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/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q1: Agriculture
/ / / Q14: Agricultural Finance
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  • 2014 The determinants of chemical input use in agriculture: A dynamic analysis of the wine grape–growing sector in France
    by Magali Aubert & Geoffroy Enjolras
  • 2014 Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP): Time to let go
    by Raul V. Fabella
  • 2014 The impact of long-only index funds on price discovery and market performance in agricultural futures markets
    by Prehn, Sören & Glauben, Thomas & Loy, Jens-Peter & Pies, Ingo & Will, Matthias Georg
  • 2014 How flexible repayment schedules affect credit risk in agricultural microfinance
    by Weber, Ron & Mußhoff, Oliver & Petrick, Martin
  • 2014 The more the better? How collateral levels affect credit risk in agricultural microfinance
    by Müller, Kirsten & Musshoff, Oliver & Weber, Ron
  • 2014 Self-Selection into Credit Markets: Evidence from Agriculture in Mali
  • 2014 Riesgo Agropecuario: Incidencia Económica e Innovaciones para su mitigación. El caso de Argentina
    by Miguel, Fusco & Dario, Bacchini & Esteban Otto, Thomasz
  • 2014 Horizontal and Vertical Linkages between Formal and Informal Credit Markets in Backward Agriculture: A Theoretical Analysis
    by Chaudhuri, Sarbajit & Dwibedi, Jayanta
  • 2014 IPARD in Macedonia, a Chance for Farmers and private Consultants
    by Kovachev, Goran
  • 2014 Farmland Ownership Restrictions: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
    by Bell, Peter N
  • 2014 A wavelet-based copula approach for modeling market risk in agricultural commodity markets
  • 2014 Understanding return and volatility spillovers among major agricultural commodities
    by Amine Lahiani & Duc Khuong Nguyen & Thierry Vo
  • 2014 Is there a demand for multi-year crop insurance?
    by Maria Osipenko & Zhiwei Shen & Martin Odening &
  • 2014 Análisis financiero y percepción de los servicios ambientales de un sistema silvopastoril: un estudio de caso en los Tuxtlas, México
    by V. Sophie Ávila Foucat & Daniel A. Revollo Fernández
  • 2014 Mechanism for Implementing State Financial Support to Agricultural Producers
    by Nataliya Trusova
  • 2014 The Next Generation Feedstock of Biofuel: Jatropha or Chlorella as Assessed by Their Life-Cycle Inventories
    by Pu Peng & Wenguang Zhou
  • 2014 Evaluation of Spring Wheat (20 Varieties) Adaptation to Soil Drought during Seedlings Growth Stage
    by Jolanta Biesaga-Kościelniak & Agnieszka Ostrowska & Maria Filek & Michał Dziurka & Piotr Waligórski & Magdalena Mirek & Janusz Kościelniak
  • 2014 Advanced Multi-Color Fluorescence Imaging System for Detection of Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in Leaves
    by Stefanie Konanz & László Kocsányi & Claus Buschmann
  • 2014 Fluorescence Indices for the Proximal Sensing of Powdery Mildew, Nitrogen Supply and Water Deficit in Sugar Beet Leaves
    by Georg Leufen & Georg Noga & Mauricio Hunsche
  • 2014 Rapid Development of Microsatellite Markers for Plantago ovata Forsk.: Using Next Generation Sequencing and Their Cross-Species Transferability
    by Ranbir Singh Fougat & Chaitanya Joshi & Kalyani Kulkarni & Sushil Kumar & Anand Patel & Amar Sakure & Jigar Mistry
  • 2014 Olive Cultivation, its Impact on Soil Erosion and its Progression into Yield Impacts in Southern Spain in the Past as a Key to a Future of Increasing Climate Uncertainty
    by José A. Gómez & Juan Infante-Amate & Manuel González de Molina & Tom Vanwalleghem & Encarnación V. Taguas & Ignacio Lorite
  • 2014 Field Observations with Laser-Induced Fluorescence Transient (LIFT) Method in Barley and Sugar Beet
    by Anna R. Raesch & Onno Muller & Roland Pieruschka & Uwe Rascher
  • 2014 Non-Invasive Spectral Phenotyping Methods can Improve and Accelerate Cercospora Disease Scoring in Sugar Beet Breeding
