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/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q1: Agriculture
/ / / Q19: Other
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  • 2017 The use of IT tools for knowledge management in companies
    by Michal Cupial & Anna Szelag-Sikora & Jakub Sikora & Joanna Rorat & Marcin Niemiec

  • 2017 Does MGNREGS Promote Inclusive Growth? What do Evidence Indicate?
    by Mahendran Arumugam & Indrakant Sulibhavi

  • 2017 Preferences for locally grown products: evidence from a natural field experiment
    by Luisa Menapace & Roberta Raffaelli

  • 2017 Preferences for locally grown products: evidence from a natural field experiment
    by Luisa Menapace & Roberta Raffaelli

  • 2017 Estudio comparativo del diferencial de precios agrarios entre productores y consumidores por países en el ámbito mundial, bajo criterios de seguridad alimentaria de abastecimiento/Comparative Study of Differential Agricultural Prices between Producers and Consumers per Country Worldwide, Under Supply Food Safety Criteria

  • 2017 Mehr Tierschutz bzw. Tierwohl in der deutschen Nutztierhaltung wird seit längerer Zeit seitens der Gesellschaft gefordert. Mit dem Vollzug des sog. «Tierschutzplans» ist das Bundesland Niedersachsen hierbei thematisch in einer Vorreiterrolle. Da der niedersächsische nordwestdeutsche Raum eine hohe Dichte an geflügelhaltenden Betrieben aufweist, sind die Folgenabschätzungen der Umsetzung erhöhter Tierwohlauflagen nicht nur für die Region, sondern auch für die Geflügelbranche mit vor- und nachgelagerten Betrieben von besonderem Interesse. Einzelbetriebliche Daten zu geflügelhaltenden Betrieben in Deutschland fehlen bisher und auch langfristige betriebliche Effekte von Tierwohlmaßnahmen wurden bisher bei Puten nicht analysiert. Mit dem Ziel typische putenhaltende Betriebe für die Jahre 2014 (Status quo) und 2020 (nach Abschluss der Umsetzung des Tierschutzplans) im nordwestdeutschen Raum zu modellieren, wurde eine zweistufige Expertenbefragung mittels der Delphi-Methode durchgeführt. Bedingt durch sich fortlaufend ändernde Rahmenbedingungen prognostizieren die Experten einen Strukturwandel. Es wird eine Spezialisierung der Betriebe mit einer steigenden Anzahl an Tierplätzen pro Betrieb bei einer geringeren Besatzdichte pro Stall erwartet. Gleichzeitig geht die Zahl der putenhaltenden Betriebe zurück. Die Schlüsselrolle und Basis für ein erfolgreiches Wirtschaften spielt der Standortfaktor und der tierhalterische Sachverstand, der großen Einfluss auf das Management hat
    by Hanna Strüve & Kathrin Toppel & Robby Andersson & Falko Kaufmann & Guido Recke

  • 2016 Searching of community in urban territory. In the example of growing crops in community gardens
    by Zuzana Giertlova

  • 2016 Views And Attitudes Of Farmers/Livestock Breeders And Local Community Concerning Conservation Of The Lesser Ke
    by Olga Christopoulou & Athanassios Sfougaris

  • 2016 Contract Farming: An Innovative Approach For Risk Management By Small Farmers
    by Mallika Meti & Suresha S V & Raghuprasad K P

  • 2016 Agricultural Fires and Infant Health
    by Marcos A. Rangel & Tom S. Vogl

  • 2016 Croissance agricole, transformation locale des ressources naturelles et industrialisation au Togo
    by KPEMOUA, Palakiyèm

  • 2016 Methodological challenges in building composite indexes: Linking theory to practice
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano

  • 2016 Impact of value chain governance on the development of small scale shrimp farmers in Vietnam
    by T. M. H. Ho & P. Burny

  • 2016 Productivity Growth in U.S. Agriculture: 1948-2013
    by V. Eldon Ball & Richard Nehring & Sun Ling Wang

  • 2016 European Organic Food Consumers: Motives, Actions and Implications (Charakterystyka europejskich konsumentow zywnoœci ekologicznej – motywy, dzialania i implikacje)
    by Dominika Srednicka-Tober & Renata Kazimierczak & Ewelina Hallmann

  • 2016 D’une charte à l’autre : le processus de révision de la charte des AMAP comme indicateur d’une institution qui se renforce
    by Lamine, Claire & Rouchier, Juliette

