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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N4: Government, War, Law, International Relations, and Regulation
/ / / N43: Europe: Pre-1913
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Through the prism of Spain. Socio-economic causes of different outcomes of Russian and Spanish civil wars
    by I. Rozinskiy & N. Rozinskaya.

  • 2017 A Game-Theoretic Analysis of the Waterloo Campaign and Some Comments on the Analytic Narrative Project
    by Mongin, Philippe

  • 2017 Negative Shocks and Mass Persecutions: Evidence from the Black Death
    by Jebwab, Remi & Johnson, Noel D & Koyama, Mark

  • 2017 Queens
    by Oeindrila Dube & S.P. Harish

  • 2017 Winter is Coming: The Long-Run Effects of Climate Change on Conflict, 1400-1900
    by Murat Iyigun & Nathan Nunn & Nancy Qian

  • 2017 The Fall of Capital Punishment and the Rise of Prisons: How Punishment Severity Affects Jury Verdicts
    by Bindler, Anna & Hjalmarsson, Randi

  • 2017 The Paradox of Power: Understanding Fiscal Capacity in Imperial China and Absolutist Regimes
    by Jared Rubin & Debin Ma

  • 2017 The Stolypin Reform and Agricultural Productivity in Late Imperial Russia
    by Paul Castaneda Dower & Andrei Markevich

  • 2017 The response of vital rates to harvest fluctuations in pre-industrial Sweden
    by Rodney Benjamin Edvinsson

  • 2017 Problems of Stamp Duty Levying in Bulgaria between the two World Wars
    by Peter Stoyanov

  • 2017 Prisons, recidivism and the age–crime profile
    by Bindler, Anna & Hjalmarsson, Randi

  • 2016 Common law and the origin of shareholder protection
    by Acheson, Graeme G. & Campbell, Gareth & Turner, John D.

  • 2016 Common law and the origin of shareholder protection
    by Acheson, Graeme G. & Campbell, Gareth & Turner, John D.

  • 2016 The Greek merchant fleet as a national navy during the war of independence 1800-1830
    by Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Kyriazis, Nicholas & Prassa, Annita

  • 2016 Interpreting sociopolitical change by using Chaos Theory: A lesson from Sparta and Athens
    by Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Kyriazis, Nicholas & Zachilas, Loukas

  • 2016 Plague, Politics, and Pogroms: The Black Death, Rule of Law, and the persecution of Jews in the Holy Roman Empire
    by Finley, Theresa & Koyama, Mark

  • 2016 The debt of the Hôtel-Dieu de Paris from 1660 to 1690: a testbed for sovereign default
    by Pierre-Charles Pradier

  • 2016 International financial flows, domestic banks, and the economic development of the periphery: Italy, 1861-1913
    by Paolo Di Martino & Barbara Pistoresi & Alberto Rinaldi

  • 2016 The Fall of Capital Punishment and the Rise of Prisons: How Punishment Severity Affects Jury Verdicts
    by Bindler, Anna & Hjalmarsson, Randi

  • 2016 Danger to the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street? The Bank Restriction Act and the regime shift to paper money, 1797-1821
    by Patrick K. O’Brien & Nuno Palma

  • 2016 Witch Trials: Discontent in Early Modern Europe
    by Chris Hudson

  • 2016 Coping with Consequences of a Housing Crisis during Great War: A Case of Right-Bank Ukraine in 1914-1918
    by Konstantin A. Kholodilin & Tymofiy Gerasymov

  • 2016 "High & Dry": The Liquidity and Credit of Colonial and Foreign Government Debt and the London Stock Exchange (1880-1910)
    by Chavaz, Matthieu & Flandreau, Marc

  • 2016 Nation Building: The Role of Central Spending in Education
    by Cinnirella, Francesco & Schueler, Ruth M.

