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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B0: General
/ / / B00: History of Economic Thought, Methodology, and Heterodox Approaches
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2016 Позитивное Сотрудничество: Факторы И Механизмы Эволюции
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2016 Why economics textbooks must, and how they can, be changed into a real-world and pluralist economics. The example of a fundamentally new complexity-economics micro-textbook
    by Elsner, Wolfram

  • 2016 Monetary Expressions of Labor Time and Market Prices: Theory and Evidence from China, Japan and Korea
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris & Paitaridis, Dimitris

  • 2016 New Result in Consumption Theory: Change in Savings and Income Growth – Nineteen Years Later
    by Wu, Cheng

  • 2016 Explaining the Euro crisis: Current account imbalances, credit booms and economic policy in different economic paradigms
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & collin constantine & Severin Reissl

  • 2016 This paper studies the construction of quantitative data for the French national trade between 1945 and the 1970s. Our purpose is to provide an account of the establishment of a statistical system specific to this economic sector. By statistical system we imply the apparatus and devices that were put together in order to produce statistical information, in particular political willpower, the professional and institutional actors involved, the accounting frameworks, and the tools and classifications used. In the first section we provide an overview of the transformations of French trade during the period studied, while in the second section We examine the production of statistical data for this sector. In the third section, we study the conditions of emergence of these data, examining the role that particular merchants and political regimes might have had to provoke biases, and questioning the possible political use of these statistics. We show that the construction of a statistical system is not exclusively an institutional or a technical matter, but also that political decisions and particular interests play an important role in the construction of such a system
    by Tristan Jacques & Erich Pinzón-Fuchs

  • 2016 Hedging, arbitrage and the financialization of commodities markets
    by Domenica Tropeano

  • 2016 A Confusion of Capital in the United States
    by O'Sullivan, Mary

  • 2016 Emotion Research in Economics
    by Klaus Wälde

  • 2016 Unemployment in a Just Economy
    by John Komlos

  • 2016 Another Road to Serfdom
    by John Komlos

  • 2016 Do scholars follow Betteridge’s Law? The use of questions in journal article titles
    by James M. Cook & Dawn Plourde

  • 2016 Quantifying the changing role of past publications
    by Katalin Orosz & Illés J. Farkas & Péter Pollner

  • 2016 Population composition, urban neighborhoods, and future scenarios: a crystal ball perspective, from past to future
    by Lawrence A. Brown

  • 2016 Half-Forgotten Personalities of Economic Thought - J. A. Schumpeter
    by Pavel Sirůček

  • 2016 Conceptual Approaches to Understanding and Ensuring National Economic Security: Scientific Theories and State Strategies
    by Tseykovets, N.

  • 2016 New Result in Consumption Theory:Change in Savings and Income Growth – Nineteen Years Later
    by Cheng K. WU

  • 2016 The Visible Hand: The Role of Government in China’s Long-Awaited Industrial Revolution
    by Wen, Yi & Fortier, George E.

  • 2016 Credit supply, credit demand and unemployment in the mode of Augusto Graziani
    by Guglielmo Forges Davanzati

  • 2016 A Darwinian theory of institutional evolution two centuries before Darwin?
    by Grajzl, Peter & Murrell, Peter

  • 2016 Humanitarismo con rostro neoliberal
    by Pablo Ortúzar Madrid

  • 2016 Fundamentos económicos y cuentas nacionales: una propuesta de medición de la evolución del valor
    by Damián Kennedy

  • 2016 La théorie de l’entrepreneur, son évolution et sa contextualisation
    by Sophie Boutillier & André Tiran

  • 2015 On the Nature of Economic Laws: Carl Menger and Léon Walras [Natura legilor economice în concepţia economiştilor Carl Menger şi Léon Walras]
    by Bălţătescu Ionela

  • 2015 Effects Of Ius Gentium On Roman Economic System And Legal Process
    by Elvan Sütken

  • 2015 Causality and interdependence in Pasinetti’s works and in the modern classical approach
    by Bellino , Enrico & Nerozzi, Sebastiano

  • 2015 The Rise of New Institutional Economics and Assessment its Contributions to the Post Washington Consensus
    by Babayev, Bahruz

