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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C6: Mathematical Methods; Programming Models; Mathematical and Simulation Modeling
/ / / C69: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Sectoral Balances And Stock-Flow Consistent Models
    by Jonáš, Jan & Komínek, Ondřej

  • 2017 Beyond wishful thinking: Explorative Qualitative Modeling (EQM) as a tool for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    by Neumann, Kai & Anderson, Carl & Denich, Manfred

  • 2017 On the relationship between GHGs and Global Temperature Anomalies: Multi-level rolling analysis and Copula calibration
    by Elettra Agliardi & Thomas Alexopoulos & Christian Cech

  • 2017 Saver types: An evolutionary-adaptive approach
    by Gergely Varga & Janos Vincze

  • 2017 Optimal targeting strategies in a network under complementarities
    by Demange, Gabrielle

  • 2017 Shaking Dutch grounds won’t shatter the European gas market
    by Holz, Franziska & Brauers, Hanna & Richter, Philipp M. & Roobeek, Thorsten

  • 2017 Does risk aversion affect transmission and generation planning? A Western North America case study
    by Munoz, Francisco D. & van der Weijde, Adriaan Hendrik & Hobbs, Benjamin F. & Watson, Jean-Paul

  • 2017 An elementary direct proof that the Knaster–Kuratowski–Mazurkiewicz lemma implies Sperner’s lemma
    by Voorneveld, Mark

  • 2017 The Development And The Current Status Of The Capital Market Hypotheses: A Few Benchmarks
    by BRATIAN Vasile & BUCUR Amelia

  • 2016 Job placement agencies in an agent-based model of the local labor market with the long-term unemployed and on-the-job flows
    by Wozniak, Marcin

  • 2016 The algebraic approach to some ranking problems
    by Alberto Peretti

  • 2016 Bijective Soft Matrix Theory And Its Applications
    by Hüseyin KAMACI & Ak?n Osman Atagün

  • 2016 Soft Topology Derived By Soft Points And Fixed Point Functions
    by Hürmet Fulya Ak?z & Ak?n Osman Atagün

  • 2016 A Decision Making Method Obtained By Reducing Soft Matrices
    by Ak?n Osman Atagün & Hüseyin KAMACI

  • 2016 A three-pole filter understanding of the average value of a Fourier series
    by Minskya, Ksovim

  • 2016 Analysis of average value of a Fourier series using z-transform: comparison with Hodrick-Prescott filter
    by Minskya, Ksovim

  • 2016 The Principle of Social Scaling
    by Paulo dos Santos

  • 2016 No bullying! A playful proof of Brouwer's fixed-point theorem
    by Petri, Henrik & Voorneveld, Mark

  • 2016 A Model of the International Steam Coal Market (COALMOD-World)
    by Franziska Holz & Clemens Haftendorn & Roman Mendelevitch & Christian von Hirschhausen

  • 2016 Job placement agencies in an artificial labor market
    by Wozniak, Marcin

  • 2016 Effects of the German Renewable Energy Act on structural change in agriculture – The case of biogas
    by Appel, Franziska & Ostermeyer-Wiethaup, Arlette & Balmann, Alfons

  • 2016 Second order multiscale stochastic volatility asymptotics: stochastic terminal layer analysis and calibration
    by Jean-Pierre Fouque & Matthew Lorig & Ronnie Sircar

  • 2016 Об одном подходе к оценке эффективности инновационного территориального кластера в сырьевом регионе. An approach to the evaluation of the effectiveness of innovative territorial cluster in the feed region
    by Мкртчян Г.М & Крицкий Д.В

  • 2016 Revize monetárního modelu Marca Lavoieho endogenizací parametru gama
    by Zdeněk Chytil & Lukáš Máslo

  • 2016 A magyarországi távhő-szabályozás modellezése. A megújuló energiára alapozott hőtermelés
    by Mezősi, András & Beöthy, Ákos & Kácsor, Enikő & Törőcsik, Ágnes

  • 2016 Decision Making And Saint Petersburg Paradox: Focusing On Heuristic Parameters, Considering The Non-Ergodic Context And The Gambling Risks
    by Antonio Cappiello

  • 2016 Cohesion and Competition of Europe: Innovation Policy from the Perspective of Networks and Entropy
    by Umut Yilmaz Cetinkaya & Erkan Erdil

  • 2016 Cuantificación de los efectos de la disminución de remesas internacionales dirigidas a las regiones urbanas y rurales de México en 2002 mediante el uso de una matriz de contabilidad social
    by Lilian Albornoz Mendoza. & Rafael Ortiz Pech.

