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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O3: Innovation; Research and Development; Technological Change; Intellectual Property Rights
/ / / O39: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)
  2. Socio-Economics of Innovation
  3. Economic Growth
  4. Technology Assessment

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Innovation in UK higher education: A panel data analysis of undergraduate degree programmes
    by Hewitt-Dundas, Nola & Roper, Stephen

  • 2017 Massive Open Online Research: A Collaborative Approach to Tackle Wicked Research Issues
    by Marcelo Machado

  • 2017 Technological Progress, Labour Productivity and Economic Growth: Disentangling the Negative and Positive Effects

  • 2017 Design Flexibility In Product Forms
    by Sudhir Kumar Atreya & Sonal Atreya & Sushil S & Rhicha Shukla

  • 2017 Will Technological Change Save the World? The Rebound Effect in International Transfers of Technology
    by Mare Sarr & Tim Swanson

  • 2017 Accelerating Digital Trade in Latin America and the Caribbean
    by Kati Suominen

  • 2017 Health, Human Capital and Domestic Violence
    by Nicholas W. Papageorge & Gwyn C. Pauley & Mardge Cohen & Tracey E. Wilson & Barton H. Hamilton & Robert A. Pollak

  • 2017 Prizes versus Contracts as Incentives for Innovation
    by Che, Yeon-Koo & Iossa, Elisabetta & Rey, Patrick

  • 2017 Knowledge flows, firms' competencies, and patent citations: an analysis of the trajectory of IBM
    by Jorge Britto & Leonardo Costa Ribeiro & Lucas Araújo & Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque

  • 2017 Hacia una primera tipología de los sistemas regionales de innovación en Argentina
    by Niembro, Andrés

  • 2017 El efecto de la distancia económica sobre la colaboración científica entre universidades. Evidencia para las regiones del sur de Europa
    by Fernández Pérez, Ana & Ferrándiz León, Esther & León Rodríguez, Mª Dolores

  • 2017 Public support for innovation and the openness of firms’ innovation activities
    by Marcelo Cano-Kollmann & Robert D. HamiltonIII & Ram Mudambi

  • 2017 Knowledge Measurement and Productivity in a Research Program
    by Lin Qin & Steven T. Buccola

  • 2017 Multilingualism and the International Patent System: an Assessment of the Fairness of the Language Policy of WIPO
    by Michele Gazzola

  • 2017 Will Technological Change Save the World? The Rebound Effect in International Transfers of Technology
    by Mare Sarr & Tim Swanson

  • 2017 Determinants of citation impact: A comparative analysis of the Global South versus the Global North
    by Confraria, Hugo & Mira Godinho, Manuel & Wang, Lili

  • 2016 Technological revolutions and speculative finance: Evidence from the British Bicycle Mania
    by Quinn, William

  • 2016 Determinants of citation impact: A comparative analysis of the Global South versus the Global North
    by Confraria, Hugo & Godinho, Manuel & Wang, Lili

  • 2016 Prizes versus Contracts as Incentives for Innovation
    by Che, Yeon-Koo & Iossa, Elisabetta & Rey, Patrick

  • 2016 The Intellectual Development of Supply Chain Management: 1996 ? 2015
    by Hyae-Jung Lim & Chang-Kyo Suh

  • 2016 Recent economic theorising on innovation: Lessons for analysing social innovation
    by Havas, Attila

  • 2016 Innovation and public understanding of science: possibility of new indicators for the analysis of public attitudes to science, technology and innovation
    by Tartaruga, Iván G. Peyré & Cazarotto, Rosmari Terezinha & Martins, Clitia Helena Backx & Fukui, Ana

  • 2016 Innovación y emprendedurismo: Ordenando el rompecabezas de la Nueva Gestión Empresarial de la Innovación
    by Faiña Medín, J. Andres & Losada-Lopez, Chema & Montes-Solla, Paulino

  • 2016 The ‘fit’ between forward-looking activities and the innovation policy governance sub-system
    by Attila Havas & K. Matthias Weber

  • 2016 The effect of innovative activity in firm performance and development: Analysing data from eurozone
    by Ilias A. Makris

  • 2016 İnovasyon İndeksi Yardımıyla Türkiye’de İllerin Rekabetçilik Analizi: Düzey-III Örneği
    by Yasemin KARADENİZ YILMAZ & Mustafa YILMAZ & Mehmet Emin YİĞİTBAŞI & Orhan ÇOBAN

