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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P4: Other Economic Systems
/ / / P45: International Linkages
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Societal benefits and costs of International Investment Agreements: A critical review of aspects and available empirical evidence
    by Joachim Pohl

  • 2017 Relationship between good governance and economic growth - A contribution to the institutional debate about state failure in developing countries
    by Rachid Mira & Ahmed Hammadache

  • 2017 Foreign market selection of emerging multinational corporations: evidence from South African and Egyptian corporations
    by Mustafa Sakr & Andre Jordaan

  • 2017 Push factors of emerging multinational corporations: evidence from South Africa and Egypt
    by Mustafa Sakr & Andre Jordaan

  • 2017 Foreign Market Selection of Emerging Multinational Corporations: Evidence from South African and Egyptian Corporations
    by Mustafa Sakr & Andre Jordaan

  • 2017 Push Factors of Emerging Multinational Corporations: Evidence from South Africa and Egypt
    by Mustafa Sakr & Andre Jordaan

  • 2017 Togo: Political and Socio-Economic Development (2015 – 2017)
    by Kohnert, Dirk

  • 2017 Implications of Brexit to the Asia-Pacific region: with a focus on least developed countries
    by Jacob, Arun & Graham, Louis & Moller, Anders K

  • 2017 FDI and Economic Growth: A Changing Relationship Across Country and Overtime
    by Hayat, Arshad & Cahlik, Tomas

  • 2017 FDI and economic growth: Evidence on the Role of the Size of Natural Resource Sector
    by hayat, arshad

  • 2017 Russia-EU28 and Russia-China trade interdependence vs. the competitiveness of the Russian economy
    by Krzysztof Falkowski

  • 2017 Real Exchange Rate Policies for Economic Development
    by Martin Guzman & Jose Antonio Ocampo & Joseph E. Stiglitz

  • 2017 Internationalization of Indian multinational enterprises - motivations, strategies and regulation from the experience of Indian investments - a focus on Europe
    by Tamas Gerocs

  • 2017 Análisis del comercio internacional colombiano y diversificación de exportaciones (2002-2015): Canadá, Estados Unidos y Unión Europea
    by Gabriel PIRAQUIVE GALEANO & Víctor Manuel NIETO GALINDO & Jennifer Andrea TIMOTE BOJACA & Sandra Paola OVIEDO ARIZA

  • 2017 Unlocking the Potential of Regional Economic Cooperation and Integration in South Asia: Potential, Challenges and the Way Forward

  • 2017 Ticari Dışa Açıklık ve Dış Ticaret Hadleri Dış Borçlanma Üzerinde Etkili mi? Türkiye İçin Bir Analiz
    by Mehmet BÖLÜKBAŞ & Osman PEKER

  • 2017 Zones For Free Trade Between Balkan Countries And Europe In General During The Economic Crisis In Greece

  • 2017 Dynamics Of The Foreign Trade Of Bulgaria With Balkan Countries
    by Vyara Kyurova

  • 2017 Does Foreign Direct Investment Accelerate the Vietnamese Economic Growth? A Simultaneous Equations Approach
    by Hiep Ngoc Luu & Vu Quang Trinh & Nam Hoai Vu

  • 2017 Economic Climate, Infrastructure and FDI: Global Evidence with New Dimensions
    by Suborna Barua & Junnatun Naym & Hazera-Tun-Nessa

  • 2017 How did Japanese exports evolve from 1995 to 2014? A spatial econometric perspective
    by Yang, Wen & Liu, Yi-Cheng & Mai, Chao-Cheng

  • 2017 Financial Development, Commercial Development, and Economic Growth in the Selected Emerging and the Middle Eastern Countries#
    by Lotfali Agheli & Golnaz Hadian

  • 2017 Market Efficiency Based on Unconventional Technical Trading Strategies in Malaysian Stock Market
    by Pick-Soon Ling & Ruzita Abdul-Rahim