  • 2016 Effects of the German Renewable Energy Act on structural change in agriculture – The case of biogas
    by Appel, Franziska & Ostermeyer-Wiethaup, Arlette & Balmann, Alfons

  • 2016 Fast convergence in evolutionary models: A Lyapunov approach
    by Ellison, Glenn & Fudenberg, Drew & Imhof, Lorens A.

  • 2016 Personnel Selection In Health Sector With EVAMIX and TODIM Methods
    by Esra Aytaç Adalı

  • 2016 QUALIFLEX and ORESTE Methods for the Insurance Company Selection Problem
    by Ayşegül Tuş Işık

  • 2016 A SWOT-AHP Approach for Assessment of Medical Tourism Sector in Turkey
    by Ali Görener

  • 2016 Determination of Effective Critical Factors in Successful Efficiency Measurement of University Departments by Using Fuzzy DEMATEL Method
    by Turgay Türker & Murat Etöz & Yasemin Altun Türker

  • 2016 Combined Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach Based on MACBETH and MULTI-MOORA Methods
    by Nilsen Kundakcı

  • 2015 Über die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten des Zustands-Grenzpreismodells
    by Wüstermann, Ralf Peter & Scheiblich, Mathias

  • 2015 Solving the utility maximization problem with CES and Cobb-Douglas utility function via mathematical inequalities
    by Vedran Kojić

  • 2015 Adjusted Wilcoxon signed rank test tables
    by LI-FEI HUANG & Jen-Jen Lin

  • 2015 Quantum microeconomics theory
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 Nitrogen Trading in Lake Taupo: An Analysis and Evaluation of an Innovative Water Management Policy
    by Madeline Duhon & Suzi Kerr

  • 2015 Conglomerability and representations
    by Gianluca, Cassese

  • 2015 Shaking Dutch Grounds Won't Shatter the European Gas Market
    by Franziska Holz & Hanna Brauers & Philipp M. Richter & Thorsten Roobeek

  • 2015 Decentralised Defence of a (Directed) Network Structure
    by Marco Pelliccia

  • 2015 On the Relationship between Gross Output-based TFP Growth and Value Added-based TFP Growth: An Illustration Using Data from Australian Industries
    by Matthew Calver

  • 2015 Reconciling Gross Output TFP Growth with Value Added TFP Growth
    by Erwin Diewert

  • 2015 Editor’s Overview
    by Andrew Sharpe

  • 2015 The Use of Financial and Credit Tools to Minimize the Risks in the Organization of Production
    by Olga Muftahova & Andrey Nechaev & Oksana Antipina

  • 2015 Flüssiggas wird künftig eine größere Rolle spielen: Sechs Fragen an Franziska Holz
    by Corporate author

  • 2015 Erdbeben in den Niederlanden können den europäischen Erdgasmarkt nicht erschüttern
    by Franziska Holz & Hanna Brauers & Thorsten Roobeek

  • 2015 Liquefied Natural Gas Will Have to Play a Larger Role in the Future: Six Questions to Franziska Holz
    by Corporate author

  • 2015 Earthquakes in the Netherlands Cannot Shake the European Natural Gas Market
    by Franziska Holz & Hanna Brauers & Thorsten Roobeek

  • 2015 Valoración de derivados europeos con mixtura de distribuciones Weibull
    by Andrés Mauricio Molina & José Alfredo Jiménez

  • 2015 The Squared Coefficient of Variation as an Inequality Index: A Social Evaluation Characterization
    by Asis Kumar Banerjee

  • 2014 Earnings Distributions and Dimensions of Inequality
    by Neil Foster-McGregor & Sebastian Leitner & Sandra M. Leitner & Johannes Pöschl & Robert Stehrer

  • 2014 The importance of Perron-Frobenius Theorem in ranking problems
    by Alberto Peretti

  • 2014 Choosing put option parameters based on quantiles from the distribution of portfolio value
    by Bell, Peter Newton

  • 2014 Macrodynamics of debt-financed investment-led growth with interest rate rules
    by Datta, Soumya

  • 2014 The Dynamics of Personal Norms and the Emergence of Cultural Diversity
    by Vicente Calabuig & Gonzalo Olcina & Fabrizio Panebianco

