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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ E: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
/ / E5: Monetary Policy, Central Banking, and the Supply of Money and Credit
/ / / E59: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation
  2. Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycles (QM&RBC)
  3. Advanced Monetary Theory and Policy (ECON 447)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Optimization of Russia’s international reserves structure: Theoretical approaches, practical implementation
    by I. Ivanchenko.

  • 2017 Macroprudential Policy and Financing Behaviour in Dual Banking System: Bank-Level Evidence from Indonesia
    by Zulkhibri, Muhamed & Sakti, Muhammad Rizky Prima

  • 2017 Impulse on the Aggregate Demand in Bolivia through the coordination of the Monetary and Fiscal Policy in crisis time
    by Valdivia Coria, Joab Dan & Valdivia Coria, Daney

  • 2017 Pledgeability, Industry Liquidity, and Financing Cycles
    by Douglas W. Diamond & Yunzhi Hu & Raghuram G. Rajan

  • 2017 Optimal Simple Rule for Monetary Policy and Macroprudential Policy in a Financial Accelerator Model
    by Hyunduk Suh

  • 2017 The Federal Reserve’s Evolving Monetary Policy Implementation Framework: 1914-1923
    by Chabot, Benjamin

  • 2017 Cyclical patterns in risk indicators based on financial market infrastructure transaction data
    by Monique Timmermans & Ronald Heijmans & Hennie Daniels

  • 2017 Risk indicators for financial market infrastructure: from high frequency transaction data to a traffic light signal
    by Ron Berndsen & Ronald Heijmans

  • 2017 Transmisión de la política monetaria en Colombia: El carácter heterogéneo del canal de préstamos bancarios
    by Maria Camila Ortiz Gelvez

  • 2017 Expanding Global Liquidity Insurance: Myths and Realities of the IMF’s Precautionary Credit Lines - Working Paper 449
    by Nancy Birdsall, Liliana Rojas-Suarez, Anna Diofasi

  • 2017 Public debt, central bank and money: Some clarifications
    by Paul Mercier

  • 2017 The Impact of Monetary and Financial Freedom on Monetary Policy Transparency in Low, Middle and High Income Countries
    by Sattari, Omid & Yavari, Kazem & Heydari, Hassan & Etesami, Mansour

  • 2017 Credit Policy within BRD Bank
    by Moraru Camelia & Popovici Norina

  • 2017 Role of banks in financial inclusion in India
    by Badar Alam Iqbal & Shaista Sami

  • 2017 Maturity Mismatching and “Market Failure”
    by Walter E. Block & William Barnett

  • 2017 Determinants of Islamic Banks Acceptance in Oman
    by Shariq Mohammed & Nadia Sha & Mohammed Ahmar Uddin

  • 2016 Central Bank Balance Sheet Analysis
    by Bagus, Philipp & Howden, David

  • 2016 Dissemination of Information by the Federal Reserve System: An Overview and Benchmark
    by Araujo, Luiz Nelson

  • 2016 The macroeconomics effects of the implementation of the euro in Poland in relation to the experience of other countries
    by Bajan Bartlomiej

  • 2016 Fan chart – a tool for NBP’s monetary policy making
    by Paweł Pońsko & Bartosz Rybaczyk

  • 2016 What Is The Central Bank Effectively Targeting In Practice? Svensson’S Concept Of Inflation Forecast Targeting And Measures Of Inflation Projections-The Experiences Of Selected European Countries
    by Karolina Tura-Gawron

  • 2016 ANFA – nationale Geldschöpfung als Sprengsatz für die Währungsunion?
    by Dirk Meyer

  • 2016 Revize monetárního modelu Marca Lavoieho endogenizací parametru gama
    by Zdeněk Chytil & Lukáš Máslo

  • 2016 Who can better monitor a bank than another bank? Mechanisms of discipline in the Mexican interbank market ||¿Quién mejor que un banco para monitorear otro banco? Mecanismos de disciplina en el mercado interbancario mexicano
    by Tovar-García, Edgar Demetrio

  • 2016 2015 Summing-Up Of Banking Financial Sector Of The Republic Of Moldova
    by Rodica PERCIUN & Viorica POPA & Mariana BALAN

  • 2016 Impact of the Funding for Growth Scheme on the Hungarian economy
    by András László

  • 2016 The controversial treatment of money and banks in macroeconomics
    by István Ábel & Kristóf Lehmann & Attila Tapaszti