    by Marcus Jansen & Sergej Bergsträsser & Simone Schmittgen & Mark Müller-Linow & Uwe Rascher
  • 2014 Salinity-Induced Changes of Multiparametric Fluorescence Indices of Tomato Leaves
    by Burkard Kautz & Mauricio Hunsche & Georg Noga
  • 2014 Crop Dominance Mapping with IRS-P6 and MODIS 250-m Time Series Data
    by Murali Krishna Gumma & Kesava Rao Pyla & Prasad S. Thenkabail & Venkataramana Murthy Reddi & Gundapaka Naresh & Irshad A. Mohammed & Ismail M. D. Rafi
  • 2014 Hyperspectral and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging for Early Detection of Plant Diseases, with Special Reference to Fusarium spec. Infections on Wheat
    by Elke Bauriegel & Werner B. Herppich
  • 2014 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Agriculture in 2013
    by Agriculture Editorial Office
  • 2014 Microbiological Safety of Chicken Litter or Chicken Litter-Based Organic Fertilizers: A Review
    by Zhao Chen & Xiuping Jiang
  • 2014 Creating Value in the Durum Wheat Supply Chain: the Barilla experience in Contract Farming in Italy
    by Emilio Ferrari
  • 2014 Volatility transmission in agricultural futures markets
    by Beckmann, Joscha & Czudaj, Robert
  • 2014 Eficiencia semifuerte del mercado internacional del azúcar entre los años 2001 y 2011
    by Julio C. Alonso & Andrés M. Arcila
  • 2014 Dynamics of Demand for Index Insurance: Evidence from a Long-Run Field Experiment
    by Shawn Cole & Daniel Stein & Jeremy Tobacman
  • 2013 Der Einfluss von Long-only-Indexfonds auf die Preisfindung und das Marktergebnis an landwirtschaftlichen Warenterminmärkten
    by Prehn, Sören & Glauben, Thomas & Loy, Jens-Peter & Pies, Ingo & Will, Matthias Georg
  • 2013 Modelling the Effects of Oil Prices on Global Fertilizer Prices and Volatility
    by Ping-Yu Chen & Chia-Lin Chang & Chi-Chung Chen & Michael McAleer
  • 2013 Price Non-Convergence in Commodities: A Case Study of the Wheat Conundrum
    by Sophie van Huellen
  • 2013 Weather Derivatives and Crop Insurance in China
    by Baojing Sun & Changhao Guo & G. Cornelis van Kooten
  • 2013 La gestión de riesgos climáticos catastróficos para el sector agropecuario en México:Caso del Componente para la Atención a Desastres Naturales para el sector Agropecuario (CADENA)
    by Cabestany-Noriega, Jaime & Hernandez-Hernandez, Emilio & Celaya-del-Toro, Víctor
  • 2013 Predicting risk of credit default using discriminant aproach:A study of tribal dairy darmers from Jharkhand
    by MK, Sinha & JP, Dhaka
  • 2013 Истражување За Подобрување На Ефикасноста И Ефективноста Во Распределбата На Средствата Од Ипард Програмата
    by Kovachev, Goran
  • 2013 Some elements of economic efficiency of biological treatment to combat corn borer (Ostrinia Nubilalis Hbn) in the conditions of Transylvania
    by Mureşanu, Felicia & Has, Voichiţa & Ignea, Mircea
  • 2013 Evaluation of realized investments in Belgrade’s and Danube region
    by Subić, Jonel & Nastić, Lana & Jovanović, Marijana
  • 2013 Impact of economies of scale in the horticultural sector of the Republic of Moldova
    by Stratan, Alexandru & Moroz, Victor & Ignat, Anatolie
  • 2013 Value added tax (VAT): the impact on the chain producer - processor - trader - consumer - state budget
    by Toma, Mircea
  • 2013 What should every Young Farmer know about Agro lending?
    by Kovachev, Goran
  • 2013 Export performance and macro-linkages: A look at the competitiveness and determinants of cocoa exports, production and prices for Ghana
    by Boansi, David
  • 2013 Output supply and yield response of rice in Nigeria: implications for future rice policy
    by Boansi, David
  • 2013 Gross Capital Formation and GDP growth in Indian Agriculture Sector
    by marimuthu, sivakumar
  • 2013 An Overview of Agricultural Credit and Crop Insurance in Bihar
    by Singh, R.K.P. & Singh, K.M.
