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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting; Personnel Economics
/ / M3: Marketing and Advertising
/ / / M38: Government Policy and Regulation
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 Medical Tourism Market And Inter-Stakeholders’ Relations In Turkey: A Comparative Investigation From Reverse Innovation And Destination Governance Viewpoint
    by Aliu, Armando & Cilginoglu, Hakki & Özkan, Ömer & Aliu, Dorian

  • 2016 "Now that you mention it": A Survey Experiment on Information, Salience and Online Privacy
    by Helia Marreiros & Mirco Tonin & Michael Vlassopoulos & m.c. schraefel

  • 2016 It’s the Society, Stupid! Communicating Emergent Climate Technologies in the Internet Age
    by Olaf Corry & David Reiner

  • 2016 “Now that you mention it”: A Survey Experiment on Information, Salience and Online Privacy
    by Helia Marreiros & Mirco Tonin & Michael Vlassopoulos & M.C. Schraefel

  • 2016 The Label - An Essential Tool For Keeping The Consumer Informed And For Promoting Products In The Economic Area
    by Victoria-Mihaela BRINZEA & Olimpia Elena Mihaela OANCEA

  • 2016 Information disclosure and consumer awareness
    by Li, Sanxi & Peitz, Martin & Zhao, Xiaojian

  • 2016 Consumer governance in electricity markets
    by Daglish, Toby

  • 2015 Tax Policy Response to Market Changes: The Case of the Gaming Services Sector. - L’adeguamento della politica fiscale ai cambiamenti di mercato: il caso del settore del gioco pubblico
    by De Bonis, Valeria & Gandolfo, Alessandro

  • 2015 A Matching Model of University-Industry Collaborations
    by Giorgio Calacagnini & Germana Giombini & Paolo Liberati & Giuseppe Travaglini

  • 2015 Dynamic Support of Government in Online Shopping
    by Hai, Le Chi & Alam Kazmi, Syed Hasnain

  • 2015 Green packaging from a company’s perspective: Determining factors for packaging solutions in the German fruit juice industry
    by Ramme, Iris & Heimann, Ruth

  • 2015 Voluntary environmental and organic standards in agriculture: Policy implications
    by Sylvain Rousset & Koen Deconinck & Hyunchul Jeong & Martin von Lampe

  • 2015 On the price elasticity of demand for trademarks
    by Gaetan de Rassenfosse

  • 2015 Predictors of gambling among university students: the role of gender, sociality and attitudes towards risk
    by Valeria De Bonis & Alessandro Gandolfo

  • 2015 The Project of ‘Psychological Capitalization’ of the Romanian Wheat
    by Raluca Hurduzeu & Florentin Gabriel Niculescu

  • 2015 Top Level Results of a Study of Czech Households´ Awareness of the Food Advertising Industry’s Self-Regulation Related to Children
    by Markéta Lhotáková & Květa Olšanová

  • 2015 Globální cestovní ruch a implikace pro Českou republiku
    by Milan Vošta & Josef Abrhám

  • 2015 Strategic and Operational Challenges for Tourist Air Transport
    by Elisabeta Ilona Molnar & Remus Christian Moraru

  • 2015 Relations, Assessment Methods and Development Strategies in Travel Industry
    by Remus Christian Moraru & Elisabeta Ilona Molnar

  • 2015 Chances of Romanian Tourism in the Perspective of European Competition
    by Marin Ciocarlan & Ion Cochina

  • 2015 Deconstructing Financial Services Advertising in the Run Up to the Great Recession: The Case of the Live Richly Campaign
    by Noel Murray & Ajay Manrai & Lalita Manrai

  • 2015 The Young And The Restless: Grappling With The Young Chinese Consumer Mindset
    by Luding Tong

  • 2015 A Comparison Of User Perceptions And Frequency Of Use Of Social Media To Use Of Social Media
    by Brad Sago

  • 2015 El papel de las bluelaws en los modelos de evolución de los for¬matos comerciales
    by Javier de la Ballina Ballina & Rodolfo Vázquez

  • 2015 La co-construction sémio-discursive des thématiques santé en Roumanie postcommuniste

  • 2015 El aroma al evaluar el involucramiento del consumidor con un producto y su percepcio?n de calidad
    by Ana M. Arboleda & Julio C. Alonso

