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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B0: General
/ / / B00: History of Economic Thought, Methodology, and Heterodox Approaches
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Why have only humans and social insects evolved a complex division of labor
    by Ugo Pagano

  • 2017 Reproduction Structure and Technological Progress in Economy: The Role of Talents as Capital
    by Tochimoto, Michio

  • 2017 Trends and Features of Research on Foreign Aid: A Literature Review
    by Pedrosa-Garcia, Jose Antonio

  • 2017 Historical Prevalence of Infectious Diseases, Cultural Values, and the Origins of Economic Institutions
    by Nikolaev, Boris & Salahodjaev, Raufhon

  • 2017 The Relationship between Psychology and Economics: Insights from the History of Economic Thought
    by Drakopoulos, Stavros A. & Katselidis, Ioannis

  • 2017 On theories and estimation techniques of fiscal multipliers
    by Sebastian Gechert

  • 2017 Social-scienciation of Economics and its Consequences: On a Relative Convergence between Economics and Sociology
    by Dieter Bögenhold

  • 2017 Was the first industrial revolution a conjuncture in the history of the world economy?
    by O'Brien, Patrick

  • 2017 The contributions of warfare with revolutionary and Napoleonic France to the consolidation and progress of the British industrial revolution: revised version of working paper 150
    by O'Brien, Patrick

  • 2017 Academic rankings and pluralism : the case of Brazil and the new version of Qualis
    by Ian Coelho de Souza Almeida & Rafael Galvão de Almeida & Lucas Resende de Carvalho

  • 2017 Politics, Not Economics, Ultimately Drives Inequality
    by Jon D. Wisman

  • 2017 Schumpeter and Schumpeterians on economic policy issues: re-reading Schumpeter through the lens of institutional and behavioral economics. An introduction to the special issue
    by Agnès Festré & Odile Lakomski-Laguerre & Stéphane Longuet

  • 2017 Co-operation and competition in production and exchange: the “district” form of industrial organization and development
    by Sue Konzelmann & Frank Wilkinson

  • 2017 Worth or Value – G. Bakalov versus D. Blagoev
    by Georgi Naydenov

  • 2017 Aristotle and the Capacity of a Status-theory of Exchange
    by Ivan Katzarski

  • 2017 Against Samuelson’s Whig Interpretation of History of Economic Analysis and its Current Legitimation
    by Veselina Atanasova

  • 2017 Economics and how Obama could have lost the 2016 election too
    by Cheng K. WU

  • 2017 Will Secular Stagnation be the Result of Great Recession
    by Özgür ÜÞENMEZ & Levent DUMAN

  • 2017 The Spread of Western Economics in China: Features and Influence (1840¨C1949)
    by Lin Cheng & Shen Zhang

  • 2017 The use of dichotomies in introductory economics
    by Mathieu Dufour & Ian J. Seda-Irizarry

  • 2017 ‘Of the Expence of Defence’: What Has Changed Since Adam Smith?
    by Brauer Jurgen

  • 2017 Fantasy Pitching
    by Robert Faff & Searat Ali & Muhammad Atif & Matt Brenner & Hasibul Chowdhury & Leelyn Crudas & Alison Joubet & Ihtisham Malik & Lin Mi & Vinu Nagar & Tim Pullen & Manuel Siegrist & Steve Smythe & Jeff Stephenson & Beile Zhang & Kun Zhang

  • 2016 Positive collaboration: Factors and mechanisms of evolution
    by V. Polterovich.

  • 2016 The Discourse on Islam and Development: Western and Muslim Scholars’ Opinions
    by Budiman, Mochammad Arif

  • 2016 Al-Asadi and his work al-Taysir: A study of his socio-economic ideas
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2016 Capital after Capitalism The evolution of the concept of capital in the light of long-run sustainable reproduction of the species
    by Hanappi, Hardy

  • 2016 Позитивное Сотрудничество: Факторы И Механизмы Эволюции
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2016 Why economics textbooks must, and how they can, be changed into a real-world and pluralist economics. The example of a fundamentally new complexity-economics micro-textbook
    by Elsner, Wolfram

  • 2016 Monetary Expressions of Labor Time and Market Prices: Theory and Evidence from China, Japan and Korea
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris & Paitaridis, Dimitris

