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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O3: Innovation; Research and Development; Technological Change; Intellectual Property Rights
/ / / O39: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)
  2. Technology Assessment
  3. Socio-Economics of Innovation
  4. Economic Growth

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Barriers to cross-region research and development collaborations in Europe. Evidence from the fi_x000C_fth European Framework Programme
    by Aurélien Fichet de Clairfontaine & Manfred M. Fischer & Rafael Lata & Manfred Paier

  • 2015 Evolutionary convergence of the patterns of international research collaborations across scientific fields
    by Wang L. & Coccia M.

  • 2015 Homework Completion: Perceptions and Comparisons of 6th-12th Grade Students Using Traditional and Digital Submission
    by Adel Al-Bataineh & David Hallatt & Megan Huss & Catherine Unsbee

  • 2015 The Relationship of Learner Characteristics of Gaming with Math Engagement
    by Mido Chang & Sunha Kim & Namok Choi

  • 2015 Implementing Bioremediation Technologies to Degrade Chemical Warfare Agents and Explosives from War Affected Regions in Sri Lanka
    by Elackiya Sithamparanathan

  • 2015 Software Architecture Model for Mattu Gulla Cultivators
    by Dasharathraj Kodu Shetty & Srikanth Prabhu & Prajual PJ & Dinesh Acharya & Avinash Singh

  • 2015 Critical Factor Conceptual Model for ERP Adaption in Print Industry
    by Dasharathraj K Shetty & Avinash Kumar Singh & Srikanth Prabhu & Ramakrishna Nayak & Lewlyn L.R. Rodrigues

  • 2015 Prizes versus Contracts as Incentives for Innovation
    by Yeon-Koo Che & Elisabetta Iossa & Patrick Rey

  • 2015 Open Innovation research: trends and influences – a bibliometric analysis
    by Santos, Antonio Bob

  • 2015 Quantum theory of firm
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 Regionalne zroznicowanie aktywnosci przedsiebiorstw przemyslowych w zakresie wykorzystania finansowych instrumentow publicznego wsparcia innowacji w okresie 2011-2013
    by Wieslawa Gieranczyk & Agata Kordowska

  • 2015 PATSTAT revisited
    by Tarasconi, Gianluca & Kang, Byeongwoo

  • 2015 Eye in the Sky: Contextualizing Development with Online Privacy Concern in Western Balkan Countries
    by Vedran Recher & Jelena Budak & Edo Rajh

  • 2015 Corporate Social Innovation as a Driver of Performance and Welfare
    by Susanna Ulinski

  • 2015 Intellectual property rights and developing countries: The north-south-east model
    by Caner Demir & Aykut Lenger

  • 2015 Intellectual property rights and developing countries: The north-south-east model
    by Caner Demir & Aykut Lenger

  • 2015 Intellectual property rights and developing countries: The north-south-east model
    by Caner Demir & Aykut Lenger

  • 2015 Living Innovation:Competing in the 21st Century Access Economy
    by Herv� Mathe

  • 2015 Moving towards Cloud Security
    by Edit Szilvia Ruboczki & Zoltán Rajnai

  • 2015 Cloud Robotics Platforms
    by Busra Koken

  • 2015 Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises And Social Networks In Tourism Industry In Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

  • 2015 Service innovation and internationalization in SMEs: Implications for growth and performance
    by Kunttu, Anna & Torkkeli, Lasse

  • 2015 Proposals for Implementing Data Analysis Solutions for Fraud Detection
    by Bãnãrescu Adrian

  • 2015 Innovators’ Vs. Non- Innovators’ Perceptions On Business Barriers In Southeastern Europe
    by Ljiljana Bozic & Valerija Botric

  • 2015 Key Trends In Co-Publication Activities Of Ukrainian And The Eu Scientists In 2003-2013
    by Katharina BÜSEL & Philipp BRUGNER & Igor YEGOROV & Victor RYBACHUK

  • 2015 Service Innovation And Its Impact: What Do We Know About? / Innovación En Servicios Y Su Impacto: ¿Qué Es Lo Que Sabemos?
    by Durst, Susanne & Mention, Anne-Laure & Poutanen, Petro

  • 2015 Knowledge Assets In Services Across Industries And Across Time / Los Activos De Conocimiento En Diversas Industrias De Servicios A Lo Largo Del Tiempo
    by Erickson, G. Scott & Rothberg, Helen N.