  • 2016 Potential and Limitations of Virtual Advice in Wealth Management
    by Cocca, Teodoro

  • 2016 Financing Research and Development Activities in the Construction Materials Industry. Comparative Study
    by Mircea-Iosif Rus

  • 2016 Strategic Aspects Of Innovation Management In The Enterprise Virtual-Intellectual Economy

  • 2016 Innovation Activity Of Family Business In South-West Planning Area

  • 2016 Productivity Growth and Entrepreneurship in Pakistan: The Role of Public Policy in Promoting Technology Management
    by Shaukat Hameed Khan

  • 2016 Inside the university technology transfer office: mission statement analysis
    by Ciara Fitzgerald & James A. Cunningham

  • 2016 Approaches for scientific collaboration and interactions in complex research projects under disciplinary influence
    by Eliasu Mumuni & Manniam Kaliannan & Patrick O’Reilly

  • 2016 Electronic ‘Knowledge Factories’ versus Micro-environment of Innovation: Who Will Win?
    by Alexandra Moskovskaya

  • 2016 Social and Business Innovations: Are Common Measurement Approaches Possible?
    by Attila Havas

  • 2016 The information infrastructure of knowledge-based economies in the years 1995–2010
    by Malgorzata Madrak-Grochowska

  • 2015 Barriers to cross-region research and development collaborations in Europe. Evidence from the fifth European Framework Programme
    by Aurélien Fichet de Clairfontaine & Manfred M. Fischer & Rafael Lata & Manfred Paier

  • 2015 Evolutionary convergence of the patterns of international research collaborations across scientific fields
    by Wang L. & Coccia M.

  • 2015 Homework Completion: Perceptions and Comparisons of 6th-12th Grade Students Using Traditional and Digital Submission
    by Adel Al-Bataineh & David Hallatt & Megan Huss & Catherine Unsbee

  • 2015 The Relationship of Learner Characteristics of Gaming with Math Engagement
    by Mido Chang & Sunha Kim & Namok Choi

  • 2015 Implementing Bioremediation Technologies to Degrade Chemical Warfare Agents and Explosives from War Affected Regions in Sri Lanka
    by Elackiya Sithamparanathan

  • 2015 Software Architecture Model for Mattu Gulla Cultivators
    by Dasharathraj Kodu Shetty & Srikanth Prabhu & Prajual PJ & Dinesh Acharya & Avinash Singh

  • 2015 Critical Factor Conceptual Model for ERP Adaption in Print Industry
    by Dasharathraj K Shetty & Avinash Kumar Singh & Srikanth Prabhu & Ramakrishna Nayak & Lewlyn L.R. Rodrigues

  • 2015 Prizes versus Contracts as Incentives for Innovation
    by Yeon-Koo Che & Elisabetta Iossa & Patrick Rey

  • 2015 Open Innovation research: trends and influences – a bibliometric analysis
    by Santos, Antonio Bob

  • 2015 Quantum theory of firm
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 Regionalne zroznicowanie aktywnosci przedsiebiorstw przemyslowych w zakresie wykorzystania finansowych instrumentow publicznego wsparcia innowacji w okresie 2011-2013
    by Wieslawa Gieranczyk & Agata Kordowska

  • 2015 PATSTAT revisited
    by Tarasconi, Gianluca & Kang, Byeongwoo

  • 2015 Eye in the Sky: Contextualizing Development with Online Privacy Concern in Western Balkan Countries
    by Vedran Recher & Jelena Budak & Edo Rajh

  • 2015 Corporate Social Innovation as a Driver of Performance and Welfare
    by Susanna Ulinski

  • 2015 Intellectual property rights and developing countries: The north-south-east model
    by Caner Demir & Aykut Lenger

  • 2015 Intellectual property rights and developing countries: The north-south-east model
    by Caner Demir & Aykut Lenger

  • 2015 Intellectual property rights and developing countries: The north-south-east model
    by Caner Demir & Aykut Lenger

  • 2015 Living Innovation:Competing in the 21st Century Access Economy
    by Hervé Mathe

  • 2015 Moving towards Cloud Security
    by Edit Szilvia Ruboczki & Zoltán Rajnai

  • 2015 Cloud Robotics Platforms
    by Busra Koken

  • 2015 The impact of African science: a bibliometric analysis
    by Hugo Confraria & Manuel Mira Godinho

  • 2015 Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises And Social Networks In Tourism Industry In Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