  • 2015 El aroma al evaluar el involucramiento del consumidor con un producto y su percepcio?n de calidad
    by Ana M. Arboleda & Julio C. Alonso

  • 2015 Psychological Frictions and the Incomplete Take-Up of Social Benefits: Evidence from an IRS Field Experiment
    by Saurabh Bhargava & Dayanand Manoli

  • 2014 A Friendly Turn: Advertising Bias in the News Media
    by Ruenzi, Stefan & Focke, Florens & Niessen-Ruenzi, Alexandra

  • 2014 Are commercial ceilings appropriate for the regulation of commercial overload on free-to-air TV channels?
    by Rothbauer, Julia & Sieg, Gernot

  • 2014 دور رأس المال الفكري في تنمية المشروعات الصغيرة والمتوسطة في الدول العربية
    by Elasrag, Hussein

  • 2014 Motivations for gambling and the choice between skill and luck gambling products: an exploratory study
    by Alessandro Gandolfo & Valeria De Bonis

  • 2014 Advertising, Reputation, and Environmental Stewardship: Evidence from the BP Oil Spill
    by Lint Barrage & Eric Chyn & Justine Hastings

  • 2014 Information Disclosure and Consumer Awareness
    by Li, Sanxi & Peitz, Martin & Zhao, Xiaojian

  • 2014 Privacy Concern in Western Balkan Countries: Developing a Typology of Citizens
    by Jelena Budak & Edo Rajh & Ivan-Damir Anic

  • 2014 Institutions and Regulations in Innovation Systems: Effects, Problems and Innovation Policy Design
    by Borrás , Susana & Edquist , Charles

  • 2014 Striving Towards a Holistic Innovation Policy in European Countries - But Linearity Still Prevails!
    by Edquist , Charles

  • 2014 Innovation Policy for Knowledge Production and R&D: the Investment Portfolio Approach
    by Borrás , Susana & Edquist , Charles

  • 2014 Efficiency of Research and Innovation Systems for Economic Growth and Employment
    by Edquist, Charles

  • 2014 Rethinking Nudges
    by Mongin , Philippe & Cozic , Mikaël

  • 2014 Targeted advertising, platform competition and privacy
    by Henk Kox & Bas Straathof & Gijsbert Zwart

  • 2014 Contemporary Monopolies In The Polish Economy – The Case Study Of Pwpw
    by Remigiusz Lewandowski

  • 2014 Food Industry Approach to Rising Prevalence of Children Obesity in the Czech Republic
    by Květa Olšanová

  • 2014 Účinnost regulace a samoregulace reklamy potravinářských fi rem cílené na děti v České republice
    by Markéta Lhotáková & Květa Olšanová

  • 2014 Contemporary Monopolies In The Polish Economy – The Case Study Of Pwpw
    by Remigiusz Lewandowski

  • 2014 Dark Tourism, Romania And Dracula. The Perceptions Of Potential American Tourists
    by Drule Alexandra & Chis Alexandru & Tomoaie Larisa

  • 2014 Statistical detection of fraud in the reporting of Croatian public companies
    by Sinisa Slijepcevic & Branimir Blaskovic

  • 2014 Relationship Between Mobile Number Portability And Consumer Choice Of Active Multiple Mobile Phone Numbers In Ghana
    by Solomon A. Keelson & Addo J. Odei

  • 2014 Business Ethics in Financial Sector: Case of Romania
    by Monica-Violeta Achim & Sorin-Nicolae Borlea

  • 2014 The 14th International Conference of Urbanicom: "Commerce and the City"
    by WEGNEZ, Leon F.

  • 2014 Implementation of Decomposed Theory of Planned Behavior on the Adoption of E-Filling Systems Taxation Policy in Indonesia
    by Sri HASTUTI & Diah Hari SURYANINGRUM & Luky SUSILOWATI & Muchtolifah

  • 2014 Should jet fuel surcharges be regulated, and if so, how?
    by Klophaus, Richard

  • 2014 Beneficios y perjuicios de la estrategia de imitación
    by Ana M. Arboleda

  • 2014 L’Influence Du Brand Politique Sur Le Comportement De L’Electeur : Une Theorisation Du Comportement Du Consommateur
    by Ovidiu-Aurel GHIUȚĂ