  • 2014 Structural change and income distribution: the case of Australian telecommunications
    by George Verikios & Xiao-guang Zhang

  • 2014 Does evidence challenge the DSGE model
    by Tanya ARAUJO & Sofia TERLICA & Samuel ELEUTERIO & Francisco LOUCA

  • 2014 A Geospatial Dynamic Microsimulation Model for Household Population Projections
    by Susan M. Rogers & James Rineer & Matthew D. Scruggs & William D. Wheaton & Phillip C. Cooley & Douglas J. Roberts & Diane K. Wagener

  • 2014 Modelación basada en agentes en el sistema pensional colombiano. Una aproximación desde el mercado laboral y la dinámica poblacional
    by Nancy Quinceno Cárdenas

  • 2014 (Volume XVI) Perceiving Infinity. Different Facets
    by Costel CHITEŞ

  • 2013 Does Catching-up or Innovations Drive Total Factor Productivity Growth in Indian Sugar Industry? A Non-Parametric Analysis

  • 2013 Convergence, cycles and complex dynamics of financing investment
    by Datta, Soumya

  • 2013 Robustness and Stability of Limit Cycles in a Class of Planar Dynamical Systems
    by Datta, Soumya

  • 2013 Third Generation University Strategic Planning Model Development
    by Skribans, Valerijs & Lektauers, Arnis & Merkuryev, Yuri

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Empirical
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Apologia
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 Stock-flow Consistent Modeling through the Ages
    by Eugenio Caverzasi & Antoine Godin

  • 2013 In Search of the Right Tool: From Formalism to Constructivist Modelling
    by Sandye Gloria-Palermo

  • 2013 Complex Networks Analysis of European International Trade: An Agent-Based Model
    by Kırer, Hale & Çırpıcı, Yasemin & Eren, Ercan

  • 2013 Reform of Australian Urban Transport: A CGE-Microsimulation Analysis of the Effects on Income Distribution
    by George Verikios & Xiao-guang Zhang

  • 2013 Patrones Visuales en Análisis Técnico: Identificación Algorítmica y Evaluación de Estrategias de Inversión
    by Sergio Mario Ferro Cárdenas

  • 2013 On the Pointwise Spectrum of the Operators of the Commutant of a General Operator Increasing the Powers
    by Miryana S. Hristova

  • 2013 Formulación lineal de extensiones del problema de localización competitiva del líder-seguidor/Linear Formulation for Extensions of the Leader-Follower Competitive Location Problem

  • 2013 Láthatóvá tehető-e a láthatatlan kéz? Egy ágensalapú piaci modell tapasztalatai
    by Mellár, Tamás & Hau, Orsolya & Sebestyén, Tamás

  • 2013 Pricing in social networks
    by Bloch, Francis & Quérou, Nicolas

  • 2013 Network design and defence
    by Dziubiński, Marcin & Goyal, Sanjeev

  • 2013 Structural change in the Australian electricity industry during the 1990s and the effect on household income distribution: A macro–micro approach
    by Verikios, George & Zhang, Xiao-guang

  • 2012 The Moore'S Closure For Analyzing Relationships Between Agents In Industrial Clusters
    by Vidal-Suñé, Antoni & Fonts-Ribas, Albert

  • 2012 Bourbaki's Destructive Influence on the Mathematization of Economics
    by K. Vela Velupillai

  • 2012 Modeling the Electricity Sector: A Summary of Recent Analyses of New EPA Regulations
    by Beasley, Blair & Morris, Daniel

  • 2012 Optimization and Simulation Modeling of Disaster Relief Supply Chain: A Literature Review
    by Feng, Keli & Bizimana, Emmanuel & Agu, Deedee D. & Issac, Tana T.