  • 2013 Drought Readiness and Anxiety of new and experienced Indian Farmers
    by Raval, Vishvesh & Vyas, Khyati
  • 2013 Risk Premia in Crude Oil Futures Prices
    by James D. Hamilton & Jing Cynthia Wu
  • 2013 Efficiency and unbiasedness of corn futures markets: New evidence across the financial crisis
    by Chiara Pederzoli & Costanza Torricelli
  • 2013 Price volatility and risk management: the case of rice
    by Alessandro BANTERLE & Daniela VANDONE
  • 2013 Modelling the Effects of Oil Prices on Global Fertilizer Prices and Volatility
    by Ping-Yu Chen & Chia-Lin Chang & Chi-Chung Chen & Michael McAleer
  • 2013 Agricultural Commodity Price Volatility and Its Macroeconomic Determinants: A GARCH-MIDAS Approach
    by Emiliano Magrini & Ayca Donmez
  • 2013 Contraintes de financement et choix contractuel sur le marché du faire-valoir indirect à Madagascar
    by Wendyam Ulrich Wilfried Zombre & Emmanuelle Bouquet & Jean-Philippe Colin
  • 2013 Volatility linkages between energy and agricultural commodity prices
    by Brenda López Cabrera, & Franziska Schulz, & &
  • 2013 Russian Agriculture and Agricultural Policies in 2012
    by Natalia Karlova & Natalia Shagaida & Vasily Uzun & Renata Yanbykh
  • 2013 A model for the optimal risk management of (farm) firms
    by Svend Rasmussen
  • 2013 Financialisation of the environment; A literature review
    by Eric Clark & Kenneth Hermele
  • 2013 A wavelet-based copula approach for modeling market risk in agricultural commodity markets
  • 2013 On agricultural commodities' extreme price risk
    by Maarten van Oordt & Philip Stork & Casper de Vries
  • 2013 Modelling the Effects of Oil Prices on Global Fertilizer Prices and Volatility
    by Ping-Yu Chen & Chia-Lin Chang & Chi-Chung Chen & Michael McAleer
  • 2013 Modeling the Effects of Oil Prices on Global Fertilizer Prices and Volatility
    by Ping-Yu Chen & Chia-Lin Chang & Chi-Chung Chen & Michael McAleer
  • 2013 A preliminary examination of the effects of credit instruments on de facto and de jure political power: lien laws in the postbellum United States South and nineteenth century New South Wales, Australia
    by Edwyna Harris
  • 2013 Qualitative Risk Coverage In Agriculture Through Derivative Financial Instruments Based On Selyaninov Indices
    by KEVORCHIAN, Cristian & GAVRILESCU, Camelia & HURDUZEU, Gheorghe
  • 2013 Study About The Usage Of Agricultural Insurance Based On Indexes In Romania
    by NAN Anca-Petruta
  • 2013 Expert Systems - Development Of Agricultural Insurance Tool
    by NAN Anca-Petruţa & MOISUC Diana-Aderina & &
  • 2013 Tax Methods Of Property Management As An Instrument Of Property Relations In Agriculture Of Ukraine
    by Galina ZAPSHA
  • 2013 Facilitating Innovation In Agriculture: Lessons From A European Perspective
    by Andrew F. FIELDSEND
  • 2013 The European Funds – A Driving Engine Of Balanced Economic Development Or Of Discrepancies Between The Member States?
