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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B1: History of Economic Thought through 1925
/ / / B13: Neoclassical through 1925 (Austrian, Marshallian, Walrasian, Wicksellian)
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The "dark ages" of German macroeconomics and other alleged shortfalls in German economic thought
    by Feld, Lars P. & Köhler, Ekkehard A. & Nientiedt, Daniel

  • 2017 Old and new formulations of the neoclassical theory of aggregate investment : a critical review
    by Daniele Girardi

  • 2017 The Rise and Fall of the Subsistence Fund as a Resource Constraint in Austrian Business Cycle Theory
    by Braun, Eduard & Howden, David

  • 2017 The Interest Rate and the Length of Production: A Comment
    by Howden, David

  • 2017 Neoclassical theories of stationary relative prices and the supply of capital
    by Fratini, Saverio M.

  • 2017 Central Bank Digital Currency and the Future of Monetary Policy
    by Michael D. Bordo & Andrew T. Levin

  • 2017 The Neoclassicals' Conundrum: If Adam Smith Is the Father of Economics, It Is a Bastard Child
    by Oscar Valdes Viera

  • 2017 Formation of Behavioural Finance as the Natural Stage of the Human Model Evolution in Economics
    by Viktor Ivanitskiy & Sergey Aleksandrovich

  • 2017 Economic Liberalism in the school of Salamanca and its influence institutional and organizational development
    by José G. Vargas-Hernández & Víctor Manuel Castillo Girón

  • 2017 Waluty wirtualne w kontekscie teorematu regresji Ludwiga von Misesa
    by Anna Wisniewska

  • 2017 Mises' Incomplete Theory of the Value of Money
    by Katarzyna Appelt

  • 2017 The rise and fall of the subsistence fund as a resource constraint in Austrian business cycle theory
    by Eduard Braun & David Howden

  • 2017 Classical Liberalism in Italian Economic Thought, from the Time of Unification
    by Alberto Mingardi

  • 2017 Ludwig Von Mises y el rol del economista: un enfoque histórico
    by Víctor Espinosa Loyola

  • 2017 La producción como origen del plusvalor en la teoría marxista
    by Fahd Boundi Chraki

  • 2017 50 años de economía de la cultura. Explorando sus raíces en la historia del pensamiento económico
    by Luis F. Aguado & Luis Palma & Noemí Pulido Pavón

  • 2017 Of the Essence and Meaning of Economic History
    by Pencho Penchev

  • 2017 Realism in Economics: The New Classical Case
    by Péter Galbács

  • 2016 Social nudging with condorcet juries and its strategic implications for a paternalistic implementation of LED bulbs
    by Kalmbach, Bettina

  • 2016 Chicago Economics in the Making, 1926-1940. A Further Look at US Interwar Pluralism
    by Luca Fiorito & Sebastiano Nerozzi

  • 2016 Price flexibility and full employment: barking up the wrong (neoclassical) tree
    by Roy H Grieve

  • 2016 Social Capital: From One-Dimensional Man to One-Dimensions Economy and Economics
    by Ben Fine

  • 2016 Sraffa on the Degeneration of the Notion of Cost
    by Fratini, Saverio M.

  • 2016 Marx, the Production Function and the Old Neoclassical Equilibrium: Workable under the Same Assumptions? With an Appendix on the Likelihood of Reswitching and of Wicksell Effects
    by Schefold, Bertram

  • 2016 Walras on capital: interpretative insights from a review by Bortkiewicz
    by Petri, Fabio

  • 2016 Mises and Montaigne: A Comment
    by Bagus, Philipp & Howden, David & Gabriel, Amadeus & Carrasco Bañuelos, Eva María

  • 2016 Solving a Longstanding Conundrum: The Uneasy Coexistence of Alternative Equilibrium Conceptions in Walras’s Theoretical System
    by Franco DONZELLI

  • 2016 Antonio De Viti de Marco, political competition, and the principle of minimum means
    by Amedeo Fossati & Marcello Montefiori

  • 2016 What are production, work and consumption? Trans-historical re-conceptualisations
    by Edvinsson, Rodney

  • 2016 Les droits et libertés fondamentaux à l'épreuve de l'efficacité économique : une application à la politique de la concurrence
    by Frédéric Marty

