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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ K: Law and Economics
/ / K3: Other Substantive Areas of Law
/ / / K33: International Law
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Streitpunkt Investitionsschutz: Für und Wider des Investitionsschutzes im TTIP-Abkommen
    by Peter Draper & Andreas Freytag & Frank Schorkopf & Christian Bellak & Stormy-Annika Mildner & Christoph Sprich & Elizabeth Johnson & Stefan Beck & Christoph Scherrer
  • 2014 From Rome to Lisbon and Beyond: Member States' Power, Efficiency, and Proportionality in the EU Council of Ministers
    by Nikolaos Antonakakis & Harald Badinger & Wolf Heinrich Reuter
  • 2014 Modern Maritime Piracy
    by Paul Hallwood & Thomas J. Miceli
  • 2014 Transparency of Export Restrictions: A Checklist Promoting Good Practice
    by Barbara Fliess
  • 2014 Investment Treaties and Shareholder Claims for Reflective Loss: Insights from Advanced Systems of Corporate Law
    by David Gaukrodger
  • 2014 Investment Treaty Law, Sustainable Development and Responsible Business Conduct: A Fact Finding Survey
    by Kathryn Gordon & Joachim Pohl & Marie Bouchard
  • 2014 Political Risk Spreads
    by Geert Bekaert & Campbell R. Harvey & Christian T. Lundblad & Stephan Siegel
  • 2014 Optimal environmental border adjustments under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
    by Edward J. Balistreri & Daniel T. Kaffine & Hidemichi Yonezawa
  • 2014 Violation of environmental regulations as a disinvestment in social capital
    by Gren, Ing-Marie & Andersson Franko, Mikael & Holstein, Fredrik
  • 2014 Third-country relations in the directive establishing a framework for the recovery and resolution of credit institutions
    by María J. Nieto
  • 2014 Supremacy Of European Law And Possible Judicial Remedies In Regard To The Issue Of Romania’S Accession To The Schengen Area
    by Nicolae PLOESTEANU & Raul MIRON
  • 2014 Asylum Policy And Custom Clearances In The Perspective Of The Reform Treaty
    by Dumitriţa Nicoleta IONESCU FLOREA & Alina LARION & Eugenia Gabriela LEUCIUC
  • 2014 Magyarország és az Európai Unió Bírósága
    by Juhász, Endre
  • 2014 The Precautionary Principle – Key Element of Sustainable Development
    by Charlotte Ene
  • 2014 Tradable immigration quotas
    by Fernández-Huertas Moraga, Jesús & Rapoport, Hillel
  • 2013 Cour de justice de l'Union européenne ; Note sous Cour de justice de l'Union européenne, quatrième Chambre, 29 mars 2012, affaire C-1/11, Interseroh Scrap and Metals Trading GmbH c/ Sonderabfall-Management-Gesellschaft Rheinland-Pfalz mbH (SAM)
    by Delzangles, Béatrice
  • 2013 Fonds souverains : aspects juridiques
    by Azar, Samar
  • 2013 Rethinking Remuneration Laws for the Financial Sector
    by Jonathan Ben Shlomo & Tristan Nguyen
  • 2013 Determinants of Spain's decision to leave the European Monetary Union
    by Antonio Estella
  • 2013 Political Risk Guarantees and Capital Flows: The Role of Bilateral Investment Treaties
    by Mina, Wasseem
  • 2013 Power of Global Transnational Networks: Civilizing of World Order
    by Aliu, Armando & Aliu, Dorian
  • 2013 Export Restrictions: Benefits of Transparency and Good Practices
    by Osvaldo R. Agatiello & Barbara Fliess
  • 2013 Border Carbon Adjustment and International Trade: A Literature Review
    by Madison Condon & Ada Ignaciuk
  • 2013 Temporal Validity of International Investment Agreements: A Large Sample Survey of Treaty Provisions
    by Joachim Pohl
  • 2013 How Important can the Non-Violation Clause be for the GATT/WTO?
    by Robert W. Staiger & Alan O. Sykes
  • 2013 Rethinking special and differential treatment in the WTO
    by Yanai, Akiko
  • 2013 Toward an inclusive and a little bit ethical world trading system : listening to the voices of the people in LDCs
    by Sato, Kan Hiroshi & Sato, Hiroshi
  • 2013 Features of IP rights enforcement in Korea and China
    by Nomura, Takashi & Okada, Saori & Yoshizaki, Takeshi
  • 2013 Lowering the Bar to Raise the Bar: Licensing Difficulty and Attorney Quality in Japan
    by J. Mark Ramseyer & Eric Rasmusen
  • 2013 Is New Governance the Ideal Architecture for Global Financial Regulation?
