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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ E: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
/ / E5: Monetary Policy, Central Banking, and the Supply of Money and Credit
/ / / E59: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation
  2. Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycles (QM&RBC)
  3. Advanced Monetary Theory and Policy (ECON 447)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Fiscal implications of the Federal Reserve's balance sheet normalization
    by Cavallo, Michele & Del Negro, Marco & Frame, W. Scott & Grasing, Jamie & Malin, Benjamin A. & Rosa, Carlo

  • 2018 Fiscal Implications of the Federal Reserve's Balance Sheet Normalization
    by Michele Cavallo & Marco Del Negro & W. Scott Frame & Jamie Grasing & Benjamin A. Malin & Carlo Rosa

  • 2018 Public Policy For Financing Of Msmes In The South-East Zone Of The State Of Mexico Politica Publica Dirigida Al Financiamiento De Las Mipymes En La Zona Sur Oriente Del Estado De Mexico
    by Omar Ernesto Teran Varela & Enrique Espinosa Ayala & Pedro Abel Hernandez Garcia & Carolina Jazmin Martinez Ponce

  • 2018 Criptomonedas, As A Business Opportunity For Microenterprise Of The Tourism Sector In The South East Zone Of The State Of Mexico, Criptomonedas, Como Oportunidad De Negocio De Microempresas Del Sector Turistico En La Zona Sur Oriente Del Estado De Mexico
    by Abraham Sanchez Gil & Omar Ernesto Teran Varela

  • 2017 Optimization of Russia’s international reserves structure: Theoretical approaches, practical implementation
    by I. Ivanchenko.

  • 2017 Money and Credit: Lessons of the Irish bank strike of 1970
    by Malte Krüger

  • 2017 Macroprudential Policy and Financing Behaviour in Dual Banking System: Bank-Level Evidence from Indonesia
    by Zulkhibri, Muhamed & Sakti, Muhammad Rizky Prima

  • 2017 Impulse on the Aggregate Demand in Bolivia through the coordination of the Monetary and Fiscal Policy in crisis time
    by Valdivia Coria, Joab Dan & Valdivia Coria, Daney

  • 2017 Pledgeability, Industry Liquidity, and Financing Cycles
    by Douglas W. Diamond & Yunzhi Hu & Raghuram G. Rajan

  • 2017 Optimal Simple Rule for Monetary Policy and Macroprudential Policy in a Financial Accelerator Model
    by Hyunduk Suh

  • 2017 The Federal Reserve’s Evolving Monetary Policy Implementation Framework: 1914-1923
    by Chabot, Benjamin

  • 2017 Cyclical patterns in risk indicators based on financial market infrastructure transaction data
    by Monique Timmermans & Ronald Heijmans & Hennie Daniels

  • 2017 Risk indicators for financial market infrastructure: from high frequency transaction data to a traffic light signal
    by Ron Berndsen & Ronald Heijmans

  • 2017 Transmisión de la política monetaria en Colombia: El carácter heterogéneo del canal de préstamos bancarios
    by Maria Camila Ortiz Gelvez

  • 2017 Expanding Global Liquidity Insurance: Myths and Realities of the IMF’s Precautionary Credit Lines - Working Paper 449
    by Nancy Birdsall, Liliana Rojas-Suarez, Anna Diofasi

  • 2017 Public debt, central bank and money: Some clarifications
    by Paul Mercier

  • 2017 The Impact of Monetary and Financial Freedom on Monetary Policy Transparency in Low, Middle and High Income Countries
    by Sattari, Omid & Yavari, Kazem & Heydari, Hassan & Etesami, Mansour

  • 2017 Credit Policy within BRD Bank
    by Moraru Camelia & Popovici Norina

  • 2017 Role of banks in financial inclusion in India
    by Badar Alam Iqbal & Shaista Sami

  • 2017 Relationship of Fiscal Discipline and Household Income on Money Demand Function in Sri Lanka
    by Dawood MAMOON & Umbreen IFTIKHAR & Muhammad Shahid HASSAN

  • 2017 Maturity Mismatching and “Market Failure”
    by Walter E. Block & William Barnett

  • 2017 The Evolution of Refinancing Loans Sector within the Economic Growth
    by Eduard IONESCU & Octav NEGURITA

  • 2017 Determinants of Islamic Banks Acceptance in Oman
    by Shariq Mohammed & Nadia Sha & Mohammed Ahmar Uddin