  • 2015 The complex-network based relation between migration and FDI in the OECD
    by Garas, Antonios & Lapatinas, Athanasios & Poulios, Konstantinos

  • 2015 Flashes from the Past: The Origin and development of banking supervision in Bulgaria
    by Bojinov, Bojidar

  • 2015 Flashes from the past: The Origin and development of banking in Bulgaria
    by Bojinov, Bojidar

  • 2015 Flashes from the Past: Establishment of the Bulgarian national Bank as Central bank of Bulgaria
    by Bojinov, Bojidar

  • 2015 Economía y ciencias sociales: reporte de investigación
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2015 Sraffa and the Labour Theory of Value - a note
    by Anderaos de Araujo, Fabio

  • 2015 Эволюция Институтов Конкуренции, Власти И Сотрудничества
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 От Социального Либерализма - К Философии Сотрудничества
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 Théories et concepts fondamentaux de l'histoire de la pensée économique
    by Keita, Moussa

  • 2015 Market or Government – Is There a Third Way?
    by Ivars Brivers

  • 2015 Trade in Ideas: Performance and Behavioural Properties of Markets in Patents with Two-part Tariff
    by Ullberg, Eskil

  • 2015 Coordination of Inventions and Innovations through patent markets with prices
    by Ullberg, Eskil

  • 2015 The Making of an Economic Superpower―Unlocking China’s Secret of Rapid Industrialization
    by Wen, Yi

  • 2015 Libertades individuales y oportunidades factibles, un modelo de escogencia
    by Freddy Eduardo Cante Maldonado

  • 2015 Anchoring in economics: On Frey and Gallus on the aggregation of behavioural anomalies
    by Earl, Peter E.

  • 2015 The Role Of Polish Minority At The Economic Modernization Of Romania
    by DOBRESCU, Emilian M.

  • 2015 Incorporating Climate Uncertainty into Estimates of Climate Change Impacts
    by Marshall Burke & John Dykema & David B. Lobell & Edward Miguel & Shanker Satyanath

  • 2015 A Unifying Approach to the Empirical Evaluation of Asset Pricing Models
    by Francisco Peñaranda & Enrique Sentana

  • 2015 Asymptotic F-Test in a GMM Framework with Cross-Sectional Dependence
    by Yixiao Sun & Min Seong Kim

  • 2015 Production Factor Returns: The Role of Factor Utilization
    by Gilbert Cette & Nicolas Dromel & Rémy Lecat & Anne-Charlotte Paret

  • 2015 Asymmetric Phase Shifts in U.S. Industrial Production Cycles
    by Yongsung Chang & Sunoong Hwang

  • 2015 Introduction to Chris Freeman’s “Schumpeter’s ‘Business Cycles’ Revisited”
    by Freeman, Alan

  • 2015 Introduction to "The Schumpeterian Theory of Economic Development. A Century Later"
    by Lucarelli, Stefano & Paulré, Bernard

  • 2015 La ortodoxia económica desalienta el estudio del comportamiento colectivo
    by Hendrik Van den Berg

  • 2015 The Evolution of Management Theories, Philosophies and Thoughts in Nigeria
    by James G Olusoji & Olufemi A Ogunkoya

  • 2015 Nagyobb kockázat, nagyobb növekedési ütem - kockázat nélkül nincs növekedés!. Hozzászólás Thomas Piketty A tőke a 21. században című könyvéhez
    by Medvegyev, Péter

  • 2015 Lessons from the Historical Use of Reserve Requirements in the United States to Promote Bank Liquidity
    by Mark Carlson

  • 2015 Monopolio di beni durevoli: coase e pantaleoni a confronto
    by Italo Magnani

  • 2015 The Scope, Challenges and Perspective of Croatian Development Policy in the Context of the EU Destiny
    by Dragoljub Stojanov

  • 2015 Waclaw Stankiewicz — a prominent researcher of the economics of defence, history of economic thought, and institutional economics
    by Miroslaw Bochenek

  • 2015 A brief history of international trade thought: From pre-doctrinal contributions to the 21st century heterodox international economics
    by Carmen Elena Dorobat

  • 2014 The Philosophy of Economics. The Austrian, Neo-Keynesian, and Neo-Marxist Schools [Filozofia ştiinţelor economice. Şcolile Austriacă, neo-keynesiană şi neo-marxistă]
    by Popovici Alexandru

  • 2014 Anchoring in economics: On Frey and Gallus on the aggregation of behavioural anomalies
    by Earl, Peter E.