  • 2015 Service innovation and internationalization in SMEs: Implications for growth and performance
    by Kunttu, Anna & Torkkeli, Lasse

  • 2015 Proposals for Implementing Data Analysis Solutions for Fraud Detection
    by Bãnãrescu Adrian

  • 2015 Innovators’ Vs. Non- Innovators’ Perceptions On Business Barriers In Southeastern Europe
    by Ljiljana Bozic & Valerija Botric

  • 2015 Key Trends In Co-Publication Activities Of Ukrainian And The Eu Scientists In 2003-2013
    by Katharina BÜSEL & Philipp BRUGNER & Igor YEGOROV & Victor RYBACHUK

  • 2015 Service Innovation And Its Impact: What Do We Know About? / Innovación En Servicios Y Su Impacto: ¿Qué Es Lo Que Sabemos?
    by Durst, Susanne & Mention, Anne-Laure & Poutanen, Petro

  • 2015 Knowledge Assets In Services Across Industries And Across Time / Los Activos De Conocimiento En Diversas Industrias De Servicios A Lo Largo Del Tiempo
    by Erickson, G. Scott & Rothberg, Helen N.

  • 2015 Prospects for Telemedicine Adoption: Prognostic Modeling as Exemplified by Rural Areas of USA
    by Jisun Kim & Hamad Alanazi & Tugrul Daim

  • 2015 Innovation systems and knowledge communities in the agriculture and agrifood sector: a literature review
    by Jean-Marc Touzard & Ludovic Temple & Guy Faure & Bernard Triomphe

  • 2015 Innovations in the Enterprises from the Furniture Industry
    by Radostina Popova

  • 2015(XXV) Preventing and Detecting Fraud through Data Analytics in auto insurance field
    by Adrian BANARESCU & Aurel-Mihail BALOI

  • 2014 Informatyka & przyszlosc

  • 2014 Leadership-driven innovation & evolution of societies
    by Coccia M.

  • 2014 The Role of Conferences on the Pathway to Academic Impact: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
    by Fernanda L. L. de Leon & Ben McQuillin

  • 2014 The role of conferences on the pathway to academic impact: Evidence from a natural experiment
    by Fernanda L. L. de Leon & Ben McQuillin

  • 2014 Agent-Based E-Commerce and its Contribution to Economy
    by Isil Karabey & Ugur Guven Adar

  • 2014 A Model of Social Interactivity through Internet-based Technologies: Implications for Marketing Communications
    by Boonchai Hongcharu

  • 2014 Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises And Social Networks In Tourism Industry In Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

  • 2014 Satisfaction With The Selection Of An Erp System. Experts Opinions For Sme
    by Claudia van der Vorst

  • 2014 Universities, Funding Systems, and the Renewal of the Industrial Knowledge Base: UNI Project Findings
    by Luukkonen, Terttu

  • 2014 Project-based funding and novelty in university research: Findings from Finland and the UK
    by Pelkonen, Antti – Thomas

  • 2014 ICT Standardization and use of ICT standards: a firm level analysis
    by Riillo, Cesare Fabio Antonio

  • 2014 ICT and R&D as inputs or efficiency determinants? Analysing the manufacturing Italian firms over the 2007-2009
    by Bonanno, Graziella

  • 2014 The Significance of Research and Development for Economic Growth: The Case of Pakistan
    by Khan, Jangraiz & Rehman Khattak, Naeem Ur

  • 2014 Value added trade and structure of high-technology exports in China
    by Kuroiwa, Ikuo

  • 2014 SWINNO: A Database of Swedish Innovations, 1970-2007
    by Sjöö, Karolin & Taalbi, Josef & Kander, Astrid & Ljungberg, Jonas

  • 2014 Ict And R&D As Inputs Or Efficiency Determinants? Analysing Italian Manufacturing Firms 2007-2009
    by Graziella Bonanno

  • 2014 Productivity Spillovers from FDI in the People's Republic of China: A Nuanced View
    by Cheryl Xiaoning Long & Galina Hale & Hirotaka Miura

  • 2014 A evolução da indústria de máquinas e equipamentos no Brasil: Dedini e Romi, entre 1920 e 1960 [The evolution of the machinery and equipments industry in Brazil: Dedini and Romi, between 1920 and 1960]
    by Michel Deliberali Marson

  • 2014 Organizational And Economic Mechanism Of Sustainable Development Of Rural Border Regions: Theoretical Essence And Practical Significance