  • 2016 Central Bank Balance Sheet Analysis
    by Bagus, Philipp & Howden, David

  • 2016 Dissemination of Information by the Federal Reserve System: An Overview and Benchmark
    by Araujo, Luiz Nelson

  • 2016 The macroeconomics effects of the implementation of the euro in Poland in relation to the experience of other countries
    by Bajan Bartlomiej

  • 2016 Fan chart – a tool for NBP’s monetary policy making
    by Paweł Pońsko & Bartosz Rybaczyk

  • 2016 What Is The Central Bank Effectively Targeting In Practice? Svensson’S Concept Of Inflation Forecast Targeting And Measures Of Inflation Projections-The Experiences Of Selected European Countries
    by Karolina Tura-Gawron

  • 2016 Independence of Central Banks in Commodity Economies
    by Viktor Koziuk

  • 2016 ANFA – nationale Geldschöpfung als Sprengsatz für die Währungsunion?
    by Dirk Meyer

  • 2016 Revize monetárního modelu Marca Lavoieho endogenizací parametru gama
    by Zdeněk Chytil & Lukáš Máslo

  • 2016 Who can better monitor a bank than another bank? Mechanisms of discipline in the Mexican interbank market ||¿Quién mejor que un banco para monitorear otro banco? Mecanismos de disciplina en el mercado interbancario mexicano
    by Tovar-García, Edgar Demetrio

  • 2016 2015 Summing-Up Of Banking Financial Sector Of The Republic Of Moldova
    by Rodica PERCIUN & Viorica POPA & Mariana BALAN

  • 2016 Impact of the Funding for Growth Scheme on the Hungarian economy
    by András László

  • 2016 The controversial treatment of money and banks in macroeconomics
    by István Ábel & Kristóf Lehmann & Attila Tapaszti

  • 2016 Transformation of the international and European project finance market as a result of the crisis
    by Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir

  • 2016 Evaluating Nigeria Cashless Policy Implementation
    by Kket E Ewa & Egu U. Inah

  • 2016 Causality between Monetary Expansion and the Price Level in India since 1950s – A Re-Examination
    by Ritwik Mazumder & Sanjib Debnath

  • 2016 The Cost of Low Inflation in Case of Pakistan
    by Zobia BHATTI & Abdul QAYYUM

  • 2016 Financial maturity, diffusion of telecommunications technology, and economic growth in Asia
    by Rudra P. Pradhan & Mak B. Arvin

  • 2016 Can information be locked up? Informed trading ahead of macro-news announcements
    by Bernile, Gennaro & Hu, Jianfeng & Tang, Yuehua

  • 2016 Taking financial frictions to the data
    by Suh, Hyunduk & Walker, Todd B.

  • 2016 Monetary Policy With Constant Real Stock Of Bonds
    by Ana ANDREI & Angela GALUPA & Armenia ANDRONICEANU & Irina Alexandra GEORGESCU

  • 2016 Exposure to interbank market and risk-taking by Mexican banks
    by Edgar Demetrio Tovar-García

  • 2016 Evaluación de la transmisión de la tasa de interés de referencia a las tasas de interés del sistema financiero Colombiano
    by Jose Eduardo Gomez-Gonzalez & Eliana González-Molano & Carlos Huertas-Campos & Deicy Cristiano-Botia & Ximena Chavarro-Sanchez

  • 2016 Digital Currency In The Current Cyber Security Environment
    by Radu, BORES & Ana Maria, HLACIUC

  • 2015 On Inflation Targeting
    by S. Glazyev.

  • 2015 Hawks and Doves at the FOMC
    by Eijffinger, S.C.W. & Mahieu, R.J. & Raes, L.B.D.

  • 2015 Implementing Macroprudential Policies: Challenges, Pitfalls and Way Forward
    by Hans Genberg & Michael Zamorski

  • 2015 Monetary Policy Transmission in Emerging Asia: The Role of Banks and the Effects of Financial Globalization
    by Nasha Ananchotikul & Dulani Seneviratne

  • 2015 Bitcoin Mission Statement. Or What does it mean Sharing Economy and Distributed Trust?
    by Kosten, Dmitri

  • 2015 Different Types of Central Bank Insolvency and the Central Role of Seignorage
    by Ricardo Reis

  • 2015 Comment on: “when does a central bank’s balance sheet require fiscal support?” by Marco Del Negro and Christopher A. Sims
    by Reis, Ricardo

