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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting
/ / M4: Accounting
/ / / M40: General
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Testing for Distortions in Performance Measures: An Application to Residual Income Based Measures like Economic Value Added
    by Randolph Sloof & Mirjam van Praag
  • 2014 Regulatory Forbearance and the Role of Financial Reporting Transparency during a Bank Crisis
    by Olaf Clemens & Ulrich Schüwer
  • 2014 Employment and Wage Insurance within Firms: Worldwide Evidence
    by Andrew Ellul & Marco Pagano & Fabiano Schivardi
  • 2014 Firm Complexity and Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift
    by Barinov, Alexander & Park, Shawn Saeyeul & Yildizhan, Celim
  • 2014 Connecting strategy, environmental and social indicators: a study of oil and gas producers
    by Evgeny Varfolomeev & Oleg Marin & Dmitry Bykov & Oleg Karasev & Natalia Velikanova & Elena Vetchinkina & Anastasia Edelkina & Thomas Thurner
  • 2014 Testing for Distortions in Performance Measures: An Application to Residual Income Based Measures like Economic Value Added
    by Randolph Sloof & Mirjam van Praag
  • 2014 Quality of life: a multifaceted approach. A review of 'Measuring Equitable and Sustainable Well-being in Italy' by Enrico Giovannini and Tommaso Rondinella
    by Tania Georgia Viciu & Antoniu Ovidiu Balint & Carmen Eugenia Costea
  • 2014 Disclosure incentives, mandatory standards and firm communication in the IFRS adoption setting
    by Marvin Wee & Ann Tarca & Millicent Chang
  • 2014 The Use of Intermediate Management Balances as a Performance Management Tool in Electricity Companies
    by Mihaela DUMITRU & Marian TAICU & Gheorghe SAVOIU
  • 2014 Managing Services In The Field Of Wholesale Of Wood And Construction Materials And Sanitary Equipment In Romania. Case Study: Noua Tei Com
    by Mirela-Ionela PLAVAN
  • 2014 Sustainable Supplier Selection with A Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making Method Based on Triple Bottom Line
    by Öztürk, Burcu Avcı & Özçelik , Funda
  • 2014 Testing of Value Relevance of Accounting Measures Based on IFRS in Borsa Istanbul Equity Market
    by Ulusan, Hikmet & Ata, H. Ali
  • 2014 Social accounting in Albania
    by Gentiana Filipi & Vjollca Karapici
  • 2014 An Experimental Study of Overconfidence in Accounting Numbers Predictions
    by Sasson Bar-Yosef & Itzhak Venezia
  • 2014 A Review of the Current Literature on Executive Compensation: New Insights and Understandings
    by Phillip Cordwell James
  • 2014 Do managerial behaviors trigger firm exit? The case of hyperactive bidders
    by Rahaman, Mohammad M.
  • 2014 Corporate social responsibility and stock price crash risk
    by Kim, Yongtae & Li, Haidan & Li, Siqi
  • 2014 Accounting conservatism and managerial risk-taking: Corporate acquisitions
    by Kravet, Todd D.
