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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Innovation, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O4: Economic Growth and Aggregate Productivity
/ / / O49: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)
  2. Economic Growth

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Migration and (Macro) Economic Risks–Romania s Case
    by Cornelia Dumitru

  • 2017 Impact of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster on Oil-Consuming Sectors of Japan
    by Taghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad & Yoshino, Naoyuki & Rasoulinezhad, Ehsan

  • 2017 Моделирование Показателя Стагнирующей Экономики
    by Кузнецов С. Б.

  • 2017 Measuring of National Competitiveness - Comparative Analysis of Visegrad Countries, Germany and Austria in Modified Porter’s SD Model and 9F Model
    by Marta Nečadová

  • 2017 “Thirlwall’s Law” reconsidered
    by Leon Podkaminer

  • 2017 Debt and growth: A non-parametric approach
    by Brida, Juan Gabriel & Gómez, David Matesanz & Seijas, Maria Nela

  • 2017 Optimal Versus Sustainable Degrowth Policies
    by Germain, Marc

  • 2017 Growing through the merger and acquisition
    by Xu, Jianhuan

  • 2017 Labour Productivity Growth Slowdown: An Effect of Economic Stagnation Rather than its Cause?
    by Leon Podkaminer

  • 2016 Has Trade Been Driving Global Economic Growth?
    by Leon Podkaminer

  • 2016 Population Diversity, Division of Labor and Comparative Development
    by Emilio Depetris-Chauvin & Ömer Özak

  • 2016 Volatility and Growth with Recursive Preferences
    by Barbara Annicchiarico & Alessandra Pelloni & Fabrizio Valenti

  • 2016 Analyse Du Lien Entre Les Emissions De Co2, Leur Restriction Et La Croissance Economique Du Togo
    by KPEMOUA, Palakiyem

  • 2016 La Dette Exterieure Handicape T’Elle La Croissance Economique Du Togo ?
    by KPEMOUA, Palakiyèm

  • 2016 The Paradox of Thrift in an Inegalitarian Neoclassical Economy
    by Mabrouk, Mohamed

  • 2016 Nightlights as a Development Indicator: The Estimation of Gross Provincial Product (GPP) in Turkey
    by Basihos, Seda

  • 2016 Population Diversity, Division of Labor and Comparative Development
    by Depetris-Chauvin, Emilio & Özak, Ömer

  • 2016 Has trade been driving global economic growth?
    by Leon Podkaminer

  • 2016 The Swedish National Innovation Council: Innovation policy governance to replace linearity with holism
    by Edquist, Charles

  • 2016 A simple degrowth model
    by Marc Germain

  • 2016 Un modèle de décroissance optimale
    by Marc Germain

  • 2016 The Recent Growth Resurgence in Africa and Poverty Reduction: Assessing the Context and Evidence
    by Augustin K. Fosu

  • 2016 Crecimiento económico colombiano y quiebres estructurales endógenos
    by Andrés David Pinchao Rosero & Jorge Mario Uribe Gil

  • 2016 The Outlook for U.S. Production of Shale Oil: Working Paper 2016-01
    by Mark Lasky

  • 2016 Labour productivity convergence and structural changes: simultaneous analysis at country, regional and industry levels
    by Amjad Naveed & Nisar Ahmad

  • 2016 Afterthoughts on urban economic theory and its focus
    by Camagni, Roberto

  • 2016 Threshold Effects of Fiscal Policy on Economic Activity in Developing Countries
    by Salma Slimani

  • 2016 Threshold effects of fiscal policy on economic growth in developing countries
    by Slimani Salma & El Abbassi Idriss & Tounsi Said

  • 2016 Costs, Capabilities, Conflict and Cash: The Problem of Technology and Sustainable Economic Growth in Pakistan
    by Matthew McCartney

  • 2016 Does Health Matter for Economic Growth?
    by Jangraiz KHAN & Naeem Ur Rehman KHATTAK

  • 2016 Tourism Demand And Tax Relationship In Islamic Regions

  • 2016 Oil price fluctuations and oil consuming sectors: An empirical analysis of Japan
    by Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary & Ehsan Rasoulinezhad & Yoshikazu Kobayashi

  • 2016 On lessons from energy and environmental cost–benefit analysis
    by Johansson, Per-Olov

  • 2016 A comparative assessment of the Bulgarian economic competitiveness
    by Stoyan Anastasov Totev & Grigor Sariiski & Ivanka Stoicheva