  • 2015 Different types of central bank insolvency and the central role of seignorage
    by Reis, Ricardo

  • 2015 Hawks and Doves at the FOMC
    by Eijffinger, Sylvester C W & Mahieu, Ronald J & Raes, Louis

  • 2015 Evaluación de la transmisión de la tasa de interés de referencia a las tasas de interés del sistema financiero
    by Ximena Chavarro-Sanchez & Deicy Cristiano-Botia & Jose E. Gomez-Gonzalez & Eliana González-Molano, Carlos Huertas-Campos

  • 2015 Simulation of the term structure. An application for measuring the interest rate risk
    by Mirta González & María Cecilia Pérez

  • 2015 Switzerland
    by Brigitte Baumann

  • 2015 Finland
    by Jan D. Oker-Blom

  • 2015 Austria
    by Bernard Litzka

  • 2015 Colombia
    by Juan Pablo Rodriguez Neira

  • 2015 Russia
    by Ivan Protopopov & Konstantin Fokin

  • 2015 New Zealand
    by Franceska Banga & David Lewis

  • 2015 Portugal
    by João Trigo Da Roza & Francisco Banha

  • 2015 Canada
    by Ross Finlay & Blake Witkin

  • 2015 Singapore
    by Poh-Kam Wong

  • 2015 The Netherlands
    by René A.G. Reijtenbagh

  • 2015 India
    by Ashish Dave & Mohit Agarwal

  • 2015 United Kingdom
    by Jenny Tooth

  • 2015 United Arab Emirates
    by Heather Henyon

  • 2015 Spain
    by Juan Roure & Amparo De San Jose

  • 2015 Belgium
    by Reginald Vossen & Claire Munck

  • 2015 Australia
    by Jordan Green

  • 2015 Italy
    by Eng. Paolo Anselmo & Luigi Amati

  • 2015 Turkey
    by Baybars Altuntas

  • 2015 China
    by Wang Jiani & Chen Su

  • 2015 Scotland
    by Nelson Gray

  • 2015 Germany
    by Ute Gunther

  • 2015 United States
    by Marianne Hudson

  • 2015 Hong Kong
    by Allen Yeung

  • 2015 South Africa
    by Craig Mullett

  • 2015 France
    by Philippe Gluntz

  • 2015 Israel
    by D. Todd Dollinger & Steve Rhodes

  • 2015 Crowdfunding and Angel Investing
    by Charles Sidman

  • 2015 Angel Impact Investing
    by Wayne Silby & Jenna Nicholas

  • 2015 Women Angel Investors
    by Peggy Wallace & Rebecca Conti

  • 2015 Sources of Capital for Start-Ups
    by Bill Payne

  • 2015 Angels Without Borders:Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investment Worldwide

  • 2015 Análisis comparativo de microcréditos Banca pública Argentina y el Banco Grameen
    by Lisana B. Martinez & Hernán P. Vigier & Anahí Briozzo & María Belén Fernández Duval

  • 2015 Half-Forgotten Personalities of Economic Thought - Silvio Gesell
    by Pavel Sirůček

  • 2015 An empirical analysis of import demand function for Turkey: An ARDL bounds testing approach
    by Nazif Durmaz* & Jaehyuk Lee

  • 2015 Evaluation of Impact of Changes of Bank Deposit Resources on Gross Domestic Product
    by Oleksiy Lysenok

  • 2015 Liquidity provision during the crisis of 1914: Private and public sources
    by Jacobson, Margaret M. & Tallman, Ellis W.

  • 2015 Survey on Financial Market Frictions and Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models
    by Madalin Viziniuc

  • 2015 The New European Recovery And Resolution Framework
    by Ionut Mircea

  • 2015 Title A New Architecture Of The Banking System
    by Ionut Mircea

  • 2014 Sanctions of the USA and the Policy of Bank of Russia: Double Blow to the National Economy
    by S. Glazyev.

  • 2014 Financial innovations, money demand, and the welfare cost of inflation
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Samuel Huber & Alessandro Marchesiani

  • 2014 The Relationship between Inflation Targeting and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Turkey with a Model Averaging Approach
    by Ferhat Arslaner & Dogan Karaman & Nuran Arslaner & Suleyman Hilmi Kal

  • 2014 Inflation,Inflation Variability, and Output Performance. Venezuela 1951-2002
    by Olivo, Victor

  • 2014 When does a central bank’s balance sheet require fiscal support?
    by Del Negro, Marco & Sims, Christopher A.