  • 2016 Transformation of the international and European project finance market as a result of the crisis
    by Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir

  • 2016 Evaluating Nigeria Cashless Policy Implementation
    by Kket E Ewa & Egu U. Inah

  • 2016 Causality between Monetary Expansion and the Price Level in India since 1950s – A Re-Examination
    by Ritwik Mazumder & Sanjib Debnath

  • 2016 The Cost of Low Inflation in Case of Pakistan
    by Zobia BHATTI & Abdul QAYYUM

  • 2016 Financial maturity, diffusion of telecommunications technology, and economic growth in Asia
    by Rudra P. Pradhan & Mak B. Arvin

  • 2016 Can information be locked up? Informed trading ahead of macro-news announcements
    by Bernile, Gennaro & Hu, Jianfeng & Tang, Yuehua

  • 2016 Taking financial frictions to the data
    by Suh, Hyunduk & Walker, Todd B.

  • 2016 Monetary Policy With Constant Real Stock Of Bonds
    by Ana ANDREI & Angela GALUPA & Armenia ANDRONICEANU & Irina Alexandra GEORGESCU

  • 2016 Exposure to interbank market and risk-taking by Mexican banks
    by Edgar Demetrio Tovar-García

  • 2016 Evaluación de la transmisión de la tasa de interés de referencia a las tasas de interés del sistema financiero Colombiano
    by Jose Eduardo Gomez-Gonzalez & Eliana González-Molano & Carlos Huertas-Campos & Deicy Cristiano-Botia & Ximena Chavarro-Sanchez

  • 2016 Digital Currency In The Current Cyber Security Environment
    by Radu, BORES & Ana Maria, HLACIUC

  • 2015 On Inflation Targeting
    by S. Glazyev.

  • 2015 Hawks and Doves at the FOMC
    by Eijffinger, S.C.W. & Mahieu, R.J. & Raes, L.B.D.

  • 2015 Monetary Policy Transmission in Emerging Asia: The Role of Banks and the Effects of Financial Globalization
    by Nasha Ananchotikul & Dulani Seneviratne

  • 2015 Bitcoin Mission Statement. Or What does it mean Sharing Economy and Distributed Trust?
    by Kosten, Dmitri

  • 2015 Different Types of Central Bank Insolvency and the Central Role of Seignorage
    by Ricardo Reis

  • 2015 Comment on: “when does a central bank’s balance sheet require fiscal support?” by Marco Del Negro and Christopher A. Sims
    by Ricardo Reis

  • 2015 Different types of central bank insolvency and the central role of seignorage
    by Reis, Ricardo

  • 2015 Hawks and Doves at the FOMC
    by Eijffinger, Sylvester C W & Mahieu, Ronald J & Raes, Louis

  • 2015 Evaluación de la transmisión de la tasa de interés de referencia a las tasas de interés del sistema financiero
    by Ximena Chavarro-Sanchez & Deicy Cristiano-Botia & Jose E. Gomez-Gonzalez & Eliana González-Molano, Carlos Huertas-Campos

  • 2015 Simulation of the term structure. An application for measuring the interest rate risk
    by Mirta González & María Cecilia Pérez