  • 2016 Tourism satellite account – basic innovation
    by Nadezhda Kraycheva

  • 2015 Oil Price Fluctuations and Oil Consuming Sectors: An Empirical Analysis of Japan
    by Taghizadeh-Hesary, Farhad & Rasolinezhad, Ehsan & Kobayashi, Yoshikazu

  • 2015 The Economy Suffer Stagnancy When Dominated With the Activities of Small Business Owners in Africa
    by Senzu, Emmanuel Tweneboah

  • 2015 Is potential output growth falling?
    by Mendieta-Muñoz, Ivan

  • 2015 Human Capital-Economic Growth Nexus: A Causality Analysis for Pakistan
    by Khan, Jangraiz & Khattak, Naeem Ur Rehman Khattak & Khan, Amir

  • 2015 Creşterea economică a României între 1980 şi 2013
    by Stefanescu, Răzvan & Dumitriu, Ramona

  • 2015 Economic Growth and Poverty: Spatial Regression Analysis
    by Waleerat Suphannachart Author-Email :

  • 2015 Innovation-related Public Procurement as a Demand-oriented Innovation Policy Instrument
    by Edquist , Charles

  • 2015 The Innovation Union Scoreboard is flawed: The Case of Sweden – not the innovation leader of the EU – updated version
    by Edquist , Charles & Zabala-Iturriagagoitia , Jon Mikel

  • 2015 The Innovation Union Scoreboard is Flawed: The case of Sweden – not being the innovation leader of the EU
    by Edquist , Charles & Zabala-Iturriagagoitia , Jon Mikel

  • 2015 The role of the financial sector in enhancing economic growth in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
    by Kristina Spantig

  • 2015 Análisis jerárquico de la dinámica económica de las comunidades españolas en el periodo 1955-2009
    by Brida, Juan Gabriel & Garrido, Nicolás & Matesanz Gómez , David

  • 2015 The Missing Economic Magic: The Failure of Trade Liberalization and Exchange Rate Devaluation in Pakistan, 1980–2012
    by Matthew McCartney

  • 2015 Do intellectual property rights play a role in the economic growth of petro-states? Some empirical evidence from the GCC countries
    by Nasser Al-Mawali

  • 2015 The dynamics of economic growth, oil prices, stock market depth, and other macroeconomic variables: Evidence from the G-20 countries
    by Pradhan, Rudra P. & Arvin, Mak B. & Ghoshray, Atanu

  • 2015 Dinámica tecnológica internacional de los sectores productivos: un análisis empírico
    by Isabella, Fernando

  • 2015 Propuesta de un modelo para el desarrollo de un ecosistema de innovación para el Estado de Querétaro
    by Ricardo Arturo Lara Arvizu & Sandra Fabiola Ajuria Benavides

  • 2014 The Growth-Inflation Nexus for the US over 1801-2013: A Semiparametric Approach
    by Mehmet Balcilar & Rangan Gupta & Charl Jooste

  • 2014 Technology Spillovers and International Borders: A Spatial Econometric Analysis
    by Amjad Naveed & Nisar Ahmad

  • 2014 The economic efficiency of beef cattle in extensive system
    by Iurchevici, Lidia & Chetroiu, Rodica

  • 2014 Nepal-Potential Projects in a New Model of Economy
    by Paunić, Alida

  • 2014 Προσδιοριστικοί Παράγοντες Της Εθνικής Αποταμίευσης Κατά Την Περίοδο 1990-2010 Και Μέτρα Ενίσχυσης Της Οικονομικής Ανάπτυξης
    by Tsermenidis, Konstantinos

  • 2014 Structural Changes in a Small and Open Economy: Evidences from Nepal
    by Guna Raj Bhatta

  • 2014 The Growth-Inflation Nexus for the US over 1801-2013: A Semiparametric Approach
    by Mehmet Balcilar & Rangan Gupta & Charl Jooste

  • 2014 The Diffusion of Development: Along Genetic or Geographic Lines?
    by Douglas L. Campbell & Ju Hyun Pyun

  • 2014 Specific and General Human Capital in an Endogenous Growth Model
    by Evangelia Vourvachaki & Vahagn Jerbashian & : Sergey Slobodyan

  • 2014 The Economic and Budgetary Effects of Producing Oil and Natural Gas From Shale
    by Congressional Budget Office

  • 2014 Structural Change and Per Capita Income in Nepal: Empirical Evidences
    by Guna Raj Bhatta