    by Gosa, Vasile & Otiman, Paun Ion & Mateoc Sirb, Nicoleta & Feher, Andrea
  • 2013 Effect of Different Feed Structures and Bedding on the Horizontal Spread of Campylobacter jejuni within Broiler Flocks
    by Beate Skånseng & Birger Svihus & Knut Rudi & Pål Trosvik & Birgitte Moen
  • 2013 Temporal Variation of SOC Enrichment from Interrill Erosion over Prolonged Rainfall Simulations
    by Yaxian Hu & Wolfgang Fister & Nikolaus J. Kuhn
  • 2013 Practicality of Biochar Additions to Enhance Soil and Crop Productivity
    by David M. Filiberto & John L. Gaunt
  • 2013 Risk Priority Number: A Measuring Instrument for Hygienic Management on Broiler Farms, Reflecting Their Campylobacter Status
    by Monika Matt & Hans Peter Stüger & Peter Pless
  • 2013 Managing Soil Erosion in Northern Ireland: A Review of Past and Present Approaches
    by Donal Mullan
  • 2013 Soil Erosion from Agriculture and Mining: A Threat to Tropical Stream Ecosystems
    by Karl M. Wantzen & Jan H. Mol
  • 2013 Role of Arthropods in Maintaining Soil Fertility
    by Thomas W. Culliney
  • 2013 Casting a Wider Net: Understanding the “Root” Causes of Human-Induced Soil Erosion
    by Michele A. Whitecraft & Bruce E. Huggins Jr.
  • 2013 Evaluation of CO 2 Application Requirements for On-Farm Mass Depopulation of Swine in a Disease Emergency
    by Larry Stikeleather & William Morrow & Robert Meyer & Craig Baird & Burt Halbert
  • 2013 Correction: Jacobo-Velázquez, D.A and Cisneros-Zevallos, L. An Alternative Use of Horticultural Crops: Stressed Plants as Biofactories of Bioactive Phenolic Compounds. Agriculture 2012, 2 , 259-271
    by Daniel A. Jacobo-Velázquez & Luis Cisneros-Zevallos
  • 2013 Identification of Multiple Subtypes of Campylobacter jejuni in Chicken Meat and the Impact on Source Attribution
    by Megan L. Devane & Brent J. Gilpin & Beth Robson & John D. Klena & Marion G. Savill & John A. Hudson
  • 2013 Silencing of Mg -pat-10 and Mg -unc-87 in the Plant Parasitic Nematode Meloidogyne graminicola Using siRNAs
    by Joseph Nsengimana & Lander Bauters & Annelies Haegeman & Godelieve Gheysen
  • 2013 Uncovering the Footprints of Erosion by On-Farm Maize Cultivation in a Hilly Tropical Landscape
    by Chaminda Egodawatta & Peter Stamp & Ravi Sangakkara
  • 2013 Advances in Ileitis Control, Diagnosis, Epidemiology and the Economic Impacts of Disease in Commercial Pig Herds
    by Alison M. Collins
  • 2013 Integration of Epidemiological Evidence in a Decision Support Model for the Control of Campylobacter in Poultry Production
    by Ana B. Garcia & Anders L. Madsen & Håkan Vigre
  • 2013 Productive Efficiency of Potato and Melon Growing Farms in Uzbekistan: A Two Stage Double Bootstrap Data Envelopment Analysis
    by Aziz Karimov
  • 2013 Global Change and Helminth Infections in Grazing Ruminants in Europe: Impacts, Trends and Sustainable Solutions
    by Eric R. Morgan & Johannes Charlier & Guy Hendrickx & Annibale Biggeri & Dolores Catalan & Georg von Samson-Himmelstjerna & Janina Demeler & Elizabeth Müller & Jan van Dijk & Fiona Kenyon & Philip Skuce & Johan Höglund & Padraig O'Kiely & Bonny van Ranst & Theo de Waal & Laura Rinaldi & Giuseppe Cringoli & Hubertus Hertzberg & Paul Torgerson & Adrian Wolstenholme & Jozef Vercruysse
  • 2013 Alternative Land Management Strategies and Their Impact on Soil Conservation
