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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L3: Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise
/ / / L30: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 Koordination, Lernen und Innovation zur Entwicklung peripherer ländlicher Regionen: Phase II der Begleitforschung zum Modellvorhaben LandZukunft
    by Kundolf, Stefan & Küpper, Patrick & Margarian, Anne & Wandinger, Christian

  • 2016 Do Tax Credits Increase Charitable Giving? Evidence from Arizona and Iowa
    by Daniel Teles

  • 2016 The qualia experience of museum visitors---A case study of National Museum of History, Taiwan
    by Y-Chun Tsai

  • 2016 A simple model for cash flow management in nonprofits
    by Malki, Elli

  • 2016 Improving the Peer Review Process: A Proposed Market System
    by Frijters, Paul & Torgler, Benno

  • 2016 Compensation and Intrinsic Motivation in Nonprofit and For-Profit Organizations
    by DeVaro, Jed & Maxwell, Nan & Morita, Hodaka

  • 2016 Corruption and Incompetence in Public Procurement
    by Antonio Estache & Renaud Foucart

  • 2016 Раздел 6. Институциональные Изменения
    by V. Mau & A. Bozhechkova & A. Kiyutsevskaya & P. Trunin & S. Belev & A. Alaev & A. Mamedov & E. Fomina & A. Abramov & A. Shadrin & O. Izriadnova & S. Drobyshevskiy & M. Kazakova & S. Tsukhlo & G. Idrisov & A. Kaukin & Yu. Ponomarev & Yu. Bobylev & E. Gataulina & N. Shagaida & V. Uzun & R. Ianbykh & N. Volovik & M. Baeva & A. Knobel & L. Karachurina & T. Kliachko & I. Dezhina & G. Malginov & A. Radygin & G. Zadonskiy & E. Apevalova & N. Polezhaeva & G. Sternik & V. Tsymbal & I. Starodubrovskaya & K. Kazenin & V. Zatsepin

  • 2016 Workplace accommodation for older teachers in Japan and Germany: The role of the institutional context in supporting late career options for teachers with ill health
    by Schroeder, Heike & Higo, Masa & Flynn, Matt

  • 2016 HRM responses to ageing societies in Germany and Japan: Contexts for comparison
    by Jackson, Keith & Debroux, Philippe

  • 2016 Discussion about Evaluation of Private Non-profit Success
    by Jindřich Špička & Petr Boukal & Hana Vávrová

  • 2016 Strategic managerial delegation and industrial policy competition in vertically-related markets
    by Chang, Winston W. & Chen, Fang-yueh

  • 2015 Stochastic income and conditional generosity
    by Kellner, Christian & Reinstein, David & Riener, Gerhard

  • 2015 Data envelopment analysis, endogeneity and the quality frontier for public services
    by David J. Mayston

  • 2015 Lean Education System: A Case Study
    by Tolga Memika & Tülay Korkusuz Polat

  • 2015 Transfer of Know-how for SMEs in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. White Paper: Georgia
    by Maya Grigolia & Lasha Labadze & Pavol Minarik & Alena Zemplinerova & Marek Vokoun

  • 2015 Using Creative Problem Solving (Cps) To Improve Efficiency In A Non-Profit Organization
    by Sousa, Fernando & Castelão, Paula & Monteiro, Ileana & Pellissier, René

  • 2015 Health Care Systems’ Evolvement and the Changing Role of the State in Selected CEEC
    by Jacek Klich

  • 2015 Corps Intermédiaires, Civil Society, and the Art of Association
    by Jacob T. Levy

  • 2015 Regulation, firm dynamics and entrepreneurship
    by Braunerhjelm, Pontus & Desai, Sameeksha & Eklund, Johan E.

