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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P1: Capitalist Systems
/ / / P11: Planning, Coordination, and Reform
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 L’opérateur de transport public à Bruxelles (STIB) et la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale :25 ans de vie commune
    by Christophe Goethals

  • 2015 Rechtliche Überlegungen zur Position der Sparer und institutionellen Anleger mit Blick auf die Niedrigzins- bzw. Negativzinspolitik der Europäischen Zentralbank
    by Hirdina, Ralph

  • 2015 О Формировании Системы Национального Планирования В России
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 Эволюция Институтов Конкуренции, Власти И Сотрудничества
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 От Социального Либерализма - К Философии Сотрудничества
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2015 Two Opposing Economic-Literary Critiques of Socialism: George Orwell Versus Eugen Richter and Henry Hazlitt
    by Makovi, Michael

  • 2015 Economic Policy without Politics
    by Mark S. Peacock

  • 2015 Centralizáció - utolsó mentsvár vagy a bukás előszele?. A tervezés általános természetéről
    by Bakonyi, Zoltán

  • 2015 A fejlesztő állam megszületése, virágzása és hanyatlása Japánban. A racionális szamurájoktól az abenomicsig
    by Muraközy, László

  • 2015 What determines the likelihood of structural reforms?
    by Agnello, Luca & Castro, Vitor & Jalles, João Tovar & Sousa, Ricardo M.

  • 2015 Productivity growth, technical change and economies of scale of Korean fossil-fuel generation companies, 2001–2012: A dual approach
    by Oh, Dong-hyun

  • 2015-01 No Countries for Old Technology Assessment? Sketching the Efforts and Opportunities to Establish Parliamentary TA in Spain and Portugal
    by Böhle, Knud & Moniz, António

  • 2014 Past and Future of the Chinese Economy
    by A. Maltsev.

  • 2014 L’opérateur de transport public à Bruxelles (STIB) et la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale :25 ans de vie commune
    by Christophe Goethals

  • 2014 Instabilitatea financiara, ciclurile si rolul institutiilor
    by Iancu, Aurel

  • 2014 La politique industrielle et de l’innovation chinoise dans la transition vers la croissance verte
    by Zeting LIU

  • 2014 Institutional Monitoring, Coordination and Acquisition Decision in Chinese Public Listed Companies
    by Peng, Fei & Kang, Lili & Yang, Xiaocong

  • 2014 Structural Changes in the Labor Market and Social Security System in China:From the Viewpoint of Flexicurity
    by YAN Chengnan

  • 2014 Growth in public finances as tool for control: Norwegian development 1850-1950
    by Grytten, Ola

  • 2014 Varianten von Marktwirtschaften: Lehren für Russland
    by Funk, Lothar

  • 2014 Relation entre l’opérateur de transport public à Bruxelles (STIB) et l’autorité organisatrice : entre asymétrie et coopération
    by Christophe GOETHALS

  • 2014 Capitalism and Inequality Re-Examined
    by Jon D. Wisman

  • 2014 Promemoria per la programmazione
    by Paolo Sylos Labini

  • 2014 Programmazione contestata
    by Paolo Sylos Labini

  • 2014 Analysis of Production - Inventory Decisions in a Decentralized Supply Chain
    by Saeed Alaei & Masoud Behravesh & Nayere Karegar

  • 2014 The Crisis, New Eu Policies, And The Republic Of Croatia
    by Mladen Vedris

  • 2014 Democratic institutions and regulatory reforms
    by Amin, Mohammad & Djankov, Simeon

  • 2014 Structural Heterogeneity Between Eu 15 And 12 New Eu Members – The Obstacle To Lisbon Strategy Implementation?
    by Magdalena Olczyk

  • 2013 What Is the Future of the Market Economy?
    by O. Antipina.