    by Annelise Riles
  • 2013 Customs regulation in the EurAsEC customs union and financial law development in the Russian federation
    by Alexander Kozyrin
  • 2013 The scope of the freedom to provide services: prohibited restrictions
    by Elena Postnikova
  • 2013 Violation of environmental regulations in Sweden: Economic motives, environmental attitudes, and social capital
    by Holstein, Fredrik & Gren, Ing-Marie
  • 2013 Multilateral Environmental Agreements in the WTO: Silence Speaks Volumes
    by Horn, Henrik & Mavroides, Petros C.
  • 2013 The Time WTO Panels Require to Issue Reports
    by Horn, Henrik
  • 2013 In the Shadow of the DSU: Addressing Specific Trade Concerns in the WTO SPS and TBT Committees
    by Horn, Henrik & Mavroides, Petros C. & Wijkström, Erik N.
  • 2013 Distortion Effects of Export Quota Policy: An Analysis of the China - Raw Materials Dispute
    by Christophe Charlier & Sarah Guillou
  • 2013 A Comparison Between Shale Gas in China and Unconventional Fuel Development in the United States: Health, Water and Environmental Risks
    by Paolo D. Farah & Riccardo Tremolada
  • 2013 Distortion effects of Export quota policy: an analysis ofThe China - Raw materials dispute
    by Christophe Charlier & Sarah Guillou
  • 2013 Grenzausgleichsinstrumente bei unilateralen Klimaschutzmaßnahmen. Eine ökonomische und WTO-rechtliche Analyse
    by Daniel Becker & Magdalena Brezskot & Wolfgang Peters & Ulrike Will
  • 2013 The creation of UN Women
    by Hilary Charlesworth & Christine Chinkin
  • 2013 When the claim hits: bilateral investment treaties and bounded rational learning
    by Lauge N. Skovgaard Poulsen & Emma Aisbett
  • 2013 Do governments mean business when they derogate?: human rights violations during notified states of emergency
    by Eric Neumayer
  • 2013 Unpacking the Principle of Openness in EU Law: Transparency, Participation and Democracy
    by Alemanno , Alberto
  • 2013 The Time WTO Panels Require to Issue Reports
    by Horn, Henrik
  • 2013 Tradable Immigration Quotas
    by Jesus Fernandez-Huertas Moraga & Hillel Rapoport
  • 2013 A Right to Enjoy Culture in Face of Climate Change: Implications for "Climate Migrants"
    by Margaretha Wewerinke
  • 2013 Climate Change, Human Rights and the International Legal Order: The Role of the UN Human Rights Council
    by Margaretha Wewerinke
  • 2013 Unfair Contractual Terms And Practices In Relation Between Professionals
    by George Chiocaru
  • 2013 The Application Process Of Hamburg Rules, Given The Context Of The Emergence And Entry Into Force Of The New Romanian Civil Code
    by Adriana Elena Belu
  • 2013 The Role Of The European Committee For Social Rights (Ecsr) In The European System For The Protection Of Human Rights. Interactions With Echr Jurisprudence
    by Cristina Sâmboan
  • 2013 Perspectives A Uniform Legal Framework Of Contracts In The European Union
    by Bogdan Cristian Trandafirescu
  • 2013 Several Aspects Regarding Orphan Works After The Adoption Of Eu Directive 2012/28/Eu Of The European Parliament And The Council Of 25 October 2012
    by Andreea Seucan
  • 2013 The Main Operations Of Reorganization Through Mergers Of Trading Companies
    by Alexandra-Gabriela Rolea
  • 2013 Specialized Courts Of The European Union
    by Ioana Nely Militaru & Adriana Motatu
  • 2013 Some Thoughts On The Interrelation Of Article 7 Teu With The Eu Fundamental Rights Agency
    by Konstantinos Margaritis
  • 2013 Validation Of The Derived Law Norm In The European And International Law
    by Alina Letia
  • 2013 Discrimination By Association In European Law
    by Catalina-Adriana Ivanus
  • 2013 Marine Piracy In Somalia – Past, Present And Future
    by Michal Gornowicz
  • 2013 Commercial Pressures and Legal Rights: The Trouble with the Law Regulating Agricultural Investment in Africa
    by Lorenzo Cotula
  • 2013 La Reglementation Juridique Europeenne De L’Extradition
