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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q1: Agriculture
/ / / Q19: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Considering the use of random fields in the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem
    by Michal Cupial & Anna Szelag-Sikora & Jakub Sikora & Joanna Rorat & Marcin Niemiec

  • 2016 Searching of community in urban territory. In the example of growing crops in community gardens
    by Zuzana Giertlova

  • 2016 Views And Attitudes Of Farmers/Livestock Breeders And Local Community Concerning Conservation Of The Lesser Ke
    by Olga Christopoulou & Athanassios Sfougaris

  • 2016 Contract Farming: An Innovative Approach For Risk Management By Small Farmers
    by Mallika Meti & Suresha S V & Raghuprasad K P

  • 2016 Agricultural Fires and Infant Health
    by Marcos A. Rangel & Tom S. Vogl

  • 2016 Croissance agricole, transformation locale des ressources naturelles et industrialisation au Togo
    by KPEMOUA, Palakiyèm

  • 2016 Methodological challenges in building composite indexes: Linking theory to practice
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano

  • 2016 Impact of value chain governance on the development of small scale shrimp farmers in Vietnam
    by T. M. H. Ho & P. Burny

  • 2016 Productivity Growth in U.S. Agriculture: 1948-2013
    by V. Eldon Ball & Richard Nehring & Sun Ling Wang

  • 2016 European Organic Food Consumers: Motives, Actions and Implications (Charakterystyka europejskich konsumentow zywnoœci ekologicznej – motywy, dzialania i implikacje)
    by Dominika Srednicka-Tober & Renata Kazimierczak & Ewelina Hallmann

  • 2016 Cap Direct Payments As The Main Tool To Support The Eu Farmers: An Analysis Of Their Implementation Based On Spain Experience
    by Liliana CIMPOIES

  • 2016 Theoretical Aspects of Socio-Economic Orientation of Agrarian Economy
    by Mykola Krushelnytskyy

  • 2016 On the use of palynological data in economic history: New methods and an application to agricultural output in Central Europe, 0–2000AD
    by Izdebski, Adam & Koloch, Grzegorz & Słoczyński, Tymon & Tycner, Marta

  • 2016 Sustainable Development of a Dairy and Grocery Sub Complex in Novosibirsk Region
    by Sergey A. Shelkovnikov & Sergey A. Tsoy & Anastasiia A. Samokhvalova & Marina S. Petukhova & Michail N. Fedorov

  • 2016 Unorganized agromarkets in Bulgaria
    by Lyubomir Lyubenov

  • 2015 The structure of authorized spaces for the storage of agricultural production in Romania 2014
    by Micu, Ana Ruxandra & Alecu, Ioan Niculae & Tudor, Valentina & Micu, Marius Mihai

  • 2015 Modeling tourism flows through gravity models: A quantile regression approach
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Morelli, Mariangela

  • 2015 Non-Tariff Measures and Standards in Trade and Global Value Chains
    by Beghin, John C. & Miet Maertens & Johan Swinnen

  • 2015 Utilization Of An Agricultural Land As A Basic Capacity For Corn And Wheat Production In Serbia And Ex-Yu Countries
    by Slavica Arsiæ, Nataša Kljajiæ, Marijana Jovanoviæ

  • 2015 Productividad de la tierra agrícola en el sudoeste bonaerense
    by Marta Susana Picardi & Alicica Giacchero

  • 2015 The Effect of Microinsurance on Economic Activities: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
    by Hongbin Cai & Yuyu Chen & Hanming Fang & Li-An Zhou

  • 2015 Inter-sectoral Productivity Differentials in India
    by Seema Bathla & Alwin D’souza

  • 2015 The dynamics of Organically Certified Operators in Romania Between 2012 and 2014
    by Adina Roxana Munteanu

  • 2015 Common Agricultural Policy Reform and the New Priorities for Financing Rural Development in the European Union
    by Dragoi Andreea

  • 2015 New technologies for monitoring the damage of composite structures in aviation
    by Larco Ciprian

  • 2015 Market of agricultural products before and after economic crisis
    by Dragomir Alina Gabriela

  • 2015 Modern man, a potential victim of information warfare?
    by Ana-Maria Oana Goleanu

  • 2015 Climate change in agricultural areas from Muntenia. Scenarios for Romanian plain and piedmont plain
    by Chiper Alexandru Marian

  • 2015 Intellectual property protection in plant varieties: A worldwide index (1961–2011)
    by Campi, Mercedes & Nuvolari, Alessandro