  • 2014 Does trade drive global output growth?
    by Leon Podkaminer

  • 2014 Effects of knowledge capital on total factor productivity in China: A spatial econometric perspective
    by Scherngell, Thomas & Borowiecki, Martin & Hu, Yuanjia

  • 2014 Crecimiento económico en Colombia: una aproximación empírica fundamentada en la perspectiva capital humano (1960-2009)
    by Maria Esperanza Cuenca Coral & Ignacio Penagos Montoya

  • 2014 Determinantes del crecimiento económico en Bolivia: un enfoque de demanda
    by Julio Humérez Quiroz

  • 2013 Does Trade Drive Global Growth?
    by Leon Podkaminer

  • 2013 Barreiro – Modelo para a implementação de um Agência de Investimento Local
    by Rosa, Frederico

  • 2013 Growth, Growth Accelerations and the Poor: Lessons from Indonesia
    by Sambit Bhattacharyya & Budy R. Resosudarmo

  • 2013 Price Indexes for Clinical Trial Research: A Feasibility Study
    by Ernst R. Berndt & Iain M. Cockburn

  • 2013 Bienestar subjetivo y crecimiento económico: analizando la paradoja del crecimiento infeliz en la Encuesta Mundial Gallup
    by Pablo Gluzmann

  • 2013 Growth, Growth Accelerations and the Poor: Lessons from Indonesia
    by Sambit Bhattacharyya & Budy P. Resosudarmo

  • 2013 Una aplicación de los árboles de expansión mínima y árboles jerárquicos al estudio de la convergencia interregional en dinámica de regímenes || An Application of Minimum Spanning Trees and Hierarchical Trees to the Study of Interregional Convergence in Regime Dynamics
    by Brida, Juan Gabriel & London, Silvia & Rojas, Mara

  • 2013 Productivity As Registered Transfers Between Economic Entities. A Theoretical Intuitive Approach
    by Jivan Alexandru

  • 2013 Bienestar subjetivo y crecimiento económico: analizando la paradoja del crecimiento infeliz en la Encuesta Mundial Gallup
    by Pablo Gluzmann

  • 2013 World Urbanization Prospects and the Problem of Its Infrastructural Provision
    by Svetlana Batishcheva

  • 2013 Impact Of Education On Economic Growth In Mexico, 1990-2008, Impacto De La Educacion En El Crecimiento Economico En Mexico, 1990-2008
    by Juan M. Ocegueda Hernandez & Juan A. Meza Fregoso & C. Domingo Coronado García

  • 2013 Does Openness Increase the Efficiency of China¡¯s Manufacturing Firms? Evidence from the World Bank Investment Climate Survey
    by Wenjun Liu & Shuliang Zou

  • 2013 Cultural impact on national economic growth
    by Maridal, J. Haavard

  • 2013 Economic complexity: Conceptual grounding of a new metrics for global competitiveness
    by Tacchella, A. & Cristelli, M. & Caldarelli, G. & Gabrielli, A. & Pietronero, L.

  • 2013 Von der Euroeinführung zur Schuldenkrise: Ergebnisse einer Wachstumszerlegung für ausgewählte Länder des Euroraums
    by Philipp an de Meulen & Torsten Schmidt

  • 2013 Convergencia regional en el índice de desarrollo humano en Colombia
    by Diego Ismael León Nieto & Héctor Fabio Ríos Hernández

  • 2013 Desempeño económico regional: un análisis dinámico para el caso chileno en el período 1960-2009
    by Juan Gabriel Brida & Silvia London & Mara Rojas

  • 2012 Desempeño Económico Regional: Un Análisis Dinámico Para El Caso Chileno En El Período 1960-2009
    by Brida, Juan Gabriel & London, Silvia & Rojas, Mara

  • 2012 Convergencia interregional en dinámica de regimenes: el caso del Mercosur
    by Brida, Juan Gabriel & London, Silvia & Rojas, Mara

  • 2012 Panel Data Evidence on the Role of Education in the Growth-Volatility Relationship
    by Abbi M Kedir & Nor Yasmin Mhd Bani

  • 2012 Has the Financial Crisis Changed the Business Cycle Characteristics of the GIPSI Countries?
    by Andrew Hughes Hallett & Christian Richter

  • 2012 The Persistence of (Subnational) Fortune: Geography, Agglomeration, and Institutions in the New World
    by William F. Maloney & Felipe Valencia Caicedo