  • 2015 Switzerland
    by Brigitte Baumann

  • 2015 Finland
    by Jan D. Oker-Blom

  • 2015 Austria
    by Bernard Litzka

  • 2015 Colombia
    by Juan Pablo Rodriguez Neira

  • 2015 Russia
    by Ivan Protopopov & Konstantin Fokin

  • 2015 New Zealand
    by Franceska Banga & David Lewis

  • 2015 Portugal
    by João Trigo Da Roza & Francisco Banha

  • 2015 Canada
    by Ross Finlay & Blake Witkin

  • 2015 Singapore
    by Poh-Kam Wong

  • 2015 The Netherlands
    by René A.G. Reijtenbagh

  • 2015 India
    by Ashish Dave & Mohit Agarwal

  • 2015 United Kingdom
    by Jenny Tooth

  • 2015 United Arab Emirates
    by Heather Henyon

  • 2015 Spain
    by Juan Roure & Amparo De San Jose

  • 2015 Belgium
    by Reginald Vossen & Claire Munck

  • 2015 Australia
    by Jordan Green

  • 2015 Italy
    by Eng. Paolo Anselmo & Luigi Amati

  • 2015 Turkey
    by Baybars Altuntas

  • 2015 China
    by Wang Jiani & Chen Su

  • 2015 Scotland
    by Nelson Gray

  • 2015 Germany
    by Ute Gunther

  • 2015 United States
    by Marianne Hudson

  • 2015 Hong Kong
    by Allen Yeung

  • 2015 South Africa
    by Craig Mullett

  • 2015 France
    by Philippe Gluntz

  • 2015 Israel
    by D. Todd Dollinger & Steve Rhodes

  • 2015 Crowdfunding and Angel Investing
    by Charles Sidman

  • 2015 Angel Impact Investing
    by Wayne Silby & Jenna Nicholas

  • 2015 Women Angel Investors
    by Peggy Wallace & Rebecca Conti

  • 2015 Sources of Capital for Start-Ups
    by Bill Payne

  • 2015 Angels Without Borders:Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investment Worldwide

  • 2015 Análisis comparativo de microcréditos Banca pública Argentina y el Banco Grameen
    by Lisana B. Martinez & Hernán P. Vigier & Anahí Briozzo & María Belén Fernández Duval

  • 2015 Half-Forgotten Personalities of Economic Thought - Silvio Gesell
    by Pavel Sirůček

  • 2015 An empirical analysis of import demand function for Turkey: An ARDL bounds testing approach
    by Nazif Durmaz* & Jaehyuk Lee

  • 2015 Evaluation of Impact of Changes of Bank Deposit Resources on Gross Domestic Product
    by Oleksiy Lysenok

  • 2015 Liquidity provision during the crisis of 1914: Private and public sources
    by Jacobson, Margaret M. & Tallman, Ellis W.

  • 2015 Survey on Financial Market Frictions and Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models
    by Madalin Viziniuc

  • 2015 The New European Recovery And Resolution Framework
    by Ionut Mircea

  • 2015 Title A New Architecture Of The Banking System
    by Ionut Mircea

  • 2014 Sanctions of the USA and the Policy of Bank of Russia: Double Blow to the National Economy
    by S. Glazyev.

  • 2014 Financial innovations, money demand, and the welfare cost of inflation
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Samuel Huber & Alessandro Marchesiani

  • 2014 The Relationship between Inflation Targeting and Exchange Rate Pass-Through in Turkey with a Model Averaging Approach
    by Ferhat Arslaner & Dogan Karaman & Nuran Arslaner & Suleyman Hilmi Kal

  • 2014 Inflation,Inflation Variability, and Output Performance. Venezuela 1951-2002
    by Olivo, Victor

  • 2014 When does a central bank’s balance sheet require fiscal support?
    by Del Negro, Marco & Sims, Christopher A.

  • 2014 On the Possibility of Informationally Efficient Markets
    by Vives, Xavier

  • 2014 Contingent Convertibles [CoCos]:A Potent Instrument for Financial Reform
    by George M von Furstenberg

  • 2014 Is Sustainable Banking A Solution?
    by MIRCEA, Ionuţ

  • 2014 A note on the long-run neutrality of monetary policy: new empirics
    by Asongu, Simplice A.

  • 2014 The Interrelationship between the FED’s Profit and Selected Macroeconomic Variables - L’interrelazione tra profitti della Federal Reserve e alcune variabili macroeconomiche
    by Sweidan, Osama D. & Maghyereh, Aktham I.

  • 2014 Floor Systems for Implementing Monetary Policy: Some Unpleasant Fiscal Arithmetic
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Alessandro Marchesiani & Christopher Waller

  • 2014 How many currencies in Saarc countries? a multivariate structural var approach
    by Md. Abdur Rahman Forhad

  • 2014 Performance Appraisal of Mutual Funds Operating in India
    by Sharad Ranjan & Shailza Gupta

  • 2014 Renewable Energy-Solar Power in India
    by Dr. Vandana Tyagi

  • 2014 Evaluación del cumplimiento de los objetivos de inflación y el papel de las expectativas: evidencia para México, 1995-2012
    by Reyna Vergara González & Elías Eduardo Gutiérrez Alva

  • 2014 Dichotomy between macroprudential policy and monetary policy on credit and inflation
    by Suh, Hyunduk

  • 2014 Assessing the effectiveness of monetary policy in Kenya: Evidence from a macroeconomic model
    by Were, Maureen & Nyamongo, Esman & Kamau, Anne W. & Sichei, Moses M. & Wambua, Joseph