  • 2015 Efectos Del Capital Humano En El Sector Agrícola: Análisis De 12 Países De La Ocde
    by Néstor A. LE CLECH & Gregorio GIMENEZ

  • 2015 Wodurch wird die Arbeitszufriedenheit landwirtschaftlicher Arbeitnehmer beeinflusst?
    by Maria Naether & Janine Stratmann & Christina Bendfeldt & Ludwig Theuvsen

  • 2014 Global cities' Competitiveness factors among the Asian countries
    by Veronika Poreisz & Szabolcs Rámháp

  • 2014 Methodology and conversion factors to estimate the net primary productivity of historical and contemporary agroecosystems
    by Gloria Guzmán & Eduardo Aguilera & David Soto & Antonio Cid & Juan Infante & Roberto García Ruiz & Antonio Herrera & Inmaculada Villa & Manuel González de Molina

  • 2014 Livestock Policies and its Impact on India and Bihar, State
    by Pandey, Aviral

  • 2014 Studies on the present situation of agricultural heritage the Archdiocese of Bucharest
    by Ungureanu, Florin & Niculae, Alecu Ioan

  • 2014 Analysis of the importance of the Merei Parish in the tourism and agrotourism in Buzau County
    by Necula, Diana & Necula, Raluca

  • 2014 Study on the importance of credit as financial leverage in agricultural development
    by Stan, Darius

  • 2014 The price trend and their impact on profit margin and safety of the protein for feed in Romania
    by Zugravu, Adrian Gheorghe & Turek Rahoveanu, Maria Magdalena & Moga, Liliana Mihaela & Neculita, Mihaela

  • 2014 Physiological proprieties from corn influenced by the differentiate application of nitrogen and phosphorus
    by Bogza, Ion & Pandia, Olimpia & Saracin, Ion

  • 2014 Influence of non-saccharomyces yeasts on white dry wines
    by Poulard, Alain & Pascari, Xenia & Gaina, Boris

  • 2014 Cereal market in Romania-regional competitiveness
    by Voicilas, Dan Marius

  • 2014 Influence factors of economic growth in the romanian agrofood sector
    by Bucur, Sorinel Ionel & Bucur, Elena Carmen

  • 2014 Impact of the National Economy restructuring on the Rural Development
    by Costin, Lenuța

  • 2014 Conceptual approaches of the rural space
    by Geamasu, Talida & Alecu, Ioan Niculae

  • 2014 Comparative study regarding the edilitar fund in Romanian village between the interwar period and communist period
    by Merce, Emilian & Merce, Cristian Călin & Mureşan, Iulia

  • 2014 Lentil in India: An Overview
    by Singh, K.M. & Singh, A,K,

  • 2014 Fodder Production Scenario and Strategies for Revitalizing Fodder Production Technologies
    by Meena, M.S & Singh, K.M.

  • 2014 On the Use of Palynological Data in Economic History: New Methods and an Application to Agricultural Output in Central Europe, 0–2000 AD
    by Izdebski, Adam & Koloch, Grzegorz & Słoczyński, Tymon & Tycner-Wolicka, Marta

  • 2014 Agriculture and Child Under-Nutrition in India: A State Level Analysis
    by Swarna Sadasivam Vepa & Vinodhini Umashankar & R.V. Bhavani & Rohit Parasar

  • 2014 Agriculture in Portugal: linkages with industry and services
    by João Gaspar & Gilson Pina & Marta C. N. Simões

  • 2014 Certification of agricultural popular knowledge by using a competency-based training curriculum for universities
    by Ligia García Lobo & José Daniel Anido R. & María Isolina López Pérez

  • 2014 On Productivity: The Influence of Natural Resource Inputs
    by Vernon Topp & Tony Kulys

  • 2014 What Type Of Social Capital Is Engaged By The French Dairy Stockbreeders? A Characterization Through Their Professional Identities
    by Ion Lucian Ceapraz & Catherine Delhoume

  • 2014 Influence of European Funds on Farm Management in Romania
    by Andrei-Marius SANDU

  • 2014 Análisis financiero y percepción de los servicios ambientales de un sistema silvopastoril: un estudio de caso en los Tuxtlas, México
    by V. Sophie Ávila Foucat & Daniel A. Revollo Fernández

  • 2014 Agriculture in Portugal: linkages with industry and services
    by Joao Gaspar & Gilson Pina & Marta Simoes