  • 2016 New Result in Consumption Theory: Change in Savings and Income Growth – Nineteen Years Later
    by Wu, Cheng

  • 2016 Explaining the Euro crisis: Current account imbalances, credit booms and economic policy in different economic paradigms
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & collin constantine & Severin Reissl

  • 2016 Hedging, arbitrage and the financialization of commodities markets
    by Domenica Tropeano

  • 2016 A Confusion of Capital in the United States
    by O'Sullivan, Mary

  • 2016 Co-operation in Production, the Organization of Industry & Productive Systems: A Critical Survey of the 'District' Form of Industrial Organisation & Development
    by Sue Konzelmann & Frank Wilkinson

  • 2016 Do scholars follow Betteridge’s Law? The use of questions in journal article titles
    by James M. Cook & Dawn Plourde

  • 2016 Quantifying the changing role of past publications
    by Katalin Orosz & Illés J. Farkas & Péter Pollner

  • 2016 Population composition, urban neighborhoods, and future scenarios: a crystal ball perspective, from past to future
    by Lawrence A. Brown

  • 2016 Funding Australian economics research: Local benefits?
    by Anita Doraisami & Alex Millmow

  • 2016 Half-Forgotten Personalities of Economic Thought - J. A. Schumpeter
    by Pavel Sirůček

  • 2016 Conceptual Approaches to Understanding and Ensuring National Economic Security: Scientific Theories and State Strategies
    by Tseykovets, N.

  • 2016 New Result in Consumption Theory:Change in Savings and Income Growth – Nineteen Years Later
    by Cheng K. WU

  • 2016 Decision Making And Saint Petersburg Paradox: Focusing On Heuristic Parameters, Considering The Non-Ergodic Context And The Gambling Risks
    by Antonio Cappiello

  • 2016 The Visible Hand: The Role of Government in China’s Long-Awaited Industrial Revolution
    by Wen, Yi & Fortier, George E.

  • 2016 Credit supply, credit demand and unemployment in the mode of Augusto Graziani
    by Guglielmo Forges Davanzati

  • 2016 Liberalism in Mexican Economic Thought, Past and Present
    by Pavel KuchaÅ™

  • 2016 A Darwinian theory of institutional evolution two centuries before Darwin?
    by Grajzl, Peter & Murrell, Peter

  • 2016 Humanitarismo con rostro neoliberal
    by Pablo Ortúzar Madrid

  • 2016 Fundamentos económicos y cuentas nacionales: una propuesta de medición de la evolución del valor
    by Damián Kennedy

  • 2016 La théorie de l’entrepreneur, son évolution et sa contextualisation
    by Sophie Boutillier & André Tiran

  • 2015 On the Nature of Economic Laws: Carl Menger and Léon Walras [Natura legilor economice în concepţia economiştilor Carl Menger şi Léon Walras]
    by Bălţătescu Ionela

  • 2015 Effects Of Ius Gentium On Roman Economic System And Legal Process
    by Elvan Sütken

  • 2015 Causality and interdependence in Pasinetti’s works and in the modern classical approach
    by Bellino , Enrico & Nerozzi, Sebastiano

  • 2015 Evolutionary Political Economy: Content and Methods
    by Hanappi, Hardy & Scholz-Waeckerle, Manuel

  • 2015 The Rise of New Institutional Economics and Assessment its Contributions to the Post Washington Consensus
    by Babayev, Bahruz

  • 2015 The complex-network based relation between migration and FDI in the OECD
    by Garas, Antonios & Lapatinas, Athanasios & Poulios, Konstantinos

  • 2015 Flashes from the Past: The Origin and development of banking supervision in Bulgaria
    by Bojinov, Bojidar

  • 2015 Flashes from the past: The Origin and development of banking in Bulgaria
    by Bojinov, Bojidar

  • 2015 Flashes from the Past: Establishment of the Bulgarian national Bank as Central bank of Bulgaria
    by Bojinov, Bojidar

  • 2015 Economía y ciencias sociales: reporte de investigación
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2015 Sraffa and the Labour Theory of Value - a note
    by Anderaos de Araujo, Fabio