  • 2017 The Impact of Stock Market Performance on Foreign Portfolio Investment in China
    by Muhammad Afaq Haider & Muhammad Asif Khan & Shamila Saddique & Shujahat Haider Hashmi

  • 2017 Foreign Direct Investments – How Much You Can Get
    by Oana Simona HUDEA

  • 2016 US Antidumping Petitions and Revealed Comparative Advantage of Shrimp Exporting Countries
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer & Dang-Khoa Nguyen

  • 2016 US Antidumping Petitions and Revealed Comparative Advantage of Shrimp Exporting Countries
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer & Dang-Khoa Nguyen

  • 2016 Emerging Multinational Corporations: a prominent player in the global economy
    by Mustafa Sakr and Andre Jordaan

  • 2016 Emerging multinational corporations: Theoretical and conceptual framework
    by Mustafa Sakr and Andre Jordaan

  • 2016 Aid-Macroeconomic Policy Environment- Growth Nexus: Evidence from Selected Asian Countries
    by Saima Liaqat & Temesgen Kifle & Mohammad Alauddin

  • 2016 Emerging Multinational Corporations: A Prominent Player in the Global Economy
    by Mustafa Sakr & Andre Jordaan

  • 2016 Emerging Multinational Corporations: Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
    by Mustafa Sakr & Andre Jordaan

  • 2016 US Antidumping Petitions and Revealed Comparative Advantage of Shrimp Exporting Countries
    by Chang, C-L. & McAleer, M.J. & Nguyen, D.K.

  • 2016 Optimal Mean Reversion Trading:Mathematical Analysis and Practical Applications
    by Tim Leung & Xin Li

  • 2016 Challenges, Performances and Tendencies in Organisation Management

  • 2016 Exports from the Visegrad Group to Latin America - Factors of attractiveness between 2001 and 2013
    by Lourdes Gabriela Daza Aramayo & Marek Vokoun

  • 2016 Does Stock Market Development Play Any Role In The Effect Of Fdi On Economic Growth In Nigeria? An Empirical Investigation
    by Oziengbe Scott Aigheyisi

  • 2016 Problems Of Attracting Of Foreign Direct Investments In Ukraine
    by Vira TRONKO & Dariia SAI

  • 2016 The EU-China bilateral investment treaty: objectives, actual stage of negotiations and possible risks
    by Iulia Monica Oehler-Sincai

  • 2016 Trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights agreements and the upsurge in foreign direct investment in developing countries
    by Zhang, Huiying & Yang, Xiaohui

  • 2016 Foreign Investment Promotion Analysis in Sultanate of Oman: The Case of Dhofar Governorate
    by Alexandrina Maria Pauceanu

  • 2016 Regional Integration of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Economic Community: An Analysis of Malaysia - Association of Southeast Asian Nations Exports
    by Irwan Shah Zainal Abidin & Muhammad Haseeb & Rabiul Islam

  • 2016 Más allá del posdesarrollo: avances hacia un sistema de cooperación sostenible
    by Jiménez-Castillo Manuel Antonio

  • 2015 American private direct investment in the Philippines after independence
    by Gerardo P. Sicat

  • 2015 Bilateralizing multilateral aid? Aid allocation by World Bank trust funds
    by Eichenauer, Vera & Knack, Stephen

  • 2015 A Post-2015 Monitoring and Accountability Framework
    by Jose Antonio Ocampo

  • 2015 Methods for regionalizing input-output tables
    by Szabó, Norbert

  • 2015 The role of technology and citizens' involvement in smart, inclusive and sustainable urban development
    by Bukša Tezzele, Ružica & De Amicis, Raffaele

  • 2015 Malaysia NAP: More Shadows than Lights
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2015 The Basic Concepts and Feature of Bank Liquidity and Its Risk
    by Sekoni, Abiola

  • 2015 Investment Treaties over Time - Treaty Practice and Interpretation in a Changing World
    by Kathryn Gordon & Joachim Pohl

  • 2015 Export and GDP Growth in Lithuania: Short-run or Middle-run Causality?
    by Irina Travkina

