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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B4: Economic Methodology
/ / / B40: General
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Mostly Sunny: A Forecast of Tomorrow's Power Index Research
    by Sascha Kurz & Nicola Maaser & Stefan Napel & Matthias Weber
  • 2014 XXI Century. The Age of Great Challenges. The Problem of “Us” and the “Others” - Il XXI secolo: l’era delle grandi sfide. Il problema di “noi” e gli “altri”
    by Reviglio, Edoardo
  • 2014 Problems of the Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences – An Introduction to the Philosophy of Economics [Probleme ale filozofiei ştiinţelor naturii şi a ştiinţelor socio-umane – O introducere în filozofia ştiinţelor economice]
    by Popovici Alexandru
  • 2014 Boundedly Rational versus Optimization-Based Models of Strategic Thinking and Learning in Games
    by V. P. Crawford.
  • 2014 Bounded-Rationality Models: Tasks to Become Intellectually Competitive
    by R. M. Harstad & R. Selten.
  • 2014 Chasing the B: A Bibliographic Account of Economics’ Relation to its Past, 1991-2011
    by Pedro Garcia Duarte & Yann Giraud
  • 2014 Issues in Identifying Economic Crises: Insights from History
    by Xavier De Scheemaekere & Kim Oosterlinck & Ariane Szafarz
  • 2014 Open Access to Research Data: Strategic Delay and the Ambiguous Welfare Effects of Mandatory Data Disclosure
    by Frank Mueller-Langer & Patrick Andreoli-Versbach
  • 2014 Can Tax Compliance Research Profit from Biology?
    by Benno Torgler
  • 2014 Heurística: notas muy preliminares para analizar problemas en economía
    by Estrada, Fernando
  • 2014 Il Mezzogiorno fra storia e pubblicistica. Una replica a Daniele e Malanima
    by Felice, Emanuele
  • 2014 The Problem of Methodological Pluralism in Ecological Economics
    by Lo, Alex
  • 2014 La lutte contre la pauvreté à l'épreuve des essais cliniques. Réflexion sur l'approche expérimentale de l'économie du développement
    by Judith Favereau
  • 2014 Instrumental Cardinal Concerns for Social Status in Two-Sided Matching with Non-Transferable Utility
    by Ennio Bilancini & Leonardo Boncinelli
  • 2014 Open Access to Research Data: Strategic Delay and the Ambiguous Welfare Effects of Mandatory Data Disclosure
    by Mueller-Langer, Frank & Andreoli-Versbach, Patrick
  • 2014 A Brief History of Envelope Theorems in Economics: Static and Dynamic
    by Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf
  • 2014 The Market in Economics: Behavioural Assumptions and Value Judgments
    by Sandmo, Agnar
  • 2014 Models and Fictions in (Micro-)Economics
    by Wichardt, Philipp C.
  • 2014 Endophilia or Exophobia: Beyond Discrimination
    by Feld, Jan & Salamanca, Nicolás & Hamermesh, Daniel S.
  • 2014 From Long-Run Utopia to Technical Expertise: Solow's Growth Model as a Multipurpose Design
    by Verena Halsmayer
  • 2014 Monetary Policy and Value Judgments : Did we forget Myrdal’s legacy ?
    by Nicolas Barbaroux & Michel Bellet
  • 2014 Short‐Run Macro After the Crisis: The End of the “New” Neoclassical Synthesis?
    by Oliver Landmann
  • 2014 Chasing the B: A Bibliographic Account of Economics’ Relation to its Past, 1991-2011
    by Yann Giraud & Pedro Garcia Duarte
  • 2014 Mostly Sunny: A Forecast of Tomorrow's Power Index Research
    by Sascha Kurz & Nicola Maaser & Stefan Napel & Matthias Weber
  • 2014 Integrating search in macroeconomics: the defining years
    by Samuel DANTHINE & Michel DE VROEY
  • 2014 Can Tax Compliance Research Profit from Biology?
    by Benno Torgler
  • 2014 GDP and convergence in modern times
    by Emanuele Felice
  • 2014 The Idea Of ‘‘Common Good’’ And The Role Of The State In Present Day Social Economics
    by Giuseppe Mastromatteo & Stefano Solari
  • 2014 La racionalidad en la formación de expectativas. Crítica de la hipótesis de expectativas racionales
    by Cecilia Bermúdez
  • 2014 Phenomenology as a Foundation of Economic Method
    by Miroslav Svoboda
  • 2014 One Swallow Doesn't Make a Summer: Reply to Kataria
    by Zacharias Maniadis & Fabio Tufano & John A. List
  • 2014 Instrumental cardinal concerns for social status in two-sided matching with non-transferable utility
    by Bilancini, Ennio & Boncinelli, Leonardo
  • 2013 Liberal Political Economy and Philosophy of James Buchanan
    by A. Zaostrovtsev.