  • 2016 Cap Direct Payments As The Main Tool To Support The Eu Farmers: An Analysis Of Their Implementation Based On Spain Experience
    by Liliana CIMPOIES

  • 2016 Theoretical Aspects of Socio-Economic Orientation of Agrarian Economy
    by Mykola Krushelnytskyy

  • 2016 On the use of palynological data in economic history: New methods and an application to agricultural output in Central Europe, 0–2000AD
    by Izdebski, Adam & Koloch, Grzegorz & Słoczyński, Tymon & Tycner, Marta

  • 2016 Sustainable Development of a Dairy and Grocery Sub Complex in Novosibirsk Region
    by Sergey A. Shelkovnikov & Sergey A. Tsoy & Anastasiia A. Samokhvalova & Marina S. Petukhova & Michail N. Fedorov

  • 2016 Unorganized agromarkets in Bulgaria
    by Lyubomir Lyubenov

  • 2015 The structure of authorized spaces for the storage of agricultural production in Romania 2014
    by Micu, Ana Ruxandra & Alecu, Ioan Niculae & Tudor, Valentina & Micu, Marius Mihai

  • 2015 Modeling tourism flows through gravity models: A quantile regression approach
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Morelli, Mariangela

  • 2015 Non-Tariff Measures and Standards in Trade and Global Value Chains
    by Beghin, John C. & Miet Maertens & Johan Swinnen

  • 2015 Utilization Of An Agricultural Land As A Basic Capacity For Corn And Wheat Production In Serbia And Ex-Yu Countries
    by Slavica Arsiæ, Nataša Kljajiæ, Marijana Jovanoviæ

  • 2015 Productividad de la tierra agrícola en el sudoeste bonaerense
    by Marta Susana Picardi & Alicica Giacchero

  • 2015 The Effect of Microinsurance on Economic Activities: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
    by Hongbin Cai & Yuyu Chen & Hanming Fang & Li-An Zhou

  • 2015 Inter-sectoral Productivity Differentials in India
    by Seema Bathla & Alwin D’souza

  • 2015 The dynamics of Organically Certified Operators in Romania Between 2012 and 2014
    by Adina Roxana Munteanu

  • 2015 Common Agricultural Policy Reform and the New Priorities for Financing Rural Development in the European Union
    by Dragoi Andreea

  • 2015 New technologies for monitoring the damage of composite structures in aviation
    by Larco Ciprian

  • 2015 Market of agricultural products before and after economic crisis
    by Dragomir Alina Gabriela

  • 2015 Modern man, a potential victim of information warfare?
    by Ana-Maria Oana Goleanu

  • 2015 Climate change in agricultural areas from Muntenia. Scenarios for Romanian plain and piedmont plain
    by Chiper Alexandru Marian

  • 2015 Intellectual property protection in plant varieties: A worldwide index (1961–2011)
    by Campi, Mercedes & Nuvolari, Alessandro

  • 2015 Efectos Del Capital Humano En El Sector Agrícola: Análisis De 12 Países De La Ocde
    by Néstor A. LE CLECH & Gregorio GIMENEZ

  • 2015 Wodurch wird die Arbeitszufriedenheit landwirtschaftlicher Arbeitnehmer beeinflusst?
    by Maria Naether & Janine Stratmann & Christina Bendfeldt & Ludwig Theuvsen

  • 2014 Global cities' Competitiveness factors among the Asian countries
    by Veronika Poreisz & Szabolcs Rámháp

  • 2014 Methodology and conversion factors to estimate the net primary productivity of historical and contemporary agroecosystems
    by Gloria Guzmán & Eduardo Aguilera & David Soto & Antonio Cid & Juan Infante & Roberto García Ruiz & Antonio Herrera & Inmaculada Villa & Manuel González de Molina

  • 2014 Livestock Policies and its Impact on India and Bihar, State
    by Pandey, Aviral

  • 2014 Studies on the present situation of agricultural heritage the Archdiocese of Bucharest
    by Ungureanu, Florin & Niculae, Alecu Ioan

  • 2014 Analysis of the importance of the Merei Parish in the tourism and agrotourism in Buzau County
    by Necula, Diana & Necula, Raluca

  • 2014 Study on the importance of credit as financial leverage in agricultural development
    by Stan, Darius

  • 2014 The price trend and their impact on profit margin and safety of the protein for feed in Romania
    by Zugravu, Adrian Gheorghe & Turek Rahoveanu, Maria Magdalena & Moga, Liliana Mihaela & Neculita, Mihaela