  • 2014 A Study Of The Image Of Tulip Symphony - A Defining Ingredient In The Development Of The Urban Brand Of Pitesti
    by Mihaela, ASANDEI & Elena, ENACHE

  • 2014 The Impact Of The Legislative Environment On The European Parliamentary Elections In Romania
    by Diana Magdalena Prihoanca

  • 2014 Public Relations In Public Administration: Role And Management, In A Socio-Political Marketing Context
    by Dorian Pocovnicu

  • 2014 Fundamental Aspects Of Communication Management, In The Case Of Public Administration
    by Dorian Pocovnicu

  • 2014 Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on OTC Medicines Consumers
    by Vasja Roblek & Andrej Bertoncelj

  • 2013 Designing Public Transportation Tariff Scale by Modeling Demand
    by M. Dodlova & S. Kiselgof & R. Menyashev & K. Sorokin & E. Khmelnitskaya & E. Chernina.

  • 2013 Shrinking Goods
    by Levy, Daniel & Snir, Avichai

  • 2013 Willingness-to-Pay for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Characteristics: A Stated Choice Study for Germany
    by Hackbarth, André & Madlener, Reinhard

  • 2013 Shrinking Goods
    by Daniel Levy & Avichai Snir

  • 2013 Discussion of "Local News Online: Aggregators, Geo-Targeting and the Market for Local News" by George, L. and C. Hogendorn
    by Levy, Daniel

  • 2013 Students’ Perception About Management Education in India and USA
    by Shetty, Bhavna R. & Gujarathi, Rajashree

  • 2013 The Italian model of gambling taxation: fiscal policy guidelines for the "sustainable development" of an important and controversial market
    by Alessandro Gandolfo & Valeria De Bonis

  • 2013 The Effect of Deceptive Advertising on Consumption of the Advertised Good and its Substitutes: The Case of Over-the-Counter Weight Loss Products
    by John Cawley & Rosemary Avery & Matthew Eisenberg

  • 2013 Are commercial ceilings adequate for the regulation of commercial overload on free-to-air TV channels?
    by Julia Rothbauer & Gernot Sieg

  • 2013 The Effect of Deceptive Advertising on Consumption of the Advertised Good and its Substitutes: The Case of Over-the-Counter Weight Loss Products
    by Cawley, John & Avery, Rosemary & Eisenberg, Matthew

  • 2013 Competence Building: A Systemic Approach to Innovation Policy
    by Borrás , Susana & Edquist , Charles

  • 2013 Attention Manipulation and Information Overload
    by Persson, Petra

  • 2013 The Strategic Plan for Tourism Development in Italy
    by Silvia ANGELONI

  • 2013 Food Marketing to Children - Introduction to Ethical Issues
    by Květa Olšanová

  • 2013 Exploratory Research Regarding Romanians’ Perception About The Regional Brand “Maramureª”
    by Drule Alexandra-Maria & Chiº Alexandru & Dunca Adina-Georgeta &

  • 2013 Problems of Corporate Governance in the Practice of Machine Building Enterprises of Ukraine
    by Iuliia Fadieieva

  • 2013 Product Warnings, Debiasing, and Free Speech: The Case of Tobacco Regulation
    by Christine Jolls

  • 2013 The role of social consultation in the management of a local government unit: the case study of Wasilkow
    by Jaroslaw Zalejski

  • 2013 The Symphony Of Tulips In The Post-Accession Strategy Of The City Of Pitesti
    by Mihaela, ASANDEI & Andreea-Daniela, GANGONE

  • 2013 La publicité dans le secteur financier : l’action de l’Autorité de contrôle prudentiel depuis 2010
    by HANSE, F.

  • 2013 Communication Policies of the Agriculture Companies in Bulgaria
    by Lyubomir Lyubenov

  • 2013 “First Home” – A Banking Product Or A Social Product?
    by Diana Magdalena Prihoanca

  • 2013 A Framing Of Future European Parliament Elections 2014 In A Social Media Context
    by Dorian Pocovnicu & Madalina Manolache & Gheorghe Epuran

  • 2013 Regionalism and its shelters. The probes of the cold war era and the post cold war era
    by Ioana-Bianca Berna & Daniela-Anamaria Radu

  • 2013 Rural marketing to the aid of local development. Case study - Jilava commune, Ilfov county, Romania
    by Ph.D. Dragos Dinca & Ph.D. Catalin Dumitrica

  • 2013 Quality culture in romanian public administration
    by Madalina Tomescu

  • 2013 Indonesia now. Between Pancasila and crisis of democracy in Indonesia
    by Hendro Muhaimin & S.Fil & M.A.