  • 2013 Firms as Persons
    by Richard Adelstein
  • 2013 Do We Really Need to Start From Scratch? Economic Theory on Economic Crises
    by Michał Gradzewicz & Krzysztof Makarski & Joanna Tyrowicz
  • 2013 Endophilia or exophobia: beyond discrimination
    by Salamanca Acosta N. & Hamermesh D. & Feld J.F.
  • 2013 Georreferenciamento e História Agrária: distribuição espacial das propriedades rurais a partir dos registros de terras de meados do século XIX
    by Angelo Alves Carrara & Rafael Martins de Oliveira Laguardia
  • 2013 Open Access to Data: An Ideal Professed but not Practised
    by Patrick Andreoli-Versbach & Frank Mueller-Langer
  • 2013 Reason-Based Rationalization
    by Dietrich, Franz & List, Christian
  • 2013 Mea Culpa, Economica: Perkembangan Konsep dan Pengajaran Ilmu Ekonomi Pasca Krisis Ekonomi Global 2008
    by Sanjaya, Muhammad Ryan
  • 2013 The Application of the Minimum Food Security Quota (MFS-Quota): Malaysia
    by Ruiz Estrada, Mario Arturo
  • 2013 Does economic prosperity bring about a happier society? Mathematical remarks on the Easterlin Paradox debate
    by Beja Jr, Edsel
  • 2013 From Edgeworth to Econophysics: A Methodological Perspective
    by Drakopoulos, Stavros A. & Katselidis, Ioannis
  • 2013 Does “Okun’s Law” state a Pi:1 ratio? Toward a harmonic interpretation of why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.
  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Metaphysical
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Empirical
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 Rhetoric and Analogies
    by Enriqueta Aragones & Itzhak Gilboa & Andrew Postlewaite & David Schmeidler
  • 2013 Endophilia or Exophobia: Beyond Discrimination
    by Jan Feld & Nicolás Salamanca & Daniel S. Hamermesh
  • 2013 Heterodox Shocks
    by Greg Hannsgen
  • 2013 Natural and Economic Selection - Lessons from the Evo-Devo and Multilevel Selection Debate
    by Georg Schwesinger
  • 2013 Endophilia or Exophobia: Beyond Discrimination
    by Feld, Jan & Salamanca, Nicolas & Hamermesh, Daniel S.
  • 2013 When x Becomes x': Sameness and the Internal Consistency of Choice
    by Marek Hudík
  • 2013 The Future of Health Economics: The Potential of Behavioral and Experimental Economics
    by Hansen, Fredrik & Anell, Anders & Gerdtham, Ulf-G & Lyttkens, Carl Hampus
  • 2013 Intentional Apple-choice Behaviors: When Amartya Sen Meets John Searle
    by Dorian Jullien
  • 2013 In Defense of Early Warning Signals
    by Bussière, M.
  • 2013 Comments on Prof. Colander’s Paper, "What Should Turkish Economists Do and How Should They Do It?"
    by Fikret Senses
  • 2013 What Should Turkish Economists Do and How Should They Do It?
    by David Colander
  • 2013 Faith, works and talents entwined: Driving forces behind John Nevile’s contributions
    by GC Harcourt & Peter Kriesler & John Langmore
  • 2013 Repensando a teoria pós-keynesiana da acumulação à luz da lei da entropia
    by Vitor Eduardo Schincariol
  • 2013 Economics in the International Encyclopaedia of Unified Science
    by Giandomenica Becchio
  • 2013 Capital gains, total returns and saving rates
    by Michael Hudson
  • 2013 The Max U Approach: Prudence Only, or Not Even Prudence? A Smithian Perspective
    by David Lipka
  • 2013 In search of a preferred preference elicitation method: A test of the internal consistency of choice and matching tasks
    by Attema, Arthur E. & Brouwer, Werner B.F.