  • 2014 Physiological proprieties from corn influenced by the differentiate application of nitrogen and phosphorus
    by Bogza, Ion & Pandia, Olimpia & Saracin, Ion

  • 2014 Influence of non-saccharomyces yeasts on white dry wines
    by Poulard, Alain & Pascari, Xenia & Gaina, Boris

  • 2014 Cereal market in Romania-regional competitiveness
    by Voicilas, Dan Marius

  • 2014 Influence factors of economic growth in the romanian agrofood sector
    by Bucur, Sorinel Ionel & Bucur, Elena Carmen

  • 2014 Impact of the National Economy restructuring on the Rural Development
    by Costin, Lenuța

  • 2014 Conceptual approaches of the rural space
    by Geamasu, Talida & Alecu, Ioan Niculae

  • 2014 Comparative study regarding the edilitar fund in Romanian village between the interwar period and communist period
    by Merce, Emilian & Merce, Cristian Călin & Mureşan, Iulia

  • 2014 Lentil in India: An Overview
    by Singh, K.M. & Singh, A,K,

  • 2014 Fodder Production Scenario and Strategies for Revitalizing Fodder Production Technologies
    by Meena, M.S & Singh, K.M.

  • 2014 On the Use of Palynological Data in Economic History: New Methods and an Application to Agricultural Output in Central Europe, 0–2000 AD
    by Izdebski, Adam & Koloch, Grzegorz & Słoczyński, Tymon & Tycner-Wolicka, Marta

  • 2014 Agriculture and Child Under-Nutrition in India: A State Level Analysis
    by Swarna Sadasivam Vepa & Vinodhini Umashankar & R.V. Bhavani & Rohit Parasar

  • 2014 Agriculture in Portugal: linkages with industry and services
    by João Gaspar & Gilson Pina & Marta C. N. Simões

  • 2014 Certification of agricultural popular knowledge by using a competency-based training curriculum for universities
    by Ligia García Lobo & José Daniel Anido R. & María Isolina López Pérez

  • 2014 On Productivity: The Influence of Natural Resource Inputs
    by Vernon Topp & Tony Kulys

  • 2014 What Type Of Social Capital Is Engaged By The French Dairy Stockbreeders? A Characterization Through Their Professional Identities
    by Ion Lucian Ceapraz & Catherine Delhoume

  • 2014 Influence of European Funds on Farm Management in Romania
    by Andrei-Marius SANDU

  • 2014 Análisis financiero y percepción de los servicios ambientales de un sistema silvopastoril: un estudio de caso en los Tuxtlas, México
    by V. Sophie Ávila Foucat & Daniel A. Revollo Fernández

  • 2014 Agriculture in Portugal: linkages with industry and services
    by Joao Gaspar & Gilson Pina & Marta Simoes

  • 2014 Organic farmers facing the processes of institutionalization and conventionalization. A longitudinal study in Belgium
    by Denise Van Dam & Jean Nizet

  • 2014 Methodological Basis For Calculating The Optimal Sizes Of Agricultural Organizations
    by Alexey SHAMIN & Anatoly SHAMIN

  • 2014 Agri-Food Trade Flows And Economic Integration In The European Union
    by Simion CERTAN & Ion CERTAN

  • 2014 Milk Chain In The Context Of The Common Agricultural Policy Reform – Productivity Gaps Between Romania And The Eu-27 Countries
    by Mariana GRODEA

  • 2014 Do organic farmers feel happier than conventional ones? An exploratory analysis
    by Mzoughi, Naoufel

  • 2014 Benchmarking an optimal pattern of pollution trading: The case of Cub River, Utah
    by Caplan, Arthur J. & Sasaki, Yuya

  • 2014 Directions of the State Effect on the Development of Communication Systems of the Agrarian Sector Enterprises
    by Alex Granate

  • 2014 Aspects On Consumers Attitude Toward Genetically Modified Foods Among Youth
    by Alexandrina, SARBU & Carmen-Maria, IORDACHE

  • 2013 Agriculture and Structural Transformation in Developing Asia: Review and Outlook
    by Briones, Roehlano & Felipe, Jesus

  • 2013 The role of agriculture in economy of middle and eastern Croatia
    by Kovacevic, Tomislav & Japundzic, Matija & Jokić, Mirko

  • 2013 Consumer behavior in the economy
    by Cristea, Andrei Mihai & Iacob, Oana Camelia & Cristea, Dan Gabriel

  • 2013 Coping with Risks in the Mediterranean Countries? Let the experts explain
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Adinolfi, Felice & Capitanio, Fabian & Contò, Francesco & Sasala, Piero

  • 2013 Mudança estrutural e a relação entre os setores em Cabo Verde
    by Pina, Gilson M. G.