  • 2014 Organic farmers facing the processes of institutionalization and conventionalization. A longitudinal study in Belgium
    by Denise Van Dam & Jean Nizet

  • 2014 Methodological Basis For Calculating The Optimal Sizes Of Agricultural Organizations
    by Alexey SHAMIN & Anatoly SHAMIN

  • 2014 Agri-Food Trade Flows And Economic Integration In The European Union
    by Simion CERTAN & Ion CERTAN

  • 2014 Milk Chain In The Context Of The Common Agricultural Policy Reform – Productivity Gaps Between Romania And The Eu-27 Countries
    by Mariana GRODEA

  • 2014 Do organic farmers feel happier than conventional ones? An exploratory analysis
    by Mzoughi, Naoufel

  • 2014 Benchmarking an optimal pattern of pollution trading: The case of Cub River, Utah
    by Caplan, Arthur J. & Sasaki, Yuya

  • 2014 Directions of the State Effect on the Development of Communication Systems of the Agrarian Sector Enterprises
    by Alex Granate

  • 2014 Aspects On Consumers Attitude Toward Genetically Modified Foods Among Youth
    by Alexandrina, SARBU & Carmen-Maria, IORDACHE

  • 2013 Agriculture and Structural Transformation in Developing Asia: Review and Outlook
    by Briones, Roehlano & Felipe, Jesus

  • 2013 The role of agriculture in economy of middle and eastern Croatia
    by Kovacevic, Tomislav & Japundzic, Matija & Jokić, Mirko

  • 2013 Consumer behavior in the economy
    by Cristea, Andrei Mihai & Iacob, Oana Camelia & Cristea, Dan Gabriel

  • 2013 Coping with Risks in the Mediterranean Countries? Let the experts explain
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Adinolfi, Felice & Capitanio, Fabian & Contò, Francesco & Sasala, Piero

  • 2013 Mudança estrutural e a relação entre os setores em Cabo Verde
    by Pina, Gilson M. G.

  • 2013 Gender Issues in Agriculture
    by Singh, K.M. & Meena, M.S. & Kumar, Abhay & Singh, R.K.P.

  • 2013 Can expert knowledge compensate for data scarcity in crop insurance pricing?
    by Zhiwei Shen & Martin Odening & Ostap Okhrin &

  • 2013 Ecological Agriculture – Engine Of Sustainable Development In Romania
    by Madalina Tocan

  • 2013 The Economic and Sociocultural Role of Livestock in the Wellbeing of Rural Communities of Timor-Leste
    by Elisa M. V. Bettencourt & Mário Tilman & Pedro D.S. Henriques & Vanda Narciso & Maria Leonor S. Carvalho

  • 2013 Management of Coffee Leaf Rust Disease in India: Evidence for Socio-economic and Locational Determinants
    by Muttur Ranganathan Narayana

  • 2013 Food Consumption As An Indicator Of The State Of The Domestic Food Market
    by Grigore KALETNIK & Victoria TIHANOVSKAIA

  • 2013 Agrico-Industrial Sector Development Modeling Under Uncertainty And Risc
    by Elvira NAVAL & Natalia MOCANU

  • 2013 Approcci integrati e governance locale nelle strategie di sviluppo rurale: un framework per la futura programmazione
    by Giuseppe Marotta & Concetta Nazzaro

  • 2013 Capitale umano e capitale sociale nell’agricoltura multifunzionale: un’analisi delle esperienze di filiera corta nella Campania interna
    by Giuseppe Marotta & Concetta Nazzaro & Mariarosaria Simeone

  • 2013 The value of agricultural water rights in agricultural properties in the path of development
    by Yoo, James & Simonit, Silvio & Connors, John P. & Maliszewski, Paul J. & Kinzig, Ann P. & Perrings, Charles

  • 2013 Assessment of the Swiss Farm Accountancy Data Network target populations
    by Andreas Roesch

  • 2012 Analyzing risk management in Mediterranean Countries: The Syrian perspective
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Di Pasquale, Jorgelina & Contò, Francesco & Tudisca, Salvatore & Sgroi, Filippo

  • 2012 Spatial Price Transmission in the Regional Maize Markets in Ghana
    by Ankamah-Yeboah, Isaac