    by Dragos CHILEA
  • 2013 Aspects Regarding The Competitive Offer Clause In International Commercial Contracts
    by Marlena BOANCÃ IVAN
  • 2013 The Theories Of Interpreting The European Convention Of Human Rights – As Shown In The Case Law Of The European Court Of Human Rights
    by Cristinel Ioan MURZEA
  • 2013 The International And European Regime Of Health Protection And Food Safety
    by Anamaria TOMA-BIANOV
  • 2013 The European Social Charter (Revised) and the Protection of the Human Rights
    by Mititelu Cãtãlina, & Radu (Mitra) Mariana
  • 2013 Elements of Maritime Labor Law
    by Anechitoae Constantin & Buzarna-Tihenea (Gãlbeazã) Alina
  • 2013 From the National Cabotage to the “Blue Belt”
    by Anechitoae Constantin & Buzarna-Tihenea (Gãlbeazã) Alina
  • 2013 Legal And Practical Implications Of The Proposed Common European Sales Law
    by Vjekoslav Puljko & Mirela Zupan
  • 2013 Some Critical Aspects Concerning The Institutional System Of European Union
    by Timofte Claudia Simona & Timofte Adrian Ioan & &
  • 2013 The Single Supervisory Mechanism within the Banking Union – Novel Features and Implications for Austrian Supervisors and Supervised Entities
    by Dieter Huber & Elisabeth von Pföstl
  • 2013 The Offense of Blackmail in the Criminal Law of the Republic of Moldova [Infractiunea de santaj in legea penala a Republicii Moldova]
    by Sergiu BRINZA
  • 2013 About Beliefs and Intentional Strategies [Despre convingeri si strategii intentionale]
    by Felicia CEAUŞU
  • 2013 A Study on Some of the Aggravating Circumstances of the Offence of Intentional Murder Provided by the Penal Code of the Republic of Moldova [Studiu asupra unor circumstante agravante ale infractiunii de omor intentionat prevazute de codul penal al Republicii Moldova]
    by Sergiu BRINZA
  • 2013 Some Legal-penal and Criminological Aspects of Domestic Violence: Study of Jurisprudence Practice in Moldova [Unele aspecte juridico-penale si criminologice ale violentei in familie: studierea practicii judiciare din Republica Moldova
    by Victor MORARU
  • 2013 Psychotherapeutic Intervention in a Case of a Negleted Child [Interventia psihoterapeutica intr-un caz de neglijare a unui copil]
    by Ana ARUSOAIE
  • 2013 Songs before Sunrise: Swinburne and Plato about the Poets' "Republic" [Cantece dinaintea Rasaritului: Swinburne si Platon despre „republica” poetilor]
    by Roxana PATRAS
  • 2013 The Post-Communism: Toward a Global Assessment [Postcomunismul: spre o evaluare globala]
    by Ciprian IFTIMOAEI
  • 2013 Political Groups in the European Parliament [Grupurile politice din Parlamentul European]
    by Teodora PRELIPCEAN
  • 2013 Deliberative Democracy and Communicative Action of Jurgen Habermas [Democratia deliberativa si actiunea comunicativa la Jurgen Habermas]
    by Antonio SANDU
  • 2013 Ethics in Updated Economics
    by Alexandru TRIFU & Loredana TEREC-VLAD
  • 2013 Current Challenges of the National and International Legislation Concerning the Greenhouse Effect [Provocari actuale ale legislatiei nationale si internationale privitoare la incalzirea globala]
    by Ana Rucsandra IGNEA & Vlad ENACHE & Alexandru CONSTANTINESCU
  • 2013 The Content of the Specific Rights of the National Minorities [Continutul drepturilor specifice minoritatilor nationale]
    by Roxana-Alina PETRARU
  • 2013 Issues Concerning the Gradual Application of Juridical Standards in Time
    by Camelia IGNATESCU
  • 2013 The Juridical Act and its Validity Conditions – Differences between the Romanian and the Moldavian Legislations [Actul juridic si conditiile sale de valabilitate - diferente intre reglementarea romana si cea moldoveana]
    by Raluca Oana ANDONE
  • 2013 Peculiarities of Preventive Measures for Juveniles [Particularitatile aplicarii masurilor preventive in privinta minorilor]
    by Vitalie RUSU & Vlad-Nicolae NEDELCU
