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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L3: Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise
/ / / L30: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Neue Beteiligungs- und Steuerungsprozesse in der ländlichen Entwicklung: Phase I der Begleitforschung zum Modellvorhaben
    by Küpper, Patrick & Kundolf, Stefan & Margarian, Anne

  • 2014 Bundling information goods under 'breakeven' price
    by Kuroda, Toshifumi

  • 2014 "Das große Ziel immer im Auge behalten": Sportimmanente Indikatoren des Trainerstils von Jürgen Klopp - Transfermöglichkeiten für Führungskräfte in Genossenschaftsbanken
    by Voll, Stefan & Alt, Daniel

  • 2014 NGOs, from the Promotion of Civic Participation to Public Problems Solving
    by Golmohammadpoor Azar, Kamran & Banae Babazadeh, Amin

  • 2014 Fatal Attraction: health care agglomeration and its consequences
    by Stephen Sheppard & Michael Hellstern

  • 2014 Culture Concentration
    by Stephen Sheppard

  • 2014 The Emergence of For-Profit Higher Education Institutions
    by Jacqmin, Julien

  • 2014 NGOs, from the Promotion of Civic Participation to Public Problems Solving
    by Banae Babazadeh, Amin & Golmohammadpoor Azar, Kamran

  • 2014 The Efficiency of the Portuguese Agricultural Credit Co-operatives Governance Model
    by Paula CABO & João REBELO

  • 2014 Reviving Social Economy in Romania – between emerging social enterprises in all sectors, surviving communist coops, and subsidiaries of globalization actors
    by Cristina BARNA & Ancuta VAMEsU

  • 2014 Can competition reduce quality?
    by Brekke, Kurt Richard & Siciliani, Luigi & Straume, Odd Rune

  • 2014 Una aproximación regional a la eficiencia y productividad de los hospitales públicos colombianos
    by Antonio José Orozco Gallo

  • 2014 Are Donors Afraid of Charities' Core Costs? Scale Economies in Non-profit Provision and Charity Selection
    by Carlo Perroni & Ganna Pogrebna & Sarah Sandford & Kimberley Ann Scharf

  • 2014 Pro Bono Work and Trust in Expert Fields
    by David Ong & Chun-Lei Yang

  • 2014 Corporate Philanthropy and Productivity: Evidence from an Online Real Effort Experiment
    by Mirco Tonin & Michael Vlassopoulos

  • 2014 Can Competition Reduce Quality?
    by Kurt R. Brekke & Luigi Siciliani & Odd Rune Straume

  • 2014 Organizational structure, police activity and crime
    by Ater, Itai & Givati, Yehonatan & Rigbi, Oren

  • 2014 Provision and price of child care services: For-profits and nonprofits
    by Owens, Mark F. & Rennhoff, Adam D.

  • 2014 Hey look at me: The effect of giving circles on giving
    by Karlan, Dean & McConnell, Margaret A.

  • 2014 Performance outcomes of balanced scorecard application in hospital administration in China
    by LIN, Zhijun & YU, Zengbiao & ZHANG, Liqun

  • 2013 Nonprofit tax exemptions and market structure: The case of fitness centers
    by Harrison, Teresa & Seim, Katja

  • 2013 African Jobless Growth Morphology:Vulnerabilities and Policy Responses

  • 2013 Motivation in paid work for non-profit organisations: the case of Private Social Solidarity Institutions
    by Teresa Proenca & Simone Cristina

  • 2013 Propuesta para mejorar la progresividad del subsidio cruzado al agua potable en SEDAPAL
    by José Luis Bonifaz

  • 2013 Innovation and Inclusive Development: A Discussion of the Main Policy Issues
    by Caroline Paunov

  • 2013 Do Tax Incentives Affect Charitable Contributions? Evidence from Public Charities’ Reported Revenues
    by Nicolas J. Duquette