  • 2013 Southeast asian regionalism: theoretical systemic obligingness in disarray
    by Ioana Bianca Berna

  • 2013 Some hypotheses regarding the mobile telecommunications services marketing and consumers rights from Romania
    by Nicu Marcu & Georgeta-Mădălina Meghişan

  • 2013 Technological Migration: The Case of Thai Digital Terrestrial Television
    by Ratidanai Hoonsawat

  • 2012 Women on Boards: Norway the Example to Follow
    by Alessandra D’Ambrosi & Luca Gnan

  • 2012 Savings Adequacy Uncertainty: Driver or Obstacle to Increased Pension Contributions?
    by Ron J.G. van Schie & Bas Donkers & Benedict G.C. Dellaert

  • 2012 The Introduction of ICT for Sustainable Development of the Tourism Industry in Cambodia
    by Bory Seng

  • 2012 Self-regulation as a remedy for market turmoil: An over-the-counter or a prescription drug?
    by Senderski, Marcin

  • 2012 Tax policy response to market changes: the case of the gaming services sector
    by Valeria De Bonis & Alessandro Gandolfo

  • 2012 Public Attitudes towards Surveillance and Privacy in Western Balkans: The Case of Serbia
    by Jelena Budak & Ivan-Damir Anic & Edo Rajh

  • 2012 Why Pre-Commercial Procurement is notInnovation Procurement
    by Edquist , Charles & Zabala-Iturriagagoitia , Jon Mikel

  • 2012 Managing town centres under increasing competitive conditions – The role of the property owners
    by Lagin, Madelen & Håkansson, Johan

  • 2012 Packaging – The Silent Seller of the Product
    by Andreea Bianca Ene

  • 2012 Steps to be followed for egovernment implementation
    by Bogdan Calin VELICU & Maria-Cristiana MUNTHIU & Mihaela TUTA & Iulia-Adina ZARA

  • 2012 Econometric Study of the Relationship between Dimensions of Corporate Responsibility in the Multinational Companies
    by Grosu Maria

  • 2012 Romania's Tourism Brand – a Critical Analysis
    by Pavel Camelia

  • 2012 Classical and Modern Approaches to Public Administration
    by Polya Katsamunska

  • 2012 What is Entrepreneurship and What Entrepreneurship Policy Does Russia Need? (Marginal Notes on Works of Modern Foreign Classics)
    by Chepurenko, A.

  • 2012 The Social Problem Sensitivity of the Hungarian Population and Their Social Marketing Sensitivity
    by István Piskóti

  • 2012 Redesigning Business Models from the Recent Economic Perspective
    by Georgeta Ilie

  • 2012 The Imperatives Of Quality Services In Condition Of European Integration
    by Natalia Remesovski

  • 2012 The Value of Personal Information: Evidence from Empirical Economic studies
    by Moritz GODEL & Annabel LITCHFIELD & Iris MANTOVANI

  • 2012 Rethinking the European Business Model
    by Georgeta Ilie

  • 2012 Advertising disclosures: Measuring labeling alternatives in internet search engines
    by Edelman, Benjamin & Gilchrist, Duncan S.

  • 2012 Innovative Agro-food Technologies Implementation through Instructional Communication Mechanisms
    by Gianita BLEOJU

  • 2012 110 Years of Marketing
    by Krum Alexandrov

  • 2011 Gemeinschaftliche Absatz- und Exportförderung für Agrarerzeugnisse und Lebensmittel in Österreich und den USA. Bericht im Auftrag des Bundesministeriums für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz (BMELV)
    by Peter, Günter

  • 2011 Consumer Preferences for Alternative Fuel Vehicles: A Discrete Choice Analysis
    by Hackbarth, André & Madlener, Reinhard

  • 2011 Il gioco pubblico in Italia fra tradizione e innovazione: aspetti economici e di marketing
    by Alessandro Gandolfo & Valeria De Bonis