  • 2012 A demand analysis for Sahiwal breeding animals from the national sahiwal stud (NSS) between 1971 and 2007
    by Mailu, Stephen & Ndambiri, Hillary & Ritho, C & Nganga, S.I. & Miyancha, S.O. & Omboto, P. & Gudeta, Sileshi & Kibowon, Philip

  • 2012 Understanding the Fodder Markets for Sustainable Development of Livestock Sector in Bihar-A Rapid Appraisal Approach
    by Singh, K.M. & Singh, R.K.P. & Jha, A.K. & Kumar, Anjani

  • 2012 Modelling farm structural change: A feasibility study for ex-post modelling utilizing FADN and FSS data in Germany and developing an ex-ante forecast module for the CAPRI farm type layer baseline
    by Alexander Gocht & Norbert Röder & Sebastian Neuenfeldt & Hugo Storm & Thomas Heckelei

  • 2012 Coltan from Central Africa, International Trade and Implications for Any Certification
    by Raimund Bleischwitz & Monika Dittrich & Chiara Pierdicca

  • 2012 An eco-sustainable forest management model for the Mediterranean forests - a multiple criteria approach
    by António Xavier & Maria de Belém Martins & Rui Fragoso

  • 2012 Nineteenth Century US Black and White Physical Activity and Nutritional Trends among the Working Class
    by Scott A. Carson

  • 2012 Designing Regulatory Policies for Complex Externalities: The Case of Agricultural Pollution
    by Athanasios Kampas & Katerina Melfou & Ashar Aftab

  • 2012 Wine Tourism – An Opportunity For The Development Of Wine Industry

  • 2012 Effects of the free trade agreements on the development of the agriculture sector in the Balkan region
    by Ndoc Faslia & Fran Brahimi

  • 2012 The Tax Burden in the Agricultural Sector: from Vanoni to Calderoli
    by Antonio Cristofaro

  • 2012 Horn of Africa Countries and the Malnutrition Problem
    by Zbyněk Kuna

  • 2012 Modelos de Índice de Difusão para prever a taxa de crescimento do PIB agrícola brasileiro [Diffusion index models to forecast GDP growth rate Brazilian agriculture]
    by Roberto Tatiwa Ferreira & José Nilo de Oliveira Júnior & Ivan Castelar

  • 2012 The Impact of Gypsum Application on Groundnut Yield in Rainfed Pothwar: An Economic Perspective
    by Hussnain Shah & Muhammad Azeem Khan & Tariq Azeem & Abdul Majid & Abid Mehmood

  • 2012 Sistemi locali multifunzionali per lo sviluppo rurale
    by Ivana Bassi & Sandro Sillani & Alessandra Miccoli

  • 2012 Value portfolio in the multifunctional farm: new theoretical-methodological approaches
    by Giuseppe Marotta & Concetta Nazzaro

  • 2012 Strategie e strumenti per la valorizzazione delle produzioni nella filiera bovina: il fattore genoma
    by Francesco Zecca & Elisabetta Capocchi

  • 2012 Land-based mitigation in climate stabilization
    by Rose, Steven K. & Ahammad, Helal & Eickhout, Bas & Fisher, Brian & Kurosawa, Atsushi & Rao, Shilpa & Riahi, Keywan & van Vuuren, Detlef P.

  • 2012 Woods, The Most Complex Terrestrial Ecosistem
    by BLAJ Robert & SAND Camelia & CIORTEA Gligor

  • 2011 Das agrarsoziale Sicherungssystem in Frankreich: Zentrale Merkmale und Entwicklungen aus der Perspektive der landwirtschaftlichen Sozialversicherung in Deutschland
    by Mehl, Peter

  • 2011 The Economic Impact of the Horse Industry in Virginia
    by Terance J. Rephann

  • 2011 The rapid emergence of branding in food retail in Asia: Insights from Bihar (India)
    by Minten, Bart & Singh, K.M. & Sutradhar, Rajib

  • 2011 Branding in food retail of high value crops in Asia: Case of Makhana from Bihar (India)
    by Minten, Bart & Singh, K.M. & Sutradhar, Rajib

  • 2011 Effect of climate variables on yield of major food-crops in Nepal -A time-series analysis-
    by Joshi, Niraj Prakash & Maharjan, Keshav Lall & Piya, Luni

  • 2011 Indian agriculture and food security: problem and prospects
    by Dr shaukat, haseen & Md rehan, khan

  • 2011 On the notion of ecological justice
    by Stefanie Glotzbach

  • 2011 Can crop yield risk be globally diversified?
    by Xiaoliang Liu & Wei Xu & Martin Odening