  • 2013 Governance Typology of Universities' Technology Transfer Processes
    by Anja Schoen & Joachim Henkel & Bruno Van Pottelsberghe

  • 2013 Member Value in Co-operatives
    by Suter, Peter & Gmür, Markus

  • 2013 South Sudan's Capability Trap: Building a State with Disruptive Innovation
    by Larson, Greg & Ajak, Peter Biar & Pritchett, Lant

  • 2013 It's All about MeE: Using Structured Experiential Learning ("e") to Crawl the Design Space
    by Pritchett, Lant & Samji, Salimah & Hammer, Jeffrey

  • 2013 Private Provision of Public Goods and Information Diffusion in Social Groups
    by Kimberley Ann Scharf

  • 2013 Impure Prosocial Motivation in Charity Provision: Warm-Glow Charities and Implications for Public Funding
    by Kimberley Ann Scharf

  • 2013 Free to choose? The impact of healthcare reform
    by Martin Gaynor & Carol Propper & Stephan Seiler

  • 2013 A Two-production-period Model with State-owned and Labour-managed Firms
    by Kazuhiro Ohnishi

  • 2013 Social economy entities: a worldwide overview
    by Alina Aurelia Grigore

  • 2013 Credit where credit is due? The impact of project contributions and social factors on authorship and inventorship
    by Haeussler, Carolin & Sauermann, Henry

  • 2013 Patent office governance and patent examination quality
    by Picard, Pierre M. & van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno

  • 2013 Inventorship and authorship as attribution rights: An enquiry into the economics of scientific credit
    by Lissoni, Francesco & Montobbio, Fabio & Zirulia, Lorenzo

  • 2013 Financial constraints of private firms and bank lending behavior
    by Behr, Patrick & Norden, Lars & Noth, Felix

  • 2012 Peer effects and academics' industry involvement: The moderating role of age on professional imprinting
    by Aschhoff, Birgit & Grimpe, Christoph

  • 2012 Einsatz von eGuides auf der Marienburg in Malbork (Polen): Erhebung und Analyse einer Best Practice
    by Sulk, Ingolf & Klotz, Michael

  • 2012 Competition in the market for supplementary health insurance: The case of competing nonprofit sickness funds
    by Ellert, Alexander & Urmann, Oliver

  • 2012 Culture Shocks and Consequences: the connection between the arts and urban economic growth
    by Peter Pedroni & Stephen Sheppard

  • 2012 Competition in Public School Districts: Charter School Entry, Student Sorting, and School Input Determination
    by Nirav Mehta

  • 2012 Nuove competenze manageriali per i musei italiani nello scenario delle riforme del settore pubblico e dell'universita'
    by Francesco Badia & Anna Maria Visser Travagli

  • 2012 Social Incentives Matter: Evidence from an Online Real Effort Experiment
    by Tonin, Mirco & Vlassopoulos, Michael

  • 2012 Family control and expropriation at not-for-profit organizations: evidence from korean private universities
    by Bae, Kee-Hong & Kim, Seung-Bo & Kim, Woochan

  • 2012 Crisis Caused Changes in Intrinsic Liquidity Value in Non-Profit Institutions
    by Michalsky, Grzegorz

  • 2012 Can competition reduce quality?
    by Kurt R. Brekke & Luigi Siciliani & Odd Rune Straume

  • 2012 Free to Choose? Reform and Demand Response in the English National Health Service
    by Martin Gaynor & Carol Propper & Stephan Seiler

  • 2012 The Trillion Dollar Conundrum: Complementarities and Health Information Technology
    by David Dranove & Christopher Forman & Avi Goldfarb & Shane Greenstein

  • 2012 Motivational Capital and Incentives in Health Care Organisations
    by Mikel Berdud & Juan M. Cabasés Hita & Jorge Nieto

  • 2012 The non-government organizations in Slovakia and Austria and the current state of their self-financing
    by Gabriela Vaceková & Mária Svidroòová