  • 2015 Peculiarities of export structure in Lithuania: synthesis and analysis
    by Irina Travkina & Manuela TvaronaviÄ ienÄ—

  • 2015 Economic dimension of the Czech republic`s development assistance-Case study of Serbia
    by Kristýna Kloboučníková; VŠE v Praze & Radka Druláková; VŠE v Praze

  • 2015 The Actuals of Crowdfunding
    by Ilie Margareta & Ilie Constantin

  • 2015 The Effects of Sporting Success on Stock Returns: An Application in Istanbul Stock Exchange
    by Alper Veli ÇAM

  • 2015 Revisiting Neoclassical Economic Growth: A Survey in the Literature
    by Mayank GUPTA

  • 2015 Fdi Determinants In Brics
    by Sebastian-Andrei LABES

  • 2015 The foreign direct investment flows and the national economic evolution
    by Simona Moagar Poladian & Cristinel Claudiu Cocosatu

  • 2015 Globalization and the transmission of social values: The case of tolerance
    by Berggren, Niclas & Nilsson, Therese

  • 2015 What drives China’s outward direct investment?
    by Chih-Hai Yang & Mei-Chun Cheng & Chun-Hung Lin

  • 2014 Achieving Bangladesh's tourism potential: Linkages to export diversification, employment generation and the "green economy"
    by Honeck, Dale & Akhtar, Md. Shoaib

  • 2014 The Effect Of The Chinese International Trade On The Brazilian Trade Balance
    by Jose Cesar Cruz Jr. & Antonio Carlos Diegues Jr. & Vinicius Stringhini Onofre & Amanda Brito Andriotta

  • 2014 Measuring the Causal Effect of Privatization on Firm Performance
    by Jan Hagemejer & Joanna Tyrowicz & Jan Svejnar

  • 2014 Does Rising Import Competition Harm Local Firm Productivity in Less Advanced Economies? Evidence from Vietnam's Manufacturing Sector
    by Tinh Doan & Son Nguyen & Tuyen Tran & Huong Vu & Steven Lim

  • 2014 Did the Aid Boom Pacify Sub-Saharan Africa?: Ex-Post Evaluation Using a Near-Identification Approach
    by Azam, Jean-Paul & Thelen, Véronique

  • 2014 FDI attractiveness in Latin America
    by Lourdes Gabriela Daza Aramayo

  • 2014 The Effects of Isolation on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
    by Gorgulu, Mehmet Emre

  • 2014 Brazil’s Place in the Global Economy
    by Porzecanski, Arturo C.

  • 2014 Globalization and the Transmission of Social Values: The Case of Tolerance
    by Berggren, Niclas & Nilsson, Therese

  • 2014 Does aid have a future?
    by Serge TOMASI

  • 2014 Demain, l'aide...?
    by Serge TOMASI

  • 2014 Raising Of Competitiveness Of Export-Oriented Industries – Economic Priorities Of National Importance
    by Vladimir Mitroviæ, Ivana Mitroviæ

  • 2014 Spurious regressions and near-multicollinearity, with an application to aid, policies and growth
    by Chatelain, Jean-Bernard & Ralf, Kirsten

  • 2014 Time Series Analysis about the Relationship between Foreign Trade and Exchange Rate in Turkish Economy
    by Bilal KARGI

  • 2014 R&D Intensity and Market Valuation of Firm: A Study of R&D Incurring Manufacturing Firms in India
    by Pramod Kumar Naik

  • 2014 India-Africa Trade: Current Trends and Policy
    by Priyadarshi Dash

  • 2014 Managing the State Aid in Romania According to European Union’s Policy
    by Cristian BUªU

  • 2014 E-fulfillment - a new challenge for electronic business
    by Claudia Isac

  • 2014 Current State of European Hotel Chains
    by Gurgui Amalia & Gribincea Alexandru

  • 2014 How to finance investment in Bangladesh: Finding long-run factors in a bounds test method
    by Biru Paksha Paula

