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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

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Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 A novel algorithm for fully automated mapping of geospatial ontologies
    by Sana Chaabane & Wassim Jaziri

  • 2017 Block chain Technology:Concept of Digital Economics
    by Ahmed, Ovais

  • 2017 Information Order Shifts Criterion Placement in Perceptual Decisions
    by Thomas Garcia & Ismaël Rafaï & Sébastien Massoni

  • 2017 Estimativas de fecundidade no Brasil, Grandes Regiões e Unidades da Federação, em 2010, a partir da aplicação da técnica P/F de Brass no contexto de rápida queda da fecundidade adolescente
    by José Aberto Magno de Carvalho & Guilherme Quaresma Gonçalves & Luciano G. de Castro e Silva

  • 2017 Criteria for Selecting of German Economic Texts for the Aims of Foreign Language Teaching for Specific Purposes
    by Silviya Vasileva

  • 2017 Understanding Social Market Economy, Francesco Forte and His Interpretation
    by Flavio Felice & Markus Krienke

  • 2017 Trickster representations in advertising
    by Georgiana Andreea DRĂGAN

  • 2017 Seeking for God: Russian Rock Music and Religion
    by Nikolay POLIAKOV

  • 2017 Les youtubeuses et leur cahier de prières : médiatisation des formes émergentes de communication et d’organisation de la pratique religieuse ?
    by Kelber GONÇALVES

  • 2017 Religious framings in media. The “miraculous” healing of Gabriel Cotabiță
    by Diana-Anca DREVE

  • 2017 Using attribution theory to identify how media and the public frame Romanian religious leaders
    by Denisa KOVACS

  • 2017 Chasing plague through magical practices in the Transylvanian villages
    by Florica IUHAŞ & Gelu OLOSUTEANU

  • 2017 La communication dialogique : Après Bakhtine
    by Jo M. KATAMBWE

  • 2017 Journalism, Between An Avant-Garde Profession And A Profession In Crisis
    by Dan Valeriu VOINEA & Xenia NEGREA

  • 2017 Could Employees' Motivation Be Increased By A Better Organizational Communication? A Sociological Perspective
    by Gabriela MOTOI

  • 2017 Freedom Of Press In Current Socio-Political Environment In Romania
    by Georgiana STÄ‚NESCU & IonuÈ› SUCIU

  • 2017 Freedom And Dignity: A Book Review
    by Ștefan VLĂDUȚESCU

  • 2017 Censorship And Mystification In The Romanian Documentary During The Communist Era
    by Ionut SUCIU

  • 2017 Appropriation de technologies et développement durable : l’exemple de la viticulture de précision
    by Leslie Moreiro

  • 2016 Impact of health and recreation on work-life balance: A case study of expatriates
    by Naithani, Pranav

  • 2016 Redundancy, Unilateralism and Bias beyond GDP – results of a Global Index Benchmark
    by Dill, Alexander & Gebhart, Nicolas

  • 2016 Documentare e comunicare l'attività di trasferimento tecnologico.Analisi testuale della comunicazione dei poli di innovazione
    by Pasquale Pavone & Valentina Fiordelmondo & Margherita Russo

  • 2016 Documentare e comunicare l'attività di trasferimento tecnologico. Analisi testuale della comunicazione dei poli di innovazione
    by Pasquale Pavone & Valentina Fiordelmondo & Margherita Russo

  • 2016 Aplicação da técnica P/F de Brass em um contexto de rápida queda da fecundidade adolescente: o caso brasileiro na primeira década do século
    by José Aberto Magno de Carvalho & Guilherme Quaresma Gonçalves & Luciano G. de Castro e Silva

  • 2016 A brief note concerning Hayek’s non-standard conception of knowledge
    by Scott Scheall

  • 2016 South Stream: European Nation State Building In The Putin And Post-Putin Era
    by Benedict E. DeDominicis

  • 2016 How Does The Stadium Atmosphere At A College Football Game Affect Behavioral Intentions Across Gender Lines? The Mediating Role Of Spectator Satisfaction
    by Ricard W. Jensen & Yam B. Limbu & Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi

  • 2016 Observing Partnership Innovation through Inter-organizational Network Analysis on Emergency Response of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011
    by Mizan Bustanul Fuady BISRI

  • 2016 Media and Public Opinion role in Policymaking proces in the Republic of Kosovo
    by Dren GËRGURI