  • 2014 Evaluando las intervenciones cambiarias en Colombia: 2004-2012
    by Mauricio Lopera & Ramón Javier Mesa & Charle Londoño

  • 2014 How Would Monetary Policy Matter In The Proposed African Monetary Unions? Evidence From Output And Prices
    by Simplice Asongu

  • 2013 Floor systems for implementing monetary policy: Some unpleasant fiscal arithmetic
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Alessandro Marchesiani & Christopher J. Waller

  • 2013 Inferring Hawks and Doves from Voting Records
    by Eijffinger, S.C.W. & Mahieu, R.J. & Raes, L.B.D.

  • 2013 Estimating the Preferences of Central Bankers : An Analysis of Four Voting Records
    by Eijffinger, S.C.W. & Mahieu, R.J. & Raes, L.B.D.

  • 2013 A Literature Overview of the Central Bank’s Knowledge Transparency
    by M. Haluk Guler

  • 2013 Deposits, Loans and Banking: Clarifying the Debate
    by Bagus, Philipp & Howden, David & Block, Walter

  • 2013 A note on the long-run neutrality of monetary policy: new empirics
    by Asongu, Simplice

  • 2013 How would monetary policy matter in the proposed African monetary unions? Evidence from output and prices
    by Asongu, Simplice A

  • 2013 New Empirics of monetary policy dynamics: evidence from the CFA franc zones
    by Asongu, Simplice A

  • 2013 Does Money Matter in Africa? New Empirics on Long- and Short-run Effects of Monetary Policy on Output and Prices
    by Asongu, Simplice A

  • 2013 Trading partners in the interbank lending market
    by Afonso, Gara M. & Kovner, Anna & Schoar, Antoinette

  • 2013 Estimating the preferences of central bankers: an analysis of four voting records
    by Eijffinger, Sylvester C W & Mahieu, Ronald J & Raes, Louis

  • 2013 Inferring hawks and doves from voting records
    by Eijffinger, Sylvester C W & Mahieu, Ronald J & Raes, Louis

  • 2013 Bank Lending, Risk Taking, and the Transmission of Monetary Policy: New Evidence for Colombia
    by Nidia Ruth Reyes & José Eduardo Gómez G. & Jair Ojeda Joya

  • 2013 A note on the long-run neutrality of monetary policy: new empirics
    by Asongu Simplice

  • 2013 New Empirics of monetary policy dynamics: evidence from the CFA franc zones
    by Asongu Simplice

  • 2013 How would monetary policy matter in the proposed African monetary unions? Evidence from output and prices
    by Asongu Simplice

  • 2013 Does Money Matter in Africa? New Empirics on Long- and Short-run Effects of Monetary Policy on Output and Prices
    by Asongu Simplice

  • 2013 Risks And Constraints For The Monetary Stability
    by MILEA, Camelia

  • 2013 The Evolution of Bank Branches in the Near Future
    by DINCULESCU Elena Silvia & BURSUGIU Mihaela

  • 2013 The Potential Instruments of Monetary Policy
    by Charles A.E. Goodhart

  • 2013 Budgetary Risks of Monetary Policy with Special Regard to the Debt Rule
    by Gyula Pulay & János Máté & Ildikó Németh & Andrásné Zelei

  • 2013 The Trends in Banking Management of Romania
    by Dinculescu Elena – Silvia & Vîlcu Anca

  • 2013 The Asset Price Channel And Its Role In Monetary Policy Transmission
    by Dan Horatiu & & &

  • 2013 External Factors For The Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism
    by Dan Horatiu & & &

  • 2013 Aspects Regarding The Current Economic Crisis And Its Influence On The Financial Sector
    by Roxana Hetes & ALEXANDRU AVRAM & &

  • 2013 How can an interest rate rule reflect real economic considerations?
    by Balázs Krusper & Katalin Szilágyi

  • 2013 Surprising similarities: recent monetary regimes of small economies
    by Rose, Andrew K.