  • 2014 Analysis Of Regional Innovation Capacity: Baja California Case, Analisis De La Capacidad De Innovacion Regional: Caso Baja California
    by Virginia Guadalupe Lopez Torres & Ma. Enselmina Marin Vargas & Luis Ramon Moreno Moreno

  • 2014 Quality Management As Essential Tool For Competitiveness Of Metal Mechanical Branch State Southeast Coahuila La Gestion De Calidad Como Herramienta Esencial Para La Competitividad De Las Empresas De La Rama Metal Mecanica Del Sureste Del Estado De Coahuila
    by Baltazar Rodriguez Villanueva & Rosalva D. Vasquez Mireles & Yolanda Mejia de Leon

  • 2014 Light Duty Vehicle Battery Costs
    by Thomas Longden

  • 2014 Spill or leak? Carbon leakage with international technology spillovers: A CGE analysis
    by Gerlagh, Reyer & Kuik, Onno

  • 2014 Estimating the changes in the distribution of energy efficiency in the U.S. automobile assembly industry
    by Boyd, Gale A.

  • 2014 Sistema para la evaluación de capacidades de innovación en pymes de países en desarrollo: caso Panamá
    by Sidia Moreno Rojas & Agueda García Carrillo

  • 2014 Emprendedorismo tecnológico y género en la Argentina: factores determinantes en la percepción de auto-eficacia emprendedora
    by Luisa De Los Angeles Mayoral & Carmen María Salvador Ferrer

  • 2014 Índice de desempeño innovador en los subsectores industriales colombianos entre 1996 y 2005
    by Jorge Alonso Manrique Henao & Jorge Robledo Velásquez & Álvaro Lema Tapias

  • 2014 Consideraciones sobre la valoración tecnológica en la base de la pirámide
    by Claudia Nelcy Jiménez & Oscar Castellanos

  • 2014 Innovación social abierta en el diseño de una política y estrategia de formalización sostenible: un caso colombiano de gobierno colaborativo
    by Iván Darío Hernández & Oscar Sánchez

  • 2014 El rol de los aspectos emocionales en la gestión de la cultura innovadora
    by Maria Isabel Camio

  • 2014 Influencia de la capacidad de absorción sobre la innovación: un análisis empírico en las mipymes colombianas
    by Carlos Hernán González Campo & Andrea Hurtado Ayala

  • 2014 The Collaborative Poles Network And The Development Of An Efficient Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
    by Roxana VOICU-DOROBANŢU & Aron JINARU & Alexandru CARAGEA

  • 2014 Knowledge generating features of intelligent textiles industry
    by Adriana Radan UNGUREANU

  • 2014 The contribution of R&D to production efficiency in OECD countries: econometric analysis of industry-level panel data
    by Margo Liik & Jaan Masso & Kadri Ukrainski

  • 2014 Evolutions and Opportunities of Business Education in the Context of Educational Reform from the Digital Age
    by Bogdan Onete & Doru Plesea & Ioana Teodorescu & Alice Cîrstea

  • 2013 In-house R&D and External Knowledge Acquisition What Makes Chinese Firms Productive?
    by Böing, Philipp & Müller, Elisabeth & Sandner, Philipp

  • 2013 Foreign direct investment, productivity, demand for skilled labour and wage inequality: an analysis for Uruguay
    by Adriana Peluffo

  • 2013 Knowledge Transfer and the ‘Academic Enterprise’ in the Algarve: Contributions from Social Studies of Science and Technology to the Understanding of University-Firm Relations
    by Pinto, Hugo

  • 2013 The Influence of Science and Technology Park Characteristics on Firms’ Innovation Results
    by Albahari, Alberto & Barge-Gil, Andrés & Pérez-Canto, Salvador & Modrego-Rico, Aurelia

  • 2013 Exploration of the Future - a Key to Sustainable Development
    by Vatroslav Zovko

  • 2013 Creative Destruction with On-the-Job Search
    by Jean-Baptiste Michau

  • 2013 Forces That Enhance Or Reduce Employee Resistance To Change
    by Prediscan Mariana & Bradutanu Daniela & Roiban Roxana Nadina &

  • 2013 Centrumok és perifériák - régiók az európai kutatás-fejlesztésben
    by Borsi, Balázs & Mikita, József

  • 2013 Future of Russia: Macroeconomic Scenarios in the Global Context
    by Elena Abramova & Alexander Apokin & Dmitry Belousov & Alexander Frolov & Kirill Mikhailenko & Elena Penukhina