  • 2012 Cycles and Crises in a Model of Debt-financed Investment-led Growth
    by Datta, Soumya

  • 2012 European Union Economy System Dynamic Model Development
    by Skribans, Valerijs

  • 2012 Evaluating professional tennis players’ career performance: A Data Envelopment Analysis approach
    by Halkos, George & Tzeremes, Nickolaos

  • 2012 Spatial Allocation of Economy as a Fiber Bundle
    by Van-Ilya, Andrei

  • 2012 Láthatóvá tehetõ-e a láthatatlan kéz? Egy ágens-alapú piaci modell tapasztalatai
    by Orsolya Hau-Horváth & Tamás Mellár & Tamás Sebestyén

  • 2012 Avoiding path dependence of distributional weights: Lessons from climate change economic assessment
    by Thureson, Disa

  • 2012 Evidence of Market Power in the Atlantic Steam Coal Market Using Oligopoly Models with a Competitive Fringe
    by Clemens Haftendorn

  • 2012 Microeconomic Reform and Income Distribution: The case of Australian Ports and Rail Freight Industries
    by George Verikios & Xiao-guang Zhang

  • 2012 Construction and updating of a Ugandan CGE database
    by Louise Roos & Philip Adams & Jan van Heerden

  • 2012 Optimizing The Allotment Of Construction Equipment By Type Of Activity And Site
    by Boyko Atanasov

  • 2012 Computational Modelling Of The Parallel Logistic System
    by Robert BUCKI & Petr SUCHÃ NEK

  • 2012 Modelowanie CLV przy użyciu łańcucha Markowa – wykorzystanie danych panelowych
    by Anna Decewicz

  • 2012 Basics of copula’s theory
    by Blagoveschensky, Yury

  • 2012 The Evaluation Of Conflicts’ Degree In Group Decision Making
    by Jiøí Mazurek

  • 2012 Un problema de consenso para problemas de toma de decisiones multicriterio en grupo mediante relaciones de preferencia intervalares difusas lingüísticas || A Consensus Model for Group Multicriteria Decision Making Problems with Interval Fuzzy Preference Relations
    by Tapia García, Juan Miguel & Del Moral Ávila, María José & Tapia García, Cristóbal & Martínez, María de los Ángeles & Amor Pulido, Raúl

  • 2012 Time Series Prediction with Neural Networks for the Athens Stock Exchange Indicator
    by M. Hanias & P. Curtis & E. Thalassinos

  • 2012 Emergence and complexity in Austrian economics
    by Rosser, J. Barkley

  • 2012 Knowledge Analysis in Terms of Representation,Processing based Mobilisation and Distribution
    by Vasile MAZILESCU

  • 2011 The Forgotten Effects Model In A Crm Strategy
    by Gil Lafuente, A.M. & Luis Bassa, C.

  • 2011 How location decisions influence transport costs of processed and unprocessed bioenergy digestates: The impact of plant size and location on profitability of biogas plants in Germany
    by Delzeit, Ruth & Kellner, Ulla

  • 2011 Computable and Dynamical Systems Foundations of Bounded Rationality and Satisficing
    by K. Vela Velupillai

  • 2011 Regional specialization: a measure method and the trends in China
    by Lu, Zheng & Flegg, A.Tony & Deng, Xiang

  • 2011 Method of supply chain optimization in E-commerce
    by Suchánek, Petr & Bucki, Robert

  • 2011 Applying conditional DEA to measure football clubs’ performance: Evidence from the top 25 European clubs
    by Halkos, George & Tzeremes, Nickolaos

  • 2011 A non-parametric analysis of the efficiency of the top European football clubs
    by Halkos, George & Tzeremes, Nickolaos

  • 2011 Does Complex Hydrology Require Complex Water Quality Policy? NManager Simulations for Lake Rotorua
    by Simon Anastasiadis & Marie-Laure Nauleau & Suzi Kerr & Tim Cox & Kit Rutherford

  • 2011 Working Paper 02-11 - Analyse de politiques de transport : rapprochement des accises sur les carburants et Eurovignette III
    by Dominique Gusbin & Marie Vandresse

  • 2011 The Distributional Effects of the Hilmer Reforms on the Australian Gas Industry
    by George Verikios & Xiao-guang Zhang

  • 2011 Method Of Supply Chain Optimization In E-Commerce
    by Petr SUCHÃ NEK & Robert BUCKI

  • 2011 Analysis of multidimensional probability distributions with copula functions. III
    by Fantazzini, Dean

  • 2011 Analysis of multidimensional probability distributions with copula functions. II
    by Fantazzini, Dean

  • 2011 Analysis of multidimensional probability distributions with copula functions
    by Fantazzini, Dean

  • 2011 Mathematical Approach of an Oligopol Model
    by Croitoru Gabriel & Badea Leonardo & Radu Valentin