  • 2016 Fifty years of Cultural Economics. Exploring the roots in the history of economic thought
    by Luis Fernando Aguado & Luis Palma & Noemi Pulido

  • 2016 Survival Value And A Robust, Practical, Joyless Individualism: Thomas Nixon Carver, Social Justice, And Eugenics
    by Luca Fiorito & Cosma Orsi

  • 2016 Some notes on Gossen’s ‘submerged and forgotten’ approach to consumption and time
    by Sergio Nisticò

  • 2016 Joseph A. Schumpeter: Ein Pionier der Makrofinanz
    by Gerald Braunberger

  • 2016 Which Economics? Which Economies?
    by Heinz D. Kurz

  • 2016 Kłopoty z marginalną teorią podziału Clarka
    by Tomasz Tokarski & Anna Zachorowska-Mazurkiewicz

  • 2016 Může být přirozená úroková míra nulová? Neoklasický přístup
    by Pavel Potužák

  • 2016 A Literature Review of Behavioural Finance
    by Bachar FAKHRY

  • 2016 Revisiting Free Market Utopia: A Hayek-Polanyi Reminder
    by Özgür ÜÞENMEZ & Levent DUMAN

  • 2016 A Literature Review of the Efficient Market Hypothesis
    by Bachar FAKHRY

  • 2016 The transformations of utility theory: a behavioral perspective
    by Ulrich Witt

  • 2016 A Biographical Note on John Bates Clark
    by Luciano Messori & Raimondello Orsini

  • 2016 A. C. Pigou and the ‘Real Purpose’ of the 1924-25 Committee on the Currency and Bank of England Note Issues
    by Rogéro Arthmar & Michael McLure

  • 2016 The Social Theories of Classical Political Economy and Modern Economic Policy
    by Carl Menger

  • 2016 [Ensayo] Liberalismo e instituciones: Douglass North y la economía neoclásica
    by Ricardo Kerguelén Méndez

  • 2016 Démographie, économie, culture
    by Hervé Le Bras

  • 2016(XXVI) The Property Economics and the Benchmark Culture of Common Sense: On Markets for Ideas, Ideals, and Ideologies
    by Octavian-Dragomir JORA

  • 2015 On the Nature of Economic Laws: Carl Menger and Léon Walras [Natura legilor economice în concepţia economiştilor Carl Menger şi Léon Walras]
    by Bălţătescu Ionela

  • 2015 Ordoliberalism, pragmatism and the eurozone crisis: How the German tradition shaped economic policy in Europe
    by Feld, Lars P. & Köhler, Ekkehard A. & Nientiedt, Daniel

  • 2015 The Nationalökonomische Gesellschaft (Austrian Economic Association, NOeG) in the Interwar Period and Beyond
    by Hansjörg Klausinger

  • 2015 Garegnani on a way to avoid the value capital endowment in Wicksell (1898)
    by Fabio Petri

  • 2015 Garegnani on a way to avoid the value capital endowment in Wicksell (1898)
    by Petri, Fabio

  • 2015 Ludwig M. Lachmann contro la Scuola di Cambridge
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2015 At the Root of Economic Fluctuations: Expectations, Preferences and Innovation. Theoretical Framework and Empirical Evidences
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2015 Entrepreneurship: State of grace or human action? Schumpeter’s leadership vs Kirzner’s alertness
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2015 F. A. Hayek'in Bilgisizlik Teorisi Çerçevesinde Piyasa, Denge ve Planlama
    by Göcen, Serdar

  • 2015 Lawson on Veblen on Social Ontology
    by Davis, John B.