  • 2012 The Effect of Tax Credit on Politically Distorted Allocations: A Theoretical Approach
    by Ryo Ishida

  • 2012 Can competition reduce quality?
    by Brekke, Kurt R. & Siciliani, Luigi & Straume, Odd Rune

  • 2012 Value Oriented Organizations with Value Neutral Hierarchies
    by Echeverría, Manuel

  • 2012 Failures of the State: Theory and Policy
    by Revold Entov & Alexander Radygin

  • 2012 Free to choose?: reform and demand response in the English National Health Service
    by Martin Gaynor & Carol Propper & Stephan Seiler

  • 2012 Hey Look at Me: The Effect of Giving Circles on Giving
    by Dean Karlan & Margaret A. McConnell

  • 2012 Hey Look at Me: The Effect of Giving Circles on Giving
    by Dean Karlan & Margaret A. McConnell

  • 2012 Hey Look at Me: The Effect of Giving Circles on Giving
    by Karlan, Dean & McConnell, Margaret A.

  • 2012 Governance Typology of Universities' Technology Transfer Processes
    by Anja Schoen & Bruno Van Pottelsberghe & Joachim Henkel

  • 2012 Influence des technologies de l’information sur la performance d’une organisation publique - Influence of Information technologies on public organization performance
    by Carine Luangsay-Catelin & Rajaa Roybier

  • 2012 Free to Choose? Reform and Demand Response in the English National Health Service
    by Gaynor, Martin & Propper, Carol & Seiler, Stephan

  • 2012 Hey Look at Me: The Effect of Giving Circles on Giving
    by Karlan, Dean S. & McConnell, Margaret

  • 2012 Free to Choose? Reform and Demand Response in the English National Health Service
    by Martin Gaynor & Carol Propper & Stephan Seiler

  • 2012 Free to Choose? Reform and Demand Response in the English National Health ServiceAbstract: The impacts of choice in public services are controversial. We exploit a reform in the English National Health Service to assess the impact of relaxing constraints on patient choice. We estimate a demand model to evaluate whether increased choice increased demand elasticity faced by hospitals with regard to clinical quality and waiting time for an important surgical procedure. We find substantial impacts of the removal of restrictions. Patients became more responsive to clinical quality. Sicker patients and better informed patients were more affected. We leverage our model to calculate potential benefits. We find increased demand responsiveness led to a significant reduction in mortality and an increase in patient welfare. The elasticity of demand faced by hospitals increased post-reform, giving hospitals potentially large incentives to improve their quality of care and find suggestive evidence that hospitals responded strongly to the enhanced incentives due to increased demand elasticity. The results suggests greater choice can enhance quality. Length: 50 pages
    by Martin Gaynor & Carol Propper & Stephan Seiler

  • 2012 Competition in Health Care Markets
    by Martin Gaynor & Robert J Town

  • 2012 The constitution, organization and operation of non-profit organizations
    by Franca DUMITRU & Maria MORARU

  • 2012 Social economy: going local to achieve the Strategy Europe 2020. Romania Case
    by Cristina Barna

  • 2012 Analysis of Cross-Country Differences in the Non-Profit Sector Size
    by Primož Pevcin

  • 2012 The Contribution of FDI, Technology and R&D to Spillovers in Industrial Development: A South African Firm-Level Investigation
    by Ewert P. J. Kleynhans & Sibulele Zwedala

  • 2012 Essentials of University Strategy Development in the Field of Lifelong Learning
    by POPESCU Alina Irina

  • 2012 Corporate social responsibility in the mining industry: Perspectives from stakeholder groups in Argentina
    by Mutti, Diana & Yakovleva, Natalia & Vazquez-Brust, Diego & Di Marco, Martín H.