  • 2011 The Use of Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR) to Predict the Carcass Composition of Lambs
    by Vasco A. P. Cadavez & Arne Henningsen

  • 2011 Socioeconomic indicators for a multidimensional farm system typology in a forest management model – methodology and some resultsEL – METHODOLOGY AND SOME RESULTS
    by António Xavier & Maria de Belém Martins

  • 2011 Quinoa: An Option for Improving Rural Income in Bolivia
    by Beatriz Muriel & Tania Evia

  • 2011 Aportación a la historia de los terrazgos en la región cantábrica. Sernas en el valle del Saja y Liébana (Cantabria)
    by Manuel Corbera-Millán & Ricardo Ingelmo-Casado

  • 2011 Investment Process in Romania and Institutional Dysfunctionalities
    by Dan Marius VOICILAS

  • 2011 The Improvement Of The Romanian Vinicultural Management

  • 2011 Normalisation du travail d’élevage et vulnérabilité sociale des éleveurs de porcs
    by Christian Nicourt

  • 2011 Views Regarding Floods in the Desnatui Plain and Their Effects upon Agriculture
    by Ciocan Elisabeta

  • 2011 Analisi economico-gestionale del comparto vinicolo siciliano attraverso indici di bilancio
    by Gaetano Chinnici & Biagio Pecorino & Salvatore Bracco & Mario D'Amico

  • 2011 Darf es heute etwas Landwirtschaft sein? Über das Image der Landwirtschaft in Deutschland
    by Simone Helmle

  • 2011 Transparenz in der Fleischerzeugung – Wahrnehmung durch den Verbraucher am Point of Sale
    by Ludwig Arens & Mark Diemel

  • 2010 2010 Estimated Cost of Producing Hops in the Yakima Valley, Washington State
    by Suzette P. Galinato & Ann George & Herbert Hinman

  • 2010 Guideline for constructing nutrient balance in historical agricultural systemes (and its application to three case-studies in southern Spain)
    by Manuel González de Molina & Roberto García Ruiz & Gloria Guzmán Casado & David Soto Fernández & Juan Infante Amate

  • 2010 El cambio del paisaje del Valle del Cauca, Colombia, 1870-1950
    by Reinaldo Giraldo Díaz

  • 2010 A guide to studying the socio-ecological transition in european agriculture
    by Manuel González de Molina

  • 2010 From Science to Applications: Determinants of Diffusion in the Use of Earth Observations
    by Macauley, Molly K. & Maher, Joe & Shih, Jhih-Shyang

  • 2010 Analysis and Valuation of Hospital Foodservice Quality-the Perugia case-study
    by Diotallevi, Francesco & Marchini, Andrea & Musotti, Francesco & Riganelli, Chiara

  • 2010 The wanted change against climate change: assessing the role of organic farming as an adaptation strategy
    by Aravindakshan, Sreejith & Sherief, Aliyaru Kunju

  • 2010 Le territoire viticole en France : de la destruction à la valorisation
    by Francoise Bourdon & Marie-Claude Pichery

  • 2010 Total Factor Productivity in Thai Agriculture Measurement and Determinants
    by Waleerat Suphannachart & Peter Warr

  • 2010 Systemic Weather Risk and Crop Insurance: The Case of China
    by Wei Xu & Ostap Okhrin & Martin Odening & Ji Cao

  • 2010 Environmental Governance in Hungary - Rural Development Policies and Social Learning during the Implementation of EU Agri-Environmental Policies - A Case Study
    by Gusztav Nemes

  • 2010 Factors Explaining Crop Price Developments - Time-Series Evidence for Developing and Developed Countries
    by Raabe, Katharina

  • 2010 Auctioning conservation contracts in the presence of externalities
    by Raphael Calel

  • 2010 The Utilization Of The Statistical Techniques In Projecting Gross Value Added In The Agriculture, Hunting And Forestry; Fishery And Pisciculture Sector
    by Enache, Calcedonia

  • 2010 Land market in Russian agriculture: institutes’ transformation and practice
    by Natalia Shagaida

  • 2010 Situation financière des agriculteurs: mieux comprendre en croisant les perspectives
    by Eric Crettaz & Jérémie Forney

  • 2010 Risikoneigung und Risikoverhalten von Milch-erzeugern: Eine Typologisierung
    by Christian Schaper & Ludwig Theuvsen & Achim Spiller