  • 2011 La Innovación Centrada En El Cliente Utilizando El Modelo De Inferencias En Una Estrategia Crm / Customer Centered Strategic Innovation Using The Inference Model In A Crm Strategy
    by Gil-Lafuente, Anna Mª & Luis-Bassa, Carolina

  • 2011 Cost performance of Brazilian soccer clubs: A Bayesian varying efficiency distribution model
    by Barros, Carlos Pestana & Assaf, A.George & de Araujo, Ari Francisco

  • 2011 Automation of the Work intensively based on Knowledge, a Challenge for the New Technologies
    by Vasile MAZILESCU

  • 2011 Modellierung von Hofübernahmeund Hofaufgabeentscheidungen in agentenbasierten Modellen
    by Anke Möhring & Gabriele Mack & Albert Zimmermann & Maria Pia Gennaio & Stefan Mann & Ali Ferjani

  • 2010 Inequality across countries in energy intensities: an analysis of the role of energy transformation and final energy consumption
    by Juan Antonio Duro & Emilio Padilla

  • 2010 Trajectories in Physical Space out of Communications in Acquaintance Space: An Agent-Based Model of a Textile Industrial District
    by Fioretti, Guido

  • 2010 Aggregating the single crossing property: theory and applications to comparative statics and Bayesian games
    by John Quah & Bruno Strulovici

  • 2010 Simulation and Prosecution of a Cartel with Endogenous Cartel Formation
    by Johannes Paha

  • 2010 Dynamic causal linkages between the US stock market and the stock markets of the East Asian economies
    by Kim, Hyunjoo

  • 2010 Rotation in Multiple Correspondence Analysis: a planar rotation iterative procedure
    by Jérome SARACCO (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113) & Marie CHAVENT (IMB UMR CNRS 5251) & Vanessa KUENTZ (IMB UMR CNRS 5251)

  • 2010 Clustering of categorical variables around latent variables
    by Jérome SARACCO (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113) & Marie CHAVENT (IMB UMR CNRS 5251) & Vanessa KUENTZ (IMB UMR CNRS 5251)

  • 2010 COALMOD-World: A Model to Assess International Coal Markets until 2030
    by Clemens Haftendorn & Franziska Holz & Christian von Hirschhausen

  • 2010 Benford's Law As an Instrument for Fraud Detection in Surveys Using the Data of the Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP)
    by Jörg-Peter Schräpler

  • 2010 Structural Change in the Australian Electricity Industry During the 1990s and the Effect on Household Income Distribution
    by George Verikios & Xiao-guang Zhang

  • 2010 Types and Priorities of Multi-Agent System Interactions
    by Martin Ngobye & Wouter T. de Groot & Theo P. van der Weide

  • 2010 The Minimum Food Security Quota (MFS-Quota) in Food Security Policy Modelling
    by Mario Arturo Ruiz Estrada

  • 2010 Is it worth investing further in AFNR programs?: simulations from a supply-and-demand model
    by Anna Floresca F. Abrina & Jose V. Camacho & U-Primo E. Rodriguez

  • 2009 Credit gap risk in a first passage time model with jumps
    by Packham, Natalie & Schlögl, Lutz & Schmidt, Wolfgang M.

  • 2009 Credit dynamics in a first passage time model with jumps
    by Packham, Natalie & Schlögl, Lutz & Schmidt, Wolfgang M.

  • 2009 La desigualdad en las intensidades energéticas y la composición de la producción. Un análisis para los países de la OCDE
    by Juan Antonio Duro Moreno & Vicent Alcántara Escolano & Emilio Padilla Rosa

  • 2009 Концептуальная Модель Координации Процессов Управления Региональным Инвестиционным Проектом
    by Levitskiy, Stanislav & Kulemzin, Aleksey

  • 2009 Exploring the effect of countries’ economic prosperity on their biodiversity performance
    by Halkos, George & Tzeremes, Nickolaos

  • 2009 Voting Features based Classifier with Feature Construction and its Application to Predicting Financial Distress
    by Guvenir, H. Altay & Cakir, Murat

  • 2009 Evaluación de los efectos de la remoción de medidas para-arancelarias sobre las exportaciones argentinas de productos textiles
    by León, Sonia M. & Roitman, Mauricio E. & Romero, Carlos A.