  • 2013 Energy Singularity: From Scarcity to Abundance
    by Jose Luis Cordeiro

  • 2013 X-Events as Determinants of the Sixth Kondratieff Wave
    by John Casti

  • 2013 Innovation Development Programmes for the State-owned Companies: First Results
    by Mikhail Gershman

  • 2013 Medicine of the Future: Opportunities for Breakthrough through the Prism of Technology Foresight
    by Ilya Kaminskiy & Ludmila Ogorodova & Maxim Patrushev & Alexander Chulok

  • 2013 L’innovazione a livello regionale. Tecnologia, istituzioni ed imprenditorialità nel cluster svedese delle life sciences
    by Elisa Basso

  • 2013 Las políticas públicas de desarrollo empresarial e innovación desde la perspectiva de la nueva gestión pública y la gobernanza: caso CREAME
    by Geovanny Perdomo Charry & José Enrique Arias Pérez

  • 2012 Optimal Duration Of Equity Joint Ventures
    by David Mayston & Juning Wang

  • 2012 A statistical analysis of China's patent quality situation and larger innovation ecosystem
    by Prud'homme, Dan

  • 2012 Dulling the Cutting Edge: How Patent-Related Policies and Practices Hamper Innovation in China
    by Prud'homme, Dan

  • 2012 Learning-by-Doing and Its Implications for Economic Growth and International Trade
    by Mao, Zi-Ying

  • 2012 Adaptation and Innovation: An Analysis of Crop Biotechnology Patent Data
    by Shardul Agrawala & Cécile Bordier & Victoria Schreitter & Valerie Karplus

  • 2012 The Influence of Leadership on Academic Scientists' Propensity to Commercialize Research Findings
    by Stefan Krabel & Alexander Schacht

  • 2012 Aproximación no tradicional a los flujos internacionales de conocimiento colombiano
    by Jenny Paola Lis Gutiérrez

  • 2012 Wissensbasis und regionale Agglomeration: Zwei Pharmacluster im Vergleich
    by Kirchhoff, Jasmina

  • 2012 The interaction between the multiplier effect and the acceleration principle: An approximation for Colombia
    by José Reyes Bernal Bellón & Carlos Arturo Meza Carvajalino

    by Barbara Bradac Hojnik & Miroslav Rebernik

  • 2012 Receiving information at Korean and Taiwanese universities, industry, and GRIs
    by Matthew A. Shapiro

  • 2012 The Intellectual Capital Statement in Knowledge-based Organizations: The practitioners’ and Academics’ Answer for Reporting the IC
    by Dicu Roxana Manuela

  • 2012 Technologies for Freedom: Una visión de la tecnología para el desarrollo humano /Technologies for Freedom: A Technological Approach to Human Development

  • 2012 Mapping Futures Studies
    by Rafael Popper

  • 2012 Innovación y Política Tecnológica: el caso del Sector Transformador y el Sector Servicios a Empresas
    by Castaño Martínez, María Soledad

  • 2012 Introducción: Variedad de temas y de tratamientos sobre la Innovación
    by Gómez Uranga, Mikel & Etxebarria Kerexeta, Goio

  • 2012 Scope and patterns of innovation cooperation in Spanish service enterprises
    by Trigo, Alexandre & Vence, Xavier

  • 2012 Inter-technology knowledge spillovers for energy technologies
    by Nemet, Gregory F.

  • 2012 Mesurer l'innovation des régions européennes :Un nouvel indicateur composite
    by Pierre De Clercq

  • 2012 Management And Analysis Of European Project Proposals In The Framework Programme 7
    by Margareta FLORESCU & Viorel VULTURESCU & Mariana BALAN

  • 2012 Ict, Informational Innovation And Knowledge-Based Economy
    by Mohamed Neffati

  • 2011 L’Apprentissage des Collectifs de Travail Structuré par les TIC dans le Domaine des Services Informatiques
    by Khadidja BENALLOU & Baghdad BENTAHRI

  • 2011 The sources of Iran's Business Cycles
    by Delavari, Majid & Mohammadali, Hanieh & Naderi, Esmaeil & Gandali Alikhani, Nadiya

  • 2011 Multiple futures for higher education in a multi-level structure
    by Havas, Attila

  • 2011 Implementation of technological breakthroughs at sector level and the technology-bias
    by Stijepic, Denis & Wagner, Helmut