  • 2016 Danger to the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street? The Bank Restriction Act and the Regime Shift to Paper Money, 1797-1821
    by Patrick K. O’Brien & Nuno Palma

  • 2016 Nation Building: The Role of Central Spending in Education
    by Francesco Cinnirella & Ruth Maria Schueler

  • 2016 Malthus Meets Luther: The Economics Behind the German Reformation
    by Malik Curuk & Sjak Smulders

  • 2016 The financial relations between the Nationalbank and the government
    by Walpurga Köhler-Töglhofer & Doris Prammer & Lukas Reiss

  • 2016 What does it take for a roving bandit settle down? Theory and an illustrative history of the Visigoths
    by Andrew T. Young

  • 2016 Decision Making And Saint Petersburg Paradox: Focusing On Heuristic Parameters, Considering The Non-Ergodic Context And The Gambling Risks
    by Antonio Cappiello

  • 2016 Courts at work: Bankruptcy statutes, majority rule and private contracting in England (17th–18th century)
    by Sgard, Jérôme

  • 2016 Magna Carta revisited: parchment, guns, and constitutional order
    by Rajagopalan, Shruti

  • 2016 Magna Carta, the rule of law, and the limits on government
    by Fernández-Villaverde, Jesús

  • 2016 The two sides of Magna Carta: How good government sometimes wins out over public choice
    by Epstein, Richard A.

  • 2016 Law and social capital: Evidence from the Code Napoleon in Germany
    by Buggle, Johannes C.

  • 2016 John Bloch’s "The Future of War." Pacifism Based on Economics
    by Andrzej Pieczewski

  • 2015 What moved share prices in the nineteenth-century London stock market?
    by Campbell, Gareth & Quinn, William & Turner, John D. & Ye, Qing

  • 2015 Nationalism and Unionism in Ireland: Economic Perspectives
    by Kennedy, Liam

  • 2015 Happy hour followed by hangover: Financing the UK brewery industry, 1880-1913
    by Acheson, Graeme G. & Coyle, Christopher & Turner, John D.

  • 2015 Hospitalitas
    by Andrew T. Young

  • 2015 Visigothic Retinues: Roving Bandits that Succeeded Rome
    by Andrew T. Young

  • 2015 Family types and intimate-partner violence: A historical perspective
    by Ana Tur-Prats

  • 2015 Contracts and Cooperation: The Relative Failure of the Irish Dairy Industry in the Late Nineteenth Century Reconsidered
    by Ingrid Henriksen & Eoin McLaughlin & Paul Sharp

  • 2015 From near-default to debt-restructuring: the inventive methods of the duke of Brabant and its council around 1290-1320 for the salvation of the public finances
    by Pierre-David Kusman & Jean Luc De Meulemeester

  • 2015 The Themistocles Naval Decree of 483/2 BCE and the Greek Referendum of 2015: A comparative analysis of choice set under direct democracy procedures
    by Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Kyriazis, Nicholas & Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2015 Externally-Imposed Institutions and Regional Growth Differences: Evidence from France and Germany
    by Guleryuz, Ece H.

  • 2015 Magna Carta, the Rule of Law and the Limits on Government
    by Fernandez-Villaverde, Jesus

  • 2015 Taxes, National Identity, and Nation Building: Evidence from France
    by Johnson, Noel

  • 2015 The Greek democratic federations and the European Union’s integration
    by Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Kyriazis, Nicholas

  • 2015 Athenian fiscal expansionary policy and peace versus war strategy
    by Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Kyriazis, Nicholas

  • 2015 The Aetolians, the Europeans and the Pakistanis: Lessons for modern federations
    by Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Kyriazis, Nicholas

  • 2015 The East Indian Monopoly and the Transition from Limited Access in England, 1600-1813
    by Dan Bogart

  • 2015 Monks, Gents and Industrialists: The Long-Run Impact of the Dissolution of the English Monasteries
    by Leander Heldring & James A. Robinson & Sebastian Vollmer

  • 2015 Government expenditure and economic development: evidence from Italy 1862-2009
    by Barbara Pistoresi & Alberto Rinaldi & Francesco Salsano

  • 2015 La spesa pubblica in Italia: una crescita senza limiti?
    by Barbara Pistoresi & Alberto Rinaldi & Francesco Salsano

  • 2015 Understanding the Politics of Perikles Around 450 BC. The Benefits of an Economic Perspective
    by Lyttkens, Carl Hampus & Gerding, Henrik

  • 2015 Swedish Taxation since 1862: An Overview
    by Henrekson, Magnus & Stenkula, Mikael

  • 2015 Equity short-term finance under Philip II, with an option to long-term funded debt
    by Carlos álvarez-Nogal & Christophe Chamley

  • 2015 Contracts and cooperation: The relative failure of the Irish dairy industry in the late nineteenth century reconsidered
    by Ingrid Henriksen & Eoin McLaughlin & Paul Sharp