  • 2014 The role of bank monitoring in borrowers׳ discretionary disclosure: Evidence from covenant violations
    by Vashishtha, Rahul
  • 2014 Outside directors and board advising and monitoring performance
    by Kim, Kyonghee & Mauldin, Elaine & Patro, Sukesh
  • 2014 Firm opacity and financial market information asymmetry
    by Ravi, Rahul & Hong, Youna
  • 2014 The Real and Accrual-based Earnings Management Behaviors: Evidence from the Split Share Structure Reform in China
    by Kuo, Jing-Ming & Ning, Lutao & Song, Xiaoqi
  • 2014 The Effect of the Internal Audit and Firm Performance: A Proposed Research Framework
    by Ebrahim Mohammed Al-Matari & Abdullah Kaid Al-Swidi
  • 2014 The Role Of The Pressure Exercised By Accounting Information Users In The Development Of Financial-Accounting Engineering
    by Laura – Maria POPESCU & Ileana NISULESCU
  • 2014 The Integrated Reporting Framework: Between Challenge And Innovation
    by Tudor OPRIŞOR
  • 2014 Valuation and creative accounting
    by Maria Madalina VOINEA & Anca-Simona HROMEI
  • 2014 Current Liabilities as an Internal Control Item in a Company Using Computer Technologies
    by Svitlana Ivanivna Travinska
  • 2014 Real Activities Manipulation and Subsequent Accounting Performance ---Yes, the Manipulating Direction Matters
    by Ching-Lung Chen & Pin-Yu Lin & Pei-Yu Weng
  • 2014 The Influence Of Abc Cost Calculation Method On Economic Entities Performance
    by Ioana DORIN & Cristina DIACONESCU
  • 2014 The development of accounting and application of IFRS in the Czech Republic
    by Irena Jindrichovska & Dana Kubickova & Sarka Kocmanova
  • 2014 Alternatives Of The Historic Cost In The Evaluation Process Of Quality Costs
    by Valeriu Brabete & Cristian Dragan & Oana Staiculescu
  • 2014 Opportunities For Optimizing The Cost Of Quality
    by Magdalena Mihai & Adriana Iota & Oana Staiculescu
  • 2014 From ABC to Time Driven Activity Based Costing for outpatient clinics
    by Constanta Iacob & Camelia Constantin
  • 2014 Board Characteristics Best Practices and Financial Performance. Evidence from the European Capital Market
    by Victor-Octavian Müller & Ionel-Alin Ienciu & Carmen Giorgiana Bonaci & Crina Ioana Filip
  • 2014 Accounting for Crises
    by Venky Nagar & Gwen Yu
  • 2014(XXIV) Cost Structure Complexity And Stock Prices Volatility: An Analysis Of Possible Relationship Among Italian Listed Companies In The Period Of Crisis
    by Francesco PAOLONE
  • 2013 Accounting conservatism in the post-IFRS period: Do provisions matter?
  • 2013 Applying Benford's Law to individual financial reports: An empirical investigation on the basis of SEC XBRL filings
    by Henselmann, Klaus & Scherr, Elisabeth & Ditter, Dominik
  • 2013 Investigating the determinants of experts' tax aggressiveness: Experience and personality traits
    by Blaufus, Kay & Zinowsky, Tim
  • 2013 How will the court decide? Tax experts and the estimation of tax risk
    by Blaufus, Kay & Bob, Jonathan & Trinks, Matthias
  • 2013 CEO turnover, earnings management and value relevance. A theoretical analysis on the Italian context
    by John M. Barrios & Marco Fasan & Daniele Macciocchi
  • 2013 Financial Analysts' Forecast Accuracy: Do valuation methods matter?
    by Elisa Cavezzali & Ugo Rigoni
  • 2013 Proximity to Hubs of Expertise in Financial Analyst Forecast Accuracy
    by Elisa Cavezzali & Jacopo Crepaldi & Ugo Rigoni
  • 2013 How does profitability get affected by working capital management in food and beverages industry?
    by Thapa, Priya Darshini Pun
  • 2013 Actuarial Valuation of Pension Schemes- An Irish Perspective
    by Bridget McNally & Tom O'Connor
  • 2013 Fair re-valuation of wine as an investment
    by Fabian Y.R.P. Bocart & Christian M. Hafner & &
  • 2013 Too big to fail and too big to succeed: accounting and privatisation in the Prison Service of England and Wales
    by Andrea Mennicken
  • 2013 Defying Gravity: Costly Signaling to Mislead or to Inform?
    by Beneish, Messod Daniel & Capkun, Vedran & Fridson, Martin S.