  • 2013 Economic cosmology and the evolutionary challenge
    by Gowdy, John M. & Dollimore, Denise E. & Wilson, David Sloan & Witt, Ulrich
  • 2013 intentional apple-choice behaviors: when amartya sen meets john searle
    by Dorian Jullien
  • 2013 firms as persons
    by Richard Adelstein
  • 2013 General Equilibrium and Social Justice: Neoclassical Theory as a Political Philosophy?
    by Vincent Desreumaux
  • 2013 A Gênese do Indivíduo e o Indivíduo da Gênese: Uma Abordagem Multidisciplinar Acerca do Papel da Ideologia Cristã nas Origens do Homem (Econômico)
    by Manuel Ramon Souza Luz & Paulo Sérgio Fracalanza
  • 2013 Boundedly Rational versus Optimization-Based Models of Strategic Thinking and Learning in Games
    by Vincent P. Crawford
  • 2013 Bounded-Rationality Models: Tasks to Become Intellectually Competitive
    by Ronald M. Harstad & Reinhard Selten
  • 2012 Mathematical Formalism and Political-Economic Content
    by D. Foley.
  • 2012 On the Validity of the Theoretical Bases of Inflation Targeting and New Keynesian General Equilibrium Models
  • 2012 What’s Wrong with Economic Models? A Response to John Kay
    by M. WOODFORD.
  • 2012 The Map Is Not the Territory: An Essay on the State of Economics
    by J. KAY.
  • 2012 Economics of Happiness as an Academic Research Discipline
    by O. ANTIPINA.
  • 2012 Optimization, Path Dependence and the Law: Can Judges Promote Efficiency?
    by Marciano, Alain & Khalil, Elias L.
  • 2012 An agent-based "proof of principle" for Walrasian macroeconomic theory
    by Edoardo Gaffeo & Mauro Gallegati & Umberto Gostoli
  • 2012 Addressing Economic Crises: The Reference-Class Problem
    by Xavier De Scheemaekere & Kim Oosterlinck & Ariane Szafarz
  • 2012 Citation Success Over Time: Theory or Empirics?
    by David W Johnston & Marco Piatti & Benno Torgler
  • 2012 İnsan Düşüncesinde İktisadi Alanın (Yeniden) Yapılanması Üzerine Spekülasyonlar
    by KARGI, Bilal
  • 2012 Measures and Motivations: U.S. National Income and Product Estimates During the Great Depression and World War II
    by Kane, Richard
  • 2012 Measuring Women Empowerment: Dissecting the Methodological Discourse
    by Vijayamohanan, Pillai N. & Asalatha, B. P.
  • 2012 Predicting crises: Five essays on the mathematic prediction of economic and social crises
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2012 La investigación econométrica mediante paneles de datos: Historia, modelos y usos en México
    by Ruiz-Porras, Antonio
  • 2012 Economic Models as Analogies, Third Version
    by Itzhak Gilboa & Andrew Postlewaite & Larry Samuelson & David Schmeidler
  • 2012 Methodologies to assess the impact of infrastructure projects in international development evaluation
    by Julie Pellegrin & Emanuela Sirtori
  • 2012 « L'économie des discriminations » peut-elle se passer d'une « philosophie économique des discriminations ? »
    by Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche
  • 2012 Replicating "Sources of Slow Growth in African Economies"
    by Graham A. Davis
  • 2012 Replicating Sachs and Warner: The 1997 Working Paper
    by Graham A. Davis
  • 2012 Liberty and the Post-Utilitarian Society
    by Saint-Paul, Gilles
  • 2012 The Max U Approach: Prudence-only, or Not Even Prudence? A Smithian Perspective
    by David Lipka
  • 2012 Hegel’s “Objective Spirit” and its Contemporary Relevance for the Philosophy of Economics
    by Ivan Boldyrev & Carsten Herrmann-Pillath
  • 2012 On the Reception of Haavelmo’s Econometric Thought
    by Kevin D. Hoover
  • 2012 Citation Success Over Time: Theory or Empirics?
    by David W. Johnston & Marco Piatti & Benno Torgler
  • 2012 Les extensions contextuelles et structurelles du choix économique rationnel
    by Fabrice Tricou
  • 2012 Citation Success Over Time: Theory or Empirics?
    by David W. Johnston & Marco Piatti & Benno Torgler
  • 2012 Mainstream Economics in the Early 21st Century: What, How and How Far
    by Hernán Vallejo
  • 2012 Islamic Finance Revisited: Conceptual and Analytical Issues from the Perspective of Conventional Economics
    by Sheng, A. & Singh, A.