  • 2009 How Effective are WTO Disciplines on Domestic Support and Market Access for Agriculture?
    by Blandford, David & Gaasland, Ivar & Garcia, Roberto & Vårdal, Erling

  • 2009 Confidence and ambiguity
    by Hill, Brian

  • 2009 A viability theory approach to a two-stage optimal control problem of technology adoption
    by KRAWCZYK, Jacek B. & SEREA, Oana-Silvia

  • 2009 Global Simulation of Quality and Security of Human Life
    by Zgurovski, M.

  • 2009 Algorithm For Generalized Garman Equation In Option Pricing Of A Financial Derivatives With Stochastic Volatility Models
    by Socaciu Tiberiu & Danubianu Mirela & Maxim Ioan & Naaji Antoanela

  • 2009 Exploring time diaries using semi-automated activity pattern extraction
    by Katerina Vrotsou & Kajsa Ellegård & Matthew Cooper

  • 2009 The Dynamic of Bicycle Finals: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Slipstreaming
    by Alexander Dilger & Hannah Geyer

  • 2009 Equilibrio financiero del régimen contributivo de aseguramiento en salud, 2010-2050: dinámica laboral, poblacional y crecimiento económico
    by José Luis González

  • 2008 Çevresel düzeyde sürdürülebilirlik performansının ölçülmesi: Parekende sektöründe bir uygulama
    by İsmail EROL & Aslı ÖZMEN

  • 2008 Random Matrix Theory and the Evolution of Business Cycle Synchronisation, 1886-2006
    by Ormerod, Paul

  • 2008 Efficacité technique des banques de la CEMAC
    by KAMGNA, Severin Yves & DIMOU, Leonnel

  • 2008 A Social Accounting Matrix of Mexico for the Year 2000
    by Núñez, Gaspar

  • 2008 Dominant, weakly stable, uncovered sets: properties and extensions
    by Subochev, Andrey

  • 2008 ICT in Czech companies: business efficiency potentials to be achieved
    by Vymětal, Dominik

  • 2008 A Mathematical Representation of "Excitement" in Games: A Contribution to the Theory of Game Systems
    by Kumagai, Satoru

  • 2008 Characterization of the walrasian equilibria of the assignment model
    by Debasis Mishra & Dolf Talman

  • 2008 How Much is Location Information Worth? A Competitive Analysis of the Online Traveling Salesman Problem with Two Disclosure Dates
    by Srour, F.J. & Zuidwijk, R.A.

  • 2008 Analysis of the World Market for Steam Coal Using a Complementarity Model
    by Clemens Haftendorn & Franziska Holz

  • 2008 The Virtues and Vices of Equilibrium and the Future of Financial Economics
    by J. Doyne Farmer & John Geanakoplos

  • 2008 Random Matrix Theory and Macro-Economic Time-Series: An Illustration Using the Evolution of Business Cycle Synchronisation, 1886-2006
    by Ormerod, Paul

  • 2008 Modelling of Deceleration Process of Spatial Movements
    by Cabir Ergüven

  • 2008 Analysis and Synthesis of Terminal Control Reduction Problem
    by Cabir Ergüven

  • 2008 Automatismos y racionalidad en la toma de decisiones para sustituir a un deportista en momentos decisivos
    by Gil Lafuente, Jaime

  • 2008 Moving towards a "COAL-PEC"?
    by Clemens Haftendorn & Christian von Hirschhausen & Franziska Holz

  • 2008 Auf dem Weg zu einer "COAL-PEC"?
    by Clemens Haftendorn & Christian von Hirschhausen & Franziska Holz

  • 2007 En uygun fiyatlandırma stratejisinin grup karar vermeli analitik hiyerarşi süreci ile değerlendirilmesi: Türkiye Otomotiv Sektörü için bir uygulama
    by Nuray GİRGİNER & Zeynep ÇAVDAR

  • 2007 L'architettura Metro-LAN Ethernet
    by Crescenzio Gallo & Concetta Santoro

  • 2007 Resilient Packet Ring: una tecnologia per il futuro delle Reti Metropolitane
    by Crescenzio Gallo & Concetta Santoro

  • 2007 A Model of Vacancy Chains as a Mechanism for Resource Allocation
    by Fioretti, Guido

  • 2007 Neimark-Sacker bifurcation for the discrete-delay Kaldor model
    by Dobrescu, Loretti Isabella & Opris, Dumitru

  • 2007 The relative efficiency of UEFA Champions League scorers
    by Papahristodoulou, Christos

  • 2007 The Nakamura numbers for computable simple games
    by Kumabe, Masahiro & Mihara, H. Reiju

  • 2007 Fokker-Planck and Chapman-Kolmogorov equations for Ito processes with finite memory
    by McCauley, Joseph L.