  • 2015 Trade, Law and Order, and Political Liberties: Theory and Application to English Medieval Boroughs
    by Charles Angelucci & Simone Meraglia

  • 2015 Power politics and princely debts: why Germany’s common currency failed, 1549-1556
    by Oliver Volckart

  • 2015 Choice of Enterprise Form: Spain, 1886-1936
    by Timothy Guinnane & Susana

  • 2015 Firearms and the Decline of Violence in Europe: 1200-2010
    by Carlisle E. Moody

  • 2015 Philip II against the Cortes and the credit freeze of 1575-1577
    by Chamley, Christophe & Álvarez Nogal, Carlos

  • 2015 Equity short-term finance under Philip II, with an option to long-term funded debt
    by Chamley, Christophe & Álvarez Nogal, Carlos

  • 2015 Institutional Transplant and Cultural Proximity: Evidence from Nineteenth-Century Prussia
    by Giampaolo Lecce & Laura Ogliari

  • 2015 ‘High and dry’: the liquidity and credit of colonial and foreign government debt in the London Stock Exchange (1880–1910)
    by Chavaz, Matthieu & Flandreau, Marc

  • 2015 Family Types and Intimate-Partner Violence: A Historical Perspective
    by Ana Tur-Prats

  • 2015 Social Differentials in the Biological Standard of Living during the Decline of Industrialization in Andalusia: A District-level Analysis in Antequera
    by José Miguel Martínez-Carrión & Antonio D. Cámara

  • 2015 The Zollverein and the Sequence of a Customs Union
    by Florian Ploeckl

  • 2015 Váltságdíjtárgyalások - tranzakciós költségek melletti alkudozás empirikus vizsgálata
    by Ambrus, Attila & Chaney, Eric & Salitskiy, Igor

  • 2015 The Window Tax: A Case Study in Excess Burden
    by Wallace E. Oates & Robert M. Schwab

  • 2014 Risk sharing with the monarch: contingent debt and excusable defaults in the age of Philip II, 1556–1598
    by Mauricio Drelichman & Hans-Joachim Voth

  • 2014 The French Revolution and German industrialization: The new institutional economics rewrites history
    by Kopsidis, Michael & Bromley, Daniel W.

  • 2014 From Caesar to Tacitus: Changes in Early Germanic Governance circa 50 BC-50 AD
    by Andrew T. Young

  • 2014 Secular trends in tobacco consumption: the case of Italy, 1871-2010
    by Carlo Ciccarelli & Pierpaolo Pierani & Silvia Tiezzi

  • 2014 The 1719-20 stock euphoria: a pan-European perspective
    by Condorelli, Stefano

  • 2014 Unified China; Divided Europe
    by Ko, Chiu Yu & Koyama, Mark & Sng, Tuan-Hwee

  • 2014 Warfare at sea and profit: Corsairs, institutions and partnership companies
    by Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Kyriazis, Nicholas & Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2014 Contractual Freedom and the Evolution of Corporate Control in Britain, 1862 to 1929
    by Timothy W. Guinnane & Ron Harris & Naomi R. Lamoreaux

  • 2014 Political Party Representation and Electoral Politics in England and Wales, 1690-1747
    by Dan Bogart

  • 2014 Unified China and Divided Europe
    by Ko, Chiu Yu & Koyama, Mark & Sng, Tuan-Hwee

  • 2014 Growth in public finances as tool for control: Norwegian development 1850-1950
    by Grytten, Ola

  • 2014 Taxation of Real Estate in Sweden (1862–2013)
    by Stenkula, Mikael

  • 2014 Financial Innovation and Growth: Listings and IPOs from 1880 to World War II in the Athens Stock Exchange
    by Stavros Thomadakis, Dimitrios Gounopoulos, Christos Nounis and Michalis Riginos

  • 2014 Land Confiscations and land reform in Natural-Order States
    by Sumner La Croix

  • 2014 Risky institutions: political regimes and the cost of public borrowing in early modern Italy
    by David Chilosi

  • 2014 Financial innovation and growth listings and IPOs from 1880 to World War II in the Athens Stock Exchange
    by Stavros Thomadakis & Dimitrios Gounopoulos & Christos Nounis & Michalis Riginos

  • 2014 Habemus Papam ?Polarization and Conflict in the Papal States
    by Francisco Pino & Jordi Vidal-Robert

  • 2014 Empleo y carreras laborales en el servicio de Correos de España, 1890-1935
    by Domènech Feliu, Jordi

