers"


  • Julien Bengui, Javier Bianchi, "Capital Flow Management when Capital Controls Leak"
  • Kim Ruhl "The Aggregate Impact of Antidumping Policies"
  • Antonio Doblas-Madrid, Kevin Lansing "Credit-Fuelled Bubbles"
  • Avihai Lifschitz, Ofer Setty, Yaniv Yadid-Levi "Who Cares about Unemployment Insurance?"
  • Jinill Kim, Francisco Ruge-Murcia "Extreme Events and the Fed"
  • Brant Abbot, Giovanni Gallipolli "Skill Complementarity and the Georgraphy of Intergenerational Mobility"

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