  • 2013 Fair re-valuation of wine as an investment
    by BOCART, Fabian & HAFNER, Christian
  • 2013 Financial Signaling and Earnings Forecasts
    by Iuliia Brushko
  • 2013 Accounting for Intellectual Property Products: International Guidelines for National Economic Accounting and U.S. Rules for Financial Accounting
    by Dylan G. Rassier
  • 2013 Drivers of change in management accounting practices in an ERP environment
    by Benita M. Gullkvist
  • 2013 Critical Analysis of the Cost Calculation System Used in Iron and Steel Industry in Libya
    by ABDELKARIM Abdelali
  • 2013 The Role of Managerial Accounting in the Management Process
    by BUFAN Ioana-Diana
  • 2013 The Connection Between Economic Information and the Informational System in Credit Institutions
    by CORNEAN Andra Nicoleta
  • 2013 Environmental Performance of Companies in the Iron and Steel Industry. Accounting Aspects
    by ABDELKARIM Abdelali
  • 2013 The Accounting – Taxation Relationship In The Opinion Of The Financial – Accounting Services Providers
    by Carmen ANTON & Cristinel CONSTANTIN
  • 2013 Models for Analyzing the Business Solvency under Economic Crisis Conditions
    by Victor Troacă
  • 2013 Corporate Governance – A Key Element of the Entity
    by Florin Constantin Dima & Corina Maria Ducu
  • 2013 Web Sitesi Maliyetlerinin Turkiye Muhasebe Standartlari Acisindan Incelenmesine Yonelik Bir Uygulama
    by Seckin GONEN, & Goktug YUCETURK
  • 2013 The Company Overall Performance Accounting and Some Statistical Management Tools
    by Marian TAICU & Gheorghe SAVOIU & Malvina FLOREA
  • 2013 Perceptions of professionals interested in accounting and auditing about acceptance and adaptation of global financial reporting standards
    by Bozkurt, Orhan & İslamoğlu, Mehmet & Öz, Yaşar
  • 2013 The Factors Affecting Information Technology Usage Behavior of Tax Office Employees in the Black Sea Region of Turkey
    by Yilmaz, Emine & Aktaş, Sonnur & Özer, Gökhan & Özcan, Murat
  • 2013 Prospective Payment Systems And Evolution Of Management Control In French Hospitals: An Overview
    by Jérôme LARTIGAU
  • 2013 Motivation of Czech Employees by the Balanced Scorecard of the Multinational Company – an Empirical Study
    by Barbora JANASOVÁ
  • 2013 Romanian Accounting - A Tale of Two Standards
    by Marius Deac
  • 2013 Correlation Analysis of the Audit Committee and Profitability Indicators
    by Melinda Timea Fülöp
  • 2013 Performance Analysis on Intermediary Balance Management Panel
    by Ungureanu Sebastian
  • 2013 Aspects Regarding the Relevance of the Performance Measurement Indicators
    by Þaicu Marian & Dumitru Mihaela
  • 2013 Case Study on the Accounting Policies Used by Companies Listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) Tier I
    by Tãnasã Florentin & Prodan-Palade Doina
  • 2013 Solvency Margin in Insurance Field – The Need for IFRS Compliance
    by Sahlian Daniela Nicoleta & Stanila Georgiana Oana & Ispas Simona
  • 2013 Diversity and Consensus on the Status of Accounting
    by Niþoi (Barbu) Nicoleta & Barbu Costel & Nistor Ion
  • 2013 Accounting Policies Influence Upon the Position and Financial Performance in an Enterprise
    by Mãnescu Dragotoiu Mileva Valentina & Þogoe Greti Daniela & Avram Veronel
  • 2013 Views on the Internal Control System of Public Entities
    by Lenghel Radu Dorin
  • 2013 Views on the Internal Control System of Economic Entities
    by Lenghel Radu Dorin
  • 2013 Briefing in History of Audit and Financial Reporting
    by Dobre Florin, & Popa Adriana Florina & Laura Brad
  • 2013 Financial Reporting under XBRL and the Impact on the Financial Audit
    by Dobre Florin & Vîlsãnoiu Daniel & Popa Adriana Florina
  • 2013 Addressing the Concept of Performance and its Quantification in Romanian and French Vision
    by Cãlean Ioana & Rof Leti?ia Maria