  • 2015 La Teoria dell'Equilibrio Economico Generale: Walras, Pareto e i Neo-Walrasiani
    by Franco DONZELLI

  • 2015 Théorie des élites parétienne et moment machiavélien comme principes explicatifs de la dynamique sociale : les limites de la méthode des approximations successives
    by Claire Baldin & Ludovic Ragni

  • 2015 L'apport de Pellegrino Rossi à la théorie de l'offre et de la demande : une tentative d'interprétation
    by Claire Baldin & Ludovic Ragni

  • 2015 Non-Euclidean geometry and political economy How Jacques Rueff explained unemployment in England (1919-1931)
    by Adrien Lutz

  • 2015 Ordoliberalism, Pragmatism and the Eurozone Crisis: How the German Tradition Shaped Economic Policy in Europe
    by Lars P. Feld & Ekkehard A. Köhler & Daniel Nientiedt

  • 2015 Post-War Czechoslovakia: A Theoretical Critique
    by Nikodym Tomáš & Nikodym Lukáš & Pušová Tereza

  • 2015 Contending Conceptions of Competition and the Role of Regulating Capital
    by Lefteris Tsoulfidis

  • 2015 Book review (Peet, R., Hartwick E. - Theories of development: Contentions, Arguments, Alternatives)
    by Manuela Epure

  • 2015 Book review (Peet, R., Hartwick E. - Theories of development: Contentions, Arguments, Alternatives)
    by Manuela Epure

  • 2015 Kartele w trzech perspektywach: neoklasycznej, behawioralnej oraz etycznej
    by Adam Karbowski

  • 2015 Austrian Business Cycle Theory: An Evolution and Contemporary Condition
    by Kavaliov, Aliaksandr

  • 2015 Entrepreneurship: State of Grace or Human Action?
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2015 La ortodoxia económica desalienta el estudio del comportamiento colectivo
    by Hendrik Van den Berg

  • 2015 Homo Economicus and Homo Stramineus
    by Marek Hudík

  • 2015 Review of the XIV "Leontief Readings" International Conference: "Social Liberalism: between Freedom and Etatism"
    by Melnik, D. & Kostyukov, K.

  • 2015 Szűkösség és felesleg a történelemben és a tudományban
    by Artner, Annamária

  • 2015 Notes in the margin to a recent collection of essays by Luigi Einaudi
    by Amedeo Fossati

  • 2015 A few remarks on the introduction of the term “marketing” into economic literature
    by Miroslaw Bochenek

  • 2015 The issue of value in economic thought — Part 2: the evolution of views from 1871 until the second half of the 20th century
    by Miroslaw Bochenek

  • 2015 Péril chinois et déclin de l’Europe. Analyses économiques en France au tournant du xx e siècle
    by Marion Gaspard

  • 2015 La peur du déclin économique face à l’épuisement des ressources naturelles, de W. Stanley Jevons à Herbert S. Jevons (1865-1915)
    by Antoine Missemer

  • 2015 O wartosciowaniu dobr ekonomicznych/On the Valuation of Economic Goods
    by Wojciech Giza

  • 2015 ESP – Modern theories in management
    by Camelia BOARCê

  • 2014 Integrating Economic Cycles Theory with Equilibrium Theory
    by N. Makasheva.

  • 2014 An unexpected discovery: Johann Heinrich von Thuenen and the tragedy of the commons
    by Nellinger, Ludwig

  • 2014 Orthodoxer Mainstream und Heterodoxe Alternativen: Eine Analyse der ökonomischen Wissenschaftslandschaft
    by Quaas, Friedrun

  • 2014 Böhm-Bawerk und die Anfänge der monetären Zinstheorie
    by Peter Spahn

  • 2014 Il Ciclo Naturale. Perche' le fluttuazioni economiche sono inevitabili. Un'estensione schumpeteriana della teoria austriaca del ciclo economico
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2014 Ludwig M. Lachmann Against the Cambridge School. Macroeconomics, Microfoundations, Expectations, Rate of Profit, Equilibrium and Innovations
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2014 Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 El capital en el siglo XXI de Thomas Piketty
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 Tax Power and Economics
    by Estrada, Fernando & González, Jorge Iván

  • 2014 Schumpeter and the History of Economic Thought
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 Schumpeter y la Historia del Pensamiento Económico
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 Memory and Anticipation: New Empirical Support for an Old Theory of the Utility Function
    by John Knight & Ramani Gunatilaka

  • 2014 La influencia de la investigación operativa en la conformación de los precios comerciales y su impacto en las teorías del valor
    by Santiago Javier Armesilla Conde

  • 2014 Carl Menger on the Theory of Economic History. Reflections from Bulgaria
    by Pencho D. Penchev