  • 2015 Prospects for Telemedicine Adoption: Prognostic Modeling as Exemplified by Rural Areas of USA
    by Jisun Kim & Hamad Alanazi & Tugrul Daim

  • 2015 Innovation systems and knowledge communities in the agriculture and agrifood sector: a literature review
    by Jean-Marc Touzard & Ludovic Temple & Guy Faure & Bernard Triomphe

  • 2015 Innovations in the Enterprises from the Furniture Industry
    by Radostina Popova

  • 2015(XXV) Preventing and Detecting Fraud through Data Analytics in auto insurance field
    by Adrian BANARESCU & Aurel-Mihail BALOI

  • 2014 Informatyka & przyszlosc

  • 2014 Leadership-driven innovation & evolution of societies
    by Coccia M.

  • 2014 The Role of Conferences on the Pathway to Academic Impact: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
    by Fernanda L. L. de Leon & Ben McQuillin

  • 2014 The role of conferences on the pathway to academic impact: Evidence from a natural experiment
    by Fernanda L. L. de Leon & Ben McQuillin

  • 2014 Agent-Based E-Commerce and its Contribution to Economy
    by Isil Karabey & Ugur Guven Adar

  • 2014 A Model of Social Interactivity through Internet-based Technologies: Implications for Marketing Communications
    by Boonchai Hongcharu

  • 2014 Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises And Social Networks In Tourism Industry In Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

  • 2014 Satisfaction With The Selection Of An Erp System. Experts Opinions For Sme
    by Claudia van der Vorst

  • 2014 Universities, Funding Systems, and the Renewal of the Industrial Knowledge Base: UNI Project Findings
    by Luukkonen, Terttu

  • 2014 Project-based funding and novelty in university research: Findings from Finland and the UK
    by Pelkonen, Antti – Thomas

  • 2014 ICT Standardization and use of ICT standards: a firm level analysis
    by Riillo, Cesare Fabio Antonio

  • 2014 ICT and R&D as inputs or efficiency determinants? Analysing the manufacturing Italian firms over the 2007-2009
    by Bonanno, Graziella

  • 2014 The Significance of Research and Development for Economic Growth: The Case of Pakistan
    by Khan, Jangraiz & Rehman Khattak, Naeem Ur

  • 2014 Value added trade and structure of high-technology exports in China
    by Kuroiwa, Ikuo

  • 2014 SWINNO: A Database of Swedish Innovations, 1970-2007
    by Sjöö, Karolin & Taalbi, Josef & Kander, Astrid & Ljungberg, Jonas

  • 2014 Ict And R&D As Inputs Or Efficiency Determinants? Analysing Italian Manufacturing Firms 2007-2009
    by Graziella Bonanno

  • 2014 Productivity Spillovers from FDI in the People's Republic of China: A Nuanced View
    by Cheryl Xiaoning Long & Galina Hale & Hirotaka Miura

  • 2014 Organizational And Economic Mechanism Of Sustainable Development Of Rural Border Regions: Theoretical Essence And Practical Significance

  • 2014 Light Duty Vehicle Battery Costs
    by Thomas Longden

  • 2014 Spill or leak? Carbon leakage with international technology spillovers: A CGE analysis
    by Gerlagh, Reyer & Kuik, Onno

  • 2014 Estimating the changes in the distribution of energy efficiency in the U.S. automobile assembly industry
    by Boyd, Gale A.

  • 2014 Sistema para la evaluación de capacidades de innovación en pymes de países en desarrollo: caso Panamá
    by Sidia Moreno Rojas & Agueda García Carrillo

  • 2014 Emprendedorismo tecnológico y género en la Argentina: factores determinantes en la percepción de auto-eficacia emprendedora
    by Luisa De Los Angeles Mayoral & Carmen María Salvador Ferrer

  • 2014 Índice de desempeño innovador en los subsectores industriales colombianos entre 1996 y 2005
    by Jorge Alonso Manrique Henao & Jorge Robledo Velásquez & Álvaro Lema Tapias

  • 2014 Consideraciones sobre la valoración tecnológica en la base de la pirámide
    by Claudia Nelcy Jiménez & Oscar Castellanos

  • 2014 Innovación social abierta en el diseño de una política y estrategia de formalización sostenible: un caso colombiano de gobierno colaborativo
    by Iván Darío Hernández & Oscar Sánchez