  • 2013 Modelando el esquema de intervenciones del tipo de cambio para Colombia. una aplicación empírica de la técnica de regresión del cuantil bajo redes neu
    by Mauricio Lopera Castaño & Ramón Javier Mesa Callejas & Sergio Iván Restrepo Ochoa & Charle Augusto Londoño Henao

  • 2013 Effects And Evolution Of Foreign Direct Investments On The Emergent Economies
    by Marinela TANASCOVICI & Alina HAGIU

  • 2013 Changes in Reserve Requirements and Brazilian Banks' Stocks
    by Bruno De Lorenzi Cancelier Mazzucco & Roberto Meurer

  • 2012 Degreasing the wheels of finance
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Samuel Huber & Alessandro Marchesiani

  • 2012 Model Validation and Learning
    by In-Koo Cho & Ken Kasa

  • 2012 Microfinance in India: self help groups - bank linkage model
    by Lipishree Das, Dr.

  • 2012 Mythos TARGET2 - ein Zahlungsverkehrssystem in der Kritik
    by Peter Burgold & Sebastian Voll

  • 2012 Runs, Panics and Bubbles: Diamond-Dybvig and Morris-Shin Reconsidered
    by Eric Smith & Martin Shubik

  • 2012 The Quantity Theory of Money and Friedmanian Monetary Policy: An Empirical Investigation
    by Claude Hillinger & Bernd Süssmuth & Marco Sunder

  • 2012 Taylor Principle Supplements the Fisher Effect: Empirical Investigation under the US Context
    by Mohammed Saiful ISLAM & Mohammad Hasmat ALI

  • 2012 Theoretical Considerations Of Price Stability As Part Of The Financial Stability
    by Marinela TANASCOVICI & Magdalena RÃDULESCU

  • 2012 Trends in Strategic Management of Banking Institutions in Romania
    by Dinculescu Elena –Silvia & Bursugiu Mihaela

  • 2012 Unconventional central bank instruments in Hungary
    by Gergely Fábián & Róbert Mátrai

  • 2012 Survey of Research on Financial Sector Modeling within DSGE Models: What Central Banks Can Learn from It
    by František Brazdik & Michal Hlavacek & Aleš Marsal

  • 2012 A bank runs model with a continuum of types
    by Azrieli, Yaron & Peck, James

  • 2012 Market discipline in Mexican banks: Evidence from the asset side
    by Edgar Demetrio Tovar-García

  • 2012 Recent Impact of the International Financial Crisis on the Implementation of Monetary Policy
    by Sofía Corallo & Carlos Suárez Dóriga & Matías Vicens

  • 2012 Stochastic Models For Credit Risk
    by Nadia STOIAN & Mariana BALAN

  • 2012 Currency Disintegration: Two Scenarios of Withdrawal
    by Dirk Meyer

  • 2011 Optimal disclosure policy and undue diligence
    by David Andolfatto & Aleksander Berentsen & Christopher Waller

  • 2011 Free-riding on liquidity
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Samuel Huber & Alessandro Marchesiani

  • 2011 The development of a regional payment system in Central America: A step towards further integration and economic development
    by Heinrich, Gregor & García Dubón, Enrique

  • 2011 Survey of Research on Financial Sector Modeling within DSGE Models: What Central Banks Can Learn from It
    by Frantisek Brazdik & Michal Hlavacek & Ales Marsal

  • 2011 Centralidade e hierarquia do sistema financeiro brasileiro
    by Marco Crocco

  • 2011 Fund Options and Hybrids
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Structured Credit Products
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Pricing Credit Derivatives
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Interest Rate Products
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Pricing Interest Rate Products
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Basket Equity Products
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Equity Structured Products
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Pricing Equity Options
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Introduction to Swap Finance
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Introduction
    by Richard D. Bateson

  • 2011 Financial Derivative Investments:An Introduction to Structured Products
    by Richard D Bateson

    by NĂFTĂNĂILĂ, Cristina Alina

  • 2011 Monetary Policy of Main Central Banks During the 2007-2011 Crisis
    by Nerina Reyna & Carlos F. Suárez Dóriga & Matías Vicens

  • 2011 Basel Iii Regulations On Strengthening The Banking System Capitalization
    by Natalita HURDUC & Nicoleta HURDUC

  • 2010 The National Question And The Question Of Crisis

  • 2010 Channel systems: why is there a positive spread?
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Alessandro Marchesiani & Christopher J. Waller

  • 2010 Channel Systems: Why is there a Positive Spread?
    by Aleksander Berentsen & Alessandro Marchesiani & Christopher Waller

  • 2010 Limitações teóricas da literatura convencional sobre impactos regionais de política monetária
    by Fernanda Faria Silva & Marco Aurélio Crocco Afonso & Carlos Javier Rodríguez-Fuentes