  • 2013 Evaluation of Knowledge-based Assets in the Modern EconomyAbstract:A great challenge of modern economy is the valuation of intangible assets and special knowledge asset. Emergence of the modern economy has been accompanied by plans doctrinal formulation of a series of distinctive concepts to justify the company's performance based on a relationship of cause and effect. Cases were identified in the presence of certain resources not recognized in the accounting plan and have been treated as assets. The concept of invisible assets described gathers information based assets, namely: technology, customer trust, image and reputation, organizational culture and management skills. Information is also an important factor in the modern economy of production. It is about both form and substance of intellectual capital as a separate item in the computer. The hardest decision of the assessment remains the choice of the most appropriate methods for valuing assets based on knowledge
    by Pepi Mitica
  • 2013 The Predictive Analysis of Going Concern Business at the level of Economic EntitiesAbstract:Accounting estimations, predictions and evaluations need consistancy when applying accounting principles. The accounting principles represent a main element in the structure of accounting theory. They make a unitary whole being complementary, and the development of accounting works under normal conditions depends on their correct and integral application. In business environment the principle of going concern is not only as an accounting principle, but also as an absolutely necessary element in the quarantee of financial accounting information. For the users of accounting information there must be clear the reason for which a company is considered to continue its business, which are the assumptions leading to this conclusion and which are the risks for which real developments are different from estimations. The risks about going concern are evident with some economic entities and subtle with others. Therefore, going concern of an economic entity is assured if the risks are prevented and correctly managed
    by Morariu Ana & Petroianu Grazia-Oana & Dãucianu (Avram) Mihaela
  • 2013 Considerations on the Auditing of Tangible AssetsAbstract:As for the most significant audit procedures and audit tests (content procedures), regarding the auditing of tangible assets, they are represented by: the revision of audit planning works (section B) with the purpose of establishing if the evaluation of inherent risks and control risks related to tangible assets should be or not adjusted; they analyse the accounting policies elaborated by the audited entity for the management of tangible assets accounting; they draw up the ”main table” of tangible assets; they draw up the ”statement of tangible assets entries”; they draw up the ”statement of tangible assets exits”; obtain a detailed statement regarding revaluations; obtain a detailed statement regarding the modernization of tangible assets; analyse the depreciation of tangible assets, etc
    by Lenghel Radu Dorin
  • 2013 Internal Audit, Internal Control and Organizational Culture – Active Ingredients in Conquering the CrisisAbstract:The global financial crisis has determined significant changes among financial regulators and market’s participants all over the world. While the main priority was to repair the image of firms involved in financial scandals, we have begun to foresee companies’ preoccupation for changing their culture. Internal audit becomes a crucial factor in organizational changing process. The present paper highlights new internal audit functions, which operate in a close coordination with internal control. Both internal audit and internal control represent active ingredients for effective corporate governance. Our research findings demonstrate that the effective corporate governance and organizational culture are inextricably interrelated
    by Carata? Maria Alina & Spãtariu Elena Cerasela & Trandafir Raluca Andreea
  • 2013 Profitability And Sources Of General Manufacturers In 2009-2011
    by Herczeg Adrienn
  • 2013 Using Dependency Structure Matrix In Optimazing Financial Audit Process
    by Popa Adriana Florina & Vilsanoiu Daniel & Dobre Florin & Stanila Oana Georgiana
  • 2013 Role Of Internal Auditing In Risk Management In The Public Sector And Local Entities - Case Study Bihor County
    by Dana Simona Gherai & Diana Elisabeta Balaciu & &