  • 2014 The Illusion of Consumer Sovereignity in Economic and Neoliberal Thought
    by Wolfgang Fellner & Clive L. Spash

  • 2014 On John Maynard Keynes’s Anti-Semitism Once Again. A documentary Note
    by Luca Fiorito

  • 2014 Competitividad de la industria de bienes de equipo de España y Alemania (1993-2008): ventaja absoluta y costes relativos
    by Fahd Boundi Chraki

  • 2014 Marshall, los Webb y Schumpeter en Estados Unidos: descubriendo una nueva realidad económica
    by José Luis Ramos Gorostiza

  • 2014 Two translators: Gramsci and Sraffa
    by Ginzburg, Andrea

  • 2014 What Did Hold Back the Middle East? The Thesis of The Long Divergence Revisited
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2014 Saurashtra: A Language, Region, Culture & Community
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal

  • 2014 Financial Thought as a Shield: Bogotá’s Stock Exchange and the Financial Ideas during its Foundation and Consolidation
    by Ramos-Toro, Diego

  • 2014 Economy as the value streams. Preliminary study
    by Góralczyk, Andrzej

  • 2014 Minority Policies of Turkey and Wealth Tax of 1942
    by Kaya, Furkan

  • 2014 A sustainable architecture approach to the economic and social aspects of the bazaar of Tabriz
    by Kalan, Arezou & Oliveira, Eduardo

  • 2014 The early history of environmental economics
    by Sandmo, Agnar

  • 2014 What Drives Inequality?
    by Jon D. Wisman

  • 2014 Afterward
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Truman's Defining Test: The Korean War
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Marshall Plan
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Populist Campaign of 1948
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Communism and The Truman Doctrine
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Employment Act of 1946 and the President's Council of Economic Advisers
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Economics of War and Peace
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Mr Truman Goes to Washington
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Political Making of a Populist
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Early Years
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Introduction
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Harry S Truman:The Economics of a Populist President
    by E Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Aggregate effects of behavioral anomalies: A new research area
    by Frey, Bruno S. & Gallus, Jana

  • 2014 Overvalued and Underestimated. Veblen’s Contribution to the Analysis of (un-)Sustainable Consumption
    by Lorek, Sylvia

  • 2014 Financial Capital and Industrial Capital. A Dichotomy that Tends to Evolve into an Antinomy
    by Garofalo, Giuseppe & Guarini, Giulio

  • 2014 The Political Orientation of Thorstein Veblen
    by Henry, John F.

  • 2014 Thorstein Veblen, Iconoclastic Economist
    by Gagnon, Marc-André & Della Faille, Dimitri

  • 2014 GIUSEPPE TONIOLO. ECONOMIA SOCIALE, DIRITTI, COOPERAZIONE A cura di Marco Bianchini e Fiorenza Manzalini. Introduzione. L'economia sostanziale di Giuseppe Toniolo (Introduction. The substantial economics of Giuseppe Toniolo)
    by Marco Bianchini

  • 2014 Ripensare oggi Giuseppe Toniolo (Rethinking Giuseppe Toniolo)
    by Piero Barucci

  • 2014 Giuseppe Toniolo: bilancio bibliografico (Giuseppe Toniolo: Bibliographical analysis)
    by Paolo Pecorari

  • 2014 Profilo di Giuseppe Toniolo (Giuseppe Toniolo's profile)
    by Paolo Pecorari

  • 2014 Il lavoro tra disimpiego e tutela: Giuseppe Toniolo e la Settimana sociale di Brescia (6-13 settembre 1908) (Labor between underemployment and protection: Giuseppe Toniolo and the Settimana sociale of Brescia (6-13 September 1908)
    by Giovanni Gregorini