  • 2015 Эволюция Институтов Конкуренции, Власти И Сотрудничества
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 От Социального Либерализма - К Философии Сотрудничества
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 Théories et concepts fondamentaux de l'histoire de la pensée économique
    by Keita, Moussa

  • 2015 Market or Government – Is There a Third Way?
    by Ivars Brivers

  • 2015 Trade in Ideas: Performance and Behavioural Properties of Markets in Patents with Two-part Tariff
    by Ullberg, Eskil

  • 2015 Coordination of Inventions and Innovations through patent markets with prices
    by Ullberg, Eskil

  • 2015 The Making of an Economic Superpower―Unlocking China’s Secret of Rapid Industrialization
    by Wen, Yi

  • 2015 Libertades individuales y oportunidades factibles, un modelo de escogencia
    by Freddy Eduardo Cante Maldonado

  • 2015 ¿Se pueden aplicar las ideas Keynesianas al largo plazo? Unas reflexiones teóricas y un modelo ilustrativo
    by Marco Missaglia

  • 2015 What Drives Inequality?
    by Jon D. Wisman

  • 2015 Anchoring in economics: On Frey and Gallus on the aggregation of behavioural anomalies
    by Earl, Peter E.

  • 2015 The Role Of Polish Minority At The Economic Modernization Of Romania
    by DOBRESCU, Emilian M.

  • 2015 Incorporating Climate Uncertainty into Estimates of Climate Change Impacts
    by Marshall Burke & John Dykema & David B. Lobell & Edward Miguel & Shanker Satyanath

  • 2015 A Unifying Approach to the Empirical Evaluation of Asset Pricing Models
    by Francisco Peñaranda & Enrique Sentana

  • 2015 Asymptotic F-Test in a GMM Framework with Cross-Sectional Dependence
    by Yixiao Sun & Min Seong Kim

  • 2015 Production Factor Returns: The Role of Factor Utilization
    by Gilbert Cette & Nicolas Dromel & Rémy Lecat & Anne-Charlotte Paret

  • 2015 Asymmetric Phase Shifts in U.S. Industrial Production Cycles
    by Yongsung Chang & Sunoong Hwang

  • 2015 ¿Debería la economía heterodoxa ser enseñada en departamentos de economía, o existe algún espacio para la economía backwater?
    by Lavoie, Marc

  • 2015 Introduction to Chris Freeman’s “Schumpeter’s ‘Business Cycles’ Revisited”
    by Freeman, Alan

  • 2015 Introduction to "The Schumpeterian Theory of Economic Development. A Century Later"
    by Lucarelli, Stefano & Paulré, Bernard

  • 2015 La ortodoxia económica desalienta el estudio del comportamiento colectivo
    by Hendrik Van den Berg

  • 2015 The Evolution of Management Theories, Philosophies and Thoughts in Nigeria
    by James G Olusoji & Olufemi A Ogunkoya

  • 2015 Through the Methodological View of the Historiographic Discussion of Mid-1990s
    by Veselina Atanasova

  • 2015 Neoliberalism, trade imbalances, and economic policy in the Eurozone crisis [Neoliberalism, trade imbalances, and economic policy in the Eurozone crisis]
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Collin Constantine & Severin Reissl

  • 2015 Nagyobb kockázat, nagyobb növekedési ütem - kockázat nélkül nincs növekedés!. Hozzászólás Thomas Piketty A tőke a 21. században című könyvéhez
    by Medvegyev, Péter

  • 2015 Lessons from the Historical Use of Reserve Requirements in the United States to Promote Bank Liquidity
    by Mark Carlson

  • 2015 Monopolio di beni durevoli: coase e pantaleoni a confronto
    by Italo Magnani

  • 2015 The Scope, Challenges and Perspective of Croatian Development Policy in the Context of the EU Destiny
    by Dragoljub Stojanov

  • 2015 Waclaw Stankiewicz — a prominent researcher of the economics of defence, history of economic thought, and institutional economics
    by Miroslaw Bochenek

  • 2015 A brief history of international trade thought: From pre-doctrinal contributions to the 21st century heterodox international economics
    by Carmen Elena Dorobat

  • 2014 The Philosophy of Economics. The Austrian, Neo-Keynesian, and Neo-Marxist Schools [Filozofia ştiinţelor economice. Şcolile Austriacă, neo-keynesiană şi neo-marxistă]
    by Popovici Alexandru

  • 2014 Anchoring in economics: On Frey and Gallus on the aggregation of behavioural anomalies
    by Earl, Peter E.