  • 2014 Alfred Marshall’s cardinal theory of value: the strong law of demand
    by Donald J. Brown & Caterina Calsamiglia

  • 2014 Luigi Einaudi e Mauro Fasiani: il dibattito epistemologico dal 1941 al 1943 (The debate between Luigi Einaudi and Mauro Fasiani (1941-1943))
    by Amedeo Fossati

  • 2014 Il giovane Einaudi e il socialismo: una questione aperta (1893-1902) (Luigi Einaudi and Socialsim (1893-1902): an unknown dilemma)
    by Alberto Giordano

  • 2014 A economia e o melhoramento social: a agenda de reformas de Alfred Marshall [Economic and social improvement: Marshall’s reform agenda]
    by Laura Valladão de Mattos

  • 2014 The Natural Cycle: WHY Economic Fluctuations are Inevitable. A Schumpeterian Extension of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory
    by Carmelo Ferlito

  • 2014 The Healthy Currency – An Alternative To Stable Currency
    by Mihaela IAVORSCHI & Andreea GRADINARU

  • 2014 Some Origins of Welfare Economics-Marshall, Ruskin and Tokuzo Fukuda-
    by Nishizawa, Tamotsu

  • 2014 An Aspect of Welfare Economics in the Fomative Age-Pigou and Eugenics-
    by Yamazaki, Satoshi

  • 2014 Economic theory and social classes
    by Vincenzo Maffeo

  • 2014 The Luigi Einaudi vs. Mauro Fasiani epistemological debate (1938-1943): the end of the italian tradition in Public Finance
    by Amedeo Fossati

  • 2014 Augusto Graziani on the walrasian capital formation model
    by Giacomo Costa

  • 2014 Character in Alfred Marshall’s work: not so commonplace?
    by Rozenn Martinoia

  • 2014 Aspects pratiques et théoriques de l'entrepreneur dans la vie et l'œuvre de Jean-Baptiste Say
    by Gérard Minart

  • 2014 Jean-Baptiste Say et l'entrepreneur : la question de la filiation avec Cantillon et Turgot
    by Joël Thomas Ravix

  • 2014 Natural gas trading in Europe in terms of market disequilibrium
    by Yuli Radev

  • 2014 Why did Wicksell change his mind about the machinery question?
    by Mauro Boianovsky

  • 2013 A Short Insight into the Schools of Economic Thinking Evolution on the Notions of Market and Competition (II) [Scurtă incursiune în evoluţia teoriilor economice privind noţiunile de piaţă şi concurenţă (II)]
    by Marcu Nicu, Pătrulescu Victor, Crăciun Lucia

  • 2013 Orthodoxy and the Extensive Social Division of Labour [Ortodoxia şi diviziunea socială extinsă a muncii]
    by Topan Mihai-Vladimir

  • 2013 Ethics and Capitalism. An Interdisciplinary Interpretation [Etică şi capitalism. O interpretare interdisciplinară]
    by Munteanu Costea, Comşa Petre

  • 2013 A Short Insight into the Schools of Economic Thinking Evolution on the Notions of Market and Competition (I) [Scurtă incursiune în evoluţia teoriilor economice privind noţiunile de piaţă şi concurenţă (I)]
    by Marcu Nicu, Pătrulescu Victor, Crăciun Lucia

  • 2013 Abstraction as a Mother of Order? (Historical-Methodological Reflections on the Relation of Economic Science and Economic Policy)
    by V. Avtonomov.

  • 2013 Continuity or rupture ? An analysis of some aspects of social philosophy in the works of J.S.Mill, Alfred Marshall and J.M.Keynes
    by Laura Valladão de Mattos

  • 2013 John Bates Clark’s Conception of Capital
    by McCain, Roger

  • 2013 The ongoing history of economic conservation laws
    by Heinrich, Torsten

  • 2013 On the theory of capital in post-industrial societies
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2013 Towards a revision of the theory of capital
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2013 A theory of capital as value in progress
    by Cavalieri, Duccio