  • 2016 European Union in the age of misleading communications. Insights on disinformation and propaganda
    by Jaomiasa HANDY FRANCINE

  • 2016 De la discursivité et de la pseudonymie sur Internet
    by Marcienne MARTIN

  • 2016 From Trustee Journalism to Embedded Journalism: The News Embargo Break of Pope Francis’ Laudato si’
    by Marica SPALLETTA & Lorenzo UGOLINI

  • 2016 Visual Framing on the “Debating Europe” Platform: a case study on the “economic consequences” and “attribution of responsibility” generic frames
    by Alexandra BARDAN

  • 2016 Romanian media in the light of Media Sustainability Index – a comparative analysis
    by Daniela Aurelia TĂNASE POPA

  • 2016 Screening Queerness: Moral Agency and Representation in Two Romanian Movies
    by Ramona DIMA

  • 2016 Cultural evolution through responsibility: the Romanian appropriation of hip hop
    by Elena COSTEA

  • 2016 La triade attitudes – comportement – responsabilité Représentations médiatiques du cas « le jeune djihadiste » de Craiova
    by Gabriela RUSU-PĂSĂRIN

  • 2016 The three dimensions of pilgrimages: functionalist, religious – secular and secularising
    by Adriana Nicoleta COCÎRȚĂ

  • 2016 What is Game Studies Anyway? Legitimacy of Game Studies Beyond Ludo-centrism vs. Narrato-centrism Debate
    by Tulia Maria CĂȘVEAN

  • 2016 ‘There’s five girls and I got only four roses to hand out.’ Reality, realism and scripted TV
    by Monica MITARCĂ

  • 2016 Increasing implicit and explicit attitudes toward an organic food brand by referencing to oneself
    by Richetin, Juliette & Mattavelli, Simone & Perugini, Marco

  • 2016 The Relation of Managerial Communication - Public Management Conflicts and Crisis
    by Sebastian Kot & Mircea Bunaciu

  • 2016 Methods of Rehabilitation of the Power Plant Settling Ponds Paroseni
    by Michal Balog & Sorin Mihai Radu & Dorin Tataru

  • 2016 Prezidentská Diplomacie: Srovnání Tří Brazilských Prezidentů (Presidential Diplomacy: Three Brazilian Presidents In A Comparative Perspective)
    by Irena Melounová

  • 2015 On the origin of r-concavity and related concepts
    by Tamás L. Balogh & Christian Ewerhart

  • 2015 Student preconceptions and learning economic reasoning
    by Isabel Busom Piquer & Cristina López-Mayán Navarrete

  • 2015 Strategic Planning in Higher Education Institutions : A Case Study of SIMS - VISION 2025
    by Rao, Srinivas & Kumar, Suresh & Aithal, Sreeramana

  • 2015 Promozione del sistema dei poli di innovazione nello spazio web: analisi dei contenuti e delle reti di relazioni virtuali
    by Matteo Di Cristofaro & Valentina Fiordelmondo & Stefano Ghinoi & Margherita Russo

  • 2015 Aspects of Israeli Deterrence With a View to South Korean Applicability
    by Daniel Foulkes

  • 2015 The Power of Cinema on the Korean Peninsula
    by Samyel Lee

  • 2015 Convergence or Divergence in Future? Comparative Analysis between the WTO SCM Agreement and the Agreement on Agriculture
    by Minju Kim

  • 2015 The Asian Gold Rush: a Critique of the Win-Win Chinese Strategy Towards Africa
    by Camilla Crovella

  • 2015 A Big Frog in a Small Pond or a Giant of Asia? Understanding the Political Leadership Style of Lee Kuan Yew
    by H.M.S. Amanda Herath

  • 2015 The Hungarian Connection: the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and its Impact on Mao Zedong’s Domestic Policies in the late 1950s
    by David Tibor Teszar

  • 2015 Transnational Theory, Global World: Theory Matters, Not Geography
    by Phoebe Gardner

  • 2015 Student Preconceptions and Learning Economic Reasoning
    by Isabel Busom & Cristina Lopez-Mayan

  • 2015 Student Preconceptions And Learning Economic Reasoning
    by Isabel Busom & Cristina Lopez-Mayan

  • 2015 An algorithmic historiography of the Ebola research specialty: mapping the science behind Ebola
    by Nicholas V. Olijnyk