  • 2014 The Illusion of Consumer Sovereignity in Economic and Neoliberal Thought
    by Wolfgang Fellner & Clive L. Spash

  • 2014 On John Maynard Keynes’s Anti-Semitism Once Again. A documentary Note
    by Luca Fiorito

  • 2014 Competitividad de la industria de bienes de equipo de España y Alemania (1993-2008): ventaja absoluta y costes relativos
    by Fahd Boundi Chraki

  • 2014 Marshall, los Webb y Schumpeter en Estados Unidos: descubriendo una nueva realidad económica
    by José Luis Ramos Gorostiza

  • 2014 Two translators: Gramsci and Sraffa
    by Ginzburg, Andrea

  • 2014 What Did Hold Back the Middle East? The Thesis of The Long Divergence Revisited
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2014 Saurashtra: A Language, Region, Culture & Community
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal

  • 2014 Financial Thought as a Shield: Bogotá’s Stock Exchange and the Financial Ideas during its Foundation and Consolidation
    by Ramos-Toro, Diego

  • 2014 Economy as the value streams. Preliminary study
    by Góralczyk, Andrzej

  • 2014 Minority Policies of Turkey and Wealth Tax of 1942
    by Kaya, Furkan

  • 2014 A sustainable architecture approach to the economic and social aspects of the bazaar of Tabriz
    by Kalan, Arezou & Oliveira, Eduardo

  • 2014 The early history of environmental economics
    by Sandmo, Agnar

  • 2014 Afterward
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Truman's Defining Test: The Korean War
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Marshall Plan
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Populist Campaign of 1948
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Communism and The Truman Doctrine
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Employment Act of 1946 and the President's Council of Economic Advisers
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Economics of War and Peace
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Mr Truman Goes to Washington
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Political Making of a Populist
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 The Early Years
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Introduction
    by E. Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Harry S Truman:The Economics of a Populist President
    by E Ray Canterbery

  • 2014 Aggregate effects of behavioral anomalies: A new research area
    by Frey, Bruno S. & Gallus, Jana

  • 2014 Overvalued and Underestimated. Veblen’s Contribution to the Analysis of (un-)Sustainable Consumption
    by Lorek, Sylvia

  • 2014 Financial Capital and Industrial Capital. A Dichotomy that Tends to Evolve into an Antinomy
    by Garofalo, Giuseppe & Guarini, Giulio

  • 2014 The Political Orientation of Thorstein Veblen
    by Henry, John F.

  • 2014 Thorstein Veblen, Iconoclastic Economist
    by Gagnon, Marc-André & Della Faille, Dimitri

  • 2014 GIUSEPPE TONIOLO. ECONOMIA SOCIALE, DIRITTI, COOPERAZIONE A cura di Marco Bianchini e Fiorenza Manzalini. Introduzione. L'economia sostanziale di Giuseppe Toniolo (Introduction. The substantial economics of Giuseppe Toniolo)
    by Marco Bianchini

  • 2014 Ripensare oggi Giuseppe Toniolo (Rethinking Giuseppe Toniolo)
    by Piero Barucci

  • 2014 Giuseppe Toniolo: bilancio bibliografico (Giuseppe Toniolo: Bibliographical analysis)
    by Paolo Pecorari

  • 2014 Profilo di Giuseppe Toniolo (Giuseppe Toniolo's profile)
    by Paolo Pecorari

  • 2014 Il lavoro tra disimpiego e tutela: Giuseppe Toniolo e la Settimana sociale di Brescia (6-13 settembre 1908) (Labor between underemployment and protection: Giuseppe Toniolo and the Settimana sociale of Brescia (6-13 September 1908)
    by Giovanni Gregorini

  • 2014 The Progress Of Economic Thoughtfulness Concerning The Services
    by CIOBAN Gabriela-Liliana

  • 2014 A Importância da História do Pensamento Econômico e do pluralismo metodológico em economia a partir da perspectiva da Escola Austríaca [The importance of Economic Thought and methodological pluralism according to Austrian School of Economics]
    by Eduardo Angeli