  • 2014 On the Possibility of Informationally Efficient Markets
    by Vives, Xavier

  • 2014 Contingent Convertibles [CoCos]:A Potent Instrument for Financial Reform
    by George M von Furstenberg

  • 2014 Is Sustainable Banking A Solution?
    by MIRCEA, Ionuţ

  • 2014 A note on the long-run neutrality of monetary policy: new empirics
    by Asongu, Simplice A.

  • 2014 The Interrelationship between the FED’s Profit and Selected Macroeconomic Variables - L’interrelazione tra profitti della Federal Reserve e alcune variabili macroeconomiche
    by Sweidan, Osama D. & Maghyereh, Aktham I.

  • 2014 Floor Systems for Implementing Monetary Policy: Some Unpleasant Fiscal Arithmetic
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Alessandro Marchesiani & Christopher Waller

  • 2014 How many currencies in Saarc countries? a multivariate structural var approach
    by Md. Abdur Rahman Forhad

  • 2014 Performance Appraisal of Mutual Funds Operating in India
    by Sharad Ranjan & Shailza Gupta

  • 2014 Renewable Energy-Solar Power in India
    by Dr. Vandana Tyagi

  • 2014 Evaluación del cumplimiento de los objetivos de inflación y el papel de las expectativas: evidencia para México, 1995-2012
    by Reyna Vergara González & Elías Eduardo Gutiérrez Alva

  • 2014 Dichotomy between macroprudential policy and monetary policy on credit and inflation
    by Suh, Hyunduk

  • 2014 Assessing the effectiveness of monetary policy in Kenya: Evidence from a macroeconomic model
    by Were, Maureen & Nyamongo, Esman & Kamau, Anne W. & Sichei, Moses M. & Wambua, Joseph

  • 2014 Evaluando las intervenciones cambiarias en Colombia: 2004-2012
    by Mauricio Lopera & Ramón Javier Mesa & Charle Londoño

  • 2014 How Would Monetary Policy Matter In The Proposed African Monetary Unions? Evidence From Output And Prices
    by Simplice Asongu

  • 2013 Floor systems for implementing monetary policy: Some unpleasant fiscal arithmetic
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Alessandro Marchesiani & Christopher J. Waller

  • 2013 Inferring Hawks and Doves from Voting Records
    by Eijffinger, S.C.W. & Mahieu, R.J. & Raes, L.B.D.

  • 2013 Estimating the Preferences of Central Bankers : An Analysis of Four Voting Records
    by Eijffinger, S.C.W. & Mahieu, R.J. & Raes, L.B.D.

  • 2013 A Literature Overview of the Central Bank’s Knowledge Transparency
    by M. Haluk Guler

  • 2013 Deposits, Loans and Banking: Clarifying the Debate
    by Bagus, Philipp & Howden, David & Block, Walter

  • 2013 A note on the long-run neutrality of monetary policy: new empirics
    by Asongu, Simplice

  • 2013 How would monetary policy matter in the proposed African monetary unions? Evidence from output and prices
    by Asongu, Simplice A

  • 2013 New Empirics of monetary policy dynamics: evidence from the CFA franc zones
    by Asongu, Simplice A

  • 2013 Does Money Matter in Africa? New Empirics on Long- and Short-run Effects of Monetary Policy on Output and Prices
    by Asongu, Simplice A

  • 2013 Trading partners in the interbank lending market
    by Afonso, Gara M. & Kovner, Anna & Schoar, Antoinette

  • 2013 Estimating the preferences of central bankers: an analysis of four voting records
    by Eijffinger, Sylvester C W & Mahieu, Ronald J & Raes, Louis

  • 2013 Inferring hawks and doves from voting records
    by Eijffinger, Sylvester C W & Mahieu, Ronald J & Raes, Louis

  • 2013 Bank Lending, Risk Taking, and the Transmission of Monetary Policy: New Evidence for Colombia
    by Nidia Ruth Reyes & José Eduardo Gómez G. & Jair Ojeda Joya

  • 2013 A note on the long-run neutrality of monetary policy: new empirics
    by Asongu Simplice

  • 2013 New Empirics of monetary policy dynamics: evidence from the CFA franc zones
    by Asongu Simplice