  • 2015 Been There, Done That, Bought It! - Economic and Cultural Impacts of Mass Media on Consumption
    by Baca Eleonora & Moraru Andreea-Daniela

  • 2015 Evidence On Education To Career Transitions In The Financial And Accountancy Sector
    by Julie Haddock-Millar & Chris Rigby & Chandana Sanyal

  • 2015 War As The Autoimmune Disease Of Humanity: Perspectives On A Theoretical Proposal
    by David Tibor Teszár

  • 2015 An impalpable reality - faith - presented in a virtual world – the blog

  • 2015 Reconciling conservatives and liberals: mission impossible?
    by Terézia RONČÁKOVÁ

  • 2015 Religious issues in the Romanian public sphere. Media discourse and deliberative practices
    by Dana RADU

  • 2015 Des identités numériques aux constructions identitaires complexes. Le cas de la diaspora roumaine de France
    by Cristina BĂDULESCU

  • 2015 Framing Russian Orthodox Church: How Russian State-owned Media Covered the Church/Religion
    by Galina V. LUKYANOVA

  • 2015 Can museums affect the way we understand religion?

  • 2015 Emotions in the media: Germanwings air crash
    by Anamaria NEAGU

  • 2015 Autorité, champs de pouvoir et écarts de conduite dans le monde universitaire

  • 2015 The visual framing of Romanian migrants in the national press: A social semiotic approach
    by Bianca-Florentina CHEREGI & Ana ADI

  • 2015 Japanese popular culture in Romanian cultural context. Romanian Manga
    by Crînguţa–Irina PELEA

  • 2015 Typology of the “one day hero” as a media symbolic construct
    by Florica IUHAŞ

  • 2014 Cognitive Diversity, Binary Decisions, and Epistemic Democracy
    by John A Weymark

  • 2014 Economic Ideas of Ibn ‘Ābidīn: A Legal Analysis
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2014 Women’s representation in local politics: Evidence from The Philippines
    by Valente, Jordan & Moreno, Frede

  • 2014 Hybridity, Multilevel Governance and Decentration: Supra versus Infra
    by Aliu, Armando & Parlak, Bekir & Aliu, Dorian

  • 2014 A Biological Basis for the Gender Wage Gap: Fecundity and Age and Educational Hypogamy
    by Polachek, Solomon & Zhang, Xu & Zhou, Xing

  • 2014 How close? An attempt at measuring the cultural distance between countries
    by Gustavo De Santis & Mauro Maltagliati & Silvana Salvini

  • 2014 Zur Struktur von empirischen Sozial-, Verhaltens- und Wirtschaftsforschern: ein Überblick über die Ergebnisse der SOEP-Nutzerbefragungen
    by Marcel Hebing & Florian Griese & Janine Napieraj & Marius Pahl & Carolin Stolpe & Gert G. Wagner

  • 2014 Zaangazowanie w prace – problemy z pomiarem (The measurement of work engagement – problems and issues)
    by Konrad Kulikowski & Magdalena Madej

  • 2014 Historical, Political and Ideological Influences in Translating Literature for Children
    by Chifane Cristina

  • 2014 Le Tourisme Roumain - Strategiquement Ouvert Vers L’International. L’Est-Il Aussi Vers La Communication Multilingue? (Ii)
    by CONSTANTIN Felicia

  • 2014 Le Tourisme Roumain - Strategiquement Ouvert Vers L’International. L’Est-Il Aussi Vers La Communication Multilingue? (I)
    by CONSTANTIN Felicia

  • 2014 Au-Dela Des Methodes Traditionnelles Dans L’Acquisition Des Competences Linguistiques Dans Une Langue Etrangere €“ Le Blog, Un Outil Pratique?
    by BOGDAN Rodica

  • 2014 Changing Identities Of The Baltic States: Three Memories In Stone
    by Anna Gromilova

  • 2014 A Geopolitical Stake: Republic Of Moldova Between The European Union And The Eurasian Union
    by Mircea-Cristian Ghenghea

  • 2014 Potential For Green Building Adoption: Evidence From Kenya
    by Peter Khaemba & Tony Mutsune

  • 2014 The political and ideological subordination of the press during the Ceaușescu régime
    by Emilia ŞERCAN

  • 2014 Les rituels universitaires dans les médias

  • 2014 Reality and symbolic construction in the TV documentary Human Planet
    by Otilia-Alina GĂINAR