  • 2012 Quality competition with profit constraints
    by Brekke, Kurt R. & Siciliani, Luigi & Straume, Odd Rune

  • 2012(XXII) Foundations Of Banking Origin. Governance And Normative Profiles In The Italian Context
    by Adalberto RANGONE

  • 2011 eGuides in kulturellen Einrichtungen: Deutschsprachige Museums-Apps
    by Ahlfeldt, Andreas

  • 2011 Performance Measurement Systems in Theatres: The Case of the Municipal Theatre of Ferrara
    by Francesco Badia & Elena Borin

  • 2011 University-Industry interactions and knowledge transfer mechanisms: a critical survey
    by Azele Mathieu

  • 2011 Quality competition with profit constraints: Do non-profit firms provide higher quality than for-profit firms?
    by Kurt R. Brekke & Luigi Siciliani & Odd Rune Straume

  • 2011 Competition in Health Care Markets
    by Martin Gaynor & Robert J. Town

  • 2011 Identity, incentives and their dynamics in the production of publicly provided goods
    by Paolo POLIDORI & Désirée TEOBALDELLI

  • 2011 Patent Office Governance and Patent System Quality
    by Pierre M. Picard & Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie

  • 2011 Quality competition with profit constraints: Do non-profit firms provide higher quality than for-profit firms?
    by Brekke, Kurt R. & Siciliani, Luigi & Straume, Odd Rune

  • 2011 Designing a Global Standardized Methodology for Measuring Social Entrepreneurship
    by Jan Lepoutre & Rachida Justo & Siri Terjesen & Niels Bosma

  • 2011 Endogenous Timing in a Mixed Duopoly: Wighted Welfare and Price Competition
    by Sedano Hoyuelos, Máximo & Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos

  • 2011 Patent office Governance and Patent System Quality
    by Bruno Van Pottelsberghe & Pierre M. Picard

  • 2011 Discrimination by Microcredit Officers:Theory and Evidence on Disability in Uganda
    by Pierre-Guillaume Méon & Roy Mersland & Ariane Szafarz & Marc Labie

  • 2011 Patent Office Governance and Patent System Quality
    by Picard, Pierre M & van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno

  • 2011 Quality competition with profit constraints: Do non-profit firms provide higher quality than for-profit firms?
    by Brekke, Kurt Richard & Siciliani, Luigi & Straume, Odd Rune

  • 2011 Patent office governance and patent system quality

  • 2011 Internal Audit Essential Component In The Structure Of A Modern Company

  • 2011 Effects of Procedural Justice Perception, Budgetary Control Effectiveness and Ethical Work Climate on Propensity to Create Budgetary Slack
    by Ozer, Gokhan & Yilmaz, Emine

  • 2011 Ein-Euro-Jobs und regulaere Beschaeftigung
    by Christian Hohendanner

  • 2011 Designing a Balanced Scorecard for the Evaluation of a Local Authority Organization
    by Anthoula Kladogeni & Alexandros Hatzigeorgiou

  • 2011 No excuses for good behavior: Volunteering and the social environment
    by Linardi, Sera & McConnell, Margaret A.

  • 2011 The demand for products linked to public goods: Evidence from an online field experiment
    by McManus, Brian & Bennet, Richard

  • 2011 Non-partisan ‘get-out-the-vote’ efforts and policy outcomes
    by Kovenock, Dan & Roberson, Brian

  • 2011 Foundations and social economy: conceptual approaches and socio-economic relevance
    by Marta Rey García & Luis Ignacio Álvarez González

  • 2011 Social economy and the fourth sector, base and protagonist of social innovation
    by Julio Jiménez Escobar & Alfonso Carlos Morales Gutiérrez

  • 2011 Some Aspects of the Behaviour of Informal Economy
    by Kamen Kamenov

  • 2011 Some Aspects of the Behaviour of Informal Economy
    by Kamen Kamenov

  • 2010 Elementos de "Gestão Cultural"
    by Pinho, Maria Inês

  • 2010 Withering academia?
    by Bruno S. Frey

  • 2010 Pay as you go: a new proposal for museum pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner

  • 2010 Defining the nonprofit sectors in Japan and England & Wales: A comparative assessment of common versus civil law
    by Rosario Laratta & Chris Mason

  • 2010 Guidelines for the preparation of budgets in not-for-profit organizations
    by Malki, Elli

  • 2010 Competition and the Strategic Choices of Churches
    by Adam D. Rennhoff & Mark F. Owens

  • 2010 Religious Organizations
    by Gilat Levy & Ronny Razin

  • 2010 Withering Academia
    by Bruno S. Frey

  • 2010 Pay as You Go: A New Proposal for Museum Pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner

  • 2010 Withering Academia?
    by Bruno S. Frey

  • 2010 Pay as you Go: A New Proposal for Museum Pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner

  • 2010 The Dissemination of Scholarly Information: Old Approaches and New Possibilities
    by Al-Ubaydli, O. & Pollock, R.

  • 2010 Relational Goods and the Well-being of People Working in Italian Social Cooperatives
    by Nunzia Nappo

  • 2010 Understanding Radical Change: An Examination of Management Departments in German-speaking Universities
    by Marina Fiedler & Isabell Welpe & Arnold Picot

  • 2009 Non-partisan 'Get-out-the-vote' efforts and policy outcomes
    by Kovenock, Dan & Roberson, Brian

  • 2009 Modeling Internal Decision Making Process: An Explanation of Conflicting Empirical Results on Behavior of Nonprofit and For-Profit Hospitals
    by Carroll, Kathleen & Ruseski, Jane

  • 2009 Network analysis of co-operation between research institutions - example of ESPON Programme
    by Płoszaj, Adam & Wojnar, Katarzyna

  • 2009 Energy management in 21st century: an inquiry into the mounting corporate hegemony over basic human necessities and the role of civil society as a countervailing force
    by Dey, Dipankar

  • 2009 Charitable Memberships, Volunteering, and Discounts: Evidence from a Large-Scale Online Field Experiment
    by Andreas Lange & Andrew Stocking

  • 2009 Non-Partisan 'Get-Out-the-Vote' Efforts and Policy Outcomes
    by Dan Kovenock J. & Brian Roberson

  • 2009 Human Resource Constraints for Electricity Regulation in Developing Countries: Has Anything Changed?
    by Pollitt, M.G. & Stern, J.

  • 2009 Liberalization, Corporate Governance, and Savings Banks
    by Manuel Illueca & Lars Norden & Gregory F. Udell

  • 2009 Evaluation Of Municipal Services In Selected Wards Of Dhaka City Corporation: Citizen’S Perspective
    by Mohammad Shakil AKTHER & Ishrat ISLAM & Md Musleh Uddin HASAN

  • 2009 A Spatial Analysis On The Provision Of Urban Public Services And Their Deficiencies: A Study Of Some Selected Blocks In Khulna City, Bangladesh
    by Khan Rubayet RAHAMAN & Md. SALAUDDIN

  • 2009 Ethical Management Systems for Not-for-profit Organizations
    by Antonio Argandona

  • 2009 Forme proprietarie ed efficienza produttiva nei servizi socio-assistenziali. Un’analisi non-parametrica
    by Sergio Destefanis & Ferdinando Ofrìa

  • 2009 Capacity Investment and Mixed Duopoly with State-Owned and Labor-Managed Firms
    by Kazuhiro Ohnishi

  • 2008 Creating Philanthropy Initiatives to Enhance Community Vitality
    by Edelman, Mark & Burke, Sandra Charvat

  • 2008 Wealth Transfer: A Philanthropic Opportunity for Community Development Practitioners
    by Edelman, Mark & Burke, Sandra Charvat

  • 2008 New institutional economics: a guidebook
    by Brousseau, Eric & Glachant, Jean-Michel

  • 2008 Valuation of privatization in Europe by experts and stakeholders : results of explorative surveys and interviews ; EU-supported project understanding privatization policy: political economy and welfare effects
    by Gernot Nerb & Siegfried Schönherr & Bennet Schroeder