  • 2013 The Political Economy of Banking Regulation – Does the Basel 3 Accord Imply a Change?
    by Elias Bengtsson

  • 2013 Coordination des Politiques Economiques au Sein de la Zone UEMOA : Bilan et Perspectives
    by COMBEY, Adama & NUBUKPO, Kako

  • 2013 Реформа Ран: Экспертный Анализ: Часть I. Реформа Ран: Проект Минобрнауки
    by Polterovich, Victor

  • 2013 Lisbon Strategy implementation in 12 New EU Members – multivariate analysis of structural indicators
    by Magdalena Olczyk

  • 2013 The Political Economy of Structural Reform and Fiscal Consolidation Revisited
    by Hans Peter Grüner

  • 2013 Economics of Policy Errors and Learning in the European Union
    by Phedon Nicolaides

  • 2013 Services Trade Reform:Making Sense of It
    by Philippa Dee

  • 2013 Priorities and Pathways in Services Reform — Part II:Political Economy Studies

  • 2013 Priorities and Pathways in Services Reform — Part I :Quantitative Studies

  • 2013 Uninsurable Risks of Floods, Deluges, Overflows and the System of Solution
    by Hana BÁRTOVÁ & Karel HANZLÍK

  • 2013 Japanese Economy in 2007-2010
    by Zuzana Stuchlíková

  • 2013 Development of states and forms of capitalism: An empirical examination of their relationship
    by Sarunas Girdenas & Vincentas Giedraitis & Ausra Rasteniene

  • 2013 A válság mint negatív információ és bizonytalansági tényező. A válság hatása az egy részvényre jutó nyereség-előrejelzésekre
    by Jáki, Erika

  • 2013 Road to EURO
    by Florin Untaru

  • 2013 Hard Facts and Software: The Co-production of Indicators in a Land-use Planning Model
    by Laureen Elgert

  • 2013 Property rights, entrepreneurship and coordination
    by Harper, David A.

  • 2013 South Korea's economic future: Industrial policy, or economic democracy?
    by Holcombe, Randall G.

  • 2013 Which institutions encourage entrepreneurial growth aspirations?
    by Estrin, Saul & Korosteleva, Julia & Mickiewicz, Tomasz

  • 2013 Economic integration and government revenue from financial repression
    by Jinjarak, Yothin

  • 2013 Getting Fitter
    by Vincenzo Galasso

  • 2012 Economia de război: concepte, evoluţie şi instrumente
    by Georgescu Alexandru

  • 2012 Economic Freedom and Institutional Convergence
    by Elert, Niklas & Halvardsson, Daniel

  • 2012 Reform, Organisation and Consolidation of the Romanian Banking System
    by Ion Gr. Ionescu

  • 2012 Project Management for a Country with Multiple Objectives
    by Willem K. M. Brauers

  • 2012 Management Challenges - A Preview In Future Of Capitalism
    by MIHAESCU Liviu & MIHAESCU Diana

  • 2012 Impact and Response to the Financial Crisis: Comparing the EU and China Policies
    by Xavier Richet

  • 2012 Creative Accounting In The Context Of An “Efficient” Management
    by Mihaela Cristina Gheorghe

  • 2011 “Economic freedom” and economic growth: questioning the claim that freer markets make societies more prosperous
    by Cohen, Joseph N

  • 2011 Input-Output in Europe: Trends in Research and Application
    by Akhabbar, Amanar & Antille, Gabrielle & Fontela, Emilio & Pulido, Antonio

  • 2011 Analiza inițiativelor de promovare a integrării financiare la nivelul Uniunii Economice și Monetare
    by Avadanei, Andreea

  • 2011 A ‘Walrasian Post-Keynesian’ model? Resolving the paradox of Oskar Lange's 1938 theory of interest
    by Roberto Lampa

  • 2011 Finance and Governance in Developing Economies
    by Randall Morck

  • 2011 Which Institutions Encourage Entrepreneurs to Create Larger Firms?
    by Estrin, Saul & Korosteleva, Julia & Mickiewicz, Tomasz

  • 2011 Which Institutions Encourage Entrepreneurs to Create Larger Firms?
    by Estrin, Saul & Korosteleva, Julia & Mickiewicz, Tomasz

  • 2011 Which Institutions Encourage Entrepreneurs to Create Larger Firms?
    by Estrin, Saul & Korosteleva, Julia & Mickiewicz, Tomasz

  • 2011 Macro-Regional Strategies
    by Gábor Braun & Zoltán László Kovács

  • 2011 Incidencia de poderes exógenos en las políticas públicas en el sector rural en Colombia
    by Óscar Cardozo Londoño