  • 2014 Compliance with Global Quality Requirements in Pakistan’s Export Sector
    by Salman Ehsan & Ayesha Khanum

  • 2014 Globalization of Malaysian Economy – With Special Focus on the Role of Growth Enclaves
    by Khondaker Mizanur Rahman & Rafiuddin Ahmed

  • 2014 Spurious regressions and near-multicollinearity, with an application to aid, policies and growth
    by Chatelain, Jean-Bernard & Ralf, Kirsten

  • 2014 The Development of Accounting Regulation in Iraq and the IFRS Adoption Decision: An Institutional Perspective
    by Hassan, Enas A. & Rankin, Michaela & Lu, Wei

  • 2014 Risk And Foreign Direct Investment In Romania
    by Catalin Drob

  • 2013 Fostering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Global Supply Chain: Capacity Building of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in APEC
    by Nam , Young-sook

  • 2013 Measuring The Foreign Exchange Premium And The Premium For Non-Tradable Outlays For Twenty Countries In Africa
    by Glenn P. Jenkins & Chun-Yan Kuo & Sener Salci

  • 2013 Temporal Validity of International Investment Agreements: A Large Sample Survey of Treaty Provisions
    by Joachim Pohl

  • 2013 Study of U.S. Financial System
    by Robert Pollin & James Heintz

  • 2013 Studies in Financial Systems No 6 Report on the Spanish Financial System
    by Amaya Altuzarra & Jesús Ferreiro & Catalina Gálvez & Carmen Gómez & Ana González & Patricia Peinado & Carlos Rodríguez & Felipe Serrano

  • 2013 The financialisation of the Romanian Economy: from central bank-led to dependent financialization
    by Daniela Gabor

  • 2013 The French financial system, from past to present
    by Christophe Blot & Jerome Creel & Anne-Laure Delatte & Kevin Durand & Aude Gallois & Paul Hubert & Jacques Le Cacheux & Sandrine Levasseur & Mathilde Viennot

  • 2013 The Estonian Financial System
    by Egert Juuse & Rainer Kattel

  • 2013 The Integrated Framework for Trade-related Assistance to the Least Developed Countries: A Promising Initiative
    by Philippe HEIN

  • 2013 The Integrated Framework for Trade-related Assistance to the Least Developed Countries: A Promising Initiative
    by Philippe HEIN

  • 2013 Evaluating Aid for Trade : A Survey of Recent Studies
    by Olivier CADOT & Ana FERNANDES & Julien GOURDON & Aaditya MATTOO & Jaime DE MELO

  • 2013 Evaluating Aid for Trade : A Survey of Recent Studies
    by Olivier CADOT & Ana FERNANDES & Julien GOURDON & Aaditya MATTOO & Jaime DE MELO

  • 2013 Promoting International Environmental Cooperation Through Unilateral Action: When Can Trade Sanctions Help?
    by Johannes Urpelainen

  • 2013 Impact of macroeconomic factors on tourism receipts: evidence from SAARC region
    by Mushtaq, Ayesha & Zaman, Khalid

  • 2013 The Role of Remittances as More Efficient Tool of Development Aid in Developing Countries
    by Robert Stojanov & Wadim Strielkowski

  • 2013 El renovado auge de la Cooperación Sur-Sur : La experiencia iberoamericana
    by Xalma, Cristina

  • 2013 La Revista Completa
    by Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe, INTAL

  • 2013 The New Boom in South-South Cooperation : The Experience of Ibero-America
    by Xalma, Cristina

  • 2013 The Complete Issue
    by Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe, INTAL

  • 2013 Impact of China's currency valuation and labour cost on the US in a trade and exchange rate model
    by Bhattarai, Keshab & Mallick, Sushanta

  • 2013 Channelling The Nigeria’s Foreign Exchange Reserves into Alternative Investment Outlets: A Critical Analysis
    by Asimiyu Gbolagade Abiola & Francis Ojo Adebayo

  • 2013 Las Exportaciones y el crecimiento económico en Colombia 1994-2010
    by Willyam Cáceres Rodríguez