  • 2015 Financial vulnerability: an empirical study of Ugandan NGOs
    by Berta SILVA & Ronelle BURGER

  • 2015 Payment Evasion
    by Buehler, Stefan & Halbheer, Daniel & Lechner, Michael

  • 2015 Giving and Probability
    by Christian Keller & David Reinstein & Gerhard Riener & Michael Sanders

  • 2015 Раздел 6. Институциональные Изменения
    by G. Malginov & A. Radygin & Yu. Simachev & E. Apevalova & N. Polezhaeva & G. Zadonsky & M. Kuzyk & G. Sternik & V. Tsymbal & V. Zatsepin & I. Starodubrovskaya

  • 2015 Section 6. Institutional Changes
    by G. Malginov & A. Radygin & E. Apevalova & N. Polezhaeva & Ju. Simachev & M. Kuzyk & G. Zadonsky & G. Sternik & I. Starodubrovskaya & K. Kazenin

  • 2015 Section 6-7. Military Economy and Military Reform in Russia
    by V. Zatsepin & V. Tsymbal

  • 2015 Behavioral consequences of customers’ satisfaction with banking products and services
    by Florin-Lucian ISAC & Anca-Maria IONESCU & Andrei DOBRE

  • 2015 La empresa social. Experiencias innovadoras a través del deporte
    by Cristina López-Cózar Navarro & Tiziana Priede Bergamini & Javier del Arco Juan

  • 2015 The Effect of Schooling on Cognitive Skills
    by Magnus Carlsson & Gordon B. Dahl & Björn Öckert & Dan-Olof Rooth

  • 2015 Property management of the state treasury of the Russian Federation: some of the current trends
    by Malginov, Georgiy & Radygin, Alexander

  • 2015 Translating as response to paradoxes – when implementing HRM strategies in service organisations
    by Sandoff, Mette & Widell, Gill

  • 2015 Can Management Practices Make a Difference? Nonprofit Organization Financial Performance during Times of Economic Stress
    by Qian Hu & Naim Kapucu

  • 2015 Il ruolo delle reti pubblico-private per l’innovazione dei servizi nelle smart cities
    by Luisa Enrichiello & Alessandra Marasco

  • 2015 Executive compensation, organizational performance, and governance quality in the absence of owners
    by Newton, Ashley N.

  • 2015 Does hospital competition improve health care delivery in China?
    by Pan, Jay & Qin, Xuezheng & Li, Qian & Messina, Joseph P. & Delamater, Paul L.

  • 2015 The Training And Continued Improvement Of Human Resources In The Romanian Police Force - Particularities
    by MUSCALU Emanoil & VADUVA Andreea

  • 2014 Neue Beteiligungs- und Steuerungsprozesse in der ländlichen Entwicklung: Phase I der Begleitforschung zum Modellvorhaben
    by Küpper, Patrick & Kundolf, Stefan & Margarian, Anne

  • 2014 Bundling information goods under 'breakeven' price
    by Kuroda, Toshifumi

  • 2014 "Das große Ziel immer im Auge behalten": Sportimmanente Indikatoren des Trainerstils von Jürgen Klopp - Transfermöglichkeiten für Führungskräfte in Genossenschaftsbanken
    by Voll, Stefan & Alt, Daniel

  • 2014 NGOs, from the Promotion of Civic Participation to Public Problems Solving
    by Golmohammadpoor Azar, Kamran & Banae Babazadeh, Amin

  • 2014 Fatal Attraction: health care agglomeration and its consequences
    by Stephen Sheppard & Michael Hellstern

  • 2014 Culture Concentration
    by Stephen Sheppard

  • 2014 Prassi deliberativa, creazione di spazi pubblici e community welfare
    by Sacchetti, Silvia

  • 2014 The Emergence of For-Profit Higher Education Institutions
    by Jacqmin, Julien

  • 2014 NGOs, from the Promotion of Civic Participation to Public Problems Solving
    by Banae Babazadeh, Amin & Golmohammadpoor Azar, Kamran