  • 2014 How Fiscal Policy Affects the Price Level: Britain’s First Experience with Paper Money
    by P.Antipa

  • 2014 La deuda pública: El bálsamo financiero del régimen de Franco (1939-1975)
    by Francisco Comín Comín

  • 2014 A fair price for goods: a food policy problem of the modern age
    by Alberto Cova

  • 2014 Testing Wagner's Law at Different Stages of Economic Development
    by Jan Kuckuck

  • 2014 Luigi Bodio: promoter of the political and high scientific mission of statistics and pioneer of the international statistical cooperation
    by Antonio Cappiello

  • 2014 A history of resistance to privatization in Russia
    by Castañeda Dower, Paul & Markevich, Andrei

  • 2014 Patenting in England, Scotland and Ireland during the Industrial Revolution, 1700–1852
    by Bottomley, Sean

  • 2014 Giuseppe Mazzini And The Socialism
    by Remus TANASĂ

  • 2014 Les capitalistes et les législateurs. À propos du système de la liberté naturelle selon Adam Smith
    by Daniel Diatkine

  • 2014 Notes sur Jean-Baptiste Say. Conception de l'économie en général et position face à l'esclavage en particulier
    by Rémy Herrera

  • 2014 : Performance, pay and promotion: implementing a Weberian bureaucracy in nineteenth century Baden
    by Felix Selgert

  • 2014 Did patents of introduction encourage technology transfer? Long-term evidence from the Spanish innovation system
    by Patricio Sáiz

  • 2013 Russian Peasants and Politicians: The Political Economy of Local Agricultural Support in Nizhnii Novgorod Province, 1864-1914
    by Steven Nafziger

  • 2013 Escaping from a human capital trap? Italy’s regions and the move to centralized primary schooling, 1861 - 1936
    by Gabriele Cappelli

  • 2013 The Dual Crises of the Late-Medieval Florentine Cloth Industry, c. 1320 - c. 1420
    by John H. Munro

  • 2013 A Comparative analysis of federations: The Achaean federation and the European Union
    by Kyriazis, Nicholas & Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros

  • 2013 Customary versus Civil Law within Old Regime France
    by Le Bris, David

  • 2013 Identity, Authority and Evolution of Order: the trajectory of dueling simulated
    by Behrooz Hassani-Mahmooei, Behrooz & Vahabi, Mehrdad

  • 2013 The emergence of democracy: a behavioural perspective
    by Kyriazis, Nicholas & Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2013 The Glue of Democracy: Economics, Warfare and Values in Classical Greece
    by Kyriazis, Nicholas & Paparrigopoulos, Xenophon & Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros

  • 2013 From the Persecuting to the Protective State? Jewish Expulsions and Weather Shocks from 1100 to 1800
    by Anderson, R. Warren & Johnson, Noel D & Koyama, Mark

  • 2013 School, what is it good for? Useful Human Capital and the History of Public Education in Central Europe
    by Tomas Cvrcek & Miroslav Zajicek

  • 2013 A taxonomy of infrastructure financing in Europe on the long run (12th-18th cc.)
    by Giuseppe DE LUCA & Marcella LORENZINI

  • 2013 Zamierzenia prokreacyjne a mo¿liwoœæ ich realizacji w kontekœcie czynników biologicznych
    by Krzysztof Tymicki

  • 2013 Party Representation in English and Welsh Constituencies, 1690-1740
    by Dan Bogart & Robert Oandasan

  • 2013 The Transportation Revolution in Industrializing Britain: A Survey
    by Dan Bogart

  • 2013 Taxation of Goods and Services in Sweden (1862 - 2010)
    by Stenkula, Mikael

  • 2013 Law and Social Capital: Evidence from the Code Napoleon in Germany
    by Johannes C. Buggle

  • 2013 The Black Swan of the Golden Periphery: The Ottoman Empire during the Classical Gold Standard Era
    by Ali Coskun Tunçer

  • 2013 International Trade and Institutional Change: Medieval Venice’s Response to Globalization
    by Diego Puga & Daniel Trefler

  • 2013 Tra economia e diritto. Le società in accomandita nella Bologna d’antico regime
    by M. Carboni & M. Fornasari

  • 2013 State Capacity and Military Conflict
    by Nicola Gennaioli & Hans-Joachim Voth

  • 2013 Fiscal Sustainability and the Value of Money: Lessons from the British Paper Pound, 1797-1821
    by Antipa, P.