  • 2013 Reglementation of Penalties for Domestic Violence in the Criminal Law of the Republic of Moldova. Critical Reflections [Reglementarea raspunderii pentru violenta in familie in legea penala a Republicii Moldova. Reflectii critice]
    by Vitalie STATI
  • 2013 The Election Offences in Regulating the Legislation of the Republic of Moldova [Infractiunile electorale in reglementarea legislatiei Republicii Moldova]
    by Vitalie STATI
  • 2013 The Conflict in Syria: Key Issues and Consequences on the International Market of Crude Oil
    by Mariana Papatulica
  • 2013 The Conflict in Syria: Key Issues and Consequences on the International Market of Crude Oil
    by Mariana Papatulica
  • 2013 Maritime Piracy: Trends and Future Developments A Review
    by George Samiotis & Vasileia Psarrou & Michalis Pazarzis & Vasilis Tselentis & Georgios Dafnos
  • 2013 Size inequality, coordination externalities and international trade agreements
    by Limão, Nuno & Saggi, Kamal
  • 2013 Comparative Definition of Energy under Public International Organization
    by Özge Varýþ
  • 2013 Impact of Poland accession to the euro zone on the trade policy with the European Union countries and with third country
    by Miroslawa Laszuk
  • 2013 Priestor Slobody Bezpečnosti A Spravodlivosti V Kontexte Európskej Integrácie
    by Lucia Hurná
  • 2013 Medzinárodnoprávna zodpovednosť za činnosť v kozmickom priestore
    by Stanislav Mráz
  • 2013 Petičné právo vyplývajúce z občianstva Európskej únie
    by Lucia Hurná
  • 2013 Reform of the United Kingdom judicial system
    by Ovidiu-Horia Maican
  • 2013 The Covenant on civil and political rights
    by Aulona Haxhiraj
  • 2013 Tribunal of the European Union
    by Ioana Nely Militaru & Ileana Voica
  • 2013 Scenarios regarding the role of the Competition Council and its influence to the economic environment
    by George Gruia & George Cristian Gruia
  • 2013 European civil service. The principles of the legal framework in force
    by Mihaela Tofan
  • 2013 On the successful integration of the implemented principles into the fiscal legislation
    by Valerijs Jakuševs
  • 2013 Concept of environment, sustainable development and respect for human rights
    by Urjana Çuri
  • 2013 Economic and labor rights in the European Union after Lisbon: an institutional approach
    by Konstantinos Margaritis
  • 2013 Corruption and compliance: preventive legislations and policies in international business projects
    by Harsh Pathak
  • 2013 Legal status of public enterprises and commercial monopolies in the European Union
    by Ovidiu Horia Maican
  • 2013 Lisbon Treaty – the architect of a new European institutional structure
    by Maria Popescu
  • 2012 Les conflits de normes : le traitement légistique et jurisprudentiel des conflits horizontaux de normes : rapport scientifiquee
    by Schiller, Sophie & Péraldi-Leneuf, Fabienne
  • 2012 Consecinţele „Tratatului fiscal” asupra statelor Uniunii Europene
    by Zdanovschi Alice Cristina Maria, Şaguna Dan Drosu
  • 2012 The Right to Food: A Global Overview
    by Susan Randolph & Shareen Hertel
  • 2012 The Effect of Kyoto Emission Targets on Domestic CO2 Emissions: A Synthetic Control Approach
    by Christian Almer & Ralph Winkler
  • 2012 Beyond FDI: The Influence of Bilateral Investment Treaties on Debt
    by Mina, Wasseem
  • 2012 Italian Succession Procedure
    by De Tullio, Giandomenico
  • 2012 Individual versus Collective Enforcement Rights in Sovereign Bonds
    by Häseler, Sönke
  • 2012 Investor-State Dispute Settlement: A Scoping Paper for the Investment Policy Community
    by David Gaukrodger & Kathryn Gordon
  • 2012 Dispute Settlement Provisions in International Investment Agreements: A Large Sample Survey
    by Joachim Pohl & Kekeletso Mashigo & Alexis Nohen
  • 2012 Bridging Monopolies of Power: Foreign Tourism Trade Relations between Germany and Jordan and Constitutional Uncertainty