  • 2014 The Efficiency of the Portuguese Agricultural Credit Co-operatives Governance Model
    by Paula CABO & João REBELO

  • 2014 Reviving Social Economy in Romania – between emerging social enterprises in all sectors, surviving communist coops, and subsidiaries of globalization actors
    by Cristina BARNA & Ancuta VAMEsU

  • 2014 Can competition reduce quality?
    by Brekke, Kurt Richard & Siciliani, Luigi & Straume, Odd Rune

  • 2014 Una aproximación regional a la eficiencia y productividad de los hospitales públicos colombianos
    by Antonio José Orozco Gallo

  • 2014 Are Donors Afraid of Charities' Core Costs? Scale Economies in Non-profit Provision and Charity Selection
    by Carlo Perroni & Ganna Pogrebna & Sarah Sandford & Kimberley Ann Scharf

  • 2014 Pro Bono Work and Trust in Expert Fields
    by David Ong & Chun-Lei Yang

  • 2014 Corporate Philanthropy and Productivity: Evidence from an Online Real Effort Experiment
    by Mirco Tonin & Michael Vlassopoulos

  • 2014 Can Competition Reduce Quality?
    by Kurt R. Brekke & Luigi Siciliani & Odd Rune Straume

  • 2014 Theoretical And Methodological Approaches On The Evaluation Of Business Incubators
    by DOGA-MÎRZAC, Mariana & NAVAL, Elvira

  • 2014 BOOK REVIEW: Dante Cracogna, Antonio Fici, and Hagen Henrÿ (Eds.): International Handbook of Cooperative Law
    by Giustino Di Cecco

  • 2014 Organizational structure, police activity and crime
    by Ater, Itai & Givati, Yehonatan & Rigbi, Oren

  • 2014 Provision and price of child care services: For-profits and nonprofits
    by Owens, Mark F. & Rennhoff, Adam D.

  • 2014 Hey look at me: The effect of giving circles on giving
    by Karlan, Dean & McConnell, Margaret A.

  • 2014 Performance outcomes of balanced scorecard application in hospital administration in China
    by LIN, Zhijun & YU, Zengbiao & ZHANG, Liqun

  • 2013 Nonprofit tax exemptions and market structure: The case of fitness centers
    by Harrison, Teresa & Seim, Katja

  • 2013 African Jobless Growth Morphology:Vulnerabilities and Policy Responses

  • 2013 Motivation in paid work for non-profit organisations: the case of Private Social Solidarity Institutions
    by Teresa Proenca & Simone Cristina

  • 2013 Propuesta para mejorar la progresividad del subsidio cruzado al agua potable en SEDAPAL
    by José Luis Bonifaz

  • 2013 Innovation and Inclusive Development: A Discussion of the Main Policy Issues
    by Caroline Paunov

  • 2013 Do Tax Incentives Affect Charitable Contributions? Evidence from Public Charitiesâ Reported Revenues
    by Nicolas J. Duquette

  • 2013 Governance Typology of Universities' Technology Transfer Processes
    by Anja Schoen & Joachim Henkel & Bruno Van Pottelsberghe

  • 2013 Member Value in Co-operatives
    by Suter, Peter & Gmür, Markus

  • 2013 South Sudan's Capability Trap: Building a State with Disruptive Innovation
    by Larson, Greg & Ajak, Peter Biar & Pritchett, Lant

  • 2013 It's All about MeE: Using Structured Experiential Learning ("e") to Crawl the Design Space
    by Pritchett, Lant & Samji, Salimah & Hammer, Jeffrey

  • 2013 Private Provision of Public Goods and Information Diffusion in Social Groups
    by Kimberley Ann Scharf

  • 2013 Impure Prosocial Motivation in Charity Provision: Warm-Glow Charities and Implications for Public Funding
    by Kimberley Ann Scharf

  • 2013 Free to choose? The impact of healthcare reform
    by Martin Gaynor & Carol Propper & Stephan Seiler