  • 2013 ¿Sin ley y dentro de la legalidad? Inicios de la Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada en España (1869-1953)
    by Susana Martínez-Rodríguez

  • 2013 Social Contract, Public Choice And Fiscal Repercussions In The Athenian Democracy
    by Nicholas KYRIAZIS & Emmanouil Marios L. ECONOMOU

  • 2013 Legal centralization and the birth of the secular state
    by Johnson, Noel D. & Koyama, Mark

  • 2013 Retail development in the consumer revolution: The Netherlands, c. 1670–c. 1815
    by van den Heuvel, Danielle & Ogilvie, Sheilagh

  • 2013 Gifts of Mars: Warfare and Europe's Early Rise to Riches
    by Nico Voigtl?nder & Hans-Joachim Voth

  • 2013 Persistent Antimarket Culture: A Legacy of the Pale of Settlement after the Holocaust
    by Irena Grosfeld & Alexander Rodnyansky & Ekaterina Zhuravskaya

  • 2013 Married to Intolerance: Attitudes toward Intermarriage in Germany, 1900-2006
    by Nico Voigtländer & Hans-Joachim Voth

  • 2013 Coercive Contract Enforcement: Law and the Labor Market in Nineteenth Century Industrial Britain
    by Suresh Naidu & Noam Yuchtman

  • 2012 Institutional Matrix for Russia’s Modernization
    by O. Bessonova.

  • 2012 Political rights, taxation, and firm valuation: Evidence from Saxony around 1900
    by Lehmann, Sibylle H. & Hauber, Philipp & Opitz, Alexander

  • 2012 Money Matters: A Critique of the Postan Thesis on Medieval Population, Prices, and Wages
    by John H. MUNRO

  • 2012 The Technology and Economics of Coinage Debasements in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: with special reference to the Low Countries and England
    by John H. Munro

  • 2012 Four centuries of fiscal decentralisation in the Netherlands in view of different economic theoretic perspectives
    by Bos, Frits

  • 2012 Dueling for honor and identity economics
    by Hassani Mahmooei, Behrooz & Vahabi, Mehrdad

  • 2012 Social Contract, public choice and fiscal repercussions in Athenian Democracy
    by Kyriazis, Nicholas & Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Zachilas, Loukas

  • 2012 War for Profit: Macroculture, Corsairs and partnership companies
    by Kyriazis, Nicholas & Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2012 Legal Centralization and the Birth of the Secular State
    by Johnson, Noel D & Koyama, Mark

  • 2012 The Law and Economics of Private Prosecutions in Industrial Revolution England
    by Koyama, Mark

  • 2012 State Capacity and Long-Run Performance
    by Dincecco, Mark & Katz, Gabriel

  • 2012 What caused the failure of nationalisation of the railway system in Germany? : Malfunction of the German Imperial Railway Office (Reichseisenbahnamt) in the 1870s and 1880s
    by Ayumu Banzawa

  • 2012 Role of the state in infrastructure provisioning from 1880s to World War I: telecommunications infrastructure in Europe
    by Damir AGIC & Nico GROVE

  • 2012 Fighting Maritime Piracy: Three Lessons from Pompeius Magnus
    by Christian Schubert & Leonhard K. Lades

  • 2012 Profiting from Public Works: Financial Returns to Infrastructure and Investment Strategies during Britain's Industrial Revolution
    by Dan Bogart

  • 2012 Testing Wagner's Law at Different Stages of Economic Development - A Historical Analysis of Five Western European Countries
    by Jan Kuckuck

  • 2012 The establishment of new market-places in East- Flanders, 1750-1900
    by Wouter Ronsijn

  • 2012 For Every Law, a Loophole: Flexibility in the Menu of Spanish Business Forms, 1886-1936
    by Timothy W. Guinnane & Susana Martinez Rodriguez

  • 2012 For Every Law, a Loophole: Flexibility in the Menu of Spanish Business Forms, 1886-1936
    by Guinnane, Timothy W> & Martinez Rodriguez, Susana

  • 2012 Default, rescheduling and inflation : debt crisis in Spain during the 19th and 20th centuries
    by Comín, Francisco

  • 2012 International trade and institutional change: Medieval Venice's response to globalization
    by Puga, Diego & Trefler, Daniel