  • 2014 The Progress Of Economic Thoughtfulness Concerning The Services
    by CIOBAN Gabriela-Liliana

  • 2014 A Importância da História do Pensamento Econômico e do pluralismo metodológico em economia a partir da perspectiva da Escola Austríaca [The importance of Economic Thought and methodological pluralism according to Austrian School of Economics]
    by Eduardo Angeli

  • 2014 Ignácio Rangel e a categoria dualidade básica: uma interpretação do Brasil [Ignácio Rangel and his conception of basic duality: a view of Brazil]
    by Maria Mello de Malta

  • 2014 Jovellanos: La reconstrucción de un clásico/Jovellanos: The Reconstruction of a Classic

  • 2014 La aldea perdida, de Palacio Valdés, alegato anti-industrialista/Palacio Valdés La aldea perdida, a Plea Against Industrialism

  • 2014 Catholic Social Teaching And The Origins Of European Union
    by Tiberiu Brailean & Aurelian-Petrus Plopeanu

  • 2014 Luigi Bodio: promoter of the political and high scientific mission of statistics and pioneer of the international statistical cooperation
    by Antonio Cappiello

  • 2014 The Erosion of the Personal Income Tax Base in Italy: Equity Aspects
    by Bruno Bises & Antonio Scialà

  • 2014 Two Crucial Features in Cosciani’s Thought
    by Giuseppe Campa & Valeria De Bonis

  • 2014 How do banks create money, and why can other firms not do the same? An explanation for the coexistence of lending and deposit-taking
    by Werner, Richard A.

  • 2014 ECAES, SABER PRO y la historia del pensamiento económico en EAFIT
    by Stephen Meardon

  • 2014 „Good money” – alluring illusion, or antietatist diagnosis of the financial crisis?
    by Plamen Pachev

  • 2014 Examining The Evolution Of The Romanian System Ofaccounts
    by Sorin-Ciprian Teiusan

  • 2013 Money, Finance and Growth: A Critical Review - Moneta, finanza e credito: una rassegna critica
    by Ogun, Oluremi

  • 2013 Development of Social and Economic Forecasting and Ideas of A. Anchishkin
    by A. Klepach & G. Kuranov.

  • 2013 Financial Responsibility. A Temporal Risk?
    by Ceballos Hornero, David

  • 2013 Aggregate effects of behavioral anomalies: A new research area
    by Frey, Bruno S. & Gallus, Jana

  • 2013 Academic Anti-Semitism and the Austrian School: Vienna, 1918–1945
    by Hansjoerg Klausinger

  • 2013 The economic image of the seventeenth century Spain: The foreign look versus the viwof the Arbitristas
    by Luis Perdices de Blas & José Luis Ramos Gorostiza

  • 2013 Economic ideas regarding the urban water supply service in The nineteenth century britain
    by José Luis Ramos Gorostiza & Ana Rosado Cubero

  • 2013 Co-operatives and their place in a global social economy
    by Lans, Cheryl

  • 2013 Learning from the makers of history: Bolshevism, Bolivarianism, and the Legacy of Hugo Chavez
    by Freeman, Alan

  • 2013 Causality and interdependence in Pasinetti's works and in the modern classical approach
    by Bellino, Enrico & Nerozzi, Sebastiano

  • 2013 Thermodynamic Isolation and the New World Order
    by Pogany, Peter

  • 2013 Ethical Investment and Consumers in Cultural History
    by Alam, Niaz

  • 2013 From Edgeworth to Econophysics: A Methodological Perspective
    by Drakopoulos, Stavros A. & Katselidis, Ioannis

  • 2013 Why business historians need a constructive theory of the archive
    by Schwarzkopf, Stefan

  • 2013 Okun’s Law as a Pi-to-1 ratio: A harmonic / trigonometric theory as to why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 A Review of C.L.R. James and Marxism in the United States
    by Conrad, Daren A.

  • 2013 Constant Returns to Scale: Can the Neoclassical Economy Exist?
    by Alam, M. Shahid

  • 2013 Meaning and measurement of national accounts statistics
    by Bos, Frits

  • 2013 Does “Okun’s Law” state a Pi:1 ratio? Toward a harmonic interpretation of why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.