  • 2012 How Deep are the Roots of Economic Development?
    by Enrico Spolaore & Romain Wacziarg

  • 2012 Earthquakes and Economic Growth
    by Peter Simonsen

  • 2012 Total-factor energy efficiency in the EU countries
    by Nela Vlahinic-Dizdarevic & Alemka Segota

  • 2012 On feedback nash equilibrium and cooperation in the neoclassical growth model
    by Edgar J. Sanchez Carrera

  • 2012 Efectos de derrame y de retroalimentación industrial en América del Norte: un enfoque nacional e internacional
    by Marco Antonio Márquez Mendoza

  • 2012 A theory of planning horizons (2): the foundation for an ethical economics
    by Frederic B. Jennings Jr.

  • 2012 A theory of planning horizons (1): market design in a post-neoclassical world
    by Frederic B. Jennings Jr.

  • 2012 Cost Push Factors of Bulgarian Inflation
    by Stella Raleva

  • 2011 Multifactor Productivity Growth Cycles at the Industry Level
    by P, Barnes

  • 2011 Trans-Pacific Economic Relations and US-China Business Cycles: Convergence within Asia versus US Economic Leadership
    by Hallett, Andrew Hughes & Richter, Christian

  • 2011 Pobreza y crecimiento económico: tendencias durante la década del 2000
    by García, Juan & Céspedes, Nikita

  • 2011 Entry, growth, and survival in the green industry
    by De Silva, Dakshina G. & Hubbard, Timothy P. & McComb, Robert P. & Schiller, Anita R.

  • 2011 An alternative use of the Verdoorn law at the Portuguese nuts II level
    by Martinho, Vítor João Pereira Domingues

  • 2011 The Role of Passionate Individuals in Economic Development
    by Zakharenko, Roman

  • 2011 Trans-Pacific Economic Relations and US-China Business Cycles : Convergence within Asia versus US Economic Leadership
    by Andrew Hughes Hallett & Christian Richter

  • 2011 Trans-Pacific Economic Relations and US-China Business Cycles : Convergence within Asia versus US Economic Leadership
    by Andrew Hughes Hallett & Christian Richter

  • 2011 Growth, Inequality, and Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries: Recent Global Evidence
    by Augustin Kwasi Fosu

  • 2011 Economic development and growth in Colombia: An empirical analysis with super-efficiency DEA and panel data models
    by Alexander Cotte Poveda

  • 2011 Defragmentation Of Economic Growth With A Focus On Diversification: Evidence From Russian Economy
    by Andrey A. GNIDCHENKO

  • 2011 Economic Growth In Knowledge-Based Society

  • 2011 Tourism, Exports and FDI as a Means of Growth: Evidence from four Asian Countries
    by Aviral Kumar Tiwari

  • 2011 Las tendencias de la pobreza y la desigualdad: una evidencia para los departamentos de Colombia
    by Alexander Cotte Poveda & Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

  • 2011 Una aproximación a la relación entre desempeño macroeconómico colombiano y conflicto armado interno
    by Juan Manuel Vargas Buendía

  • 2010 A regional growth model with external effects among spanish provinces. Un modelo de crecimiento con efectos externos entre las provincias españolas
    by Ángel Alañón Pardo & Miguel Gómez de Antonio

  • 2010 Defragmentation of Economic Growth with a Focus on Diversification: Evidence from Russian Economy
    by Gnidchenko, Andrey

  • 2010 State Aid for Industrial Enterprises in Belarus: Remedy or Poison?
    by Kolesnikova, Irina

  • 2010 Poverty and Survival
    by Bhalotra, Sonia R.

  • 2010 Poverty and Survival
    by Bhalotra, Sonia R.

  • 2010 A Growth Rate for a Sustainable Economy
    by Alessio Emanuele BIONDO

  • 2010 A Growth Rate for a Sustainable Economy
    by Alessio Emanuele BIONDO

  • 2010 Recent Macroeconomic Developments in the New Member States
    by Murarasu Bogdan

  • 2010 The Approach for Estimating Cost Growth Rates in the Taiwanese Banking Industry
    by Yung-Lieh Yang

  • 2010 Turkiye’de Bilgi Iletisim Teknolojileri ve Ekonomik Buyume: Ekonometrik Bir Analiz (1980-2008)
    by Sevda Yaprakli & Tuncay Saglam