  • 2012 Choices and Constraints in the Pre-Industrial Countryside
    by Sheilagh Ogilvie

  • 2012 Retail Ratios in the Netherlands, c. 1670 - c. 1815
    by Sheilagh Ogilvie

  • 2012 From Communal to State Finance: a New Fiscal Pact in the Early Modern Papal States
    by M. Carboni

  • 2012 Economic ideas and tax policy: The introduction of progressivity in tax systems in Western Europe. The cases of France and Spain
    by Javier San Julian Arrupe (Universitat de Barcelona)

  • 2012 The Bank of Spain: a National Financial Insitution
    by Pablo Martín-Aceña & Elena Martínez Ruíz & Pilar Nogués Marco

  • 2012 Los límites de la nacionalización del campesinado: esfera pública e identidad local en Mallorca durante el siglo XX
    by Antoni Vives Riera

  • 2012 The Expansion and Decline of a Transhumance System in Sweden, 1550-1920
    by Jesper Larsson

  • 2012 A csőd intézményének rövid története
    by Halmos, Károly

  • 2012 ¿Se financió la defensa a costa del gasto social y la economía en el siglo XX? El dilema cañones versus mantequilla
    by José Jurado Sánchez

  • 2011 Indolence, incentives, and institutions
    by Emmanuel S. de Dios

  • 2011 The economic background of Rizal’s time
    by Benito J. Legarda Jr.

  • 2011 Prosecution Associations in Industrial Revolution England: Private Providers of Public Goods?
    by M Koyama

  • 2011 State capacity and military conflict
    by Nicola Gennaioli & Joachim Voth

  • 2011 Saracco e i problemi finanziari del Regno d'Italia
    by Fraschini, Angela

  • 2011 Usury, Calvinism, and Credit in Protestant England: from the Sixteenth Century to the Industrial Revolution
    by John H. Munro

  • 2011 From Gutsherrschaft to Grundherrschaft: Demographic, Monetary, and Fiscal Factors in the Late-Medieval Decline of English Manorial Desmesne Agriculture
    by John H. Munro

  • 2011 On the Evolution of Collective Enforcement Institutions : Communities and Courts
    by Masten, S.E. & Prüfer, J.

  • 2011 Public Debt and J.S. Mill’s Conjecture: A Note
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris

  • 2011 Taxes, lawyers, and the decline of witch trials in France
    by Johnson, Noel D & Koyama, Mark

  • 2011 What Really Happened During the Glorious Revolution?
    by Steven C.A. Pincus & James A. Robinson

  • 2011 Coercive Contract Enforcement: Law and the Labor Market in 19th Century Industrial Britain
    by Suresh Naidu & Noam Yuchtman

  • 2011 L'oltre Adriatico, un obiettivo mancato nel processo di unificazione nazionale. Cause e conseguenze politiche ed economiche
    by Arnaldo MAURI

  • 2011 Law and Peace: Contracts and the Success of the Danish Dairy Cooperatives
    by Ingrid Henriksen & Morten Hviid & Paul Sharp

  • 2011 Foreign Investment and the Politics of Export Profits Tax Relief 1956
    by Frank Barry

  • 2011 Measuring institutional quality in ancient Athens
    by Bergh, Andreas & Lyttkens, Carl Hampus

  • 2011 The Evolution of Grain Policy Beyond Europe: Ottoman Grain Administration in the Late Eighteenth Century
    by Seven Agir

  • 2011 Debt policy under constraints between Philip II, the Cortes and Genoese bankers
    by Chamley, Christophe & Álvarez Nogal, Carlos

  • 2011 State Capacity and Military Conflict
    by Gennaioli, Nicola & Voth, Hans-Joachim

  • 2011 What Lessons for Economic Development Can We Draw from the Champagne Fairs?
    by Jeremy Edwards & Sheilagh Ogilvie

  • 2011 Local administration funding and regional disparities in Italy before WW1
    by P. Battilani

  • 2011 Economic ideas and redistributive policy in the Spanish parliament: the 1900 debate on fiscal progressivity
    by Javier San-Julián-Arrupe

  • 2011 Uma substituição luminosa: tributação e reforma do Antigo Regime português em D. Rodrigo de Souza Coutinho ao final do século XVIII [A luminous substitution: taxation and reform of the Old portuguese Regime in D. Rodrigo de Souza Coutinho at the end of the 18th century]
    by Bruno Aidar