  • 2014 Ignácio Rangel e a categoria dualidade básica: uma interpretação do Brasil [Ignácio Rangel and his conception of basic duality: a view of Brazil]
    by Maria Mello de Malta

  • 2014 Jovellanos: La reconstrucción de un clásico/Jovellanos: The Reconstruction of a Classic

  • 2014 La aldea perdida, de Palacio Valdés, alegato anti-industrialista/Palacio Valdés La aldea perdida, a Plea Against Industrialism

  • 2014 Catholic Social Teaching And The Origins Of European Union
    by Tiberiu Brailean & Aurelian-Petrus Plopeanu

  • 2014 Luigi Bodio: promoter of the political and high scientific mission of statistics and pioneer of the international statistical cooperation
    by Antonio Cappiello

  • 2014 The Erosion of the Personal Income Tax Base in Italy: Equity Aspects
    by Bruno Bises & Antonio Scialà

  • 2014 Two Crucial Features in Cosciani’s Thought
    by Giuseppe Campa & Valeria De Bonis

  • 2014 How do banks create money, and why can other firms not do the same? An explanation for the coexistence of lending and deposit-taking
    by Werner, Richard A.

  • 2014 ECAES, SABER PRO y la historia del pensamiento económico en EAFIT
    by Stephen Meardon

  • 2014 „Good money” – alluring illusion, or antietatist diagnosis of the financial crisis?
    by Plamen Pachev

  • 2014 Examining The Evolution Of The Romanian System Ofaccounts
    by Sorin-Ciprian Teiusan

  • 2013 Development of Social and Economic Forecasting and Ideas of A. Anchishkin
    by A. Klepach & G. Kuranov.

  • 2013 Financial Responsibility. A Temporal Risk?
    by Ceballos Hornero, David

  • 2013 Aggregate effects of behavioral anomalies: A new research area
    by Frey, Bruno S. & Gallus, Jana

  • 2013 Academic Anti-Semitism and the Austrian School: Vienna, 1918–1945
    by Hansjoerg Klausinger

  • 2013 The economic image of the seventeenth century Spain: The foreign look versus the viwof the Arbitristas
    by Luis Perdices de Blas & José Luis Ramos Gorostiza

  • 2013 Economic ideas regarding the urban water supply service in The nineteenth century britain
    by José Luis Ramos Gorostiza & Ana Rosado Cubero

  • 2013 Co-operatives and their place in a global social economy
    by Lans, Cheryl

  • 2013 Learning from the makers of history: Bolshevism, Bolivarianism, and the Legacy of Hugo Chavez
    by Freeman, Alan

  • 2013 Causality and interdependence in Pasinetti's works and in the modern classical approach
    by Bellino, Enrico & Nerozzi, Sebastiano

  • 2013 Thermodynamic Isolation and the New World Order
    by Pogany, Peter

  • 2013 Ethical Investment and Consumers in Cultural History
    by Alam, Niaz

  • 2013 From Edgeworth to Econophysics: A Methodological Perspective
    by Drakopoulos, Stavros A. & Katselidis, Ioannis

  • 2013 Why business historians need a constructive theory of the archive
    by Schwarzkopf, Stefan

  • 2013 Okun’s Law as a Pi-to-1 ratio: A harmonic / trigonometric theory as to why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 A Review of C.L.R. James and Marxism in the United States
    by Conrad, Daren A.

  • 2013 Constant Returns to Scale: Can the Neoclassical Economy Exist?
    by Alam, M. Shahid

  • 2013 Meaning and measurement of national accounts statistics
    by Bos, Frits

  • 2013 Does “Okun’s Law” state a Pi:1 ratio? Toward a harmonic interpretation of why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.