  • 2011 Does a Rising Tide Lift All Boats? Welfare Consequences of Asymmetric Growth
    by Murphy, Daniel P

  • 2011 Time-Varying Occupational Contents: An Additional Link between Occupational Task Profiles and Individual Wages
    by Alexandra Fedorets

  • 2011 Desarrollo sostenible y transferencia de tecnologías limpias
    by Andrés Fuerte Posada

  • 2011 Broadband ranking of regions and its methodological basis
    by Szilvia BOTOS

  • 2011 Opportunity To Reduce Resistance To Change In A Process Of Organizational Change
    by Prediscan Mariana & Sacui Violeta

  • 2011 Web 2.0 Technologies in Internal and External Communications in the Banking Sector
    by Marton Sakal & Predrag Matkovic & Pere Tumbas

  • 2011 Empowering Patients through ICT, Organisational Impact on Healthcare Systems in England and Scotland
    by Maria LLUCH

  • 2011 Reflexiones acerca de los desarrollos recientes del modelo de crecimiento de Harrod
    by José Reyes Bernal-Bellón

  • 2011 How do organisations manage to develop collaborative innovation? The case of the tactical strike and reconnaissance aircraft (TSR-2)
    by Pierre Barbaroux

  • 2011 Patent and Licensing Strategies in Management of Industrial Companies
    by Rumiana Georgieva

  • 2010 A review of the influence of long-term patterns in research and technological development (R&D) formalisation on university-industry links
    by André Luiz de Campos

  • 2010 A demand side perspective on multinational corporations’ (MNC) university-industry links: the case of Unilever
    by André Luiz de Campos

  • 2010 Effective Policies for Research Infrastructure: The role of foresight
    by Havas, Attila

  • 2010 Technological Capability Building in Informal Firms in the Agricultural Subsistence Sector In Tanzania: Assessing the Role of Gatsby Clubs
    by Szogs, Astrid & Mwantima, Kelefa

  • 2010 Employer Sanctions, Illegal Migration and Welfare
    by Munirul H Nabin & Pasquale M Sgro

  • 2010 Protestants and Catholics: Similar Work Ethic, Different Social Ethic
    by Benito Arruñada

  • 2010 The Knowledge Economy – a Chance for a Lasting Economical Growth After the Crisis
    by Belostecinic Grigore

  • 2010 State Research Institutions: Outlines of Future Reforms
    by Galina Kitova

  • 2010 Turkiye’de Bilgi Iletisim Teknolojileri ve Ekonomik Buyume: Ekonometrik Bir Analiz (1980-2008)
    by Sevda Yaprakli & Tuncay Saglam

  • 2010 Contemporary Appearance of Business Locations in Logistics System
    by Donka Zhelyazkova

  • 2010 The Role Of An Integrated E-Learning Platform In Increasing The Processmanagement Efficiency
    by Ph. D Student Mihai Logofatu Alexandru Constantin

  • 2009 Building-up Human Capital in Senegal- E-Learning for School-drop outs Possibilities of a Lifelong Learning Vision
    by Sissi Eklu-Natey & Karsten Sohns & Prof. Dr. Michael H. Breitner

  • 2009 Is it possible to define a universal technology management discipline?
    by Hacer ANSAL & Huriye AYGÖREN & Umut EKMEKÇİ

  • 2009 Research governance in academia: are there alternatives to academic rankings?
    by Margit Osterloh & Bruno S. Frey

  • 2009 The Role of Firms in Energy Transformation
    by Perrot, Rhadika

  • 2009 Lobbying and Growth: Explaining Differences among OECD Countries
    by Mehmet, Babacan

  • 2009 The Systematization of Disturbances Act upon E-commerce Systems
    by Suchánek, Petr & Vymětal, Dominik & Dolák, Radim

  • 2009 Identifikace, měření a analýza poruch E-Commerce systémů
    by Suchánek, Petr & Vymětal, Dominik

  • 2009 E-business Environment in the Global Information Society
    by Vymětal, Dominik & Suchánek, Petr

  • 2009 Realizace rozhraní e-commerce systémů v moderním podniku
    by Vymětal, Dominik & Suchánek, Petr

  • 2009 Determinants of the international influence of a R&D organisation: a bibliometric approach
    by Aurora A.C. Teixeira & José Sequeira