  • 2014 El rol de los aspectos emocionales en la gestión de la cultura innovadora
    by Maria Isabel Camio

  • 2014 Influencia de la capacidad de absorción sobre la innovación: un análisis empírico en las mipymes colombianas
    by Carlos Hernán González Campo & Andrea Hurtado Ayala

  • 2014 The Collaborative Poles Network And The Development Of An Efficient Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
    by Roxana VOICU-DOROBANŢU & Aron JINARU & Alexandru CARAGEA

  • 2014 Knowledge generating features of intelligent textiles industry
    by Adriana Radan UNGUREANU

  • 2014 The contribution of R&D to production efficiency in OECD countries: econometric analysis of industry-level panel data
    by Margo Liik & Jaan Masso & Kadri Ukrainski

  • 2014 Evolutions and Opportunities of Business Education in the Context of Educational Reform from the Digital Age
    by Bogdan Onete & Doru Plesea & Ioana Teodorescu & Alice Cîrstea

  • 2013 Future of Russia: Macroeconomic Scenarios in the Global Context
    by Elena Abramova & Alexander Apokin & Dmitry Belousov & Alexander Frolov & Kirill Mikhailenko & Elena Penukhina

  • 2013 Energy Singularity: From Scarcity to Abundance
    by Jose Luis Cordeiro

  • 2013 X-Events as Determinants of the Sixth Kondratieff Wave
    by John Casti

  • 2013 Innovation Development Programmes for the State-owned Companies: First Results
    by Mikhail Gershman

  • 2013 Medicine of the Future: Opportunities for Breakthrough through the Prism of Technology Foresight
    by Ilya Kaminskiy & Ludmila Ogorodova & Maxim Patrushev & Alexander Chulok

  • 2013 In-house R&D and External Knowledge Acquisition What Makes Chinese Firms Productive?
    by Böing, Philipp & Müller, Elisabeth & Sandner, Philipp

  • 2013 Foreign direct investment, productivity, demand for skilled labour and wage inequality: an analysis for Uruguay
    by Adriana Peluffo

  • 2013 Knowledge Transfer and the ‘Academic Enterprise’ in the Algarve: Contributions from Social Studies of Science and Technology to the Understanding of University-Firm Relations
    by Pinto, Hugo

  • 2013 The Influence of Science and Technology Park Characteristics on Firms’ Innovation Results
    by Albahari, Alberto & Barge-Gil, Andrés & Pérez-Canto, Salvador & Modrego-Rico, Aurelia

  • 2013 Exploration of the Future - a Key to Sustainable Development
    by Vatroslav Zovko

  • 2013 Creative Destruction with On-the-Job Search
    by Jean-Baptiste Michau

  • 2013 Forces That Enhance Or Reduce Employee Resistance To Change
    by Prediscan Mariana & Bradutanu Daniela & Roiban Roxana Nadina &

  • 2013 Centrumok és perifériák - régiók az európai kutatás-fejlesztésben
    by Borsi, Balázs & Mikita, József

  • 2013 L’innovazione a livello regionale. Tecnologia, istituzioni ed imprenditorialità nel cluster svedese delle life sciences
    by Elisa Basso

  • 2013 Las políticas públicas de desarrollo empresarial e innovación desde la perspectiva de la nueva gestión pública y la gobernanza: caso CREAME
    by Geovanny Perdomo Charry & José Enrique Arias Pérez

  • 2012 A statistical analysis of China's patent quality situation and larger innovation ecosystem
    by Prud'homme, Dan

  • 2012 Dulling the Cutting Edge: How Patent-Related Policies and Practices Hamper Innovation in China
    by Prud'homme, Dan

  • 2012 Learning-by-Doing and Its Implications for Economic Growth and International Trade
    by Mao, Zi-Ying

  • 2012 Adaptation and Innovation: An Analysis of Crop Biotechnology Patent Data
    by Shardul Agrawala & Cécile Bordier & Victoria Schreitter & Valerie Karplus

  • 2012 The Influence of Leadership on Academic Scientists' Propensity to Commercialize Research Findings
    by Stefan Krabel & Alexander Schacht

  • 2012 Aproximación no tradicional a los flujos internacionales de conocimiento colombiano
    by Jenny Paola Lis Gutiérrez

  • 2012 The interaction between the multiplier effect and the acceleration principle: An approximation for Colombia
    by José Reyes Bernal Bellón & Carlos Arturo Meza Carvajalino