  • 2013 How would monetary policy matter in the proposed African monetary unions? Evidence from output and prices
    by Asongu Simplice

  • 2013 Does Money Matter in Africa? New Empirics on Long- and Short-run Effects of Monetary Policy on Output and Prices
    by Asongu Simplice

  • 2013 Risks And Constraints For The Monetary Stability
    by MILEA, Camelia

  • 2013 The Evolution of Bank Branches in the Near Future
    by DINCULESCU Elena Silvia & BURSUGIU Mihaela

  • 2013 The Potential Instruments of Monetary Policy
    by Charles A.E. Goodhart

  • 2013 Budgetary Risks of Monetary Policy with Special Regard to the Debt Rule
    by Gyula Pulay & János Máté & Ildikó Németh & Andrásné Zelei

  • 2013 The Trends in Banking Management of Romania
    by Dinculescu Elena – Silvia & Vîlcu Anca

  • 2013 The Asset Price Channel And Its Role In Monetary Policy Transmission
    by Dan Horatiu & & &

  • 2013 External Factors For The Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism
    by Dan Horatiu & & &

  • 2013 Aspects Regarding The Current Economic Crisis And Its Influence On The Financial Sector
    by Roxana Hetes & ALEXANDRU AVRAM & &

  • 2013 How can an interest rate rule reflect real economic considerations?
    by Balázs Krusper & Katalin Szilágyi

  • 2013 Surprising similarities: recent monetary regimes of small economies
    by Rose, Andrew K.

  • 2013 Modelando el esquema de intervenciones del tipo de cambio para Colombia. una aplicación empírica de la técnica de regresión del cuantil bajo redes neu
    by Mauricio Lopera Castaño & Ramón Javier Mesa Callejas & Sergio Iván Restrepo Ochoa & Charle Augusto Londoño Henao

  • 2013 Effects And Evolution Of Foreign Direct Investments On The Emergent Economies
    by Marinela TANASCOVICI & Alina HAGIU

  • 2013 Changes in Reserve Requirements and Brazilian Banks' Stocks
    by Bruno De Lorenzi Cancelier Mazzucco & Roberto Meurer

  • 2012 Degreasing the wheels of finance
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Samuel Huber & Alessandro Marchesiani

  • 2012 Model Validation and Learning
    by In-Koo Cho & Ken Kasa

  • 2012 Microfinance in India: self help groups - bank linkage model
    by Lipishree Das, Dr.

  • 2012 Mythos TARGET2 - ein Zahlungsverkehrssystem in der Kritik
    by Peter Burgold & Sebastian Voll

  • 2012 Runs, Panics and Bubbles: Diamond-Dybvig and Morris-Shin Reconsidered
    by Eric Smith & Martin Shubik

  • 2012 The Quantity Theory of Money and Friedmanian Monetary Policy: An Empirical Investigation
    by Claude Hillinger & Bernd Süssmuth & Marco Sunder

  • 2012 Taylor Principle Supplements the Fisher Effect: Empirical Investigation under the US Context
    by Mohammed Saiful ISLAM & Mohammad Hasmat ALI

  • 2012 Theoretical Considerations Of Price Stability As Part Of The Financial Stability
    by Marinela TANASCOVICI & Magdalena RÃDULESCU

  • 2012 Trends in Strategic Management of Banking Institutions in Romania
    by Dinculescu Elena –Silvia & Bursugiu Mihaela

  • 2012 Unconventional central bank instruments in Hungary
    by Gergely Fábián & Róbert Mátrai

  • 2012 Survey of Research on Financial Sector Modeling within DSGE Models: What Central Banks Can Learn from It
    by František Brazdik & Michal Hlavacek & Aleš Marsal

  • 2012 A bank runs model with a continuum of types
    by Azrieli, Yaron & Peck, James

  • 2012 Market discipline in Mexican banks: Evidence from the asset side
    by Edgar Demetrio Tovar-García

  • 2012 Recent Impact of the International Financial Crisis on the Implementation of Monetary Policy
    by Sofía Corallo & Carlos Suárez Dóriga & Matías Vicens

  • 2012 Stochastic Models For Credit Risk
    by Nadia STOIAN & Mariana BALAN

  • 2012 Currency Disintegration: Two Scenarios of Withdrawal
    by Dirk Meyer

  • 2011 Optimal disclosure policy and undue diligence
    by David Andolfatto & Aleksander Berentsen & Christopher Waller