  • 2010 Thirlwall Yasasi: Turkiye Ornegi, 1982-2008
    by Rahmi Yamak & Zehra Abdioglu

  • 2010 Human Capital in Economic Growth: A Review of Theory and Empirics
    by Ralitsa Simeonova-Ganeva

  • 2010 Human Capital in the Contemporary Empirical Theory of Economic Growth
    by Ralitsa Simeonova-Ganeva

  • 2009 The fragility of social capital
    by Angelo Antoci & Fabio Sabatini & Mauro Sodini

  • 2009 EU's Eastern Neighbours: Institutional Harmonisation and Potential Growth Bonus
    by Artur Radziwill & Pawel Smietanka

  • 2009 Dimensión Territorial como Factor del Desarrollo Económico: Algunos Aportes Metodológicos para su Medición
    by Arroyo, Santiago & Bustamante, Christian

  • 2009 Policy Making, Industrial Structure and Economic Growth in a Dual Economy
    by Li, Xun

  • 2009 The Analysis of an Economic Growth Model with Tax Evasion and Delay
    by Olivia BUNDAU & Mihaela NEAMTU

  • 2009 Spatial Convergence in Height in Central Europe, 1890-1910
    by Marek Brabec & John Komlos

  • 2009 Convergência Microrregional no Setor Agrícola Usando um Modelo com Efeito Threshold
    by José Nilo de Oliveira Júnior & Ivan Castelar & Roberto Tatiwa Ferreira

  • 2009 Two Fallacies In Approching The Current Crisis
    by Alexandru JIVAN

  • 2008 Bayesian analysis of growth using stochastic frontier model
    by Arkadiusz Wisniowski

  • 2008 ¿Can Peru be a New Economic Miracle?
    by Raymundo Chirinos

  • 2008 Knowledge spillovers and total factor productivity. Evidence using a spatial panel data model
    by Fischer, Manfred M. & Scherngell, Thomas & Reismann, Martin

  • 2008 Income convergence of divergence? Study on selected Muslim countries
    by Duasa, Jarita

  • 2008 Capitalism and Economic Growth: A Game-Theoretic Perspective
    by Leong, Chee Kian

  • 2008 The Structure of Protection and Growth in the Late 19th Century
    by Sibylle H. Lehmann & Kevin H. O'Rourke

  • 2008 The Structure of Protection and Growth in the Late 19th Century
    by Lehmann, Sibylle H. & O'Rourke, Kevin Hjortshøj

  • 2008 Neoclassical versus Technological Convergence: Some Evidence from the Recent Experience of the Italian Regions
    by Carluccio Bianchi & Mario Menegatti

  • 2008 Free Trade Agreements and their impact on Latin American migrations: An approach
    by Ricardo Ernesto Buitrago R.

  • 2007 Puzzles, Paradoxes and Regularities: Cyclical and Structural Productivity in the US (1950-2005)
    by Yongbok Jeon & Matías Vernengo

  • 2007 Two optimistic traditions in the dismal science: rationalism and the "invisible hand"
    by Stan du Plessis

  • 2007 Time Varying Cyclical Analysis for Economies in Transition
    by Andrew Hughes Hallett & Christian R. Richter

  • 2007 Productivity, Employment and Taxes - A SVAR Analysis of Trade-offs and Impacts
    by Alho, Kari & Nikula, Nuutti

  • 2007 Growth Theory and Application: The Case of South Africa
    by Dave Liu

  • 2007 Capacity Utilization of Enterprises in Tanzania
    by Egbert, Henrik

  • 2007 Divari regionali e crescita del Mezzogiorno, 1980-2004
    by Daniele, Vittorio

  • 2007 Spatial Convergence in Height in East-Central Europe, 1890-1910
    by Brabec, Marek & Komlos, John

  • 2007 Fatal Fluctuations? Cyclicality in Infant Mortality in India
    by Sonia Bhalotra

  • 2007 Fatal Fluctuations? Cyclicality in Infant Mortality in India
    by Bhalotra, Sonia R.