  • 2012 The Intellectual Capital Statement in Knowledge-based Organizations: The practitioners’ and Academics’ Answer for Reporting the IC
    by Dicu Roxana Manuela

  • 2012 Technologies for Freedom: Una visión de la tecnología para el desarrollo humano /Technologies for Freedom: A Technological Approach to Human Development

  • 2012 Mapping Futures Studies
    by Rafael Popper

  • 2012 Innovación y Política Tecnológica: el caso del Sector Transformador y el Sector Servicios a Empresas
    by Castaño Martínez, María Soledad

  • 2012 Introducción: Variedad de temas y de tratamientos sobre la Innovación
    by Gómez Uranga, Mikel & Etxebarria Kerexeta, Goio

  • 2012 Scope and patterns of innovation cooperation in Spanish service enterprises
    by Trigo, Alexandre & Vence, Xavier

  • 2012 Inter-technology knowledge spillovers for energy technologies
    by Nemet, Gregory F.

  • 2012 A Panel Causality Analysis of the Relationship among Research and Development, Innovation, and Economic Growth in High-Income OECD Countries
    by Bulent Guloglu & R. Baris Tekin

  • 2012 Mesurer l'innovation des régions européennes :Un nouvel indicateur composite
    by Pierre De Clercq

  • 2012 Management And Analysis Of European Project Proposals In The Framework Programme 7
    by Margareta FLORESCU & Viorel VULTURESCU & Mariana BALAN

  • 2012 Ict, Informational Innovation And Knowledge-Based Economy
    by Mohamed Neffati

  • 2011 L’Apprentissage des Collectifs de Travail Structuré par les TIC dans le Domaine des Services Informatiques
    by Khadidja BENALLOU & Baghdad BENTAHRI

  • 2011 The sources of Iran's Business Cycles
    by Delavari, Majid & Mohammadali, Hanieh & Naderi, Esmaeil & Gandali Alikhani, Nadiya

  • 2011 Multiple futures for higher education in a multi-level structure
    by Havas, Attila

  • 2011 Implementation of technological breakthroughs at sector level and the technology-bias
    by Stijepic, Denis & Wagner, Helmut

  • 2011 Does a Rising Tide Lift All Boats? Welfare Consequences of Asymmetric Growth
    by Murphy, Daniel P

  • 2011 Time-Varying Occupational Contents: An Additional Link between Occupational Task Profiles and Individual Wages
    by Alexandra Fedorets

  • 2011 Desarrollo sostenible y transferencia de tecnologías limpias
    by Andrés Fuerte Posada

  • 2011 Broadband ranking of regions and its methodological basis
    by Szilvia BOTOS

  • 2011 Opportunity To Reduce Resistance To Change In A Process Of Organizational Change
    by Prediscan Mariana & Sacui Violeta

  • 2011 Web 2.0 Technologies in Internal and External Communications in the Banking Sector
    by Marton Sakal & Predrag Matkovic & Pere Tumbas

  • 2011 Empowering Patients through ICT, Organisational Impact on Healthcare Systems in England and Scotland
    by Maria LLUCH

  • 2011 Reflexiones acerca de los desarrollos recientes del modelo de crecimiento de Harrod
    by José Reyes Bernal-Bellón

  • 2011 How do organisations manage to develop collaborative innovation? The case of the tactical strike and reconnaissance aircraft (TSR-2)
    by Pierre Barbaroux

  • 2011 Patent and Licensing Strategies in Management of Industrial Companies
    by Rumiana Georgieva

  • 2010 A review of the influence of long-term patterns in research and technological development (R&D) formalisation on university-industry links
    by André Luiz de Campos

  • 2010 A demand side perspective on multinational corporations’ (MNC) university-industry links: the case of Unilever
    by André Luiz de Campos

  • 2010 Effective Policies for Research Infrastructure: The role of foresight
    by Havas, Attila

  • 2010 Technological Capability Building in Informal Firms in the Agricultural Subsistence Sector In Tanzania: Assessing the Role of Gatsby Clubs
    by Szogs, Astrid & Mwantima, Kelefa

  • 2010 Employer Sanctions, Illegal Migration and Welfare
    by Munirul H Nabin & Pasquale M Sgro

  • 2010 Protestants and Catholics: Similar Work Ethic, Different Social Ethic
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2010 The Knowledge Economy – a Chance for a Lasting Economical Growth After the Crisis
    by Belostecinic Grigore