  • 2008 L’analisi economica delle regole di origine: verso una nuova modellistica teorica ed empirica / Rules of origin in international trade: new theoretical and empirical models
    by Garavello, Oscar

  • 2008 Agevolazioni fiscali e settore non profit nell’esperienza italiana / Tax breaks and the non profit sector in Italy
    by Figari, Francesco & Gandullia, Luca & Petrini, Marco

  • 2008 Is there a Difference Between For-Profit Versus Not-For-Profit Charter Schools?
    by Cynthia D Hill & David Welsch

  • 2008 Social Entrepreneurship in the Context of Romania’s European Integration
    by Bibu, Nicolae Aurelian & Orhei, Loredana

  • 2008 The "De Medici New Generation": The Italian Foundations' Collections and Philanthropy in the Third Millennium
    by Besana, Angela

  • 2008 Social Economy and Social Economics –The Situation in the Republic of Ireland
    by Herrmann, Peter

  • 2008 The Demand for Products Linked to Public Goods: Evidence from an Online Field Experiment
    by Brian McManus & Richard Bennet

  • 2008 Who Benefits From Microfinance? The Impact Evaluation Of Large Scale Programs In Bangladesh
    by Asadul Islam Author-X-Name-Asadul

  • 2008 Economies of scale and efficiency measurement in Switzerland's Nursing homes
    by Medhi Farsi & Massimo Filippini & Diego Lunati

  • 2008 Non-Profit Organizations in a Bureaucratic Environment
    by Grout, Paul & Schnedler, Wendelin

  • 2008 Non-Profit Organizations in a Bureaucratic Environment
    by Grout, Paul & Schnedler, Wendelin

  • 2008 Principal-Agent Theory and Nonprofit Accountability
    by Richard Steinberg

  • 2008 How Green is Your Campus? An Analysis of the Factors that Drive Universities to Embrace Sustainability
    by Sarah L. Stafford

  • 2008 Inventorship and Authorship in Patent-Publication Pairs: an Enquiry into the Economics of Scientific Credit
    by Francesco Lissoni & Fabio Montobbio

  • 2008 Voluntary Work and Reciprocity: A Normative Approach
    by Marco MUSELLA & Nunzia NAPPO

  • 2008 Economies of Scale and Efficiency Measurement in Switzerland's Nursing Homes
    by Mehdi Farsi & Massimo Filippini & Diego Lunati

  • 2008 Strategic Commitment and International Mixed Competition with Domestic State-owned and Foreign Labor-managed Firms
    by Kazuhiro Ohnishi

  • 2008 Responsabilidad social y cooperativismo. El Fondo de Educación y Promoción (FEP) como indicador social en el caso del cooperativismo de crédito/Social Responsibility and Cooperativism. The Fund for Education and Promotion (FEP) as a social indicator in the case of Cooperativist credit

  • 2008 The integration of the non-profit sector in a Social Accounting Matrix: methodological issues, empirical evidences and employment effects for Italy
    by Giovanni Cerulli

  • 2008 Relationships between nongovernmental organizations and the main actors from their environment
    by Ioan NICOLAE

  • 2007 “A Note on Access Pricing, Role Exchangeability and Incentives to Invest”
    by Chisari, Omar O.