  • 2013 Legal Treatment In The Management Of Forest Resources
    by Dãnescu Tatiana & Cãlean Ioana & Sîrb Lucian &
  • 2013 The Relevance Of Accounting Information Generated By The Application Of Ias 29 Related To Shareholders Capital
    by Bunget Ovidiu Constantin & Dumitrescu Alin Constantin & Deliu Delia &
  • 2013 The Analysis Of The Real Estate Investments In The Current Economic Environment
    by Hristea Anca Maria & & &
  • 2013 Financial Reporting, between Common Sense and Legal Standards [Raportarea financiară, între bun simţ şi normare juridică]
    by Iuga Vasile
  • 2013 Forming the Strategic Potential for Development of Machine-building Enterprises: The Balanced Scorecard in Use
    by Roman Poberezhnyi
  • 2013 Some Observations on Research on the Benefits to Nations of Adopting IFRS
    by Philip Brown
  • 2013 Interference between Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance Policy
    by Victor Munteanu & Marlena Neagu & Cristina Maria Gheorghian
  • 2013 International Accounting Standards on Business Combinations and Their Implementation in the Accounting in Romania
    by Iuliana Cenar & Letitia Maria Isac
  • 2013 Systemes Comptables Dans Le Contexte De La Mondialisation
    by Loredana Oana Hutanu (Toma)
  • 2013 Does cash flow affect investment? Evidence from the romanian capital market
    by Andriana Putintica & Carmen Giorgiana Bonaci
  • 2013 La Contabilidad Pública en América Latina y el Devengo en Ecuador
    by Jazmín Sánchez & David Pincay
  • 2013 Effect of Packing Cost on The Sales Price and Contribution Margin
    by Gulsah ATAGAN & Suleyman YUKCU
  • 2013 Financial restatements by Canadian firms cross-listed and not cross-listed in the U.S
    by Kryzanowski, Lawrence & Zhang, Ying
  • 2013 Monitoring and corporate disclosure: Evidence from a natural experiment
    by Irani, Rustom M. & Oesch, David
  • 2013 An experimental investigation of reputation effects of disclosure in an investment/trust game
    by Lunawat, Radhika
  • 2013 Information disclosure, CEO overconfidence, and share buyback completion rates
    by Andriosopoulos, Dimitris & Andriosopoulos, Kostas & Hoque, Hafiz
  • 2013 The separation of ownership and control and corporate tax avoidance
    by Badertscher, Brad A. & Katz, Sharon P. & Rego, Sonja O.
  • 2013 Understanding discretion in conservatism: An alternative viewpoint
    by Roychowdhury, Sugata & Martin, Xiumin
  • 2013 Bundled forecasts in empirical accounting research
    by Rogers, Jonathan L. & Van Buskirk, Andrew
  • 2013 The cultural system and integrated reporting
    by García-Sánchez, Isabel-María & Rodríguez-Ariza, Lázaro & Frías-Aceituno, José-Valeriano
  • 2013 How do accounting standards and insiders' incentives affect earnings management? Evidence from China
    by Zhang, Yuyang & Uchida, Konari & Bu, Hua
  • 2013 The relationship between international financial reporting standards, carbon emissions, and R&D expenditures: Evidence from European manufacturing firms
    by Apergis, Nicholas & Eleftheriou, Sofia & Payne, James E.
  • 2013 The effect of administrative pay and local property taxes on student achievement scores: Evidence from New Jersey public schools
    by Mensah, Yaw M. & Schoderbek, Michael P. & Sahay, Savita P.
  • 2013 Debt and taxes: Evidence from the real estate industry
    by Barclay, Michael J. & Heitzman, Shane M. & Smith, Clifford W.
  • 2013 The Disciplining Effect of the Internal Control Provisions of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act on the Governance Structures of Firms
    by Goh, Beng Wee & Li, Dan
  • 2013 Le contrôle de gestion des clubs de football professionnel
    by François Meyssonnier & Myriam Mincheneau
  • 2013 Les motivations au découplage:l’exemple de l’introduction de L’IFRS 8
    by Dragos Zelinschi & Yves Levant & Nicolas Berland
  • 2013 Bankruptcy Risk in IFRS Era. Case Study on BSE Companies
    by Valentin BURCA
  • 2013 Accounting and Financial Reports in the Gambling Monopoly - Measures for a Moral Economic System
    by Riana Iren RADU & Violeta ISAI
  • 2013 ¿Los medios de comunicación en Colombia son una industria creadora de valor?