  • 2013 The economic crisis between liberalization and government intervention
    by Diacon, Paula-Elena

  • 2013 Framing finance: A methodological account
    by Sheila C. Dow

  • 2013 The role of income inequality in crisis theories and in the subprime crisis
    by Thomas Goda

  • 2013 Hierarchy of Ideals in Market Interactions: An Application to the Labor Market
    by Aurelie Charles

  • 2013 The Evolving Domain of Entrepreneurship Research
    by Carlsson, Bo & Braunerhjelm, Pontus & McKelvey, Maureen & Olofsson, Christer & Persson, Lars & Ylinenpää, Håkan

  • 2013 Intentional Apple-choice Behaviors: When Amartya Sen Meets John Searle
    by Dorian Jullien

  • 2013 Government Is Whose Problem?
    by Jon D. Wisman

  • 2013 La política educativa neoliberal: un enfoque teórico
    by García-Cosco, José Carlos

  • 2013 intentional apple-choice behaviors: when amartya sen meets john searle
    by Dorian Jullien

  • 2013 On modesty and combativeness in economic philosophy
    by Egidius Berns

  • 2013 John Dewey’s social philosophy: a contribution to critical philosophy of the economics
    by Laure Bazzoli & Véronique Dutraive

  • 2012 A generalized unification theorem for choice theoretic foundations: Avoiding the necessity of pairs and triplets
    by He, Junnan

  • 2012 Full employment
    by Geoffrey Harcourt

  • 2012 Introduction [to Handbook of Post-Keynesian Economics: Oxford University Press: USA]
    by Geoffrey Harcourt & Peter Kriesler

  • 2012 The traverse, equilibrium analysis and post-Keynesian economics
    by Joseph Halevi & Neil Hart & Peter Kriesler

  • 2012 Employment theory in the History of Economic thought: an overview
    by Antonella Stirati

  • 2012 Economic ideas of a nineteenth century Tunisian statesman: Khayr al-Din al-Tunisi
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2012 İktisat doga bilimlerinin Mekke’si mi oluyor?: Toplumsal ve doga bilimleri iliskisi uzerine bir atıf analizi
    by Yalcintas, Altug

  • 2012 Book review: The long divergence: how Islamic law held back the Middle East by Timur Kuran
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2012 Diseguaglianza, conflitto sociale e sindacati in America
    by Lettieri, Antonio

  • 2012 Economic Ideas of Rifa`ah al-Tahtawi
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2012 The long diverfence: how Islamic law held back the Middle East by Timur Kuran
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2012 Value and utility in a historical perspective
    by Pogany, Peter

  • 2012 Human behaviour and adequacy of satisfiers in the light of sustainable development
    by Walter, Arthur

  • 2012 Libertad y desempeño económico
    by Mejía Cubillos, Javier

  • 2012 Beneficio positivo, teorema de Euler y el problema de la distribución en la economía neoclásica
    by Galvis Ciro, Juan Camilo

  • 2012 The entrepreneur in economic theory: from an invisible man toward a new research field
    by Vera Catarina Rocha

  • 2012 Economic Analysis Of Knowledge: The History Of Thought And The Central Themes
    by Samuli Leppälä

  • 2012 Inclusive and Exclusive Social Preferences: A Deweyan Framework to Explain Governance Heterogeneity
    by Silvia Sacchetti

  • 2012 Economia politica: impostazioni a confronto
    by Alessandro Roncaglia

  • 2012 Su che cos’è l’economia politica
    by Roberto Cellini

  • 2012 Economics and the General Scientific Criteria - a Critical Analysis
    by Þãran-Moroºan Adrian

  • 2012 A Historical Perspective on Luxury
    by Cosma Sorinel

  • 2012 Heterodox Economics – A Dynamic Phenomenon
    by Ciote Cristina Steliana

  • 2012 The inclusion of cultural goods and services into economic analysis: A methodological interpretation
    by Luis Aguado & Luis Palma

  • 2012 Inversión Y Crecimiento En Un Contexto De Regiones En Desarrollo
    by Sequeira Teresa & Diniz Francisco