  • 2012 An Investigation of Editorial Favoritism in the AER
    by Philip R. P. Coelho & James McClure
  • 2012 What do sticky and flexible prices tell us?
    by Millard, Stephen & O'Grady, Tom
  • 2012 Neither dashboard nor 'mashup' indices: an empirical wealth approach as a pathway to a comprehensive measure of development
    by Emanuele Felice
  • 2012 The focus axiom and poverty: On the co-existence of precise language and ambiguous meaning in economic measurement
    by Subramanian, Subbu
  • 2012 Wirtschaftsethik – Individualmoral oder Rahmenordnung? Ein Beitrag zum Einfluss der Verhaltensoekonomik auf die Wirtschaftsethik (Business Ethics – Individual Morality or Economic Framework? A Contribution on the Influence of Behavioral Economics on Business Ethics)
    by Festl, Michael G. & Festl-Pell, Diana
  • 2012 Origine e struttura dell’economia politica
    by Aldo Montesano
  • 2012 From Mises to Schutz. A Question of Apriorism in Economics
    by Petr Špecián
  • 2012 What is Self-Influential Economic Theory?
    by Tomáš Buus
  • 2012 Economics and the General Scientific Criteria - a Critical Analysis
    by Þãran-Moroºan Adrian
  • 2012 The Concept of Empirical Economic Statement
    by Þãran Moroºan Adrian & Bunescu Liliana
  • 2012 Identity and Economics: Review of the Literature
    by Ploae Catalin
  • 2012 A Critical Approach to Hofstede’s Model on Cultural Dimensions
    by Ploae Catalin
  • 2012 Indifference Curve Analysis: Beyond Simplifying Assumptions
    by Walter E. Block & José Antonio Manuel Aguirre Sotelo
  • 2012 Flexibilisation Of Environment Taxes - A Major Objective For The Effective Use Of Natural Resources And Pollution Control
    by Cristian SIMA & Catalina BONCIU & Marius BULEARCA
  • 2012 Competition and Justice in the Works of Adolphe Landry and Léon Walras
    by Claire Baldin & Ludovic Ragni & Paul-Marie Romani
  • 2012 Methodological Mistakes and Econometric Consequences
    by Asad Zaman
  • 2012 What have central bankers learned from modern macroeconomic theory?
    by Howitt, Peter
  • 2012 Economic emergence: An evolutionary economic perspective
    by Foster, John & Metcalfe, J. Stan
  • 2012 Optimization, path dependence and the law: Can judges promote efficiency?
    by Marciano, Alain & Khalil, Elias L.
  • 2012 Are most people consequentialists?
    by Johansson-Stenman, Olof
  • 2012 Is conceptual vagueness an asset? Arguments from philosophy of science applied to the concept of resilience
    by Strunz, Sebastian
  • 2012 A bibliometric account of Chinese economics research through the lens of the China Economic Review
    by Du, Yuxin & Teixeira, Aurora A.C.
  • 2012 Interaction entre racines unitaires et ruptures structurelles
    by Charbel Bassil
  • 2012 Behavioural Procedural Models – a multipurpose mechanistic account
    by Leonardo Ivarola & Gustavo Marqués
  • 2012 On another Approach in the General Economic Theory
    by Dianko Minchev
  • 2012 A Reduced-Form Approach to Behavioral Public Finance
    by Sendhil Mullainathan & Joshua Schwartzstein & William J. Congdon
  • 2012 From The Entropy Law To "Farfala Effect" And Their Economic Perception
    by Constanta Iacob & Ana Maria Cepoiu
  • 2011 A typology of cooperation strategies in the telecommunication industry: An exploratory analysis and theoretical foundations
    by Limbach, Felix & Wulf, Jochen & Zarnekow, Rüdiger & Düser, Michael
  • 2011 The focus axiom and poverty: On the co-existence of precise language and ambiguous meaning in economic measurement
    by Subramanian, Subbu
  • 2011 Desarrollo de capacidades para emprender. Una metodología para el apoyo de microemprendimientos productivos
    by Adrián Rodríguez Miranda & Fiorella Sbrocca & Marcelo Fernández Pavlovich & Carla Assandri
  • 2011 Pluralism, Academic Freedom, and Heterodox Economics
    by Robert Garnett
  • 2011 A Century of American Economic Review
    by Benno Torgler & Marco Piatti
  • 2011 A Quantum-Conceptual Explanation of Violations of Expected Utility in Economics
    by Aerts, Diederik & Broekaert, Jan & Czachor, Marek & D'Hooghe, Bart
  • 2011 An inquiry into the explanatory virtues of transaction cost economics
    by Hardt, Lukasz
  • 2011 Performance of a reciprocity model in predicting a positive reciprocity decision
    by Bhirombhakdi, Kornpob
  • 2011 The visual model of the Aufbau
    by Estrada, Fernando
  • 2011 Peace economists and peace economics
    by Brauer, Jurgen & Caruso, Raul
  • 2011 Supramacroeconomics: the newest management technology
    by Kozhurin, Fedir
  • 2011 Economics and Theoretical Physics
    by Punabantu, Siize
  • 2011 Utilizing System Dynamics Models in Analyzing Macroeconomic Variables of Yemen
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.