    by Jorge Alberto Rivera Godoy & Ana Milena Padilla Ospina
  • 2013 Explicación contamétrica de las dinámicas patrimoniales desde una concepción social
    by Campo Alcides Avellaneda Bautista & José Joaquín Ortiz Bojacá
  • 2013 Validez espacial de las normas jurídicas: una mirada a la legislación tributaria venezolana
    by Tania Zulay Bencomo Escobar
  • 2013 Cost Type Information - Efficiency Result Of Information Provided By Management Accounting
    by Marius Nicolae MICULESCU
  • 2013 Natura Și Impactul Riscului De Fraudă Asupra Companiilor
    by Florentin-Emil TANASĂ
  • 2013 The Key Characteristics of Financial Reporting in the European System of Central Banks
    by Valentina Ivanović
  • 2013 Ifrs 10, the key issue of accounting and disclosure standards
    by Carlo Calandrini
  • 2013 An Analysis Framework for Defining the Required IT&C Competencies for the Accounting Profession
    by Catalin Georgel TUDOR & Mirela GHEORGHE & Mirela OANCEA & Robert SOVA
  • 2013 The Soviet Accounting Bulletin, 1973-1983
    by David ALEXANDER
  • 2013 Gri Compliance And Prerequisites Of Integrated Reporting For Asian-Pacific Companies
    by Ioana - Maria Dragu & Adriana Tiron- Tudor
  • 2013 Students Attitudes Regarding The Ethics Of Earnings Management Activities: An Empirical Investigation
    by Dan Dacian Cuzdriorean
  • 2013 Most Recent Findings In Earnings Management Area: Interesting Insights From Traditionally Top 5 Leading Accounting Journals
    by Dan Dacian Cuzdriorean
  • 2013 The Cost Information Relevance In The Decision Foundation
    by Sorina Simona Bumbescu & Liliana Paschia (Dinca)
  • 2013 Analysing The Similarities Between Oecd Principles Versus European Corporate Governance Codes - An Internal Audit Perspective
    by Cristina Bota-Avram & Paula Ramona Rachisan
  • 2013 Smoothing Behavior Of Firms In Times Of Crisis: Empirical Evidence From The Spanish Economic Environment
    by Alina Beattrice Vladu & University
  • 2013 Machiavellianism And Short-Term Earnings Management Practices
    by Alina Beattrice Vladu & Barcelona
  • 2013 Improving Human Resources Reporting In Non For Profit Organizations
    by Nicolae Todea1 & Delia Corina Mihaltan2
  • 2013 Predicting Earningsusing Cost Accounts Ratios: Evidence From Manufacturing Listed Firms
    by John Sorros
  • 2013 Relationship Between Accounting And Taxation In Romania: A Behavioral Analysis
    by Ioan Pop & Szilveszter Fekete & Dan Dacian Cuzdriorean
  • 2013 Fair Value Measurement Disclosures: Particularities In The Context Of Listed Companies And European Funding
    by Dumitru Matis & Maria Ionela Damian & Carmen Giorgiana Bonaci
  • 2013 Implementation Of Ifrs In Romania – Past, Present And Perspectives
    by Valeriu Brabete & Magdalena Mihai & Cristian Dragan & Adriana Iota
  • 2013 Evolution Of The Concept Of Accounting Estimation And Evaluation
    by Claudiu Serban & Monica Patrutescu & Ovidia Doinea
  • 2013 Analysing the sustainability of the entities quoted on the B.S.E. using accounting sustainability measures
    by Florentin Caloian
  • 2012 Applying Benford's Law to individual financial reports: An empirical investigation on the basis of SEC XBRL filings
    by Henselmann, Klaus & Scherr, Elisabeth & Ditter, Dominik
  • 2012 Occupy the System! Societal Constitutionalism and Transnational Corporate Accounting
    by Moritz Renner
  • 2012 Does the Latin Corporate Governance Model perform worse than others in preventing earnings management?