  • 2013 Gender Issues in Agriculture
    by Singh, K.M. & Meena, M.S. & Kumar, Abhay & Singh, R.K.P.

  • 2013 Can expert knowledge compensate for data scarcity in crop insurance pricing?
    by Zhiwei Shen & Martin Odening & Ostap Okhrin &

  • 2013 Ecological Agriculture – Engine Of Sustainable Development In Romania
    by Madalina Tocan

  • 2013 The Economic and Sociocultural Role of Livestock in the Wellbeing of Rural Communities of Timor-Leste
    by Elisa M. V. Bettencourt & Mário Tilman & Pedro D.S. Henriques & Vanda Narciso & Maria Leonor S. Carvalho

  • 2013 Management of Coffee Leaf Rust Disease in India: Evidence for Socio-economic and Locational Determinants
    by Muttur Ranganathan Narayana

  • 2013 Food Consumption As An Indicator Of The State Of The Domestic Food Market
    by Grigore KALETNIK & Victoria TIHANOVSKAIA

  • 2013 Agrico-Industrial Sector Development Modeling Under Uncertainty And Risc
    by Elvira NAVAL & Natalia MOCANU

  • 2013 Approcci integrati e governance locale nelle strategie di sviluppo rurale: un framework per la futura programmazione
    by Giuseppe Marotta & Concetta Nazzaro

  • 2013 Capitale umano e capitale sociale nell’agricoltura multifunzionale: un’analisi delle esperienze di filiera corta nella Campania interna
    by Giuseppe Marotta & Concetta Nazzaro & Mariarosaria Simeone

  • 2013 The value of agricultural water rights in agricultural properties in the path of development
    by Yoo, James & Simonit, Silvio & Connors, John P. & Maliszewski, Paul J. & Kinzig, Ann P. & Perrings, Charles

  • 2013 Assessment of the Swiss Farm Accountancy Data Network target populations
    by Andreas Roesch

  • 2012 Analyzing risk management in Mediterranean Countries: The Syrian perspective
    by Santeramo, Fabio Gaetano & Di Pasquale, Jorgelina & Contò, Francesco & Tudisca, Salvatore & Sgroi, Filippo

  • 2012 Spatial Price Transmission in the Regional Maize Markets in Ghana
    by Ankamah-Yeboah, Isaac

  • 2012 A demand analysis for Sahiwal breeding animals from the national sahiwal stud (NSS) between 1971 and 2007
    by Mailu, Stephen & Ndambiri, Hillary & Ritho, C & Nganga, S.I. & Miyancha, S.O. & Omboto, P. & Gudeta, Sileshi & Kibowon, Philip

  • 2012 Understanding the Fodder Markets for Sustainable Development of Livestock Sector in Bihar-A Rapid Appraisal Approach
    by Singh, K.M. & Singh, R.K.P. & Jha, A.K. & Kumar, Anjani

  • 2012 Modelling farm structural change: A feasibility study for ex-post modelling utilizing FADN and FSS data in Germany and developing an ex-ante forecast module for the CAPRI farm type layer baseline
    by Alexander Gocht & Norbert Röder & Sebastian Neuenfeldt & Hugo Storm & Thomas Heckelei

  • 2012 Coltan from Central Africa, International Trade and Implications for Any Certification
    by Raimund Bleischwitz & Monika Dittrich & Chiara Pierdicca

  • 2012 An eco-sustainable forest management model for the Mediterranean forests - a multiple criteria approach
    by António Xavier & Maria de Belém Martins & Rui Fragoso

  • 2012 Nineteenth Century US Black and White Physical Activity and Nutritional Trends among the Working Class
    by Scott A. Carson

  • 2012 Designing Regulatory Policies for Complex Externalities: The Case of Agricultural Pollution
    by Athanasios Kampas & Katerina Melfou & Ashar Aftab

  • 2012 Wine Tourism – An Opportunity For The Development Of Wine Industry

  • 2012 Effects of the free trade agreements on the development of the agriculture sector in the Balkan region
    by Ndoc Faslia & Fran Brahimi