  • 2011 Finance and Governance in Developing Economies
    by Randall Morck

  • 2010 Economie des services et développement des territoires
    by Mouhoud, El Mouhoub

  • 2010 The Aggregation of Individual Distributive Preferences through the Distributive Liberal Social Contract : Normative Analysis
    by Jean Mercier-Ythier

  • 2010 China's increasing policy shift towards more sustainable growth
    by Prud'homme, Dan

  • 2010 Neoliberalism’s relationship with economic growth in the developing world: Was it the power of the market or the resolution of financial crisis?
    by Cohen, Joseph N

  • 2010 Neoliberalism’s relationship with economic growth in the developing world: Was it the power of the market or the resolution of financial crisis?
    by Cohen, Joseph N

  • 2010 The transition of China and Ussr: A political economy perspective
    by Digdowiseiso, Kumba

  • 2010 Female Ministers, Governance and Reforms
    by Tom Coupe

  • 2010 OECD recommends: A Consensus For or Against Welfare States? Evidence from a New Database
    by Bergh, Andreas & Dackehag, Margareta

  • 2010 Aspectos Económicos del Gobierno de Carlos Lleras Restrepo. (Colombia, 1966-1970)
    by Pascual Amézquita Zárate

  • 2010 The Washington Consensus: Assessing a Damaged Brand - Working Paper 213
    by Nancy Birdsall

  • 2010 Impacts and Benefits of COAG Reforms: Reporting Framework
    by Commission, Productivity

  • 2010 Putting “Partnership” into PPPs: An Australian Perspective
    by Chris Aulich

  • 2010 Der systematische Ort der Moral ist die Ethik! Einige kritische Anmerkungen zur oekonomischen Ethik Karl Homanns (Ethics is the Systematic Place of Morality! A Critical Comment on Karl Homann’s ‘Economic Ethics’)
    by Michael S. Asslaender & Hans G. Nutzinger

  • 2010 Institutions and Economic Reforms
    by Wendy Carlin

  • 2010 National Strategies Necessary to the Development of the Rural Romanian Economy
    by Ispas Simona

  • 2010 The Serbian Regulatory Reform And Governance
    by Ljubinka Joksimoviæ

  • 2009 Why Capitalism Survives Crises: The Shock Absorbers

  • 2009 Infrastructure of the Market Economy
    by Walter Buhr

  • 2009 Fiscal Transfers and Structural Reforms in the European Monetary Union
    by Zemanek, Holger

  • 2009 Analysis of reaching the Lisbon Strategy targets at the national level: the EU-27 and Slovenia
    by Aristovnik, Aleksander & Andrej, Pungartnik

  • 2009 Impacto de la reforma al sistema de pensiones en México sobre el ahorro
    by Alejandro Villagómez & Juan Ignacio Hernández

  • 2009 Democracy and Reforms
    by Amin, Mohammad & Djankov, Simeon

  • 2009 The Agency Problem in New Institutional Economics
    by Tomáš Otáhal

  • 2008 Perfecting Imperfect Competition
    by Seißer, Goetz

  • 2008 A troubled relationship: corruption and reform of the public sector in development
    by Fitzsimons, Vincent G.

  • 2008 Reforma da Administração Pública: Antes e Depois da Democracia
    by Martins, J. Albuquerque

  • 2008 Mouvements de masse et organisations de classe en Amérique Latine aujourd'hui. ALBA, sortie du FMI, BancoSur et "socialisme du XXIe siècle"
    by Luciano Vasapollo & Rémy Herrera

  • 2008 Inter-linkages between Development Research and Policy Planning - Analytical Lessons from Indian Experiences in the Post Reforms Period
    by Arvind Virmani & Tarun Dass

  • 2008 Political Economy of Structural Reforms in Pakistan
    by S. M. Naseem

  • 2008 Assessing the Importance of National Economic Reform – Australian Productivity Commission Experience
    by Paul Gretton

  • 2008 Institutionnalisation des régimes de gouvernance et rôle des institutions socles:le cas de la cogestion allemande
    by Pierre-Yves Gomez & Peter Wirtz

  • 2008 Subsidizing National Champions: An Evolutionary Perspective
    by Cécile Aubert & Oliver Falck & Stephan Heblich