  • 2014 La pratique du journalisme à l’aune de la notion d’intérêt public en Grande-Bretagne et en France : enjeux de définition et dualité paradigmatique
    by Kamel ZEGOUT

  • 2014 Le discours médiatique des intellectuels roumains. Deux moments : 1990 et 2009
    by Camelia CUȘNIR

  • 2014 Public Interest as Discourse Shaped at the Crossroads between Professional Values and Organizations in Communication Industries
    by Nicoleta-Elena APOSTOL

  • 2014 Repairing the Paradigm: The Fate of the Narrative in a “Network Culture”
    by Monica SPIRIDON

  • 2014 Eglise, espace public et démocratie : quels tournants ?
    by Ștefan BRATOSIN

  • 2014 Le milieu universitaire entre espace et temps

  • 2014 Book review. Antonio Sandu: Elemente de sociologie
    by Stefan Vladutescu

  • 2014 The organicist-animist metaphor in Italian wine media discourse
    by Alina Tenescu

  • 2014 Hermeneutics can make beauty and ugly as neutral (as neutrosophic)
    by Mihaela-Gabriela Paun & Mirela Teodorescu

  • 2014 Credibility - an Honest Claim in the Current Romanian Press
    by Xenia Negrea

  • 2014 Teacher's asserting premises and possibilities of efficient managerial styles
    by Claudiu Marian Bunaiasu

  • 2014 Five Computational Actions in Information Processing
    by Stefan Vladutescu & Florentin Smarandache

  • 2014 Osgood's semantic differential: a review of the Romanian social sciences literature
    by Alexandru-Constantin Strunga

  • 2014 Assessment of logistic outlays in industrial solid waste management
    by Janusz Grabara & Mariana Man

  • 2014 Book Review: Rolf Arnold - Assisted Learning: A Workbook, Landau: Bildungstransfer Verlag (2010)
    by Alexandru-Constantin Strunga

  • 2014 Book review. Sandu Frunza: Comunicare simbolica si seductie (2014)
    by Elena Rodica Opran

  • 2014 A demographic portrait of Romanian immigrants In California
    by Dan Valeriu Voinea

  • 2014 Communicative universal convertibility Matter-Energy-Information
    by Florentin Smarandache & Stefan Vladutescu

  • 2014 Football and Spanish Cultural Life; Some contemporary perspectives and observations
    by Jim O'Brien

  • 2014 Early education - strategic field of the educational reform
    by Claudiu Marian Bunaiasu

  • 2014 Objectivity between illusions and professional standards in today's journalism
    by Xenia Negrea

  • 2014 Logistic paradigm for industrial solid waste treatment processes
    by Janusz Grabara & Ioan Constantin Dima

  • 2014 Semantic equivalences in Romanian medical terminology
    by Corina Lungu

  • 2014 La libertad de los dominados: Aporte y límites de la teoría del poder de John Searle
    by Pablo, Beytía

  • 2014 Applying Insights from Behavioral Economics to Policy Design
    by Brigitte C. Madrian

  • 2013 Time to abandon group thinking in economics
    by Da Silva, Sergio

  • 2013 Focusing on the Focusing Illusion..
    by Beja, Edsel Jr.

  • 2013 A Prática Científica Nas Ciências Sociais
    by Santos, Miguel

  • 2013 L'Intercomprehension Dans Le Contexte Endolingue
    by Constantin Felicia & Bogdan Rodica & &

  • 2013 Watching Mobile TV in Constrained Telecommunication Networks
    by Julien FIGEAC

  • 2013 Religious media in Romania and the Church in secular media
    by Nicolae DASCĂLU

  • 2013 Media effects of basic Christian message presented on television
    by Rastislav DLUHÝ

  • 2013 Argumentation Schemes in Media Coverage of Religious Topics Media Coverage of the Removal of Archbishop Róbert Bezák
    by Terézia RONČÁKOVÁ

  • 2013 Political dispute over the status (religious/profane) of French territories
    by Camila ARÊAS

  • 2013 Media and Religion – the interplay of profane and sacred
    by Editorial - Anonymous

  • 2013 Religious conflicts in today’s mass media in Romania – framing the sacred issues in a profane code
    by Florica IUHAŞ

  • 2013 Le journaliste: son image dans la cinématographie roumaine. Etude des représentations sociales du journaliste dans le film roumain de fiction
    by Monica Mihaela MATEI

  • 2013 Desacralization of a National Day – religious and identity symbols in the commemorations of December 1st
    by Antonia MATEI