  • 2011 The Carnapian Aufbau model: epistemology of the sense-data
    by Estrada, Fernando
  • 2011 Economic Models as Analogies, Second Version
    by Itzhak Gilboa & Andrew Postlewaite & Larry Samuelson & David Schmeidler
  • 2011 Economic Models as Analogies
    by Itzhak Gilboa & Andrew Postlewaite & Larry Samuelson & David Schmeidler
  • 2011 Empirical Economic Model Discovery and Theory Evaluation
    by David Hendry
  • 2011 Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here?
    by Rowena Pecchenino
  • 2011 Is conceptual vagueness an asset? Resilience research from the perspective of philosophy of science
    by Sebastian Strunz
  • 2011 The Role of Default in Macroeconomics
    by Charles A. E. Goodhart & Dimitrios P. Tsomocos
  • 2011 On Envelope Theorems in Economics: Inspired by a Revival of a Forgotten Lecture
    by Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf
  • 2011 A Century of American Economic Review
    by Benno Torgler & Marco Piatti
  • 2011 On the Evaluation of Economic Research: the Case of Italy
    by Marcella Corsi & Carlo D'Ippoliti & Federico Lucidi
  • 2011 Causal Structure and Hierarchies of Model
    by Kevin D. Hoover
  • 2011 Geographical Economics : A Historical Perspective
    by Jacques-François THISSE
  • 2011 A Century of American Economic Review
    by Benno Torgler & Marco Piatti
  • 2011 Una Primera Aproximación A La Evaluación Del Impacto De La Neuroeconomía Para La Teoría Económica
    by Jersson Guerrero Nova & Alejandra Arciniegas Gómez & Jonathan Moreno Medina
  • 2011 Standard decision theory and prospect theory: Philosophical considerations regarding theoretical change
    by Gustavo Marqués & Diego Weisman
  • 2011 Personnel Economics: Strengths, Weaknesses and Its Place in Human Resource Management
    by Alexander Dilger
  • 2011 A Bibliometrics Portrait of Chinese Research through the Lens of China Economic Review. A research proposal
    by Yuxin Du
  • 2011 Some Considerations Regarding the Role of “Academic Nepotism” in the Economic Research – the Case of Romania
    by ?ãran-Moro?an Adrian & Brãtian Vasile
  • 2011 Az adatrobbanás mint közgazdasági jelenség
    by Bőgel, György
  • 2011 A magyar átalakulás és fejlődés néhány általánosítható elméleti tanulsága
    by Csaba, László
  • 2011 A dominanciaproblémák tényeinek értelmezése és a közgazdaság-tudományi módszertan
    by Török, Ádám
  • 2011 The Mayekawa Lecture: The Role of Default in Macroeconomics
    by Charles A. E. Goodhart & Dimitrios P. Tsomocos
  • 2011 Nota sull'alternativa al capitalismo proposta da Bruno Jossa
    by Zagari Eugenio
  • 2011 Predicting within country household food expenditure variation using international cross-section estimates
    by Verma, Monika & Hertel, Thomas W. & Preckel, Paul V.