  • 2013 A Two-production-period Model with State-owned and Labour-managed Firms
    by Kazuhiro Ohnishi

  • 2013 The Role of Participatory Governance in the EMES Approach to Social Enterprise
    by Victor Pestoff

  • 2013 Social economy entities: a worldwide overview
    by Alina Aurelia Grigore

  • 2013 Transformative Education for an Ideal Society: A Case in Pakistan
    by Raazia Hassan Naqvi & Muhammad Ibrar

  • 2013 Credit where credit is due? The impact of project contributions and social factors on authorship and inventorship
    by Haeussler, Carolin & Sauermann, Henry

  • 2013 Patent office governance and patent examination quality
    by Picard, Pierre M. & van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno

  • 2013 Inventorship and authorship as attribution rights: An enquiry into the economics of scientific credit
    by Lissoni, Francesco & Montobbio, Fabio & Zirulia, Lorenzo

  • 2013 Financial constraints of private firms and bank lending behavior
    by Behr, Patrick & Norden, Lars & Noth, Felix

  • 2012 Peer effects and academics' industry involvement: The moderating role of age on professional imprinting
    by Aschhoff, Birgit & Grimpe, Christoph

  • 2012 Einsatz von eGuides auf der Marienburg in Malbork (Polen): Erhebung und Analyse einer Best Practice
    by Sulk, Ingolf & Klotz, Michael

  • 2012 Competition in the market for supplementary health insurance: The case of competing nonprofit sickness funds
    by Ellert, Alexander & Urmann, Oliver

  • 2012 Culture Shocks and Consequences: the connection between the arts and urban economic growth
    by Peter Pedroni & Stephen Sheppard

  • 2012 Competition in Public School Districts: Charter School Entry, Student Sorting, and School Input Determination
    by Nirav Mehta

  • 2012 Nuove competenze manageriali per i musei italiani nello scenario delle riforme del settore pubblico e dell'universita'
    by Francesco Badia & Anna Maria Visser Travagli

  • 2012 Social Incentives Matter: Evidence from an Online Real Effort Experiment
    by Tonin, Mirco & Vlassopoulos, Michael

  • 2012 Family control and expropriation at not-for-profit organizations: evidence from korean private universities
    by Bae, Kee-Hong & Kim, Seung-Bo & Kim, Woochan

  • 2012 Crisis Caused Changes in Intrinsic Liquidity Value in Non-Profit Institutions
    by Michalsky, Grzegorz

  • 2012 Can competition reduce quality?
    by Kurt R. Brekke & Luigi Siciliani & Odd Rune Straume

  • 2012 Free to Choose? Reform and Demand Response in the English National Health Service
    by Martin Gaynor & Carol Propper & Stephan Seiler

  • 2012 The Trillion Dollar Conundrum: Complementarities and Health Information Technology
    by David Dranove & Christopher Forman & Avi Goldfarb & Shane Greenstein

  • 2012 Motivational Capital and Incentives in Health Care Organisations
    by Mikel Berdud & Juan M. Cabasés Hita & Jorge Nieto

  • 2012 The non-government organizations in Slovakia and Austria and the current state of their self-financing
    by Gabriela Vaceková & Mária Svidroòová

  • 2012 The Effect of Tax Credit on Politically Distorted Allocations: A Theoretical Approach
    by Ryo Ishida

  • 2012 Can competition reduce quality?
    by Brekke, Kurt R. & Siciliani, Luigi & Straume, Odd Rune

  • 2012 Value Oriented Organizations with Value Neutral Hierarchies
    by Echeverría, Manuel

  • 2012 Failures of the State: Theory and Policy
    by Revold Entov & Alexander Radygin

  • 2012 Free to choose?: reform and demand response in the English National Health Service
    by Martin Gaynor & Carol Propper & Stephan Seiler

  • 2012 Hey Look at Me: The Effect of Giving Circles on Giving
    by Dean Karlan & Margaret A. McConnell

  • 2012 Hey Look at Me: The Effect of Giving Circles on Giving
    by Karlan, Dean & McConnell, Margaret A.