  • 2012 The Tax Burden in the Agricultural Sector: from Vanoni to Calderoli
    by Antonio Cristofaro

  • 2012 Horn of Africa Countries and the Malnutrition Problem
    by Zbyněk Kuna

  • 2012 Modelos de Índice de Difusão para prever a taxa de crescimento do PIB agrícola brasileiro [Diffusion index models to forecast GDP growth rate Brazilian agriculture]
    by Roberto Tatiwa Ferreira & José Nilo de Oliveira Júnior & Ivan Castelar

  • 2012 The Impact of Gypsum Application on Groundnut Yield in Rainfed Pothwar: An Economic Perspective
    by Hussnain Shah & Muhammad Azeem Khan & Tariq Azeem & Abdul Majid & Abid Mehmood

  • 2012 Sistemi locali multifunzionali per lo sviluppo rurale
    by Ivana Bassi & Sandro Sillani & Alessandra Miccoli

  • 2012 Value portfolio in the multifunctional farm: new theoretical-methodological approaches
    by Giuseppe Marotta & Concetta Nazzaro

  • 2012 Strategie e strumenti per la valorizzazione delle produzioni nella filiera bovina: il fattore genoma
    by Francesco Zecca & Elisabetta Capocchi

  • 2012 Land-based mitigation in climate stabilization
    by Rose, Steven K. & Ahammad, Helal & Eickhout, Bas & Fisher, Brian & Kurosawa, Atsushi & Rao, Shilpa & Riahi, Keywan & van Vuuren, Detlef P.

  • 2012 Woods, The Most Complex Terrestrial Ecosistem
    by BLAJ Robert & SAND Camelia & CIORTEA Gligor

  • 2011 Das agrarsoziale Sicherungssystem in Frankreich: Zentrale Merkmale und Entwicklungen aus der Perspektive der landwirtschaftlichen Sozialversicherung in Deutschland
    by Mehl, Peter

  • 2011 The Economic Impact of the Horse Industry in Virginia
    by Terance J. Rephann

  • 2011 The rapid emergence of branding in food retail in Asia: Insights from Bihar (India)
    by Minten, Bart & Singh, K.M. & Sutradhar, Rajib

  • 2011 Branding in food retail of high value crops in Asia: Case of Makhana from Bihar (India)
    by Minten, Bart & Singh, K.M. & Sutradhar, Rajib

  • 2011 Effect of climate variables on yield of major food-crops in Nepal -A time-series analysis-
    by Joshi, Niraj Prakash & Maharjan, Keshav Lall & Piya, Luni

  • 2011 Indian agriculture and food security: problem and prospects
    by Dr shaukat, haseen & Md rehan, khan

  • 2011 On the notion of ecological justice
    by Stefanie Glotzbach

  • 2011 Can crop yield risk be globally diversified?
    by Xiaoliang Liu & Wei Xu & Martin Odening

  • 2011 The Use of Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR) to Predict the Carcass Composition of Lambs
    by Vasco A. P. Cadavez & Arne Henningsen

  • 2011 Socioeconomic indicators for a multidimensional farm system typology in a forest management model – methodology and some resultsEL – METHODOLOGY AND SOME RESULTS
    by António Xavier & Maria de Belém Martins

  • 2011 Quinoa: An Option for Improving Rural Income in Bolivia
    by Beatriz Muriel & Tania Evia

  • 2011 Aportación a la historia de los terrazgos en la región cantábrica. Sernas en el valle del Saja y Liébana (Cantabria)
    by Manuel Corbera-Millán & Ricardo Ingelmo-Casado

  • 2011 Investment Process in Romania and Institutional Dysfunctionalities
    by Dan Marius VOICILAS

  • 2011 The Improvement Of The Romanian Vinicultural Management

  • 2011 Normalisation du travail d’élevage et vulnérabilité sociale des éleveurs de porcs
    by Christian Nicourt

  • 2011 Views Regarding Floods in the Desnatui Plain and Their Effects upon Agriculture
    by Ciocan Elisabeta

  • 2011 Analisi economico-gestionale del comparto vinicolo siciliano attraverso indici di bilancio
    by Gaetano Chinnici & Biagio Pecorino & Salvatore Bracco & Mario D'Amico

  • 2011 Darf es heute etwas Landwirtschaft sein? Über das Image der Landwirtschaft in Deutschland
    by Simone Helmle