  • 2010 State Research Institutions: Outlines of Future Reforms
    by Galina Kitova

  • 2010 Turkiye’de Bilgi Iletisim Teknolojileri ve Ekonomik Buyume: Ekonometrik Bir Analiz (1980-2008)
    by Sevda Yaprakli & Tuncay Saglam

  • 2010 Contemporary Appearance of Business Locations in Logistics System
    by Donka Zhelyazkova

  • 2010 The Role Of An Integrated E-Learning Platform In Increasing The Processmanagement Efficiency
    by Ph. D Student Mihai Logofatu Alexandru Constantin

  • 2009 Building-up Human Capital in Senegal- E-Learning for School-drop outs Possibilities of a Lifelong Learning Vision
    by Sissi Eklu-Natey & Karsten Sohns & Prof. Dr. Michael H. Breitner

  • 2009 Is it possible to define a universal technology management discipline?
    by Hacer ANSAL & Huriye AYGÖREN & Umut EKMEKÇİ

  • 2009 Research governance in academia: are there alternatives to academic rankings?
    by Margit Osterloh & Bruno S. Frey

  • 2009 The Role of Firms in Energy Transformation
    by Perrot, Rhadika

  • 2009 Lobbying and Growth: Explaining Differences among OECD Countries
    by Mehmet, Babacan

  • 2009 The Systematization of Disturbances Act upon E-commerce Systems
    by Suchánek, Petr & Vymětal, Dominik & Dolák, Radim

  • 2009 Identifikace, měření a analýza poruch E-Commerce systémů
    by Suchánek, Petr & Vymětal, Dominik

  • 2009 E-business Environment in the Global Information Society
    by Vymětal, Dominik & Suchánek, Petr

  • 2009 Realizace rozhraní e-commerce systémů v moderním podniku
    by Vymětal, Dominik & Suchánek, Petr

  • 2009 Determinants of the international influence of a R&D organisation: a bibliometric approach
    by Aurora A.C. Teixeira & José Sequeira

  • 2009 Assessing the influence of R&D institutions by mapping international scientific networks: the case of INESC Porto
    by José Sequeira & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2009 Determinants of the international influence of a R&D organisation: a bibliometric approach
    by Aurora A.C. Teixeira & José Sequeira

  • 2009 On the Relation Between the Endogenous Growth Rate of the Economy and the Dynamics of Renewable Resources
    by José Manuel Madeira Belbute & Paulo Brito

  • 2009 Implementation of Funding for the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP): A Personal Recollection
    by Bernhard Schäfers

  • 2009 Methodological Issues and Models in 'History Friendly' Simulations
    by Christian Garavaglia

  • 2009 Falling Kidnapping Rates and the Expansion of Mobile Phones in Colombia
    by Santiago Montenegro & Álvaro Pedraza

  • 2009 Impacts of the Crisis: Anticipating the Future
    by Marina Boykova & Diana Krupnikova

  • 2009 Intergenerational Partnership in Research and Development Activity
    by Gheorghe Zaman & Steliana Sandu & Irina Anghel

  • 2008 Konzept eines Centers der Informationslogistik im Kontext der Industrialisierung von Finanzdienstleistungen
    by Johanna Mählmann & Prof. Dr. Michael H. Breitner & Dr. Klaus-Werner Hartmann

  • 2008 On Factors explaining Organisational Innovation and its Effects
    by Koson Sapprasert

  • 2008 Knowledge Economics role in explaining growth and innovation
    by Khumalo, Bhekuzulu

  • 2008 Patenting activity and innovativeness in US and Japan: an econometric analysis
    by Gómez, Mario & Rodríguez, José Carlos

  • 2008 Inversión, progreso técnico y crecimiento económico. Más allá de Hussein y Thirlwall
    by José Reyes Bernal Bellón

  • 2008 La tasa de crecimiento garantizada de Harrod como ley del crecimiento económico. Una comprobación empírica
    by José Reyes Bernal Bellón

  • 2008 Macroeconomic Determinants Of Radical Innovations And Internet Banking In Europe
    by Erhan Atay

  • 2007 Küreselleşme baskısından çıkış için yeni bir yol: Bütünleşik teknolojik öğrenme
    by Salih Zeki İMAMOĞLU

  • 2007 Foreign-owned firms and technological capabilities in the Argentinean manufacturing industry
    by Costa, Ionara & Marin, Anabel