  • 2009 Assessing the influence of R&D institutions by mapping international scientific networks: the case of INESC Porto
    by José Sequeira & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2009 Why Do the Japanese Enjoy Longevity? Do Health Care Expenditures Contribute it? (Revised Version of "The Impact of Healthcare Expenditures on Longevity in Japan: Evidence from Longitudinal, Prefectural-Level Data" [No. 13])
    by Shinya Kajitani & Shuzo Nishimura & Keisuke Tokunaga

  • 2009 Determinants of the international influence of a R&D organisation: a bibliometric approach
    by Aurora A.C. Teixeira & José Sequeira

  • 2009 On the Relation Between the Endogenous Growth Rate of the Economy and the Dynamics of Renewable Resources
    by José Manuel Madeira Belbute & Paulo Brito

  • 2009 Implementation of Funding for the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP): A Personal Recollection
    by Bernhard Schäfers

  • 2009 Methodological Issues and Models in 'History Friendly' Simulations
    by Christian Garavaglia

  • 2009 Falling Kidnapping Rates and the Expansion of Mobile Phones in Colombia
    by Santiago Montenegro & Álvaro Pedraza

  • 2009 Impacts of the Crisis: Anticipating the Future
    by Marina Boykova & Diana Krupnikova

  • 2009 Open Access Models and their Implications for the Players on the Scientific Publishing Market
    by Steffen Bernius & Matthias Hanauske & Wolfgang König & Berndt Dugall

  • 2009 Intergenerational Partnership in Research and Development Activity
    by Gheorghe Zaman & Steliana Sandu & Irina Anghel

  • 2008 Konzept eines Centers der Informationslogistik im Kontext der Industrialisierung von Finanzdienstleistungen
    by Johanna Mählmann & Prof. Dr. Michael H. Breitner & Dr. Klaus-Werner Hartmann

  • 2008 On Factors explaining Organisational Innovation and its Effects
    by Koson Sapprasert

  • 2008 Knowledge Economics role in explaining growth and innovation
    by Khumalo, Bhekuzulu

  • 2008 Patenting activity and innovativeness in US and Japan: an econometric analysis
    by Gómez, Mario & Rodríguez, José Carlos

  • 2008 Inversión, progreso técnico y crecimiento económico. Más allá de Hussein y Thirlwall
    by José Reyes Bernal Bellón

  • 2008 La tasa de crecimiento garantizada de Harrod como ley del crecimiento económico. Una comprobación empírica
    by José Reyes Bernal Bellón

  • 2008 Macroeconomic Determinants Of Radical Innovations And Internet Banking In Europe
    by Erhan Atay

  • 2007 Küreselleşme baskısından çıkış için yeni bir yol: Bütünleşik teknolojik öğrenme
    by Salih Zeki İMAMOĞLU

  • 2007 Foreign-owned firms and technological capabilities in the Argentinean manufacturing industry
    by Costa, Ionara & Marin, Anabel

  • 2007 A New Nexus Between Foreign Direct Investment, Industrial and Innovation Policies
    by Costa, Ionara & Filippov, Sergey

  • 2007 Estimates of the steady state growth rates for selected Asian countries with an endogenous growth framework
    by Rao, B. Bhaskara

  • 2007 Research Cycles
    by Yann Bramoullé & Gilles Saint-Paul

  • 2007 Carbon Leakage with International Technology Spillovers
    by Reyer Gerlagh & Onno Kuik

  • 2007 Creative destruction with on-the-job search
    by Michau, Jean-Baptiste

  • 2007 Research Cycles
    by Bramoullé, Yann & Saint-Paul, Gilles

  • 2007 Creative Destruction with On-the-Job Search
    by Jean-Baptiste Michau

  • 2007 Innovation Clusters in Technological Systems: A Network Analysis of 15 OECD Countries for the Middle '90s
    by Sandro Montresor & Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti

  • 2007 Large and small firms’ role in the knowledge-based industries innovation process
    by Rodríguez, José Carlos

  • 2007 Method of Critical Technologies
    by Alexander Sokolov

  • 2007 Delphi Method in Foresight Exercises
    by Svetlana Kukushkina

  • 2007 North-South technology diffusion, regional integration, and the dynamics of the “natural trading partners” hypothesis
    by Maurice Schiff & Yanling Wang

  • 2007 Transferts technologiques Nord-Sud, intégration régionale et dynamique de l'hypothèse de « partenaires commerciaux naturels »
    by Maurice Schiff & Yanling Wang

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