  • 2010 A Cardiograph of the Dollar´s Quality: Qualitative Easing and the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet During the Subprime Crisis
    by Philipp Bagus & Markus H. Schiml

  • 2010 The Management of the Credit Institutions in the Context of the Elaboration and Implementation of the Banking Strategy
    by Dinculescu Elena Silvia & Mindreci Georgiana

  • 2010 Does a Low Interest Rate Environment Affect Risk Taking in Austria?
    by Paul Gaggl & Maria Teresa Valderrama

  • 2010 An Analytical Approach to the Liquidity Effects of Monetary Policy
    by Young Sik Kim & Manjong Lee

  • 2010 Doviz Kuru Oynakliginin Ithalata Etkileri: Turkiye Ornegi
    by Aydin SARI

  • 2010 A Synthesized Discussion on the Macao Monetary Reform
    by Xinhua Gu

  • 2010 Risk Analysis of the Romanian Banking System – an Aggregated Balance Sheet Approach
    by Eugen MITRICA & Liliana MOGA & Andrei STANCULESCU

  • 2010 Central Banks' Involvement in Encouraging Economic Education and Literacy
    by Marius Constantin APOSTOAIE

  • 2010 Financial Stability And Central Bank Transparency In Europe
    by Bogdan Capraru

  • 2009 The Legitimacy of Loan Maturity Mismatching: A Risky, But Not Fraudulent, Undertaking
    by Bagus, Philipp & Howden, David

  • 2009 The HPD Fan ChartT With Data Revision
    by Julio, Juan Manuel

  • 2009 Central Bank Economic Research: Output, Demand, Productivity, and Relevance
    by Miguel sarmiento

  • 2009 Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy: Evidence for Colombia, Using a Firms´ Panel
    by José E. Gómez González & Paola Morales Acevedo

  • 2009 Findings of the Signal Approach for Financial Monitoring in Kazakhstan
    by Klaus Abberger & Wolfgang Nierhaus & Shynar Shaikh

  • 2008 Modelling non-linear comovements between time series
    by Catherine Kyrtsou & Costas Vorlow

  • 2008 Estimation of weights for the Monetary Conditions Index in Poland
    by Andrzej Toroj

  • 2008 Sources of Uncertainty for Conducting Monetary Policy in Chile
    by Felipe Morandé Lavín & Mauricio Tejada

  • 2008 Dinámica de la inflación y el canal de costos: Una aplicación para Chile
    by David Coble

  • 2008 ‘Automatic’ cycle-stabilising capital requirements: what can be achieved?
    by Tim Ng

  • 2008 Switching to the Inflation Targeting Regime: Does it necessary for the case of Egypt?
    by Ibrahim L. Awad

  • 2008 La topología de redes como herramienta de Seguimiento en el sistema de Pagos de Alto Valor en Colombia
    by Freddy Hernán Cepeda López

  • 2008 Consumer awareness and the use of payment media : evidence from young finnish consumers
    by Hyytinen, Ari & Takalo, Tuomas

  • 2008 Decizia de Politica Monetara : Intre Teorie si Intuitie
    by Pop, Napoleon

  • 2008 Payment networks in a search model of money
    by Antoine Martin & Michael Orlando & David Skeie

  • 2008 Towards measurement of political pressure on central banks: the case of the central bank of egypt
    by Ibrahim L. Awad

  • 2008 Banka Kredileri Ve Enflasyon Arasindaki Iliski: Turkiye Uzerine Ekonometrik Bir Analiz (1983-2007)
    by Ibrahim ARSLAN & Sevda YAPRAKLI

  • 2008 Capital Flows and Destabilizing Policy in Latin America
    by Jose Ricardo da Costa e Silva & Ryan A. Compton

  • 2007 Herding and Bank Runs
    by Chao Gu

  • 2007 A perspective on the new types of money as the organization's answer to the challenges of the globalization
    by Drumea, Cristina

  • 2007 Towards Measurement of Political Pressure on Central Banks in the Emerging Market Economies: The Case of the Central Bank of Egypt
    by Ibrahim L. Awad

  • 2007 Herding and Bank Runs
    by Gu, Chao

  • 2007 The Fan Chart: The Technical Details Of The New Implementation
    by Juan Manuel Julio

  • 2007 Barriers to network-specific investment
    by Antoine Martin & Michael Orlando