  • 2007 A New Nexus Between Foreign Direct Investment, Industrial and Innovation Policies
    by Costa, Ionara & Filippov, Sergey

  • 2007 Estimates of the steady state growth rates for selected Asian countries with an endogenous growth framework
    by Rao, B. Bhaskara

  • 2007 Research Cycles
    by Yann Bramoullé & Gilles Saint-Paul

  • 2007 Carbon Leakage with International Technology Spillovers
    by Reyer Gerlagh & Onno Kuik

  • 2007 Creative destruction with on-the-job search
    by Jean-Baptiste Michau

  • 2007 Research Cycles
    by Bramoullé, Yann & Saint-Paul, Gilles

  • 2007 Creative Destruction with On-the-Job Search
    by Jean-Baptiste Michau

  • 2007 Innovation Clusters in Technological Systems: A Network Analysis of 15 OECD Countries for the Middle '90s
    by Sandro Montresor & Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti

  • 2007 Large and small firms’ role in the knowledge-based industries innovation process
    by Rodríguez, José Carlos

  • 2007 Metrología Química I: Calibración de un pHmetro y Control de Calidad
    by Delgado, Marco & Vanegas, Manuel &, Gustavo

  • 2007 Method of Critical Technologies
    by Alexander Sokolov

  • 2007 Delphi Method in Foresight Exercises
    by Svetlana Kukushkina

  • 2007 North-South technology diffusion, regional integration, and the dynamics of the “natural trading partners” hypothesis
    by Maurice Schiff & Yanling Wang

  • 2007 Transferts technologiques Nord-Sud, intégration régionale et dynamique de l'hypothèse de « partenaires commerciaux naturels »
    by Maurice Schiff & Yanling Wang

  • 2007 Interação Universidade-Empresa no Brasil em 2002 e 2004: Uma Aproximação a Partir dos Grupos de Pesquisa do CNPq
    by Márcia Siqueira Rapini & Hérica Morais Righi

  • 2006 A General Equilibrium Model of the World Wool Market
    by George Verikios

  • 2006 Governance of Innovation in the Different Countries of the World
    by Manuel, Eduardo

  • 2006 Upgrading Japan's Innovation System to Sustain Economic Growth
    by Randall S. Jones & Tadashi Yokoyama

  • 2006 Strengthening Innovation in the Netherlands: Making Better Use of Knowledge Creation in Innovation Activities
    by David Carey & Ekkehard Ernst & Rebecca Oyomopito & Jelte Theisens

  • 2006 Research Cycles
    by Bramoullé, Yann & Saint-Paul, Gilles

  • 2006 Considerations On University Alliances: Motives, Risks And Characteristics
    by Deiaco, Enrico & Melin, Göran

  • 2006 Technical Change, Efficiency, Firm Size and Age in an R&D Intensive Sector
    by Elina Berghäll

  • 2006 Technical Efficiency in an R&D Intensive Industry: Finnish ICT Manufacturing
    by Elina Berghäll

  • 2006 R&D and Productivity Growth in Finnish ICT Manufacturing
    by Elina Berghäll

  • 2006 O diretório dos grupos de pesquisa do CNPq e a interação universidade-empresa no Brasil em 2004
    by Márcia Siqueira Rapini & Hérica Morais Righi

  • 2006 How Does Knowledge Transfer from Foreign Subsidiaries Affect Parent Companies' Innovative Capacity
    by Lucia Piscitello & Larissa Pabbiosi

  • 2006 Bolgesel Yenilik Sistemleri ve Devletin Rolu: Turkiye’deki Kurumsal Yapi ve Devlet Universiteleri
    by Aykut Lenger

  • 2006 Les usages d’Internet : facteurs de compétitivité de la «PME réseau»?
    by Serge Amabile & Martine Gadille

  • 2006 El Desarrollo Humano Sostenible: ¿un concepto para las transformaciones?
    by Jaime Alberto Rendón Acevedo

  • 2006 Interdependência entre os Estados Brasileiros: Uma Análise de Insumo-Produto
    by Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli

  • 2006(XVI) Aspects Of The Emerging Information Society In Relation To The Sustainable Development
    by Andreea-Clara MUNTEANU

  • 2006(XVI) The Language Competence And The It&C
    by Cornelia DUMITRU

  • 2006(XVI) The Efficiency Of Technology Transfer – Theoretical And Methodological Approach
    by Andreea-Clara MUNTEANU