  • 2011 Les marchés financiers : péril ou opportunité pour l'industrie ? Quelques enseignements d'un épisode oublié de l'histoire de la Bourse de Paris
    by Pierre-Cyrille Hautcœur

  • 2011 The Economic Development Of Bukovina (Ii) Bukovina As An Autonomous Duchy: 1849-1918
    by Liviu-George MAHA & Gabriel-Andrei DONICI & Sorin-Ştefan MAHA

  • 2010 Moral Hazard in a Mutual Health-Insurance System: German Knappschaften, 1867–1914
    by Guinnane, Timothy W. & Streb, Jochen

  • 2010 La gestión financiera de las Haciendas Municipales en la Edad Moderna. El caso de los Bienes de Propios de Madrid
    by Hernando Ortego, Javier

  • 2010 Why Did Corporations Patent in Spain? Some Historical Inquiries
    by Saiz, Patricio

  • 2010 The Coinages and Monetary Policies of Henry VIII (r. 1509-1547): Contrasts between Defensive and Aggressive Debasements
    by John H. Munro

  • 2010 Social and environmental filters to market incentives: common land persistence in 19th century Spain
    by Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia

  • 2010 Property Rights and Parliament in Industrializing Britain
    by Daniel Bogart & Gary Richardson

  • 2010 The Political Economy of Agricultural Protection: Sweden 1887
    by Sibylle Lehmann & Oliver Volckart

  • 2010 Economic Voting in Britain, 1857-1914
    by Robert Hodgson & John Maloney

  • 2010 Did the Cooperative Start Life as a Joint-Stock Company? Business Law and Cooperatives in Spain, 1869-1931
    by Timothy Guinnane & Susana Martinez-Rodriguez

  • 2010 Did the Cooperative Start Life as a Joint-Stock Company? Business Law and Cooperatives in Spain, 1869-1931
    by Guinnane, Timothy W. & Martinez-Rodriguez, Susana

  • 2010 The Rise and Decline of European Parliaments, 1188-1789
    by Bosker, Maarten & Buringh, Eltjo & Van Zanden, Jan Luiten

  • 2010 Fiscal decentralisation in the Netherlands: History, current practice and economic theory
    by Frits Bos

  • 2010 Deregulation, Economic Growth and Growth Acceleration
    by Petar Stankov

  • 2010 Economic ideas and economists in the Parliament in the liberal age: The attempt to implement a tax on incomes in Spain in 1868-1869
    by Javier San Julian Arrupe

  • 2010 Did the Cooperative Start Life as a Joint-Stock Company? Business Law and Cooperatives in Spain, 1869–1931
    by Timothy W. Guinnane & Susana Martínez-Rodríguez

  • 2010 From Malthusian War to Solowian Peace
    by Nils-Petter Lagerlof

  • 2010 Portuguese public debt and financial business before WWI
    by Maria Eugenia Mata

  • 2010 The Economic Development Of Bukovina (I) The First Period Of Austrian Rule: 1774 - 1849
    by Liviu-George MAHA & Gabriel DONICI & Sorin-Ştefan MAHA

  • 2010 The Columbian Exchange: A History of Disease, Food, and Ideas
    by Nathan Nunn & Nancy Qian

  • 2009 Design and Evolution in Institutional Development: The Insignificance of the English Bill of Rights
    by Peter Murrell

  • 2009 Patents of Introduction and the Spanish Innovation System
    by Saiz, Patricio

  • 2009 Coinage and Monetary Policies in Burgundian Flanders during the late-medieval 'Bullion Famines',. 1384 - 1482
    by John H. Munro

  • 2009 Warfare, Liquidity Crises, and Coinage Debasements in Burgundian Flanders, 1384 - 1482: Monetary or Fiscal Remedies?
    by John H. Munro

  • 2009 Stato di fiducia, crisi finanziarie e crisi politiche nell’Italia liberale prima del 1914
    by Conti Giuseppe e Scatamacchia Rosanna

  • 2009 Les entreprises de l'économie sociale comme source d'innovation sociale. Un détour historique par le XIXe siècle
    by Anne Fretel

  • 2009 The German elections in the 1870s: why Germany turned from liberalism to protectionism
    by Sibylle Lehmann

  • 2009 Cultures, Clashes and Peace
    by Fletcher, Erin K. & Iyigun, Murat

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