  • 2013 World Crisis Impact On International Trade
    by Florina POPA

  • 2013 FX and derivatives markets in emerging economies and the internationalisation of their currencies
    by Torsten Ehlers & Frank Packer

  • 2013 3Month: March Short Description Of The Relevant Aspects Of The Dutch Economy In The Global Economic System
    by Razvan Hagima

  • 2012 LDC export diversification, employment generation and the green economy: What roles for tourism linkages?
    by Honeck, Dale

  • 2012 Spurious Regressions and Near-Multicollinearity, with an Application to Aid, Policies and Growth
    by Chatelain, Jean-Bernard & Ralf, Kirsten

  • 2012 Sprzedaż zagraniczna prowadzona przez polskie sklepy internetowe – wyniki badań
    by Chodak, Grzegorz & Latus, Łukasz

  • 2012 The impact of exchange rate volatility on trade integration among North and South Mediterranean countries
    by Sabri, Nidal Rachid & Peeters, Marga & Abulaben, Diama K.

  • 2012 Investor-State Dispute Settlement: A Scoping Paper for the Investment Policy Community
    by David Gaukrodger & Kathryn Gordon

  • 2012 Dispute Settlement Provisions in International Investment Agreements: A Large Sample Survey
    by Joachim Pohl & Kekeletso Mashigo & Alexis Nohen

  • 2012 Spurious Regressions and Near-Multicollinearity, with an Application to Aid, Policies and Growth
    by Jean-Bernard Chatelain & Kirsten Ralf

  • 2012 The Japan-Peru FTA : antecedents, significance and main features
    by González, Vigil Fernando & Shimizu, Tatsuya

  • 2012 Macroeconomic Modelling of Sustainable Development and the Links between the Economy and the Environment
    by Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer

  • 2012 Disentangling the Effects of Fair Trade on the Quality of Malian Cotton
    by Gaëlle BALINEAU

  • 2012 Disentangling the Effects of Fair Trade on the Quality of Malian Cotton
    by Gaëlle BALINEAU

  • 2012 Another Look at Foreign Aid
    by Gustav Ranis

  • 2012 Another Look at Foreign Aid
    by Ranis, Gustav

  • 2012 Investments For A Sustainable Energy Future
    by Corina PIRLOGEA

  • 2012 Investments For A Sustainable Energy Future
    by Corina PIRLOGEA

  • 2012 New Solutions to Old Debates: A New Transaction Tax Proposal
    by Esener, S. Cagri & Binis, Mine

  • 2012 Particular Warehousing Techniques for Goods Carried by Sea
    by Surugiu Felicia

  • 2012 Does High Corporate Tax Rates Attract Foreign Direct Investment?
    by Mihaela Göndör & Paula Nistor

  • 2012 Managing Systemic Risk
    by Constanþa Chitiba

  • 2012 Hedge Transactions on the Stock Exchange
    by Roxana Ionescu

  • 2012 Foreign Direct Investment In Emerging And Developed Economies
    by Tatiana Danescu & Paula Nistor

  • 2011 Depoliticization, instrumentalization and legitimacy of Czech development cooperation: A case of imposed altruism?
    by Horký, Ondřej

  • 2011 Challenging Indifference to Extreme Poverty: Considering Southern Perspectives on Global Citizenship and Change
    by Heron, Barbara

  • 2011 "Expect the unexpected"? LDC GATS commitments as internationally credible policy indicators? The example of Mali
    by Honeck, Dale

  • 2011 Migrants and International Economic Linkages: A Meta-Overview
    by Masood Gheasi & Peter Nijkamp & Piet Rietveld

  • 2011 Migration and Foreign Direct Investment: Education Matters
    by Masood Gheasi & Peter Nijkamp & Piet Rietveld

  • 2011 Aftercare of inward foreign direct investment: A case study of South Africa
    by Benjamin Manasoe & Ronald Mears