  • 2010 Regional Brazilian Agriculture TFP Analysis: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis Approach
    by Cassiano Bragagnolo & Humberto F. S. Spolador & Geraldo Sant’Ana de Camargo Barros

  • 2009 Sharing the Surplus Generated from Noncooperative Cost Sharing: The Case of Nonpoint Associations and Water Quality Trading
    by Arthur J. Caplan & Yuya Sasaki

  • 2009 Matching Traders in a Pollution Market: The Case of Cub River, Utah
    by Arthur J. Caplan & Yuya Sasaki

  • 2009 Embeddedness of Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas: A Comparative Rough Set Data Analysis
    by Aliye Ahu Gulumser & Peter Nijkamp & Tuzin Baycan-Levent & Martijn Brons

  • 2009 The Distributional Impact of Large Dams: Evidence from Cropland Productivity in Africa
    by Eric Strobl

  • 2009 Bileşik Endeksle Tarım Sektörünün Gelişim Düzeyinin AB Ülkeleri Karşılaştırmalı Ölçümü
    by Polatkan, Tugba & Arslaner, Ferhat

  • 2009 Development of Gocken Multiplication Technology for Cocoyam
    by Chukwu, G.O & Nwosu, K.I & Mbanaso, E.N.A & Onwubiko, O & Okoye, B.C & Madu, T.U & Ogbonye, H & Nwoko, S.U

  • 2009 Adoption Scale Analysis of Improved Cocoyam Production, Production and Storage Technologies across Gender in Enugu North Agricultural Zone of Enugu State Nigeria
    by Okoye, B.C & Okoye, A.C & Dimelu, M.U & Agbaeze, C.C & Okoroafor, O.N & Amaefula, A.B

  • 2009 The Trade and Trade Policy Implications of Different Policy Responses to Societal Concerns
    by Monika Tothova

  • 2009 On the Systemic Nature of Weather Risk
    by Guenther Filler & Martin Odening & Ostap Okhrin & Wei Xu

  • 2009 Towards certified carbon footprints of products - a road map for data production - Climate Bonus project report (WP3)
    by Adriaan Perrels & Kirsi Usva & Mikko Hongisto & Merja Saarinen & Ari Nissinen & Juha-Matti Katajajuuri & Pauliina Nurmi & Sirpa Kurppa & Sirkka Koskela

  • 2009 The role of banks in monetary policy transmission : empirical evidence from Russia
    by Juurikkala, Tuuli & Karas, Alexei & Solanko, Laura

  • 2009 Relations de pouvoir et regulations extra-locales dans l’adaptation des systèmes agroalimentaires au contexte de mondialisation. Une étude de cas France/Espagne
    by Juan R. Gallego-Bono & Annie Lamanthe

  • 2009 Enhancing Livestock Productivity in the Desert Ecologies of Pakistan: Setting the Development Priorities
    by Umar Farooq & Munir Ahmad & Ikram Saeed

  • 2009 Market Information System for Agricultural Prices in Romania
    by Alboiu, Cornelia & Alexandri, Cecilia & Kevorkian, Cristian & Luca, Lucian

  • 2009 The Romanian Cereal Production At Regional Level
    by Sima, Elena

  • 2009 A pluriatividade das famílias rurais no Nordeste e no Sul do Brasil: pobreza rural e políticas públicas
    by Nascimento, Carlos Alves do

  • 2009 The Dualistic Model of European Agriculture - a Theoretical Framework for the Endogenous Development
    by Antonio SORTINO & Margherita CHANG TING FA

  • 2009 Convergência Microrregional no Setor Agrícola Usando um Modelo com Efeito Threshold
    by José Nilo de Oliveira Júnior & Ivan Castelar & Roberto Tatiwa Ferreira

  • 2008 Fallstudie zur Wirkung der Ausgleichszulage im Altmarkkreis Salzwedel (Sachsen-Anhalt)
    by Pohl, Christian

  • 2008 Fallstudie zur Wirkung der Ausgleichszulage im Landkreis St. Wendel (Saarland)
    by Gasmi, Samy

  • 2008 Eiderstedt im Spannungsfeld zwischen Naturschutz- und Agrarpolitik - Entwicklung eines methodischen Ansatzes für ein nachhaltiges Ressourcenmanagement
    by Christine Schleupner & P. Michael Link