  • 2011 Free-riding on liquidity
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Samuel Huber & Alessandro Marchesiani

  • 2011 The development of a regional payment system in Central America: A step towards further integration and economic development
    by Heinrich, Gregor & García Dubón, Enrique

  • 2011 Survey of Research on Financial Sector Modeling within DSGE Models: What Central Banks Can Learn from It
    by Frantisek Brazdik & Michal Hlavacek & Ales Marsal

  • 2011 Centralidade e hierarquia do sistema financeiro brasileiro
    by Marco Crocco

  • 2011 Fund Options and Hybrids
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Structured Credit Products
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Pricing Credit Derivatives
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Interest Rate Products
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Pricing Interest Rate Products
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Basket Equity Products
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Equity Structured Products
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Pricing Equity Options
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Introduction to Swap Finance
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Introduction
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Financial Derivative Investments:An Introduction to Structured Products
    by Richard D Bateson

    by NĂFTĂNĂILĂ, Cristina Alina

  • 2011 Monetary Policy of Main Central Banks During the 2007-2011 Crisis
    by Nerina Reyna & Carlos F. Suárez Dóriga & Matías Vicens

  • 2011 Basel Iii Regulations On Strengthening The Banking System Capitalization
    by Natalita HURDUC & Nicoleta HURDUC

  • 2010 The National Question And The Question Of Crisis

  • 2010 Channel systems: why is there a positive spread?
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Alessandro Marchesiani & Christopher J. Waller

  • 2010 Channel Systems: Why is there a Positive Spread?
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Alessandro Marchesiani & Christopher Waller

  • 2010 Limitações teóricas da literatura convencional sobre impactos regionais de política monetária
    by Fernanda Faria Silva & Marco Aurélio Crocco Afonso & Carlos Javier Rodríguez-Fuentes

  • 2010 A Cardiograph of the Dollar´s Quality: Qualitative Easing and the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet During the Subprime Crisis
    by Philipp Bagus & Markus H. Schiml

  • 2010 The Management of the Credit Institutions in the Context of the Elaboration and Implementation of the Banking Strategy
    by Dinculescu Elena Silvia & Mindreci Georgiana

  • 2010 Does a Low Interest Rate Environment Affect Risk Taking in Austria?
    by Paul Gaggl & Maria Teresa Valderrama

  • 2010 An Analytical Approach to the Liquidity Effects of Monetary Policy
    by Young Sik Kim & Manjong Lee

  • 2010 Doviz Kuru Oynakliginin Ithalata Etkileri: Turkiye Ornegi
    by Aydin SARI

  • 2010 A Synthesized Discussion on the Macao Monetary Reform
    by Xinhua Gu

  • 2010 Risk Analysis of the Romanian Banking System – an Aggregated Balance Sheet Approach
    by Eugen MITRICA & Liliana MOGA & Andrei STANCULESCU

  • 2010 Central Banks' Involvement in Encouraging Economic Education and Literacy
    by Marius Constantin APOSTOAIE

  • 2010 Financial Stability And Central Bank Transparency In Europe
    by Bogdan Capraru

  • 2009 The Legitimacy of Loan Maturity Mismatching: A Risky, But Not Fraudulent, Undertaking
    by Bagus, Philipp & Howden, David

  • 2009 The HPD Fan ChartT With Data Revision
    by Julio, Juan Manuel

  • 2009 Central Bank Economic Research: Output, Demand, Productivity, and Relevance
    by Miguel sarmiento

  • 2009 Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy: Evidence for Colombia, Using a Firms´ Panel
    by José E. Gómez González & Paola Morales Acevedo

  • 2009 Findings of the Signal Approach for Financial Monitoring in Kazakhstan
    by Klaus Abberger & Wolfgang Nierhaus & Shynar Shaikh

  • 2008 Modelling non-linear comovements between time series
    by Catherine Kyrtsou & Costas Vorlow

  • 2008 Estimation of weights for the Monetary Conditions Index in Poland
    by Andrzej Toroj

  • 2008 Sources of Uncertainty for Conducting Monetary Policy in Chile
    by Felipe Morandé Lavín & Mauricio Tejada

  • 2008 Dinámica de la inflación y el canal de costos: Una aplicación para Chile
    by David Coble

  • 2008 ‘Automatic’ cycle-stabilising capital requirements: what can be achieved?
    by Tim Ng