  • 2011 Virality, Network Effects and Advertising Effectiveness
    by Catherine Tucker

  • 2011 Public Attitudes Towards Surveillance and Privacy in Croatia
    by Jelena Budak & Ivan-Damir Anic & Edo Rajh

  • 2011 Successful Strategic Practices in Building Malaysia’s Country Brand
    by Ruxandra Irina POPESCU & Razvan-Andrei CORBOS

  • 2011 Systém řízení kvality v sektoru turistických informačních center
    by Monika Palatková

  • 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility in Romania. Case Study
    by Grosu Maria

  • 2011 Corporate Responsibility and Control Risk
    by Grosu Maria

  • 2011 Can Marketing Support The Implementation Of Effective Egovernment? Analysis Of The Single Point Of Access Portal For Romanian Electronic Public Services
    by Velicu Bogdan Calin

  • 2011 Economical Forms of State Pressure in Russian Regional Media
    by Ilya KIRIYA & Anna KACHKAEVA

  • 2011 Economic Perspectives on Romanian Communist Press Case study: 1965
    by Emilia ŞERCAN

  • 2011 Murdoch’s ‘Romanian’Faces. Media Ownership in Romania: Risks of the High Concentration

  • 2011 La responsabilité sociale de l'entreprise (RSE) comme discours ambigu
    by Yvon Pesqueux

  • 2011 Nutritional Labeling and Consumer Choices
    by Kristin Kiesel & Jill J. McCluskey & Sofia B. Villas-Boas

  • 2011 Comparative Analysis Concerning The Field Distribution Of The Companies With Liabilities To The State Budget In 2010
    by Daniela Ciotinã & Cristina-Ionela Fãdur

  • 2011 Considerations Regarding Behavior And Strategic Orientations Of Romanian Retailers During The Economic Crisis
    by Tudor NISTORESCU & Silvia PUIU

  • 2011 Considerations Regarding Behavior And Strategic Orientations Of Romanian Retailers During The Economic Crisis
    by Tudor NISTORESCU & Silvia PUIU

  • 2011 A Consolidated Model Of Analysis Of The Relations Between Politics And Management Within Public Organizations
    by Catalina Maria GEORGESCU & Tudor NISTORESCU

  • 2011 A Consolidated Model Of Analysis Of The Relations Between Politics And Management Within Public Organizations
    by Catalina Maria GEORGESCU & Tudor NISTORESCU

  • 2010 Information transfer in the agricultural sector in Spain
    by Munoz-Canavate, Antonio & Hipola, Pedro

  • 2010 Social Networks, Personalized Advertising, and Privacy Controls
    by Catherine Tucker

  • 2010 Heuristic Approach to Some European Rail Companies Activity
    by Ghituleasa Anca-Andreea & Ghituleasa Liviu Gabriel

  • 2010 Implications Of Citizen Participation In Local Public Administration Upon Citizens' Satisfaction
    by Bente Florina Maria

  • 2010 Relations With The Public Versus Public Relations In Local Public Administration
    by Bente Florina Maria

  • 2010 Oferta Y Competitividad Turistica Del Poblado De Popotla Y Su Impacto En El Desarrollo Local
    by Omaira Cecilia Martinez Moreno & Jose Gabriel Ruiz Andrade & Maria Guadalupe Velazquez Romero

  • 2010 Measuring Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Study In The Senior-Care Organizations In Rural Areas Of Central Taiwan
    by Chan-Chien Chiu & Wei-Chiang Chen & Hsing-Yun Chang

  • 2010 Una imagen vale más que mil palabras: efectos de las advertencias sanitarias visuales en el descenso del consumo de tabaco: un estudio desde la perspectiva del marketing social
    by Rey Pino, Juan Miguel & Gallopel-Morvan, Karine & Lacave García, Blanca & Viedma del Jesús, María Isabel

  • 2010 El marketing del partido político en el gobierno
    by Pedro Barrientos Felipa

  • 2010 Considerations On Social Marketing In Romania
    by Prof. Filimon Stremţan Ph.D & Assist. Silvia-Ştefania Mihalache Author-Workplace-Name:“1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia Faculty of Science Alba Iulia, Romania