  • 2005 Understanding Patents: The Role of R&D Funding Sources and the Patent Office
    by Paroma Sanyal

  • 2005 Structural Change during Transition: Is Russia Becoming a Service Economy?
    by Albrecht Kauffmann

  • 2005 Sustaining High Growth Through Innovation: Reforming the R&D and Education Systems in Korea
    by Yongchun Baek & Randall S. Jones

  • 2005 Measurement and Explanation of the Intensity of Co-publication in Scientific Research: An Analysis at the Laboratory Level
    by Jacques Mairesse & Laure Turner

  • 2005 Societal Innovation: between dream and reality lies complexity
    by Rotmans, J.

  • 2005 Interação universidade-empresa no Brasil: evidências do diretório dos grupos de pesquisa do CNPq
    by Márcia Siqueira Rapini

    by Márcia Siqueira Rapini & Herica Morais Righi

  • 2005 Sector Potentiality and Sources of Growth. An Analysis of Structural Changes in Italy in the Nineties
    by Andrea BONFIGLIO

  • 2005 The Ambiguity of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Hit or Doom?
    by Irene Fafaliou & Panagiotis Zervopoulos

  • 2004 Interaktives Mobile(M)-Learning auf kleinen Endgeräten wie PDAs und Smartphones
    by Liina Stotz & Gabriela Hoppe & Prof. Dr. Michael H. Breitner

  • 2004 Neues digitales BOS-Netz für Deutschland: Analyse der Probleme und mögliche Betriebskonzepte
    by Dennis Bode & Michael H. Breitner

  • 2004 Sustainable Business Models for E-Learning
    by Gabriela Hoppe & Michael H. Breitner

  • 2004 Generalized Knowledge Index: The Production, and Imputed Gross Future and Present Values of Doctoral Dissertations across Some African Countries
    by Voxi Heinrich S. Amavilah

  • 2004 Protestants and Catholics: Similar work ethic, different social ethic
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2004 On the integration of the Internet into informal science communication
    by Barjak, Franz

  • 2004 North-South Technology Diffusion, Regional Integration, and the Dynamics of the “Natural Trading Partners” Hypothesis
    by Schiff, Maurice & Wang, Yanling

  • 2004 North-South Technology Diffusion, Regional Integration, and the Dynamics of the "Natural Trading Partners" Hypothesis
    by Schiff, Maurice & Wang, Yanling

  • 2004 Modellierung der Sicherheit von Informationssystemen mit DROPS
    by Prieß, Andreas & Hoppe, Gabriela

  • 2004 The Extent and Consequences of Recent Structural Changes in the Australian Economy, 1997-2002: Results from Historical/Decomposition Simulations with MONASH
    by James Giesecke

  • 2004 Electronic Money Free Banking and Some Implications for Central Banking
    by Yuksel Gormez & Christopher Houghton Budd

  • 2004 Character Licencing and Intellectual Property
    by Roumiana Brestnichka

  • 2003 Classification and Sustainability Analysis of E-Learning Applications
    by Gabriela Hoppe & Michael H. Breitner

  • 2003 A Short-Time Prediction Of The Romanian Personal Computers Market Based On The Moore Law
    by Mateescu, George Daniel & Rasturnoiu, Constantin & Saman, Corina & Buneci, Mihai

  • 2003 The relevance of foresight for accession countries and possibilities for co-operation
    by Havas, Attila

  • 2003 Productivity in the Australian Dairy Industry
    by Tom Kompas & Tuong Nhu Che

  • 2003 Business Models for E-Learning
    by Hoppe, Gabriela & Breitner, Michael H.

  • 2003 The Beer Beneath The Froth: Preliminary findings from case studies of 25 small high technology firms
    by Thelma Quince & Hugh Whittaker

  • 2003 El empresario digital como determinante del éxito de las empresas puramente digitales: un estudio empírico
    by Christian Serarols & José M. Veciana

  • 2002 Ruling the Root: Internet Governance and the Taming of Cyberspace
    by Milton L. Mueller

  • 2002 Zur Rolle von Beteiligungskapitalgebern in ihren Portfoliounternehmen: Eine ökonometrische Analyse
    by Engel, Dirk

  • 2002 Der Einfluß von Konsumenten auf die Determinanten wirtschaftlicher Entwicklung: Ein evolutorisches Simulationsmodell
    by Buschle, Nicole-Barbara

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