  • 2007 Aid Effectiveness: Politics Matters
    by Matteo Bobba & Andrew Powell

  • 2007 The Impact of Private Sector Growth on Poverty Reduction : Evidence from Indonesia
    by Daniel Suryadarma & Asep Suryahadi

  • 2007 Fatal Fluctuations? - Cyclicality in Infant Mortality in India
    by Sonia Bhalotra

  • 2007 Editor’s Overview
    by Andrew Sharpe

  • 2007 La relación de causalidad entre el crecimiento y la IED en Argentina. ¿Pan para hoy, hambre para mañana?
    by Oglietti, Guillermo Celso

  • 2006 Türkiye’de verimlilik, büyüme ve kriz
    by Erol TAYMAZ & Halit SUİÇMEZ

  • 2006 Nonparametric and semi-parametric evidence on the long-run effects of inflation on growth
    by Vaona, Andrea & Schiavo, Stefano

  • 2006 Economic growth in South Africa since 1994
    by Stan du Plessis & Ben Smit

  • 2006 Nonparametric and semiparametric evidence on the long-run effects of inflation on growth
    by Andrea Vaona & Stefano Schiavo

  • 2006 Productivity, Empoyment and Taxes - Evidence on the Potential Trade-offs and Impacts in the EU
    by Alho, Kari O.E. & Nikula, Nuutti

  • 2006 Bivariate causality analysis between FDI inflows and economic growth in Ghana
    by Frimpong, Joseph Magnus & Oteng-Abayie, Eric Fosu

  • 2006 Does Gibrat’s law hold amongst dairy farmers in Northern Ireland?
    by Kostov, Philip & Patton, Myles & Moss, Joan & McErlean, Seamus

  • 2006 Time Series Econometrics of Growth Models: A Guide for Applied Economists
    by Rao, B. Bhaskara

  • 2006 Migration and Economic Growth: a 21st Century Perspective
    by Cat Moody

  • 2006 A further step into the ELGH and TLGH for Spain and Italy
    by Isabel Cortés_Jiménez & Manuela Pulina

  • 2006 The Effects of Location and Sectoral Components of Growth
    by Asep Suryahadi & Daniel Suryadarma & Sudarno Sumarto

  • 2006 Disuguaglianza e crescita: un’analisi empirica applicata all’esperienza recente delle regioni italiane
    by Carluccio BIANCHI & Mario MENEGATTI

  • 2006 Instituciones jurídicas y crecimiento económico: la experiencia asiática
    by Germán Burgos

  • 2006 Entrepreneurship, Economic Growth and Ethics/“Entrepreneurship”, crecimiento económico y ética

  • 2006 An Empirical Analysis Of The Relationship Between Income Inequality And Growth Volatility In 70 Countries For 1960-2002
    by KONYA, Laszlo & MOURATIDIS, Chris

  • 2006 Movilidad intergeneracional en Colombia
    by Katherine Cartagena

  • 2005 The National Wealth of Selected Countries - A Descriptive Essay
    by Voxi Heinrich S. Amavilah

  • 2005 Diversity Indices of Technical Capability of 14 African Countries
    by Voxi Heinrich Amavilah

  • 2005 National institutions and the allocation of entrepreneurial effort
    by Bowen, Harry P. & De Clercq, D.

  • 2005 Killing the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg: a Time-Series Analysis of Institutional Change and Economic Growth in Hong Kong
    by Nicolaas Groenewold & Sam Hak Kan Tang

  • 2005 Infrastructure and Growth in South Africa: Direct and Indirect Productivity Impacts of 19 Infrastructure Measures
    by Johannes Fedderke & Željko Bogetic

  • 2005 Capital Shallowness: A Problem for New Zealand?
    by Julia Hall & Grant Scobie

  • 2005 Crisis and Recovery in Argentina: Labor market, poverty, inequality and pro-poor growth dynamics
    by Melanie Khamis

  • 2005 The Co-evolution of Institutions and Technology
    by Desierto, D.

  • 2005 Del filo de la navaja a la cáscara de nuez: un nuevo examen de la dinámica de Harrod
    by Álvaro Martin Moreno Rivas

  • 2005 Income, Mortality, and Literacy Distribution Dynamics Across States in Mexico: 1940-2000
    by Rodrigo García Verdú

  • 2005 Crecimiento y desarrollo del sector asegurador; frente a la evolución cultural de las empresas de familia
    by Juan Hernando Bravo Reyes

  • 2005 En la búsqueda de enfoques para el desarrollo. A propósito del debate entre el Consenso de Washington y el Fórum de Barcelona
    by JAIME ALBERTO RENDÓN ACEVEDO & Paula Andrea Nieto Alemán & Diana Carolina Ángel Barreto

  • 2005 Convergencia en indicadores sociales en Colombia. Una aproximación desde los enfoques tradicional y no paramétrico
    by Aguirre Tobón Katherine