    by Carlos F. Alves & Ernesto Fernando R. Vicente
  • 2012 Consistent Valuation Cash Flow
    by Uzi Yaari & Andrei Nikiforov & Emel Kahya & Yochanan Shachmurove
  • 2012 The Effect of Solvency Regulations and Accounting Standards on Long-Term Investing: Implications for Insurers and Pension Funds
    by Clara Severinson & Juan Yermo
  • 2012 Interest rates in community-managed microfinance: How the poorest Africans earn sixty percent return on their savings
    by Rasmussen, Ole Dahl
  • 2012 Risk culture in financial organisations: an interim report
    by Simon Ashby & Tommaso Palermo & Michael Power
  • 2012 Remembering the future: entrepreneurship guidebooks in the US, from meditation to method (1945-1975)
    by Martin Giraudeau
  • 2012 Blind Man's Buff: On the Search of the Optimal Capital Structure
    by Ignacio Velez-Pareja, Felipe Mejia-Pelaez, James W. Kolari & Felipe Mejia-Pelaez & James W. Kolari
  • 2012 Una aproximacion a la manipulacion de los resultados en las PYMES espanolas
    by Antonio Somoza Lopez
  • 2012 The Impact of Business Intelligence Tools on Performance: A User Satisfaction Paradox?
    by Bernhard Wieder & Maria-Luise Ossimitz & Peter Chamoni
  • 2012 Joint Audit and Accuracy of the Auditor's Report: An Empirical Study
    by Julia Baldauf & Rudolf Steckel
  • 2012 The impact of Romania’s accession to the European Union on the accounting and tax information
    by Lucia PALIU-POPA
  • 2012 Methods and techniques regarding the audit of financial standing
    by Maria Madalina SALOMIA
  • 2012 Financial accounting systems - ratio between accounting organisation system and informatic approach
    by Diana-Elena CODREANU & Ionela POPA & Cristina TENOVICI & Denisa PARPANDEL
  • 2012 Managerial Decisions Taken On Public Health Entities May Be Based On Information Draw From The Income Statement
  • 2012 Case Study Regarding The Assistance Of An Auditor To A Stock Count
  • 2012 Directions For Improvement Of Managerial Accounting Economic Entities In Romania, In The Current Economic Context
  • 2012 Evaluation Of International Financial Reporting Standards Application For Non Financial Institutions: The Case Of Albania
  • 2012 Relative Performance Measurement of Researchers: The Impact of Data Source Selection
    by Matthias Meyer & Rüdiger W. Waldkirch & Michael A. Zaggl
  • 2012 The Effects of Application of Lean Concept in Retail
    by Radojko LUKIC
  • 2012 Who Benefits From Funds Of Hedge Funds? A Critique Of Alternative Organizational Structures In The Hedge Fund Industry (Ii)
    by Yang CAO & Joseph P. OGDEN & Cristian I. TIU
  • 2012 Who Benefits From Funds Of Hedge Funds? A Critique Of Alternative Organizational Structures In The Hedge Fund Industry (Ii)
    by Yang CAO & Joseph P. OGDEN & Cristian I. TIU
  • 2012 Managerial Accounting And Environmental Performance Of Bakery Companies
    by Constanta IACOB & Marian TAICU
  • 2012 Valuating copyrights as fundamental elements of corporate identity
    by Josef Malý & Ondřej Machek
  • 2012 Main Coordinates of Accounting Profession Co-Opetitional Model
    by Marioara Avram & Greti Daniela Țogoe
  • 2012 Relationships Among Components of Engagement Risk
    by Evren Dilek Sengur
  • 2012 Determiners of enterprise risk management applications in Turkey: An empirical study with logistic regression model on the companies included in ISE (Istanbul Stock Exchange)
    by Serife Onder & Huseyin Ergin
  • 2012 Beyond The Allure Of Budgeting: Assessing The Suitability Of Budget For Organisational Performance In The 21st Century
    by Uzoechi Nwagbara
  • 2012 Financial Annual Statements – Source of Information for Determining the Company’s Financial Position and Performance
    by Avram Veronel & Puican Liliana & Avram Marioara
  • 2012 Accounting Information in Analisys of Economic Activity and Decision Making System