  • 2012 Metaeconomic Theory Of Capitalist System And Civilization: From 'Value' To Measure

  • 2012 Una interpretación metodológica sobre la incorporación de los bienes y servicios culturales al análisis económico
    by Aguado Quintero, Luis Fernando & Palma Martos, Luis

  • 2012 La théorie économique dans la crise
    by Alan Kirman

  • 2012 The Hegelian dialectics of global imbalances
    by Célestin Monga

  • 2012 The Role Of Competition In The Techno-Economic Paradigm On The Market
    by Derya Güler Aydin & Bahar Araz Takay

  • 2011 Die dunkle Seite der Gerechtigkeit
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2011 Post-Keynesian Perspectives on Economic Development and Growth
    by Peter Kriesler

  • 2011 A Century of American Economic Review
    by Benno Torgler & Marco Piatti

  • 2011 Buon governo
    by Silvestri, Paolo

  • 2011 A brief look at Say's Law: Attempting to understand its relevance and meaning
    by Tarnell, Brown

  • 2011 Reconstruction of concept of Paradigm in Thomas S. Kuhn
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2011 Supramacroeconomics: the newest management technology
    by Kozhurin, Fedir

  • 2011 Economic thinking and ethics: an ethical approach for economical issues
    by Thieme, Sebastian

  • 2011 Heuristic Schelling: economy of organized crime
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2011 Orthodox versus Heterodox (Minskyan) Perspectives of Financial Crises: Explosion in the 1990s versus Implosion in the 2000s
    by Jesus Munoz

  • 2011 Central Banking in an Era of Quantitative Easing
    by Andrew Sheng

  • 2011 A Century of American Economic Review
    by Benno Torgler & Marco Piatti

  • 2011 Count, trade, venture and desire: why money is at the core of decentralized economies
    by Fabrice Tricou

  • 2011 A Century of American Economic Review
    by Benno Torgler & Marco Piatti

  • 2011 Una primera aproximación a la evaluación del impacto de la neuroeconomía para la teoría económica
    by Jersson Guerrero Nova & Alejandra Arciniegas Gómez & Jonathan Moreno Medina

  • 2011 Standard decision theory and prospect theory: Philosophical considerations regarding theoretical change
    by Gustavo Marqués & Diego Weisman

  • 2011 History and differential calculus application’s in the science of Economics: Didactic regards
    by Luis García & Mar Moreno & Edelmira Badillo & Carmen Azcárate

  • 2011 From Schumpeter To Neo-Schumpeterianism

  • 2011 Foreigns In “Terra Di Lavoro” During The Middle Ages
    by Giancarlo BOVA

  • 2011 Accounting, Institution of the Economic Liberal System, and the Great Religions of the World. Prolegomena
    by Durã Nicolae V.

  • 2011 Sir William Petty: Merkantilist Bir Düşünür Mü?
    by Ahmet Arif EREN

  • 2011 The stability of the hierarchy of wages and expression of quantities of labour into a common unit
    by Guy Bensimon

  • 2011 An attempt to categorize the economic behaviours: the case of the Austrian theoretical tradition
    by Abdelaziz Berkane

  • 2011 Una herramienta para construir mapas de competencias
    by Javier Pérez Capdevila

  • 2011 El Estado - Nación en la globalización y en el reordenamiento internacional
    by Hugo Cardona Agudelo & Porfirio Cardona Restrepo

  • 2011 El utilitarismo de Jeremy Bentham ¿fundamento de la teoría de Leon Walras?
    by Aída-Sofía Rivera-Sotelo

  • 2011 Two conceptions of economics
    by Ricardo F. Crespo

  • 2011 The capacity to choose: reformulating the concept of choice in economic theory
    by Mark S. Peacock

  • 2011 Linking Globalisation, Sustainable Development And Knowledge Transfer – A Network Based Approach
    by Suzana Elena CHIRIAC & Alexandru GHITIU-BRATESCU

  • 2010 Sozialstaatlicher Reformgeist und ethische Legitimität
    by Thieme, Sebastian

  • 2010 Data Collection Procedures Equivalence in International Business Research
    by Agnieszka Chidlow & Anna Morgan-Thomas & Pervez N. Ghauri

  • 2010 Value, Prices and Money. Comparing Marx and Menger
    by Nenovsky, Nikolay & Karpouzanov, Momtchil

  • 2010 اخلاقیات در چاپ پول
    by Firouzi Naeim, Peyman

  • 2010 Common Sense Economics, What Everyone Should Know about Economic Prosperity (Pakistani Edition)
    by Mehar, Muhammad Ayub

  • 2010 Economics and Hegemony; Globalization and International Trade Agreements
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.