  • 2012 Governance Typology of Universities' Technology Transfer Processes
    by Anja Schoen & Bruno Van Pottelsberghe & Joachim Henkel

  • 2012 Influence des technologies de l’information sur la performance d’une organisation publique - Influence of Information technologies on public organization performance
    by Carine Luangsay-Catelin & Rajaa Roybier

  • 2012 Free to Choose? Reform and Demand Response in the English National Health Service
    by Gaynor, Martin & Propper, Carol & Seiler, Stephan

  • 2012 Hey Look at Me: The Effect of Giving Circles on Giving
    by Karlan, Dean S. & McConnell, Margaret

  • 2012 Free to Choose? Reform and Demand Response in the English National Health Service
    by Martin Gaynor & Carol Propper & Stephan Seiler

  • 2012 Free to Choose? Reform and Demand Response in the English National Health Service
    by Martin Gaynor & Carol Propper & Stephan Seiler

  • 2012 Competition in Health Care Markets
    by Martin Gaynor & Robert J Town

  • 2012 The constitution, organization and operation of non-profit organizations
    by Franca DUMITRU & Maria MORARU

  • 2012 Social economy: going local to achieve the Strategy Europe 2020. Romania Case
    by Cristina Barna

  • 2012 Analysis of Cross-Country Differences in the Non-Profit Sector Size
    by Primož Pevcin

  • 2012 The Contribution of FDI, Technology and R&D to Spillovers in Industrial Development: A South African Firm-Level Investigation
    by Ewert P. J. Kleynhans & Sibulele Zwedala

  • 2012 Essentials of University Strategy Development in the Field of Lifelong Learning
    by POPESCU Alina Irina

  • 2012 Corporate social responsibility in the mining industry: Perspectives from stakeholder groups in Argentina
    by Mutti, Diana & Yakovleva, Natalia & Vazquez-Brust, Diego & Di Marco, Martín H.

  • 2012 Quality competition with profit constraints
    by Brekke, Kurt R. & Siciliani, Luigi & Straume, Odd Rune

  • 2012(XXII) Foundations Of Banking Origin. Governance And Normative Profiles In The Italian Context
    by Adalberto RANGONE

  • 2011 eGuides in kulturellen Einrichtungen: Deutschsprachige Museums-Apps
    by Ahlfeldt, Andreas

  • 2011 Performance Measurement Systems in Theatres: The Case of the Municipal Theatre of Ferrara
    by Francesco Badia & Elena Borin

  • 2011 University-Industry interactions and knowledge transfer mechanisms: a critical survey
    by Azele Mathieu

  • 2011 Quality competition with profit constraints: Do non-profit firms provide higher quality than for-profit firms?
    by Kurt R. Brekke & Luigi Siciliani & Odd Rune Straume

  • 2011 Competition in Health Care Markets
    by Martin Gaynor & Robert J. Town

  • 2011 Identity, incentives and their dynamics in the production of publicly provided goods
    by Paolo POLIDORI & Désirée TEOBALDELLI

  • 2011 Patent Office Governance and Patent System Quality
    by Pierre M. Picard & Bruno van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie

  • 2011 Quality competition with profit constraints: Do non-profit firms provide higher quality than for-profit firms?
    by Brekke, Kurt R. & Siciliani, Luigi & Straume, Odd Rune

  • 2011 Endogenous Timing in a Mixed Duopoly: Wighted Welfare and Price Competition
    by Sedano Hoyuelos, Máximo & Bárcena Ruiz, Juan Carlos

  • 2011 Patent office Governance and Patent System Quality
    by Bruno Van Pottelsberghe & Pierre M. Picard