  • 2011 Transparenz in der Fleischerzeugung – Wahrnehmung durch den Verbraucher am Point of Sale
    by Ludwig Arens & Mark Diemel

  • 2010 2010 Estimated Cost of Producing Hops in the Yakima Valley, Washington State
    by Suzette P. Galinato & Ann George & Herbert Hinman

  • 2010 Guideline for constructing nutrient balance in historical agricultural systemes (and its application to three case-studies in southern Spain)
    by Manuel González de Molina & Roberto García Ruiz & Gloria Guzmán Casado & David Soto Fernández & Juan Infante Amate

  • 2010 El cambio del paisaje del Valle del Cauca, Colombia, 1870-1950
    by Reinaldo Giraldo Díaz

  • 2010 A guide to studying the socio-ecological transition in european agriculture
    by Manuel González de Molina

  • 2010 From Science to Applications: Determinants of Diffusion in the Use of Earth Observations
    by Macauley, Molly K. & Maher, Joe & Shih, Jhih-Shyang

  • 2010 Analysis and Valuation of Hospital Foodservice Quality-the Perugia case-study
    by Diotallevi, Francesco & Marchini, Andrea & Musotti, Francesco & Riganelli, Chiara

  • 2010 The wanted change against climate change: assessing the role of organic farming as an adaptation strategy
    by Aravindakshan, Sreejith & Sherief, Aliyaru Kunju

  • 2010 Le territoire viticole en France : de la destruction à la valorisation
    by Francoise Bourdon & Marie-Claude Pichery

  • 2010 Total Factor Productivity in Thai Agriculture Measurement and Determinants
    by Waleerat Suphannachart & Peter Warr

  • 2010 Systemic Weather Risk and Crop Insurance: The Case of China
    by Wei Xu & Ostap Okhrin & Martin Odening & Ji Cao

  • 2010 Environmental Governance in Hungary - Rural Development Policies and Social Learning during the Implementation of EU Agri-Environmental Policies - A Case Study
    by Gusztav Nemes

  • 2010 Factors Explaining Crop Price Developments - Time-Series Evidence for Developing and Developed Countries
    by Raabe, Katharina

  • 2010 Auctioning conservation contracts in the presence of externalities
    by Raphael Calel

  • 2010 The Utilization Of The Statistical Techniques In Projecting Gross Value Added In The Agriculture, Hunting And Forestry; Fishery And Pisciculture Sector
    by Enache, Calcedonia

  • 2010 Land market in Russian agriculture: institutes’ transformation and practice
    by Natalia Shagaida

  • 2010 Situation financière des agriculteurs: mieux comprendre en croisant les perspectives
    by Eric Crettaz & Jérémie Forney

  • 2010 Risikoneigung und Risikoverhalten von Milch-erzeugern: Eine Typologisierung
    by Christian Schaper & Ludwig Theuvsen & Achim Spiller

  • 2010 Regional Brazilian Agriculture TFP Analysis: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis Approach
    by Cassiano Bragagnolo & Humberto F. S. Spolador & Geraldo Sant’Ana de Camargo Barros

  • 2009 Sharing the Surplus Generated from Noncooperative Cost Sharing: The Case of Nonpoint Associations and Water Quality Trading
    by Arthur J. Caplan & Yuya Sasaki

  • 2009 Matching Traders in a Pollution Market: The Case of Cub River, Utah
    by Arthur J. Caplan & Yuya Sasaki

  • 2009 Embeddedness of Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas: A Comparative Rough Set Data Analysis
    by Aliye Ahu Gulumser & Peter Nijkamp & Tuzin Baycan-Levent & Martijn Brons

  • 2009 The Distributional Impact of Large Dams: Evidence from Cropland Productivity in Africa
    by Eric Strobl

  • 2009 Bileşik Endeksle Tarım Sektörünün Gelişim Düzeyinin AB Ülkeleri Karşılaştırmalı Ölçümü
    by Polatkan, Tugba & Arslaner, Ferhat

  • 2009 Development of Gocken Multiplication Technology for Cocoyam
    by Chukwu, G.O & Nwosu, K.I & Mbanaso, E.N.A & Onwubiko, O & Okoye, B.C & Madu, T.U & Ogbonye, H & Nwoko, S.U