  • 2008 Switching to the Inflation Targeting Regime: Does it necessary for the case of Egypt?
    by Ibrahim L. Awad

  • 2008 La topología de redes como herramienta de Seguimiento en el sistema de Pagos de Alto Valor en Colombia
    by Freddy Hernán Cepeda López

  • 2008 Consumer awareness and the use of payment media : evidence from young finnish consumers
    by Hyytinen, Ari & Takalo, Tuomas

  • 2008 Decizia de Politica Monetara : Intre Teorie si Intuitie
    by Pop, Napoleon

  • 2008 Payment networks in a search model of money
    by Antoine Martin & Michael Orlando & David Skeie

  • 2008 Towards measurement of political pressure on central banks: the case of the central bank of egypt
    by Ibrahim L. Awad

  • 2008 Banka Kredileri Ve Enflasyon Arasindaki Iliski: Turkiye Uzerine Ekonometrik Bir Analiz (1983-2007)
    by Ibrahim ARSLAN & Sevda YAPRAKLI

  • 2008 Capital Flows and Destabilizing Policy in Latin America
    by Jose Ricardo da Costa e Silva & Ryan A. Compton

  • 2007 Herding and Bank Runs
    by Chao Gu

  • 2007 A perspective on the new types of money as the organization's answer to the challenges of the globalization
    by Drumea, Cristina

  • 2007 Towards Measurement of Political Pressure on Central Banks in the Emerging Market Economies: The Case of the Central Bank of Egypt
    by Ibrahim L. Awad

  • 2007 Herding and Bank Runs
    by Gu, Chao

  • 2007 The Fan Chart: The Technical Details Of The New Implementation
    by Juan Manuel Julio

  • 2007 Barriers to network-specific investment
    by Antoine Martin & Michael Orlando

  • 2007 Evidence of a Bank Lending Channel for Argentina and Colombia
    by José Gómez-González & Fernando Grosz

  • 2006 Payments network in a search model of money
    by Antoine Martin & Michael Orlando & David Skeie

  • 2006 Financial dollarization and currency substitution: an empirical study for Bolivia
    by Dell'Erba, Salvatore & Saldías Zambrana, Martin

  • 2006 Does Monetary Policy Help Least Those Who Need It Most?
    by Michael S. Hanson & Erik Hurst & Ki Young Park

  • 2006 Learning and Model Validation
    by In-Koo Cho & Kenneth Kasa

  • 2006 Monetary Policy and Japan's Liquidity Trap
    by Lars E.O. Svensson

  • 2006 I currency board come strumento di stabilizzazione economica: come funzionano e dove sono adottati
    by Cappiello, Antonio

  • 2006 International Initiatives towards legal harmonisation in the field of Funds transfers, payments and payment systems - Annotated Bibliography
    by Heinrich, Gregor

  • 2006 Monetary thought of the sixteenth century muslim scholars
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2006 A Deliberative Independent Central Bank
    by Erwin Jericha & Martin Schürz

  • 2006 Cooperation, Stability And Self- Enforcement In International Environmental Agreements : A Conceptual Discussion
    by Parkash Chander & Henry Tulkens

  • 2006 Are Currency Crises Low-State Equilibria? An Empirical, Three-Interest-Rate Model
    by Christopher M. Cornell & Raphael H. Solomon

  • 2006 Why Dollarization is so persistent?
    by Paul Castillo Bardález & Diego Winkelried Quezada

  • 2006 ¿Por qué la dolarización es persistente?
    by Paul Castillo Bardález & Diego Winkelried Quezada

  • 2006 Teorie peněz Josefa Macka a jeho názory na monetární politiku
    by Milan Sojka

  • 2006 The Role of Euro in the International Monetary System
    by Tea Kbiltsetskhlashvili

  • 2006 Miscounting Money of Colonial America
    by Ronald W. Michener & Robert E. Wright

  • 2005 The Roles Of Money In An Economy And The Optimum Quantity Of Money
    by Edgar L. Feige & M. Parkin & R Avery & C. Stones

  • 2005 Free Banking and the Bank of Canada
    by David Laidler

  • 2005 Liquidity and growth traps: a framework for the analysis of macroeconomic policy in the 'age' of Central Banks
    by Alfonso Palacio Vera

  • 2005 Were U.S. State Banknotes Priced as Securities?
    by Warren E. Weber

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