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (6): Chapters 8, 9 and 10: Keynes’ Theory of Consumer Behaviour
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (5): Chapter 6, The Definition of Income, Saving and Investment; Appendix to Chapter 6, Appendix on User Cost; Chapter 7, The Meaning of Saving and Investment Further Considered
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (4): Chapter 4, "The Choice of Units"; Chapter 5, "Expectations as Determining Output and Employment"
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (3): Chapter 3, “The Principle of Effective Demand”
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (2): Chapter 2, “The Postulates of the Classical Economics”
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Lectures on John Maynard Keynes’ General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1): Chapter One, Background and Historical Setting
    by Brian S. Ferguson

  • 2013 Equilibrium versus Process: A Confrontation between Mainstream and Austrian Ontology
    by Sandye Gloria-Palermo

  • 2013 Giffen’s Good: A case of mistaken identification
    by Brunt, Liam

  • 2013 Una Revisión Moderna de las Teorías de Precios de Ricardo y Jevons
    by Edgar Villa

  • 2013 Valor, Capital e Instituições Sociais em Carl Menger: as contribuições de uma obra inacabada
    by Eduardo Albuquerque

  • 2013 Na institucích záleží! Ale proč?
    by Lenka Slavíková

  • 2013 "New" And "Old" In Economic Neoliberalism
    by Zirra Daniela & & &

  • 2013 Public Debt and J.S. Mill’s Conjecture: A Note
    by Lefteris Tsoulfidis

  • 2013 Lecciones olvidadas de tres economistas difuntos
    by Lluís Barbé

  • 2013 Is the Schumpeterian entrepreneur superhuman?
    by André Lapied & Sophie Swaton

  • 2013 General Equilibrium and Social Justice: Neoclassical Theory as a Political Philosophy?
    by Vincent Desreumaux

  • 2013 William Stanley Jevons and “social reform”: A theory of welfare without posterity
    by Pelin Sekerler Richiardi & Nathalie Sigot

  • 2013 Protection of competition in the contemporary global economy as a challenge for the competition theory
    by Magdalena Sliwinska

  • 2013 Potencias emergentes: los dilemas de la inserción brasileña en el sistema internacional durante el gobierno de Lula Da Silva, 2003 - 2010
    by Rafat Ahmed Ghotme

  • 2013 Social Welfare: Insights From The Austrian School Of Economics
    by Stanislav PERCIC

  • 2013 3Month: March The Austrian School Of Economics And Market Instability
    by Claudiu-Gabriel Tiganas & Claudiu Peptine

  • 2012 Mezzogiorno e apertura internazionale ne "La Riforma Sociale"
    by Roberto Ricciuti & Luca Sandonà

  • 2012 Still more on why we should bury the Marginal Productivity Theory of the Price of Capital: A Supplementary Note
    by Roy Grieve

  • 2012 Homer: A Forerunner of Neoclassical Economics
    by Posada, Carlos Esteban

  • 2012 A Note on Backhouse and Medema: On Walras’ Contribution to the Definition of Economics
    by Vahabi, Mehrdad

  • 2012 Ronald Coase y los costos de transacción
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2012 Malinvaud on Wicksell’s legacy to capital theory: some critical remarks
    by Fratini, Saverio M.

  • 2012 Old lady charm: explaining the persistent appeal of Chicago antitrust
    by Giocoli, Nicola

  • 2012 Rationality and choices in economics: behavioral and evolutionary approaches
    by Graziano, Mario & Schilirò, Daniele

  • 2012 The Origin of the Sylos Postulate: Modigliani's and Sylos Labini's Contributions to Oligopoly Theory
    by Rancan, Antonella

  • 2012 Public Debt and J.S. Mill’s Conjecture: A Note
    by Lefteris Tsoulfidis

  • 2012 Dogmen- und realhistorische Aspekte des Wohlfahrtsbegriffs
    by Hans G. Nutzinger

  • 2012 Time and Capital in Dynamic and Spatial Economic Theory
    by Andersson, Åke E.