  • 2010 Sozialstaat und ethische Legitimität
    by Thieme, Sebastian

  • 2010 A New Economics for the 21st Century
    by Goodwin, Neva

  • 2010 La ricerca economica in Italia tra pluralismo e monismo: i giovani economisti negli ultimi trent’anni
    by Birolo, Adriano

  • 2010 Benoit Mandelbrot 1924 -2010: A Greek among Romans
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2010 Brains that make revolutions: the neural theory in the French Revolutions (1789-99, 1848-51, 1870-71), Iran (1977-81) and Bolshevik (1917-1924)
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2010 The Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) and the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Region- The Case for South Africa
    by Sukati, Mphumuzi A

  • 2010 Subsistenz: Geschichte, Bedeutung und Rekonstruktion des Subsistenzbegriffes
    by Thieme, Sebastian

  • 2010 Is inflation targeting preferred by Filipinos?
    by Beja Jr, Edsel

  • 2010 The Problem of Money Illusion in Economics
    by Erber, Georg

  • 2010 The history of the mainstream rejection of interdependent preferences
    by Drakopoulos, Stavros A.

  • 2010 Theory of argumentation in financial markets
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2010 Individual Subsistence: On a Principle of Economy and Society
    by Thieme, Sebastian

  • 2010 Rhetoric of independece: bicentennial Colombia 1810 - 2010
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2010 Epistemology of the economy: comments from Robert Nozick
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2010 Game theory on strategic communication: an approach from Thomas S. Schelling
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2010 Binding stakeholders into moral communities: A review of studies on social responsibility of business
    by Nair, Tara S. & Pradhan, Rachayeeta

  • 2010 La teoria economica del fattore imprenditoriale. Note a margine di alcune letture suggerite - The economic theory of the entrepreneurial factor. Notes on a small reading list
    by Massimo Florio

  • 2010 Economic and Social Thoughts of Ivan Pososhkov (1652-1726)
    by Nikolay Nenovsky

  • 2010 From Weight Watchers to State Watchers: Towards a Narrative of Liberalism
    by Klein, Daniel B.

  • 2010 Vilfredo Pareto and the methodology of the Italian tradition in public finance
    by Amedeo Fossati

  • 2010 The problem with economics: naturalism, critique and performativity
    by Fabian Muniesa

  • 2010 On the Crisis: Back to the Classics!
    by Giorgio Lunghini

  • 2010 Introduction. "Before the Journey": Rossi-Doria and the United States
    by Emanuele Bernardi

  • 2010 Use Of Abraham Maslow’S Motivation Theory For Setting Consumers’ Satisfaction-Non-Satisfaction
    by Ioan Constantin Dima & Mariana Man & Sebastian Kot

  • 2010 Structural Transformation Of The Metamorphosis Group : Towards A Metaeconomic Theory Of Metamorphosis

  • 2010 Machiavelli’s Possibility Hypothesis
    by Manfred J. Holler & Alain Marciano

  • 2010 The Economic Sociology of Ivan Pososhkov (1652 - 1726)
    by Nikolay Nenovsky

  • 2009 Aspekte der Wirtschaftsinformatikforschung 2008
    by Prof. Dr. Michael H. Breitner & Matthias Kehlenbeck & Marc Klages & Harald Schömburg & Jon Sprenger & Jos Töller & Halyna Zakhariya

  • 2009 Obiect – explicaţie – interpretare în discursul economic
    by Hoffman Oscar

  • 2009 Economia şi criza mondială – între pozitiv şi normativ
    by Ionescu Lucian C.

  • 2009 Reflecții creștin - ortodoxe la criza financiară și economică
    by Comşa Petre

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