  • 2013 The economic crisis between liberalization and government intervention
    by Diacon, Paula-Elena

  • 2013 Framing finance: A methodological account
    by Sheila C. Dow

  • 2013 The role of income inequality in crisis theories and in the subprime crisis
    by Thomas Goda

  • 2013 Hierarchy of Ideals in Market Interactions: An Application to the Labor Market
    by Aurelie Charles

  • 2013 The Evolving Domain of Entrepreneurship Research
    by Carlsson, Bo & Braunerhjelm, Pontus & McKelvey, Maureen & Olofsson, Christer & Persson, Lars & Ylinenpää, Håkan

  • 2013 Intentional Apple-choice Behaviors: When Amartya Sen Meets John Searle
    by Dorian Jullien

  • 2013 Government Is Whose Problem?
    by Jon D. Wisman

  • 2013 Money, Finance and Growth: A Critical Review - Moneta, finanza e credito: una rassegna critica
    by Ogun, Oluremi

  • 2013 Transformation in the Nature of American Economics and Establishing Neoclassical Economic Technology
    by Veselina Atanasova

  • 2013 La política educativa neoliberal: un enfoque teórico
    by García-Cosco, José Carlos

  • 2013 intentional apple-choice behaviors: when amartya sen meets john searle
    by Dorian Jullien

  • 2013 On modesty and combativeness in economic philosophy
    by Egidius Berns

  • 2013 John Dewey’s social philosophy: a contribution to critical philosophy of the economics
    by Laure Bazzoli & Véronique Dutraive

  • 2012 A generalized unification theorem for choice theoretic foundations: Avoiding the necessity of pairs and triplets
    by He, Junnan

  • 2012 Full employment
    by Geoffrey Harcourt

  • 2012 Introduction [to Handbook of Post-Keynesian Economics: Oxford University Press: USA]
    by Geoffrey Harcourt & Peter Kriesler

  • 2012 The traverse, equilibrium analysis and post-Keynesian economics
    by Joseph Halevi & Neil Hart & Peter Kriesler

  • 2012 Employment theory in the History of Economic thought: an overview
    by Antonella Stirati

  • 2012 Economic ideas of a nineteenth century Tunisian statesman: Khayr al-Din al-Tunisi
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2012 İktisat doga bilimlerinin Mekke’si mi oluyor?: Toplumsal ve doga bilimleri iliskisi uzerine bir atıf analizi
    by Yalcintas, Altug

  • 2012 Book review: The long divergence: how Islamic law held back the Middle East by Timur Kuran
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2012 Diseguaglianza, conflitto sociale e sindacati in America
    by Lettieri, Antonio

  • 2012 Economic Ideas of Rifa`ah al-Tahtawi
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2012 The long diverfence: how Islamic law held back the Middle East by Timur Kuran
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2012 Value and utility in a historical perspective
    by Pogany, Peter

  • 2012 Human behaviour and adequacy of satisfiers in the light of sustainable development
    by Walter, Arthur

  • 2012 Libertad y desempeño económico
    by Mejía Cubillos, Javier

  • 2012 Beneficio positivo, teorema de Euler y el problema de la distribución en la economía neoclásica
    by Galvis Ciro, Juan Camilo

  • 2012 The entrepreneur in economic theory: from an invisible man toward a new research field
    by Vera Catarina Rocha

  • 2012 Economic Analysis Of Knowledge: The History Of Thought And The Central Themes
    by Samuli Leppälä

  • 2012 Inclusive and Exclusive Social Preferences: A Deweyan Framework to Explain Governance Heterogeneity
    by Silvia Sacchetti

  • 2012 Sobre supuestos irreales y su uso en modelos económicos
    by Herl, Daniel

  • 2012 Economia politica: impostazioni a confronto
    by Alessandro Roncaglia

  • 2012 Su che cos’è l’economia politica
    by Roberto Cellini

  • 2012 Economics and the General Scientific Criteria - a Critical Analysis
    by Þãran-Moroºan Adrian

  • 2012 A Historical Perspective on Luxury
    by Cosma Sorinel

  • 2012 Heterodox Economics – A Dynamic Phenomenon
    by Ciote Cristina Steliana

  • 2012 The inclusion of cultural goods and services into economic analysis: A methodological interpretation
    by Luis Aguado & Luis Palma

  • 2012 Inversión Y Crecimiento En Un Contexto De Regiones En Desarrollo
    by Sequeira Teresa & Diniz Francisco

  • 2012 Metaeconomic Theory Of Capitalist System And Civilization: From 'Value' To Measure

  • 2012 Una interpretación metodológica sobre la incorporación de los bienes y servicios culturales al análisis económico
    by Aguado Quintero, Luis Fernando & Palma Martos, Luis