  • 2012 The Origin of the Sylos Postulate: Modigliani’s and Sylos Labini’s Contributions to Oligopoly Theory
    by Antonella Rancan

  • 2012 Equilibrio parcial y general: dos problemas inquietantes
    by Tania Contreras Herrada & Ivan Mendieta Muñoz & Rogelio Huerta Quintanilla

  • 2012 Homer: A Forerunner of Neoclassical Economics
    by Carlos Esteban Posada

  • 2012 From Stages to Varieties of Capitalism: Lessons, Limits and Prospects
    by Eyüp Özveren & Utku Havuç & Emrah Karaoğuz

  • 2012 War and the Austrian School
    by William L. Anderson & Scott A. Kjar & James D. Yohe

  • 2012 An inexhaustive criticism of the standard economic theory from an Austrian perspective related to growth and development
    by Ana Iolanda Voda & Catalin Chiriac

  • 2012 Political Management between Ethical Grounds and Electoral Purposes. The Case of Taxation
    by Gabriel STAICU

  • 2012 Money – Between Medium of Exchange and Institution
    by Voroneanu Constantin-Bogdan

  • 2012 Alfred Marshall e as "evoluções" vitorianas: situando Darwin e Spencer nos fundamentos teóricos do pensamento marshalliano [Alfred Marshall and the Victorian "Evolutions":placing Darwin and Spencer in the theoretical fundamentals of Marshallian thought]
    by Manuel Ramon Souza Luz & Paulo Sérgio Fracalanza

  • 2012 Un inedito dissidio epistemologico sui miti e paradossi della giustizia tributaria di einaudi: le lettere perdute di Mauro Fasiani
    by Amedeo Fossati & Paolo Silvestri

  • 2012 Adolphe Landry: Monetary Stability and the Financing of Industrial Development
    by Legrand Muriel Dal-Pont & Dominique Torre & Elise Tosi

  • 2012 Adolphe Landry’s Theory of Profits
    by Heinz D. Kurz

  • 2012 Adolphe Landry and Irving Fisher on Circulation and Interest
    by Robert W. Dimand

  • 2012 Competition and Justice in the Works of Adolphe Landry and Léon Walras
    by Claire Baldin & Ludovic Ragni & Paul-Marie Romani

  • 2012 Adolphe Landry and Otto Effertz: Lessons from a Debate
    by Richard Arena & Harald Hagemann

  • 2012 Technological Effects on Wages and Labour: Classical and Neoclassical Ideas
    by Anastassios D. Karayiannis & Ioannis A. Katselidis

  • 2012 Marshall on Progress and People's Welfare
    by Tamotsu Nishizawa

  • 2012 Dostoyevski'nin İktisadi Yaklaşımı ve İktisadi Aklın Eleştirisi
    by Ceyhun GÜRKAN & Mustafa ÖZİŞ

  • 2012 War and the Austrian School
    by William L. Anderson & Scott A. Kjar & James D. Yohe

  • 2012 Economics and reality
    by Uhlig, Harald

  • 2012 Price-Takers Vs. Great Numbers: A Critique Of The Edgeworth - Walras Convergence À La Debreu - Scarf
    by Andrés Álvarez

  • 2012 Competition: The Ways To Perfection
    by Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira

  • 2012 Negishi On Edgeworth On Jevons' Law Of Indifference, Walras’S Equilibrium, And The Role Of Large Numbers: A Critical Assessment
    by Franco Donzelli

  • 2012 The businessmen as knights of the social ideal: Alfred Marshall and the moralization of capitalism
    by Rozenn Martinoia

  • 2012 Institutional strengthening of the free market in the new economic history
    by Teodor Sedlarski

  • 2012 On the cyclical variability of economic growth in Italy, 1881–1913: a critical note
    by Lisa Sella & Roberto Marchionatti

  • 2012 Retrospectives: Irving Fisher's Appreciation and Interest (1896) and the Fisher Relation
    by Robert W. Dimand & Rebeca Gomez Betancourt

  • 2011 O “sociologie” a crizei actuale: de la social-democraţia “subprime”-lor, la conservatorismul tip “too big to fail”
    by Jora Octavian-Dragomir

  • 2011 Financial Crisis and Economic Recession
    by Huerta de Soto Jesus

  • 2011 Zur Herleitung der Thünen'schen Grabsteinformel
    by Nellinger, Ludwig

  • 2011 The influence of American economists on the Clayton and Federal Trade Commission Acts
    by Luca Fiorito

  • 2011 The Hicks-Malinvaud average period of production and 'marginal productivity': a critical assessment
    by Saverio M. Fratini