    by Tiziano Gomiero
  • 2013 Soil Erosion Threatens Food Production
    by David Pimentel & Michael Burgess
  • 2013 Soil Erosion in Britain: Updating the Record
    by John Boardman
  • 2013 The Potential Impact of Climate Change on Soil Properties and Processes and Corresponding Influence on Food Security
    by Eric C. Brevik
  • 2013 Development of Recombinant Flagellar Antigens for Serological Detection of Salmonella enterica Serotypes Enteritidis, Hadar, Heidelberg, and Typhimurium in Poultry
    by Joseph Minicozzi & Susan Sanchez & Margie D. Lee & Peter S. Holt & Charles L. Hofacre & John J. Maurer
  • 2013 Evaluating Alternative Methods of Soil Erodibility Mapping in the Mediterranean Island of Crete
    by Christos G. Karydas & Marinos Petriolis & Ioannis Manakos
  • 2013 Salmonella Prevalence in Turkey Flocks before and after Implementation of the Control Program in Germany
    by Annemarie Käsbohrer & Andreas Schroeter & Reiner Helmuth & Bernd-Alois Tenhagen
  • 2013 Assessing the Potential for Ion Selective Electrodes and Dual Wavelength UV Spectroscopy as a Rapid on-Farm Measurement of Soil Nitrate Concentration
    by Rory Shaw & A. Prysor Williams & Anthony Miller & Davey L. Jones
  • 2013 Evaluation of Surveillance for Documentation of Freedom from Bovine Tuberculosis
    by Francisco Fernando Calvo-Artavia & Lis Alban & Liza R. Nielsen
  • 2013 Using to Detect Emerging Trends in Aquatic Animal Health
    by Aidan Lyon & Allan Mooney & Geoff Grossel
  • 2013 Italian Wild Rocket [ Diplotaxis Tenuifolia (L.) DC.]: Influence of Agricultural Practices on Antioxidant Molecules and on Cytotoxicity and Antiproliferative Effects
    by Alessandra Durazzo & Elena Azzini & Maria Claudia Lazzè & Anna Raguzzini & Roberto Pizzala & Giuseppe Maiani
  • 2013 Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with Worm Control in Lambs
    by Fiona Kenyon & Jan M. Dick & Ron I. Smith & Drew G. Coulter & David McBean & Philip J. Skuce
  • 2013 Continuity of Business Plans for Animal Disease Outbreaks: Using a Logic Model Approach to Protect Animal Health, Public Health, and Our Food Supply
    by Kiana Moore & Heather Allen
  • 2013 Studies on Mitigating Lipid Oxidation Reactions in a Value-Added Dairy Product Using a Standardized Cranberry Extract
    by David D. Kitts & Stephen Tomiuk
  • 2013 Current Limitations in the Control and Spread of Ticks that Affect Livestock: A Review
    by Agustín Estrada-Peña & Mo Salman
  • 2013 Sample Size Requirements for Assessing Statistical Moments of Simulated Crop Yield Distributions
    by Niklaus Lehmann & Robert Finger & Tommy Klein & Pierluigi Calanca
  • 2013 Pinto Beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris L.) as a Functional Food: Implications on Human Health
    by Cristiane R. S. Câmara & Carlos A. Urrea & Vicki Schlegel
  • 2013 Crop and Soil Responses to Using Corn Stover as a Bioenergy Feedstock: Observations from the Northern US Corn Belt
    by Jane M. F. Johnson & Veronica Acosta-Martinez & Cynthia A. Cambardella & Nancy W. Barbour
  • 2013 Biofuel-Food Market Interactions: A Review of Modeling Approaches and Findings
    by Gbadebo Oladosu & Siwa Msangi
  • 2013 Elicitors: A Tool for Improving Fruit Phenolic Content
    by Yolanda Ruiz-García & Encarna Gómez-Plaza