    by DÖRRY Sabine
  • 2012 L'application de la Convention Internationale des Droits de l'Enfant en droit luxembourgeois
    by SEGURA Jordane
  • 2012 Extension of International Jurisdiction over Crimes Committed by International Terrorist Organisations
    by Eduard Ivanov
  • 2012 Distrust and Barriers to International Trade in Food Products: An Analysis of the US — Poultry Dispute
    by Christophe Charlier
  • 2012 Domestic Politics and the Formation of International Environmental Agreements
    by Simon Dietz & Carmen Marchiori & Alessandro Tavoni
  • 2012 Les droits de l’homme, critère d’appréciation des investissements internationaux ? Réflexions sur les principes de John Ruggie
    by Amar, Jacques
  • 2012 Making a Voluntary Greek Debt Exchange Work
    by Gulati, Mitu & Zettelmeyer, Jeromin
  • 2012 Preliminary References - Analyzing the Determinants that Made the ECJ the Powerful Court it Is
    by Lars Hornuf & Stefan Voigt
  • 2012 The Impact of EU Membership on the Economic Governance of Spain
    by Francesc Granell (Professor of International Economic Organisation)
  • 2012 The management of financial crises in companies
    by Elena Doina LEPADAT
  • 2012 The process of europeanisation reviewed: the implication of the court of justice of the European Union
    by Carolina SMOCHINA & Tatiana CERNEI
  • 2012 Projects Of Harmonization Of The Laws On Insolvency
  • 2012 The Framework Of Insolvency Law
  • 2012 The Right to a Healthy Climate as a Function of the Right to Life, UDK 342.7:502.131.1
    by Temelko Risteski & Elena Todorova & Sejdefa Dzafce & Anita Gligorova
  • 2012 The European Public Order And The Reform Of The Control Mechanism For The Observance Of The Rights Stipulated By The European Convention Of Human Rights
    by Nicoleta Adriana ODINÃ
  • 2012 Considerations On International Commercial Arbitration In Competition Matters In The European Union
    by Ioan LAZÃR & Laura LAZÃR
  • 2012 Practical Difficulties Generated by Cargo Description in Contracts for International Sale of Goods and Bills of Lading
    by Bãtrînca Ghiorghe
  • 2012 Freedom of Expression Principle
    by Brasoveanu Florica
  • 2012 International Protection of Human Rights
    by Brasoveanu Florica
  • 2012 30 Years since the Convention on Sea Law
    by Constantin Anechitoae
  • 2012 The Scope of the Notions of Marriage, Property Relations and Matrimonial Agreement in Romanian Private International Law (English version)
    by Nadia ANITEI
  • 2012 Family Therapy Based on Hugh Jenkins’ Method With a Juvenile Delinquent and His Family
    by Andrea FABIAN
  • 2012 The Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe, Save Banks Not States
    by Hans-Bernd Schäfer
  • 2012 An Outline Of The Europe – South Africa Relations During And Post The Apartheid Era
    by Konstantinos Margaritis
  • 2012 Private Clouds with No Silver Lining: Legal Risk in Private Cloud Services
    by Rebecca IGLESIAS & Rob NICHOLLS & Anisha TRAVIS
  • 2012 Trade disputes, quality choice, and economic integration
    by Chisik, Richard
  • 2012 The New Multilateralism: The Shift to Private Global Regulation
    by Lawrence L. Herman
  • 2012 The New Multilateralism: The Shift to Private Global Regulation
    by Lawrence L. Herman
  • 2012 Nová európska investičná politika a jej dopad na osud bilaterálnych investičných dohôd členských štátov EÚ (2. časť)
    by Katarína Brocková
  • 2012 Špecifiká postavenia štátu ako subjektu medzinárodného práva
    by Klaudia Pyteľová
  • 2012 Compliance with international sanctions commitments in the Czech Republic
    by Štěpánka Zemanová & Radka Druláková
  • 2012 Nová európska investičná politika a jej dopad na osud bilaterálnych investičných dohôd členských štátov EÚ (1. časť)
    by Katarína Brocková
  • 2012 Zmluva o stabilite, koordinácii a správe v hospodárskej a menovej únii. Politické a ekonomické aspekty