  • 2011 Classical vs. Neoclassical Conceptions of Competition
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris

  • 2011 Competition
    by Salvadori, Neri & Signorino, Rodolfo

  • 2011 The evolution of environmental thinking in economics
    by Halkos, George

  • 2011 Economical preconditions of functioning of independent boards of directors in view of neoclassical economical theory
    by Andrey, Rudkov

  • 2011 Scarcity, self-interest and maximization from Islamic angle
    by Hasan, Zubair

  • 2011 « Appliquer la théorie économique de l’équilibre général » : de Walras à Leontief
    by Akhabbar, Amanar & Lallement, Jerôme

  • 2011 Scarcity, self-interest and maximization from Islamic angle
    by Hasan, Zubair

  • 2011 (Mis)understanding Classical Economics
    by Thomas, Alex M

  • 2011 Income Taxation and the Choice of the Tax Rate Schedule: Sacrifice Principles and "Just" Tax Rates
    by Hans-Georg Petersen

  • 2011 Negishi on Edgeworth on Jevons’s law of indifference, Walras’s equilibrium, and the role of large numbers: a critical assessment
    by Franco DONZELLI

  • 2011 The law of indifference, equilibrium, and equilibration in Jevons, Walras, Edgeworth, and Negishi
    by Franco DONZELLI

  • 2011 Revisiting Adam Smith’s Theory of the Falling Rate of Profit
    by Lefteris Tsoulfidis & Dimitris Paitaridis

  • 2011 Classical vs. Neoclassical Conceptions of Competition
    by Lefteris Tsoulfidis

  • 2011 Formalizing a new approach to economic policy - Bent Hansen, Gösta Rehn and the Swedish model
    by Erixon, Lennart

  • 2011 Is Equilibrium Enough And Was Stigler Wrong? Value Theory In The Böhm-Bawerk / Fisher Controversies
    by Avi J. Cohen

  • 2011 Convergência para o Equilíbrio no Modelo Keynesiano: algumas considerações
    by Fabrício J. Missio & José Luis Oreiro

  • 2011 Fundamental Theories on Consumer Behaviour: An Overview of the Influences Impacting Consumer Behaviour
    by Moraru Andreea Daniela

  • 2011 Adam Smith e Francis Ysidro Edgeworth: uma crítica do utilitarismo [Adam Smith and Francis Ysidro Edgeworth: a criticism to utilitarianism]
    by Solange Regina Marin & André Marzulo Quintana

  • 2011 Inteligencia prospectiva de seguridad económica
    by Miguel S. Luparelli Mathieu & Andrés Montero Gómez

  • 2011 Walras and Cournot’s mathematical method: comparison and discord challenge
    by Ludovic Ragni

  • 2011 Money: origin and essence

  • 2011 El utilitarismo de Jeremy Bentham ¿fundamento de la teoría de Leon Walras?
    by Aída-Sofía Rivera-Sotelo

  • 2011 Reflexión acerca de la representación del agente en la teoría económica evolutiva: controversia entre las perspectivas ortodoxa y heterodoxa
    by Víctor Mauricio Castañeda Rodríguez

  • 2010 Economic Theory in Historical Perspective
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris

  • 2010 The Other canon against Washington consensus: Re-industrialization as a condition for revival and development
    by Bukvić, Rajko

  • 2010 The progressive tax
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2010 The power to tax: a lecture of Hayek
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2010 A reading Hayek on power to tax
    by Fernando, Estrada

  • 2010 Hicks on Walrasian equilibrium in the 1930s and beyond
    by Franco DONZELLI

  • 2010 Some reflections on the dependence of prices on Labour-Values
    by Diego Guerrero

  • 2010 Leon Walras on Industrial Regulation: Railroads As Economic and Moral State Monopolies
    by Andrés Álvarez

  • 2010 Comparative Views on L. Walras and A. Cournot on The Regulation of Paper Money: Rules VS. Discretion at The End of The XIXth Century
    by Andrés Alvarez

  • 2010 War and the Austrian School: Applying the economics of the Founders
    by Scott A. Kjar & William A. Anderson

  • 2010 Marshall and Pareto on Cournot’s Elasticity and on W. Thornton
    by Alberto Zanni

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