  • 2007 The Impact of Relative Prices on Welfare and Inequality in Brazil, 1995-2005
    by Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares & Rafael Guerreiro Osório

  • 2007 Verdrängen Ein-Euro-Jobs sozialversicherungspflichtige Beschäftigung in den Betrieben?
    by Hohendanner, Christian

  • 2007 La gestión de la comunicación como elemento generador de transparencia en las organizaciones no lucrativas
    by José Mª Herranz de la Casa

  • 2006 Qualitätsmanagement als Instrument des Risikomanagements am Beispiel des Krankenhauses
    by Heduschka, Katrin

  • 2006 Die sozialwirtschaftliche Branche als qualitatives Ratingkriterium - unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von NPO-Krankenhäusern
    by Beck, Andreas

  • 2006 Performance Improvement in Public Organizations, How to Leverage ICT Investments
    by Martikainen, Olli & Autere, Jussi & Nurmela, Markku

  • 2006 The Effects of HMO and Its For-Profit Expansion on the Survival of Specialized Hospital Services
    by Yu-Chu Shen

  • 2006 Evaluating Gains from Mergers in a Non-Parametric Public Good Model of Police Services
    by Richard Simper & Tom Weyman-Jones

  • 2006 Are Improving Terms of Trade Helping Reduce Poverty in Africa?
    by Andrew Mold

  • 2006 Managing intellectual assets within knowledge-based partnerships: Insights from a survey of public laboratories collaborating with industry
    by John Gabriel Goddard & Marc Isabelle

  • 2006 Managing intellectual assets within knowledge-based partnerships: Insights from a survey of public laboratories collaborating with industry
    by Goddard, John Gabriel & Isabelle, Marc

  • 2006 La mission manageriale risorsa delle aziende
    by Gian Franco Corio

  • 2006 Economic and social studies of scientific research: nature and origins
    by Mario Coccia

  • 2006 How Responsive are Charitable Donors to Requests to Give?
    by Bariş K. Yörük

  • 2006 Career Success in Not For Profit Organizations
    by Martin A. Steinbereithner

  • 2006 Investment Decisions in a New Mixed Market
    by Kazuhiro Ohnishi

  • 2006 Balance y tendencias en la investigación sobre Tercer Sector no lucrativo. Especial referencia al caso español
    by Antonia Sajardo Moreno & Rafael Chaves

  • 2006 La fiscalidad de las fundaciones: un equilibrio entre la promoción del Estado social y la competencia en los mercados
    by Julio Jiménez Escobar

  • 2006 Democracia y cultura organizacional en las cooperativas. El caso del cooperativismo de trabajo asociado andaluz
    by Antonio José Romero Ramírez

  • 2005 Wrapping Illegitimate Creative Organizations to make them Legitimate? An ethnographic exploration of strategies deployed by Artistic Squats in Paris to acquire legitimacy
    by Gond, Jean-Pascal & Le Theule, Marie-Astrid & Sponem, Samuel

  • 2005 Die Besteuerung gemeinnütziger Organisationen im internationalen Vergleich : Forschungsvorhaben des Bundesministeriums der Finanzen
    by Peter Friedrich & Anita Kaltschütz & Chang Woon Nam & Rüdiger Parsche & Dietmar Wellisch

  • 2005 Strategic Services Policies and International Trade Integration in Vietnam
    by Gabriele, Alberto

  • 2005 Special Lattice Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets And Applications In Management In Non-Profit Organizations
    by Tepavcevic, A. & Pešic, A.

  • 2005 Internes Rating spezieller Kundensegmente bei den Banken in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Nonprofit-Organisationen
    by Kramer, Jost W.

  • 2005 Risikomanagement im Krankenhaus
    by Pippig, Melanie

  • 2005 The Impact of Entry and Competition by Open Source Software on Innovation Activity
    by Jürgen Bitzer & Philipp J.H. Schröder

  • 2005 The effectiveness of Antitrust Enforcement in Argentina, Chile and Perú during the 90´
    by Margaretic, Paula & Martinez, Maria Fernanda & Petrecolla, Diego

  • 2005 Magison-ison: A parallel reality construction of war among Joloano Muslim Survivors in Sulu, Philippines
    by Usman-Laput, Lea

  • 2005 Hospital Ownership and Financial Performance: A Quantitative Research Review
    by Yu-Chu Shen & Karen Eggleston & Joseph Lau & Christopher Schmid