    by Ivan Korčok
  • 2012 Postavenie Environmentálnych Migrantov V Súčasných Geopolitických A Právnych Rámcoch
    by Mikuláš Černota
  • 2012 Vojnové Trestné Činy
    by Stanislav Mráz
  • 2012 L’expression de la souveraineté des Etats membres de l’OHADA (l’Organisation pour l’Harmonisation en Afrique du Droit des Affaires): une solution-problème a l’intégration juridique
    by Hervé Magloire Moneboulou Minkada
  • 2012 Arbitration proceedings under international regime an overview on the Albanian legislation
    by Artan Spahiu
  • 2011 The international politics of IFRS harmonization
    by Karthik Ramanna
  • 2011 Les partenariats public-public : de nouveaux outils au service de l'eau
    by Lemaire, Sophie
  • 2011 La bridage des "niches fiscales" à l'aube de 2011
    by Massart, Thibaut & Raynouard, Arnaud & Douet, Frédéric
  • 2011 Le commerce équitable et la Convention sur la Diversité Biologique
    by Johnson, Pierre
  • 2011 Size Inequality, Coordination Externalities and International Trade Agreements
    by Kamal Saggi & Nuno Limao
  • 2011 Adapting the international monetary system to face 21st century challenges
    by Aldo Caliari
  • 2011 Civil War and Willingness to Pay for Independence: The American Revolution
    by Paul Hallwood
  • 2011 The Law and Economics of International Cooperation Against Maritime Piracy
    by Paul Hallwood & Thomas J. Miceli
  • 2011 “Keystone Cops” Meet “Pirates of the Somali Coast”: The Failure of International Efforts to Control Maritime Piracy
    by Paul Hallwood & Thomas J. Miceli
  • 2011 Is Technical Assistance under Free Trade Agreements WTO-Plus? A Review of Japan–ASEAN Economic Partnership Agreements
    by Hamanaka, Shintaro
  • 2011 Lizbon Antlaşması Sonrası Avrupa Birliği'nin Yeni Kurumsal Yapısı
    by CALISKAN, Ozgur
  • 2011 Dual citizenship granted to hungarian ethnics. context and arguments
    by Brie, Mircea & Polgar, Istvan
  • 2011 An SIA analysis of the Investment Chapter in the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)
    by Prud'homme, Dan
  • 2011 Dual Citizenship Granted to Hungarian Ethnics. Context and Arguments in the Romanian and Hungarian Mass Media
    by Brie, Mircea & Polgar, Istvan
  • 2011 Collective action clauses in sovereign bonds
    by Häseler, Sönke
  • 2011 Individual enforcement rights in international sovereign bonds
    by Häseler, Sönke
  • 2011 Pluralism and deformalisation as mechanisms in the achievement of more equitable and just outcomes – the move from „Classical Formalism“ to deformalisation
    by Ojo, Marianne
  • 2011 Trade sustainability impact assessment (SIA) on the comprehensive economic and trade agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada: Final report
    by Kirkpatrick, Colin & Raihan, Selim & Bleser, Adam & Prud'homme, Dan & Mayrand, Karel & Morin, Jean Frederic & Pollitt, Hector & Hinojosa, Leonith & Williams, Michael
  • 2011 Environmental Concerns in International Investment Agreements: A Survey
    by Kathryn Gordon & Joachim Pohl
  • 2011 Size Inequality, Coordination Externalities and International Trade Agreements
    by Nuno Limao & Kamal Saggi
  • 2011 Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Forest Protection: The Transaction Costs of REDD
    by Lee J. Alston & Krister Andersson
  • 2011 Transfer pricing at glass, porcelain and ceramic industry
    by Danuse Nerudova & Veronika Solilova
  • 2011 Tradable Immigration Quotas
    by Fernández-Huertas Moraga, Jesús & Rapoport, Hillel
  • 2011 Tradable Immigration Quotas
    by Fernández-Huertas Moraga, Jesús & Rapoport, Hillel
  • 2011 Israel - Middle East North Africa (MENA) Trade: Is There Any Truth to the NEG Theory as Applied to the Israel-Jordan QIZs?
    by Joseph Pelzman
  • 2011 Vietnam's Transition to a Market Economy: The Use of NME Standards in Dumping and Countervailing Investigations: or What Happened to Me On the Way to Rome?