  • 2004 On the potential pitfalls in estimating convergence by means of pooled and panel data
    by C. Bianchi & M. Menegatti

  • 2004 Un Análisis del Ciclo Económico en Competencia Imperfecta
    by Julián Arévalo & Angélica Castro & Edgar Villa

  • 2004 Economic Growth and the Financial Economics of Capital Accumulation under Shifting Technological Change
    by Voxi Heinrich S Amavilah & Richard T. Newcomb

  • 2004 Environmental Kuznets Curves: Mess or Meaning?
    by Don J Webber & David O Allen

  • 2004 Saving and Growth: Granger Causality Analysis with Bootstrapping on Panels of Countries
    by László Kónya

  • 2004 On Capital Market Imperfections as an Origin of Low TFP and Economic Rents
    by Ana Hidalgo & Andres Erosa

  • 2004 Saving and Growth: Granger Causality Analysis with Bootstrapping on Panels of Countries
    by László Kónya

  • 2004 Sweet land or Sweat land: Two proposals for facilitating access to land and adjustment to eroding EU sugar preferences in Fiji
    by Satish Chand

  • 2004 A Time-Frequency Analysis of the Coherences of the US Business Cycle and the European Business Cycle
    by Hughes Hallett, Andrew & Richter, Christian

  • 2004 The Effect of Adjustment Costs and Organizational Change on Productivity in Canada: Evidence from Aggregate Data
    by Danny Leung

  • 2004 Technological Progress, Income Distribution And Capacity Utilisation: A Computer Simulation-Based Analysis
    by Fabio Hideki Ono & José Luis Oreiro

  • 2004 Agricultural productivity and its determinants: revisiting international experiences
    by Claudio Bravo-Ortega & Daniel Lederman

  • 2004 The Dynamics Of Productivity Changes in The Korean Manufacturing Industry: Nonparametric Directional Distance Function Approach
    by Dongwan An & Jae-Sun Roh & Kwansoo Kim

  • 2004 Progresso tecnológico, distribuição de renda e utilização da capacidade produtiva
    by Fabio Hideki Ono & José Luís Oreiro

  • 2003 Poverty, Inequality and Growth in Jamaica, 1988-98, and Beyond
    by Danielson, Anders

  • 2003 Educacion y movilidad intergeneracional en Colombia, 1929-1996
    by Cartagena, Katherine

  • 2003 Towards a renovated theory of classical growth
    by Homero Cuevas

    by Turlea, Geomina & Socha, Mieczyslaw

  • 2002 Growth Effects of “Heterogeneous” Economic Integration: the Example of EMU Enlargement
    by Wagner, Helmut

  • 2002 Recognizing Investment Opportunities at the Onset of Recoveries
    by Guido Fioretti

  • 2002 The Investment Acceleration Principle Revisited by Means of a Neural Net
    by Guido Fioretti

  • 2002 The Economic Consequences of Terrorism
    by Patrick Lenain & Marcos Bonturi & Vincent Koen

  • 2002 Unionisation, Unemployment and Economic growth
    by Doan Hong Quang & Neil Vousden

  • 2002 Convergencia y polarización. El caso Peruano: 1961 - 1996
    by Juan Carlos Odar Zagaceta

  • 2002 Un análisis del ciclo económico en competencia imperfecta
    by Julián Arévalo & Angélica Castro & Édgar Villa

  • 2002 Crecimiento endógeno: conocimiento y patentes
    by Oscar A. Benavides G. & Clemente Forero P.

  • 2001 Model uncertainty in cross-country growth regressions
    by Carmen Fernandez & Eduardo Ley & Mark Steel

  • 2001 The Keynesian-Monetarist Debate on Business Cycles: A Case Study of The Great Depression
    by Bilgili, Faik

  • 2000 Chutes or Ladders? A Longitudinal Analysis of Immigrant Earnings
    by Darren Lubotsky

  • 2000 Absorption Capacity, Structural Similarity and Embodied Technology Spillovers in a 'Macro' Model: An Implementation Within the GTAP Framework
    by Gouranga Gopal Das & Alan A. Powell

  • 2000 Sobre los determinantes de la productividad en Uruguay: 1960-1999
    by Elizabeth Bucacos

  • 2000 Public And Private Capital Formation And Economic Growth In Malaysia, 1961-1995
    by Mansor H. Ibrahim

  • 1999 Model uncertainty in cross-country growth regressions
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