  • 2009 Adoption Scale Analysis of Improved Cocoyam Production, Production and Storage Technologies across Gender in Enugu North Agricultural Zone of Enugu State Nigeria
    by Okoye, B.C & Okoye, A.C & Dimelu, M.U & Agbaeze, C.C & Okoroafor, O.N & Amaefula, A.B

  • 2009 The Trade and Trade Policy Implications of Different Policy Responses to Societal Concerns
    by Monika Tothova

  • 2009 On the Systemic Nature of Weather Risk
    by Guenther Filler & Martin Odening & Ostap Okhrin & Wei Xu

  • 2009 Towards certified carbon footprints of products - a road map for data production - Climate Bonus project report (WP3)
    by Adriaan Perrels & Kirsi Usva & Mikko Hongisto & Merja Saarinen & Ari Nissinen & Juha-Matti Katajajuuri & Pauliina Nurmi & Sirpa Kurppa & Sirkka Koskela

  • 2009 The role of banks in monetary policy transmission : empirical evidence from Russia
    by Juurikkala, Tuuli & Karas, Alexei & Solanko, Laura

  • 2009 Relations de pouvoir et regulations extra-locales dans l’adaptation des systèmes agroalimentaires au contexte de mondialisation. Une étude de cas France/Espagne
    by Juan R. Gallego-Bono & Annie Lamanthe

  • 2009 Enhancing Livestock Productivity in the Desert Ecologies of Pakistan: Setting the Development Priorities
    by Umar Farooq & Munir Ahmad & Ikram Saeed

  • 2009 Market Information System for Agricultural Prices in Romania
    by Alboiu, Cornelia & Alexandri, Cecilia & Kevorkian, Cristian & Luca, Lucian

  • 2009 The Romanian Cereal Production At Regional Level
    by Sima, Elena

  • 2009 A pluriatividade das famílias rurais no Nordeste e no Sul do Brasil: pobreza rural e políticas públicas
    by Nascimento, Carlos Alves do

  • 2009 The Dualistic Model of European Agriculture - a Theoretical Framework for the Endogenous Development
    by Antonio SORTINO & Margherita CHANG TING FA

  • 2009 Convergência Microrregional no Setor Agrícola Usando um Modelo com Efeito Threshold
    by José Nilo de Oliveira Júnior & Ivan Castelar & Roberto Tatiwa Ferreira

  • 2008 Fallstudie zur Wirkung der Ausgleichszulage im Altmarkkreis Salzwedel (Sachsen-Anhalt)
    by Pohl, Christian

  • 2008 Fallstudie zur Wirkung der Ausgleichszulage im Landkreis St. Wendel (Saarland)
    by Gasmi, Samy

  • 2008 Eiderstedt im Spannungsfeld zwischen Naturschutz- und Agrarpolitik - Entwicklung eines methodischen Ansatzes für ein nachhaltiges Ressourcenmanagement
    by Christine Schleupner & P. Michael Link

  • 2008 The interdependencies between food and biofuel production in European agriculture - an application of EUFASOM
    by P. Michael Link & C. Ivie Ramos & Uwe A. Schneider & Erwin Schmid & J. Balkovic & R. Skalsky

  • 2008 Livelihood Risk from HIV in Semi-Arid Tropics of Rural Andhra Pradesh
    by Gandhi, B. Valentine Joseph & Bantilan, M. Cynthia Serquina & Parthasarathy, Devanathan

  • 2008 Comparative Economic Evaluation of Adopters and Non-Adopters of Some Selected Technologies in Abia State
    by Anyaegbunam, H.N & Ogbonna, M.C & Okoye, B.C

  • 2008 Gender Constraints in Small-Holder Cocoyam Production in Enugu North Agricultural Zone of Enugu State Nigeria
    by Okoye, A.C & Dimelu, M.U & Okoye, B.C & Agwu, A.E

  • 2008 Development of Gocing Storage Method for Cocoyam
    by Chukwu, G.O & Nwosu, K.I & Madu, T.U & Chinaka, C & Okoye, B.C

  • 2008 Érvényes-e a Gibrat-törvény a magyar mezőgazdaságban?
    by Fertő, Imre & Bakucs, Lajos Zoltán

  • 2008 Concentración de la propiedad de la tierra y producto agrícola en Antioquia. 1995-2004
    by Tatiana Maritza Mora & Juan Carlos Muñoz

  • 2008 Setor Agrícola Brasileiro: Uma Aplicação do Modelo de Tendências e Ciclos Comuns no Período de 1990 a 2005
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