    by Joseph Pelzman
  • 2011 Compliance for Big Brothers An Empirical Analysis on the Impact of the Anti-trafficking Protocol
    by Seo-Young Cho & Krishna Chaitanya Vadlamannati
  • 2011 The European Securities and Markets Authority and institutional design for the EU financial market – a tale of two competences: Part (2) rules in action
    by Niamh Moloney
  • 2011 When the Claim Hits: Bilateral Investment Treaties and Bounded Rational Learning
    by Lauge N. Skovgaard Poulsen & Emma Aisbett
  • 2011 Tradable Immigration Quotas
    by Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga & Hillel Rapoport
  • 2011 Tradable Immigration Quotas
    by Moraga, Jesús Fernández-Huertas & Rapoport, Hillel
  • 2011 Tradable Immigration Quotas
    by Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga & Hillel Rapoport
  • 2011 The cost of complying with human rights treaties: The convention on the rights of the child and basic immunization
    by Varun Gauri
  • 2011 Free Movement Of Money In The European Union – The Role Of European Court Of Justice In The Formation Of Free Movement Of Capital And Payments
    by Natalia Bialek & Arkadiusz Bazylko
  • 2011 The EU v. Balkan and Eastern European Countries: Unwelcome Neighbours or Potential Members?
    by Vassilios GRAMMATIKAS
  • 2011 Negative Prescription and Good Morals
    by Anton Radaikin
  • 2011 Good Faith and Economic Competition
    by Anton Radaikin
  • 2011 Considérations Sur Les Accords De Coopération Transfrontalieres Entre Les Unités Administratives-Territoriales Limitrophes Des Zones Frontalieres De La Roumanie Et Les Structures Similaires Dans Les Pays Voisins
    by Cãtãlin-Silviu SÃRARU
  • 2011 Aspects Regarding The Free Movement Of Workers In The Community Space
    by Romulus Gidro & Aurelia Gidro & Vasile Nistor
  • 2011 The Utility of the Barter Agreement in International Commercial Trade
    by Oana Răvaș
  • 2011 International and Community Issues on Bankruptcy Regulation of Credit Institutions
    by Gavrilã Simona Petrina
  • 2011 Traditional and Modern Techniques of Transferring the Benefit of the Credit Insurance Contract in International Trade
    by Gavrilã Simona Petrina
  • 2011 The International River Law Supporting the Development of Global Economy
    by Grigorut Cornel & Anechitoae Constantin & Grigorut Lavinia-Maria
  • 2011 European Union's Reactions to the Global Financial Crisis
    by Pîrlac Ana & Leuciuc Eugenia Gabriela
  • 2011 Reglementarea juridica a parteneriatului public-privat institutional - Regulatory framework for institutional public-private partnership (English version)
    by Ph.D. Candidate Marina ZAHARIOAIE
  • 2011 Suveranitatea Nationala in Contextul Integrarii Statelor in Uniunea Europeana - The National Sovereignty in the Context of the Integration of States in the European Union (Romanian version)
    by Lecturer Ph.D. Student Crina Mihaela VERGA
  • 2011 Juridical System of the Honorific Consular Offices
    by Trocan, Laura Magdalena
  • 2011 States of Exception when the United Nations Acts as a Territorial Administrator
    by Szymanski, Charles F.
  • 2011 Influence of Regional and International Law Systems into Domestic Law
    by Motataianu, Stefan
  • 2011 Treaty of Lisbon and the Criminal Law
    by Vladila, Lavinia Mihaela
  • 2011 Sýria v arabskej a medzinárodnej politike po rozpade Zjednotenej arabskej republiky, 1961 - 1963
    by Karol R. Sorby
  • 2011 Územná pôsobnosť práva Európskej únie
    by Lucia Hurná
  • 2011 Medzinárodné finančné organizácie v kontexte všeobecného vymedzenia medzinárodného ekonomického práva
    by Klaudia Pyteľová
  • 2011 Dohovor o prepravnej zmluve v medzinárodnej cestnej nákladnej doprave z roku 1956 (CMR) a jeho zmeny
    by Katarína Harajdová
  • 2011 Les services de paiement sur le marche de l'Union Europeenne et de l'Espace Economique Europeen, pendant la crise economique actuelle
    by Alexandru Bulearca
  • 2011 The principle of empowerment in the European Union
    by Ioana Nelly Militaru
  • 2011 Forms of reparation of prejudice in international law - reflections on common aspects in the draft regarding the responsibility of the states for internationally wrongful acts -
    by Felicia Maxim
  • 2011 Liability of intermediary service providers in Romania
    by Mihaela Giuraniuc (Tudorache)
  • 2011 Citizenship of the European Union under the Treaty of Lisbon
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  • 2008 Does Membership in International Organizations Increase Governments’ Credibility? Testing the Effects of Delegating Powers
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