  • 2011 Influences de la pré-connaissance sur le design de la recherche:le cas des liens entre comptabilité et gestion
    by Vassili Joannides
  • 2011 Walras and Cournot’s mathematical method: comparison and discord challenge
    by Ludovic Ragni
  • 2011 Two conceptions of economics
    by Ricardo F. Crespo
  • 2011 Geographical Economics: A Historical Perspective
    by Jacques-François Thisse
  • 2011 Whither the Microeconomic Foundations of Macroeconomic Theory ?
    by Wim Meeusen
  • 2011 The Cult of Statistical Significance – What Economists Should and Should Not Do to Make their Data Talk
    by Walter Krämer
  • 2010 Теория, Инновации И Контуры Будущей Экономики В Диалогах С Кеннетом Эрроу
    by Rubinstein Alexander Yakovlevich & Grinberg Ruslan Semenovich
  • 2010 Can Darwinism Be "Generalized" and of What Use Would This Be?
    by Georgy S. Levit & Uwe Hossfeld & Ulrich Witt
  • 2010 Individualismul metodologic: principiu esenţial în cunoaşterea ştiinţifică a realităţii sociale
    by Odea Alexandru
  • 2010 Secolul lui Paul A. Samuelson
    by Enache Bogdan
  • 2010 Reţea, sistem logic viu şi emergenţă în procesul economic
    by Dinga Emil
  • 2010 Interlocking Complementarities and Institutional Change
    by Ugo Pagano
  • 2010 A Cognitive Approach to Law and Economics: Hayek’s Legacy
    by Angela Ambrosino
  • 2010 “Veiling The Controversies with Dubious Moral Attitudes”? Creditors and Debtors in Keynes’s Ethics of International Economic Relations
    by Anna M. Carabelli & Mario A. Cedrini
  • 2010 Implications of the financial crisis for models in monetary policy
    by Stan du Plessis
  • 2010 Quo vadis ?Quel futur pour l’histoire économique en France. Réflexions et recommandations par deux économistes
    by Claude Diebolt & Jean Luc De Meulemeester
  • 2010 The impact of studying economics, and other disciplines, on the belief that voluntary exchange makes everyone better off
    by Amélie Goossens & Pierre-Guillaume Méon
  • 2010 The Squam Lake Report: Fifteen Economists in Search of Financial Reform
    by Alan S. Blinder
  • 2010 Rethinking Pro-Growth Monetary Policy in Africa: Monetarist versus Keynesian Approach
  • 2010 Production of (Pleasant) Time by Means of (Unpleasant) Time: Some Notes on Consumption Theory and Time Use
    by Nisticò, Sergio
  • 2010 Islamic Banks Financing and Poverty Alleviation in Sudan
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.
  • 2010 Post-Keynesian modelling: where are we, and where are we going to?
    by Charles, Sébastien & Lang, Dany & Asensio, Angel
  • 2010 Взгляд Экономиста-Социолога: Заметки С Xvii Мирового Социологического Конгресса, Гетеборг, Швеция, 11-17 Июля 2010
    by Kirdina, Svetlana
  • 2010 Women’s work participation since the 1990s in India: some theoretical and empirical issues
    by Sircar, Jyotirmoy
  • 2010 La ricerca economica in Italia tra pluralismo e monismo: i giovani economisti negli ultimi trent’anni
    by Birolo, Adriano
  • 2010 Ecological, Heterodox and Neoclassical Economics: Investigating the Differences
    by Spash, Clive L. & Ryan, Anthony M.