    by ªerban Claudiu & Simion Dalia & Pãtruþescu Monica
  • 2012 Methods and Options for Recognizing and Measuring Liabilities
    by ªerban Claudiu & Pãtruþescu Monica & Armãºelu Sabin
  • 2012 Result Computation In Terms Of Simulated Options
    by Stanila Oana Georgiana & Popa Adriana Florina & Dobre Florin
  • 2012 The Importance Of Financial Audit and Reporting On The Predictions Of Companies’ Performance On The Bucharest Stock Exchange
    by Popa Adriana Florina & Dobre Florin & Brad Laura
  • 2012 Cost Information – an Objective Necessity in Optimizing Decision Making
    by Petre Mihaela – Cosmina & Petroianu Grazia - Oana
  • 2012 Possibilities to Increase the Funding of the Healthcare System in Romania
    by Miculescu Marius-Nicolae
  • 2012 Particularities of Cost Calculation in Services
    by Lenghel Radu Dorin
  • 2012 Considerations regarding the Settlement of Inventory Differences
    by Lenghel Radu Dorin
  • 2012 Actual Dimensions of International, European Union and Romanian Experience in the Use of Satellite Accounts
    by Costuleanu Carmen Luiza & Sandu Gabriela & Berheci (Grosu) Maria
  • 2012 New Customer Demands – Chalenge for Accounting Track in Business Faculties
    by Chersan Ionela-Corina
  • 2012 The Performance Analysis
    by Trandafir Raluca Andreea & Truicã Luiza Denisa & Spãtariu Elena Cerasela
  • 2012 Particularities of the Romanian Money Laundering Phenomenon
    by Condrea Elena
  • 2012 The Matrix of Romania’s Underground Economy. Working without Legal Documents
    by Condrea Elena
  • 2012 The Role of Accounting Information in the Decision Making Process
    by Petroianu Grazia – Oana
  • 2012 Some Considerations Over the Simplification of Costs Calculation for Small and Medium-Size Entities
    by Lenghel Radu Dorin
  • 2012 Some Accountancy Considerations Over the Cession of Claims
    by Lenghel Radu Dorin
  • 2012 The New Approach of Qualitative Characteristics of Accounting Information in Financial Reporting
    by Gãdãu Liana
  • 2012 Intelligent Systems and Accounting Knowledge in Forestry Units: A Qualitative-Heuristic Approach
    by Postolache (Maleº) Daniela
  • 2012 Quality Of Accounting Information To Optimize The Decisional Process
    by Miculescu Corina & Miculescu Marius Nicolae
  • 2012 Some Considerations Over The Internal Control In The Context Of Current Accountancy Regulations
    by Lenghel Dorin Radu
  • 2012 Intenational Research Regarding Creative Accounting
    by Grosanu Adrian & Rachisan Paula Ramona & Berinde Sorin Romulus
  • 2012 Changes Caused By Computerization In Accounting Management
    by Danciu Radu & Deac Marius
  • 2012 Qualitative Study Regarding The Relationship Between Corporate Governance And Creative Accounting
    by Berinde Sorin & Rachisan Paula Ramona & Grosanu Adrian
  • 2012 Importance And Vulnerability Of True And Fair View In The Romanian Accounting Environment -Case Study
    by Vladu Alina Beattrice & Matis Dumitru
  • 2012 Is Gratuitousness A Reason For Joining An Educational Master Programme In Audit? Survey Evidence Using Statistical Methods
    by Span Georgeta Ancuta & Popa Irimie Emil & Mare Codruta & Dragos Cristina
  • 2012 Value Relevance Of Group Financial Statements Based On Entity Versus Parent Company Theory: Evidence From The Largest Three European Capital Markets
    by Muller Victor-Octavian
  • 2012 A Statistical Approach Of Perceptions Of Master Accountancy Graduates Concerning Early Career Experiences
    by Mare Codruta & Dragos Cristian & Popa Irimie Emil & Span Georgeta Ancuta
  • 2012 The Relationship Between Accounting And Taxation - The Romanian Accounting Environment
    by Cuzdriorean Dan Dacian & Albu Catalin Nicolae & Albu Nadia
  • 2012 European Harmonization Of Consolidated Financial Statements Regulations?
    by Baltariu Carmen-Alexandra & Cirstea Andreea
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