  • 2008 Theory of entrepreneurial discovery
    by Tomáš Otáhal

  • 2008 A kapitalizmus néhány rendszerspecifikus vonása
    by Kornai, János

  • 2007 Transitions In Latin America And In Poland And Syria

  • 2007 Market Socialism As A Distinct Socioeconomic Formation Internal To The Modern Mode Of Production
    by Gabriele, Alberto & Schettino, Francesco

  • 2007 Giving the ageing of the population how can countries afford pay-as-you-go social insurance pensions?
    by Gugushvili, Alexi

  • 2007 O Estado e a Gestão da Administração Pública
    by Martins, J. Albuquerque

  • 2007 Business Groups and the Big Push: Meiji Japan's Mass Privatization and Subsequent Growth
    by Randall Morck & Masao Nakamura

  • 2007 Do We Need National Champions? If So, Do We Need a Champions-Related Industrial Policy? An Evolutionary Perspective
    by Oliver Falck & Stephan Heblich

  • 2007 Asymmetric Information and Bank Runs
    by Gu, Chao

  • 2007 Giorgio Fuà and economic planning
    by Giorgio Ruffolo

  • 2007 Empire: Public Goods and Bads
    by Christopher J. Coyne & Steve Davies

  • 2006 Examining facets of the hegemonic: the globalisation discourse in Greece and Ireland
    by Antoniades, Andreas

  • 2006 The Political Economy of Structural Reform: Empirical Evidence from OECD Countries
    by Jens Høj & Vincenzo Galasso & Giuseppe Nicoletti & Thai-Thanh Dang

  • 2006 Tax policy and European Union governance
    by Gareth D. MYLES

  • 2006 EU cohesion policies; Adequate constitutional foundations and regulatory and financial constructions; need for further optimisation
    by Willem MOLLE

  • 2006 Constitution, cohesion: conflicting views from the Czech Republic
    by J. BLAŽEK

  • 2006 A Model to Forecast the Evolution of the Structure of a System of Economic Indicators
    by Andreica, Marin

  • 2006 Globális kihívások és nemzetgazdasági alkalmazkodás. A gazdaságpolitikai fegyelem intézményesítése Svédországban
    by Győrffy, Dóra

  • 2006 Crisis del modelo neoliberal y perspectivas para la economía mexicana
    by Bruno Sovilla

  • 2005 An Empirical Test of a New Theory of Economic Growth – The Relationship Between External Debt and Economic Development
    by Carolyn Currie

  • 2005 An Empirical Test of a New Theory of Economic Growth ? the Relationship Between External Debt and Economic Development
    by Carolyn Currie

  • 2005 Are Less Constrained Governments Really More Successful in Executing Market-oriented Policy Changes
    by Hans Pitlik

  • 2005 Circulation of the Capital in Romania, between the Free Globalization and Integration in the European Union
    by Raluca Florentina Cretu

  • 2004 Economic Freedom and The Business Cycle: The Egyptian Experience
    by Ossama Mikhail

  • 2004 Political Competition in Economic Perspective
    by Pranab Bardhan & Tsung-Tao Yang

  • 2004 Institutionelle Voraussetzungen marktorientierter Reformen der Wirtschaftspolitik
    by Hans Pitlik

  • 2004 Transition to a Market System: Gradualism versus Radicalism?
    by Grzegorz W. Kolodko

  • 2004 Regional disparities as barriers to transition to a market economy: the russian experience
    by Giannias, Dimitrios A & Liargovas, Panagiotis G & Chepurko, Yuri

  • 2003 Knowledge and Power in the Mechanical Firm: Planning for Profit in Austrian Perspective
    by Richard P. Adelstein

  • 2003 The Need for a New Theory of Economic Reform
    by Carolyn Currie

  • 2003 Coordinating tasks in M-form and U-form organisations
    by Yingyi Qian & Gerard Roland & Cheng-Gang Xu

  • 2003 Effect of Enterpise Break-Ups on Performance: Case of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
    by Polona Domadenik & Lubomir Lizal & Marko Pahor

  • 2003 Coordinating Tasks in M-Form and U-Form Organisations
    by Yingyi Qian & Gerard Roland & Chenggang Xu