  • 2013 Enhanced Accumulation of Vitamins, Nutraceuticals and Minerals in Lettuces Associated with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF): A Question of Interest for Both Vegetables and Humans
    by Marouane Baslam & Idoia Garmendia & Nieves Goicoechea
  • 2013 Potential Nutritional Benefits of Current Citrus Consumption
    by Tami Turner & Betty J. Burri
  • 2013 Fatty Acid, Flavonol, and Mineral Composition Variability among Seven Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc. Accessions
    by John Bradley Morris & Ming Li Wang & Michael A. Grusak & Brandon Tonnis
  • 2013 The Importance of Groves for Cattle in Semi-Open Pastures
    by Almut Popp & Klaus-Manfred Scheibe
  • 2013 Antioxidants in Different Potato Genotypes: Effect of Drought and Wounding Stress
    by Christina B. Wegener & Gisela Jansen
  • 2013 Pyrolysis Kinetics of Physical Components of Wood and Wood-Polymers Using Isoconversion Method
    by Wenjia Jin & Kaushlendra Singh & John Zondlo
  • 2013 Protein Hydrolysates from Agricultural Crops—Bioactivity and Potential for Functional Food Development
    by Aoife L. McCarthy & Yvonne C. O'Callaghan & Nora M. O'Brien
  • 2013 Crop and Tillage Effects on Water Productivity of Dryland Agriculture in Argentina
    by Elke Noellemeyer & Romina Fernández & Alberto Quiroga
  • 2013 Факторы Снижения Цен На Свинину И Падения Рентабельности В Свиноводстве
    by Наталья Карлова
  • 2013 Factors Contributing To The Decrease Of Prices For Pork And The Decline Of Pig Production Profitability
    by Natalia Karlova
  • 2013 Il social banking per le filiere corte: aspetti etici e fiscali
    by Lucia Briamonte & Raffaella Pergamo
  • 2013 Does risk management matter? Evidence from the U.S. agricultural industry
    by Cornaggia, Jess
  • 2013 Aggregational Gaussianity and barely infinite variance in financial returns
    by Antypas, Antonios & Koundouri, Phoebe & Kourogenis, Nikolaos
  • 2013 Modeling the effect of off-farm income on farmland values: A quantile regression approach
    by Mishra, Ashok K. & Moss, Charles B.
  • 2013 The credit rationing of Chinese rural households and its welfare loss: An investigation based on panel data
    by Li, Rui & Li, Qinghai & Huang, Shaoan & Zhu, Xi
  • 2013 Formal and informal rural credit in the Mekong River Delta of Vietnam: Interaction and accessibility
    by Khoi, Phan Dinh & Gan, Christopher & Nartea, Gilbert V. & Cohen, David A.
  • 2013 Credit Constraints, Heterogeneous Firms and Loan Defaults
    by Jarko Fidrmuc & Pavel Ciaian & d'Artis Kancs & Jan Pokrivcak
  • 2013 Streitpunkt öffentliche Ausgaben für die Landwirtschaft
    by Manfred Schöpe
  • 2013 The Relationship between the Effectiveness of Production Factors and Business Performance in Agriculture
    by Martina Novotná & Jaroslav Svoboda
  • 2013 Entrepreneurial Risk And Performance: Empirical Evidence Of Romanian Agricultural Holdings
    by Camelia Burja & Vasile Burja
  • 2013 Do Commodity Index Traders Destabilize Agricultural Futures Prices?
    by Martin T. Bohl & Farrukh Javed & Patrick M. Stephan
  • 2012 Revenue Protection for Organic Producers: Too Much or Too Little
    by Singerman, Ariel & Hart, Chad E. & Lence, Sergio H.
  • 2012 Russian Policy of Agriculture Support and the Necessity of Its Modification after WTO Accession
    by V. Uzun.