  • 2013 El golpe que no fue: Eduardo Frei, la Democracia Cristiana y la elección presidencial de 1970
    by Sebastián, Hurtado Torres

  • 2012 Research and Science Today Supplement No.1(3)/2012
    by Bădilă, Andreea Iuliana & Sucilă căs. Pahoni, Cipriana & Mihuţ, Cosmin & Filip, Dan Andrei & Ciubotaru, Iulian Marcel & Luca, Cătălin-Viorel & Mănescu, Alexandra Florina & Pipoș, Cristina & Popa (Lupu), Diana Gabriela & Dinu (Dragomir), Maria Magdalena & Petric, Paulian Timotei & Bran, Răzvan & Constantin, Veronica & Postăvaru, Gianina Ioana & Ciolan, Ioana Monica & Papuc, Valentin & Moșoi, Ștefan Cristian & Gheorghe, Anamaria Elena & Clucerescu (Tănase), Emilia Elena & Marin, Ştefan Claudiu & Ciorei, Mihaela Andreea & Mărcău, Flavius Cristian & Mihaela, Ruxanda & Marin, Camelia & Enescu, Camelia & Ealangi, Ionuț & Purcaru, Mihai & Pop, Alexandra Raluca & Bojincă, Moise

  • 2012 The Metaphorical Representation of Economic Crisis in the NBR Speeches
    by Danile? Magdalena & Mihai Olesia & Chersan Corina

  • 2012 Propos Sur Le Savoir-Faire Des Etudiants Non-Philologues Acquis Par Des Approches Plurielles. Etude De Cas : Le Metalangage
    by Constantin Felicia

  • 2012 Les Approches Plurielles Dans Le Modele Carap: Savoirs Acquis Par L'Intercomprehension
    by Constantin Felicia & Bogdan Rodica

  • 2012 Ideological limitations of Eminescu’s journalistic work reception
    by Mihaela MOCANU

  • 2012 European conscience and totalitarianism: contested memory in the European Union
    by Alina HOGEA

  • 2012 (Non) value in women`s magazines
    by Denisa Elena CHIRIŢĂ

  • 2012 Journalistic reportage vs. literary reportage. Diversion of reality towards propaganda during the proletcult time. Case study – F. Brunea-Fox
    by Alexandru GRUIAN

  • 2012 The impact of new media on the public. The Protests in Romania, January 2012
    by Simona BADER

  • 2012 New technologies, social networks and media: Spanish Revolution
    by Eunate SERRANO CASADO

  • 2012 A televised mythological ‚arch’: the princess, the beatification, the death
    by Monica MITARCĂ

  • 2012 Anthropology and Journalism: The television performance of the Abruzzo’s Earthquake (April - June 2009)
    by Marina BRANCATO

  • 2012 Deliberative journalism and citizenship: principles and practices in the Portuguese regional press
    by João Carlos Lopes de SOUSA & Ricardo José Pinheiro MORAIS & João Carlos Ferreira CORREIA & Gil António Baptista FERREIRA

  • 2012 Perception of Romanian Journalists on Mass-media and Democracy
    by Antonio MOMOC

  • 2012 Postmodernism Explained to Students
    by Monica SPIRIDON

  • 2012 Coupable jusqu’à la preuve contraire: analyse sémio-discursive de la médiatisation de l’acte de justice
    by Mădălina POPIRTARU & Adriana ŞTEFĂNEL & Daniela ROVENŢA-FRUMUŞANI

  • 2012 John Stuart Mill y el peligro del estancamiento en las sociedades modernas
    by María, Pollitzer

  • 2012-06 Naming and War in Modern Germany
    by Bruhn, Anja & Huschka, Denis & Wagner, Gert G.