  • 2011 Discrimination by Microcredit Officers:Theory and Evidence on Disability in Uganda
    by Pierre-Guillaume Méon & Roy Mersland & Ariane Szafarz & Marc Labie

  • 2011 Patent Office Governance and Patent System Quality
    by Picard, Pierre M & van Pottelsberghe de la Potterie, Bruno

  • 2011 Quality competition with profit constraints: Do non-profit firms provide higher quality than for-profit firms?
    by Brekke, Kurt Richard & Siciliani, Luigi & Straume, Odd Rune

  • 2011 Patent office governance and patent system quality

  • 2011 Competition in Health Care Markets
    by Gaynor, Martin & Town, Robert J.

  • 2011 La percepción sobre la responsabilidad social en las sociedades cooperativas de trabajo asociado y las sociedades laborales: un análisis en el ámbito de la ciudad de Madrid
    by Juan Carlos García Villalobos & Javier Iturrioz del Campo & José Luis Mateu Gordon & Ricardo Palomo Zurdo

  • 2011 Internal Audit Essential Component In The Structure Of A Modern Company

  • 2011 Effects of Procedural Justice Perception, Budgetary Control Effectiveness and Ethical Work Climate on Propensity to Create Budgetary Slack
    by Ozer, Gokhan & Yilmaz, Emine

  • 2011 Ein-Euro-Jobs und regulaere Beschaeftigung
    by Christian Hohendanner

  • 2011 State Owned Enterprises, Entrepreneurship and Local Development: A Case From Turkey
    by Murat Cokgezen

  • 2011 Nonprofit Organizations in Disaster Response and Management: A Network Analysis
    by Naim Kapucu & Farhod Yuldashev & Mary Ann Feldheim

  • 2011 Designing a Balanced Scorecard for the Evaluation of a Local Authority Organization
    by Anthoula Kladogeni & Alexandros Hatzigeorgiou

  • 2011 No excuses for good behavior: Volunteering and the social environment
    by Linardi, Sera & McConnell, Margaret A.

  • 2011 The demand for products linked to public goods: Evidence from an online field experiment
    by McManus, Brian & Bennet, Richard

  • 2011 Non-partisan ‘get-out-the-vote’ efforts and policy outcomes
    by Kovenock, Dan & Roberson, Brian

  • 2011 Foundations and social economy: conceptual approaches and socio-economic relevance
    by Marta Rey García & Luis Ignacio Álvarez González

  • 2011 Social economy and the fourth sector, base and protagonist of social innovation
    by Julio Jiménez Escobar & Alfonso Carlos Morales Gutiérrez

  • 2011 Some Aspects of the Behaviour of Informal Economy
    by Kamen Kamenov

  • 2011 Some Aspects of the Behaviour of Informal Economy
    by Kamen Kamenov

  • 2010 Elementos de "Gestão Cultural"
    by Pinho, Maria Inês

  • 2010 Withering academia?
    by Bruno S. Frey

  • 2010 Pay as you go: a new proposal for museum pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner

  • 2010 Defining the nonprofit sectors in Japan and England & Wales: A comparative assessment of common versus civil law
    by Rosario Laratta & Chris Mason

  • 2010 Guidelines for the preparation of budgets in not-for-profit organizations
    by Malki, Elli

  • 2010 Competition and the Strategic Choices of Churches
    by Adam D. Rennhoff & Mark F. Owens

  • 2010 Religious Organizations
    by Gilat Levy & Ronny Razin

  • 2010 Withering Academia
    by Bruno S. Frey

  • 2010 Pay as You Go: A New Proposal for Museum Pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner

  • 2010 Withering Academia?
    by Bruno S. Frey

  • 2010 Pay as you Go: A New Proposal for Museum Pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner

  • 2010 The Dissemination of Scholarly Information: Old Approaches and New Possibilities
    by Al-Ubaydli, O. & Pollock, R.