  • 2011 The Role of Institutional Quality in FDI Inflows in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Mulugeta Kahsai & Yohannes Hailu & Chali Nondo & Peter Schaeffer

  • 2011 A review of The National and International Agro‐Food Policies and Institutions in Egypt
    by Soliman, Ibrahim & Mashhour, Ahmed & Gaber, Mohamed

  • 2011 China’s new exchange rate regime, optimal basket currency and currency diversification
    by Zhang, Zhichao & Shi, Nan & Zhang, Xiaoli

  • 2011 India's FDI Inflows: Trends and Concepts
    by K, S Chalapati Rao & Dhar, Biswajit

  • 2011 International Trade and Institutional Change
    by Andrei A. Levchenko

  • 2011 Fragile States and Development Policy
    by Besley, Timothy J. & Persson, Torsten

  • 2011 Fragile States and Development Policy
    by Timothy Besley & Torsten Persson

  • 2011 The Implicit Theory of Historical Change in the work of Alan S. Milward
    by Frances M. B. Lynch & Fernando Guirao

  • 2011 The Kelly Criterion in Blackjack Sports Betting, and the Stock Market
    by Edward O. Thorp

  • 2011 Postscript: The Renaissance Medallion Fund
    by R. E. S. Ziemba & William T. Ziemba

  • 2011 The Symmetric Downside-Risk Sharpe Ratio
    by William T. Ziemba

  • 2011 Intertemporal surplus management
    by Markus Rudolf & William T. Ziemba

  • 2011 A Dynamic Portfolio of Investment Strategies: Applying Capital Growth with Drawdown Penalties
    by John M. Mulvey & Mehmet Bilgili & Taha M. Vural

  • 2011 A Half Century of Returns on Levered and Unlevered Portfolios of Stocks, Bonds, and Bills, with and without Small Stocks
    by Robert R. Grauer & Nils H. Hakansson

  • 2011 The Dr.Z Betting System in England
    by William T. Ziemba & Donald B. Hausch

  • 2011 Transactions Costs, Extent of Inefficiencies, Entries and Multiple Wagers in a Racetrack Betting Model
    by Donald B. Hausch & William T. Ziemba

  • 2011 Efficiency of the Market for Racetrack Betting
    by Donald B. Hausch & William T. Ziemba & Mark Rubinstein

  • 2011 On Growth-Optimality vs. Security Against Underperformance
    by Michael Stutzer

  • 2011 Portfolio choice with endogenous utility: a large deviations approach
    by Michael Stutzer

  • 2011 A preference foundation for log mean–variance criteria in portfolio choice problems
    by David G. Luenberger

  • 2011 Capital Growth Theory
    by Nils H. Hakansson & William T Ziemba

  • 2011 Good and Bad Properties of the Kelly Criterion
    by Leonard C. MacLean & Edward O. Thorp & William T. Ziemba

  • 2011 Medium Term Simulations of The Full Kelly and Fractional Kelly Investment Strategies
    by Leonard C. MacLean & Edward O. Thorp & Yonggan Zhao & William T. Ziemba

  • 2011 Concave Utilities are Distinguished by their Optimal Strategies
    by E. Thorp & R. Whitley

  • 2011 Understanding the Kelly Criterion
    by Edward O. Thorp

  • 2011 Investment for the Long Run: New Evidence for an Old Rule
    by Harry M. Markowitz

  • 2011 Why We Should Not Make Mean Log of Wealth Big Though Years to Act Are Long
    by Paul A. Samuelson

  • 2011 The “Fallacy” of Maximizing the Geometric Mean in Long Sequences of Investing or Gambling
    by Paul A. Samuelson

  • 2011 Models of Optimal Capital Accumulation and Portfolio Selection and the Capital Growth Criterion
    by William T. Ziemba & Raymond G. Vickson

  • 2011 Lifetime Portfolio Selection by Dynamic Stochastic Programming
    by Paul A. Samuelson

  • 2011 Growing Wealth with Fixed-Mix Strategies
    by Michael A. H. Dempster & Igor V. Evstigneev & Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppé

  • 2011 A Benchmark Approach to Investing and Pricing
    by Eckhard Platen

  • 2011 Fractional Kelly Strategies for Benchmarked Asset Management
    by Mark Davis & Sébastien Lleo

  • 2011 Risk-Constrained Dynamic Active Portfolio Management
    by Sid Browne

  • 2011 Capital growth with security
    by Leonard C. MacLean & Rafael Sanegre & Yonggan Zhao & William T. Ziemba

  • 2011 Growth Versus Security In Dynamic Investment Analysis

  • 2011 Survival And Growth With A Liability: Optimal Portfolio Strategies In Continuous Time

  • 2011 Application of the Kelly Criterion to Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes
    by Yingdong Lv & Bernhard K. Meister

  • 2011 Survival and Evolutionary Stability of the Kelly Rule
    by Igor V. Evstigneev & Thorsten Hens & Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppé

  • 2011 Time to wealth goals in capital accumulation

  • 2011 The Effect of Errors in Means, Variances, and Covariances on Optimal Portfolio Choice
    by Vijay K. Chopra & William T. Ziemba

  • 2011 Optimal Strategies For Repeated Games

  • 2011 The Cost Of Achieving The Best Portfolio In Hindsight

  • 2011 Universal Portfolios

  • 2011 Asymptotic Optimality And Asymptotic Equipartition Properties Of Log-Optimum Investment

  • 2011 A Bound on the Financial Value of Information
    by ANDREW R. BARRON & Thomas M. Cover

  • 2011 Competitive Optimality Of Logarithmic Investment

  • 2011 Evidence On The “Growth-Optimum” Model

  • 2011 On Optimal Myopic Portfolio Policies, With And Without Serial Correlation Of Yields

  • 2011 Optimal Investment And Consumption Strategies Under Risk For A Class Of Utility Functions

  • 2011 Portfolio Choice And The Kelly Criterion
    by Edward. O. Thorp

  • 2011 Optimal Gambling Systems For Favorable Games
    by E. O. Thorp

  • 2011 Optimal Gambling Systems For Favorable Games
    by L. BREIMAN

  • 2011 Criteria For Choice Among Risky Ventures

  • 2011 A New Interpretation of Information Rate
    by J. L. KELLY JR.

  • 2011 Exposition Of A New Theory On The Measurement Of Risk

  • 2011 Transatlantic Regulatory Competition and Cooperation in Pharmaceuticals
    by Keith E. Maskus & Yin He

  • 2011 Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation on Accounting Standards: A ‘Varieties of Capitalism’ Perspective
    by Andreas Nölke

  • 2011 Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation on Chemicals — An Idealist's Dream?
    by Reinhard Quick

  • 2011 Systemic Implications of Deeper Transatlantic Convergence in Competition/Antitrust Policy
    by Robert D. Anderson

  • 2011 Transatlantic Trade, the Automotive Sector: The Role of Regulation in a Global Industry, Where We Have Been and Where We Need to go, How Far Can EU—US Cooperation go Toward Achieving Regulatory Harmonization?
    by Vann H. Wilber & Paul T. Eichbrecht

  • 2011 EU–US Regulatory Cooperation and Developing Country Trade
    by Bernard M. Hoekman & Alessandro Nicita

  • 2011 How Hard and Soft Law Interact in International Regulatory Governance: Alternatives, Complements and Antagonists
    by Gregory C. Shaffer & Mark A. Pollack

  • 2011 The Political Economy of Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation and Competition: A (Unofficial) View from Europe
    by André Sapir

  • 2011 The Banking Crisis: Causes, Consequences and Remedies
    by Paul De Grauwe

  • 2011 Condemned to Cooperate?
    by Simon J. Evenett & Robert M. Stern

  • 2011 THE INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CRISIS:Have the Rules of Finance Changed?