  • 2005 Toward an Understanding of the Economics of Charity: Evidence from a Field Experiment
    by Craig Landry & Andreas Lange & John A. List & Michael K. Price & Nicholas G. Rupp

  • 2005 Constraining Managers without Owners: Governance of the Not-for-Profit Enterprise
    by Mihir A. Desai & Robert J. Yetman

  • 2005 Vermögensanlage und Vermögensmanagement von Stiftungen
    by Hübl, Lothar & Dreyer, Matthias

  • 2005 Italy’s Privatization Process and Its Implications for China
    by Bernardo Bortolotti

  • 2005 La Comunicazione Integrata tra Uffici per le Relazioni con il Pubblico della Pubblica Amministrazione
    by Gian Franco Corio

  • 2005 Analysis of the resource concentration on size and research performance: The case of Italian National Research Council over the period 2000-2004
    by Mario Coccia & Secondo Rolfo

  • 2005 Analysis of the resource concentration on size and research performance: The case of Italian National Research Council over the period 2000-2004
    by Edoardo Lorenzetti

  • 2005 Szimultán elszámoltathatóság és kapcsolatrendszerek a nonprofit szervezetek működésében
    by Farkas, Ferenc & Molnár, Mónika

  • 2005 The role of non-governmental non-profit organisations in the provision of social services and the palliation of poverty
    by Mihaela Bronic

  • 2005 Reflexiones en torno a la Responsabilidad Social de las Empresas, sus políticas de promoción y la economía social
    by Eliseo Fernández Daza

  • 2005 Die Besteuerung gemeinnütziger Organisationen im internationalen Vergleich
    by Anita Dehne

  • 2004 Besonderheiten beim Rating von Krankenhäusern
    by Kramer, Jost W.

  • 2004 La desregulación del Mercado de Energía y la nueva regulación. La política energética. El caso europeo
    by Oriolo, Miriam

  • 2004 Le istituzioni non-profit in Italia. Dimensioni organizzative, economiche e sociali
    by Schilirò, Daniele

  • 2004 Good governance in microcredit strategy for poverty reduction: focus on western Mindanao, Philippines
    by Moreno, Frede

  • 2004 Standing on Academic Shoulders: Measuring Scientific Influence in Universities
    by James D. Adams & J. Roger Clemmons & Paula E. Stephan

  • 2004 Autonomy of the University and the Professionalisation of its Organisation of Control
    by Oliver Fabel & Dominique Demougin

  • 2004 Performance Differences in German Higher Education: Empirical Analysis of Strategic Groups
    by Susanne Warning

  • 2004 Defining pro-poor growth: a response to Kakwani
    by Martin Ravallion

  • 2004 Conditional Cash Transfer: a vaccine against poverty and inequality?
    by Fabio Veras Soares

  • 2004 Incentives and invention in universities
    by Saul Lach & Mark Schankerman

  • 2004 La construction collective du problème dans la recherche-action : difficultés, ressorts et enjeux
    by Allard-Poesi, Florence & Perret, Véronique

  • 2004 Incentives and Workers’ Motivation in the Public Sector
    by Josse Delfgaauw & Robert Dur

  • 2004 La construction collective du problème dans la recherche-action:difficultés, ressorts et enjeux
    by Florence Allard-Poesi & Véronique Perret

  • 2003 Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Messung von Kundenzufriedenheit in einem Krankenhaus
    by Pippig, Melanie

  • 2003 Concentración horizontal en un ambiente regulado. El caso de la distribución de electricidad en el Area Metropolitana de Buenos Aires
    by Petrecolla, Diego & Romero, Carlos

  • 2003 Managerial discretion, incentives and governance rules for non-profit organizations
    by Antonelli, Maria Alessandra

  • 2003 Scale Of Technology Magnitude For Measuring The Spatial Attract Of Technology Transfer
    by Mario Coccia

  • 2003 Incentives and Invention in Universities
    by Lach, Saul & Schankerman, Mark

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