  • 2011 Buon governo
    by Silvestri, Paolo

  • 2011 HDR 2011 - Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All
    by UNDP

  • 2011 Reducing Uncertainty in Scholarly Publishing: Concepts in the Field of Organization Studies, 1960-2008
    by Suleika Bort & Simone Schiller-Merkens

  • 2011 Do We Really Need Foreign Languages In The Romanian Tourism? Some Considerations About The Legitimacy Of Multilingual Competences
    by Constatin Felicia

  • 2011 Philosophy of Science Within Lucian Blaga’s Metaphysics – Contemporary Views
    by Ph.D. Senior Researcher Ionut ISAC

  • 2011 Integration of Gender Equality in Public Policy - Theoretical, Methodological and Social Dimensions
    by Lecturer Ph.D. Alina HURUBEAN

  • 2011 Gender and Grief Patterns
    by Ph.D. Aurora HRITULEAC

  • 2011 Existential options: microsuicide versus authenticity
    by Ph.D. Aurora HRITULEAC

  • 2011 Virtual Communities – A Study of a Protean Identity
    by Post-doctoral Researcher Camelia GRADINARU

  • 2011 The Impact of Educational Reforms on Teaching Resource of Kindergartens that Function with Prolonged Program in Iasi
    by Ph.D. Octavia GRAMATICU (AMARITEI)

  • 2011 The Symbol of the Serpent in Peter Stoica's Poetry
    by Florentina GHITA-NICA

  • 2011 Ethnicity and Interetnicity, Approach Methods
    by Associate Prof. Ph.D. Mictat GARLAN

  • 2011 An ethical analysis of the terminology of living donors proposed by ELPAT
    by Lecturer Ph.D. Mihaela FRUNZA & Associate Prof. Ph.D. Sandu FRUNZA

  • 2011 Elements for a profile of ethical expert adapted to the Romanian context
    by Lecturer Ph.D. Mihaela FRUNZA & Associate Prof. Ph.D. Sandu FRUNZA & Ph.D. Iulia GRAD & Ph.D. Student Ovidiu GRAD & PH.D. Catalin BOBB

  • 2011 Altruism vs. Financial Incentives in Transplantation Ethics
    by Lecturer Ph.D. Mihaela FRUNZA & Associate Prof. Ph.D. Cristina GAVRILUTA

  • 2011 Symbolic Violence in Television
    by Ph.D. Student Maria FLOREA NICUTA

  • 2011 Epistemological Investigations on Linguistic Identity
    by PhD Lecturer Marius-Costel ESI

  • 2011 The European Culture or the Identity of Diversity
    by Associate Professor Ph.D. Sorin BOCANCEA

  • 2011 P. P. Carp’s „Germanophilia”
    by Lecturer Ph.D. Student Silvia BOCANCEA

  • 2011 Contribution of Feminism to the Evolution of Deliberative Democracy Concept
    by Ph.D. Student Alexandru BOBOC COJOCARU

  • 2011 Legal Language – A Multidimensional Approach
    by Ph.D. Candidate Oana BARGAN

  • 2011 Convergent Logos of Various Forms and Types of Mystics - Areopagitic Theognosy and Cusanian Coincidentia Oppositorum
    by Ph.D. Bogdan BAGHIU

  • 2011 New Approaches in Personal Development Field- Appreciative Socialization Goup
    by Researcher Assistant Simona PONEA & Ph.D. Antonio SANDU

  • 2011 The Concept of Intelligence as a Multidimensional Attributes
    by Ph.D. Lecturer Mihaela Amalia PETROVICI (ANDRONIC)

  • 2011 Teachers’ training for the early childhood education - a paradigm shift in terms of professionalisations
    by Ph. D. Student Anca PETRESCU & Ph. D. Student Mirela ROSU

  • 2011 Reading the City: Paul Auster’s The New York Trilogy
    by Ph. D. Student Lucia-Hedviga PASCARIU

  • 2011 Critic Theories: Henry James seen by Northrop Frye and David Lodge
    by Ph.D. Candidate Paula-Andreea ONOFREI

  • 2011 The Absorbtion of Structural Funds by the Universities of Romania. Institutional Problems
    by Ph.D. Candidate Geta NEPOTU

  • 2011 Youth’s values and social aspirations
    by Lecturer Ph.D. Sebastian NASTUTA

  • 2011 The Quagmire of Philosophical Standpoints (Paradigms) in Management Research
    by Mohammed Kamil NAAIL

  • 2011 Representative Idea as Divine Gift. A Theological Ambiguity of Malebranche’s Theory of Knowledge
    by Ph.D. Cristian MOISUC

  • 2011 The Identitary Landmarks. Intellectuals and Their Role in the Construction of the European Identity
    by Ph.D. Simona MITROIU

  • 2011 The Identitary References. The Language and the New Face of the Other
    by Ph.D. Simona MITROIU & Ph.D. Anca-Diana BIBIRI