  • 2010 Relational Goods and the Well-being of People Working in Italian Social Cooperatives
    by Nunzia Nappo

  • 2010 Emprendedurismo y economía social como mecanismos de inserción sociolaboral en tiempos de crisis
    by Amparo Melián Navarro & Vanessa Campos Climent

  • 2010 Understanding Radical Change: An Examination of Management Departments in German-speaking Universities
    by Marina Fiedler & Isabell Welpe & Arnold Picot

  • 2010 A Critique of the 2009 Global "Go-To Think Tanks" Ranking
    by Christian Seiler & Klaus Wohlrabe

  • 2009 Non-partisan 'Get-out-the-vote' efforts and policy outcomes
    by Kovenock, Dan & Roberson, Brian

  • 2009 Modeling Internal Decision Making Process: An Explanation of Conflicting Empirical Results on Behavior of Nonprofit and For-Profit Hospitals
    by Carroll, Kathleen & Ruseski, Jane

  • 2009 Network analysis of co-operation between research institutions - example of ESPON Programme
    by Płoszaj, Adam & Wojnar, Katarzyna

  • 2009 Energy management in 21st century: an inquiry into the mounting corporate hegemony over basic human necessities and the role of civil society as a countervailing force
    by Dey, Dipankar

  • 2009 Charitable Memberships, Volunteering, and Discounts: Evidence from a Large-Scale Online Field Experiment
    by Andreas Lange & Andrew Stocking

  • 2009 Non-Partisan 'Get-Out-the-Vote' Efforts and Policy Outcomes
    by Dan Kovenock J. & Brian Roberson

  • 2009 Human Resource Constraints for Electricity Regulation in Developing Countries: Has Anything Changed?
    by Pollitt, M.G. & Stern, J.

  • 2009 Liberalization, Corporate Governance, and Savings Banks
    by Manuel Illueca & Lars Norden & Gregory F. Udell

  • 2009 Evaluation Of Municipal Services In Selected Wards Of Dhaka City Corporation: Citizen’S Perspective
    by Mohammad Shakil AKTHER & Ishrat ISLAM & Md Musleh Uddin HASAN

  • 2009 A Spatial Analysis On The Provision Of Urban Public Services And Their Deficiencies: A Study Of Some Selected Blocks In Khulna City, Bangladesh
    by Khan Rubayet RAHAMAN & Md. SALAUDDIN

  • 2009 Ethical Management Systems for Not-for-profit Organizations
    by Antonio Argandona

  • 2009 Collaborative Public Management and Collaborative Governance: Conceptual Similarities and Differences
    by Naim Kapucu & Farhod Yuldashev & Erlan Bakiev

  • 2009 Forme proprietarie ed efficienza produttiva nei servizi socio-assistenziali. Un’analisi non-parametrica
    by Sergio Destefanis & Ferdinando Ofrìa

  • 2009 Capacity Investment and Mixed Duopoly with State-Owned and Labor-Managed Firms
    by Kazuhiro Ohnishi

  • 2008 Creating Philanthropy Initiatives to Enhance Community Vitality
    by Edelman, Mark & Burke, Sandra Charvat

  • 2008 Wealth Transfer: A Philanthropic Opportunity for Community Development Practitioners
    by Edelman, Mark & Burke, Sandra Charvat

  • 2008 L’analisi economica delle regole di origine: verso una nuova modellistica teorica ed empirica / Rules of origin in international trade: new theoretical and empirical models
    by Garavello, Oscar

  • 2008 Agevolazioni fiscali e settore non profit nell’esperienza italiana / Tax breaks and the non profit sector in Italy
    by Figari, Francesco & Gandullia, Luca & Petrini, Marco

  • 2008 Is there a Difference Between For-Profit Versus Not-For-Profit Charter Schools?
    by Cynthia D Hill & David Welsch