  • 2012 La théorie économique dans la crise
    by Alan Kirman

  • 2012 The Hegelian dialectics of global imbalances
    by Célestin Monga

  • 2012 The Role Of Competition In The Techno-Economic Paradigm On The Market
    by Derya Güler Aydin & Bahar Araz Takay

  • 2011 Die dunkle Seite der Gerechtigkeit
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2011 Post-Keynesian Perspectives on Economic Development and Growth
    by Peter Kriesler

  • 2011 A Century of American Economic Review
    by Benno Torgler & Marco Piatti

  • 2011 Buon governo
    by Silvestri, Paolo

  • 2011 A brief look at Say's Law: Attempting to understand its relevance and meaning
    by Tarnell, Brown

  • 2011 Reconstruction of concept of Paradigm in Thomas S. Kuhn
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2011 Supramacroeconomics: the newest management technology
    by Kozhurin, Fedir

  • 2011 Economic thinking and ethics: an ethical approach for economical issues
    by Thieme, Sebastian

  • 2011 Heuristic Schelling: economy of organized crime
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2011 Orthodox versus Heterodox (Minskyan) Perspectives of Financial Crises: Explosion in the 1990s versus Implosion in the 2000s
    by Jesus Munoz

  • 2011 Central Banking in an Era of Quantitative Easing
    by Andrew Sheng

  • 2011 A Century of American Economic Review
    by Benno Torgler & Marco Piatti

  • 2011 Count, trade, venture and desire: why money is at the core of decentralized economies
    by Fabrice Tricou

  • 2011 A Century of American Economic Review
    by Benno Torgler & Marco Piatti

  • 2011 Una primera aproximación a la evaluación del impacto de la neuroeconomía para la teoría económica
    by Jersson Guerrero Nova & Alejandra Arciniegas Gómez & Jonathan Moreno Medina

  • 2011 Standard decision theory and prospect theory: Philosophical considerations regarding theoretical change
    by Gustavo Marqués & Diego Weisman

  • 2011 History and differential calculus application’s in the science of Economics: Didactic regards
    by Luis García & Mar Moreno & Edelmira Badillo & Carmen Azcárate

  • 2011 From Schumpeter To Neo-Schumpeterianism

  • 2011 Foreigns In “Terra Di Lavoro” During The Middle Ages
    by Giancarlo BOVA

  • 2011 Accounting, Institution of the Economic Liberal System, and the Great Religions of the World. Prolegomena
    by Durã Nicolae V.

  • 2011 Sir William Petty: Merkantilist Bir Düşünür Mü?
    by Ahmet Arif EREN

  • 2011 The stability of the hierarchy of wages and expression of quantities of labour into a common unit
    by Guy Bensimon

  • 2011 An attempt to categorize the economic behaviours: the case of the Austrian theoretical tradition
    by Abdelaziz Berkane

  • 2011 Una herramienta para construir mapas de competencias
    by Javier Pérez Capdevila

  • 2011 El Estado - Nación en la globalización y en el reordenamiento internacional
    by Hugo Cardona Agudelo & Porfirio Cardona Restrepo

  • 2011 El utilitarismo de Jeremy Bentham ¿fundamento de la teoría de Leon Walras?
    by Aída-Sofía Rivera-Sotelo

  • 2011 Two conceptions of economics
    by Ricardo F. Crespo

  • 2011 The capacity to choose: reformulating the concept of choice in economic theory
    by Mark S. Peacock

  • 2011 Linking Globalisation, Sustainable Development And Knowledge Transfer – A Network Based Approach
    by Suzana Elena CHIRIAC & Alexandru GHITIU-BRATESCU

  • 2010 Sozialstaatlicher Reformgeist und ethische Legitimität
    by Thieme, Sebastian

  • 2010 Data Collection Procedures Equivalence in International Business Research
    by Agnieszka Chidlow & Anna Morgan-Thomas & Pervez N. Ghauri

  • 2010 Value, Prices and Money. Comparing Marx and Menger
    by Nenovsky, Nikolay & Karpouzanov, Momtchil

  • 2010 اخلاقیات در چاپ پول
    by Firouzi Naeim, Peyman

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