  • 2012 Regionale Verteilung raumwirksamer finanzieller Staatshilfen im Kontext regionalwirtschaftlicher Entwicklung
    by Plankl, Reiner
  • 2012 Modelling Long Memory Volatility in Agricultural Commodity Futures Returns
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer & Roengchai Tansuchat
  • 2012 Public Expenditure on Irrigation and Its Impact on Agriculture Production: Evidence from an Indian State
    by Chittedi, Krishna Reddy & Bayya, Praveen Kumar
  • 2012 Agro Lending - An Instrument for viable Agribusiness
    by Kovachev, Goran
  • 2012 Agricultural Credit Discount Fund – Agribusiness support credit line - Macedonian experience
    by Kovachev, Goran
  • 2012 Competitiveness of Bulgarian Farms in Conditions of EU CAP Implementation
    by Bachev, Hrabrin
  • 2012 Improving credit allocation to sustainable agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa: Review of bio-based economy benefits
    by Benjamin, Olatunbosun
  • 2012 Agricultural Decisions after Relaxing Credit and Risk Constraints
    by Dean Karlan & Robert Darko Osei & Isaac Osei-Akoto & Christopher Udry
  • 2012 Modelling Long Memory Volatility in Agricultural Commodity Futures Return
    by Michael McAleer & Chia-Lin Chang & Roengchai Tansuchat
  • 2012 An Assessment of the Theory of Storage: Has the Relationship between Commodity Price Volatility and Market Fundamentals Changed Over Time?
    by Giulio Cifarelli & Paolo Paesani
  • 2012 Does the Oil Price Adjust Optimally to Oil Field Discoveries?
    by Lisa Leinert
  • 2012 Agricultural Decisions after Relaxing Credit and Risk Constraints
    by Dean Karlan & Christopher Udry & Isaac Osei-Akoto & Robert Darko Osei
  • 2012 Agricultural Decisions after Relaxing Credit and Risk Constraints
    by Karlan, Dean & Osei-Akoto, Isaac & Osei, Robert Darko & Udry, Christopher
  • 2012 Agricultural Decisions after Relaxing Credit and Risk Constraints
    by Karlan, Dean S. & Osei, Robert & Osei-Akoto, Isaac & Udry, Christopher
  • 2012 Agricultural Decisions after Relaxing Credit and Risk Constraints
    by Dean Karlan, Robert Osei, Isaac Osei-Akoto, and Christopher Udry
  • 2012 Modelling Long Memory Volatility in Agricultural Commodity Futures Returns
    by Chia-Lin Chang & Michael McAleer & Roengchai Tansuchat
  • 2012 Do Agricultural Contracts Affect Grain Prices? Evidence from Mexico
    by Santiago Guerrero
  • 2012 The Irrigation System In Brăila − A Farmer Economic Focused Approach −
    by TUDOR, Monica Mihaela & CHITEA, Mihai Alexandru
  • 2012 Social, Economic And Accounting Summary Of The Greek Agricultural Sector 1950-2010: Central Greece Region
    by Michail Th. PAPAILIAS
  • 2012 The Evolution Of Agricultural Sector Through Financial Statements Analysis
    by Theodore PAPAELIAS & Vasilios PANAGOU & Maria RODOSTHENOUS
  • 2012 Biological Characterization of Cynara cardunculus L. Methanolic Extracts: Antioxidant, Anti-proliferative, Anti-migratory and Anti-angiogenic Activities
    by Zélia Velez & Marco A. Campinho & Ângela R. Guerra & Laura García & Patricia Ramos & Olinda Guerreiro & Laura Felício & Fernando Schmitt & Maria Duarte
  • 2012 Structural Features and Healthy Properties of Polysaccharides Occurring in Mushrooms
    by Ana Villares & Laura Mateo-Vivaracho & Eva Guillamón
  • 2012 The Policy Objectives of a Biofuel Industry in Canada: An Assessment
    by Danny G. Le Roy & Kurt K. Klein
  • 2012 Biofuels and the Future of Food: Competition and Complementarities
    by Simla Tokgoz & Wei Zhang & Siwa Msangi & Prapti Bhandary
  • 2012 Green Tea as an Agricultural Based Health Promoting Food: The Past Five to Ten Years