  • 2008 The interdependencies between food and biofuel production in European agriculture - an application of EUFASOM
    by P. Michael Link & C. Ivie Ramos & Uwe A. Schneider & Erwin Schmid & J. Balkovic & R. Skalsky

  • 2008 Livelihood Risk from HIV in Semi-Arid Tropics of Rural Andhra Pradesh
    by Gandhi, B. Valentine Joseph & Bantilan, M. Cynthia Serquina & Parthasarathy, Devanathan

  • 2008 Comparative Economic Evaluation of Adopters and Non-Adopters of Some Selected Technologies in Abia State
    by Anyaegbunam, H.N & Ogbonna, M.C & Okoye, B.C

  • 2008 Gender Constraints in Small-Holder Cocoyam Production in Enugu North Agricultural Zone of Enugu State Nigeria
    by Okoye, A.C & Dimelu, M.U & Okoye, B.C & Agwu, A.E

  • 2008 Development of Gocing Storage Method for Cocoyam
    by Chukwu, G.O & Nwosu, K.I & Madu, T.U & Chinaka, C & Okoye, B.C

  • 2008 Érvényes-e a Gibrat-törvény a magyar mezőgazdaságban?
    by Fertő, Imre & Bakucs, Lajos Zoltán

  • 2008 Concentración de la propiedad de la tierra y producto agrícola en Antioquia. 1995-2004
    by Tatiana Maritza Mora & Juan Carlos Muñoz

  • 2008 Setor Agrícola Brasileiro: Uma Aplicação do Modelo de Tendências e Ciclos Comuns no Período de 1990 a 2005
    by Jose Nilo de Oliveira Junior & Ivan Castelar & Nicolino Trompieri Neto & Roberto Tatiwa Ferreira

  • 2007 Hedging Strategies in Forest Management
    by Brunette, Marielle & Couture, Stéphane & Langlais, Eric

  • 2007 Private label organic food products: profile and behaviour of Italian consumers characterized through a multivariate approach
    by Belliggiano, Angelo & Staffieri, Simona

  • 2007 Understanding the Dynamics of Food Insecurity and Vulnerability in Orissa, India
    by Christian Romer Lovendal

  • 2007 Understanding the Dynamics of Food Insecurity and Vulnerability in Himachal Pradesh
    by Christian Romer Lovendal

  • 2007 Modelling evolving rules for the use of common-pool resources in an agent-based model
    by Alexander Smajgl

  • 2007 Technical Efficiency Of Small And Medium Scale Industries (Smi) In Nigeria: Evidence From Nation-Wide Sample Survey

  • 2006 Avrupa Birliği’ne Uyum Sürecinde Türk Tarım İstatistikleri: Sorunlar, Öneriler
    by Acar, Mustafa & Arslaner, Ferhat

  • 2006 Technical Efficiency of Small-Holder Cocoyam Farmers in Anambra State, Nigeria: Implications for Agricultural Extension Policy
    by Okoye, B.C & Onyenweaku, C.E & Agwu, A.E

  • 2006 Spatial variations in climate and Bordeaux wine prices
    by Sébastien Lecocq & Michael Visser

  • 2005 The Structure and Equilibrium Conditions of a Generalized Economic Canopy: A Note
    by V. Heinrich S. Amavilah

  • 2004 An Operational Approach For Evaluating Investment Risk: An Application To The No-Till Transition
    by Bharat M. Upadhyay & Douglas L. Young

  • 2004 Estimating the probability of large negative stock market
    by Philip Kostov & Seamus McErlean

  • 2004 Econometric Methods in Staples
    by Orley Ashenfelter & David Ashmore & Jonathan B. Baker & Suzanne Gleason & Daniel S. Hosken

  • 2004 Production and Technical Efficiency on Australian Dairy Farms
    by Tom Kompas & Tuong Nhu Che

  • 2004 Food Insecurity and Vulnerability in Viet Nam: Profiles of four vulnerable groups
    by Food Security and Agricultural Projects Analysis Service (FAO - ESAF)

  • 2004 Food insecurity and vulnerability in Nepal: Profiles of seven vulnerable groups
    by Food Security and Agricultural Projects Analysis Service (FAO - ESAF)

  • 2004 Agricultural productivity and its determinants: revisiting international experiences
    by Claudio Bravo-Ortega & Daniel Lederman

  • 2003 Productivity in the Australian Dairy Industry
    by Tom Kompas & Tuong Nhu Che

  • 2003 Agricultural Globalization in Developing Countries
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