  • 2003 Iso 9000 And Formalization – How Organizational Contingencies Affect Organizational Responses To Institutional Forces
    by Nikolaus Beck & Peter Walgenbach

  • 2003 De la primera a la segunda generación de reformas del Estado en América Latina: giro ideológico y cambio conceptual
    by José Guillermo García Chourio

  • 2002 Banken, instituties en zachte budgetbeperkingen tijdens de transitie
    by Ralph de Haas

  • 2002 Den svenska tillväxtskolan
    by Johansson, Dan & Karlson, Nils

  • 2002 Paradigmaváltás a kisvállalkozás-fejlesztésben
    by Kállay, László

  • 2002 Institutional Aspects of the Theory of Economic Transition
    by Traitcho Spasov

  • 2002 Institutional Aspects of the Theory for the Economic Transition
    by Traitcho Spasov

  • 2001 Depreciation Rates in a Transition Economy: Evidence from Czech Panel Data
    by Lubomir Lizal

  • 2001 Job Loss in the United States, 1981-1999
    by Henry S. Farber

  • 2001 Wage coordination and unemployment dynamics in Norway and Sweden
    by Barkbu,B.B. & Nymoen,R. & Roed,K.

  • 2001 India's Reform of External Sector Policies and Future Multilateral Trade Negotiations
    by T.N. Srinivasan

  • 2000 Механизм Формирования Единого Экономического (Рыночного) Пространства В России
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 2000 The Central Bank in Colombia
    by Alberto Alesina & Alberto Carrasquilla & RobertoSteiner

  • 2000 Sistema electoral y de partido en Colombia: propuestas de reforma
    by Gerald Roland & Juan Gonzalo Zapata Giraldo

  • 2000 Public spending on social protection in Colombia: analysis and proposals
    by Roberto Perotti

  • 2000 Institutional reforms in Colombia
    by Alberto Alesina

  • 2000 Education reform in Colombia
    by George J. Borjas & Olga Lucía Acosta Navarro

  • 2000 Decentralization in Colombia
    by Alberto Alesina & Alberto Carrasquilla & Juan José Echavarría Soto

  • 2000 Checks and balances: an assessment of the institutional separtion of political powers in Colombia
    by Maurice Kugler & Howard Rosental

  • 2000 La Economía Política de las Reformas Económicas en la Argentina
    by Tamara Saront & Mariano Tommasi & Juliana Bambaci

  • 1999 Deregulering van de Nederlandse woningmarkt
    by Klaauw, Bas van der & Kock, Udo

  • 1998 Which Enterprises (Believe They) Have Soft Budgets? Evidence on the Effects of Ownership and Decentralization in Mongolia
    by James H. Anderson & Georges Korsun & Peter Murrell

  • 1998 Privatization, Efficiency and Economic Growth
    by Gylfason, Thorvaldur

  • 1998 Megjegyzések a gazdasági rendszerek értékeléséről
    by Malinvaud, Edmund

  • 1997 New economic ideas and economic policy reform: an analysis of the swedish experience in the 30,s
    by Jose Francisco Teixeira

  • 1997 Which Enterprises (Believe They) Have Soft budgets after Mass Privatization? Evidence from Mongolia
    by James Anderson & Georges Korsum & And Murrell

  • 1997 Wage Dispersion in Russia
    by L.A. Grogan

  • 1997 Enterprise Break-ups and Performance During the Transition
    by Lizal, Lubomir & Singer, Miroslav & Svejnar, Jan

  • 1994 De makroøkonomiske reformer i teoretisk belysning
    by Tarp, Finn

  • 1992 Az import liberalizálása Dél-Koreában
    by Gács, János

  • 1992 Restructuring Enterprises in Eastern Europe
    by Carlin, Wendy & Mayer, Colin

  • 1991 Privatization in East Germany: A survey of current issues
    by Boes,Dieter

  • 1989 Markets as Instruments of Evolution of Structures
    by Pelikan, Pavel

  • 1984 Nature of Small Enterprise Development: Political Aims and Socio-Economic Reality
    by Nasir, Tyabji

  • 1971 Pakistan's economic system: a stage of transition
    by Hamid, Naved & Amjad, Rashid

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