  • 2010 Equity Criteria as Instrument to Ensure Sustainability of Pareto or Kaldor-Hicks Efficiency: A Correlation Hidden by Sources of Confounding as Key for Sorting Out the Global Economic Crisis
    by Benazzo, Piero
  • 2010 Эволюция Банков В Х- И Y-Экономиках
    by Kirdina, Svetlana & Vernikov, Andrei
  • 2010 Landscape in the Economy of Conspicuous Consumptions
    by Situngkir, Hokky
  • 2010 Effect of cropping policy on landowner reactions towards wildlife: a case of Naivasha area, Kenya
    by Mailu, Stephen & Kuloba, Bernard & Ruto, Eric & Nyangena, Wilfred
  • 2010 A propósito de Antonio Maria: tendências recentes da metodologia econômica
    by Bianchi, Ana Maria
  • 2010 On the rationalizability of observed consumers’ choices when preferences depend on budget sets and (potentially) on anything else
    by Ennio Bilancini
  • 2010 On the Rationalizability of Observed Consumers Choise when Prefeerences else
    by Ennio Bilancini
  • 2010 Trust, Confidence and Economic Growth An Evaluation of the Beugelsdijk Hypothesis
    by Benjamin Volland
  • 2010 Thinking in Chinese vs. Thinking in English: Social Preference and Risk Attitudes of Multicultural Minds
    by Li King King
  • 2010 The birth of modern economic science Reading Gilles Campagnolo’s book
    by Nikolay Nenovsky
  • 2010 The problem with economics: naturalism, critique and performativity
    by Fabian Muniesa
  • 2010 Pluralism In Economics And The Evaluation Of Economic Research In Italy
    by Marcella Corsi & Carlo D'Ippoliti & Federico Lucidi
  • 2010 Pragmatism, Perspectival Realism, and Econometrics
    by Kevin D. Hoover
  • 2010 Tilting at Imaginary Windmills: A Comment on Tyfield
    by E. Roy Weintraub & Yann B. Giraud
  • 2010 Measuring Intangible Capital Investment: an Application to the 'French Data'
    by Vincent Delbecque & Laurence Nayman
  • 2010 The Institutional Barriers to Heterodox Pluralism
    by Barbara E. Hopkins
  • 2010 The Political Economy of the Human Right to Water
    by Manuel Couret Branco & Pedro Damiao Henriques
  • 2010 Der systematische Ort der Moral ist die Ethik! Einige kritische Anmerkungen zur oekonomischen Ethik Karl Homanns (Ethics is the Systematic Place of Morality! A Critical Comment on Karl Homann’s ‘Economic Ethics’)
    by Michael S. Asslaender & Hans G. Nutzinger
  • 2010 Oekonomie des Glaubens? (Economics of Religion?)
    by Birger P. Priddat
  • 2010 Methodological aspects of research done in contemporary enterprises in the light of disputes between Modernists and Post-Modernists
    by Jerzy Boehlke
  • 2010 Criticizing the critique. Some methodological insights into the debate on the state of economic theory in the face of the post 2008 crisis
    by Łukasz Hardt
  • 2010 Pauvreté et économie au XIXe siècle
    by Jérôme Lallement
  • 2010 El marco conceptual del sistema nacional de innovación y las economías menos desarrolladas
    by Ancelmo José Vega Armenta
  • 2009 Ambiguous Solicitation: Ambiguous Prescription
    by Robert S. Gazzale & Julian Jamison & Alexander Karlan & Dean S. Karlan
  • 2009 Financial and World Economic Crisis: What did Economists Contribute?
    by Gebhard Kirchgässner & Friedrich Schneider
  • 2009 Indian Currency and Beyond. The Legacy of the Early Economics of Keynes in the Times of Bretton Woods II
    by Anna M. Carabelli & Mario A. Cedrini
  • 2009 Institutions as game theory outcomes: toward a cognitive-experimental inquiry
    by Ambrosino, Angela
  • 2009 Teaching Islamic finance in madaris – need, difficulties and solutions
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim
  • 2009 Modern Risk Management Strategies for the Romanian State Treasury
    by Cosma, Dorin & Cosma, Octavian
  • 2009 On the Truly Noncooperative Game of Life on Earth: Darwin, Hardin, & Ostrom's Nontrivial Errors
    by Funk, Matt
  • 2009 On the Travesty of the Tragedy of the Commons: Hardin's Nontrivial Error
    by Funk, Matt
  • 2009 Evolución Estrategica del Conflicto Armado en Colombia
    by Estrada, Fernando
  • 2009 Efficient coalition formation and stable coalition structures in a supply chain environment
    by Popp, Alexandru W. A.
  • 2009 Experimental Economics: Some Methodological Notes
    by Fiore, Annamaria
  • 2009 The Financial Crisis and the Systemic Failure of Academic Economics
    by David Colander & Hans Föllmer & Armin Haas & Michael Goldberg & Katarina Juselius & Alan Kirman & Thomas Lux & Brigitte Sloth
  • 2009 Unfolding the Allegory behind Market Communication and Social Error and Correction
    by Klein, Daniel
  • 2009 Analytic narrative
    by Mongin, Philippe
  • 2009 From one to many islands : the emergence of search and matching models
    by Anna BATYRA & Michel DE VROEY
  • 2009 Econometric reduction theory and philosophy
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