  • 2008 Social Entrepreneurship in the Context of Romania’s European Integration
    by Bibu, Nicolae Aurelian & Orhei, Loredana

  • 2008 The "De Medici New Generation": The Italian Foundations' Collections and Philanthropy in the Third Millennium
    by Besana, Angela

  • 2008 Social Economy and Social Economics –The Situation in the Republic of Ireland
    by Herrmann, Peter

  • 2008 The Demand for Products Linked to Public Goods: Evidence from an Online Field Experiment
    by Brian McManus & Richard Bennet

  • 2008 Who Benefits From Microfinance? The Impact Evaluation Of Large Scale Programs In Bangladesh
    by Asadul Islam Author-X-Name-Asadul

  • 2008 Economies of scale and efficiency measurement in Switzerland's Nursing homes
    by Medhi Farsi & Massimo Filippini & Diego Lunati

  • 2008 Non-Profit Organizations in a Bureaucratic Environment
    by Grout, Paul & Schnedler, Wendelin

  • 2008 Non-Profit Organizations in a Bureaucratic Environment
    by Grout, Paul & Schnedler, Wendelin

  • 2008 Principal-Agent Theory and Nonprofit Accountability
    by Richard Steinberg

  • 2008 How Green is Your Campus? An Analysis of the Factors that Drive Universities to Embrace Sustainability
    by Sarah L. Stafford

  • 2008 Inventorship and Authorship in Patent-Publication Pairs: an Enquiry into the Economics of Scientific Credit
    by Francesco Lissoni & Fabio Montobbio

  • 2008 Valuation of privatization in Europe by experts and stakeholders : results of explorative surveys and interviews ; EU-supported project understanding privatization policy: political economy and welfare effects
    by Gernot Nerb & Siegfried Schönherr & Bennet Schroeder

  • 2008 Voluntary Work and Reciprocity: A Normative Approach
    by Marco MUSELLA & Nunzia NAPPO

  • 2008 Economies of Scale and Efficiency Measurement in Switzerland's Nursing Homes
    by Mehdi Farsi & Massimo Filippini & Diego Lunati

  • 2008 Strategic Commitment and International Mixed Competition with Domestic State-owned and Foreign Labor-managed Firms
    by Kazuhiro Ohnishi

  • 2008 Responsabilidad social y cooperativismo. El Fondo de Educación y Promoción (FEP) como indicador social en el caso del cooperativismo de crédito/Social Responsibility and Cooperativism. The Fund for Education and Promotion (FEP) as a social indicator in the case of Cooperativist credit

  • 2008 The integration of the non-profit sector in a Social Accounting Matrix: methodological issues, empirical evidences and employment effects for Italy
    by Giovanni Cerulli

  • 2008 Partnerships and Perceived Organizational Effectiveness of Nonprofit Organizations
    by Naim Kapucu & Tolga Arslan & Bridget Healy

  • 2008 Relationships between nongovernmental organizations and the main actors from their environment
    by Ioan NICOLAE

  • 2007 “A Note on Access Pricing, Role Exchangeability and Incentives to Invest”
    by Chisari, Omar O.

  • 2007 The Impact of Relative Prices on Welfare and Inequality in Brazil, 1995-2005
    by Sergei Suarez Dillon Soares & Rafael Guerreiro Osório

  • 2007 Verdrängen Ein-Euro-Jobs sozialversicherungspflichtige Beschäftigung in den Betrieben?
    by Hohendanner, Christian

  • 2007 De la protesta a la propuesta: la Asociación Civil Labor
    by Felipe Portocarrero & Cynthia Sanborn & James Loveday & Oswaldo Molina

  • 2007 La gestión de la comunicación como elemento generador de transparencia en las organizaciones no lucrativas
    by José Mª Herranz de la Casa

  • 2006 Qualitätsmanagement als Instrument des Risikomanagements am Beispiel des Krankenhauses
    by Heduschka, Katrin

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    by Beck, Andreas

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