  • 2007 Evidence of a Bank Lending Channel for Argentina and Colombia
    by José Gómez-González & Fernando Grosz

  • 2006 Payments network in a search model of money
    by Antoine Martin & Michael Orlando & David Skeie

  • 2006 Financial dollarization and currency substitution: an empirical study for Bolivia
    by Dell'Erba, Salvatore & Saldías Zambrana, Martin

  • 2006 Does Monetary Policy Help Least Those Who Need It Most?
    by Michael S. Hanson & Erik Hurst & Ki Young Park

  • 2006 Learning and Model Validation
    by In-Koo Cho & Kenneth Kasa

  • 2006 Monetary Policy and Japan's Liquidity Trap
    by Lars E.O. Svensson

  • 2006 I currency board come strumento di stabilizzazione economica: come funzionano e dove sono adottati
    by Cappiello, Antonio

  • 2006 International Initiatives towards legal harmonisation in the field of Funds transfers, payments and payment systems - Annotated Bibliography
    by Heinrich, Gregor

  • 2006 Monetary thought of the sixteenth century muslim scholars
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2006 A Deliberative Independent Central Bank
    by Erwin Jericha & Martin Schürz

  • 2006 Cooperation, Stability And Self- Enforcement In International Environmental Agreements : A Conceptual Discussion
    by Parkash Chander & Henry Tulkens

  • 2006 Are Currency Crises Low-State Equilibria? An Empirical, Three-Interest-Rate Model
    by Christopher M. Cornell & Raphael H. Solomon

  • 2006 Why Dollarization is so persistent?
    by Paul Castillo Bardález & Diego Winkelried Quezada

  • 2006 ¿Por qué la dolarización es persistente?
    by Paul Castillo Bardález & Diego Winkelried Quezada

  • 2006 Teorie peněz Josefa Macka a jeho názory na monetární politiku
    by Milan Sojka

  • 2006 The Role of Euro in the International Monetary System
    by Tea Kbiltsetskhlashvili

  • 2006 Miscounting Money of Colonial America
    by Ronald W. Michener & Robert E. Wright

  • 2005 The Roles Of Money In An Economy And The Optimum Quantity Of Money
    by Edgar L. Feige & M. Parkin & R Avery & C. Stones

  • 2005 Free Banking and the Bank of Canada
    by David Laidler

  • 2005 Liquidity and growth traps: a framework for the analysis of macroeconomic policy in the 'age' of Central Banks
    by Alfonso Palacio Vera

  • 2005 Were U.S. State Banknotes Priced as Securities?
    by Warren E. Weber

  • 2005 Currency Mismatches, Balance-Sheet Effects and Hedging in Chilean Non-Financial Corporations
    by Kevin Cowan & Erwin Hansen & Luis Oscar Herrera

  • 2005 Quantity, Quality, and Relevance: Central Bank Research, 1990-2003
    by Pierre St-Amant & Greg Tkacz & Annie Guérard-Langlois & Louis Morel

  • 2005 The stability and growth pact : an eventful history
    by Geert Langenus

  • 2005 National Money of Account, with a Second National Money or Local Monies as Means of Payment: A Way of Finessing the Zero Interest Rate Bound
    by Stephen J. DAVIES

  • 2005 How Inflation Targeters (Can) Deal with Uncertainty
    by Kateøina Šmídková

  • 2005 Is institutional efficiency in independent central banking a communicative matter?
    by Carlo Tognato

  • 2004 The Decline and Fall of the Scandinavian Currency Union 1914 – 1924: Events in the Aftermath of World War I
    by Talia, Krim

  • 2004 Los retos del nuevo Acuerdo de Capital para los países en desarrollo y la función del BIS
    by Heinrich, Gregorio

  • 2004 Multihoming in the market for payment media : evidence from young Finnish consumers
    by Hyytinen, Ari & Takalo, Tuomas

  • 2004 The Drivers of The Recent Payment Systems Reforms Globally
    by Can Okay

  • 2004 Indonesia's monetary policy dilemma--constraints of inflation targeting
    by Chowdhury, Anis & Siregar, Hermanto

  • 2004 Credit and Household Consumption
    by Renata Pašalièová & Vladimír Stiller

  • 2004 Dogrudan Yabanci Yatirimlar ve Bankacilik Sektoru
    by Muharrem Afsar

  • 2004 Inflación Y Finanzas Públicas
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