    by Qin-Yin Shi & Vicki Schlegel
  • 2012 Potential of Waste Water Use for Jatropha Cultivation in Arid Environments
    by Arisoa M. Rajaona & Nele Sutterer & Folkard Asch
  • 2012 Addition of Fish Oil to Cream Cheese Affects Lipid Oxidation, Sensory Stability and Microstructure
    by Anna Frisenfeldt Horn & Ditte Green-Petersen & Nina Skall Nielsen & Ulf Andersen & Grethe Hyldig & Louise Helene Søgaard Jensen & Andy Horsewell & Charlotte Jacobsen
  • 2012 The Agricultural Ethics of Biofuels: The Food vs. Fuel Debate
    by Paul B. Thompson
  • 2012 Water Use and Water-Use Efficiency of Three Perennial Bioenergy Grass Crops in Florida
    by John E. Erickson & Arkorn Soikaew & Lynn E. Sollenberger & Jerry M. Bennett
  • 2012 Functional Food and Organic Food are Competing Rather than Supporting Concepts in Europe
    by Johannes Kahl & Aneta Załęcka & Angelika Ploeger & Susanne Bügel & Machteld Huber
  • 2012 Pollen Sterility—A Promising Approach to Gene Confinement and Breeding for Genetically Modified Bioenergy Crops
    by Joel P. Hague & Stephen L. Dellaporta & Maria A. Moreno & Chip Longo & Kimberly Nelson & Albert P. Kausch
  • 2012 Modelling Nitrogen Losses from Sheep Grazing Systems with Different Spatial Distributions of Excreta
    by Matthew J. Bell & Brendan R. Cullen & Ian R. Johnson & Richard J. Eckard
  • 2012 Biofuel and Food-Commodity Prices
    by Gal Hochman & Scott Kaplan & Deepak Rajagopal & David Zilberman
  • 2012 An Alternative Use of Horticultural Crops: Stressed Plants as Biofactories of Bioactive Phenolic Compounds
    by Daniel A. Jacobo-Velázquez & Luis Cisneros-Zevallos
  • 2012 Stability of Chokeberry Bioactive Polyphenols during Juice Processing and Stabilization of a Polyphenol-Rich Material from the By-Product
    by Esther Mayer-Miebach & Marta Adamiuk & Diana Behsnilian
  • 2012 Aromatic Plants as a Source of Bioactive Compounds
    by Efterpi Christaki & Eleftherios Bonos & Ilias Giannenas & Panagiota Florou-Paneri
  • 2012 Nonstop Selection for High and Stable Crop Yield by Two Prognostic Equations to Reduce Yield Losses
    by Dionysia A. Fasoula
  • 2012 Anti-Obesity Effect of Nepetae spica Extract in High-Fat Mice
    by Changhyun Roh & Min-Kyoung Park & Hee-June Shin & Insub Kim & Jin Kyu Kim & Uhee Jung
  • 2012 Taro Leaf Blight—A Threat to Food Security
    by Davinder Singh & Grahame Jackson & Danny Hunter & Robert Fullerton & Vincent Lebot & Mary Taylor & Tolo Iosefa & Tom Okpul & Joy Tyson
  • 2012 Effects of Demographics and Attitudes on Willingness-to-Pay for Fuel Import Reductions through Ethanol Purchases
    by Kimberly Jensen & Christopher Clark & Burton English & Dustin Toliver
  • 2012 Purification and Phytotoxic Analysis of Botrytis cinerea Virulence Factors: New Avenues for Crop Protection
    by Subodh Rathi & Hana McFeeters & Robert L. McFeeters & Maria R. Davis
  • 2012 Earthworm Populations in Savannas of the Orinoco Basin. A Review of Studies in Long-Term Agricultural-Managed and Protected Ecosystems
    by Danilo López-Hernández
  • 2012 Low Soil Phosphorus Availability Increases Acid Phosphatases Activities and Affects P Partitioning in Nodules, Seeds and Rhizosphere of Phaseolus vulgaris
    by Adnane Bargaz & Mustapha Faghire & Neila Abdi & Mohamed Farissi & Bouaziz Sifi & Jean-Jacques Drevon & Mohamed Cherkaoui Ikbal & Cherki Ghoulam
  • 2012 Photosynthesis and Yellow Vine Syndrome of American Cranberry
    by Harvey J. M. Hou
  • 2012 Use of Biofungicides for Controlling Plant Diseases to Improve Food Availability
    by Antonieta De Cal & Inmaculada Larena & Belén Guijarro & Paloma Melgarejo
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