  • 2011 Leadership and Soldier's Motivation
    by Ph.D. Candidate Ioan MITREA

  • 2011 Propaganda and Manipulation, Seduction or Conviction?
    by Ph.D. Nicolae LUPASCU

  • 2011 The Slum’s Characters in Early Romanian Novels
    by Ph.D. Candidate Daniel LUCA

  • 2011 The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies in the Transformation of Organizations from the Service Sector
    by Associate Prof. Ph.D. Catalina LACHE

  • 2011 Why Do Ece Teachers Need to be Mentored By Ece Administrators?
    by Ph.D. Peter P. KIRIAKIDIS

  • 2011 Responsible innovation: bringing together technology assessment, applied ethics, and STS research
    by Armin Grunwald

  • 2011 Science Communication, Science Journalism and the New Media
    by Adrian PĂCURAR

  • 2011 Digital Ethnography
    by Eleonora SAVA

  • 2011 Connectés à Dieu Entre une hyper modernité communicationnelle et un recours traditionnel au sacré
    by Valérie AUBOURG

  • 2011 The Released Image of the Social Academic Society (Romanian Academy) by ,,Convorbiri Literare” (Literary Conversations) Review, during 1867-1877
    by Aurora IORGOVEANU

  • 2011 Ethnographic Approach to so–called “Sacred” in a Spanish Muslim Digital Environment
    by Mariblanca AYALA

  • 2011 Discursive Norms in Blogging
    by Ruxandra BOICU

  • 2011 Public Understanding of Science: Science PR and Popular Culture
    by Mircea SAVA

  • 2011 L’événement comme avènement: la logique et les enjeux symboliques dans la présidentielle ukrainienne de 2004
    by Françoise ALBERTINI & Hélène DOUNAEVSKY

  • 2011 Ceremonial in the Current Cultural Anthropology - Media Influences
    by Florica IUHAŞ

  • 2011 Global Economic Crisis As A Divine Blessing
    by Dumitru MOLDOVAN

  • 2010 Interpersonal relationships in the televised electoral debate
    by Boicu, Ruxandra

  • 2010 Eurolimes,where to?
    by Horga, Ioan

  • 2010 Hope in Hard Times: Women’s Empowerment and Human Development
    by Manisha Desai

  • 2010 Statistical Problems and Solutions in Onomastic Research: Exemplified by a Comparison of Given Name Distributions in Germany throughout the 20th Century
    by Denis Huschka & Gert G. Wagner

  • 2010 HDR 2010 - The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development
    by UNDP

  • 2010 The Firm’S Patrimony €“ An International Approach
    by Elena DOVAL

  • 2010 Vocabulary And Language Teaching
    by Abrudan Cristiana

  • 2010 Some Thoughts On Writing Skills
    by Sim Monica Ariana

  • 2010 Les Competences Langagieres – Suggestion Pour Une Adaptation Strategique Dans Le Management De L'Entreprise
    by Constantin Felicia

  • 2010 L’Empreinte Culturelle Et Sa Dynamique Dans Le Milieu Professionnel. Communication Et Adaptation Interculturelles Dans Les Entreprises Italo-Roumaines

  • 2010 “The Human” between the “life-world” and its theoretical (re)construction (English version)
    by Cecilia TOHANEANU

  • 2010 Care through deliberation: A new role of the ethics of care (English version)
    by Sanja IVIC


  • 2010 Communication and migrants in Europe The case of Romanian migrants images in Romanian media
    by Valentina MARINESCU

  • 2010 La théorie du complot liée au 11 septembre: les limites du développement de la rumeur sur internet
    by Aurélia LAMY

  • 2010 Public Sphere in Totalitarian Period. The Romanian Case
    by Luminiţa ROŞCA

  • 2010 La presse de la diaspora roumaine en Angleterre et en France. Analyse de contenu "Ziarul românesc"
    by Irina Gabriela PLETEA

  • 2010 The progressive frame of local press in the Republic of Moldova
    by Mariana TOACĂ

  • 2010 A Debate and Three Articles – A Comparative Analysis
    by Lucian IONICĂ

  • 2010 Cultural Identity: the Critique of the Cartographic Reason. A Transdisciplinary Approach
    by Monica SPIRIDON

  • 2010 On Sixty Years of Research and Theorizing on Mass Communication
    by Elihu KATZ

  • 2010 Media Events in the Age of Terrorism and the Internet

  • 2010 Une perspective genree sur la profession de journaliste en Roumanie et dans le monde

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