  • 2007 A viability theory approach to a two-stage optimal control problem
    by Krawczyk, Jacek B. & Serea, Oana-Silvia

  • 2007 Applications of a generalized Ky Fan's matching theorem in minimax and variational inequality
    by Pascal Gourdel & Hakim Hammami

  • 2007 Borsuk's antipodal and fixed-point theorems for correspondences without convex values
    by Jean-Marc Bonnisseau & Souhail Chebbi & Pascal Gourdel & Hakim Hammami

  • 2007 A generalized FKKM theorem and variational inequality
    by Hakim Hammami

  • 2007 Analysis of Operational Risk of Banks - Catastrophe Modelling
    by Gabor Benedek & Daniel Homolya

  • 2007 A Mathematical Representation of "Excitement" in Games from the Viewpoint of a Neutral Audience
    by Kumagai, Satoru

  • 2007 When is there state independence?
    by Brian, HILL

  • 2007 Global Derivatives: Products, Theory and Practice

  • 2007 Thermodynamic Measure for Nonequilibrium Processes
    by Katalin Martinás & Attila Grandpierre

  • 2007 Descomposición de los Cambios de Multiplicadores en una Matriz de Contabilidad Social: un Ejemplo para la Economía Catalana

  • 2007 A hálózatelmélet banki alkalmazása
    by Benedek, Gábor & Lublóy, Ágnes & Szenes, Márk

  • 2007 Resolución del método del simplex por máxima entropía
    by Mora Garcés, Manuel & Sánchez Moreno, Ricardo & Toledano Redondo, Javier

  • 2007 Aufkommens- und Verteilungseffekte der Unternehmensteuerreform 2008: eine Analyse mit dem Unternehmensteuer-Mikrosimulationsmodell BizTax
    by Stefan Bach & Hermann Buslei & Nadja Dwenger & Frank M. Fossen

  • 2006 Degenerate Kolmogorov equations in option pricing
    by Andrea Pascucci & Francesco Corielli

  • 2006 Energy Demand and Supply Issues - Scenario 2020 and Implications for CDM in West African Economic and Monetary Union. Case Study: Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger and Togo
    by Satoguina, Honorat

  • 2006 Does technology affect network structure? - A quantitative analysis of collaborative research projects in two specific EU programmes
    by Roediger-Schluga, Thomas & Dachs, Bernhard

  • 2006 Artificial Neural Networks in Financial Modelling
    by Crescenzio Gallo & Giancarlo De Stasio & Cristina Di Letizia

  • 2006 Computability of simple games: A complete investigation of the sixty-four possibilities
    by Kumabe, Masahiro & Mihara, H. Reiju

  • 2006 Computability of simple games: A characterization and application to the core
    by Kumabe, Masahiro & Mihara, H. Reiju

  • 2006 A note on the choice of Malmquist productivity index and Malmquist total factor productivity index
    by Halkos, George & Tzeremes, Nickolaos

  • 2006 Repulsive Particle Swarm Method on Some Difficult Test Problems of Global Optimization
    by Mishra, SK

  • 2006 Decomposing Berge graphs
    by Nicolas Trotignon

  • 2006 Variation Approach in Adaptive Control of Mobile Robots
    by Cabir Ergüven

  • 2006 Pauili Matrixes and Generalized Rotations
    by Hüseyin Önal & Vakhtang Rodonaia & David Chikovani

  • 2006 Consideration of Easygard Post Design on the Base of Advances Concurrent Engineering Tool
    by Alexander Sharmazanashvili & Hüseyin Önal

  • 2006 Stochastic Estimation of the Raw Materials Cost and the Determination of The Mean-Expected Total Product Cost : Analysis and Application
    by Ioannis Ananiadis & Dimitrios Kousenidis

  • 2005 Analytical solutions to the generalized Black-Scholes PDE with the help of an adiabatic approximation to the Schrödinger PDE
    by Haven & Emmanuel

  • 2005 A note on the dual of an unconstrained (generalized) geometric programming problem
    by Frenk, J.B.G. & Still, G.J.

  • 2005 Employment, Education and Occupation Structures: A Framework for Forecasting
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