  • 2011 Systemic Implications Of Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation And Competition

  • 2011 New Developments in EU's External Trade Policy and Implications for Asia-Europe Relations
    by Kim, Cae-One

  • 2011 The Evolution Of Foreign Direct Investment In Brazil, Russia, India And China Economies (Bric)
    by Paula NISTOR

  • 2011 Haiti: Much Attention, No Results. Why Development Assistance Doesn’t Work
    by Andreea Mariș & Sabina Irimie

  • 2011 Algerian Economic Structure: Opportunities or Threats in a Crisis Situation
    by Boualem Chebira

  • 2011 Evidence On The Impact Of International Finance Corporation Tourism Investment On Latin American And Caribbean Economies
    by Elvis Mujacevic & Ana Vizjak & Andrea Cindric

  • 2011 The role of the stock market in the provision of Islamic development finance: Evidence from Sudan
    by Hearn, Bruce & Piesse, Jenifer & Strange, Roger

  • 2011 International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and Security
    by Avinash Dixit

  • 2011 Measuring The Outside Potential Of The Oecd Countries
    by Zoltan Bartha & Andrea Gubik

  • 2011 Public Private Partnerships In Infrastructure Projects
    by Mihnea CRACIUN

  • 2010 Not all that glitters. The direct effects of privatization through foreign investment
    by Jan Hagemejer & Joanna Tyrowicz

  • 2010 Can statistics do without artefacts?
    by Chatelain, Jean-Bernard

  • 2010 Impact of the EWEC on Development in Border Provinces: Case Study of Savannakhet Province in Lao PDR
    by Lord, Montague J

  • 2010 Transitioning Democracies are a Risky Business in the South
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2010 Financial crisis: The incrediable hulk in Indian economic growth and external sector
    by Bera, Soumitra Kumar

  • 2010 Real Exchange Rate Changes and Trade Balance in Pakistan: A Revisit
    by Shahbaz, Muhammad & Jalil, Abdul & Islam, Faridul

  • 2010 FDI and Local Financial Market Development:A Granger Causality Test Using Panel Data
    by Abdel Aal Mahmoud, Ashraf

  • 2010 State–society relations in a dynamic framework: The case of the Far East and Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Benczes, István & Szent-Iványi, Balázs

  • 2010 China in the Global Economy
    by Sunanda Sen

  • 2010 Trade Flows and Volatility of Their Fundamentals: Some Evidence from Mexico
    by Rodolfo Cermeño & Bjamin S. Jensen & Huver Rivera

  • 2010 The Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Trade: The World and the European Emerging Economies
    by Robert Shelburne

  • 2010 The changing role of the international community in the MDG achievement in Bolivia
    by Massimiliano Cali & Luis Carlos Jemio

  • 2010 The Japan-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
    by Kin Keong Pang

  • 2010 The China-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
    by Bee Kim Ng

    by Michael Ewing-Chow

  • 2010 The Road To Free Trade Agreements
    by Bee Kim Ng & Naing Oo Minn

  • 2010 Asean'S Journey Towards Free Trade
    by David Soon Siong Chin

  • 2010 Some Lessons From Past Fta Disputes
    by C. L. Lim

  • 2010 An Intuitive Guide To The Services Chapter Of The United States-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
    by Ye Kung Ong

  • 2010 The Wto Ministerial Conference In Singapore
    by K. Kesavapany

  • 2010 My Experiences With The Wto Dispute Settlement System
    by Tommy Koh

  • 2010 Future Trends In Intellectual Property And Impact On Trade And Development
    by Geoffrey Yu

  • 2010 Domestic Regulations In Services: A Chairman'S Perspective
    by Peter Govindasamy

  • 2010 A New Approach To Trade Negotiations?
    by Vanu Gopala Menon

  • 2010 Intellectual Property Rights In The Uruguay Round
    by S. Tiwari

  • 2010 Anti-Dumping Negotiations In The Uruguay Round: Reflections Of A Singapore Negotiator
    by Margaret Liang

  • 2010 Informal Caucuses Within The Wto: Singapore In The “Invisibles Group”
    by Barry Desker

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