  • 2010 Trademarks As Power Means In International Relations
    by Mihaela – Daciana Boloş

  • 2010 The particularities of the calculation and of the cost reduction in lignite production
    by Magdalena Mihai & Constantin Staicu & Anca Ciumag

  • 2010 Determining Factors Of Foreign Direct Investments In Albania
    by Mamica Nene & Eleina Qirici

  • 2010 Alternative Dispute Resolution through Mediation in Romanian Retail Banking
    by Carmen Bălan

  • 2009 Economic Integration in the Euro-Mediterranean Region
    by Rym Ayadi & Luc De Wulf & Moez El Elj & Michael Gasiorek & Ahmed Ghoneim & Javier Lopez Gonzalez & Selen Guerin & Peter Holmes & Hammad Kassal & Maryla Maliszewska & Mahmut Tekce

  • 2009 New Forms of Public Service Delivery – are they really valuable?
    by Carvalho, Cláudia & Brito, Carlos

  • 2009 An empirical approach to understanding privacy concerns
    by Luc Wathieu & Allan Friedman

  • 2009 Oportunidades, desafíos y barreras de la movilidad laboral en Colombia: reflexiones para la población en pobreza extrema y moderada
    by Mauricio Santa María S. & Carlos Felipe Prada L. & Ana Virginia Mujica P.

  • 2009 Main Aspects Regarding the Implication of Change Management in Educational System
    by Solomia ANDRES & Raul MALOS

  • 2009 Interdependences Between The Public Administration And Private Business Environment In The Context Of Economic Crisis
    by Grigorescu Adriana & Balalia Alina Elena

  • 2009 Existencia y heterogeneidad de los costes de cambio en la industria de la Telefonía Móvil
    by Carlos Ocaña Pérez de Tudela & Yolanda Polo & Francisco Javier Sesé

  • 2009 Design Mechanism as Territorial Strategic Capability
    by Gianita BLEOJU & Lacramioara FOTACHE

  • 2008 Health Information: does it make a di erence to wine choice?
    by Brenda Dyack & Ellen Goddard

  • 2008 An Analysis of U.S. Direct Wine Shipment Laws
    by Nelson Barber & Tim Dodd

  • 2008 A welfare analysis of "junk" information and spam filters
    by Josef Falkinger

  • 2008 Explaining International Differences in Entrepreneurship: The Role of Individual Characteristics and Regulatory Constraints
    by Silvia Ardagna & Annamaria Lusardi

  • 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility e sostenibilità d'impresa: primi risultati di una indagine esplorativa nel comparto delle lavorazioni meccaniche
    by Andrea GANZAROLI & Luigi ORSI

  • 2008 A Dynamic Incentive Mechanism for Transmission Expansion in Electricity Networks–Theory, Modeling and Application
    by Juan Rosellon & Hannes Weigt

  • 2008 Calculating the Cost of the Universal Service Obligation: The Need for a Global Approach
    by Christian Jaag & Martin Koller & Urs Trinkner

  • 2008 El impacto de la mercantilización de los servicios públicos sobre las empresas estatales del sector
    by Edgar Varela Barrios

  • 2007 Economics of Post Office Networks: Strategic Issues and the Impact on Mail Demand
    by Martin Buser & Christian Jaag & Urs Trinkner

  • 2007 Pricing in competitive two-sided mail markets
    by Christian Jaag & Urs Trinkner

  • 2007 The Forming System In Romanian Public Administration
    by Manole Cristina & Colesca Sofia Elena

  • 2006 Suveranitatea Consumatorului – Criteriu Al Bunastarii In Reformularea Misesiana A Teoriei Monopolului Si Limitele Acestuia
    by Costea Elena-Diana

  • 2004 Evaluación del proyecto de Madrid 2012 bajo un enfoque de mercado. Una exploración de posibilidades y mejoras
    by Mateos de Cabo, Ruth & Gimeno Nogués, Ricardo

  • 2002 What is the Predictive Power of Market Orientation?
    by Langerak, F.

  • 1999 Optimalisasi Fungsi Lelang Sebagai Skema Penjualan Yang Efektif
    by Nizar, Muhammad Afdi

  • 1997 Информационное Поле Омского Региона Сегодня
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 1981 Red-Meat Price Policy in Egypt
    by Soliman, Ibrahim

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